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Hi guys, is there any chance that if i don't want to join your (running) game that you know of someone that is starting a similar game to the one you guys play?

Best bet would be the online Clan looking for players thread

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Who says he aint already? ;)

We all know what kind of "payment" Kim likes to recieve!


Thursday (tonight) 7.00pm (ish) - Play-offs - Belly and Stu to finish off the play-offs and the game will stop after the final (or maybe a few days after).

Friday 8:00pm - Transfer window - we'll try and get half of the window done in this friday session so we can hit the season hard on Monday.

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Sheffield Wednesday – Season Review 2015/16

League Position: 15th / Expectation: 20th

FA Cup: 6th round / expectation: 4th

League Cup: 3rd round / expectation: 3rd

For once I'm going to keep this brief. I was up in the top half for most of the season. We did well with a young side and gained valuable experience and achieved our primary goal of remaining in the division. However, in the end we came up short after running out of gas. I need reinforcements and for next season I would like to push on and I believe that this team will get stronger and can achieve my ambitions.

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Kim - Newcastle

My season can be summed up by two words: Yannis Tafer

The season started like I normally do; lose one, win one, rinse and repeat. After 13 league games and 5 cup games, Tafer had scored a wopping 3 goals in all competitions, and the team as a whole was struggling to hit the back of the net. I took a good hard look at my tactics, the squad and decided it was time to change it up.

I didn't go overboard with tweaks, but changed the inside forwards to wingers, pushed my dmc up to mc and lowered the ball pressure somewhat here and there. Minor tweaks here and there yes, but what an insane turnaround!! 25 league games later, and Tafer had bagged an incredible 34 league goals in 33 games! Add in 13 assists and an average rating of 7.71 total for the league and you can imagine how on fire he was after those first 13 games.

With Tafers prolific form we shot up the table, and with 5 games to go we had an outside chance of making 4th place, but I missed the first game on monday, and Mike's assman beat mine 5-0 in what proved to be a critical 6 pointer game. We ended up in 6th place, only to miss out on EC because Jimmy couldn't beat Mike in the League Cup final :(

After the season was over, I looked around and saw alot of deadwood laying about in my club. It was time for a clearout and a renewal, so I shifted a rather good chunk around.

Transfers out:

Wilkinson, Andy - Charlton - £700K

Rogers, Neil - Charlton - £400K

Anderson, Paul - Free

Touré, Kolo - Free

Potenza, Alessandro - Middlesbrough - Free

Reynolds, Trevor - Chelsea - £2.4M

Total - £3.5M

Transfers in:

Tomecak, Ivan - HSV - Free

Bikey, André - Burnley - Free

Payne, Sam - Arsenal - £10M

Fellaini, Marouane - Everton - £11.5M

Slatni, Djamel - Stade Rennais FC - £5M

Total - £26.5M

We look promising I must say, but we still need a couple more players to push for the top 4. The aim this year is to push on and get European football next season, but the board is only expecting upper half, so I guess that ain't such a bad thing.

On another side, I'd like to welcome another two new managers in the Premier League, as both Oli and Stuart managed to get themselves to 2 straight promotions! Excellent both of them, and I hope they both stay up, but my God they got they're work cut out for themselves this season. Mike and Steve need to stop fumbling and get cracking, as they've not been at their best so far!

Will Nathan go through unbeaten this year, or will he get sacked after the first loss? Can Belly survive, or will he crumble under the pressure from both fans and board? Is Geir a nutter or a genius? Lots of questions this season, and it's looking like a cracking season with loads of players in the PL and L2, with Geir lurking alone down in Championship.


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Belly - Port Vale

Well after loaning in Moss from Derby we stormed up the league with all players coming to form. Holden was banging em in and we rose to 2nd. However as with everything our form ended and we nosedived into the playoff positions and was lucky to secure a 6th Place which is 1 better than my expectation.

We played Walsall in the Playoffs but unfortunetly as Stuart and Steve Saw we just didnt turn up and didnt even get to the play-off finals.

However on reflection it is again another improvement in terms to league position and we are finally of the bottom of the Hall of Fame. Having gone above Davie we now chase Joe with real purpose.

This Season the board choices were simple - Promotion or League Winners. I did get confused as there was no Avoid relegation option which is what ive been more used to in the past.

Also Media expectation has risen from 6th to 2nd. So the pressure is on. Unfortunetly Holden has now left Derby on a free and i cant afford his wages so i ve had to invest in a lad called Chris O'Grady.

I just Hope that he can fill Holdens Shoes and more.

Im not entirely confident of achieving my goals as League 2 now contains Davie with Carlisle, Joe with Watford, Jonny with Chesterfield and Will with Exeter and i think they will all have strong sides despite there board and media expectation.

Lets just Hope i can continue to improve.


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League Cup Video

Burnley Vs Southampton

Jimmy Vs Mike

I will attempt to do a video When a Human Manager Wins a Major Trophy such as League Cup, FA CUP, Champions League, Europa League.

I will also attempt this for a Premiership League win ONLY when the title is won on the Final day of the season by one human manager over another human manager.

