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Premiership Glory 2011 Clan


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Game Is due to start on Monday 8/11

That's right! The Premiership Glory 2010 Clan has now reached 21 seasons, and we are now eagerly awaiting FM11. Everyone from the 2010 game is going to join for the 2011 game, and we hope that all those who have followed us on FM10 will keep following us on FM11

This year we have decided with a couple of changes though. 5 of us are gonna start in League One, while the rest are starting in Championship. Also as a new addition to this years version, manager "lives" are now out. This means that a sacking is a sacking, and you will either have to apply for a new job, or retire and start at least 1 position below the manager with the lowest league position that is currently playing the clan game.

We have just picked teams tonight, and the teams will be as follow:


Joe - Sheffield United

Davie - Middlesbrough

Fred - Millwall

Geir - Leicester

Stuart - Leeds

Jim - Burnley

League One

Steve - Sheffield Wednesday

Belly - Charlton

Mike - Southampton

Kim - Huddersfield

Oli - Brighton

Jonny - Peterborough

Keep reading to follow our progress and please visit our website.


Feel free to say hello, ask questions, or comment on our game. Just remember to follow SI rules and not to post on here asking to join the game.

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Kim - Huddersfield

So here we are again. This time I'm starting out at the Terriers and we're hoping for a good start to the FM11 game.

Let's start out by looking at the expectations for this season.

Board league expectations: playoff

Media league expectation: 6th

FA cup: third round

League cup: second round

Johnstone's Paint Trophy: board does not regard this as important

So, the aim is to at least secure a top 6 spot and get ourselves into playoff. Like Steve says, I think this will be a real battle from the first whistle, with Mike as a clear favourite to win the league. I'd go so far as to say that if he doesn't win the league by at least 8 points, he should take his shame and be gone.

The finances

It's a long way from the £7m we started off with at Hull that's for sure. We have a balance of just over £2.1m and a transfer budget of about £400.000. I'm allowed to keep 60% of my transfer revenue to be made available for new signings. It's not much, so we're looking to battle it out with the other clansmen for the loanies out there I reckon. Other than loans, we will be looking to get in players that can strengthen the club right from the bat. There will be no youngster signings the first season I reckon, as the wage budget is already almost spent.

The team

We have a good mix here to be honest. One young up and coming goalie, and one experienced one in Alex Smithies. He will with out a doubt be the cornerstone in our back 5.

In defence we have a small problem, as we only have 2 proper fullbacks and will most certainly have to look for at least one or two. Preferably we will get in one on either side.

The midfield is where we shine if I must say. Joey Gudjonsson is 30 years old and looks to be the key element in our team. His attributes is quite good for league one, and we're hoping his performances will reflect that from the getgo. With 4 good wingers in Pilkington, Carey, Croft and Roberts we will without question be playing wingers this season.

Up top we have the promising Jordan Rhodes and Lee Novak, alongside experienced target man Alan Lee and on-loan Joe Garner. Hopefully these 4 can begin a fruitful companionship that will guide us to the expected league and cup positions.

So, we're all set now for november 5th, and it's looking like a real thriller from the first kick. Up the Terriers and bring it on lads!

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ok so I didn't win a trophy last time out but i'm of the opinion that trophies are for suckers who aren't confident in their ability (and no that isn't desperate excuse making).

So this time out I'm in charge of the mighty Blades Sheffield United with top training facilities and a good sized stadium (32k) the ingrediants are there to push on and do well but first a squad assessment


Good first choice goalkeeper in simmonsen which is assuring, those behind him can be described as meh but anyway. The defence is strong too marshalled by a player i've always liked Chris Morgan and a player i'm not so fond of Nyron Nosworthy but you take the hand thats dealt to you. Full backs are well covered so not worried about my defence


mixed bag here, there are some quality players but the midfield is lacking in certain areas, notably on the left wing and a bit short handed in the centre too, i have some good right wingers but 2 of them are injured for 3 months which sucks. Reinforcements needed here


I do like my forward line, Ched Evans is a good striker with potential to play at a higher level and his support in Bogdanovic and Richard Cresswell is good too, my 4th striker is good too but hes knackered for the season so that also sucks. Looking for one more striker.


Rather meh, not disastrous but promotion sooner rather than later is needed.

Media prediction 8th

board expectation top half

my aim for the season is to attempt to sneak into the playoffs and try my luck there but this is the championship so who knows whats going to happen

league cup expectations: 3rd round

a cup run would be nice but this aint the one i'd hope for one in, my schedule is full enough as it is

fa cup expectations 4th round

this is the cup run i'd hope for but obviously league is priority

questions for the start of the season

will mike be found out?

can steve turn around Sheffield Wednesday or has he been suckered in by the "big club" tag and bitten off more than he can chew?

can fred really play a defensive system?

how much more scottish can davie turn McBoro?

will I ever win a f***ing trophy?

Joe-Sheffield United

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I'm Sheff Weds. Statistically I was arguably the second most successful manager on the clan for FM10. I am pleased that the clan has decided to have a two tiered approach and that there is a few of us (who fancy themselves) starting in League One. Only 3 can go up and I am expecting a real battle royal. We have Sturgo in charge at St. Mary's, Smelly at Charlton, Kimberley at Huddersfield, Wally at Brighton and my good self at Hillsbrough.

We never really did a draw this time, everyone just kind of picked their team as they are all much of a muchness at this level. I have always had a soft spot for Wednesday and jumped at the chance to be them. Mike has a decent squad for this level and a modest transfer kitty, I expect big things from him and with the potential at Southampton and his success on FM10, I would not be surprised if he wins the Premier League within 5 years. Belly has a tough job at penniless but expectant Charlton, who demand an instant return to the Championship. Meanwhile, Huddersfield have a decent stadium and when he can be bothered, there's no better manager on FM than Kim. Oliver is going to have to adapt from spending billions at Man City to counting the pennies at Brighton, however, he should build a good young side and the cream always rises to the top.

I have a job on my hands at Sheff Weds. Again, we are recently relegated and expect an instant return, however, we do not have a transfer kitty to improve the squad in order to do so. The squad I have inherited could be good enough, providing I can bring in a few of the freebies and loans that as I have on the trial run on the demo. I am impressed with a few things on the demo and in particular found that once the team got used to my tactics and methods, and gelled as a unit, then they were an unstoppable force rising sharply into the automatic promotion places.

We have a good keeper, a strong defence. Central midfield is good. We have a decent striker in Clinton Morrison. I will concentrate my efforts on signing a couple of wingers, an extra midfielder, and a prolific striker. All on loan or free transfer. If we can secure such players, and adjust like we did on the demo to my tactics, then I am optimistic that we can at least secure a play-off spot and comepete for promotion.

Up the Wednesday - Étienne Fougére

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And so it begins, Fellow clan members talking the talk before a ball has been kicked, how they are going to do this and win that BAH!! to you all because it is ME AND THE MIGHTY LEEDS who will have the last laugh when FM11 gets under way. Gone are the days where leeds have money troubles and unlike some teams we have no loan's to pay off, we will sell over 15,000 season tickets this season and have gates over over 30,000, Leeds are the team that will send shock waves through the Name of Premiership Glory in 2011.

The expectations for this season

The Media Say 15th and i would agree in some part with that, the team has just come up from league 1 and is in need of some help ( thats where i come in ) with new players and some wise heads when it comes to my back room staff.

The board agree with the media and are only asking for a Mid table finish With the 4th Round of the Facup and 3rd round of the league cup thrown in for good messure.

The finances at the club are far better than they were a few years ago, there is no debt at the club and there is a small amont of money for me to buy some players, with the fan base i have at the club it wont be long before i will find myself in a strong position with funds but till then most of my deals with br loans. and some free signings.

The Team as i have said above need a little work on but there is a good group of players in place and who knows we might just suprise a few people and get a playoff place.

My fellow Clan members

Joe - Sheffield United- Never won a thing in Football Manager 10 and for me that is a shock as he is a better manager than that. He will hope for better things with sheff United

Davie - Middlesbrough - Davie has found it hard in fm10 and i dont see any reason why things wont be the same in fm11 i hope he proves me wrong.

