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Premiership Glory 2011 Clan


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Étienne Fougére - Sheffield Wednesday

The last time you saw the table we were in 2nd position after 8 games. Shortly afterwards, we dropped as low as to be in 8th in the table. Thereafter, we fought our way back up the table and have been comfortable in 2nd for some time now. The gap to Huddersfield has been maintained at around 5 points, but as we’ve been able to keep pace with them, we slowly climbed the table and dumped those hanging onto our coat tails. Including a spell where we lost once in eighteen games, in all competitions, that being on penalties in the Lower League Cup against Jonnie.

We’ve seen the gap to the chasing pack be cut to just 3 points, and we have some tough games coming up. I know some have seen the table and think that sheff weds are going up, but whilst we sit comfortably in the table and have been playing well, we have some way to go and it’s going to be a battle to fend off some of the strong teams behind us and with a difficult run of games coming up where I have to play Kim, Mike and Oli, I expect to have a dip in form. How quickly we recover will be key to whether or not we go up.

We continue to employ my trusted 442 formation, and it’s working well. Player wise we’re pretty much sorted and these boys should carry me well to the end of the season. As for the January window, we have £0 in the kitty, therefore, I can confirm that we will not make any permanent transfers. However, when it comes time for Bakambu’s loan to finish then we will look to loan another player to keep ourselves with options upfront.

As for the other clowns:

Kim - doing well, I have to be nice as he’s reading this over my shoulder!

Mike - the chicken has packed in his efforts to play good football and instead gone back to his old 4123, proving the point that he is nothing more than a one trick pony. He’s picked up with a few good results but he’s very lucky not to have been sacked.

Jonnie - doing a little better, but he should really be in the playoffs with Peterbrough, but there is no doubt he is improving.

Belly - he’s not getting any better and the fact he still has his job points to the fact that there is something clearly wrong with the game.

Nath - is in charge of the club he supports, who should finish top 2, therefore, he’s doing as expected, but major kudos to him for keeping ahead of the greatest manager the game has ever known.

Jimbo - the aforementioned great one, with his great side, and superb abilities, then there can be no doubt that Jimbo is underperforming majorly.

Stuart - Stuart struggled on FM10 before improving dramatically towards the end. He’s carried his excellent form on into FM11 and for me there is no doubt that Stuart is the most improved manager on the clan.

Joe - the loveable Irishman is not really getting Sheff Utd into gear. Joe’s always done well on FM and rarely has a bad season, so no doubt he’ll be disappointed with how things are going at the moment.

Fred - Millwall dropped to 18th after my last glowing recommendation last time, however, he since battled back superbly and is just below Joe once more in 11th. I expect Fred to finish in mid-table and move slowly towards the playoffs over the coming seasons. It’ll be interesting to how Fred handles this club, he’s clearly one of the 3 best on the clan.

Davie - he struggled on FM09, he struggled on FM10, and he’s doing even worse on FM11. The fact he’s not been sacked yet only shows that there has been a problem with sackings on the game.

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Fred - Millwall

Since the FA cup is around the corner I decided to take a look at the 3rd round in which all championship and Premier league teams are entering and what we human managers got as opponents.

And here's the table.


Human managers in 3d Round of the Fa Cup (In the order of their positions)

Championship managers

Nathan Forest CH vs Plymouth L1 (Nathan gotta be screaming out of joy)

Jimmy Burnley CH vs MK Dons L1 (So the top two in championship is up against L1 opponents?!)

Will Cardiff CH vs Stevenage L2 (You gotta be ****ing kidding me?)

Stu Leeds CH vs Norwich CH (This is an opponent he'll beat, trust me)

Joe Sheff U CH vs Blackpool PL (Blackpool is in ***** form and are the easily worst team in the PL, expect Joe to manage)

Geir Leicester CH vs Grimsby Blue prem (At least something is going Geirs way)

Fred Millwall CH vs United PL (Okay, that confirms it. Everyone hates us)

Davie Scottish Junk CH vs Wigan PL (Will the scottish junk surprise us here?)

League 1 managers

Kim Huddersfield L1 vs Tottenham PL (life ain't fair)

Steve Sheff Wed L1 vs WBA PL (Steves beaten some prem sides in the league cup this year and I wouldn't be surprised if he managed the same thing in the FA Cup)

Mike Southampton (oh, misstake here. He already went out to Brentford in the first round)

Jonny Petersbrough L1 vs Swansea CH (Not impossible)

Belly Charlton L1 vs Accrington L2 (Maybe the Charlton fans can cheer up with a good cup run at least?)

And by the looks of it..the human managers in the top of Championship got the easiest opponents, Forest, Burnley, Cardiff, Leicester all got "easy" clubs to beat. A coincidence? I think not!!!!!! I got pretty much the worst possible opponent and Steve and Kim both got Premier league teams.


How much money did Mandaric blow to get an easy opponent like Grimsby?

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Latest Hall of Fame Standings:

Fred = 12 points

Stuart = 7 points

Kim = 7 points

Steve = 5 points

Jim = 3 points

Will = 2 points

Joe = 0 points

Nathan = 0 points

Jonnie = -1 point

Mike = -3 points

Geir = -4 points

Davie = -14 points

Belly = -19 points

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Latest Hall of Fame Standings:

Fred = 11 points

Stuart = 8 points

Will = 8 points

Kim = 7 points

Steve = 5 points

Jim = 3 points

Joe = 3 points

Jonnie = 2 point

Nathan = 1 points

Mike = -3 points

Geir = -3 points

Davie = -15 points

Belly = -17 points

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Latest Hall of Fame Standings:

Stuart = 9 points

Fred = 7 points

Kim = 7 points

Will = 5 points

Joe = 4 points

Steve = 3 points

Jim = 3 points

Jonnie = 2 point

Nathan = 1 points

Mike = 0 points

Geir = -3 points

Davie = -13 points

Belly = -22 points

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Belly - Now Stockport, Formerly Charlton

Well My sorry Story so far:

Started well with Demo with Charlton and SP after deciding on the default 4-5-1 after extensive tactic testing. However despite success on the demo we underperformed on the clan game with Charlton and more concerning we got the boot with Manu on SP due to lack of goals for a league challenging side so decided to ditch the tactic.

Then decided to change to my own adjustable 442 but it was too late for Charlton and i was the first manager to get that unwanted prize of the boot although i believe Davie should of gone long before i did.

I decided that for now on i would keep the 1 profile come hell or high water and went on holiday expecting to not get a job offer for Several Months. To my surprise it was only a week before The stockport Chairman was on the blower. Of course i accepted strait away but with Stockport 24th in League 2 it looks like its going to be mission impossible to save them after some low morale fueled performances despite having some good players in the Club.

