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  1. Hello, I was thinking about running an experiment – creating a Super League. To make it more interesting I’d like more people to participate (if anyone wants). You would choose your team (preferably accomplished one) and you would basically act as its DoF/Chairman (kind of). I am not experienced with editor but I hope this could work along with in-game editor. I’d like some more insights here. I have few ideas how to make it interesting so feel free to discuss them. RULES: Participants pick the club of their choice and pick 7 players that stays in the club (to keep the club’s identity), rest of the players go to the draft. It is up to you whether you will keep the most talented, club icons etc. Participants pick their players from list of 25 First team players (based on CL registrations + if there’s someone important signed that can’t play in Europe on Spring?) Clubs keep the rest of the players from academy/reserves etc. Draft pot – consists of the rest of the players + any other player in the world that is 19 years old or older. Basically normal draft with participants – live (maybe on discord) or in forum thread? (but forum would take very long imo) We randomly decide who gets first choice and so on and we follow like this ABCD – DCBA – ABCD and so on. I (or anyone else for that matter) will simulate the league and provide info on monthly/quarterly? Basis along with the save to download and each participant can check how his team do etc. We would run SuperLeague + PL, PD, SA, L1, Bundesliga and maybe some more. You can sack your manager and hire anyone you want outside of other SL’ managers. No in-game transfers allowed (AI making transfers). If you are inactive for a whole season you will lose your spot and if someone else is interested he can take the club. POSSIBLE TRANSFERS: Trading between the SuperLeague (SL since now) clubs – this will be possible for example since the start of the season up until March? You can trade players for players or players for your youth draft choices (will talk about youth draft next). Signing players from the other leagues – limited to 2 per season. I do not think this will happen a lot though – but it might. Will pay the club players market value + 50%. Offloading your players – you can off-load your players in pre-season and make them free agents – there will be free agents pot and people may sign them – not sure how to process if more teams want the same guy, any ideas? YOUTH DRAFT Basically every 18-19 years old is eligible for drafting from all-around the world. (except the SL teams’academy products) I am not still sure how to go about this. Is it possible to not hide attributes of the players? If so – every participant can load up the save and search for anyone that is 18-19 years old etc. Worst position last season gets the first choice and we go from here like this ABCD – ABCD – ABCD (different to starting draft). LEAGUE FORMAT 10-16 teams – I do not think there is more than 16 GOOD teams right now. Depends on the number of people interested in. 10 teams – each play the other one 4times? Let’s make it so there is around 40 fixtures. Top 8 go into play-offs – classic 2 legs? All the teams qualify for CL where they can play against the „normal teams“. IDEAS I HAVE AND NEED DISCUSSION Salary cap? Maybe after some years? TEAMS Teams I want in: Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, PSG Teams I am willing to let in: Tottenham, Sevilla, Napoli, Inter, AC Milan, AS Roma, RB Leipzig (This is all relative and up to discussion). This is not set in stone but the teams should be at least close to each other or at least have huge fanbases to make this plausible. If this goes through we could add more teams in later seasons – we can think of an algorythm later on (Vegas Golden Knights?) NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Is there a way to make transfer window disappear from this league? In editor? Or some work-around the most problematic issue? Thanks for all the in-put.
  2. STADE BORDELAIS 2019/2020 Domestic league: French National (Tier 3) - 3rd place Play-offs: Home match & away match French Cup: 5th round Media predicted us to end up dead last but I wanted to fight for mid-table. And we ended up fighting for promotion. Honestly if it was not for Hebras getting injured, we would have probably won the league but he is our only ACM (most essential position for my tactics) and he injured himself for five months. Only other decent ACM is only 15 years old and could not play in league matches. In French Cup it was swiftly over for us as we lost to 4th tier team. We were in a very bad slump back then. YOUTH IN-TAKE Great in-take as we could already form a decent line-up out of these players. Pierre Bernard should have bright future even though he's rated only as 9th best but as I said before, we really need ACMs. TRANSFERS The player that joined us on free joined the team before me. Reset date for France as stated in first post of this thread is 20th June. We only let useless players go + Labyed, who wanted to leave anyway. SQUAD STATS & SQUAD STATS II - TEAM AWARDS - ALL-TIME BEST ELEVEN 1st - Simon Hebras - He only played 21 games this season and scored 17 goals. If he did not pick up an injury he could easily finish with thirty. 2nd - Pierre Ducasse - Too bad he's 33 old. Very important CM for us. 3rd - Charly Dutournier - Our captain and star player, scored only 11 goals so that is quite a let down. FINANCES Financial situation was tough all season long as board had to inject money three or four times to keep us running. I am hopeful promotion will solve this issues. I kept my wages on around 11k even though my budget was 16k. And mot important thing at last - we are turning PROFESSIONAL!
