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[FM21] Stuniverse's FM21 Adventure

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Sunday 12th October 2020



Stuniverse: Hello, mum. I hope you and dad are well.

Mum: We're both very well, thank you. Are you ok?

Stuniverse: Yes, mum. Things are good, thanks.

Mum: Are you sure? You look a bit down today.

Stuniverse: Yeah. Well apart from we lost yesterday. We lost for the first time this season.

Mum: You can't win them all. You're a Rams fan, you know you can't win them all.

Stuniverse: True.

Dad (off camera): Is it, Stuniverse, love?

Mum: Yes, dear. His team lost yesterday.

Dad (off camera): I told him not to get too far ahead of himself.

Mum: Do you want a word with him, dear?

Dad (off camera): No. I'm busy. You talk to him, love.

Mum: Sorry about that.

Stuniverse: It's ok. I know what he's like.

Mum: Your dad said you were playing a team who got relegated last season so they must be one of the better teams in your division.

Stuniverse: Dad's taking an interest?

Mum: Yes. He is. And he says it's very difficult keeping up to date with Faroe Islands football on the Internet.

Stuniverse: Wow. But he won't talk to me on camera?

Mum: Give him time. He doesn't like this new-fangled-technology.

Stuniverse: He is right though. Skala II got relegated last season and are well fancied to bounce straight back.

Mum: No shame in losing to them then... 2-1 wasn't it?

Stuniverse: Yes. It was. The thing is though, mum. We were the better team. We were away and we were the better team. We created more chances than they did, had more shots on target than they did, but they were ruthless in front of goal.

Mum: Beat them next time.

Stuniverse: Hopefully.

Mum: Do you need to sign a better striker?

Stuniverse: Maybe. But it's not easy. We're an amateur club so can't pay players and we can't tie them down to a contract either.

Mum: Oh...

Stuniverse: But at least I now know we should be competitive this season.

Mum: Who was that?

Stuniverse: Who?

Mum: I don't know. Someone just walked behind you.

Stuniverse: I don't know, I'm in the local hostelry.

Mum: You're in your room, I can tell, and someone... some girl, just walked behind you on camera. Who is she?

Stuniverse: Oh, that's Annika, my translator.

Mum: What's she doing in your room... or shouldn't I ask?

Stuniverse: No, mum, it's nothing like that. Annika lives here-

Mum: In your room?

Stuniverse: No, mum. Of course not. She lives on the premises. Annika's parents own the local hostelry where I'm staying and helping out behind the bar and waiting tables. She's just doing the daily housekeeping of my room. So, any way, I thought we were the better team and should've won.

Mum: Sounds like your team played well. Your dad said so based on the match reports he read online.

Stuniverse: The thing is mum. We were competitive first half, unlucky I thought to be a goal down at half-time. I changed the formation at the break and we played much better in the second-half. Maybe if I'd set-up that way from the start...?

Mum: Hindsight is a wonderful thing, son, but you'll never know. And there's no point second-guessing yourself. Learn from it. Everything's a learning experience. Sorry, I have to go before I burn your dad's Sunday dinner.

Stuniverse: Love you, mum.

Mum: I love you too. We both do. And we're proud of you... even if your dad doesn't show it, he is.

*** video call ends ***



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47 minutes ago, oche balboa said:

This is great. Keep up the good work 

Thank you, @oche balboa. I struggled a bit with this save at first (I don't usually manage at this level in FM) but I'm getting into it now and finding my stride. Glad you're enjoying it.

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47 minutes ago, Paggioram said:

You have had a brilliant start with this team.

Thanks, @Paggioram. I don't think I've ever managed an Amateur club on FM before, or even CM for that matter. I'm very pleased with the start we've made with Undrid, surprised too if I'm honest.

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Sunday 19th April 2020

PREVIEW:  Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag III


Torshavn Sports: You suffered your first defeat as Undrid manager last time out at Skala Itrottarfelag II. How do you look back on that 2-1 defeat?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): We knew Skala were going to be tough opponents after their relegation last season. They are one of the favourites for promotion this season and are currently top of the league. We felt we competed with them well at their place and we feel aggrieved not to have got something out of the game. We had more possession than they did, we created twice as many chances as they did, tested their goalkeeper more than they tested Terji Brynjarsson. On another day, we deservedly get something out of that game, maybe even win it.

