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  1. It's been a while since I've done a season update. I tried a few other saves but nothing is quite like an Athletic Club save. I'm not even sure I posted an update on my 2027-28 season - we finished second behind Real (their fourth title in a row). 2028-29 Season Review: Double Winners! La Liga: 1st (+1) - 95 points (+5) Copa Del Rey: W (beat Osasuna 2-0 in final) Super Cup: F (lost to Real Madrid) Champions League: Knockout Play Off Round (lost to Barcelona) Our most successful season so far, winning our first two trophies of the save, including La Liga. Real Madrid were ahead for most of the season but surprisingly slipped up a couple of times in the final few weeks, so we went into the last day of the season with a one point lead. We were away to Sevilla, which was a potentially tricky tie. Luckily the fixture computer did me a favour as Real were away to Barcelona. Anyway, as long as we did our job, it didn't matter what happened at the Camp Nou. Well, we were absolutely hammered 3-0 with our defence getting nervous and losing the ball in dangerous positions, and a clinical Sevilla forward line just picked us off. Luckily, Barcelona took an early lead and I was just crossing my fingers than they'd hold on - which they did! So, not the victory lap I'd have liked, but the title was ours nevertheless. The Super Cup was a familiar tale - play Real in the final and lose. However, we beat Real in the QF of the Spanish Cup and despatched Villareal in the SF. Playing Osasuna in the final was very kind and it was a routine victory. Champions League was a bit of write-off as Barcelona demolished us at home, which left us too much to do in the return leg. Squad Performance We'd played a 4-3-3-0 for most of the save but the emergence of a potentially world class striker (Bittor Casado) as a real attacking focal point meant we changed to my preferred 4-3-2-1. We're starting to see some regens in the first team squad too - with Javi Jimenez, Oier Benito and Casado amongst my strongest performers. I'll share some screenshots of the next generation of talent below. Peio Huestamendia has become a really good wide option in my save - it'll be interested to see whether anyone's got anything from him. Unai Vencedor was a rotation option too, and most of the rest of the squad are other regens too. Transfers In the 27-28 season, the main signing was Kepa to strengthen the GK positions (700k!) whilst I had sold Alvaro Fernandez, Laporte, Djalo and Moncayola for around 80m combined. This season had few incomings - Merino came in for around 50m (even at 32 he's world class) and otherwise just other Basque regens. Le Normand went back to Saudi Arabia and we sold an unhappy Aimar Vicandi to Southampton for 25m (max of 30m with add-ons). We've reached the point now where we will only sign regens and just sell off the ageing original players. Youth Development This is really starting to pay off now. I have SEVEN wonderkids - a goalkeeper, FOUR defenders, and two attackers. Screenshots below! And then there is a huge amount of talent waiting to come through. If they're not ready for first team action or I'm already strong in their positions, then loans really accelerate their development. And we're likely to be strong in all areas going forward as we've had players come through in all positions. Xabi Jimenez (GK) (HG) denotes home grown btw (and ** is just an internal note for me to watch them)! Xabi joined us in 24-25 and has spent two seasons on loan at St Etienne and the last season at Getafe in La Liga (they were relegated but he performed well). Hopefully he gets a bit stronger over the next few seasons but his raw goalkeeping ability is excellent. He will probably stay on loan for another season as we have Agirrezabala and Kepa - hopefully in La Liga again. Javi Jimenez (RB) Another player from the 24-25 intake, he's really kicked on over the last year as our first choice RB - hopefully he can develop those technical stats more. Oier Benito (DL/DR/DC) A versatile defender who can play anywhere across the backline - I'd see him more as a CB in the first instance, but he can deputise in the full back positions when needed. He cost 20k from Burlades (a Navarre-based club in the fifth tier). Carlos Acosta (DC) The best of the defensive wonderkids, I think. He was pretty much my first-choice CB this season. He cost 135k from Laredo, a fifth-tier side (which is not in the Basque country but he is Basque) and will be