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[FM 21] Making Dinamo Split With Hajduk


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Interesting to read this save. I want to do a save of an Eastern European side that could develop into a side that could go deep in Europe. Dinamo Zagreb may be the best side of this region to do that. There's a lot of talent in Croatia, I'd ideally want to do a former Yugoslavia only squad. 

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4 hours ago, scarp said:

Fingers crossed on getting to the Europe! Ivancevic will become a decent player.

Thanks! If he continue with the form we've had in last 5-6 games it will be a breeze. Ivancevic does look like an amazing player, perfect for the DM role in my squad.

1 hour ago, dothestrand said:

Interesting to read this save. I want to do a save of an Eastern European side that could develop into a side that could go deep in Europe. Dinamo Zagreb may be the best side of this region to do that. There's a lot of talent in Croatia, I'd ideally want to do a former Yugoslavia only squad. 

Thanks! Yes, Dinamo is by far the best team in the country and will be hard to catch.

39 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Good progress, and some of the signings look excellent. 

Strange to see so many newgens popping up by the winter window of the first season! 

Thanks mate. I think newgens popped up because I enabled the option to put players in playable teams because I have loaded most of European leagues with 1st league playable and lower leagues on view only.

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March 2021 Update



After almost getting the boot in January we have turned it around and settled for 5th place on the table with only 5 points behind second placed Gorica. We were unbeaten in the month of March and that helped us get into the Cup Final where we will meet Dinamo Zagreb. An Eternal Derby! You can also see that Kristijan Lovric has exploded in new role as Pressing Forward! At the end of this update you will see what a screamer he scored versus Sibenik.

Monthly Data Analysis Report


Similar to the last time I posted this but now we have an even bigger gap between xG/game and xG against/game which is an encouraging sign!


I would like for us to move a bit to the left, where Gorica is. But not as bad as once was.


We are too wasteful and that falls hard on the lack of proper left winger. Boban was a hard miss.

March Awards




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Academy Player Promotions


I have officially promoted Ivan Cubelic to the first team. He was marvelous for II team in 4 games getting an assist and a goal while getting 7.28 average rating.



I have also decided to give Lazar his first professional contract due to his newfound immense potential and great ratings in training. He will stay in U19 until the end of the season and then I will completely revamp both academy squads to my liking while getting rid of all deadwood.

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1 hour ago, abulezz said:

Both the prospects you highlighted look like potential national team players. 

Absolutely agreed. I have slightly higher expectations for the right winger due to his amazing personality.

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April 2021 Update



Call it the Kristijan Lovric show! What a lad, what a player! 17 goals in 17 apps for me this year. We are where we belong for now. Hopefully strong form continues in the next 4 league games and we keep the second place.

Monthly Data Analysis Report


At a glance no difference to the last month so got nothing to complain here except shot on target ratio. So same as last month. This might indicate I will have to turn on Work Ball Into Box but am reluctant due to good results.


We are getting where I wanted - close to Gorica but would also like to face less shots per game.


Same story as defensive efficiency. Getting closer to where I'd like to be. Though would also love to be more clinical but my left winger just doesn't like to score goals.

April Awards


Another PoTM for Kristijan Lovric. Look how happy he is! 7G+3A in 5 apps!


And in II team we also have a solid striker who bagged 4 goals this past month and one I have highlighted in the thread before. He has 22 goals with 6 penalties scored in the league which is quite good for a 20 year old.



Finally getting this sorted! I guess winning does cure all troubles.

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The Final Stretch


My schedule


Gorica is 4th, Rijeka is 3rd and Šibenik is 7th. Awful schedule to end the season. Rijeka game is crucial.

Rijeka's schedule


Šibenik is 7th, I'm 2nd and Dinamo first. Tough schedule and our game is definitely the decider to who finishes second.

Gorica's schedule


I'm 2nd, Dinamo 1st and Istra is dead last and relegated. Tough schedule and I expect them to finish with no European competition next year.