I suggest you watch in 1080HD and full screen to get the best viewing.

As always feedback welcome.


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Lol - Dont forget the Clans Swedish Contingent,,

Damned Norweigians, they will all suffer the wrath of the mighty swede.

On another note Fred Norling has now taken over at Wigan after a succesful two season visit at Swindon (Promoted from League 1 and after that 8th in the Championship) It started with me being linked to the Boro job, a job I decided to go for, ironically the Wigan manager at the time was interested in the job to and snatched it from me leaving Wigan open for application and there never was any hesitation when I applied for the job.

Media expectation: 6th

Fa Cup: 4th round

League Cup: 3d round

Board expectation: Promotion

So, is promotion viable? Yes it is, the squad is not maybe as strong as my biggest contenders West Ham and Blackburn but I think we've a good balace in the team with a decent keeper, a good defence (for once), a very strong midfield. The only current problem is who will get the goals for me, I already have a decent striker in Sagbo but I want something even better, we've got some players we've taken a look at and it'll probably end in me spending my first money at Wigan for a player. I'm quite happy with the signings i've made for the other positions in the team, so when i've got my striker i'm set for the season.


The "signing" of the season is definitely Graham Laws who played as a centreback for Stu's Charlton last season and had an avg of 7.20 and also scored 11(!) goals on set pieces. So this time around I have both a quality defender but also someone that can really deliver goals when it comes to the offensive set pieces, something I REALLY lacked last season in Swindon. In fact I would go so far as to say that without Laws, Charlton wouldn't have been in Prem now. Even funnier is the fact that Charlton wanted him this season to but Laws decided that Wigan was the better place to go. Other good signings are Strasser (Who would hold his ground in Prem), Orlando (assist king last season), Regan (superwinger), Cale (starting left back), Toni Silva (28 goals as an inside forward in 2 seasons) and the very interesting Darren Evans from Rangers.

Another interesting fact....as you can see from the transfers i've done I've almost only loaned players, and I decided in my boredom to count how many players i've loaned and signed. So far i've signed 59 players, (which will soon be more..) and i've loaned 74 (!) players. My loaning spree will probably come to an end soon though as i'm pushing for Premier League and as we all know loans and Premier League don't really go together.

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The Squad:

GK: Gordon - 33 year old international. 4* keeper.

GK: Kelly - good young keeper, but will not be as good as Gordon.

GK: Coll - as for Kelly.

RB: Christensen - now 20 and needs to fulfill his early promise.

RB: Coleman - has had a season to settle and needs to show he's good enough for another contract.

LB: Spyrodopolous - greek international was disappointing last season and must improve.

LB: Robertinho - looks a world beater at 18.

CB: Hobbs - was disappointing last season but despite that will now assume the captaincy.

CB: Tomkins - big signing - will need to produce the goods to repay the outlay.

CB: Zayate - another big signing and much is expected.

CB: McCullough - anxious for his big chance, and not so young anymore.

CB: Pepe - young brazilian not yet ready for first team action.

DM: Campos - big things are expected from the young brazilian.

DM: Alonso - the club captain is likely to play a bit part this season.

DM: Benz - the DM position is his for Campos to claim.

CM: Delph - likely to leave due to an excessive wage (matches highest earner!).

CM: Barkley - was in good form at the end of the season and likely to start.

CM: Costa - the young portguese may be loaned out for experience, but he wants to fight for his place in the first team.

LW: Lestienne - the star of the side in recent seasons, but faces a fight to hold onto his jersey.

LW: Garcia - needs to improve to claim a starting role.

RW: Karlsson - young swede impressed last season and we hope he improves further.

RW: young Czech bought for a massive £12.5m and at 18 raw but brilliant.

CF: Carbonaro - big centre forward joins for £10m after impressing on loan, still only 19 years old.

CF: Chaba - south african will fight for his place.

CF: Oz (Flopper to his mates) - will need to show his form from the middle part of the season.

CF: (Razor) Ramon: still only 17 and needs a good run after his last season was wrecked by injury.

CF: Gharbi - young Tunisian is fast, and full of promise, likely to be loaned out.

CF: Lascaux - young frenchman, might need a few games at a lower level.


League: media - 17th, board - lower mid table.

FA Cup: 4th round

League Cup: 2nd round



Manager's Thoughts:

I'm gambling here with Sheff Weds finances, after spending 5 years more than balancing the books and keeping the club afloat, it is time to go for broke. If we don't take a few risks now then there is a good chance that we'll be left behind by our rivals, and the gap will be one that we cannot bridge. We need a bit of luck. This side will be mostly as it was last season, but with big changes in defence. Gordon will now be protected by Tomkins and Hobbs. ahead of them it is a very young team once again, and perhaps we will need the experience of someone like Delph in the middle. I am hoping for a top 7 finish and to qualify for the Euro Cup.

I have a problem in that in order to secure the services of Delph and Oz I had to offer a match highest earner clause and since Tomkins arrived on £62k per week, their salaries have rocketed. I think Oz can be a top class player and therefore, I do not begrudge giving him a decent wage, but Delph is on a far too bloated a wage and needs to be sold.