capped by Spain soon. Alejandro Larrazabal (DC) I'm surprised he's a wonderkid really as his potential isn't quite as high as those above, but he will be a solid CB option to come. He's been on loan twice in the Championship and also in the second division in Spain - all of these have helped him progress. Bittor Casado (ST) Our first-choice striker and if he could improve aerially, he'd be frightening! But give him a sniff in the box and he'll score. Great mental stats too - perhaps a potential captain? Cost 20k from Huarte, another Navarre-based side in the fifth tier. I've really lucked out with regens coming through the lower divisions that can make the grade. Eduardo Martinez (ST/AMR) It took ages for a decent striker to emerge, and now I have two wonderkids up front. Eduardo cost 875k from Alaves at the age of 16, and he's had loans in Spain, France and England, hitting the net with regularity. The other good thing about Eduardo is that he can play AMR and he'll probably alternate playing up top with playing as an inside forward. I could bombard you with screenshots of other players, but I'll wait until they become wonderkids. There are probably 7-8 guys with 5* potential and then loads more between 4-4.5*so we're spoilt for choice really. The next players to transition out will be Guillamon, Vivian, Aihen Munoz, and Vencedor. One of the two CBs may leave this Summer, Munoz almost certainly will and I'll take good offers for Vencedor as he's become a bit of a prat to manage. Sancet is 29 but still has a few years at this level. Next season, I hope we'll make a better crack at the CL.
  2. Great updates @bowieinspace and you've had some excellent players come through Lezama. I'm very envious. I'm a few seasons back and will get back into playing. I luckily do have some good keepers coming through so that position isn't a long term issue.
  3. Stoke City got relegated after a simmed first season so I'm going to see how I get on with them as they were my local team at uni. It's quite nice as basically the guys on big money who you want to leave are very happy to and are getting offers.
  4. All the Spanish and French leagues possible, and I may have some of the English leagues too.
  5. 2026-27 Season Review: Getting Closer (sort of...) La Liga: 3rd (-1) - 90 points (+1) Copa Del Rey: QF (lost to Real Madrid) Super Cup: F (lost to Real Madrid) Champions League: Round of 16 (lost to Nice) La Liga was a lot closer this season, with a genuine three horse race for the whole season. Real won it again, but on 94 points and Barcelona finished second on 91 (we drew away to Atletico Madrid on the final day, so would've snatched second had we won). Daylight between us and Atletico, who finished 4th, twenty points back. And we did this without Simon and the Williams brothers (which I will discuss in the transfers section!) So, although we've dropped a place, we won a point more, and it feels a lot more competitive at the summit now - this is the closest I've been to overhauling the two giants of Spanish football. Domestic cups are a familiar story - we inevitably face Real and we lose. Champions League was a disappointment overall. We performed really well in the group stages and for the first time we finished in the top eight, so entered the round of 16 and Nice was one of the best ties possible for us. We lost 5-2 on aggregate. We weren't even in bad nick - it was just a couple of games where it just didn't work out. Squad Performance Tactically, we're shaping up the same as last season - a 4-3-3-0 with no out-and-out striker, with the three attacking midfielders weighing in with the goals. I'm particularly pleased to see JJ Guerrero really push on, and even though he plays in a deeper playmaker role, he still gets forward enough. Don't pay much heed to the 'best XI' as Sancet would've been playing in the AMC position more often than not (rather than Aguirre, a Basque regen from Villareal's academy, who only made seven starts) and Sancet's role in MC would've been played by Moncayola or Aldasoro. The rest of the first team squad was filled out by Agirrezabala (who rotated with Fernandez) and Iker Alvarez (GK), Gorosabel, Nunez (for half a season), Le Normand (I'll explain!), Guillamon, Griezmann, and Alvaro Djalo. Transfers In the last post, I mentioned that I had made some huge transfer-related decisions. I wanted shot of Inaki Williams anyway as his performances were sub-par and his wages a killer. I got less than I'd have liked from Galatasary (best part