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  1. I can't stop seeing this goal. SI, congratulations for fixing 1vs1 https://streamable.com/rxz24m
  2. @Josh Brimacombe-Wiardthanks for the feedback. Well, I use basically the same routine as FM 20, CB with more stature attacking on the first post. I believe there could be a better reaction from the opponent to defend What you need? Pkm of all goals? I can do this
  3. I'm finishing my first season at FM21, the indirect free goals have decreased considerably, but corner goals are still many. Pique scored 8 goals in the league
  4. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the position of the player without having to open the tactic window?
  5. Hello my friends, During the match I would like to be able to change the positioning of some players (XI) quickly, but this is not possible. Is it a bug? Do you intend to add this option? I love that visualization of my players at the bottom, but I would like to change the positioning of my players instead of opening the tactic window
  6. I disagree. You can delegate these tasks to your assistant, I did. Some clicks are really annoying, but it's a matter of adaptation, and you get used to it
  7. Every detail of the FM21 regarding AI makes me enchanted Look at how Lenglet leaves the CF to confront the player with the ball. In FM20 he certainly would not abandon the position and Nanu would run many yards towards the goal 2020-11-11 21-45-52.mp4
  8. Well, in my last match it happened 2x If it is happening with more people and with a certain frequency, it is something that must be analyzed
  9. I may be exaggerating but the match engine compared to 18/19/20 is impeccable
  10. These emoticons are terrible (bad idea in my opinion), for a moment I think I'm playing Super Star Soccer
  11. WOOOOOW nice goal The inside forward gave a nice assist
  12. It is better to wait before making a "pre-trial". If they put these improvements on the list and don't comply, we can charge them later. For now we will give the benefit of the doubt, and that they did a special job
  13. It is impossible for me to explain the feeling of happiness I am feeling by reading these improvements
  14. I was talking about the features released recently by the official twitter. I'm looking forward to seeing if the AI has been improved and players make better decisions in the match
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