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  1. Kosovo was a good international save I had for a while. Not young players necessarily, you're relying on dual nationality often (Swiss, Scandinavians). Scotland should be a good save in FM21.
  2. Sign Finlay Robertson from Dundee as soon as you can.
  3. I found an English player at Man City in a crashed save, born around Manchester but with Basque second nationality, and was able to sign him, even after he was 16 I think. To sign these guys they would need Basque parentage probably, but even that wouldn't work IRL as it would be a very loose interpretation of the Athletic Club policy.
  4. Also, I think I've only ever seen half a dozen French Basques come through as regens in a dozen or so seasons and only one of them has been remotely decent (a crashed save where I found a quality French Basque GK).
  5. I don't think I've tried overseas affiliate clubs. I guess you might be offered one in France e.g. Aviron Bayonnais, the largest French Basque club and where Aymeric Laporte started. I'm surprised the board offered you Hibs, say, as an affiliate. I don't think you could get their under 16s and offer them Basque second nationality. Only works with Spanish clubs, I think.
  6. I skipped a couple of seasons through to make the huge rebuilding job easier. It seems to be easier to sell players once the game's been running a while. Barcelona finished second twice anyway. At the start of the third season, I'd got rid of all the non-La Masia players or those who didn't meet the required standard (e.g. Alba was a fine LB but was superseded by Grimaldo). Barcelona were hugely in debt so I only ever got around 30-40% of the transfer fees back, making it harder. Plus, some guys were sold for criminally low amounts. Still, I was able to bring back most ex-La Masia graduat
  7. Suarez is on the way out too. It'll be a good rebuilding job for both Koeman and FM21 players!
  8. There are two Dutch defenders at Liverpool too, Hoever and Van Den Berg. Can't see Liverpool selling them for anything other than crazy money.
  9. I think it's under the home grown status option.
  10. AZ are a great team to manage. Even if you sign just Dutch players and build with youth, I reckon you'd still win the league soon enough, as Ajax will sell their best players (but also get awesome regens). If I recall, signing domestic Dutch players can be difficult - their clubs want ridiculous prices. Dirk Proper (NEC) would be available on a Bosman in most saves after the first season, but you'd have lots of competition. Vitesse - Thomas Buitink would be a great striker. Riechedly Bazoer was tipped for big things at Ajax and moved to Germany, but is back at Vitesse. Still onl
  11. Also Grimaldo, Icardi, Adama Traore, Keita Balde, Sandro Ramirez - https://www.marca.com/en/football/barcelona/2018/09/18/5ba0c5ff22601d192c8b4623.html These guys would all be first teamers/rotation players. I know you can filter searches by 'favourite club' but you can't do 'former club' annoyingly.
  12. Sorry @OlivierL I only use the second nationality filter to search for players. I never do anything sophisticated like tagging. Often I search by birthplace for specific towns or cities e.g. if I wanted a team JUST of players born in Bilbao. I found a great Basque born regen at Sporting Gijon in my save but I was unable/ not permitted to sign him. Not sure how that worked though. He didn't have Basque second nationality despite being born in Pamplona of somewhere clearly in the Basque country.
  13. I think Brentford are just too easy to get promoted. How long would it take anyone to get say, Charlton, to the Premiership?
  14. My gripe is that players ask for a new deal immediately after promotion, even if they had automatic increases built into their wage. Unless that's realistic, but usually I just sell those who whinge.
  15. Yeah that's what I'd do. Jensen and Norgaard were signed from Spain and Italy but they'd still count if you're including Danes.
  16. Good luck @manutdfan1999 you've probably seen the Athletic Club thread in the Good Player and Team Guide forum. You've got a great starting squad, easily good enough for a top six spot. Future improvements are probably needed in CM and CF but hopefully you get some regens come through - unless you're signing other Basque players.
  17. FCSM have a great set of young players already. I'd love to see how they develop around 4-5 years in.
  18. I'm giving it a go (after generating the first season). The approach I would take is Spanish under 23s and Spanish-speaking youngsters e.g. South American (but younger, under 21s?) So there is scope to bring in Dani Olmo (ex-Barca of course), Unai Simon, Pelayo Morilla, Thiago Almada from Argentina. What I find though is it's incredibly difficult to move players on unless a club specifically comes in for them. Every player who leaves will leave on subsidised wages (e.g. Messi starts on 1.2m per week - even selling him for 40m means I would need to pay 600k of that!) Also the club only reinvest
  19. Sid Lowe's written a great piece about Barca's potential decline in the Guardian - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/02/messis-influence-troubling-finances-and-boardroom-turmoil-why-barcelona-are-a-mess I would be curious to start a save that moves on from the Guardiola-era superstars and the erratic recruitment since and puts La Masia and other young Spanish talent at the heart of the rebuilding project. Anyone tried this/similar?
  20. Very little point having affiliates really. I can count on probably two or three fingers the number of French Basques youths I've ever seen in the game. I had a Manchester born guy in FM19 who had Basque second nationality who I bought from Man City but that's the only real curveball I've seen.
  21. Sochaux are in the second tier but always develop a huge number of good young players.
  22. How much is Dani Martin at Betis? Or even David Raya at Brentford?
  23. It's probably a good thing they signed Oyarzabal as he won't join Athletic Club from Real Sociedad. It's far more likely he'll sign from Man Utd if he gets listed.
  24. In the 2030-31 season, I pulled back a 7pt deficit to overhaul Real Madrid to win the title. In the last eight seasons, we've won four, they've won four. Barcelona have only finished in the top three twice in the last five seasons (as often as Real Sociedad). We also won the Super Cup but lost to Man City in the CL QF. We're selling Villalibre and may move Simon/Vencedor on if we get good offers, which would make us a regen only squad. Still no chance of signing Goni from Real Sociedad, but I did sign a 17yo striker of theirs for 40m (release clause). Clearly a ridiculous price but we ha
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