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  1. SEASON 2023/24 I am quite happy with the season. The drop from last season was not so bad and we have got great results in Champions League, all that by playing attacking football. We could have definitely finished higher in the league but we did not because of lack of depth in our squad. My biggest fault was letting Hugo Mallo go as he wanted me to double his salary what I rejected but should not. I still did not get much money for transfers so lets see who we can get next season. Good to see our youngster Prados getting some recognition even though without injuries he would not be starting. Mangala only missed one game! Also Vietto on bench. Bilbao actually played really good! ___________________________________________________________________
  2. MAY 2024 Okay month I guess. We could not get CL anyway anymore. This is definitely nice!
  3. APRIL 2024 We are knocked out of CL by Napoli who won on away goal. I am happy with my team though, I had Mula and Schefell out for first leg and that is why we could not score, I am confident that with them we would be able to. In league we had some hard matches as the league is VERY close this year. Memorable mention to our home win against Barcelona (3-0)!
  4. Thanks man! We may not be able to retain CL spots, but EC should be possible. Lets see.
  5. MARCH 2024 We beat Man City! Questionable in league though as we lose 2-5 at home to Villarreal.. at least we amuse the fans I guess, we won 6-3 in Pamplona later on.
  6. FEBRUARY 2024 Got destroyed by Atletico and Barcelona again but other than that great month! And we beat Man City 3-1 at home! EDER ALVAREZ BALANTA Signed this guy as backup/rotation. I can't find any CB with 3+* CA that does not cost 20+ millions no matter how hard I try.
  7. JANUARY 2024 Started well but then we got demolished by Barcelona and proceeded to play terrible next two games.
  8. DECEMBER 2023 We need deeper squad and we need it fast. Who would have thought?
  9. Mhm, I do not know how to fix that since I can see everything but thanks!
  10. NOVEMBER 2023 So we beat Real Madrid and Bayern and can't beat Pamplona. Overall mixed results in league, great results in CL.
  11. I have no idea! I can see them and so does everyone else it seems? Or anyone else having the issue?
  12. SEPTEMBER 2023 Decent start although conceding 4 to Atletico is something that should never happened. I am happy with draw in München as I was a bit afraid we will get smashed. Lets get my revenge from my time in Portugal! I promised the chairman to sign youth players and I did not that quite do that in last season so here we go. Some of them might be flops but some will definitely play a huge part for Vigo in the future. Our captain Hugo Mallo wanted to go to China really bad, so I let him. That means our defense is way worse than last year, with current budget I just could not find any good CB and RB whole summer. Scheffel could be huge! ANTONIO SALGUEIRO LUAN GEBING EZEQUIEL SILVERO MAXIMILIAN SCHEFFEL JAVIER REYES ELVIS IKANOVIC TOMÁŠ HOUŽVIČKA ROBBIE MCGOWAN
  13. SEASON 2022/23 Vietto did not make into team of the season even though he played almost every match and Berghuis played only a few. Honorable mention goes to Uduokhai who played quite a lot of games as CB and also played some as LB when Mario Rui was injured. David Silva is not here because he just retired.. He did not play a single game though. When I joined, managerial support was a complete opposite - "very poor" due to my inexperience. 25 goals and 14 assists as ACM? Not bad. Thanks! Ramos made it into La Liga best lineup even though he is 37. Shame he's retiring. I signed him as a coach though. So my ACM is Europe' most lethal finisher. And on 2nd place is a guy from my youth in-take in Boavista! He's about to be the next very huge thing. ________________________________________________________________
  14. MAY 2023 We finish the league brilliantly on 2nd place which is the highest position Celta Vigo has ever been!
  15. APRIL 2023 We lost to Real Madrid and drew to Getafe due to goals scored in added time. Nevertheless we are still doing fine and should hold on to 3rd spot. Barcelona won the title already.