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[FM 21] Making Dinamo Split With Hajduk

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Youth Academy Hat-Trick


This was in the league against Slaven Belupo and newly-promoted Ivan Saric scored a hat-trick. Gives me hope that this project of mine makes sense.


His season stats look promising for a backup striker.

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October, November 2021 Update



Almost flawless two months. Can I get be unbeaten in second season? Hard to say, do not want to jinx it.


We've got a lot of happy faces in the locker room which, I can only assume, leads to these amazing results.


Is this how Pep looked at Barca's stats 10 years ago? By far best in the league.


Another tidbit I found from the analysis tab. I need to get chances against over 90 minutes.

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Two Tactics


They are very similar, almost identical tactics, but play out differently. First one uses width to create vertical spaces for AF while the second tactics uses overloads to create spaces for wingers on the other side. If someone is interested I can maybe write a bit more about this side of my save.

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Pricey Domestic Signing


I have decided to splash up to €1.6m rising to €2.4m for an 18 year old Karlo Lusavec.


Karlo looks like a perfect defensive mid in my mind. Good on the ball, solid defensively and has good agility and balance. His only flaw is 9 for stamina which will be my focus for him from the moment he arrives. He has plenty of potential to grow into. And one important thing, as well, is that I will be helping a domestic team with this fairly big payout. That is something I have outlined in first post.

He will be replacing another HGN player that lacks agility, technique but is a much better athlete. Karlo will be on half the salary that Stanko is receiving currently.


So, I will be looking to sell Stanko this winter transfer window.


His stats in the same division that I'm in are promising. High number of blocks and clearances but low number of headers which is understandable considering he has 8 Jumping Reach and 7 Heading and is only 176cm tall. His pass completion% is slightly above average, but that is complete in line with my expectations considering Varazdin are 6th in the league and are 8th in the league in average possession at 47%.


I will not be doing full breakdowns of all my signings, just the ones that I feel are important.

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Youth Intake Preview 2022


Looks like we have two midfielders in the pipeline. A defensive mid and a central mid who is a local lad. Love it. Do not love the rest of the preview.

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New 3.5 Years Contract Extension


Couldn't finalize contract extension 4 times due to them giving me only 2 years before and immediately backing out. Had 6 months left and finally got it done.

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1 hour ago, scarp said:

You are doing very well this season! Could it be a title already?!

Hopefully! Will be tough as Dinamo is 2 pts behind but also have 2 games more than me. Will also start the tactical identity change as have signed that 18 year old lad.

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Big Sales



We lose a HGC player to Marseille but I do not want to hold back our players. It is time I look who can replace him with Cubelic being a logical answer in starting eleven.


He was someone I was looking to get rid after bringing in the Varazdin kid.


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In-Game Editor

You will see it in my screenies. I have only bought it to sort out the new newgen facepacks for all regens in the game, so you will see it in some of my screenshots. Just wanted to clarify and be up front about it. An example of it is below.


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Negotiated Affiliate Links



Both our foreign affiliates are now for youth intake as well. And I have added their leagues so they will be fully playable starting next season. Hoping to see some Romanian or Bulgarian regens.

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Winter Transfer Window 2021


You have already seen Lusavec, rest of the players were brought in as future prospects. I have sold Dimitrov as I wanted to make room for a youngster that my assman reckons is leading Prva HNL player.


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1 hour ago, karanhsingh said:

Good luck for the end of the season!

Thanks! Had to change tactics a bit because of the change in personnel towards what I want in players. Update will be up today in the evening for December, January and February.

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Big Bosman Signing


I did not scout him, I know he is a big time talent and Borussia Dortmund was interested in him as well but he ultimately decided to join the sunny Split. I am not the one for signing widely-known wonderkids but having no clue as to what he looks like attribute wise I decided to take a punt on him.

This basically means I will have to adjust, once again, my tactics when next season arrives :D And probably going to a 5 at the back system.

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December 2021, January February 2022 Update


Kind of hit rough patch there after winter break and unfortunately with a bad loss to rivals Dinamo.


With 3 games less we are 8 pts behind behind Dinamo. We need to put on a perfect display to have a chance at the title.


Just one loss sees us going through to the 2nd KO round against Fiorentina. It is going to be a tough task for us but why wouldn't we be able to progress?


Not as good as last time but that's because we have lost few games. Hopefully it picks up again.



The dip is obvious but we are still best offensive and defensive team in the league.


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Youth Teams Update


Leading the league and will probably win it once again.


There are some really good prospects in II team like Roko Runje, Adrian Barisic, Ivan Ivancevic and Stipe Biuk. Those 4 are main contenders for promotion at the end of the season in first team.





Also first in the country but u19 seems a bit dry. This is sorted by best PA.


Only players worth mentioning are Damir Colaric, Jakov Puljic and Patrik Musa.



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On 24/11/2020 at 22:50, rosque said:

Youth Intake Preview 2022


Looks like we have two midfielders in the pipeline. A defensive mid and a central mid who is a local lad. Love it. Do not love the rest of the preview.


Overall a pretty meh intake but two solid youngsters with solid personalities.


So happy with this lad! Either footed, good personality, good starting attributes. Perfect for the DLP role.


Looks good enough to give me plenty of hope. Good physical attributes, solid mentals and tehnicals are mostly around 8-9 range which is decent.

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2 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Brnas looks like he could develop into a handy little player!

