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  1. Thanks, although it's just the Europa Conference
  2. November 2042 It was pretty good month up until the game against Aberdeen Win against Brugge and a draw with Sporting means we are already qualified to knockout rounds.
  3. October 2042 Mixed results as we lose to Brugge & Falkirk but manage to beat Hibernians at home.
  4. Yes, all of them were produced by english teams. I believe all the staff can affect newgens personalities.
  5. Fantastic run nevertheless. How many seasons til you beat Cruz Azul you reckon? Next season already?
  6. Great match against Dinamo. You got this man
  7. September 2042 Decent results in September.
  8. August 2042 Very busy month and we came on the top, only two losses against Celtic in league and Falkirk in Betfred Cup, but we do not really care about Betfred Cup anyway. We should aim for second place in this group.
  9. July 2042 Good start to the new season but we only played lesser teams so far. I am glad my 1000th career game was the first one to be played on the new Brora stadium and we also got a win! We should beat them.
  10. @rosque This is their personalities. @SRL88 Thank you very much! Last three intakes were not the best though so I am a bit worried that we may hit our ceiling soon.
  11. Okay then, obviously you know what I mean but hey lets nitpick my words lol
  12. I worded it poorly, I meant that all my staff have positive personalities with high determination values. I can't check ambition can I?
  13. Interesting start, will surely follow. Good luck!
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