Fred - Millwall - Fred is a good manager and will do some great stuff with millwall, but this season he is a rival so i will be lookin to clogg him at every chance

Geir - Leicester- Has a great chance to do somethink special at leicester but they is a high expection so pressure will be on from the off

Jim - Ipswich - Not sure what to make of ipswich they seem to have a good side but never seem to do much. And with a manager who likes a holiday or 2 i see a fun time ahead for all

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Belly - Charlton

Step 1 - Backroom Staff Hiring - Done

Step 2 - Team Settings - Done

Step 3 - Scouting Assignments - Done

Step 4 - Boardroom Requests - Done

Step 5 - Backroom Advice - Done

Step 6 - Match Preparation - Done

Step 7 - Tactics - Done

Step 8 - Squad - 1st team, Reserve team, youth team promotions - done

Step 9 - Squad - Contracts - Done

Step 10 - Squad Assessment - Done

Step 11 - Bid Made (yes just the 1 for now) not like those other so called managers.

Roll on Monday..

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Phil McCracken - Southampton


League - Winners !!!!! After looking at the squad and my transfer budget we are gonna need a whole lot of luck.

FA Cup - 4th Round!!!!!! Better hope for a few good draws then....

League Cup - 3rd Round!!!!!! Again better hope for a few good draws again....

Johnstones Paint Trophy - Dont care about it !!!! So the only trophy I have a realistic shot at the board dont care! LMFAO.


Goalkeepers -

Kelvin Davies - Altho a legend if i get a suitable offer (like his value) he will be sold.

Bartoz Bialowski - Lousy prob will be free transferred

Defence -

Danny Butterfield - Lousy RB maybe good enough for cover.

Jose Fonte - Quality DC (YEH!!!)

Radhi Jaidi - Ok DC but hes 34!!!! far too old for me.

Dan Harding - Lousy LB but hes young and may improve.

Aaron Martin - Apparently one of my kids to watch, I dont think so!

Ryan Dickson - Straight into the reserves..

Midfield -

Joseph Mills - another of my kids to watch LOL. Will go on loan...

Callum Mcnish - Disaster of a MC.

Oscar Gobern - Disaster of an MLC. Thank God hes injured for a cpl of months

Dean Hammond - Starting MC should be good enough for 1 season

Morgan Schneiderlin - Superstar in the making. Will be foundation of my team.

Adam Lallana - Decent winger, will struggle at Championship level tho.

Jason Puncheon - Ok winger.

Guly Do Prado - Best player in the squad, unfortunately I only have him on loan for 6months :(

Alex Chamberlain - Best Kiddies by far. Maybe can play in the Premiership.

Lee Holmes - Disaster of a player.

Strikers -

David Connolly - Bag of S**t wont play any minutes at all.

Rickie Lambert - Star striker. If he gets the chances should score enough this year.

Lee Barnard - 2nd choice striker only by default....

So with my 1 striker im probably looking at playing a 4231 but until the window is shut im not entirely sure.

My squad is shocking if im supposed to win the league. I can see myself struggling unless I am able to sign 6-7 1st team players.

Transfers 2010


Luke Moore - WBA -Loan

Richard Eckersley - Burnley - Loan

Gavin McCann - Free Transfer

Tomas Horava - Sigma Olomouc - 230k

Febian Brandy - Free Transfer

Ben Thatcher - Free Transfer

Ouasim Bouy - Ajax - Loan

John Guidetti - Man City - Loan

Jordan Spence - West Ham - Loan

Frank Fielding - Blackburn - 925k


Jason Pucheon - Derby - 210k

Joseph Mills - Loan

Well after a busy window I am now looking set. I am alot happier with my team and we have some strong kids in as cover if the 1st team get injured.

Thinks are looking alot brighter.

A shell-shocked Phil McCracken

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Fred - Millwall

I'm starting at the Den in the fm11 game. I expect us to punch above our weight.


Board league expectations: Mid table

Media league expectation: 23th

FA cup: third round

League cup: second round

Oh, so the media expects us to fall flat down to the league 1 again? Sorry but that ain't happening, my personal goal is to fight for playoffs, i've a feeling we might narrowly miss the playoffs and finish something around 7-10th but considering the strength of our offensive I would be happy with that.


We are one of the weakest if not the weakest sides in the championship when it comes to finances. Our balance is 1,3m and we can only buy for 600k. We also got a loan from the chairman at 5m, which we are paying 142k for every month and the loan will be finalised on July 2013. The good news is that we go + for every month (based on my demo run).

The Squad


We start off by looking at the back. Our keeper holds a good level for championship, the reserve keeper is awful though (I don't think he'd hold his ground for a league 1 side). Our strongest part of the team is the centrebacks with Robinson, Ward and Mkandawire, with Robinson as the standout (One of the best centrebacks in the whole championship). At the leftback we got Craig, Barron and Frampton (can also play as a cb), Craig and Barron holds a high standard. At the right back we got Dunne and Smith, this is one of the positions we need to strengthen as Smith is not very good, a harsh injury on Dunne could cost us much. At the DMC we got Abdou, quite good I would say, Trotter the MC will play at this position if Abdou is missing.


At the centre midfield we got Trotter and Laird, they hold their ground in the championship..but they are quite mediocre if you look at other teams, I would say that this is one of our weakest points in the team. Next is the left wing..tbh we got no winger at the left wing. So I've decided to things a little bit different playing Schoofield as a playmaker from the left wing.. he's going to be our key player this season. As a sub for the left wing playmaker role I got the old striker Harris. It's funny that we got no real wingers for the left side as we got several for the right wing. Counting Hackett, Henry and Grabban. And finally we got the striker position which is lacking, we got one that looks really good, Morison but the others such as Grimes (ugh so bad) and Marquis (too young) dosn't hold championship standard.

Oh, forgot to mention we also had two loans that hold no value in my eyes and will be sent home immediately when we start the game. One of the biggest reasons being their high wages. One of the players was Kevin Lisbie ironically from Jims side Ipswich.

So, after summarising what i've just wrote we can conclude that I'm in urgent need of more strikers. It would be good if we got another right back that is as good as Dunne or better, another DMC wouldn't hurt aswell although we could cope without an extra one and last and not least a better reserve keeper so we don't panic if Forde gets himself injured. We'll have to sign these players on loans or free transfers as we haven't got the money to do it.

While looking forward for the FM11 clan game, I've got some questions in mind.

Will Mike be as dominant?

How many clubs will Oli exploit financially?

Can Belly survive at Charlton?

Is Davie going to surprise us with Boro?

Is Geir going to cope with the high expectations of Leicester?

Will my games against Jim be as nerv wrenching and tight as in FM10?

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In line with previous suggestions I have ammended the Hall of Fame points system as follows:

Hall of Fame Points

50 points - Champions League Winners

40 points - Premier League Winners

25 points - Europa League Winners

25 points - FA Cup Winners

20 points - Champions League Runners-Up

15 points - League Cup Winners

15 points - Premier League Runners-Up

10 points - European Super Cup / World Club Champions

10 points - Europa League or FA Cup Runners-Up

5 points - Charity Shield Winners

5 points - League Cup Runners-Up

10 points - Manager Of The Year

10 points - Championship Champions

5 points - Promoted from Championship

5 points - League 1 or League 2 Champions

2 points - promoted from League 1 or League 2

1 point - play off finalist (any league)

1 points for reaching round 2 FA Cup League 2

1 points for reaching round 3 FA Cup - League 1

3 points for reaching round 3 FA Cup - League 2

1 point for reaching round 4 FA Cup - Championship

3 points for reaching round 4 FA Cup - League 1

5 points for reaching round 4 FA Cup - League 2

1 point for reaching round 5 FA Cup - Premiership

3 points for reaching round 5 FA Cup - Championship

5 points for reaching round 5 FA Cup - League 1

10 points for reaching round 5 FA Cup - League 2

3 points for reaching round 6 FA Cup - Premiership

5 points for reaching round 6 FA Cup - Championship

7 points for reaching round 6 FA Cup - League 1

10 points for reaching round 6 FA Cup - League 2

5 points for reaching Semi Final FA Cup - Premiership

7 points for reaching Semi Final FA Cup - Championship

10 points for reaching Semi Final FA Cup - League 1

25 points for reaching Semi Final FA Cup - League 2

5 points Runners-Up FA Cup - Premiership

10 Points Runners-Up FA Cup - Championship

25 Points Runners-Up FA Cup - League 1

50 Points Runners-Up FA Cup - League 2

25 points Winners FA Cup - Premiership

50 Points Winners FA Cup - Championship

100 points Winners FA Cup - League 1

200 points Winners FA Cup - League 2

1 point for reaching round 2 LC - League 1

3 points for reaching round 2 LC - League 2

1 point for reaching round 3 LC - Championship

3 points for reaching round 3 LC - League 1

5 points for reaching round 3 LC - League 2

1 point for reaching round 4 LC - Premiership

3 points for reaching round 4 LC - Championship

5 points for reaching round 4 LC - League 1

7 points for reaching round 4 LC - League 2

3 points for reaching Semi Final LC - Premiership

5 points for reaching Semi Final LC - Championship

7 points for reaching Semi Final LC - League 1

10 points for reaching Semi Final LC - League 2

5 points Runners-Up LC - Premiership

7 Points Runners-Up LC - Championship

10 Points Runners-Up LC - League 1

15 Points Runners-Up LC - League 2

15 points Winners LC - Premiership

25 Points Winners LC - Championship

50 points Winners LC - League 1

75 points Winners LC - League 2

5 points - Lower League Cup Winners

2 points - Lower League Cup Runners-Up

1 point - Lower League Cup Semi Finalists

Also 1 point for every league position better than media predicts

Less 1 point for every league position worse than media predicts

Lose 5 points on Sacking / Retirement

Lose 5 Points if a team you are OR were managing is relegated if you had managed the team that season