of 20m), but I'd take it. Nico's release fee was paid by Man Utd (132m - which was reduced when he signed a second new contract during this save) and Simon left for Chelsea for 75m because I had Agirrezabala and Fernandez in the squad and some guys coming through the academy. So, I thought I'd cash out at his peak value. That obviously left us with shedloads in the bank. Nunez moved to Saudi in the January window as he was unhappy and he was becoming something of a spare part anyway. I was like a kid in a candy story. We signed Aimar (30m + 5m), Moncayola (46.5m), Djalo (23m), Aguirre (aforementioned Villareal Basque regen - 11m), Griezmann (10m - he's retiring after 1y of a 2y deal), Laporte and Le Normand (both free), and somewhere between 10-15 Basque regens from various clubs. Laporte had been available on a free anyway after his Al-Nassr contract expired and is on 95k per week. Le Normand had been signed by Al-Hilal very early on in the game, and was transfer listed for a very affordable amount but his salary demands were ridiculous. In January 2027, they tore up his contract. It took a couple of months of trying and failing before he agreed to accept 40k per week! Fortunately, no-one else got in there first. Were all of these deals successful? Probably not. I wouldn't say any really excelled. But my young players weren't ready and the money was there to burn. There is still resale value on those guys if I want to move them on - and we still have a transfer budget of 100m anyway, so it's all moot. Youth Development After a few seasons of Lezama bearing fruit and picking off the best of the Basque regens, we have a very strong B, C and u19 squad, and we will hopefully reap the dividends of this soon. I loaned out the most promising talent, and I think we have around a dozen players who are genuine first-team material; either now or in the next couple of years. There is talent in all positions really, so I think we will be able to replace any older players we want to move on. Excitingly, a B team striker was on loan at Bristol City and was the top scorer in the Championship. He may not be ready for the first team yet, but he will ask some interesting tactical questions when he is. A CB was also on loan in the Championship and he kicked on massively. Maybe I should find an affiliate in England! I found a Basque-born player in Newcastle's academy, which I always like as I semi-invent back stories for how these kids (in his case, born in Elizondo in Navarre) wound up in England. He's joining for 15m, and he has a lot of development to do, but the scouts really rate him. Looking Ahead Every season feels like a transitional season, but this may actually be one of those. I've an ageing defence and with some players evidently in decline like Gorosabel and Yeray. Munoz and Laporte are attracting interest too. It's possible some or all will move on. That will leave some holes in defence, but with Vivian, Le Normand and Guillamon able to play CB, it just depends how I want to cover the full backs (I've got good youth options at RB but LB is trickier). I'll possibly let Djalo leave too if he gets any interest, as I can cover his place, but I'm just as happy to rotate him, especially as we've lost Griezmann to retirement. If I do some serious surgery on the squad, then I'd expect to fall back a little - I'd still expect to finish third but be a bit more off the pace, but with the expectation that this would recover within a season or two. But let's be ambitious.
  6. Very doable. You've a great Basque spine and in my Athletic Club save they've produced better youngsters than my academy (I keep signing them).
  7. I've had this happen before and it usually takes a bit of caving in to get the players out of their funk. Players are a bit precious if they can't handle criticism of bad performances (they react like scolded children if you give the angriest type of feedback!) Good luck asking Muniain to resolve someone's unhappiness. He's the most miserable guy in the squad.
  8. At the start of the game the B squad players are all on sensible wages. But then they suddenly ask for ridiculous wages even when they've never played a first team game or aren't anywhere near the first team squad. This happens every year and isn't remotely realistic. If had a guy in the C team last year who at the point he was due a contract renewal asked for the best part of 100k per week!
  9. @southside_hitmen Thanks - I've got those filters working now! This makes life much easier!