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League Cup Video

Burnley Vs Southampton

Jimmy Vs Mike

I will attempt to do a video When a Human Manager Wins a Major Trophy such as League Cup, FA CUP, Champions League, Europa League.

I will also attempt this for a Premiership League win ONLY when the title is won on the Final day of the season by one human manager over another human manager.

I suggest you watch in 1080HD and full screen to get the best viewing.

As always feedback welcome.


Cheers Speilberg.

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Dear readers, please feel free to contribute to our thread. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have on our game or about our sides. We had a few questions last season and all clan members were pleased that others have taken an interest in and read our thread. Thanks again for reading.

(Please do not post here asking to join the game or for help on setting up your own network game as that is not in accordance with the clan rules.)

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League Cup Video

Burnley Vs Southampton

Jimmy Vs Mike

I will attempt to do a video When a Human Manager Wins a Major Trophy such as League Cup, FA CUP, Champions League, Europa League.

I will also attempt this for a Premiership League win ONLY when the title is won on the Final day of the season by one human manager over another human manager.

I suggest you watch in 1080HD and full screen to get the best viewing.

As always feedback welcome.


Damnit Adrian! Sort your 'illegal' music out! All we get from that video over here is a a message from Sony Ent. saying your video has been blocked due to copyright :(

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Damnit Adrian! Sort your 'illegal' music out! All we get from that video over here is a a message from Sony Ent. saying your video has been blocked due to copyright :(

I'd rather I got silence than the rubbish he had going with it, it sounded more black eyed peas than Republica. Adrian has the worst taste in music.

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That's some mighty expensive pasta you bought yourself Steve! It better be good!

You'll find out how good my Pasta Carbonaro is soon enough, my big Norwegian friend, or you can just ask Man Utd after he netted a last minute winner against them in my last game.

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Wigan - Fred Norling

I found my striker..95k did he cost 11 games in the league and 12 goals later I declare Frazier Campbell as THE SIGNING. In those 11 games I've won 8 and drew 3, a bit dissapointing actually as i've been playing on another level then all the opponents so far. However it should be said that i've already played all my expected top contenders and just look at the results.

0-0 at home against Sheffield, a game where their keeper saved 11 (!!) shots at target. He later went on to win the player of the month award, wonder how often a keeper manages that in these games


A 3-1 win against Blackburn, one of the relegated from Prem, which was followed up by a win against another relegated from Prem Blackpool, I crushed Crystal palace away with 6-1 a game where Campbell found the goal 6 TIMES. Norwich was humiliated when I won 5-0 and in the last game of the session I won against High flying West Ham (the last of the relegated teams from Prem) with 2-1. Which places me as second in the league, unfortunately before the game against me West Ham had 9 wins in a row, and so they are still 1 point ahead of me with their 9 wins 1 draw and the loss against me.

I also had a short little neat adventure in LG cup where I first beat Crewe with 2-1 and then Colchester with 2-1, I used full reserve sides against those teams then I got Kims Newcastle in the LG CUP, I decided to only use 4 of my starting eleven from the league and 7 of the reserves. I did give Newcastle a challenge though and it was "only" 3-2 to Kims side after 45 minutes and I started second half excellently with two great chances for half time substitute Campbell, but alas he didn't score..and then my reserve right winger made a sloppy misstake lost the ball and a longball from kims player which found Tafer who outran Wilkinsson..and he scored 4-2, and only minutes later in his second very chance for that half he scored again, game over. This was a good experience for me as a manager though as I could see which players won't make it in the Prem. Wilkinsson my reserve CB, who is too slow for prem and my reserve rb Alvarez who is just too **** to put in words, heck the left winger could've walked down the left wing and made it past Alvarez.

A short analysis of my squad after 1/4 of the season.

GK: Kirkland - A very good keeper, top championship, and would most likely cut it in the prem. Did well against Kims Newcastle even though he conceded 5 goals.

GK: Zaluska - a decent keeper, brought in to have a cover if Kirkland gets injured.

RB: Baptiste - A very good right back, has poor stamina though for a rb and cannot play 90 minutes game after game, that's why he didn't show up against Newcastle, something that probably cost me a lot that game, in fact when it comes to Baptiste he's more of a centre back then a right back but the centre back position is more then covered so he takes the rb position for himself and have done it magnificently.

RB: Alvarez - Mr Crap, Mr ****, Mr catastrophe, even if someone would go up to Alvarez and say THE WORLD IS GOING UNDER it would probably result in no reaction. Talentless, Worthless, **** of ****. How many more words can I find to describe my feelings for him? Nah I'll leave it at that. He did horrific against Kim, and he's done horrific in the league when he's played. In fact at this moment i'd rather play a 33 year old Austrian who is not fully comfortable with the rb position then playing this disgrace of a footballer.

LB: Cale - A croatian that got brought in, holds a high class for Championship and would probably do an okay job in Premiership, not the fastest, and since he's old he will just detoriate more and more.