Lose 10 points if you go into administration (unless you took over a side that was listed as insecure or bankrupt) OR if a team goes into admin within 3 calendar years of you leaving

Other points suggestions will be considered


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Taking over middlesbrough and looking forward to monday will i be bringing in more scottish players YES i will being a scot myself i know there is plenty of talent in scotland (dont care what the others say :p) .For some strange reason the bookies have stopped taking money on me getting sacked before xmas.The board hope i can get into the playoff spots but am going for the title and i hope a good cup run

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Jonny Dean -Peterborough

Media Prediction 5th

My Hopes for the season

League- hope for a play-off finish as I feel top two maybe a little to high to expect for

League cup- not at all bothered about this compeititon

FA Cup- hope to get to at least third round and a big draw to help with the flow of money

Johnsone Paint- I am going all guns out to win this trophy because the club have not one this trophy before and going to wembley would be a great thing for the club.

After being excepted into the clan, I have decided that with my Peterborough team i am going to need patiance and keeping on to my best players (Boyd, Mackail Smith and Mclean)

After the team being relegated after a failed attempt in the Championship the team's morale looks very low and fragile and the only way to improve this would be to start winning games.

I am looking to bring in free's and loans i will release these names after we start playing because although I have been playing a couple of hours I can tell what these people are like!


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questions for the start of the season

will mike be found out? Found out about what?

can steve turn around Sheffield Wednesday or has he been suckered in by the "big club" tag and bitten off more than he can chew? Steve will do well but he likes to take his time..

can fred really play a defensive system? Yes

how much more scottish can davie turn McBoro? Yes, but he may not be there too long.

will I ever win a f***ing trophy? Definately not!!!

Joe-Sheffield United

All questions answered.....

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While looking forward for the FM11 clan game, I've got some questions in mind.

Will Mike be as dominant? Most definately as I am the best manager.

How many clubs will Oli exploit financially? Every single club that he is at.

Can Belly survive at Charlton? Not a chance.

Is Davie going to surprise us with Boro? Yes by getting them relegated in the 1st season. Altho that could be described as an expectation.

Is Geir going to cope with the high expectations of Leicester? Yes Geir loves to spend money and have loads of players.

Will my games against Jim be as nerv wrenching and tight as in FM10? No Jim will win them much more easily.

Questions answered....

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Nathan - Nottingham Forest

Having just joined the clan I'm looking forward to my first season in charge. With Forest's board wanting promotion & the media putting me as favourites the expectations are high, the squad is thin and with just 500k budget to achieve promotion finances are low.


Board league expectations: Promotion

Media prediction: 1st

FA cup: 4th Round

League cup: 3rd Round

Promotion is going to be tough to achieve with a number of the human teams looking strong and some of the managers supposedly having great track records. Although with a bit of extra quality on the wings and in defence and some more added depth I feel we will be able to mount a serious challenge.


Transfer budget: 500k

Wage budget: 110k

Transfer revenue made available: 70%

Loan to chairman: 13m / 110k per week

Due to our small transfer budget I’ll be looking to bring in a few loan signings and freebies and maybe spend my budget if I find a quality forward.

Squad Analysis


Camp is one of the best keepers in the championship, and will probably be okay in the prem. I’m also happy with Paul Smith as back-up who is an average championship keeper, I could probably do with signing a young GK prospect but money is tight!


In Chris Gunter & Ryan Bertrand Forest have 2 young international fullbacks who are both more than capable at performing well at this level. I’ll be looking to extend Bertrand’s loan deal from Chelsea to the end of season as it is only till Jan.

I have great depth in the centre back position with Wes Morgan, Kelvin Wilson, Luke Chambers and new signing Jose Goncalves. I’m happy the CB position and the defence overall, we are strong in this area and I don’t expect us to concede too many.


With Paul McKenna, Chris Cohen, Radoslaw Majewski, Lewis McGugan, and Guy Moussi the CM position is filled with depth and quality, but with the young and in-consistent McGugan & Majewski there could be a risk as they do go missing in games, which is something we can’t afford to happen in a very competitive Championship division. The leadership & experience Mckenna brings to this youthful side will be in-valuable and will benefit the team. While the sheer stamina and work rate Cohen brings to the team will also be another in-valuable asset.

In the wide positions we have Paul Anderson and Gael Kakuta, this is an area I’m looking to strength as soon as possible after selling McCleary for 375K we are short of depth and quality in this position, I’ll be looking to pick up a freebie or someone on the cheap.


With Dexter Blackstock, David McGoldrick, Rob Earnshaw, Nathan Tyson, Dele Adebola and Joe Garner we have six decent strikers. I’ll be looking to offload Dele Adebola and maybe loan out Joe Garner. Earnshaw & Blackstock will probably be my 1st and 2nd choices and I have faith in them scoring enough goals if they get good enough service

My expectations for the season is to challenge for the title, although I think it will be tough against the likes of Burnley & Cardiff who both have strong squads and I expect them to finish in the top 2. If I get lucky with injuries and in the big games I could well finish in the top 2, so fingers crossed.

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Étienne Fougére - Sheffield Wednesday


League - 3rd

FA Cup - 3rd Round

League Cup - 2nd Round

Johnstones Paint Trophy - Not bothered

Squad Analysis:

Goalkeepers -

Nicky Weaver - Prem Experience and a top keeper at Champ level never mind L1. He's got a few years left in him

Richard O'Donnell & Adam Jameson - much of a muchness and not good enough to cover any long term injury.

Defence -

Mark Beevers - Champ Quality with good potential

Lewis Buxton - Solid DRC who can do more than a job at L1

Tommy Spurr - quality left back for this level

Darren Purse - more than good enough and a leader to boot

Other than this base all other players are not up to scratch and we need reinforcements

Midfield -

Daniel Jones - utility player can do a job at left back or left wing. the real weak link in the side.

Chris Sedgwick - solid enough right winger

Tommy Miller, Darren Potter, Giles Coke & James O'Connor - all good solid top level centre mids for this level

Strikers -

Marcus Tudgay - a good Champ level striker who can also play RW

Clinton Morrison - a player with alot of Prem experience and has been sold for £6m in his time. Still not old at 31 and should tear this league apart.

Paul Heffernen - good back-up

Neil Mellor - a donkey of a kopite, you are the weakest link, goodbye (loanee returned to sender)

I'm going to play my favoured 442, simplicity is the key at this level. I clearly need reinforcements at the back, a good left winger, a right winger, maybe a top playmaker in the middle, and some backup upfront. I can't anything too lavish due to the financial stuation here, which leaves me with no budget, no cash for wages, and no substantial return on any players sold.

Transfers In

Shane Duffy (DC) - Everton - Loan (free)

Stephen Darby (RB) - Liverpool - Loan (free)

Bryan Hughes (MLRC) - free

Delron Buckley (LW) - free

W. Ngo Baheng (ST) - free

Kurst Elshot (RB) - free

Daniel Pacheco (ST) - Liverpool - Loan (free)

Corry Evans (MC) - Man Utd - Loan (free)

Rodrigue Dikaba (RB) - free


Gókhan Toré (LRW) - Chelsea - Loan (free)

Transfers Out

V. Oliver - free

Thomas Hall - free

Richie Hinds - Cardiff City - Loan (free)

Jon Otsembor - Peterbrough (free)


So far I've strengthened my team in every department and I'm happy with the players I've brought in, particularly Bernard Mendy at RW. I feel i should now achieve a playoff place, there should be strength in depth to support a financially vital cup run, and perhaps we could go up with a bit of luck.