Torshavn Sports: Back home at J & K Vollur against Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag III who are one place and one point above you in 2. deild.


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes. We're expecting another tough game today. Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag have won three of their five league games so far so they have some threats and we need to respect them. But they also have some weaknesses which we hope to exploit. We're hoping for another attendance of around 70 Undrid supporters and we intend to send them home after the game with smiles on their faces.


Torshavn Sports: Is Guttesen any closer to a return and do you have any other injury concerns?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): No other concerns. Beinir Guttesen remains our only injury doubt at the moment. He's been working very hard on his recovery and my medical team have passed him fit enough to be a substitute today... but I don't think we'll risk him to be honest.

Torshavn Sports: Good luck today.

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Thank you.

Torshavn Sports: Annika, if I could just ask you one question please?


Annika Vestergaard: Oh... ok... of course.

Torshavn Sports: How is Stuniverse's Faroese coming along.


Annika Vestergaard: Slow. He's improving, but it's slow progress. It'll be some time yet before he's talking to you without me here to translate for him.


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Sunday 26th April 2020

PREVIEW: Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Fotboltsdeild EB/Streymur II


Torshavn Sports: A good 1-0 win last time out against Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag III. You had to be patient for the goal, though. What did you think of the match?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): I was very proud of the players. We controlled the game against Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag III from first whistle to last and I thought we thoroughly deserved the win and the three points. We had to wait until the 70th minute for Kasper Frandsen to break the deadlock, but it was no more than our performance deserved after stepping up from a positive to an attacking mentality after the break. After the goal, we went back to positive. We expected Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag II to put us under pressure in the lat 20 minutes, but that never happened.


Torshavn Sports: After yesterday's results, Undrid are 3rd in 2. deild. I know the Board's expectation is to avoid relegation but, with you being just one place off the promotion spots, are you dreaming of getting Undrid promoted this season?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): We're delighted with the start we've made to the campaign but we've only played six games and have another 21 to play. We won't be getting ahead of ourselves. I know it's a cliche but we're going to take one game at a time, do the best we can in each game, and wherever that leaves us at the end of the season will be where we deserve to be.

Torshavn Sports: Today you play rock-bottom Fotboltsdeild EB/Streymur II at home at the J & K Vollur. This should be a straight forward win for Undrid, shouldn't it?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): I think that's being harsh on Fotboltsdeild EB/Streymur II. Yes, they've made a poor start to the season, a start they wouldn't have expected after being relegated last season. That means they'll be determined to change their bad run of results and start improving their form. We need to respect them, match them for work rate and commitment, and make sure they don't have an upturn of form against us.

Torshavn Sports: Any injury problems?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): No. Beinir Guttesen is still working on his fitness but, other than Beinir, we have a clean bill of health.



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Wednesday 29th April 2020

PREVIEW: Tvoroyrar Boltfelag II v Undrid Fotboltsfelag


Torshavn Sports: Last time out you played out a goalless draw with bottom club Fotboltsdeild EB/Streymur II. Was that a good point won, or two points thrown away?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): I guess we'll find that out at the end of the season. We're disappointed we didn't win in front of our own supporters, of course, but at least we didn't lose. I think Fotboltsdeild EB/Streymur II are in a false position right now, given that they were relegated from 1. deild last season. We saw at times, at the weekend, just what a good team they are so, in that respect, it's a point well earnt.

Torshavn Sports: This time you're away to Tvoroyrar Boltfelag II who are one point and one place below you. What are you expecting?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): We're expecting another difficult game. Tvoroyrar Boltfelag II have only lost twice this season and it will be a good challenge for us to see if we can remain in contention for the promotion places.


Torshavn Sports: Hofgaard went off injured against Fotboltsdeild EB/Streymur II and looked in  lot of pain. How is he?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Unfortunately, Ivan Hofgaard broke some ribs and will be out a few months. On the plus side, Beinir Guttesen has recovered from sprained ankle ligaments but we need to be careful with his match fitness.



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Monday 4th May 2020


Torshavn Sports: Undrid Fotboltsfelag have signed 30 year-old defender Martin Midjord.