LB: some Austrian dude - good defender and reserve to Cale, can also play at the right back and is currently first choice reserve for that position too.

LB: Benito - a cheap full season loan, quite bad but fills up the squad.

CB: Laws - A loanie that takes a starting cb position, he's been nothing short of amazing and actually at this moment tops the average rating of all players in the league.

CB: Morrison - Creates with Laws one if not the best centre back pairings in the whole league.

CB: Wilkinsson - A good cb for Championship, but will have to go when (if) I get into the Premier League. Was one of the players that didn't impress against Kims Newcastle.

AMR: Orlando - Once again he shows that he's a very good right winger

AMR: Regan - Was intended as the first right winger, but got injured in the first league game and when he came back from the injury he didn't impress.

AML: Ntbozikanda - A good player, looks a lot like Toni Silva but is better at delivering crosses and passes which wins him the starting left wing position.

AML: Toni Silva - a player that was a big part of my team during the Swindon years but haven't really shown his usual self in the league games and has so lost the starting position to the now injury free Ntbozikanda, will still make many appearances as he is the one brought in every time I sub either the left winger or right winger.

CM: Strasser - What a signing he's been, definitely good enough for prem and got everything i'm looking for in a ballwinner, secure with the ball, good passing and most importantly a very good ballwinner.

CM: Watson - My old captain, experienced and good at taking set pieces, very allround.

CM: Wordsworth - The player having the playmaker role has done quite well so far. He's not shining but he is doing his job and I can't ask for more really.

CM: Evans - playmaker reserve, looked upon as the next "Scholes", very good at taking set pieces, can pass, have the creativity and also scored a wondergoal in the league cup against Colchester.

CM: Tráore - An old experienced cm that can step into every role in the centre midfield, although I personally think he's tackling might be a little low for the ballwinner role.

ST: Campbell - Didn't score in the first 3 league games to then score 6 goals in the fourth league game, some of you might call for more consistency considering this but one must not forget he's a new striker and every player needs some time before they set into the team, and in the last 7 league games he's scored 6 goals and this time they've been more spread out.

ST: Sagbo - When I got into the Wigan job I already knew that Sagbo was a decent striker but I might've underestimated him to be honest. He has scored 4 goals in the league in 1 start and 7 sub ins which is quite great. Also scored against Newcastle in the league cup. So things shouldn't be too demoralizing if Campbell gets injured.

ST: Gambino - A young italian striker, that has some potential, will never become a top prem striker but should be good enough to be decent for prem. Current third choice, and will struggle to get more games this season in the starting squad.

ST: Alcácer - He had already said no to me before for a season loan, but when he got offered out I went and offered him a 3month loan deal and that worked out, however I didn't count with getting in the young potential Gambino to the team at that time and so Alcácer finds himself playing in my reserve team and far from the starting squad. However 1 or 2 striker injuries and he's back in the game.

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Belly - Port Vale

We ve started well considering our media and board expectation. I was a bit worried about this season after losing holden and bringing in O'Grady to support the forwards but Bogle or as i like to call him "Bogie" has taken on responsibility and is banging them in left right and centre. His Goals have helped us up to automatic promotion place 3rd. If the others can chip in a bit more and get a little more consistency through out the team im sure we can go up.

It is still early though so i aint countiing my chickens.

Manager Overview

Nathan - Dominating with City, Great start to the clan

Steve - Exceeding with wednesday - Showing up the rest of the premiership boys bar nathan.

Kim - Progressing year on year, Once he gets CL he should be able to kick on.

Jim - Slow start to the season but i think he may need a bigger club to kick on.

Mike - Poor start for mike - He also may need a bigger club. FM10 achievments mean he has a tough time living up to the expectation on him.

Stu - Awsome - From League 2 to the premiership. Rumour has it that the previous managers foundations have helped play a part.

Oli - Tough start to prem life for Oli - Needs either new tac or new players or even maybe both. His rivalry with Stu has been highlight for me on this version.

Fred - Slowly progressing but should be able to challenge for prem status now with Wigan. I expect to see him in prem in the next 2 seasons.

Geir - Done well with scunthorpe getting to CCC only to crash and burn and now is with moneybags QPR in League 1. I think he will do well and could be in prem in 2-3 years by imo alot depends on his fm attendance. I recommended Tea and Coffee and naps in the daytime geir.

Joe - Now the ultimate clogger is managing the scumbag hornets. I am fast seeing Joe as my Rival and if i get a shot at the luton job things would be interesting. Joe has started well and is top of Lg2. can he stay there or will he crash and burn. Also alot depends on his attendance like Geir and i would recommend the same.

Paul - The Yeovil supporters club and with that i mean paul, is doing well this year. He bobbing around Automatic promotion and playoff places like myself. Well see if he can sustain it.

Belly (Me) - see my post above

Jonny - Started well with chesterfield - again is challenging up the top end of lg 2 for playoff or promotion spot.

Davie - Been missing in action this season although his Assman at Carlise is challenging alongside me, Paul and Joe.