If i manage to stay up great but if not i will no doubt again be looking for a new job that i am sure will come quick.

More importantly i will keep the 1 and only profile and use my own Created Tactic and training and i would urge fellow manages to follow suit if they have not done so already.

Looking forward to Monday ,,


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Fred - Millwall

****ing hell, I ****ed up and didn't notice that my rb was not registered in the registration GRR and to rub more mercury in the wound the rb has been leaking enormously and a big part of the goals we let in has come from attacks started on our right side dang.

****ing hell (2) How can I have so little points with such a "good" goal difference, bah i've even gotten myself into a regulation fight, so unnecessary.

****ing hell (3) Robinson was injured for 4 weeks and we pretty much lost every game he was gone, now he's back for the last games in the season, hopefully we'll take a 3d pointer early and avoid all the stress that comes with it.

****ing hell (4) How the heck did all those teams suddenly catch up with me? Just 3-4 games ago I was like 12 points away from the closest regulation spot and now i'm only 3 points away, what the hell?

Good times. We won against Manchester United in the Fa Cup with 2-0 :D but got Everton in the next round (3 Prem teams out of 4 cup rounds this season, It can't just be bad luck can it?), Everton fielded their A team and they had a 2-0 lead at halftime and things were looking grim but we made a performance in the second half that deserved a better destiny, seeing swedish aquintance Bamberg scoring one but to avail as our finishing wasn't good enough this day.

Oh well, should be pointed out that we've had some major issues with injuries and also having tough opponents in the league, the final games are all a tad easier than the ones before.

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Geir - Leicester

Season about to end any time now!

No promotion for us this time, better luck next year. maybe also with a new formation... its under consideration.

My new players have done well, regret only 1 signing but then hes still been needed!!

Hope my board dont go crazy and sack me, that would be sad.

I hope Leeds promote!!!

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Joe Sheffield United

Well got out of the slump i reported on last week and remain competitive in the league even if automatic promotion is beyond me. While on song my side is a force to be reckoned with it does remain highly inconsistent. The fa cup was a disaster with a 3-0 loss to the farmer manager holloway who parked the tractor and caught me on the break 3 times. But it allowed me to focus my efforts on the league where it looks like I will end up in the play offs and will be joined there by stuart which will make things interesting. However with my record in finals I wouldn't be betting on my chances of promotion........

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Kim - Huddersfield

Ahhhh, what a great week and a great season for the Terriers. Top of the table, coasting along on a 18 game unbeaten streak we look set for promotion. 15 points clear, with a game in hand and only 6 games to go for the others, we should clinch the promotion in the next game or two. I am so confident in my players I've even decided to take a short vacation, and let my assistant handle the last 7 games of the season. This truly has been too easy really, but we hope to power onto the Championship in the next season.

How about some competition next year lads? At least challenge me up until, say xmas??

Kim - currently on vacation in sunny Spain while the others look to finish the season!

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Will - Cardiff City

Whats the use :( things where going amazing we got to the semi of the league cup beat man city 3-2 in a close contested match and i the second leg got beat on the what was to be the last kick of the match then got to the 5th round of the fa cup to drew and get a replay with arsenal to b beat in pens :( and if that wasnt enough of the bad news the team decided to go out an loss or draw every game fo rthat session due to which p****d me off no end and thinking about resigning as their manager unless they change things around only time will tell as the season is now drawing to its close.

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Stuart - Leeds United

Sorry for the late post but its been a busy time the last week or so. Leeds are going very well and we find outselfs in a playoff place and with a strong chance or sending shock waves through the hole country by getting ourselfs back into the premiership when the press only had as finishing midtable at best, what ever happends from now to the end of the season its been a great campagne and i hope we can build on that going into next season no matter what what league we in.

As i reported above this post is late because ive been talkin to my scouts on the phone and face to face getting 100's of reports back from them on players and other coaches who im lookin to bring in this summer, For all my fans out there who follow my threads im happy to say that we have already SIGNED 4 new players and im can assure fans that we have only just started for the long summer ahead. There are 2,3 players on loan at leeds this season that i would love to sign and with a little help from my board i hope to make that happen.

More soon

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Phil McCracken - Southampton

Board Expectations

League One - 2nd ( Expected Winners)

FA Cup - 1st Round (4th Round)

League Cup - 2nd Round (3rd Round)

JPT - Semi Final (Didnt Care)

Transfers 2010/11

Transfers In

Carlos Merino - Free Transfer Quality player for free, good back up AMC

Eddie Johnson - Free - Austin Back up Striker

Toni Kallio - Free -Viking 1st team regular since he joined

Jennison Myrie-Williams - Free - St Johnstone Recommended by scouts, used sparingly but played well when needed

Victor Andres - 20k - Numancia Backup winger who assman didnt register for 2nd half of season

Arnar Forsund - 40k - Manglerud Star Replacement for Fonte, did ok when called upon

Transfers Out

Jose Fonte - Lazio - 1.2mil Needed the cash and I thought we could manage without him.

Lee Holmes - Swindon - Free Deadwieght, freed up some wages

Bartosz Bialkowski - Varese - Free Deadwieght, freed up some wages


My player of the season has to be Rickie Lambert, 22 goals 17 assists 36(5) apps 7.35 rating. Honourable mentions must go to Adam Lallana 6 gls 12ass 41(7) apps 7.10 rating and Alex Chamberlain 16 gls 13 ass34(4)apps 7.31 rating who controlled the wings with their prowess. Also Leroy Lita 13 goals in 16(16) apps and the heartbeat of my side Morgan Schneiderlin 38apps 7.11 avg rating.

Well what can I say...... At Xmas we were well off the pace found ourselves out of the playoff spots and my back was flat against the wall, with the board and fans calling for my resignation. But we turned it around, finished well and thanks to some stellar performances from most of our players we went into the final game of the season in 4th place, 2 points behind Peterborough and 1 point behind Steves Sheffield Wednesday. I knew that we would need a lot of luck to secure automatic promotion, needing both teams to drop teams against bad opposition it wasn't looking good. Steve drew 0-0 against relegated Exeter and then Peterborough failed to beat 16th placed Oldham so it was in our hands. All we had to do was beat 14th placed Rochdale, which we did, a comfortable 2-0 win which as it happens was enough to give us 2nd place, although only on goal difference (by the fact that we had scored more than Peterborugh!!!!! +34 for each of us)

So again Southampton are a Championship Club, roll on to budget day to see what pot of gold awaits....