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Tuesday 5th May 2020

PREVIEW: Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag

Logmanssteypid second round


Torshavn Sports: Would you agree that last time out you were rather fortunate to come away with a smash and grab 1-0 victory at Tvoroyrar Boltfelag II?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): I can see why you might say that but I thought we played well, worked hard, defended magnificently and when a chance fell for Lennert Dalsgaard, in the 84th minute, he took it. 


Torshavn Sports: Today it's a break from the league as you entertain top flight Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag who are currently third in Betri Deldin Menn as they attempt to retain the title they won last season. What kind of game are you expecting?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): A very tough one. We are playing the team who were the best team on the Faroe Islands last season, a team who play two divisions higher than us, so it's likely to be the most difficult game we play all season. But we're at home at J & K Vollur and with our supporters behind us... you never know, we may just cause an upset.

Torshavn Sports: You signed Midjord yesterday. Is he likely to play?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Martin Midjord is fit and available for selection, but you'll just have to wait and see.



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Tuesday 5th May 2020

POST-MATCH: Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag

Logmanssteypid second round








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Tuesday 5th May 2020


In the J & K Vollur car park after the Logmanssteypid second round defeat to Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag.

Stranger: Hey, Stuniverse.


Stuniverse: Yes. Can I help you?

Stranger: I just wanted to offer my commiserations on your defeat to Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag . I thought you gave last season's league and cup double winners a real run for their money.

Stuniverse: Thank you. That's very kind of you to say, but Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag were the better team.

Stranger: As you'd expect with them being two divisions above you, but Undrid caused them problems all match and you and your players didn't disgrace yourselves.

Stuniverse: Again, very kind of you to say. Now if you'll excuse me.


Stranger: Let me introduce myself. I'm Stanley Baryla, but you can call me Stan. I'm a football agent.

Stuniverse: Oh, hello, Stan. Pleased to meet you.

Stanley Baryla: I'm from America originally, born and bred in Denver, Colorado, but I'm based out here in Scandinavia at the moment. Have been for around ten years. I have very good contacts in most of Europe but primarily in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Your name's come up a couple of times so I thought I'd come over to the Faroe Islands and check you out for myself.

Stuniverse: My name's come up? Really?

Stanley Baryla: Yes. Not directly for any jobs, you understand, but your name is starting to get out there as a young manager who may be worth keeping an eye on. With my help, I think we could get you noticed even more and I'm confident we can get you working as a manager in a professional capacity where the Football Club actually pays you a salary. I assume you're on an amateur contract here?


Stuniverse: Yes. If you can call it a contract [laughs]

Stanley Baryla: So what do you think? Are you interested?


Stuniverse: Of course, I want to improve myself, but I've promised the Chairman that I won't apply for any other jobs.

Stanley Baryla: That's a bit rich of Arnar Lognberg, isn't it?

Stuniverse: How do you mean?

Stanley Barla: Well he's not paying you, you have no job security, and he doesn't want you talking to other clubs. Sounds like it's all take and no give, if you don't mind me saying. I bet he's not even financing any coaching badges for you.

Stuniverse: No. I asked Arnar and he declined. In fact, now you mention it, he did say that if he granted my request it would increase the chances of Undrid losing me to another football club once I had some coaching badges under my belt.

Stanley Baryla: There you go then. I thought as much. So, cutting to the chase, are you interested in me representing you?

Stuniverse: Yes... but I still promised.

Stanley Baryla: You let me worry about that.


Stanley Baryla: Nice to meet you, Stuniverse. I'll be in touch.

Stuniverse: Thank you, Stan. I look forward to it.



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Saturday 9th May 2020

PREVIEW: Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Vikingur Gota III 



Torshavn Sports: I guess you can focus on the league now after being knocked out of the Logmanssteypid in midweek. How do you reflect on the Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag cup-tie?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): I thought we did everybody proud and we can hold our heads high. Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag were the best team in the Faroe Islands last season, they play two divisions above us, yet we gave them a real game and caused them problems. Lennert Dalsgaard hit the crossbar when it was still 0-0 and then, at 2-0 down, Roi Hansen's shot hits the post, rolls along the goalline, hits the other post and comes out for them to clear. The players gave it everything and we had Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag worried.