Will - Not sure if he is with us or not. Made a good start to the season and could easily end up with playoff place.

Till Next Week


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Stuart – Charlton

Its been 2 weeks since my last post so we have alot to get through

When i last left you i was sitting 9th in the championship dreaming of having a crack at the playoffs, well that dream came true and to the shock of everybody, me included we found ourselfs sitting in 3rd place for much of the 2nd half of the season. After the jan window the team really pushed on, i won 6 games in a row but then came unstuck to a very strong leeds side who were hard to be at home. After losing there i went on another run and kept pace with leeds and brighton till the last 3 games of the season. Oli’s Brighton were the best team in the league and pushed on to win the league and rightly so with leeds in 2nd place and me finishing 3rd only 4 points off both of them, it was a hard pill to swallow as i knew i had to take my chance in the playoffs and form can go out the window in them games then throw in the fact it would be either Wigan Stoke of sheffeld United i would face, the 3 sides that came down from the premierleague only last season and i knew i was really up against it. When the draw was make we found ourselfs playing Stoke City with the first game being at there place. I had an idea what my set up would be and for the first time all season i set up my team to contain rather than leaving massive gaps because of my attacking play, Stoke had a far better team than me so if i could get away with a 1-0 or 2-1 defeat i knew i would have a great chance of beating them at home where we has been so strong all season. My plan worked that day and we lost 1-0 and i had a good feeling about the 2nd leg as we was unlucky to lose and only a late goal from there star striker gave them a small lead. The 2nd leg came and i knew with the same set up that had done we so well all season there was a chance of another trip to wembley. My team set about stoke for the full 90min and a stunning 4-0 win sent me and the lads to our 2nd playoff final in 2 years.

The week leading upto the playoff final felt like the longest since i have been a manager as all the talk was about 3 promotions in 4 season’s, i tryed hard not to think about this but i knew that if we could pull this off it would never be done again. By this time news had gone round the clan that fred was to leave swindon and take over as wigan boss at the end of the season. To hump more pressure onto the Final the team that i would be playing was wigan, and all i kept thinking was that this hard work to get to the premiership could be undone by wigan and fred walks into his new job as a premiership outfit. That night i called a meeting of staff and players to tell them the situation and the pi**take that was going on up at wigan, The players took it all in there stride like they did with everything the hole season, i knew then that Saturday would be a special day.

The day of the final came with hopes high and the dressing room charged with exceptation i layed out my plans to the team and gave my team talk and sent the players out on there way. As we walked out onto the pitch at wembey i saw alot of fellow clan members in the stands ready and waiting to watch the game, and even the cheeky fred was in the stands waiting to see if he would be a premiership manager next season ( What a liberity!!). I think my players also saw the soon to be wigan boss in the stands as they went at wigan like man men and after 20min we was 2-0 up and in dream land and by half time we was 3-0!! Up. My team talk was easy more of the same and we are in the big time. 2nd half started and i had not even made it back to my dugout when wigan pulled a goal back 3-1, and 15min later they made it 3-2 and i had that sinking feeling in the pit of my gut, i took off my young DM and brought on Michael Carrick who i got on a 6 month contract to in jan. i needed somebody to settle the team down and show a steady head when all round him people were losing theres, then we only 7min left Carrick picked out Oliech who ran in on goal and scored to send everybody at charlton mental, Fans ,players,Staff,Chairman, Tea lady, we all went stupid as we knew not only was we going up to the premiership we also knew that the club would now be able to pay off its debts that have hung over the club for far to long. WHAT A SEASON!!.


It was a busy summer in yet again for me and the chairman after all the money came in i had all of 4million to spend on players, not alot but i know how to weel and deal and pulled off some real bargins along the way.


Jonas Borring – Free From Rangers

Kevin long – Peterbrough 375k

Andy Wilkinson – Newcastle 700k

Christopher Drazan – Leeds 3m ( Over 48 Months )

Ashley Williams – Bristol City 400k

Neil Rogers - Newcastle 400k

Tomas Chmelicek – Southamton 2m ( 1.5m, 500k After 20 games )

David Stockdale – Fulham 575k

Stefano Pettinair – Free

Alexandros Tziolis – Free

Claus Munch – Free From Aab

Atienza Pichu – Free From Burnley

Vicktor Elm – Free GF 38

Angle Miguel Gonzalez – Sheffeld Wednesday 6m ( Over 24 Months )

Matt Derbyshire – Olympiakos 1m

Giacomo Beretta Huddersfield 1.6m

As you can see not much money has been spent up front this season but i did think that the business i done was good but i am still abit worryed about my lack of fire power up front but it was full steam ahead for the start of the season.


Media had has down to finish 20th and to get beat off all we played this season, we started off really Well and drew our first 5 games even holding steves Sheffeld Wednesday who are flying this season the only problem was the lack of goals and i can see that being a problem for most of the season. The highlight of the season so far has to be the 5-0 victory over My Rivals Brighton, since Oli took over at brighton we have been going toe to toe season after season. We have build up a respect for each other as managers and we are always looking to get one over each other be it in the transfer market or on the pitch and to batter his brighton 5-0 will give me the bragging rights for months to come.