A happy Saints manager

Other Managers

Nathan - Forest won the division at a canter. Congrats

Jimmy - Burnley Bottled the league after contending to win it and finish in 3rd place, losing in the Semi Final of the Playoffs to Stu's Leeds

Joe - Sheff Utd Playoffs was always the target, good season all around especially when he won the Playoff Final

Stu - Leeds Playoffs was a dream, unlucky to lose in the Playoff Final. awesome season

Geir - Leicester 8th place solid season

Will - Cardiff Early season pace setters dropped off badly after Xmas, need to do better next year

Fred - Millwall 15th place is a good season, considering they were tipped for relegation

Davie - Middlesborough 17th place was a very poor performance, very lucky not to get the sack

Kim - Huddersfield Totally ran away with the division. Well done

Steve - Sheff Weds Good season overall have to be happy with 4th place with their financial state, unlucky to lose in the playoff final

Belly - Charlton/Stockport A 1st season to forget after having 2 jobs and 2 relegations already. Where next for him?

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Hall of Fame Standings - End of Season 1:

Kim = 17 points

Nathan = 16 points

Joe = 15 points

Stu = 12 points

Fred = 9 points

Steve = 6 points

Mike = 6 points

Jim = 5 point

Jonnie = 2 points

Geir = -1 points

Will = -2 points

Davie = -10 points

Belly = -37 points

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Joe Sheffield United

Well I'll be my side did it, managed to meet my playoff dreams and narrowly missed out on automatic promotion (1 point the difference in the end), first I met derby and drew 2-2 in the 1st leg with cresswell and ward coming up with the goods goal wise. 2nd leg and i go down 1-0 to a penalty and its half time i send a rocket up their arses and they win 3-1 into the final and I face stu who on 2 previous occasions i couldnt beat (one of which was the infamous 5-5) and i'm missing 2 of my players to a bloody friendly international tournement one of which was star man ched evans who was called up to come on as a late sub for wales, and ward who played for northern ireland, needless to say i was not amused and may have went on a slight rant against calling them nothing nations and how i hoped scotland and the republic would massacre them. But irregardless of this set back i sent out my team and won 4-0 in a second half blitz where darrius henderson injured for the season came up with the goods with 2 goals and tamir cohen and nile ranger added their contributions. So sheffield united are premier league once more so premier league pansys watch your ankles the blades are going to kick them from under you!

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Fred Millwall

We survived

We made some misstakes

We could/should have had more points

We still did a good season.

Fans player of the year: Steve Morison

My player of the year: Fred Sears

Most important: Paul Robinson

Second most important: Danny Schofield

Most missed: Dunne

Worth a mention: James Henry

Sears was the best player in the whole Championship when it came to percentage of shots going in. He also managed to score 21 goals even though he had an injury for 3-4 (!!) months

Morison scored 17 as supportive targetman, which is great.

Regarding most missed Dunne, I managed to miss that he wasn't registered and lost out on him from February and forward which probably cost us a lot, I would say at least 10 points as our other right backs didn't perform at all. A misstake that I will not repeat next season!

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Will - unemployed

hmmmmmmmmm i was fired yesterday after a bust up over funding and tactic/team decisions it was a fairly heated argument with a few punchs and kicks in all directions and a volley of words at each other and on the way out being a true drumchapel boy i slashed his tyres / smashed his windows and scratched his car. punk messing with me how dare he after giving them there best cup run punk ass :p

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Sheffield Wednesday

It was a largely disappointing season for the Owls, despite finishing more or less where we were expected too, coming one point off automatic promotion and losing the playoff final in extra time.

We did well in the cups beating Premiership opposition en route to the third round of the League Cup. We lost in the third round of the FA Cup, after failing to beat West Brom. In the JPT, we lost in the northern semi final to jonnie's Peterborough.

The board are satisfied with me, but disappointed that we did not go up. My saving graces were the cup performances, the squad harmony and the financial state.

We made a decent start to the league campaign and kept up with the early pace before slipping back. We fought our way back to the automatic promotion places. We couldn't quite catch Kim's mighty Huddersfield and we hit a tough run of games which saw a down turn in form, meanwhile, Jonnie's Peterborough won 12 on a row to surpass us, then we dropped to 5th although just a few points off second. We fought hard winning 6 of the last 8 running into the final day. This left us needing to beat Exeter away, and relying on Peterbrough not winning. Peterborough did what we wanted, and after a nightmare start we fought back to 1-1 and we bombarded the Exeter goal in vain trying to score the goal we needed to secure promotion. After Peterbrough lost and we drew, Mike's Saints stole through to clinch an unlikely second and promotion.

We recovered from final day promotion heartbreak to easily beat MK Dons 4-1 over two legs. We then faced Peterborough in the playoff final. The game went to extra time and we faced more heartbreak losing to a late goal.


League - 4th (expected 3rd and promoted)

FA Cup - 3rd round (as expected)

League Cup - 3rd round (expected 2nd)

JPT - northern Semi final (no expectations)

Squad wise, we got the best out of the squad, except for upfront, where some of our bigger names (Tudgay and Morrison) failed to deliver, we were solid. I believe the standout player was Mendy, but Duffy was the fans POTY.

Observations on the other clowns:

Nathan - excellent, as expected

Jim - clans best manager choked big time, it won't happen again.

Joe - sneaked under the radar and achieved promotion against all the odds.

Stuart - great season, has laid some solid foundations for coming seasons.

Geir - spent loads, delivered little. Lucky to have a job.

Will - superb in the cups, poor in the league. Capped a crazy season by get sacked by applying for a job he never had a chance of getting. Enjoy League 2.

Fred - couldn't maintain his excellent start where he threatened to challenge for a playoff place. Instead he achieved safety, no mean feat with the delegation favorites.

Davie - how did he keep his job? Terrible season. Must do better, and quickly.

Kim - excellent, barely put a foot wrong, 107 points shows how good he was.

Mike - lucky to keep his job in a poor start to the season. However, he battled back well and deserves the plaudits for his promotion.

Jonnie - solid first season before having to leave for a bit, whereupon his ass man took his team to promotion.

Belly - disastrous season. Charlton really was every bit as tough as we all predicted and belly is now a L2 manager. Goodluck down there.

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Smedegård in gay orgy tryst

Huddersfield Town FC were rocked by scandal last night. The terriers contraversial but brilliant Norwegian manager, is alleged to be at the centre of a massive sex scandal, just a year after it emerged the former Hull sumpremo had been involved in an incident involving a donkey. Those allegations were never denied and were followed by a sabatical from football for Smedegård until his return to football as a league one manager last July.

