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  1. November 2019 No new faces at all. Croatia 2:1 Czech Republic EC Qualification Even though the winning goal happened in injury time, Croatia definitely deserved the win as they played way better than us. Israel 0:0 Czech Republic EC Qualification DIsappointing end to the qualifier. Close than I expected & wanted.
  2. AUGUST 2019 Some new faces in the squad - Tomáš Wiesner (RB) from Mladá Boleslav, Václav Černý (RW) from Ajax and Martin Frýdek (CM) from Sparta Prague. Two very important games ahead of us - Georgia away and Finland home. Georgia 0:1 Czech Republic EC Qualification We were better all game long but we really struggle to score goals. Very important win though. Especially defense played well and Hájek + Jemelka were pretty good surprisingly. Czech Republic 4:0 Finland EC Qualification Finally and all around great game and I think we are 99% qualified. Ok, we are 100% qualified with two games to go.
  3. SEPTEMBER 2019 We will play San Marino and Israel in September. Six points is the minimum I want. Michal Sáček from Sparta Prague is the only new face in the team. Our best player - Patrik Schick moved to Torino on loan from AS Roma so hopefully he will become key player there. Actually calm summer otherwise - Rangers bought Kalas for 3mil and Vladimír Coufal joined Plzeň on loan from Slavia (that is actually interesting since they are both title contenders). Czech Republic 1:0 San Marino EC Qualification Okay this was actually embarassing. Thank god we got a penalty otherwise we would never score a goal against ****ing San Marino. 18 shots on the goal and 0 goals. Czech Republic 2:2 Israel EC Qualification Israel played very well and we almost lost to them. It will be tough to qualify. Good thing is we still have it in our hands.
  4. JUNE 2019 Czech Republic 3:0 Croatia EC Qualification I was looking forward to this game as to see how good we really are and at the same time it was necessary for us to avoid losing if we want to qualify for EC. We played great football and after fantastic performance by our captain Bořek Dočkal we beat Croatia 3-0! Too bad Schick got injured though. Also Jemelka - Suchý looked like a great pair. Finland 1:1 Czech Republic EC Qualification We had to play without our best attacker and it really showed, we could not score with an exception of Krejčí's goal from the flank and only drew 1:1. Group looks very even. We need to win next games against Georgia, FInland and Israel.
  5. MARCH 2019 We should start the qualifier with best possible team as there are no real injuries. San Marino 0:9 Czech Republic EC Qualification We destroyed San Marino as we should. Kadeřábek played fenomenally delivering 3 assists and both Schick and Krejčí scored a hattrick. Breaking the records! Czech Republic 1:2 Georgia EC Qualification I did not expect this. Horrible performance on top of unreal luck from Georgia. Thanks to this qualification may be way harder.
  6. We should fight for first place and definitely go through! Sounds about right, hopefully Darida will not injure himself as he did in real life.
  7. NOVEMBER 2018 Our CB problems continue as we recall Pokorný (Bohemians 1905) and also Hájek (Mladá Boleslav). Since we also play Argentina in a friendly it will be funny to see how they do versus Messi. Czech Republic 1:0 Ukraine Nations League I was really worried since our 2 best players - Kadeřábek and Darida - were suspended but their replacements were actually the best players on the field this very night. Vintage displayed ensured our victory and we move through our group with 4 wins in 4 games. Next on the menu is Argentina. Czech Republic 0:4 Argentina Nations League Okay, lets get back to the Earth. But at least we tried to play offensive!
  8. OCTOBER 2018 Hovorka and Kalas were injured and at the same time noone really caught my eye so I only had to replace those and I also added Novák as LB, I somehow only nominated 22 players last month. As CB I nominated Jemelka (Sparta Prague) and Čelůstka (Antalyaspor) who can also play as RB. Ukraine 2:3 Czech Republic Nations League Ukraine played way better than Slovakia did last month. We were down 1-0 and 2-1 but thanks to our F A N T A S T I C finish and two goals scored in added time, we bring 3 points home! Suchý really looks like a better choice than Jemelka for our next fixture. I am disappointed Jankto can't really play LW though, he only got better when I switched him to CM. Slovakia 1:4 Czech Republic Nations League Bořil and Barák were suspended so we played Novák and Pavelka instead. Also I made some changes as some players (Trávník and Dočkal) looked exhausted. We won 4-1 but to be honest the game was way closer, we just scored the goals and they did not. Novák played terrible on left back and I will most likely not recall him. Schick now has 6 goals in 13 games for Czech Republic. We are already through! I am not so sure how the Nations League work so it will be a surprise for me aswell.
  9. Czech Republic Population: 10.6mil Rival Nations: Slovakia, Holland and Germany World Ranking: 44th ______________________________________________________________________ SEPTEMBER 2018 Czech Republic 4:0 Slovakia Nations League My first game as Czech Republic could not go better than this. 4-0 against our biggest rival, let's go! Since I had almost all players available this is how we will most likely play in most games. Only one injured was Novák (LB) who might see some game time instead of Bořil. I will closely monitor my u21 team as mostly CBs and wingers I am not too satisfied with. Czech Republic 1:0 Austria Friendly We were way better than our opponent but just could not score. Eventually Krmenčík sent us winning in 86th minute.