Nathan – His City team are flying and will win things for years to come, he has spend alot of money in the summer but he has spent it all on class and players of a young age who will win him honours for years and years to come.

Steve – Like i said above his Wednesday team are flying this season, steve has shown again that with time he can get any team fighting for a champions league place. Sitting in 3rd place steve and the team he has got i think a top 4 finish is well in reach.

Kim – Gave my charlton team a right doing over this season, Kim is playing some real good football and the movement of his team will give managers alot of headakes for seasons to come, Add in the Tafer factor and kim will also be looking for a top 4 finish.

Mike – Im shocked to see mike so far down the table this season with his southamton side, mike has got alot of young players in his ranks and maybe that is one of the reasons for his poor start to the season. Mike always seems to turn things around and im sure he will do the same this season.

Jimmy New Liverpool boss – jimmy has just left burnley for liverpool. Burnley were 6th in the league and going well. Jimmy also has money to spend with his liverpool side and after looking at his team he will need every penny. Good luck

Oli – Oooooh dear, 20th in the premierleague beaten 5-0 by the special one and a wopping 42 goals scored against him this season already, and there has only been 14 game oli has it all to do. But i see oli jumping ship soon as he is lookin for a new club, it will be a shame to lose the charlton V Brighton Rivaly but i guess ill have to beat him when he gets his new club.

Fred – His wigan side was the banker of the season to go up and he is not lelling anybody down, sitting proud at the top of the league fred will be joinning us in the premierleague very soon. His has got a very good team and has added his own players to it that. I think fred will find it easyer than me and oli in the prem next season but will still need to work on a few area’s

Geir – Strange to see Geir leave scunthope so soon after taking them into the championship and has now found himself back in league 1 with QPR. Being a Fulham fan i cant wish Geir all the best even tho he is one of the good guys of the clan.

Joe – What's this joe top of the league with Watford can it be. After 3,4 nightmare seasons for joe it seems at last things are starting to come togetter for him. Watford are to big for league 2 but were in trouble when joe took them over. I see joe going up this season and maybe push on with watford in seasons to come.

Davie – Has not been about with carlisle but they sit 2nd in the league.

Belly – Port Vale were my tip to win league 2 this season and sitting 3rd in the league and only 6 points off top is a good start to the season. Belly has been in league 2 for way to long but i see this being the season he gets out of it.

Paul – after a shocker last season paul has got his act togetter and finds himself right it out with joe and belly. Paul’s Yeovil are only 2 points off 3rd place and is another manager looking to leave league 2.

Jonny – Has a good set up with chesterfield. A 10,000 all seater stadium and a youth acadamy in league 2 is something you dont see all the time. Jonny has started well and is also in the hunt to go up. Playoffs would be a good season for jonny as nobody really gave him a chance and with the media saying 18th at best and jonny siitting 5th you can see what a good start to the season the lad has had.

Will – Not sure if he will come back, if he does Exter are 7th

Thats you all updated with Charlton and my views on my fellow clan members.


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For my expectations, squad analysis, and transfer dealings please see my season preview above.

We are sat in third in the league as we approach the mid point of the season. It has been an excellent start for us. Last season I was teased by my fellow clan members for having delusions of grandeur after stating I expected to finish top 10 and to then aim for Europe and the Title within a few seasons. I got a few comments of “I told you so” after slipping back to a final 15th position in the league table, from the 12th position we held going into the final day. This led to guffaws from my fellow clan members when I told them I would be pushing on for Europe this season. So you’re trying to get into Europe are you? I was asked. I told them that this season, as I do every season, no matter who I manage, I would be playing to win, and that meant going for the title. The other clan members fell about laughing as one. They are not laughing now. We were the only ones keeping pace with Man City and it took them beating us to knock us out of our side and into third.

My argument is simple, I try to win every game I play, I set out therefore to win all 38 games. I aim for a perfect season. I do not settle for second best. I have not been satisfied with my self on FM11, only once have I delivered my met my expectations and this was when at the second time of asking, I delivered the League One Title. I was not happy to only finish in the playoffs in season one. I was not happy to lose to Jonny’s assistant in the playoff final. I was not happy to take three seasons to get out of the championship. I was not happy to do so finishing second. I am still not happy to be sat third in the current table. A winner is never satisfied with not winning, and rest assured, and ridicule me all you want, but I will win the League with this club before 2020.

I accept that we are currently overachieving, that Ross Barkley is a key figure for me but Nathan would release him on a free transfer, and therefore my squad is on current ability far inferior, but I know what they are capable of and how much they can improve and how much they all fit their various roles at the club.

I have an extremely young squad, average age of 22, the youngest in the League, but 9 of the current starting XI have at last two full seasons of experience in them and the team is built on an experienced defence of Gordon (33), Spyro (32), Hobbs (28), Zayate (31), Tomkins (27), Coleman (27) as well as the youngsters McCullough (22), Christensen (20) and Robertinho (18). That said Christensen has 3 seasons under his belt already, and Robertinho has been a revelation at left back.