  10. @southside_hitmen Thanks for this - amazing work! I added those filters to my editor data, then re-started my game. I'm a bit of a novice - what should I expect to see with these? Are they visible in the Scouting Screen?
  11. In most of our experiences, you can generally transition the ageing players out and replace them with Basque players at other clubs or regens through your academy. The main thing is to keep hold of the core squad and then the likes of Yuri, Herrera, Dani Garcia, etc. can be moved on and replaced with the players @bowieinspace mentions in his first posts. Once you get the CL places, you can generally hold onto them.
  12. 2025-26 Season Review: Going One Better La Liga: 2rd (+1) - 89 points (+6) Copa Del Rey: F (lost to Real Madrid) Champions League: Round of 16 (lost to Liverpool) A great season as we improved in both the domestic league and cup competitions and still performed admirably in Europe. A second place finish in La Liga with six extra points is fantastic, and we were only 7 points behind Real Madrid (and were 4 points ahead of Barcelona), so we're closing the gap. The top three has pulled away massively now - Sevilla were 4th but 12 points off 3rd, then Villareal were 5th, a further 9 points behind Sevilla! We reached the final of the Spanish Cup but couldn't lay a glove on Real Madrid - some good wins on the way though. In the Champions League, we squeaked through to the knockouts, where we initially faced Napoli, who knocked us out last season. A home draw was followed by a brilliant 1-0 win on their patch. The last round of 16 was against Liverpool, who beat us 2-1 at San Mames. Done and dusted? Well, astonishingly we turned it around at Anfield to make it 3-3 on aggregate, but lost out on penalties. I'll take that though as it shows we can compete. Squad Performance Below, you can see how the players performed. I persevered with the 4-3-3-0 (no striker) formation I tried out last season, and it worked really well. This line-up's not quite accurate as Sancet would be where Dani Rodriguez is, and JJ Guerrero would be in Sancet's position in CM. Sancet is great in the final third and scored as much as I'd expect from a striker, and the other attacking players chipped in too. Vicandi spent the first half of the season on loan, then got injured, but when he returned, he performed much better than Inaki (who was on the bench in the final stretch - a 6.76 season average is poor, and I'm looking to move him on now). The standout player for me though is Aldasoro - what a return! A couple of million from Racing Club Santander is an absolute steal. He is a Duracell bunny of a footballer and plays the BBM role perfectly. Overall though, we rotated the squad well and gave young players some opportunities along the way. Transfers I went into the season with two targets - Aimar and Guillamon - and hoped I'd get one of them. We burned out entire transfer budget on Guillamon (32.5m plus add-ons) and his versatility makes it worth it. We sold Vesga with six months of his contract left for 6m, which gave us some breathing room, though I spend that on an excellent-looking DM from Osasuna (who's been in and around the first team). Inigo Vicente moved on too, as once Vicandi came back, there was no role for him. Youth Development We had a very good intake and our two previous intakes/youth signings over the last few years now mean we have a number of players who are developing well, in most positions. Here's the DM I signed from Osasuna - definitely the most promising of all. We have 4.5* potential players at CB and CF (who can play across both wings) in the B side, so they're only 1-2 years off being first team quality. Three 5* potential players in the U19s in the GK, AMC and AMR positions too, so I'll keep an eye on those. There are also a number of talented young Basques out there not looking to move yet but remain on the radar. Looking Ahead No point being modest now - top three is an absolute minimum and more progress in Europe would be very nice! I'm looking to sell Inaki this Summer. I want 50m and a Saudi club is interested, but as long as I can get the money to sign Aimar and save the wages, I'd be happy. The GK situation is an interesting one with Simon, Fernandez and Agirrezabala all good enough to be first choice. I wouldn't be devastated if someone offered good money for Simon, but keep two and loan one sounds fine too if Inaki leaves. UPDATE: OK, so I've sold Nico for 132m (release clause), Simon for 75m and Inaki for 20m. Wish me luck! I've signed Aimar and a load of Basque regens.