Osijek's schedule


Belupo is 9th, Varaždin is 8th and Lokomotiva is 6th. The easiest schedule and I reckon they could overcome Gorica.

Lokomotiva's schedule


Dinamo's first, Istra 10th and Osijek is 5th. Least chance to get into Euro spots.

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Just now, Maw74 said:

Too easy :) Well done good to see the big team beaten :applause:

Thanks! I didn't expect it to be this easy considering we've not beaten them all season, in any of the previous 4 encounters.

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Hajduk II Wins the League




A Cup for the first team, league for the II team and league for U19! What a season!

I think Saric' performance is deserving of a promotion to first squad! Makes it easier for me since I will not look for a striker next year. His attributes are not really convincing but his performance is, so am gonna reward him.

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Congratulations on finishing 2nd, following the thread from the start and seeing that you struggled at the start and were fighting for the top 5 spot, I thought you'd finish the 3rd at best, succesful first season, now you need to build on that. I am also from Croatia and I never supported Hajduk but it's quite sad to see what the club has become and is struggling to find the right path, good luck, you seem to be getting there :).

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15 hours ago, scarp said:

Great season! Although 29 points is a lot, cup final proved that Dinamo is indeed beatable. Good luck in the next season, looking forward for the summer and how you will strenghten your team!

Appreciate it! Summer transfer window is almost done. It is a bit annoying that due to beta bug I did not get recruitment meeting and had to use existing real-life knowledge of players and some trials to get players because my Player Knowledge is so poor. But there are few exciting signings and gonna highlight them and whole squad today or tomorrow. I think the improvement to squad is gradual and logical so don't expect anything major to commence.

4 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Great job winning the Cup! And good to see someone else using the 2D view ;) 

BTW how did you get those goals uploaded?

2D all the way, 3D for replays :D As much as 3D is improved I just cannot watch it for whole games.

I use sharex to capture gif and then just drag and drop to forums to upload it. It's a free to use software, no need to pay. 

3 hours ago, TheVerySpecialOne said:

Congratulations on finishing 2nd, following the thread from the start and seeing that you struggled at the start and were fighting for the top 5 spot, I thought you'd finish the 3rd at best, succesful first season, now you need to build on that. I am also from Croatia and I never supported Hajduk but it's quite sad to see what the club has become and is struggling to find the right path, good luck, you seem to be getting there :).

Hvala brate! That's exactly the reason I wanted to play as Hajduk this year, cos the donkeys are ruining the club and it's just sad to see even as Dinamo fan. Nepotism, corruption and all-around incompetency is astonishing. Not with me! And yes, I did almost get fired (should've pointed that out more, but also focused on games to not get sacked) but managed to save it with marvelous display of performance by Lovric. 

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Transfers Summer 2021


Firstly I am going to focus on outgoing transfers as we have made some transfers that I wanted to make, like selling Eduok and Simic, and some transfers that were too good to decline for the sake of the player, like selling Ljubic and Dolcek - our backup players.


Most of these transfers do have future transfer fee percentage thrown in. Ljubic has 40%, Dolcek has 30% and Burin has 50%.


We didn't make a lot of transfers as I wanted to give as many of our own players a chance and just picked which positions will I get. Below will be all players I signed and in next few posts will be a breakdown of players contending for first team.






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Posavec is undoubtedly a first choice keeper and is possibly an international level candidate. Peter was brought in because of his experience and because he suits us as sweeper keeper. Unfortunately all other domestic options were either too expensive or much worse than Peter.

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Right Backs



Both are HGN players and both are occasional international players. I think Karacic is the better of the two due to his better mental attributes but both will rotate a lot with Bartolec taking a back seat for now.

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Centre Backs




All three of Puncec, Vuskovic and Dimitrov are first team regular players with Dimitrov, despite being a full-time international player, taking more of a rotational role. Stipe Radic is purely a backup player waiting for me to sell Dimitrov. Also, just seen Vuskovic has some pre-concerns so decided to offer him a 4 year extension.