He could and that is my intention. Hopefully I can develop him to rotate with Lusavec at the DM spot.

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1 hour ago, abulezz said:

Definitely looking at Brnas to be something big for the team. 

Will definitely be in 2-3 years. A year in U19 + a year in II team and should be promoted to first team if he develops nicely. Who knows what my team will look like in few years and what system will I play especially with the impeding change to 2 striker formation next season with the arrival of Arezo.

1 hour ago, bendixkunert2 said:

will follow.


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March 2022 Update


Not a bad month but losing to Osijek stings.


That loss means that even if I win 2 games I have in hand I am still a point behind Dinamo.


Defense is leaky. I hate leaky. I will have to investigate a bit into this, but the attack is wonderful.


Not good. Was hoping to see some Determination bump but alas.


At least I am sustainable. I have lots of money in the bank. Will have to take a look in the transfer market in the summer for some positions.

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Tactics Woes


I had some tactics woes but have ultimately settled on this and last game has produced solid result. I have also taken over OIs from my Ass Man. The basic idea is to stretch the field and use the space between players/defenders to provide balls to underlapping players while wing backs still overlap and provide width.

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3 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

3 games in hand in crazy! Do you still have to play Dinamo? 

Also what's the thinking behind the underlaps-is that working out well? 

Yes, I have one more game against Dinamo (it's the next one). I have Dinamo, 4 games in a row vs bottom teams then 3rd placed and 6th placed. Realistically only two 'hard' games. Dinamo has me, 3 games v middle table teams and finishes the season with 2 easy matches. Will be a tough one to beat them and will take luck with injuries as I do have a short bench.


As for the underlap... I think it is pretty simple why I use it when you read the description of underlap in-game


It looks for any player making a run inside and beyond them. Which means that my wingers, who are all amazing playmakers and my best players, will look for a striker or midfielder making that run between defenders. Or, what is even more fun to see, is having a marauding wing back play a through ball to one of my wingers who are playing narrower so are always 'underlapping'. The instruction is also amazing because it instructs any player to look for underlapping run. Here you can see my DM who was a bit wide look for Muric to make a run.


Since the pass was misplaced a bit due to Nejasmic not being the best passer, Muric had to pass back to supporting CM who then had easy job of finding Beljo for an easy strike



This somehow makes player in the middle also look for 'underlapping' runs. Cubelic, 33, immediately seeked Beljo. I also have few more goals where players make those sort of runs and the passer is not completely on the flank but wider. I do wonder what the cut off in-game is for a player being on 'flank'.

I am getting more 1v1 opportunities with underlaps than without it.

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Build-Up to the Deciding Eternal Derby


Huge advantage for us. Almost 29 thousand roaring fans, the most passionate fans in the country, is sure to make someone nervous.


We are on a roll and in better form.


One of the greatest Hajduk's players and Zinedine Zidane's idol. His words have a great magnitude.


Dinamo's best scorer is an old man. But a good old man. He does not have jumping ability that he used to have nor the pace. So, someone taller, quicker and with good tackling will be appropriate. I am thinking of gambling and putting 18 year old Valenta and 30 year old Puncec as my center backs of choice.



And lastly analysis of Dinamo. Very, very close to us in general performance. Worse offensively but better defensively. Will be a very tough battle.

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First Half



We had better chances and two injuries. I had to replace my defensive mid and not Cubelic, who is an attacking mid, is playing as DLP and I do not have a purely defensive midfielder in the game. Frustrating! :mad:

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Muric with a beautiful finish from a beautiful build up. Whole highlight has like 20+ passes!


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Back on Top!



Muric masterclass! Also, want to point out that Valenta, at 18, played magnificently against the man twice his age!

A game in hand and a point more than Dinamo.

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In Search of HOYD...


Wenger's right hand is retiring at the end of this season and this only means I have to find a new HoYD. As @Jimbokav1971showed in his thread, I could benefit from having someone with higher rep and having good personality is a must-have for me in HoYD.

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1 hour ago, scarp said:

Great match against Dinamo. You got this man :)

It was tough but I closed shop and my gamble with Valenta paid off. Two injuries early on gave me a scare but all ended fine :) I can feel the title in my hands :D

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Look how long it took! 17 years!



This update is a bit of a mess :D 

We still have 2 games left and I will play my II team players in those two games to see who is up for challenge.

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End of Season 2021/22 Update Part1



Both Biuk and Djolonga are II team players so was extremely happy with that game against 3rd placed Gorica. Gonna evaluate all three teams at the start of transfer window.


Pretty, pretty, pretty good.


Overachieved scored goals and underachieved goals conceded by a slight margin. Happy with this!


Best offense and second best defense. Not bad!



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End of Season 2021/22 Update Part2


This is the team that has been playing for me in the first team. Not a lot of 7+ av.rating which is a bit concerning. Muric, Lovric, Beljo, Miljevic quartet is deadly up top! 51 goals between the 4 of them.


Most important thing is the count of HG players. So... 12 HGN players, 6 HGC players with Fajt, Valenta becoming HGC soon enough. Slowly but surely getting closer to that possibility of fielding 11 HGC players.


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End of Season 2021/22 Update Part3



Mirko Tomek? What? Beljo surely must be best signing or even Miljevic. Anyway, here is Tomek.







That Goal of the Season is absolutely the most important goal in the season!





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