Anyway, everyone looks in good shape, it should be a good battle, Mike, Kim and Jonnie look the ones to beat in L1. I can't comment on the Champ as I've focussed on getting my side sorted for L1 and barely glimpsed at my L1 rivals. The Champ is way beyond my tunnel vision. The pressure must really be on Mike as he's predicted top, he had a great track record in FM10 and everyone is expecting great things from him with a top club, a decent side, and infastructure to go all the way. Belly meanwhile looks set to face pressure of a different kind and must be the favourite to be sacked in L1. Oli is at a disadvantage having missed the first few sessions, but I'm sure he'll hit the ground running.


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The match of the day was undoubtedly a stunning ten goal thriller at Elland Road, between Stu's Leeds Utd and Joe's Sheff Utd. An unload of the highlights will follow shortly. I intend to make a regular feature for match of the day (or session to be more precise).

An interesting start made by Sheff Weds. We won our first game away at Walsall. See highlights above. Then we eased through in the league cup with 9 changes and some reserve players showed their promise. Thereafter, we won with a late winner, 2-1 against Rochdale, despite having 10 men. The man sent off was star player Bernard Mendy, and without him we struggled in our next game to get round the back of Carlisle. On the match stats we shaded a close game, the reality Is that this reflects a good start whereby we just couldn't put the ball into the net. They hit us twice on the break, our resolve crumbled, and we were thumped 4-0.

After being full of confidence early on, I now have some reservations after we were so easily beaten and our defence was readily exposed.

Sheff Weds

Med prediction = 3rd

L1 = 7th (-4)

LC = 2nd round (1)

(Potential HoF points = -3)

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Geir - Leicester

Looking forward to FM11.

The team i was given was decent, but far from good enough...

signings in:

- Espen Ruud £1,4m

- John Sutton £190k

- Yildiray Basturk Free

- Radek Sirl £575k

- Carlos Matheu £4,3m

- Luiz Alberto free

- Mauro Formica £5,25m

Board expects to win promotion - damn...

Media prediction: 3rd - damn...

Money given to spend: £ 8 mill. and they are well spent already!

Balance: good enough to handle my expencive transfers

Formation - testing stage.

Player instructions - testing stage.

I expect, as do a few others, to be sacked long before the end of this first season!

To take over a club with mediocre players and too high ambitions is not easy.

I doubt i will be able to live up to these demands!!

Signing off for this time

Geir - Leicester

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Belly - Charlton



First of all may i appologise for the poor screenshots above as i was not aware at the time that it did not show the teams at the bottom due to there being 24 teams instead of 20 however i believe that currently only effects 1 manager.(cough Davie cough)

Well at Charlton i had a meeting with my number 2 Tim Breaker. He told me that he had taken a close look at the squad and that we needed a left back. After days of searching we notiiced a lad playing for the Andoran National side. Luckily he was available on a free and we made the deal. Our second assessment of the squad showed that we had enough to meet our expectations so the buying came to an end.

Unfortunetly due to me being ill and falling asleep on the managers sofa i missed the first game so Tim Breaker took the side out in my absence. Although he came back with a respectable 1-1 draw away one of our talisman Mcormack in CM got himself sent off which led to a 3 match ban. Not good bearing in mind i had Mikes Southampton in the next match with there influx of of players matching in numbers to that of a rugby team.

Needless to say we played Mikes Southampton at home and lost.

Things were not looking good and we were sitting in the relegation zone with a media prediction of 1st. We then had Kim's Huddersfield at home. Kim was away for this one as he was scouting at the manchester derby. It was a close affair but thankfully we managed to get a 85th min winner. We then went on to beat Jonny's Peterborough 3-0 at home. We did however lose to high flying colchester away and finished the week losing away to Steve's Sheff Wednesday.

We currently sit 16th ish but with all the Human teams now played i am confident that we will now go on a run to challenge the teams at the top.

Until Next Week

Belly - Charlton Manager

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Jonny Peterborough

As you can tell by the league table I have had a very poor start to the season, however I am not worried because I have had a lot of late winners and have been dominating games but just not finishing them off, as Belly knows!

Results againts Players

Huddersfield 2:1 Peterborough

Charlton 3:0 Peterborugh

Againts Huddersfield I was 1:0 up againts Kim on 85 minutes however 2 late goals ruined my afternoon, also in the Charlton game I had 61% posssesion but lost 3:0 and i think Belly would admit the 3:0 score was extreemly flattering.

I feel I will start climbing up the league soon, because my teams morale was very low because of them being relegated which i expected.

Belly- I feel for Belly Play-offs are going to be the best he can hope for this season

Kim- I think Kim would be able to push for top 2 but i feel he would take the play offs

Steve- Pains me to say this, but I think he will finish top

Mike- If Mike Doesn't go up Southampton Board won't be hanging about to sack him

Enjoyed my first week with the clan

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Fred Millwall

Times are good at the Den. Things started poorly though, with a 3-2 loss away against Geirs Leicester and a draw at home against Ipswich (my goalkeeper ****ed up majorly here, hopefully I can upload the goal to show you guys, one day) . But after that we managed a win away against Doncaster with 1-0 with new signing Kozak scoring the only goal. After that an unlucky loss against Bristol. After that we had a 2-2 draw against Portsmouth which greatly annoyed me as we had a 2-0 lead at halftime and had totally dominated the game (we also missed a penalty kick), in the second half, Michael Brown scores a 30 yarder...and in the end they manage to score 2-2. My keeper had 5.80 in rating after this game which made me bench him. Thanks to me benching him we started to get going. We started out with an epic 1-0 win against Forest in a game where my defence probably did their game of the season to say the least, making Forest rely on long yarders to catch up, which didn't work. After that we had an undeserving loss against Fulham in the league cup, with mr Dempsey scoring a Beauty. But that didn't interrupt our form in the league, a great 0-0 against Joes sheffield united followed and after that another draw against Barnsley and in the last game a great win at home against Hull.

Squad Analysis (after the new signings)


David Foorde, wasn't starting A-keeper from the beginning of the season but overtook the role after some games in, been magnificent for our side.

Basso, a dissapoint, there are several goals that can be blamed on this keeper and we might have had 3-4 more points if it weren't for his misstakes, needless to say after 5 games and only 5 points we benched him and now we've got 8 points in our last 4 games and we've only let in 3 goals those last 4.

Mildenhall, won't get a game this season, to be sold or loaned out?


Jack Smith, can play everywhere on the defence, but currently resides in the reserves team as he dosn't hold championship standard in my eyes, good as a sub when the injury comes though.

Barron, a leftback who started well, but we soon saw his form dropped and he was once against benched for Craigh. In an open fight for the left back position with Craig.

Craig, vice captain and currently the best performing left back, Barron is a threat to his starting position though.

Mkandawire, a cb who holds a rather average championship standard, current 4th choice cb.

Robinson, Captain and first choice cb, currently the best performing player in the squad together with Fred Sears and Foorde. Could very well be the best CB in the league.

Shittu, Second choice cb and holds a high standard for championship, currently outshined by his partner Robinson

Ward, third choice at the cb and a old fox who won't make a fool of himself if he gets to play.

Dunne, second choice rb, currently benched thanks to new signing Dikaba (from Sheff Wednesday)

Dikaba, taken over the position as a rb from Dunne and he's been performing very very well.


Schofield, keyplayer that haven't really shined so far, magnificent in the last game of the latest session, with 2 assists. Starting to get as dangerous as we know he is?

Grégoire, good winger that's rotated a lot with Schofield, got injured for 2 months in the game against Sheffield United

Abdou, the starting defensive midfielder, been as invisible you want a DM to be.

Trotter, Rotating midfielder that often acts as a sub in the team, gets put in when we have a lead and we want to defend, a central mid but can also play at the DM.

Kozak, Starting centre mid, creative player with great passing ability, can also score which he show in his debut game.

Laird, 3d choice at the centre mid position, a rather average player but as Trotter he's got more defensive abilities than offensive.

Eastmond, 3d choice DM, loan from Arsenal

Eikrem, 4th choice CM, a loan from United with offensive qualities at the midfield, might get to play in some games where I have more need of offense than defense.

Benachour, RW that's supposed to be starter, have been a dissapointment so far but seems to play better and better for every game that's getting.

Hackett, the only RW that can actually defend moderately in the squad, gets put in when we want to defend a big lead.

Henry, talent on the RW, not played much so far, 2 games in the cup and 1 starting game in the league..in which he got 2 yellow cards in a period of 12minutes.


Krastovchev, rotating striker that's been put on the bench more and more and has most likely lost his starting position.

Morison, quality striker that's currently playing as a targetman, been a joy to watch on occasions and his teamwork with young loan Sears is to be admired.

Sears, Fast fast fast Sears was the kind of player I had been looking for whole pre season and finally I managed to get a loan deal to get this young lad in, didn't start the season as a starter but took the position from Krastovchev as the matches went on. Scored 5 goals on 5 starting in the league and 2 goals on 2 games in the league cup. Outstanding to say the least. Shame I didn't start with him earlier.