In midfield, Karlsson has been immense and we have only slipped once we lost his pace from the right wing. Lestienne has been a big loss at left wing for virtually the whole season, but Garcia and Delph have deputised well. Barkley has driven things on from the middle and Camps and Benz have protected the back four well breaking things down in front of them. Up front we have been superb. Flopper wears his name as a mark of irony having banged in the goals this season, and Ramon is looking to be a real star, even at just 18 years of age. Gharbi has done well when injuries have forced the main two out of the team. However, following an early injury to Chaba it has been mostly Pasta (Carbonaro - £10m signing from forest) who has led the line and provided the foil for Flopper or Razor Ramon. Pasta has not scored many but his goals have been crucial winners and he has provided the support his more prolific partners to feed off.

We have lost just two games all season. A 4-0 humiliation at home by Nathan, a shock defeat at the then bottom placed club at White Hart Lane. We have beaten Man Utd and we have beaten Liverpool and we did so away from home in both games. We will take belief from those performances and show the rest of the league that this is no fluke and that last season we underachieved and we are in the top 4 to stay.

The big test for my players will be when the inevitable slump comes. How will they handle that, is my squad big enough to cope with injuries when injuries to three strikers saw me have to recall Gharbi from loan and throw him straight into the first team. Injuries to Lestienne and Karlsson saw me have to deploy Delph in an alien position on the left wing, Benz (my Fellaini) has even played upfront late on in games. There will be no strengthening in January though (unless we can land a couple of good loanees) as our finances are dire.

Let’s look at the those to ready to cast the first stone:

Nathan – too easily dismissed for having an easy job after spending over £500m, but let’s look at the facts, he’s yet to lose a league game and I think he’s won over 90% of all of his league games. You can’t argue with that.

Jim – the clan’s best manager and the AI knows it. He turned down a lucrative offer from Inter Milan and is now at the Red Sh***.

Kim – the big fella is starting to move up the table and I foresee a few battles between us for the CL places in coming seasons. We both have excellent young sides that only need nurturing.

Mike – finally, after over 25 seasons in the clan, Mike is having a bad season. Unfortunately, due to Mike’s stature he is not at risk of the sack and the pressure is therefore not as intense as it would otherwise be. I expect him to be above halfway come the end of the season and then pushing his young side into the European places once more in the future.

Stu – he should be at the foot of the table but he’s more than keeping his nose above the water. He’s in the running for manager of the year once more.

Oliver – we knew it would be difficult for Oliver this season, but how difficult I don’t think he was ready for. Oliver is an extremely experienced manager and he’s going to have to summon all of his talent and call on all of his experience to turn things around.

Fred – the Swede hit the ground running hard with Wigan and is cantering towards promotion. Nothing looks like it will knock the affable Swede out of his stride.

Geir – the going got tough at Scunthorpe and Geir like the great Norse Warrior that he is, got going. Going out of the exit door that is. To his credit, he has landed himself a decent job at QPR, albeit returning to the division from whence he came. They are a bigger club than Scunthorpe and he’s already got them firmly in the running for promotion to the Championship.

Joe – finally the Celt is showing his class. It seems FM11 starts with Watford for him. Now Joe just needs to keep this going and increase his devotion to the side, then I am sure he will climb the divisions quickly. Like Stu before him, Joe now has the club and more importantly the skills to make rapid progression.

Belly – it’s another finally. It’s taken him a long long long long long long time, but it appears Belly is finally(!) going in the right direction and may properly threaten promotion. It’ll be a long hard slog and Belly needs some overdue luck.

Jonnie – he’s doing well with Chesterfield and his gamble to leave Dag & Red appears to have paid off, only look where Dag & Red are in the table themselves! Jonny appears to have mastered getting out of this division.

Will – another of the LG2 promotion masters. Can he keep this form going and has he actually left the clan? Who knows?

Davie – has a gem of an ass man. Hopefully, Davie will return and take his team back down where they belong. The Cumbrians must be pessimistic about their promotion chances.

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While away a couple of weeks ago for periods of time for reasons beyond my control i left things in the hands of my "loyal" assistant at bradford, he fecked things up badly and then in the ultimate act of backstabbing once i was relieved of duties he took the job and took them up why the hell didn't he do that while i was his boss?!!!! So spent some time chilling doing some punditry work and waited for the cascade of offers that were sure to come my way after all i got bradford financially stable and took them to a playoff final and watford in their infinite wisdom took me on. First problem, finances in a bad bad way so priority one sort them out priority two get promoted in next 2 seasons.

Inexpicably i find myself top of the tree in league two and running away with it, though i am just waiting for the inevitable defensive **** ups to emerge once more.......they always do........

Joe- Watford

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Its all going well.........too well......... I find myself top by 5 points or so and a better goal difference ahead of jonny boys chesterfield and a few more points ahead of pauls yeovil. Most important fact is 10 points to 4th place, top performer this year so far mr will buckley my right winger he is made of awesome. My top scorer is akinde who jonny attests is brilliant and whom i attest is a sack of s**t missing chance after chance after chance including a one on one with an empty net. Still has 11 goals mind including against his old boss jonny.