The gory details of the latest escapade have started to emerge. Smedegård was seen last weekend in the notorious Canal Street area of Manchester where he was photographed leaving the Britannia Hotel in the early hours of the morning in the company of two burly transvestites. This comes on the back of a highly unusual early holiday by Smedegård prior to the end of the Terriers season, and astoundingly, even prior to promotion to the Championship being secured.

A source close to Mr. Smedegård has disclosed that Mr Smedegård was involved in an entirely consensual incident. The source denied that Smedegård was wearing a reported polar bear costume whilst whipping the three burly men he is alleged to have met in one of the nearby bars. The source did not deny the use of whips and other S&M to inflict violence upon the men dressed as Nazis for Smedegård's own sexual gratification.

Allegations that the hotel suite was wrecked and that excessive use of lubricants had destroyed the hotel carpet and furniture were partly confirmed by a hotel maid. The maid also confirmed that it took three staff some eighteen hours to restore the room to proper use, though she would not comment any further. *A receipt for a condom machine in the hotel shows that 4,000 condoms were used in only 7 days, by all hotel residents and staff.

The hotel was inundated with complaints from residents. One resident, a Davie Mills cornifmed that neither he nor his boyfriend William Donald, could sleep due to the noise of excessive sexual activity coming from the suite next door. Mr Mills was on holiday from Scotland and felt that his Manchester trip has been ruined by the Incident.

So far the Terriers have declined to comment.

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Phil McCracken - Southampton

Season 2 2011/2012 - Summer Transfer Window

Board Expectations

League - Middle table (Media Prediction 16th!!!!) LOL I didnt even win the League 1, yet im supposed to stay up easily.

League Cup - 3rd Round

FA Cup - 4th Round


Season Budget 20k!!!!!! (seriously WTF!!!!)

Wage Budget 190k per week


Tomasz Zahorski - Gornik Zabrse - 300k Polish ST, should be a solid backup.

Kirk Broadfoot - Rangers - 240k Transfer listed, should provide able cover at CB.

Sofiane Hanni - FC Nantes - Loan ST will be a bit part but has cost me nothing.

Jorn Vermuelen - Clubb Brugge - Free Can play any position down the right side. Utility man.

Valery Mezague - Vannes OC - Free Cameroonian International. Solid DM/MC.

Nathan Baker - Aston Villa - Free Exciting youngster, could go far.

Michael Jansen - FC Groningen - Free Solid DLC. Denmark International.

Julian Jenner - Vitesse - Free AMR 1st choice :)

Jonathan Walters - Stoke - Loan Solid ST, again no fee or wages.

Stephen Darby - Liverpool - Loan Youngster with a solid future

Jay Bothroyd - Stoke - 1.4mil Transfer listed, has a pretty good record in the Championship.

Michael Owen - Man Utd - Free Wow!!! Cant beleive he joined me. If he stays injury free he is sure to get goals.

Adriano Basso - Millwall - Loan No money left so Fred helped me out as I only had 1 GK. Thanks man.

Total Spent 1.9mil


Danny Butterfield - Sheff Weds - Free 6k a week for back up, No thanks.

Eddie Johnson - Crystal Palace - 70k Only a bitpart player since joining in January, 70k profit tho.

Alex Chamberlain - Chelsea - 1.6mil Board accepted over my head :(. Going to be a miss.

Dean Hammond - Ipswich - 200k ASSman didnt register Club Captain for the 2nd half of season, subsequently he was unhappy/transfer listed:(.

Kelvin Davies - Cardiff - 50k Played 1 game last year. Happy to get anything for him. Saved 7k a week on wages.

Victor Andres - Grosseto - 20k ASSman didnt regsiter him for 2nd half of season :@.

Rickie Lambert - Blackburn - 1.6mil Dropped 1 star upon promotion (3.5 to 2.5), offered his value, gladly accepted.

Carlos Merino - Mallorca - 325k Change of formation means no AMC is needed. 325k profit

Arnar Forsund - Las Palmas - 40k Dropped 1 star upon promotion (2 to 1), offered his value, gladly accepted.

Total Out 3.9mil

£2 million profit


After 6 games in the CCC we sit 13th with a record of Won 2, Drawn 2, Lost 2. We stuffed Championship contenders Burnley 3-0, beat Johnnies relegation fav's Peterborough 2-1, drew 3-3 with Davie's McBoro, 1-1 with Stu's promotion fav's Leeds, then lost the 2 easiest games, in my opinion, 3-2 Hull (Stupid ASSman) and 2-0 to relegation battlers Doncaster.

We had to start the season without my 2 major signings as both Owen and Bothroyd have been out for 2 months each, both with broken ribs (coincidence???), hopefully when they return it should make life easier as im sure both wil get 12+ league goals this year. If Owen stays fit he could have a shot at 20+. Already out of the League Cup in the 2nd round, lost on pens to Newcastle after dominating for the 120mins before :(.

Things are looking good despite the departures of legend Rickie Lambert and wonderkid Alex Chamberlain, needed to bank the cash as I want to try and keep a positive balance through out this game If we can keep this form up we will should have no problems in staving off relegation.

Also our balance is looking very helathy as we are 10mil in the black (eos last year we were 4mil in the red!!!!) due to my wheeler dealings in the market. On a negative we are currently losing 325k a month, mainly down to a few of my deals being done over 48months.

To a long and successful season......(hopefully)

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Belly - Formerly Charlton & Stockport - Current Manager of York

After failing to secure League 2 football with Stockport and the Chairmans Desperate attempts to keep me at the club i felt it was only right to tender my resignation. My time at stockport was brief but the club and fans have left its mark on me and i will always be a fan. I just hope they can return to League Football at the 1st attempt.

After recharging the batteries over the summer we got a call from David Gill at Manchester United. Unfortunetly he wanted a chinese takeaway and had dialled the wrong number.

Not long after we got another call from the Chairmans Secretary at York.


Melissa Taylor introduced herself and gave me news of an opening at York.

She was all too pleased to deliver the contract herself which i duly signed. she informed me that as the Chairman was an offshore resident due to tax issues she would be my direct liaison with the board.

I immediatly put in an order for a larger Managers Desk in the office... Funny how it seems i didnt need the storage space after all.

After some late nights in the office the season at York has started poorly losing 5 in 5. I fear that my dream of playing a certain style might have to be revamped otherwise Melissa might start to get cross with me and should that happen im sure that i would be seeing more of her.

She would probably want to interogate me in my Office at my new Managers desk until the early hours.

Darn - we just Lost 6-0 to Steve in the JPT. There will be no rest for me tonight im sure.

From a very tired Belly at York - Till next week.