Torshavn Sports: Back to the league today for a match against 8th placed Vikingur Gota III. You won 2-1 at their Sarpugerdi Stadium earlier in the season. Can you win again at your home J & K Vollur Stadium?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): We'd like to think so. We've played well all season and gave a good account of ourselves against a Betri deidin menn side. We're looking to take that form into this game against Vikingur Gota III.



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11 minutes ago, JaytheGreat said:

Shooting right up the table, keep up the great work!

Thank you. The tactics, or maybe a combination of the tactics and the players, means we’re not conceding many goals, but we’re not scoring many either. Each game is a bit like Russian Roulette to see who scores first. Unfortunately, with a very small pool of players interested in joining Undrid, my options are very limited.

11 minutes ago, JaytheGreat said:

Interesting to see what agent Stanley Baryla has in store for you.

It will indeed. For now, I have to be patient and wait to see what offers come in because I am ‘under promise’ not to apply for other jobs. If i do start applying, I suspect I’ll get sacked.

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Saturday 16th May 2020

PREVIEW: Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Boltfelagid Royn


Torshavn Sports: Last time out you lost narrowly 1-0 at home to Vikingur Gota III. Having already beaten them 2-1 this season at their place, how disappointed were you to not pick anything up from the match at home at J & K Vollur?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Very disappointed. And I made the players well aware of that after the game. We conceded the goal in the 78th minute, which always makes it difficult to come back when you concede late in the game. But I was annoyed with how the players performed, or rather didn't perform out there. For the first-time, since I've been here, we weren't really at the races and we need to do something about that.

Torshavn Sports: What do you do about that?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): We work hard in training and do the best we can on the training ground in the two days a week we get to train but, fundamentally, it's down to the attitude of the players and they need to go out onto the pitch with a better attitude in future games. Hopefully, it was more of a blip, a one-off, because generally I've been very pleased with them this season but, if it's not a blip, and attitude's don't improve, then I'll have to start making changes to the team.


Torshavn Sports: Starting today at home to Boltfelagid Royn, a team who sit one place above the relegation zone, five points behind you.

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes. It's a good opportunity for us to get back to how we were playing and get a good result in front of our own supporters at J & K Vollur. We'll be doing our best to earn three points today.


Torshavn Sports: Any selection problems?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes. Ivan Hofgaard will be out for a while with broken ribs and Jonas Bech will miss at least a couple of weeks with a pulled calf muscle. Marnar Poulsen is also receiving treatment for a twisted knee, but he hasn't really played much since I've been here, not since Lennert Dalsgard and Kasper Frandesen joined the football club any way.




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On 25/12/2020 at 04:20, Bitner said:

Not a bad job, considering you team is amateur, and i already stressed how tricky they are.


Thank you, @Bitner, that’s very kind of you to say. I certainly can’t complain about how things have gone so far but there’s very few players out there in the player pool who are willing to join us and can improve our team. Not to mention that any of my players could leave Undrid at any time if they get a better offer.

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Tuesday 19th May 2020


Torshavn Sports: Undrid Fotboltsfelag have signed 21 year-old goalkeeper Heri Danielsen.



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Tuesday 19th May 2020


Torshavn Sports: Undrid Fotboltsfelag have signed 20 year-old midfielder Benjamin Knudsen on a free transfer.



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Tuesday 19th May 2020


Torshavn Sports: Undrid Fotboltsfelag have signed 20 year-old goalkeeper Petur Sjurdur Lamhauge.



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Sunday 24th May 2020

PREVIEW: Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag III v Undrid Fotboltsfelag


Torshavn Sports: After the disappointing 1-0 defeat to Vikingur Gota III, you asked for a reaction from your players and you certainly got it with a 4-0 demolition of Boltfelagid Royn.


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes. I was delighted and extremely proud of the players. I don't think the Boltfelagid Royn game could've gone much better. The players have set their own standard now and they need to reach that level on a more consistent basis now.


Torshavn Sports: You've now played all nine teams in 2. deild and sit 3rd in the league table. With a relegation battle expected pre-season you must be delighted with the start you've made to the campaign?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes, of course, we're absolutely thrilled with the start we've made and, from what we've played so far, there's nobody we fear in this division. We're 10 games in, with 17 more to play, and it's up to the players to maintain those levels of performance and improve on them.