Grimes, a poacher who currently resides in the reserves team, hopefully I don't have to use this guy, to be frank this guy should be in a league 1 club not in championship.

Harris, old fox, not likely to get that many games this season but he's still rather okay. It's just a shame his physical stats are bad.

Hof Points (atm)

Med prediction = 23rd

Championship = 9th (+14)

LC = 2nd round (0)

(Potential HoF points = 14)

Stu - Leeds done a fairly good job with Leeds and could very well be in a fight for the playoffs but the injury on Franco will likely cost him several points. Also, he lets in way too many goals for his own good.

Will - Started off as a disaster, lost his first 3 but than went on to win 5 on a row but in the last game of the session he lost again. I'm his next opponent...and he got me away. A big test for Will. Should be fighting for promotion in the end though with that squad.

Davie - Things are not working for Boro and Davie, and we're all predicting him to get sacked anytime now, gotta win every game now to hold on to his job.

Nathan - The new member have started off very well and is fighting at the top currently, will he manage to win against the other top teams though?

Joe - Strong squad and a good manager, Sheffield will get top 6 but what position will it be...and can Joe really deliver when he must?

Jimmy - Got the best squad, imo...and anything else than a promotion would be a massive failure.

Geir - His team want playoffs and he's just a position behind, but the question is if he can hold on to the top in the long run.

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We're now 8 games into the new game. Which all in all is not bad progress for the first week considering we had a busy first window to negotiate. However, the signs are with 12 or 13 members the game is lagging badly, especially for our Scandinavian friends. I cannot see us getting past 20 seasons again at this rate.

Sheff Weds have had a good start to the season. We find ourselves sat in second, two points off top, very much in the box seat. We lost one and won three if our for league games. The loss being against the run of play with ten men, against Kim. In the league cup we followed our win at the stadium of light by a late extra time defeat at home to Newcastle. Hillsbrough was packed to the rafters, we out in a show, twice leading, and it was reminiscent of our Premier League glory days. We've also marched on in the JP trophy, as i hope this will be my sole adventure in this competition, I aim to win it.

So things on the pitch look bright. We beat one prem team away and lost in extra time to another. However, close inspection shows some real concerns:

1. Finances - we pay £155,000 each month until 2020.

2. The team is very old. 6 of my best xi are over 30.

3. We have no money to buy players and this will not hang for some considerable time.

4. There is no one of note in our youth team.

5. The youth facilities are poor and unlikely to yield any gems.

This means any plans of premier domination are going to be unrealistic. I've been here before. I know the score. My team can only get worse, unless I best other managers to the better prospects as and when the bigger clubs release them. Or to collect some bosmans. Previous strategies of signing young cheap foreigners is impossible without even a modest budget to pay the compensation.

Bottom line - I really do have my work cut out. As will my fellow league one managers.


League: 2nd, so 3-2 = 1 point

League Cup: 3rd round, so 3 points

Current HoF: 4 points.

Étienne - Sheff Weds

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Looking around at the rest of the clan I pass the following observations:

Kim - doing well, as expected, really, and should challenge for promotion and at least secure a playoff place. He's got problems off the field though

Mike - the king of fm10 finds himself struggling on fm11, in that he's on the insecure list. The reality is, he's stuttered somewhat, drawing at least 2 games he should have won. The game that left him in trouble was a defeat against me were i scored against the run of play having been second bet up til then. Thereafter, I won the game comfortably, exuding a similar dominance in the second half to that which mike had enjoyed in the first half. Mike will be concerned at the lack of fight his teams are showing, which is very unlike him. He's got a job on his hands the signs are there that he may not have the time to work his magic. However, he does have a top squad and the experience to get past this. I'd be shocked if mike ended this campaign in failure and still believe he'll go straight up.

Jonnie - still appears to be adapting to the clan game, there's a big difference from single player, and he just needs time to get used to his side, playing online, and I'm sure he'll bridge the small gap to the playoff places. There's a full premier league seasons worth of game left (38 games) so there's everything to play for. He's bought well and the margin between success and failure has been slim for him.

Belly - everyone has expressed concerns over the task ahead of belly and the perceived lack of patience of his board. Again he's not that far back, it us still very early, but the pressure will begin to mount on belly. I hope he can rise to the challenge.

Oli - he has yet to begin fm11. However, his Brighton side are off the pace and he'll need to get to grips with them.

Nathan - was flying with forest but one defeat has knocked him back. Instead he's now placed just off the top. I believe that for him to be top three with the top media predicted side, and the club he supports, he's exactly where he should be. Expectations are high and it'll only be his performance in the Premier League that will show how good he is.

Jim - the self proclaimed top manager in the clan (who won loads on fm10!!!) tops the table. Like Nathan he wanted it easy and as much as he blows his own trumpet, promotion is expected fir Jim due to the strength of his squad.

Joe - the nearly man looks on course to begin what i expect to be 20 seasons of playoff qualification and defeats in the final on penalties.

Geir - had the biggest budget. Spent a bomb and yet is mid-table. The pressure is on.

Stuart - leeds are a curious side. In so many ways they are premier league, yet in others they are still tainted by all their recent problems and are more league one. Stu's doing solidly and looks set to build them up solidly for the long haul.

Fred - I think that his experience with Cardiff and Burnley on FM10 got him ready for being a much smaller club with much smaller budgets than his rival humans. If it's not this, then perhaps it is just he's an absolute master of FM. There's nothing else you can say about his start really, he's looking like he's gonna get close to a play-off place and that team should really be going down. Well done Fred keep it up.

Will - the maverick has been at it again. Looked to be out of practice losing his first 3 and being one of two scots propping up the Championship, however, he then bounced back winning 5 in a row. Will looks set to be a model of inconsistency and produce results and runs that you would never expect, both good and bad.

Davie - the perenial struggler is finding life difficult at Middlesbrough and unfortunately props up the table and appears to be on borrowed time. Fingers crossed he can turn it around.

Étienne - Sheff Weds

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Current Hall of Fame Standings - season 2010/11

Fred = 14 points

Stuart = 5 points

Kim = 4 points

Steve = 4 points

Jim = 4 points

Joe = 3 points

Geir = -2 points

Will = -2 points

Nathan= -2 points

Mike = -4 points

Jonny= -11 points

Belly = -14 points

Davie = -17 points

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Earlier today, newly appointed Huddersfield manager Kim Andre Smedegard, was interviewed by The Daily's Ian Cokkup after saturdays 3-0 win away to Tranmere.

So Smeghard, how do you..

What did you call me??

Eh..? Smeghard?

It ain't bloody Smeghard you tool! I've told you this 6 times already by now. Look around on your colleagues, and ask them how many of them that call me that? Can you do that? Or are you too incompetent to even to that?

I'm really sorry Mr.Smedegard, I can assure you it will not happen again. I am not making excuses, but I was talking to your friend Fougiere yesterday at Hillsborough, and it was him that corrected me to Smeghard when I adressed you as Smedegard.

Well, I will give you the top-tip of your career life lad, and that is to NEVER EVER EVER trust anything that comes out of that french mouth! Anyway, I have a club to run, so if you have anything intelligent to say, spit it out

What's your opinion of the season so far then?

Well, we're 3rd in the league, and we are in the hunt for the league, so I think we're right where we should be. It was a bit of a struggle the first game, being away against league favourites Southampton, but the players responded well after that.

After that opening game, you went on a 3 match winning streak, but then it suddenly stopped right up. What in your opinion led to this halt?

To be honest, it was away to Sheffield Utd in the league cup, then away to Charlton, and then the third game was in a worthless Johnstone Paint Trophy to Carlisle. We lost all 3 games by 1 goal, and theres only been 2 teams so far to beat Smithies by more than a goal. During those 3 games I was also serving my absolutely ridiculous 3 game touchline ban for excessive celebrating against Peterborough, but I have been adviced by the Terrier's lawyer not to talk anymore about those idiots in the FA.

There have been alot claims of Huddersfield playing unattractive boring football, and there are also rumours of unrest in the Terriers fanbase, especially after the late 1-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday. Are you the norwegian version of Sam Allardyce?

If you're a burglar, it's no good poncing about outside somebody's house, looking good with your swag bag ready. Just get in there, burgle them and come out. I don't advocate that obviously, it's just an analogy.