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Nathan – Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest the two time European champions are back in the in the big time.

Many will say as expected, and they are correct this club is too big for this league, which is why we won the league at a canter, of course no small part down to yours truly. But in truth the competition wasn’t what I expected; a few surprises here and there but the likes of QPR, Leicester and Cardiff never got out of reverse, and the less said about Middlesbrough the better. Portsmouth & Sheffield Utd applied small amounts of pressure, but without doubt the biggest shock of the 2010/2011 Championship season was probably the greatest manager to ever grace football manager 2011 finishing in 4th place. Currently there are enormous amounts of speculation, some querying will he recover? Others adamant it’s a very insignificant blip in Jimmy’s illustrious managerial career, one things for sure and I speak for the rest of the clan here, it’s a 100% nailed on certainty that Jimmy will not be in Championship next season, with the quality he’s shown it can’t be long before Manchester Utd think about Sir Alex’s future.

2010/2011 Npower Championship Champions Nottingham Forest - Season round up.

Team of the season


Gunter – Wilson – Goncalves – Bertrand

Anderson – Cohen – Ramsey – Bobson

Earnshaw – Blackstock

With special mentions to Morgan, Majewski, Kakuta, Cairney, Mcgoldrick & Garner. All adding their own little bit to end a brilliant season for reds. I couldn’t ask the squad to perform any better; I believe I brought the best out of just about everyone.

Fans/managers/pundits player of the season Robbie Earnshaw was instrumental racking up a staggering 32 league goals, 9 assists and 10 man of the match awards meaning he was crowned the Championships top scorer, and for myself I somehow managed to pick up the manager of the season award creating pandemonium since Jimmy was also competing for the same award.


Championship – 1st (expected promotion)

FA Cup – 4th round (expected 4th round)

League Cup – 2nd round (expected 3rd round)

Seasons transfers ins/outs


As you can see I managed to get a few loan signings in over January as I was determined to push on and keep the squad on its toes, and as you can see it worked. The two young Brazilians Zezinho & Patrick bought dribbling, flair and pace to team and were both effective in the last 20 minutes of games especially. And for Ramsey well he was superb and earned his place in the best eleven, pulling the strings from the centre of the park and scoring a few thunderbolts a great signing.

All in all a thoroughly great season for Nottingham Forest and hopes will be high going into the Premiership, I’ll have my work cut out to keep peoples feet on the ground and hammer home that the expectation is to survive relegation, which I believe we have a great chance of achieving.

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Nathan - Nottingham Forest

Season 2 - English Premier League (2011/2012)

I'll start with the boards’ expectations in competitions

Premiership - Avoid relegation

FA Cup - 5th Round

League Cup - 4th Round

I'm fairly confident I will beat the drop; I believe I’ve made quality additions to the squad and the only way is up. Regarding both of the cups as usual I’m not too fussed if i meet or don’t meet expectations. I'll be mixing my line-up for cup games giving the fringe players a chance to impress.

Finances & Transfers

Transfer Budget - 10.75M

Wage Budget - 155k/185k (Asked board for more, increased to 185k)

I'm currently sitting with 3.2M in the bank and no transfer budget remaining, while I’m spending 175k on wages.


The picture shows my transfers in and out for this season, all the players that left the club were surplus to requirements their contacts ran out or I either got their value for them. The players in however in my eyes all improve the current squad in some way. All of the players i signed are young and are on fairly low wages, nobody is above 18K p/week. I have bought Cahill & Sow both over 48 months all the over transfers are straight up fees.

Currently after 3 league games we sit in 7th place, after a draw away at Sunderland 2-2. (came from 2-0 down)Another draw at home to West Brom 1-1 and an away victory at fellow human manager Sheffield Utd means that I start the season well and unbeaten. I still remain slightly down beat that I didn't manager to beat West Brom at home after dominating the game, lets hope the 2 points dropped doesn't come back to haunt us. We've also played 1 league cup game; a 2nd round tie away at Swindon which I made 11 changes for and came away with a comfortable 2-0 victory to set-up a mouth watering 3rd round game at home to local rivals Derby, which will be a cracker!

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Stuart - Leeds United

It's been a busy summer at leeds with alot of playing coming into the club and also alot leaving out the same door with a prise signing of charlie adam being the stand out signing. The moves at the cliub were much needed as the 4-0 playoff defeat still leaves a bitter tast in my mouth so i really want to do somethink about it. As for on the pitch things are going ok, well they were going Very well up untill 2 games ago where we lost our last to games but with so many new players in then its going to take time for all the new guys to settle into my system.

The press have me finishing 4th this season and i find that abit harsh on the club, we had a great season last year and finished 6th and as we all know came unstuck in the final, now the media have us finishin 4th and even my board have started to jump on the bandwagon by wanting a playoff finish. I think it will be hard for us to finish in the playoffs this season but who knows, last seasion i said the same thing back then.

More soon

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Fred - Millwall

Media expectation League 20th: Board expectation avoid relegation

Fa Cup expectation 3rd Round

League Cup expectation 2d Round : Mission accomplished

Ah, where where should I start...Oh yes 4 wins 1 draw and 1 loss, gaze upon that. The team with the weakest wage budget is once against starting of the season well, but this time we are doing it in even better fashion.

We started with beating Coventry away with 3-1, this was a game I didn't really expect to win so it was a pleasant surprise, we took the lead through Millwall superstar Fred Sears we soon added to the score when their defender managed to kick it in his own net, they scored through the excellent Dyakov to clean the numbers up, but in the 89th minute we scored the deciding 3-1 goal through Paul Robinson on a corner. We had just beat a team that for a long time fought for a playoff position last year, we brought our enthusiasm to the next game where we smashed Southend...2-0. It might not sound like a smashing but, they didn't have one attempt at goal through the whole game and we managed to miss and miss but it was not an IF, it was a WHEN, and just 6 minutes into the second half we scored through Christensen and than the god himself Sears put the second in. This was in the league cup. We marched on in the league defeating Preston 3-1 after a magnific display of none other than Mr Sears, scoring the first and assisting the two other.