Torshavn Sports: Next up is an away trip to Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag III who are one place and three points behind you. Last time you played Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag III, it ended 1-1 at J & K Vollur. What are you expecting this time?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Another very tough game. That home game ended crazily. It was very even, then Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag III took the lead three minutes into added on time at the end. We then scored straight from the restart, a good goal by Ivan Hofgaard, to equalise. This game, away at Djupumyrar, is a good opportunity for us to show everybody we deserve to be up there challenging for a promotion place.

Torshavn Sports: You've signed a few players this week. Will any of them start or come off the bench?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Some will start, some will be on the bench, and some are more for the future. As an Amateur side we are shopping in a very specific market of free agents, free transfers, and loans although loans are proving problematic to arrange. We only train twice a week, so the only way to see if a new arrival will improve our team and our squad is to give them playing time and see how they get on.

Torshavn Sports: How are you finding managing an Amateur team like Undrid Fotboltsfelag?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Challenging. But there's advantages, as well as disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that we can lose any player at any time if he receives a better offer from elsewhere. Consequently, we're forever juggling the squad, looking to improve it, of course, but also succession planning for any departures we might have at short notice. That's where the advantage comes in because it doesn't cost us anything to sign a player or to play them, or to not play them for that matter, so I don't have to worry about the size of the squad or the financial cost of the squad. Any new signings are, effectively, low risk as there's no cost and it's almost like having them in on an extended trial.



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Wednesday 27th May 2020


Torshavn Sports: Undrid Fotboltsfelag snap up 24 year-old goalkeeper Frodi Sigurdsson on a free transfer.



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Sunday 31st May 2020

PREVIEW: Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II


Torshavn Sports: Last time out you upset the odds winning 1-0 at Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag III. Would you agree that you were somewhat fortunate to come away with three points?


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): No. That's harsh. I don't agree at all. I thought we were very good value for the win. The first-half was very even and we took the lead in added-on time through a stunning volley from Mathias Schou. After the break I thought we controlled the game, defended resolutely, and Klaksvikar Itrottarfelag III never really looked like scoring.


Torshavn Sports: Back at J & K Vollur for a home match against Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II. You beat them 2-1 at Svangaskard earlier in the season.

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): We were 2-0 up against Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II in that game and only conceded in the 90th minute. That, plus our strong recent form, gives us confidence that we can win at J & K Vollur and send our supporters home happy. That's what we'll be trying to do.



Torshavn Sports: Amazingly, following yesterday's results, a win will see Undrid go top of 2. deild. Can you do it?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Like I said, we're in good form, we won at their place earlier in the season, and we'll be going all out to get the victory.


Torshavn Sports: Any selection problems?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Jonas Bech will be touch and go after pulling his calf muscle, but we probably won't risk him. Ivan Hofgaard is still some way off after breaking his ribs.



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Sunday 31st May 2020


*** Incoming Video call ***


Annika Vestergaard: Hello.

Mum: Oh... hello. Have I-

Annika Vestergaard: Were you after, Stuniverse?

Mum: Yes... I was...

Annika Vestergaard: Hold on. I'll just go and get him.

Mum: Oh... thank you.

Dad (off camera): Have you got him?

Mum: I'm not sure, dear.

Dad (off camera): What do you mean, love?

Mum: A girl answered.


Stuniverse: Hello, mum. Sorry, I was... just... you don't normally video call me.

Mum: We thought we'd surprise you. It wasn't that difficult, although who was that?

Stuniverse: That was, Annika. My translator.

Dad (off camera): Have you got him yet?

Mum: Yes, dear.

Stuniverse: Hi, dad.

Dad: Hello, son. I just wanted to say we were rooting for you to go top of the league. Shame you couldn't beat... whoever it was you were playing. But 2-0 down at half-time. What happened?

Stuniverse: Thanks, dad. We were playing Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II. I think the players just froze, to be honest. We were expecting to be in a relegation fight this season, not chasing promotion, so I think the magnitude of the situation got too much for them. 

Mum: You must've done something right at half-time though for your team - I still can't remember what they're called - to comeback and salvage a draw.

Dad: It's Undrid, love.