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Central Midfielders





Alen and Tonio are first options with Alen playing as AP and Tonio as CM. Jradi and Cubelic are their backups in same respective roles while Jani Atanasov is there as emergency backup and will develop while playing with II team.


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Right Wingers



With Muric being my best player I decided to promote one of the youngsters to the first team. Fajt was one of the older players that I could've promoted so the choice was easy. He has whole season to prove his worth.

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Left Wingers



Lovric was moved from striker to left wing as Inside Forward for this year. Matko Miljevic will be a regular starter thanks to Lovric also playing up front from time to time. Miljevic is American with Argentinian and Croatian passport.

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Dion is first option up front and is already improving rapidly. He was paid quite a bit of money. Ivan Saric, after his splendid season in 2nd tier, has been given an opportunity to prove his worth in top tier of Croatian football.

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Home-Grown Quota?

In first post I mentioned I want 15 home-grown/academy players in first team. So what's the situation right now?

I have 7 home-grown club players in first team and 11 home-grown nation players in first team.


Fajt will become home-grown club in about 2 years.

I think this is decent progress especially with some of the kids in youth development system.

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Youth Development Players


Definitely a first team player in a year or two. He needs a bit more growth in II team. He is currently HGN, by 2023 will be HGC.


Needs a bit more work on his mentals but should be a decent HGC option in a year or two.


Top prospect from last year. I am training him to be a central defender.

These three players should be a staple of my team in 2-3 years.


Mentals are a bit weak but has lots of potential.


Great personality, good physical and tehnical attributes. Needs slightly more work on mentals and should be good to go.


Has potential but needs serious work on his mental attributes.


Great scoring ability but his physical attributes are poor which is the main focus of his development right now. Lot's of '8s' and '9s' so looks worse than actually is.

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June, July and August 2021 Report



What's there to say? Amazing 3 months of the season! Absolutely flawless. We got unlucky on pens versus Dinamo but otherwise it's been a great run. Especially at the back! Only 4 goals conceded in 3 months of competitive games.


Great atmosphere, cohesion and support.


This octagon really does tell the story. Lots of shots, lots of goals and not much conceded goals. Would love to have higher shot on target ratio %.


Most aggressive team and second most clinical team in the league. Very, very happy with this.



Second best defensive efficiency in the league is amazing. And we just improved our defense with Cabraja over Dolcek.


I am quite happy that we are not seeing the see-saw effect on our finances that would suggest we are reliant on prize money to stay in the black.


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2 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Nice progress, and the squad is shaping up well

Thank you! I am pretty happy with the squad, no position has glaring weakness and I trust each and every player to perform irregardless of competition or opponent. The squad being so young I think that I will focus more on conveyor belt of talent and go with what I have for the foreseeable future and just replace players that want to leave or get good offers. I already have 2 top talent central defenders and one backup level talent central defender in II team that are just waiting for someone to be sold.


My developmental plan is basically this:

  • youth intake player plays full season in U19 team and if he performs or develops nicely that is actually Druga HNL(2nd tier) level player at the moment then he will be promoted to the II team, so basically promotion when he is 18 if he is ready
  • youth player that is not ready will be kept in U19 team until he is no longer eligible to play and will be then sent to loan where he will get regular football
  • II team player that performs well or develops to the level of Main squad will be promoted if there is a place in Main squad or will be sent on loan where he will get regular football if there is another player with higher potential in same position
  • bought player will be placed in U19 if he is under 18 (so 14,15,16,17 year olds) and from there follow the same path as youth intake players
  • youth players will be bought only for positions where there is a deficit of existing players
  • steps can be skipped if there is a position of need and we have adequate player within the ranks

Last point is there as that's what I have done with Cubelic who only played 4 games for II team.

Eventual personal goal is to field 11 HGC players just like Barca did at their peak in early 2010s.

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