Now a game waited away against Norwich a game that was to become something from outer space. We started well and should have scored after two good chances in the first 10minutes..and than it came as a blow to my head, 1-0 Norwich after a through pass and a simple yet efficient finish from Holt damn, I knew it would be hard neutralizing him. Things turned even worse...Norwich gained more and more possession and then the second blow came, Norwich had a corner and the usual jersey pulling action were done as ALWAYS, but no..this ref decided to blow for some small jersey pulling and not only that he rewarded the poor victim my 1 striker Morison with an unjust red card. Mr.Fred Norling couldn't believe his eyes, THIS IS THE ****ING CHAMPIONSHIP NOT AMATEUR FOOTBALL, PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY he shouted at the ref, but to no avail, luckily Norling got off with a warning....but that disaster didn't come alone..Norwich scored another one to make the numbers 3-0 before half time and not only that the ugly bastards in the Norwich jerseys took Fred Sears out of the pitch with a bone breaking tackle. Fred Norling rushed into the dressing room, cursing and swearing and demanding a better performance from the team in the second half...-Yes, I know, We are only 10 men...and we got no striker in the pitch at the moment...I thought to myself...I need something crazy....it was then I saw it..on the other corner of the room..substitute striker Christensen..Yes I thought to myself, a Dane, a 192cm animal in disguise...-Christensen out with you! I only got a scary smile as an answer. We also put in the offensive winger Benachour...and we decided to overload. It didn't start as I wish..but a recaptured ball from Barron was soon delivered to Schofield and with a Xavi looking cross, Christensen found himself free with the keeper did no misstake 3-1. Just 8 minutes later Christensen found himself alone in lack of options he started drifting towards the left wing and put a hard cross into the penalty area when the defender least expecting it, a Great run from Benachour and 3-2.....6 minutes later Schofield picks the ball up, passes it to Kozak who with a one touch pass, sets Christensen free in between the two centre backs with the goalkeeper rushing out their was not much room put the ball into the net but a solid finish made it 3-3...Unbelievable..we had come back from 3 down in just 26 minutes with 10men and 1 striker. But it wasn't over yet...we decided to go back and defend the 1 point..but we recovered the ball from a failed attack from the Norwich team and a pass from Trotter left Schofield in the left side of the penalty area, he decides to go for it but the keeper boxes the ball straight back to Schofield who turns around still with a defender clinging onto his back and just passes into the box..and who shows up..Christensen and in a struggle for the ball he easily puts it into the net. 3-4!!!!!!!!!...and we hold on. The Impossible had been done.

After that we nicked 1-0 win against Barnsley a dissapointing yet close game against Birmingham loss with 2-5 in the league cup (I had 2-3 and missed open goal and a 1v1, they eventually scored on counters when I decieded to attack with everything) We drew against Bolton in a game with many chances but no composure was to be found and we finished the session in a disappointing 1-0 loss against QPR.

All 4 goals in the amazing comeback against Norwich. Hurray for Crazy Danes.


Other Managers

Geir - 2 Wins 3 draws 1 loss, Geirs Leicester is expected to get to playoffs or better, it's not a bad start but it's not one that makes your jaw drop with awe however he did finish last season very strongly and if he has that form into this season he should finish playoffs.

Kim - His team started well in championship, unfortunately he'll be away for a while, likely the rest of the season. How will his team cope under his ass manager?

Jonny - His Peterbrough ain't good enough for Championship to be honest. They lack depth and that little extra. It will be a long and hard fight for survival..a fight I reckon he won't win.

Stu - One of my favorites for promotion, managed to assemble a strong Leeds already in his first season and have been making some amazing signings for this season, with C.Adam being the (!) Not a fantastic start to season but not poor either, his depth in the squad will bring him onto the top before long.

Jimmy - His squad ain't a Championship squad...He's spent millions after millions but didn't manage to promote last season after losing the second position in the last game. He deserves to get sacked if he ain't getting Burnley promoted this season.

Mike - Signed a striker pair that could scare anyone in Owen/Boythroyd...two injuries on both made Mike pessimistic about his start in the Championship but he still managed to get 8 points 2 wins 2 draws 2 losses without his 2 main strikers..Surprise warning here?

Davie - Middlesbrough...will last season just be a bad memory? Or is this season just another disaster...Must provide results this season or surely he'll be sacked?

Nathan - Forest is off to a great start or so it looks in the Prem with 1 win and 2 draws in the first games. It should be noted that in his last post he didn't have the guts to name the one and only who made his Forest look like fools last season. Will survive in the Prem.

Joe - Boring and Reliable, that's Joe in my eyes but maybe just maybe has he changed for FM11 as we saw him promote in his first season with Sheff.Utd and making 3 points in his first 3 games in the prem. FM11 won't be title-less for Joe.

Will - Managed to get himself sacked from Cardiff after a very clumsy public job bid on relegating Stoke (YES, you read it right RELEGATING) the board couldn't accept this...and now we find Will in league 2 with Morecambe. From Semi Final in the league cup to the bottom half of league 2. Will has proven his reputation as a lunatic to be accurate.

Belly - Nothing is going Bellys way at the moment, Nothing. York has lost every game so far...he's done some decent signings though and has got a young squad for the future...if he can just survive this season and build this youth squad into something..than we might find him in LG1 or even better in some seasons.

Steve - a shock start for his Sheffield Wednesday that expects nothing but promotion. Must deliver soon or he might be sacked before we know it.

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Huddersfield Town AFC issues official statement

This morning the Huddersfield Town AFC board was assembled to discuss the latest allegations against our manager Mr.Smedegård. We as a club cannot take these kind of allegations easily as it is hindering the growth in renommé for the club. We have spoken to the different sources, and are looking into any evidence to find the truth. Huddersfield Town AFC cannot be linked with this kind of behaviour, and we have had lengthy talks with Mr.Smedegård, but we cannot go into details regarding the contents of these talks.

Since this has become a very public matter, the Huddersfield board would like to apologize to all the fans and people who have been offended or let down by these rumours and allegations, but we can assure you all that we will have the full and true story in the end.

The board decided, after talking to Mr.Smedegård and his solicitor, to suspend Mr.Smedegård until these matters have been resolved, leaving Mr.McDermott in charge for now. At the current moment we cannot say how long this suspension will last, but we can assure everyone involved with our beloved Huddersfield that the team will suffer because of this. We have full faith that Mr.McDermott can keep up the excellent work Mr.Smedegård has done so far, but both parties in this case think this is the best solution at the current time.

We will not answer any further questions, nor make any more statements regarding these allegations until the process of either clearing Mr.Smedegårds name, or in worst case the allegations are true and we have to part ways

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Season 2 - 2011/12

This summer I decided not to take any holidays, I did not believe that I deserved one after failing to achieve promotion. I told the fans that I would deliver a better team next season and would leave no stone unturned in my quest for promotion next season. The board told me that they were satisfied with how things went last season, losing to Southampton in the play-off final was no shame. However, after 12 months of bedding into the team the board really expected me to deliver promotion this season, automatic promotion, they even went as far as saying they now expected to win League One. The pressure was really on me.