To put it in gentleman's terms if you've been out for a night and you're looking for a young lady and you pull one, some weeks they're good looking and some weeks they're not the best. Our performance that day would have been not the best looking bird but at least we got her in the taxi. She wasn't the best looking lady we ended up taking home but she was very pleasant and very nice, so thanks very much, let's have a coffee

Heh, I can see where you're going there. Anyway, there has also been some reported unrest within the Huddersfield dressing room. According to Anthony Pilkingtons agent he has been promised a much improved deal or a move to another club?

Well, what can I say? He's definately a terrific player, but his agent needs a reality check. He want Anthony to just sit there for 18 months, throw tantrums and dont play, and then have someone come in and say "We'll take you. Come to us. We will pay you some of the money that we should have paid Huddersfield". Then he can walk out on a free transfer. Do you think that's right? Do you honestly want to sign a player like that? The people in charge of football is wrong. They are SO WRONG! Maybe that's just me being an old fart, but I just find it to be utterly disgusting! I might be ranting here, and it might be funny to listen to, but this is how I feel!

It seems passion is a big part of your game, like the incident after the Colchester game. Can you tell us little about that match Mr.Smedegard?

You're thinking about the disallowed goal aren't you, and that penalty we conceded. Well, I can tell you this much. Why haven't they got cameras? The officials can speak to each other easily enough now. Why aren't we using laptops that are linked up and can give a decision in five seconds? A chimpanzee could do it - with not much training. We might as well go back to being cavemen, grab our girl by the hair, drag her into the cave whether she wants to come in or not because we may as well live in that age. We've come forward, haven't we?

I guess you can see it that way. I just have one more question then, who will win this years league one then?

Ah, finally some light in that dark tunnel that is your incompetense. Well, I think that it will come down to a three horse race really. My french colleague at Wednesday will continue to push his troops onwards, and I think they will for sure be in the top 2. I also truly believe that Southampton just need to find their stride, and they will be a force to be reckoned with. I expect them to finish top 3 at least. On our own behalf, we will have to battle it out with these 2, and our aim is to avoid the playoffs and go directly up.

Anyhow, that's it for today, so try to have something more intelligent on your notebook next time eyh?

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Stuart - Leeds United.

Been a good but crazy start for me at leeds. Media reports have us finishing in 15th place but i know we are better than that and im lookin for a top 10 finish this season and maybe sneek a playoff place but thats along way off at the monent. I had a busy summer with 10 new players coming into the club 6 of them are loan signings but i did pick up a bargin along the way, with the likes of Franco and finnan being the stand out signings for me.


Abdoulsye Meite loan WBA

Adboulsye Yakube - Free

Eddie johnson loan - Fulham

Michael Tonge loan - Stoke City

Andrew Davies loan - Stoke City

Seamus Coleman loan - Everton

Henri Lansbury loan - Arsenal

Steve Finnan - Free

Guillermo Franco - Free

Leigh Griffths 1m Dundee

As you can see there are some names there that stand out and im really happy with the team i have put togetter over the summer, it needed alot of work as the size of the team was a worry but now i have 25 players who can do at job at this level and being 10th in the league after 9 games shows we are more than good enough. There is a problem that i am having at the moment and that is with my back 4, as a manager i have always tryed to build a team from the back and this season was no diffrent but for some reason i have conceded 15 goals in 9 games, Granted 5 of them was against joe in that CRAZY 5-5 draw ( more on that later ) but i have conceded 3 goals already this season in added on time all of them costing me points and being beaten by jim in the league cup, its something i have to sort out and for all my fans and followers i will get things right.


There as already been alot made of the 5-5 draw against joe's sheffeld United and so there should be, here you had 2 old school managers going hammer and tong lookin for 3 points for there side, there was not parking a bus this day and there sure us hell was not boring football like them lot from Hudderfield, Or as i like to call them, " The Noisy Neighbous " this was a yorkshire derby that will go down as one of the best in history, One reporter asked me if a draw was a fair result as looked at him and said " 5-5 a fair Result What a stupid question" to score 5 goals and not win a game for me is heart breaking but these things happen in football and after the 5-5 my back 4 started to get its act togetter with a wonderful 4-1 win away to cardiff to put smiles on all our faces.


Hull City (A) 2-2

Sheffeld United (h) 5-5

Cardiff City (A) 4-1

Burnley (h) 0-1

Crystal Palace (A) 1-2

Coventry City (h) 2-1

Norwich City (A) 1-2

Swansea City (h) 0-0

QPR (h) 2-1


Jim: Has got burnley off to a good start, they are a hard side to beat and love a tackle or 2 as i found out when playin him in the league cup and league. He made some great buys this summer and im sure he will be going up this season.

Nathan : Goes about his business without to much fuss and leaves all the bragging to the rest of us, Nathan is new to the clan and so i dont know much about him or his tactic's but what i do know by lookin at the league is he is no mug when it comes to a manager, i look forward to playing Nathan in the next few weeks, then ill have more or an idea what this lad is all about. 3rd in the league tho is a very good start.

Joe : Again another very strong team with a strike force that is on fire. Joe took alot of stick from the rest of us for not winning anythink in Fm10 and by the start he has made is out to prove a point to us all. With Evans on fire and jeremie Aliadere lookin like one of the bargins of the season i think joe has an outstanding chance of going up.

Will: It's Great to have will back with us after a long lay off, he brings a style of play not used, or seen by many others and sometimes it works and sometimes it dont. For will at the start of the season it went very wrong as he lost his first 3 games with the crazy formation, but thats what you get with will. He then stopped smoking the funny fags and went to a 4-4-2 and won his next 5 out of 6 games knocking out Villa in the league cup along the way. If will can keep his form going for most of the season then he will also have a shout of going up, but remember this is will we are talkin about lol.

Geir: felt sorry for geir the first night of the new season and he was ill with man flu (( killer bug ) and was unable to play and missed out on alot bargins. Even so geir has had a solid start to the season and finds himself just outside the playoffs. There is alot of hype around City at the moment and Geir needs keep his side up there for most of the season or he will find himself out of a job, That club dont miss about when it comes to Managers.

Fred : Fred is working his magic again, like myself he took a club that has just come up but unlike me has not got the Rep or the money to throw about on players yet here he sits 9th in the league with a millwall side untouched from last season. It would really be something if Fred would keep millwall in the top 10 this season as most of us throught he was crazy for taking the job in the 1st place. Good start Mate

Davie : less said the better really he knows what he has to do next week or he will be sacked. i hope over the weekend he trys and works out a new tactic for himself or he will find himself the 1st manager to be sacked and nobody wants that tag.

Steve : Well i dont think he would wish for a better start to league 1, He finds himself 2nd in the league and a cup shock thrown in aswell after knocking out sunderland. nobody is to shocked he is up there as steve is a very good manager and has a canny way of getting the job done. He has a older team than most other clubs and if he was to come up he would have alot of work to do in the summer as the team is not good enough for the championship, but for now he getting the job done. Nice start.

Kim : The Noisy Neighbours are at it again and this time they might have something to shout about. In kim they have a manager that can take them to highs there mouthy fans can only dream about and that is bad new for yorkshire and the world. But hudderfield do have a strong team and cap that with a strong manager i see good times ahead for all at hudderfield. 3rd in the league tells you kim is on the charge to the championship.

Mike : Well Well Well this is a shock, the king of fm10 could become the joker of fm11 he sits in 7th, not bad for most clubs but not good enough at southamton, bookies are already slashing mikes odds on being sacked and if things dont change soon then it will be a fight to see who gets sacked first him or davie. HOWEVER!, to write mike off already would be foolish or me as he is a great manager and has lots or skills to get him out of the mess he finds himself in. Next week we will see what happends and i for one will be looking very close at how mike is getting on.

Belly: Hard time ahead for belly, his charlton side have not got off to the best of starts, and he find himself at the wrong end of the table. Also i worry for him as the board and fans live in a fantasy world by thinking they should go up this season, belly is a hard working manager and like public transport will get there in the end no matter how long it takes. The biggest Question of all is will the charlton board give belly the time he need to get things right, THAT we will all have to wait and see.

Jonny : Not the best start for jonny and another manager who needs to change things fast. With jonny we have a manager who talks a good game but so far thats all it has been talk, he had a side who have just come down from the championship and want bounce back up at the 1st attempt and so far the only bounce i see coming is poor old jonny out the door. The break as come in time for jonny he has till monday to sort things out and come back next week in hope of changing things around.

Thats all for now more next week.


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The noisy neighbours ...

Belly is like public transport, he gets there in the end ...

the only bounce I see coming is Jonny out the door ...

Superb stuff from Stu, as usual.