  3. SEASON 2027/28 I am delighted with the season even though we have only win our domestic league. Joel Lopez won fans' POTM. Ivo had a rough year and Vincent Thill actually played most of the games. Vincent is a showing example of a professional - he's been here since I came to the team and he was mostly used as back-up/rotation player and he always performed and never bitched. I like to think about this season as his "reward". _________________________________________________________________________________
  4. MAY 2028 We broke some La Liga records I believe and we will face Liverpool in CL finals in two weeks. I think they're only 2018-forward records though Last year he was back-up and wanted to leave due to little playing time. This guy is good. I think he did well in his first season. Now this is a classic. They really rate us highly. Kdo neskáče není čech, hop, hop, hop! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINALS We tried.. and we almost won! Liverpool was a better team and they fully deserve the title. Maybe if Espina and Udoukhai were not injured... but that's a huge maybe. I personally really thought we could win the whole thing but I am proud on my boys and the passion they have shown throughout the whole season.
  5. Haha I am not even club legend yet as I only turned to club icon.
  6. APRIL 2028 We did it! Three times in a row La Liga champions! We also beat Man City 5-1 at home in CL semifinals. The problem is, our goalie Espina broke his leg and he will miss the rst of the season. 19 years old Acosta will try to fill his shoes (He played since Man City fixture). 3 times a champion yeah! ...
  7. MARCH 2028 Can we make it three titles in a row? It is revenge time once again boys!
  8. FEBRUARY 2028 Another good month and we beat Real Madrid for the second time this season.
  9. JANUARY 2028 We are still first although we lost to Malaga. We also could not beat Atletico in Copa del Rey and after two titles in a row we were eliminated in 5th round. Also what a debut for Sergio Torres - he scored a hattrick and got sent off with red card in the same game. He's been pretty bad this season though, I hope he can turn it around. Just remember that I signed this guy for free. And one more trophy for Ivo. Bought some youngsters with potential, Sergio Torres can immediately rotate on CM position. JIRI KOLODZIEJ KRISTIJAN VJESTICA ENRIQUE SUAREZ SERGIO TORRES
  10. @BazzRose he did not quite.. fullfil his potential? Boavista felt down right after my departure but since then they started to get better and they are finishing around 5th place.
  11. DECEMBER 2027 Great month as we outplay everyone we play. We even beat Anderlecht 9-0 on their stadium. Unlucky draw in Copa del Rey though as we will face Atletico on New Year's Eve. We finally made it through I will make sure I get my revenge for all the beatings I got as Boavista's manager!
  12. NOVEMBER 2027 Villarreal ends our unbeaten run. Looks like they could not handle the pressure after beating us since they lost points in both next games and we are currently first. I still fear Real Madrid the most and they are currently seven points behind. We beat both Monaco and Leverkusen in CL and we are through! Finally after 3 years we will play CL in spring!
  13. OCTOBER 2027 We win away on Santiago Bernabeu and are still going 100% in league, securing 10 wins in 10 games. Surprisingly Villarreal is also 9-0-0.
  14. SEPTEMBER 2027 Great month in league including win against Barcelona but we got smashed by Leverkusen in CL. Also Ivo was suspended for 2 games by me after he did not show up for our game to Coruna as he was partying all night long.
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