  13. @southside_hitmen Thanks for the tip on Victor Musa. I don't have the English leagues added to my game, so I don't know if he will just 'appear' as soon as I do, or whether he's out of the database for good. He looked fairly decent though, when I just started a Man Utd game to check. @bowieinspace I started a new game just to look at the youth players again, to see whether there was any difference from the start of my save - not really, so no need to re-start the save.
  14. 2024-25 Season Review: Consolidation La Liga: 3rd (same) - 83 points (+1) Copa Del Rey: QF (lost to Real Madrid) Champions League: Round of 16 (lost to Napoli) Not much difference to last season then, but what it shows it that the squad coped well with the addition of European competition. Real Madrid won the league by 9 points, but we were just 3 points off Barcelona. We finished 14 points ahead of Atletico Madrid, so we've quickly become the 'best of the rest' team in La Liga. Mid-season, it was actually much closer - we weren't far off Real at all, but injuries, fatigue and sloppy defeats put paid to any title ambitions. In another season, we might have done better in the CDR but it's bad luck to get Real that early, I guess. The CL was a real mixed bag. In the eight group stage matches, we won 4 and lost 4 (usually heavily against strong teams), which got us to the knockout stages. Wolfsburg was probably as good a draw as we could've got, and we beat them on penalties. In the last 16 game against Napoli, we won the first leg at home 2-0. For the second leg, I went uber-defensive, and they got back on terms within 10 minutes. It was then a case of 'how much will they win by'? Answer: 5-0. Squad Performance This was our first choice/best performing XI, but we also made significant use of the rest of the first team squad, rotating regularly to keep legs fresh (particularly in the home games against lesser opposition!) Players you don't see in this starting XI who did a great job are Agirrezabala (who played around 20 games due to Simon being injured a few times, and really stepped up/developed), Unai Nunez (solid at CB and RB), Dani Rodriguez (who averaged 7.0 and has also pushed on massively), Julen Jon Guerrero (who deputised well for Sancet) and Inigo Vicente covered the AML position well too when needed (I'll explain in the transfers post!) This is the usual formation I've deployed for aeons now, whatever the save, and it seems to work well with Athletic Club. The wing backs like to get forward (though we may be more circumspect when using Nunez or Yeray at RB, say) and Vivian tends to be the ball-playing CB with the other being more defensively solid. Like a Ferdinand/Vidic combination. Our defensive midfielder is usually a ball-winning midfielder, trying to stop the opposition attackers getting to our defence. Vesga, Vencedor or Aldasoro can do that job, but I prefer the latter to be slightly further forward due to his physical prowess. The two centre midfielders tend to be an attacking playmaker (Sancet or Guerrero), with the second being more box-to-box, which Aldasoro or Vencedor can do well. If both play, generally Vencedor is the DM and Aldasoro the BBM. Vesga would always be a BWM. Generally, the wide players are inside-forwards who cut in, and fortunately the options here can play both flanks, so you have different options. Inaki is the main striker, but I'll try Nico, or Serrano at a push. Luckily, Inaki has great physical stats so can play most of the time (as in real life!) What I've experimented with, when I'm leading by a couple of goals and know that Inaki needs a rest, is to drop the ST back to an AMC and play a 4-3-3-0, similar to when Man Utd demolished Roma 7-1 back in 2006-07 and with the Spanish national team at times during their peak. Sancet is usually in that role and does really well in it. We still score goals, even though it's predominantly a formation switch to protect a lead. Transfers In terms of first team squad players, we signed Gorosabel (11.75m), Inigo Martinez (250k - for 20k per week!) and Inigo Vicente returned to the club for 5.25m, having torn up the second division (though he's more a rotation option in the AML position). We sold Berenguer for 10m and Villalibre for 2.5m. Loads of young players from across the Basque region joined the junior sides - usually speculative punts based on personality, attributes or gut feel. Only a few will succeed, but throw enough mud at a wall.... Youth Development Our two youth intakes have been steady, not spectacular, and we have a few guys who may develop well over the next few years. We found a superb French kid at Osasuna, who has serious potential and was a bargain at 500k. Generally, any player with serious potential gets loaned out to the Spanish and French second divisions, with an insistence on them starting regularly (sometimes that doesn't happen). Some players perform