I spent the first part of the summer drawing up list after list after list. First I looked at my side. I already knew that I had to rip it apart. First off, as I said many times last year, my side was just too old. Most of the starting xi were over 30. We kept Nicky Weaver in goal. The defence needed strengthening, particularly a replacement for unhappy Spurr, the ageing captain Purse and the loanee Duffy. We signed a new left back, kept Spurr, two new centre backs (including new skipper Clarke Carlisle) and then even resigned Duffy on loan for one more year. further back up was found for Elshott.

In midfield the side was ripped apart. Buckley stayed as a sub left winger. the rest of the midfield all left. Even the "too good for this league" Mendy, I pocketed £1m for him, and singed someone my scout told me was just as good for free, Mitchell Donald. I signed three top DM/MCs and two MCs including the highly rated Ross Barkley. On the wings I pulled off a major coup, Bebé arriving from Man Utd on loan for 12 months. Upfront, I sold everyone as I found this to be the weak part of my team last term. I brought in Bogdanovic and Eidur Gudjohnsen on free transfers, and even splashed out £40,000 on Gustavo Savioa. Finally, I convinced the board to spend £475,000 on Mayor, a record signing for me.

Despite my £515,000 spent in the summer, I managed to bring in £2,210,000, which more than balances my finances and puts the club on an even financial keel once more. We spent £6m last season with a much reduced wage bill, this season we have £5m in the bank and hope to get to the end of the season without any financial strife, but the wage bill will have to be trimmed come January.


Board Expectations:

League One - 1st

FA Cup - 3rd Rnd

LC - 2nd Round

JPT - do not care

We've already failed target number one, going out to Oldham in the first round of the League Cup.

The league table makes for dismal reading. We sit in trouble at the foot of the table, having barely scored a goal and yet to win a game. What's gone wrong? How has a team from 3rd last season started so badly, particularly with the players they signed in the summer. The only explanation I can proffer, and proffer it I shall, is that I effectively have a first team that includes only 2 players from last season, Beevers and Weaver, with another two Elshot and Spurr in reserve. We are in need of some serious team blending. However, should we fail to improve after a certain amount of time to effect team blending has elapsed, it can only pinpoint that there are more deep rooted problems. The most easily identifiable problem at the moment has to be the lack of goals. Which is extremely surprising as we have some real talent on the wings and upfront. Mayor in particular has upset the crowd with his lack of performance. The fact we played 20 fixtures in the pre-season does not seem to have had any effect on the team spirit and I can only keep my fingers crossed that results pick up fast and hard. i have decided to make a few tactical changes, effectively taking my better players and more attacking players off the leash of rigidity that anchored my side last season, as I hope a greater freedom will allow these so called better players to play their own game and move us to the position in the league that everyone expects us to occupy.

the new club anthem:

étienne fougeré - under-fire owls manager.

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Congratulations to Kim, he gets another 10 HoF points for that too, the latest standings are now:

Hall of Fame Standings - End of Season 1:

Kim = 27 points

Nathan = 16 points

Joe = 15 points

Stu = 12 points

Fred = 9 points

Steve = 6 points

Mike = 6 points

Jim = 5 point

Jonnie = 2 points

Geir = -1 points

Will = -2 points

Davie = -10 points

Belly = -37 points

Current Season Two points:

Fred = 17 points

Nathan = 11 points

Joe = 3 points

Mike = 3 points

Oli / Kim = n/a

Jonnie = -1

Will = -1

Belly = -2

Jim = -2

Davie = -3

Geir = -3

Stu = -3

Steve = -20

(So Kim, Nathan and Fred have 27, 27 and 26 cumulative points respectively)

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Will - hmmmm Morecome

Well what can I say about my current postion im siting 19th at the moment in L2 predictions are to finsh 18th. we have been put out the cups and its not looking to bright at the moment but hey when have i as a manager ever done things the easy way never. Signings were all freebies as yet again no funds lol so i recruited the help of ivan compo,francis jeffers and few other old timers and a few fresh blood in to the team to build for the future as of yet the the future looks bleak but with me at the helm you all know weird and wonderful things can happen

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Current Season Two Hall of Fame points:

Fred = 18 points

Nathan = 14 points

Davie = 9 points

Mike = 4 points

Belly = 1 point

Kim / Oli= -n/a

Joe = -1 point

Jonnie = -2 points

Steve = -2 points

Will = -4 points

Stu = -5 points

Geir= -11 points

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Sheff Weds

A superb session for me last night. I had been worrying about the session since last wednesday, as I knew that although there was only 4 games gone, my board are demanding and they want the League One trophy, nevermind promotion. I had a scheduling problem, as I have internationals and so my games get cancelled and then I'm left playing saturday, wednesday, saturday to catch up. By not playing my game in what is a tight middle section to the league I tend to slip back a good few places, and so here was the problem, my board would becoe increasingly impatient by my apparent failure to get on track to meet their expectations.

Fortunately, I hit the ground running winning three games on the bounce, I kept winning in bunches and finished the session with a night's record of played 11, won 8, drawn 2 and lost 1. My loss coming due to a bug, whereby you make a substitution and the game carries on until the ball goes out of play, however, a player gets injured during that period of play. Therefore, you must make a further substitution and as you have maxed out the substitutions by having three lined up, the game lets you undo them. So far so good. So you make another three changes to try to turn things around. Only when play restarts you have made no changes and are in fact down to ten men. Then you try again and again to make changes but the subs just do not happen. Aargh!

I'm looking forward to Tuesday session, I sit third and I really am in the box seat. I'd like to move into the top 2 by the end of tonights' session so that I can really ease any pressure on me (job-wise) and not have that distraction. Despite what the board think, automatic promotion is the aim and I could not careless whether or not I win League One as long as I make the Championship next season.

Steve - Sheff Weds (no longer under fire!)

Do not forget to check out our podcast, any feedback will be appreciated, tonight I hope to bring you a couple of games and really sample the banter that makes this clan so special. Thanks to all those who notified me that I had used the second interview with Fred and joe twice, I'm left redfaced there, but remember this is my first go at doing such a thing. Any suggestions for making the thing better are appreciated.


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Fred - Millwall

We are surprising everyone this season so far, currently positioned second 3 points ahead from 3d place and playoffs and many many points from the relegation battle that my board feared. So, why is Millwall so much better? The first explanation is that we've bought a keeper (for what money we could muster) that can save shots from distance, something our mediocre yet reliable former 1 keeper Foorde never managed. Second explanation would be that we've strengthen our left back and right back position with two signings Taylor and Parnaby. The third would be that our playmaker in the centre midfield has grown natural to his position and is finally as good as I expected him to be last season.