At Sheff Weds, we're not getting carried away. We're predicted third, the board expect promotion, we sit in second, but there is THIRTY EIGHT games left. We're not putting the cart before the horse here and as for building a side to retain a Championship place, let's get there first

Étienne Fougére - Sheff Weds

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Will – Cardiff City

Well after god knows how many seasons out of action due to a mental breakdown and full recovering a recent plane crash 6 months ago I’m back as the head case of the clan wheeling and dealing to get in players you would not even look at a second time and the most outlandish and unorthodox tactics that you will ever come across.

Now as for the team I iv went whom are Cardiff City the reason I accepted the job offer was to do with the Scottish players in the team the iv had the honor of working beside in the past and had great success with.

On to the season at hand now friendly’s were left to my assistant manager we sat down and had a long talk about the squad we had and whom we had signed which proved to be a hard task at hand in that moment of time due to injuries in the squad . So looked at the tactics we could conceive and me being me I like to be different with thing made up bizarre and rare tactics that in pre season worked a treat and only drew one game and won the rest.

After the pre season matches were over and the new season begun it seemed likely we would be off to a wonderful start but alas it was not to be the first three games we lost two of which were heavy defeats and a shock to the system now due to the run of three defeats in a row at the start of what was meant to be the best season in history for Cardiff it was looking very bleak and drab languishing in bottom of the table.

Now this is where it gets interesting due to a board that is tight fisted with funds and refusing point blank to give any transfer funds at all it was to be expected it would happen but I work my magic to capture seven or eight players on loan and on frees whom have turned out to be great catches for the team they were -

Steven Pele - free

Quinton Fortune - free

Labros Choutos - free

Peter Luccin - free

Richard Hinds - loan

Salomon Olembe - free

Julio Santa Cruz - loan

Who were all out to prove a point due to lack of games at their previous clubs and they have had.

So I sat down again with my asst man and devised a few minor changes in the tactics and team talks then came the fourth game of the season with a lot of bad press and stigma attached to it I call the players in talked with them one by one on a level where they could appreciate what I was saying and where I was coming from.

So it was the 2nd round of the league cup for our 4th game and it was against palace who were in our league and sitting 4th but never the less I never let that stop me making changes so I stuck to the plan and hoped for the best the players looked eager and fired up for this one and they where we went out a massacred them 4-1 and that was the only shoot they got in the whole game and from that it inspired the team to go seven games unbeaten during which a 3-2 win over Davie with Middlesbrough that has taken my place at the bottom of the table a huge drubbing of 6-1 over Scunthorpe and a 1-0 win over Aston Villa boy that was a hard game that 1 then after that win we lost 3-1 to Watford in a game that we were all over them and should have won but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

All in all its been eventful start to the season and we are sitting in 7th now the next few games are going to be hard of which I play Fred next he is at Millwall a few spots behind in 9th this should be an interesting game and Blackburn Rovers in the cup 4th round and expectations are high in the Cardiff camp now for promotion on the plus side the board has granted an upgrade of the youth facilities.

Top scorer Jay Bothroyd on 7 hes been amazing for us when on the pitch

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steady as we go for the mighty blades in the opening week. Transfers in were tamir cohen on a seasons loan from bolton olivier kapo, abasolo a neat little spannish left winger, jody and alladiére all on free transfers and keith fahey and ranger also in on loan. Key man has been Ched Evans with 9 games played and 9 goals scored hes been awesome. Match of the week was undoubtably myself against stu's leeds at elland road a 5-5 thriller that went back and forth between us and left us both scratching our heads on what the hell happened to our defences.

In the league cup I beat kims mob in the 2nd round but got slaughtered by stoke which was humiliating to put it mildly, but focus is the league and fighting out for promotion, lets hope I get automatic because with my record in finals I don't fancy my chances in a playoff final.............

Joe Sheffield United

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Harsh days at Millwall gone from 3-4-2 to 5-5-10 13points to 20points....having a goal difference of 33-33 one can wonder how it looks bad...the answer is odd goal losses. Almost every single lost we've had have been an odd goal loss, something that is very frustrating and something we deffo need to improve on is our ability to defend ourselves on corners...I don't understand it though we are supposed to be a tall, strong side but we are letting in a corner every second game. Maybe I've ruined for myself as I've changed tactics already 3-4 times, not satisfied with defense or offense instead of looking at what we're supposed to be good at. Hopefully Wednesdays session we can bring some points and get a little away from the closest relegation spot.

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Steve - Sheffield Wednesday

Firstly, the clan is struggling a bit with speed at the moment, the game is taking far too long and we're going at about half the pace of the clan on FM10. We're trying to address this and would welcome any suggestions.

On a personal note, it was an excellent session for me as Wednesday continued their revival and finished the night in second place. We’ve won our last four in the league and are unbeaten in 12 in all competitions. The fact that we’ve only maintained the gap on Huddersfield (2 points plus a game in hand = 5 points) shows just how well Kim’s got them playing at the moment.

We’ve finally been able to blood Gavin Mahon and he’s done well in the middle taking over from Corry Evans who’s having a bit of a rest after his dip in form. Bryan Hughes is just back from injury, but he’ll have to make do with a spot on the bench, as Giles Coke has done marvellously in the playmaker’s role. Mendy’s form has returned and him and Buckley are flying down the wings once more.

Upfront, we loaned a youngster on a short term basis from Chelsea and he’s banged a few in, after Morrison was sidelined by injury. Morrison has returned and he seems to have pulled his finger out, though he’s not as prolific as I expected. Tudgay is having a solid season. It’s all about goals for me, I’m prudent at the back, but not banging them in as often as I would like. Morrison has to shoulder most of the blame for that, but I’m hoping he’ll pick up under competition from the Chelsea youngster. That short term loan should expire soon, thereafter, I plan to draft another of Chelsea’s kids in to provide competion, exploiting my position as a feeder club.

I’ll provide a fuller report before Monday. I don’t have the time at the moment, I’m too busy watching Sky Sports News at the moment, there’s surely got to be some news from Southampton, Middlesbrough, Leicester and Charlton. Those four clubs have surely got to run out of patience sooner rather than later.

Étienne – Sheff Weds

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Stuart Leeds United.

Good time for all at leeds at the moment as we find ourselfs in the top half of the table and along way from the bottom 3 and that most of all is very pleasing. We still have major problems at the back and that has cost me dear as i have scored almost 50 goals this season, only nathans Forest team have more and they find themselfs in the hunt for the league so it tells a story or how bad things are at times and i think a clean out is in order at the end of the season, but thats along way away yet.

As for the games themselfs i have been very strong in most and we have given a good account of ourselfs along the way, just ask forest as we went to there ground and gave it one hell of a go and altho we lost 5-3 forest wont let in 3 goals many this season. Another game that i was lookin forward to was the rematch with joe, After the madness of a 5-5 the press hyped the game up and for once sheff united sold ut the ground, and our fans made it known that they only came to see the leeds, and who could blame them after all with this side anything can happen and its not good for a managers heart i can tell ya. Anyway we drew the game 1-1 and after is all said and done joe and myself are in charge of 2 very strong and evenly matched sides.

The jan window is here soon and i dont think there will be any business done at leeds, there miight be a a few sold as one or 2 of my players are acting like muppets so the money from them deals will come in handy as the wage bill is still abit high.

Thats all for now

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Kim - Huddersfield

What a good week for the Terriers! We are top of the league, and only lost once in the last 20 or so matches. The team is now properly familiar with my newly made Rosenborg tactic, and it#s really going well. The best example was the return game against Mikes Southampton. Last time we met them was the first game of the season, and we got absolutely hammered by them and lost a well deserved 3-0 away to Mike.

This time though it was different. VERY different. I still cannot believe why the bookies had Mike as favourites away to a league leader who hadn't lost a game for a very long time, but to be honest that may have just worked in our favour. As the game started, I knew exactly what I had to do; stop his midfield getting the ball, keep pressure on his fullbacks and kick Leroy Lita's legs :)

We set out in our normal fashion, dominating the possession and not letting Southampton in the game really. After a cracking first half, we were 2-0 up and Mike hadn't had a single chance. The worrying thing was that my team had too many wasted longshots, and I was also getting way too many corners without creating anything. In the second half I shouted to the lads to keep working the ball into the box, and stop firing from long range. This worked better, and we should have scored the 3-0 goal I was looking for, because I know how dangerous the 4123 tactic can be if they only get the ball. I'm really happy that we managed to ride the game out 2-0 winners, and even Mike was gracious in defeat this time around, but how could he not be, as there was no controversy whatsoever in this game, it was just pure and utter domination :)

The worrying thing for me these days ain't my team or my players really, it's my finances. I think the least ammount of money I've lost in a month has been around £400k, and my balance is way down now. I cannot cut the wagebudget by that much, without seriously denting our promotion chances. I truly believe that Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday are the teams that will go up directly, unless Mike can hit form and come charging up against us. I do think Mike has a good chance of playoff, but hopefully he's too far behind me now to catch me in first place.