Stuniverse: Yes. Thanks. Probably my most challenging half-time team talk so far, but it seemed to fire them up.

Dad: Any ways, we wanted to say congratulations. You're obviously doing a better than average job out there. I just wish we could get to see the games on TV.

Stuart: Thanks, dad.

Mum: So... Are you going to introduce us since we've already spoken to her... your translator?

Dad: You have, love. I haven't.

Stuniverse: Yeah, sure. ANNIKA!

Annika Vestergaard (off camera): Yes?

Stuniverse: Come and say hello to my parents.

Annika Vestergaard: OK.

Stuniverse: In other news, I have an agent now.

Dad: That is good news. Is he any good?

Stuniverse: Yes, hopefully. Some American guy. Name of Stanley Baryla. He's based out here in Scandinavia and seems to know his stuff.

Dad: He can start by getting Undrid to pay you.

Annika Vestergaard: That's not going to happen. Undrid Fotboltsfelag are an Amateur football club, they don't pay anyone.

Stuniverse: Mum, Dad, meet Annika. My translator.

Annika Vestergaard: Pleased to meet you.

Dad: Pleased to meet you, too.

Mum: Hello, Annika.

Annika Vestergaard: Are you going to tell your parents, or shall I?

Mum: No need. We've guessed, we think. You're more than just his translator, aren't you, Annika?

Annika Vestergaard:  Yes.

Stuniverse: We're friends, mum.

Mum: I think you and your Dad should make yourselves scarce so that Annika and I can have a chat.

Dad: OK, love. Well done again, son. Keep up the good work.

Annika Vestergaard:  Stuniverse is doing a brilliant job out here. Nobody expected Undrid Fotboltsfelag to be anywhere near the top of the league, let alone challenging for promotion places. He's been a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one.

Dad: It's a shame we can't get the games on TV then I could tell him where he was going wrong.

Stuniverse: Thanks for calling, mum. You see, it's not that difficult. I love you both. Talk to you soon.

Dad: I'm proud of you, son.

Mum: Try and stop me now I know how this thing works. I love you, Stuniverse. So, Annika, tell me...

20 minutes later...

*** video call ends ***

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15 minutes ago, JaytheGreat said:

Great job to come from behind against Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II for the draw!

Thanks, @JaytheGreat. Yes. At the break I wasn't confident at all as they battered us in the first-half.

15 minutes ago, JaytheGreat said:

Loving the calls from the parents, keep up the great career/story!

Glad you're enjoying them. I want the thread to be about FM21 and the football management, obviously, but I also want Stuniverse to have a personal story to run alongside his FM21 Adventure. Hopefully, I can do it subtlely enough that it's entertaining without taking over from the football management journey.

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Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Torshavn Sports: Undrid Fotboltsfelag have signed 29 year-old right winger Hogni Midjord on a free transfer.



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Sunday 7th June 2020

PREVIEW: Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag III v Undrid Fotboltsfelag


Torshavn Sports: Last time out was a very entertaining 2-2 draw at home to Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II. You missed out on the win that would have taken you top of the league, but what a great comeback from 2-0 down at half-time to draw the match.


Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes. It was a frustrating game to be honest because we didn't do ourselves justice. Tofta Itrottarfelag Boltfelagid 1968 II were fired up from the start and we couldn't get into the game at all, at times we struggled to get the ball out of our own half of the field. But we said some things at the break, made some changes, and the players responded really well. Goals from John Villi Leo and Kasper Frandsen rescued us a point which, to be fair, looked unlikely at the break.


Torshavn Sports: Next up, an away game at Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag III who are in 4th, three points behind you.

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Yes. It promises to be another tough challenge for us. One thing's for sure, we need to be up for the game and be at it from the very first whistle. We can't afford to be slow out of the blocks again.

Torshavn Sports: You've brought in a few new players this last couple of weeks. Has that been a factor?

Stuniverse (translated by Annika Vestergaard): Possibly. Obviously new players have to be integrated into the squad, the team, and our way of playing. It's difficult to do that when we only train twice a week so it has to be done during the games which, unfortunately, upsets the team cohesion as everybody needs time to get used to each other.


Please LIKE if you enjoyed this update and FOLLOW the thread so you don't miss future updates.

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