really well; for others less so. I suppose it partly depends on how well the side they join are doing. Of the guys who start at Athletic Club, Aimar Vicandi, Peio Canales, Peio Huestamendia, Daniel Belategi, and Gaizka Alboniga-Menor are doing well/OK. Junior Bita and Hugo Rincon aren't seeing loan moves turn into a massive uptick in attributes or development. We signed Mauro Echegoyen from Osasuna in the previous season because they weren't renewing his contract for some reason (he has serious potential, so sign him!) and he has done really well on loan and I see him as a first teamer in a few seasons. The guys above will probably be on loan again next season as they're not first team squad level yet. Looking Ahead The minimum expectations should be third but as we ran Barcelona much closer this season, there is a chance we could finish in the top two if we really perform. Muniain will leave for Saudi for 12.5m with no good wishes whatsoever - he is a terrible captain in this game and a really disruptive influence in the dressing room. Vesga is 32 now and may move on. Inigo Martinez returned for next to nothing but with the catch that he was retiring and I couldn't get him to reconsider. Chelsea have been sniffing around Simon and I am curious whether that will turn into a tempting bid because Agirrezabala has done so well when needed (and Alvaro Fernandez is out on loan), so we could cover the GK position - albeit to a slightly lesser extent. But that money could bring some quality reinforcements in, and I would rather lose Simon than Nico. Aimar and Guillamon would be great but out of the budget range unless we sell someone. Otherwise, I'm not sure anyone else is out there we're interested in, besides some regens who won't currently move (there is a Mexican-Basque player I found in the Mexican leagues but he can't move until next Summer anyway). Hopefully, a fairly stable Summer and a strong next season!
  15. @bowieinspace I would consider getting Artiz Aldasoro from Santander as a backup DM - would cost a couple of million and has a great personality, and mental/physical attributes. He won't let you down. The Saudi money can help weaken rivals but can harm you later on if you try to sign anyone from a Saudi club. Robin Le Normand has gone to Al-Hilal but he's on 875k per week! I will never be able to bring him back to Spain.
  16. I'm playing with Athletic Club as always. Girona night be a good save. They're doing really well so far this season and are part of the Man City stable of clubs.
  17. 2023-24 Season Review: The Champions League Awaits Originally, I thought I'd just run a season through a test save to see how the game plays. However, we did so well this season that it will now become my full save! We finished a comfortable 3rd in La Liga (14 and 12 pts behind Barcelona - undefeated all season - and Real Madrid respectively but 8 pts ahead of Atletico Madrid) and reached the Spanish Cup semis (a missed opportunity as neither Barcelona or Real Madrid got this far). We're lining up with the usual 4-1-2-2-1 - a solid ball-winning midfielder sitting behind a BBM and an AP (Sancet), with two inverted forwards supporting the AF. Berenguer is actually a decent AF option in this game. Villalibre is disappointing once again. An interesting season for transfers. Nothing really happened in Summer 2023 - Iker Munoz came in from Osasuna, whilst we moved some fringe players on like Nolaskoian, Guruzeta, Prados and Dani Garcia. In January 2024, we picked up a transfer-listed Aihen Munoz, and a couple of low value signings - Artiz Aldasoro from Santander and Unai Bilbao returned from Mexico for CB depth. Yuri, Oscar De Marcos, Aitor Paredes, Ander Herrera, Raul Garcia, and Inigo Ruiz de la Galareta moved on, most of them to the Saudi league. These two windows allowed us to do a lot of our squad transitioning early, with overpaid veterans being phased out and some of the younger players (Aimar Vicandi, Marvin de Lima, Hugo Rincon, Peio Canales, and Gaizka Alboniga-Menor) got minutes under their belt. Julen Jon Guerreo and a series of promising youngsters from other Basque clubs will join in the close season to improve the B, C and u19 squads. Second season budgets aren't too promising, so we might only be able to pick up one of our main targets - Guillamon or Djalo - unless anyone moves on (Man City are sniffing around Inaki Williams and I wouldn't reject an outlandish bid). EDIT: Gorosabel was probably the bigger priority as I'm weaker at RB than CB/CM/AML/AMR so he took up the majority of my transfer budget. I'm way under the wage limit, so that gives some room for manoeuvre. My other fight this Summer is to remove Muniain as captain. Every year he is terrible at addressing player unhappiness and is rather whiny himself. The club staff will be overhauled too. Next season will hopefully be one of consolidation, with a top four place the plan.
