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  1. Alfredo Bennett's career: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club League Position Europe Achievements/Other --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 FC Banik Ostrava First Division 4th - Czech Cup winners -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Season 2019/20 Tomáš Zajíc won POTY as well as YPOTY. Goal of the year goes to Jirásek. European Championship Lets see if any of them gets any play-time. They will meet another ex-Baník Ostrava player in the squad - Pavlenka from Bremen. Initial budget for next season.
  3. May 2020 Great month as we reach for the first trophy under my managment! Roman Potočný was especially key in this month's victories since Tomáš Zajíc could not find the net towards the end of the season. Zajíc and Stronati were both called up to National Team in recent months but did not play yet. We finished 4th in the league and would secure Europa League even if we did not win the Cup so I am quite pleased with the result. For the next season we will also get Hrubý and Granečný back from loans who will both be key players in my system - I have no idea why they were loaned out at
  4. April 2020 Fantastic month as we move to Cup finals after beating Plzen and Mlada Boleslav! Only disappointment is the draw against Olomouc as we were the better team all game long and Potočný missed a penalty. All-time record broken in just 27 games! This is very interesting. Especially the stadium choice. Bazaly is an old stadium of Banik Ostrava that's not been used for over than seven years and has been demolished (or kinda rebuild) around two years back and currently works for Banik Ostrava academy purposes with about 1000 seats. In the game the stadium
  5. March 2020 And once more a great month is followed by a horrible month. We even lost against 16th Zlín! At least we are not the only ones losing points so we are still in a race for top five. Youth in-take Three talented players.
  6. February 2020 Good mid-season friendlies followed by quite a nice month although the home loss to Liberec stinks aswell. We are still in a race for Europa League. Also we did not bring anyone in in winter and noone left either as we had no money to spend. At least we are entertaining
  7. December 2019 Terrible month We can't find consistency. Winter break follows. I am not very keen on finishing high as I had no time to build my squad yet but I'd love the opportunity to play in Europe next year.
  8. November 2019 Fantastic month as we scored on average almost 5 goals a day! We also beat our biggest rival 6-1 on their stadium, can only imagine what the streets looked like after that, hah! Maybe we finally found our best attacking trio - this month we played with Azevedo, Zajíc, Potočný.
  9. October 2019 Terrible month sees us drop to 8th place. We will also face our biggest rival, Sparta Prague, in FA Cup.
  10. September 2019 Now that's more like it! We beat title contenders Viktoria Plzen on their stadium. Unfortunately we lose points at home against Zlin but we also move forward in cup. Interestingly enough, current last team in the league is Jablonec - team predicted to finish 4th.
  11. August 2019 Not the best start to our league campaign albeit we were better in both of these games and deserved to win. We move forward in Cup.
  12. June & July 2019 Fantastic pre-season for us! All wins except the first game where the players were just learning the tactic. We also beat some decent teams such as Slask, Brondby or Karpaty so I am quite delighted with the results!
  13. Alfredo Bennett's career: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club League Position Europe Achievements/Other --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 FC Banik Ostrava First Division 4th - Czech Cup winners -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Hello, in this save I will try to bring glory to the best fans that Czech Republic has to offer. I will be managing FC Baník Ostrava, czech club that has won a title few times already but never quite made it far in Europe. Club also known for fantastic academy, providing the football world with players such as Baroš, Jankulovski or Galásek. I will not put any rules in place although I will aim to play mostly with czech players. I will disable first windows transfer activity aswell. If you'd like to read more about Alfredo Bennett's previous adventures: [FM19] Alfred
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