Current A team

S.Loach Keeper Reserve keeper Foorde

Craig/Taylor left back Reserve left back Barron


Shittu/Ward Reserve CB Andersen

Dunne/Parnaby right back Reserve right back Dikaba

Schofield Left winger Reserve left winger Grégoire/Tyson

Abdou Centre midfield Reserve Trotter

Kozak Centre midfield Reserve Mceachran

Henry/Benachour Right wingers Reserve right winger Batt/Redmond

Kim Christensen/Morison Target man Reserve Hubber

Sears Poacher Reserve Poacher Tyson

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Fred - Millwall

We got the weakest wage budget, we had to sell players to finance the buying of our new keeper, board expected relegation battle, media expected the same and a 20th position. Yet after 23 games, we're second in the league 6 points ahead of Bolton/Playoffs and 1 point behind Jimmy at Burnley and with the next session starting with some interesting games Jimmy against Bolton and me against a bottom side Preston. I could either overtake the 1th position or make a bigger difference down to the third unless I lose against Preston which tbh is against the odds.

Did you know?

That I gathered 54 points last season? As you might know there's 46 games in the championship...and we've gotten to 23 games...and now I've got 49 points (!!). After half this season we are in other words only 5 points from whole last season an amazing feat.

That Kim Christensen scored only 2 goals last season in around 15-20 games but now scored 11 total (9 in the league)

That we're one of the absolutely ugliest sides in the Championship with 39 yellow and 5 red cards. Of special note is my striker Morison who's managed to get himself 2 red cards. Extremely stupid red cards at that and the last red card gave him 4 matches suspensions. Anoter interesting note is that 4 of the red cards have been straight red cards.

That Fred Sears have gotten the Man of the match award the most times (6) so far of all players in the championship and he's also currently the clubs best scorer this season with 12 league goals and 1 cup goal. He can also brag about being the most accurate at getting shots at goal and also boasts an impressive Avg.rating. Now will he manage to score more for me this season than last season when he scored 21 goals in the league?

That we haven't lost a game so far against another Human manager this season. Should be noted that the only one I've lost points against so far is Jonnys Peterbrough who is a bottom side, sadly that game I had to play some second string.

View on my fellow contestants

Geir - Sacked from Leicester, got the job at Scunthorpe done well so far in the 3 games he's managed them but he's little adventure at Scunthorpe might be over before it's even started as he's been influenced by mad Will and been applying for jobs that he just can't get.

Kim - Suspended and the latest rumors place him in Brazil in Rio de Janiero. Probably taking his time to sexually harass young brasilian talents into going to England and Huddersfield.

Stu - Disaster? He's 14 points behind the top 2 now. One of the promotion favorites can't deliver..he can still turn it around though but he gotta do it fast cause I don't see his board having that much more patience. Should be noted that he's not that far behind the last playoff positions in term of points but Championship is even this season and many are fighting for the last playoff spots.

Davie - Middlesbrough is a surprise this year, so far contending for a playoff position and Quarter Finalist in the League cup. I have my doubs about him making it into the playoff in the end though.

Jim - He's pretty much been a train in the league except for a loss against me there dosn't seem to be anything really stopping him from going up, has had some problem with injuries and nationals but his big squad have been playing their part well. The first game of todays coming session will determine if he can sail calmly as Bolton is the only I see challenging me and Jimmy for the automatic promotion positions.

Mike - He's made some solid signings and he's been doing well, he's definitely in the race for playoffs but his team has to get a little bit more consistent in the second half of the season if they are to reach it in the end.

Jonny - If you consider that his squad is absolutely ***** for Championship yes than he's Ass.manager is doing a good job. They might survive but they also might not and sadly for Peterbrough the team above them that they need to get ahead of has one of the better strikers in the league (Doncasters Sharp).

Steve - Started as a disaster, seem to have turned it around now but gotta keep it going or he might very well lose his job.

Will - In a fight against Belly for regulation, the crazy scot will win it in the end I reckon.

Belly - What's happening at York, He started terrible but then suddenly it almost seemed like he was starting to turn it around but than he hit another losing streak again and is now bottom last again and finding himself in a battle against will for regulation, Oh boy.

In the next issue we'll take a look behind the curtains of Millwall.

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Well Fred, if you're going behind the curtains, I hope you remembered to tidy away the skeletons first.

Sheffield weds update

We sit in 3rd, level on points with second, two off top, but they all have a game in hand on us. Sounds ok so far. however this hides the fact that we had dropped back down to 5th after losing back to back games. We couldn't continue our championship winning form that had catapulted us up the table and after stalling somewhat, we're just glad we're not out of it. We enter the crucial part of the season now and we must keep pace with the top two, otherwise my surprisingly patient board may wake from their slumber.

I really need to find a top striker in jan and bring hom in on loan. It's obvious we lack goals and if I can add such a player i don't see why we can't run away with this league. without such a player we can only struggle as we have been doing.

Steve - Sheffield weds

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Stuart - leeds United

Last night was i ended up storming out of the ground after a truly shocking night of football. i started off so well with 2 wins from my 1st 2 games of the night with a massive 2-1 win away to bristol city and then a home win against hull city but after that things have gone down hill. i fell 2 goals behind to freds high flying millwall, it took a angry half time team talk to get them playing but by the it was to late and i lost to millwall 1-2 and that upset the hole club. Since then i have lost 5 on the bounce and scored all of 4 goals 2 of them in a 4-2 defeat to coventry so you can see the problems i am having.

It all came to ahead at the end of the last game of the night when we lost 1-0 to bolton a game where in the end i had 4 forwards on and 2 attackin midfielders and still unable to score. At full time i throw everythink i could lay my hands on around the dressing room ( and to tell you the truth my laptop almost went for test flight to) with the players standing in shock as so far they have never seen me lose the plot like i did, and after i gave each player a piece of my mind i storm out and leave before the podcast crew can even speak to me and ask me about todays games, the Fa would be sure to have fine me if i have been given a stage to tell them how i really feel about my side.

Tonights clan will make or break for me as leeds manager, i really want to make it as a manager with this club and i know i can turn things around but i know the board are not to happy with me as we find ourselfs in 13th place when we should be in a shout with a playoff place.

More soon

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Will - Morecome

After a disaster of a start to the first half of the season we found ourselfs an the bttom of the league withe belly at york 2 places and 5pts ahead but i revised the tactics a bit and shuffled things a round the out come was 2 wins and a drew with the first 3 games and saw me over take bellys york i think no realisic aim for end of season is a mid table finsh and at a push and i mean a massive push playoff places as a outside favorite

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