Anyway a league 2 roundup

Jonny: looks solid for promotion alongside myself and i just can't shake him off

Paul: also looking very solid, good to see his improval after his disappointing performance last season

Will: Looking good for the playoffs from the unpredictable scot

Belly: was looking good for promotion or playoff but has fallent apart lately, sort it out man you can't stay in league 2 forever

and a big welcome back to league 2 to stu in charge of someone whom i can't remember, sorry stu

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Belly - Vale

Panicked bought some loans and therefore the team suffered and were outside of the promotion places. There are signs of improvement though and i hope to at least secure a playoff place.


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This might be too late to ask but can I join in anyhow? Feel free to pick a team for me. (As long as they arent in debts :p)

I was intent to write something mean and sarcastic about you having to learn how to read the forum rules, and that you by that comment just ruled yourself out for eternity, but I decided not to

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I was intent to write something mean and sarcastic about you having to learn how to read the forum rules, and that you by that comment just ruled yourself out for eternity, but I decided not to

Lol Kim - the temptation must of killed you..

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Big Phil - Southampton

We now have a make or break session tonight. With 5 games left in the Premiership season, European Qualification is a must, but there are 3 teams fighting it out. My Southampton, who after a really poor start have started to find some form at last, Kim's Newcastle, who without the prolific Yannis Tafer would be close to bein relegated and the new Liverpool manager Jimmy, who since taking over has steadily climbed the table. Kim and Jimmy both have some difficult games left, whereas its a very good possibility that we could win our remaining 5 games but we also have a Euro Cup Semi Final to be played aswell against Benfica, after we just sneaked through the last round with an 88th min goal from Kristian Petkovic against a very strong Napoli side.

If we do not qualify for european competition again next year, we are surely going to be left behind other teams and unfortunately with 3 out of the top 5 clubs now having a human manager it will harder than ever to crack the top 4 and gain a Champions League place.

Big update soon,

Wishing myself loads of luck (Kim and Jimmy no luck what-so-ever)

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Wigan - Fred

I'm quite proud of myself this season, I steered Wigan into a comfortable 1th position in the table until half the season had past and Jan window came. When half of Januari had past..the bad news came. ADMINISTRATION....ah the irony my team had gone undefeated through the league to face administration and a -10 Points withdrawal.

Needless to say I had to sell...a whole lot of players. 3 of my starting back line went, Baptiste the sturdy reliable right back, Cale the class left back and a CB that probably wouldn't dissapioint me in Prem even, Morrison. Starting Right/Left winger Ntbozikiza was also sold..Which meant that I had sold 4 of my starting players, I also tried to get rid of Bakaya Traore but to no avail. Of my reserves I sold the supersup striker Sagbo (for hardly any money), Clarkson and Gambino also left....there also were some others that i've now forgotten.

So..Why did I get into administration? Underestimation of the money going out from the club and Overrestamitation when it came to the income. First and foremost when I took over Wigan I realised that the club couldn't survive with the high wages at the time so I got rid of some players and cut the wages down with 90k..but alas that weren't enough, I forgot that around 150-300k was going to loan payment every month, a cost I didn't have in mind..and then we go to the overestimated income..ah little Wigan and their support, their lovely despicable support, League 1 sides like Coventry, QPR have more fans coming to their games, Yes I did know that Wigan dosn't have that much fans IRL, but dammit surely they can atleast get more than 10-12k for every home game..not even against Bolton, a considered rival, not even that game was sold out. Heck we've not had a single game were we sold out our stadium, and it's ****ing small!

If we go up..I expect more support, no I DEMAND more support, or otherwise you'll se me gone, gone gone gone with the wind. Maybe Tottenham...

Oh well..erm disregarding all that we started losing games after administration, I managed to get some quality loans in but sadly I can only use 5 in the squad...and I hate that restriction as I would need to use atleast 8-11 loans in the squad...But with some good squad management from my side i've finally gotten into a really good form even though I now have a **** defence, I first retook the second position that I had lost and then I made sure to keep a 4 point gap to the hunting bastards of Blackburn, Blackpool and Sheff Utd. And now it's only 3 games left. So even though I've lost countless quality players, even though i've lost 10 points due to administration, even though that ****** loan restriction exist i'm getting that Auto promotion spot, and I'm quite proud to say that it's all down to me.

Oh right, our striker Campbell has broken the goalrecord with 3 goals already..and there are 3 more games to go..who high will the new record stand? And not only that we beat the current goal record that Oli had after his season with Brighton last season, a record that was 101 goals...i'm already up to 103 with 3 games to go.

Steve you were wrong, i'm still getting that auto promotion spot.

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Another make or break tonight with my Chesterfield team, last night was a disastier losing and drawing games, with 3 games left i have to win all three and hope Belly wins and will loses. Otherwise it will look like play offs for me and I may cry.

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