  10. Hello! For quite some time I wanted to start a challenging game but couldn't find the right challenge so I decided to create my own. Basically the challenge is to win a World Cup with a team from each continent + winning the local competition. I can't use the same nation to win both WC and local competition (European Championship for example so I have to manage at least two teams from each continent. I will start as a manager of Czech Republic (as I wanted to play a game with them anyway). ____________________________________ World Cup (0/6) European Championship (0/1) AFC Asian Cup (0/1) Africa Cup of Nations (0/1) Gold Cup (0/1) Copa America (0/1) OFC Nations Cup (0/1) Confederations Cup (0/1)
  11. Hello, I was thinking about running an experiment – creating a Super League. To make it more interesting I’d like more people to participate (if anyone wants). You would choose your team (preferably accomplished one) and you would basically act as its DoF/Chairman (kind of). I am not experienced with editor but I hope this could work along with in-game editor. I’d like some more insights here. I have few ideas how to make it interesting so feel free to discuss them. RULES: Participants pick the club of their choice and pick 7 players that stays in the club (to keep the club’s identity), rest of the players go to the draft. It is up to you whether you will keep the most talented, club icons etc. Participants pick their players from list of 25 First team players (based on CL registrations + if there’s someone important signed that can’t play in Europe on Spring?) Clubs keep the rest of the players from academy/reserves etc. Draft pot – consists of the rest of the players + any other player in the world that is 19 years old or older. Basically normal draft with participants – live (maybe on discord) or in forum thread? (but forum would take very long imo) We randomly decide who gets first choice and so on and we follow like this ABCD – DCBA – ABCD and so on. I (or anyone else for that matter) will simulate the league and provide info on monthly/quarterly? Basis along with the save to download and each participant can check how his team do etc. We would run SuperLeague + PL, PD, SA, L1, Bundesliga and maybe some more. You can sack your manager and hire anyone you want outside of other SL’ managers. No in-game transfers allowed (AI making transfers). If you are inactive for a whole season you will lose your spot and if someone else is interested he can take the club. POSSIBLE TRANSFERS: Trading between the SuperLeague (SL since now) clubs – this will be possible for example since the start of the season up until March? You can trade players for players or players for your youth draft choices (will talk about youth draft next). Signing players from the other leagues – limited to 2 per season. I do not think this will happen a lot though – but it might. Will pay the club players market value + 50%. Offloading your players – you can off-load your players in pre-season and make them free agents – there will be free agents pot and people may sign them – not sure how to process if more teams want the same guy, any ideas? YOUTH DRAFT Basically every 18-19 years old is eligible for drafting from all-around the world. (except the SL teams’academy products) I am not still sure how to go about this. Is it possible to not hide attributes of the players? If so – every participant can load up the save and search for anyone that is 18-19 years old etc. Worst position last season gets the first choice and we go from here like this ABCD – ABCD – ABCD (different to starting draft). LEAGUE FORMAT 10-16 teams – I do not think there is more than 16 GOOD teams right now. Depends on the number of people interested in. 10 teams – each play the other one 4times? Let’s make it so there is around 40 fixtures. Top 8 go into play-offs – classic 2 legs? All the teams qualify for CL where they can play against the „normal teams“. IDEAS I HAVE AND NEED DISCUSSION Salary cap? Maybe after some years? TEAMS Teams I want in: Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, PSG Teams I am willing to let in: Tottenham, Sevilla, Napoli, Inter, AC Milan, AS Roma, RB Leipzig (This is all relative and up to discussion). This is not set in stone but the teams should be at least close to each other or at least have huge fanbases to make this plausible. If this goes through we could add more teams in later seasons – we can think of an algorythm later on (Vegas Golden Knights?) NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Is there a way to make transfer window disappear from this league? In editor? Or some work-around the most problematic issue? Thanks for all the in-put.
  12. STADE BORDELAIS 2019/2020 Domestic league: French National (Tier 3) - 3rd place Play-offs: Home match & away match French Cup: 5th round Media predicted us to end up dead last but I wanted to fight for mid-table. And we ended up fighting for promotion. Honestly if it was not for Hebras getting injured, we would have probably won the league but he is our only ACM (most essential position for my tactics) and he injured himself for five months. Only other decent ACM is only 15 years old and could not play in league matches. In French Cup it was swiftly over for us as we lost to 4th tier team. We were in a very bad slump back then. YOUTH IN-TAKE Great in-take as we could already form a decent line-up out of these players. Pierre Bernard should have bright future even though he's rated only as 9th best but as I said before, we really need ACMs. TRANSFERS The player that joined us on free joined the team before me. Reset date for France as stated in first post of this thread is 20th June. We only let useless players go + Labyed, who wanted to leave anyway. SQUAD STATS & SQUAD STATS II - TEAM AWARDS - ALL-TIME BEST ELEVEN 1st - Simon Hebras - He only played 21 games this season and scored 17 goals. If he did not pick up an injury he could easily finish with thirty. 2nd - Pierre Ducasse - Too bad he's 33 old. Very important CM for us. 3rd - Charly Dutournier - Our captain and star player, scored only 11 goals so that is quite a let down. FINANCES Financial situation was tough all season long as board had to inject money three or four times to keep us running. I am hopeful promotion will solve this issues. I kept my wages on around 11k even though my budget was 16k. And mot important thing at last - we are turning PROFESSIONAL!
  13. SEASON 2027/28 I am delighted with the season even though we have only win our domestic league. Joel Lopez won fans' POTM. Ivo had a rough year and Vincent Thill actually played most of the games. Vincent is a showing example of a professional - he's been here since I came to the team and he was mostly used as back-up/rotation player and he always performed and never bitched. I like to think about this season as his "reward". _________________________________________________________________________________
  14. MAY 2028 We broke some La Liga records I believe and we will face Liverpool in CL finals in two weeks. I think they're only 2018-forward records though Last year he was back-up and wanted to leave due to little playing time. This guy is good. I think he did well in his first season. Now this is a classic. They really rate us highly. Kdo neskáče není čech, hop, hop, hop! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINALS We tried.. and we almost won! Liverpool was a better team and they fully deserve the title. Maybe if Espina and Udoukhai were not injured... but that's a huge maybe. I personally really thought we could win the whole thing but I am proud on my boys and the passion they have shown throughout the whole season.
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