  18. I wonder whether the Saudi clubs will be throwing money around like confetti ten years into the game? Is anyone convinced that this league will be running that way past the next few years?
  19. He definitely does. He's available for around the 15m mark, so it's a bit of a squeeze first season if you prioritise other players/positions.
  20. If you fire up the French leagues, there is a winger with Portuguese and Basque second nationality named Marvin de Lima. Starts with 1.5* ability but with 4* potential. Only likely to cost in the region of 1m. Bordeaux also have a RB from Bayonne, Johaneko Louis-Jean in the process of moving to Lugo. He's 19, can play RB and LB, and may have potential.
  21. Also, definitely lock in Nico's release clause for way higher than the 92m I did, because Chelsea activated it (and you can't really replace him because Aimar, who does have a bump, would cost around the same by the end of the first season). Good job this is just a test save
  22. Thanks for creating the thread @bowieinspace and looking forward to some good discussions this year! With the potential signings, a few other players I'd flag: David Garcia (DC), the Osasuna CB has been recently capped by Spain, but at 29 and a valuation of around £20m, you'll probably find that Guillamon represents better value if you're in the market for that position. Rodrigo Esteban (DC), a young CB in the Logrones B team who would do a good job for your own B team, and could act as an emergency backup in the first team too. Will be cheap and wages are manageable. Driven personality too, so that would help your young players. Jon Pacheco (DC), the Spanish under-21 defender will become surplus to requirements at Real Sociedad by the end of the first season, so would be an inexpensive fourth CB who can also play LB. Iker Munoz (DM/CM), the Osasuna midfield has been capped at under-21 level, and would be cheaper (and younger) than Moncayola. Pablo Ibanez (DC/DM/MC), the Osasuna midfielder is just as comfortable in the back four, and would offer inexpensive depth for the first team squad. Jon Guridi (DM/MC/AMC), the former Real Sociedad midfielder is now at Alaves, but at 29, he might only be a short-term option if you have gaps in central midfield after the first season. Aritz Aldasoro (DM/MC/AMC), a young midfielder at Real Racing Club (Santander) in the Segunda Division, who might be a technically average footballer but his mental and physical stats are good. Resolute personality too. Maybe an option for your B team? Unai Lopez (DM/MC/AMC) and Inigo Vicente (ML, AMLC, ST) might be two former Athletic Club players that you consider re-signing for squad depth. Dani Rodriguez (MC/AMRLC), the Barcelona youngster who was born in San Sebastian is again a player with huge potential and versatility. Should be available for a couple of million, and is likely to generate interest from big European clubs, so go early.
  23. I assume Pafundi at Udinese is a world class player in the making.
  24. I'm just using the early access period to try a few things out and will start my real save after the official release date to take advantage of any editing. First signs are that Paredes has improved a bit but nothing to suggest he will be around beyond the first season as you'll probably find a better option. Otherwise, the players are kind of at the same level as they were in FM 23.
  25. Fwiw Gift and Djalo are Basque in FM24 but Mutilva isn't despite being born in Pamplona.
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