Looking forward to next week and to be honest, I want to see who gets sacked first :)

It's now close odds between Leicester, Boro and Charlton, and the constant messages about their insecurity is starting to get on our nerves! Davie looked like escaping the inevitable when he picked up a few wins to get him out of the bottom 3, but a couple of bad performances may have put him in the hotseat again. Geir with his Leicester team is a rollercoaster at best. He usually wins or at least draw home, but he cannot steal a point away. I know how frustrating this can be, as I've had the same problem on both the fm09 and fm10 clan games.

Belly's Charlton are struggling as well. He also have had some good performances, but inconsistency seem to be his major issue. What this comes down to, only he can answer, but I hope that he can turn it around sooner rather than later. On the other hand, Belly might not get the chance, as the chairman of Charlton now has put down a transfer embargo pending a takeover. Who knows if the new board decide to give Belly money to improve his side, or whether they want a new manager in? Best of luck to all of you in the next week, and I hope everyone can save their team and their jobs!


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Joe Sheffield United

Mixed bag this week, things started so promising with many victorys and goals scored even getting to 2nd in the table and temporarily first, then things went wrong, badly wrong. My tactic so succesful to that point suddenly stopped working completely with the goals completely drying up, things picked up a bit at the end with a few draws including vs stu's leeds but things need improving quickly, my aim remains to sneak into the playoffs and to achieve this I'm working up a new tactic, up til now I've been playing nice with my players not really sticking the boot in as I normally have a tendency to but all that will soon change and opposition players will once again dread facing one of my sides.

As for the jan transfer window I don't plan any business due to my wage bill being a tiny bit full.

Thats all for now


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Fred - Millwall

Things are looking bright at the Den once again. After a time of bad results and going from 8th to 18th in the table I felt I had to do something. Once again I took time to change my tactic, I started of with changing the formation a bit by removing the DM position for another Centre mid position, which meant that our DM took a defensive role in the midfield, a role that immediately made a huge change in our capacity to defend ourselves. We also changed some player instructions and made the team a little tighter. We also gave Henry a chance in the starting eleven, where he proved himself with scoring two goals from the right wing in 4 games. We managed to win all the 4 games we utilized this new tactic and we're once again at the top half of the table positioning ourselves as 11th. This is a sign of strength especially as we saw our superloan Sears injured for 4 months before the winning streak and our change of tactic began (17 goals in 17 starts in the league). In our win against Leicester we saw yet another harsh injury on one of our strikers, Krastovchev, out for another 6-7weeks. It's a shame that we are a 13-15 points from a playoff position but hopefully we can catch up with our renewed strength and tactic, there are still a 20 games to go, so nothing is impossible.

Results against Human managers

2-0 H Leicester

We saw a wondergoal in this game by leftback Craig, it was very familiar to the strike from Bronckhorst in WC 2010.

It's a shame though that human managers dosn't seem to be able to get sacked in our game and AI managers getting sacked without problem. It's a bit ironic and sad watching mid table placed Reading getting their manager kicked when their media prediction is 9th and at the same time seeing Davie, Belly and even Geir holding on to their jobs although they are far from media prediciton and their board expectations. This means that the clans new no life rule holds no weight whatsoever.

Fellow managers (only deeming the effort of my fellow league contenders)

Nathan - Continues to go as a train in the championship but with the occasional bump in the point protocoll. Seems to almost follow a formula, a formula that will ensure his promotion to the prem.

Will - The crazy one have lost his strong form in the league, he's still got a good chance of getting a playoff position although he is several points behind, but with that being said his current failure in the league is being overshadowed by his run in the league cup, where he's currently in the Semi Finals, can he go all the way to the finals...and even win it? It would be a remarkable feat if any human manager managed to win one of the two big cup titles in the first season.

Davie - Everyone thought he was doomed but the sack human manager (bug?) seems to have saved him so far and he even managed to get a good form going..but it's still looking bad and with a little dip of the form in the last couple of games....

Jim - Lost his first position in the table to Nathan but should still be going up...but he needs to keep his squad at the edge or he might find himself in a situation he won't like.

Geir - He seems to have lost all hope in reaching playoffs and the results are not good enough for his club. Would probably be even further down in the table if it weren't for some good results from his ass.manager.

Stu - Doing well with the promoted Leeds side, has a chance to reach playoffs and will probably fight for it untill the end, my bet is that he misses it narrowly though. The old striker Franco is back though which will strengthen his side a bit.

Joe - Things were looking good for Joe, he had assembled a strong team with good signings and good players already residing in the club, and only some rounds ago he was as high up as third but some injuries and a lack of form and Sheffield United lost several positions, will they turn their form around fast enough to have a go at the playoffs? I expect him to actually reach the playoffs in the end.

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Nathan - Nottingham Forest

What a great start to the season Nottingham Forest has made, sitting pretty at the top of the table! Although the media had expected Forest to be in this position, which considering the quality, depth and finances some of the other teams’ possess it was always going to be a tricky prediction to achieve. I personally thought it would be a very hard task of achieving one of the top 2 spots in this years Championship; with probably the best manager ever to play Football manager at Burnley splashing his pennies around and the wealth of attacking quality at Cardiff. Of course not forgetting the endless money pit at QPR and Geir at Leicester spending a fortune, we certainly have some tough competition but as each game comes and goes it seems more and more a reality that Nottingham Forest will be playing Premiership football next season.

We currently hold an outstanding record at home winning every game we’ve played, which I think it currently stands at P12 W12. Whereas you’ll have more luck winning the lottery than correctly predicting a Forest away result. With stunning away wins over 2nd place Burnley and 3rd place Derby we then get annihilated by 19th place Ipswich and even the infamous Davie over at ‘Boro has a reason to gloat beating me 1-0 at the Riverside!

Formation wise I’ve been keeping it pretty simple playing a basic 4-4-2 with the occasional 4-4-1-1. I’ve started all games this season with a very attacking mentality not giving much thought to defending and this shows in the league table as we are currently the leagues top scorers, with super Robbie Earnshaw bagging 21 goals in 20 games (I think). Also I feel Lee Camp between the sticks deserves some special praise for being outstanding, making a number of world class saves which has brought in him International call-up and rescued us a few points!

With the January transfer window approaching many will be asking the question

‘Will Nottingham Forest be looking to bring any fresh faces in?’ I can quite comfortably say yes, I will be trying my hardest to get 1 or 2 loan deals in till the end of the season to bolster the squad and keep the current crop of players on their toes. With a remaining transfer budget of around 400k it will be hard to find any sort of quality to fit in to this promotion challenging side on that budget. As a Forest fan I’m determined not to let the same happen this season what happened last, with Forest placed 2nd at January everyone wanted Billy Davies to dip in to the market to strengthen the promotion push instead we sat there and did naff all…

And we all know what happened over 2 legs with Blackpool!

My View on other managers -

Jimmy (Burnley) – Everybody in the clan knows Jimmy is the real deal and it’s clear to see his superior tactical ability over the rest of us. He’s assembled a squad worthy of competing in the upper half of the Premiership. It’s a mystery to everyone how he isn’t 20 points clear at the top at the half way stage. With 23 games to go I’m certain Jimmy will walk away with maximum points and come May will be Champions as he strives on to fulfil his promise of bringing European football to Turf Moor in 3 years.

Will (Cardiff) – Will is missing a ball and a few screws upstairs, he’s also struggling with form of late after a sensational run of wins, including a semi-final league cup game. He has been brought back down to earth with a bump sitting outside the play-off spots and if he can’t get Bellamy, Bothroyd & Co firing soon he might stay that way.

Joe (Sheff Utd) – Joe is another one struggling for form, it looked probable that Joe would be challenging for the Championship title with him being placed in the top 3 after 10 games but recently he’s hit a dry patch and can’t seem to get a win anywhere. I expect him to come strong and finish comfortably in the play-offs.

Stuart (Leeds) – Stuart has done well with Leeds he’s made some very shrewd signings bringing in experience and youth. With Leeds currently sitting just outside the playoffs I think Stuart could surprise everyone and sneak in there come the end of season as his team certainly isn’t shy in front of goal being the Championships 2nd top scorers.

Geir (Leicester) – Pre-season I thought Leicester would be right in the mix come May but Geir’s Leicester are finding it tough and it’s easy to see the problem, their away from has been nothing short of woeful. Geir will have to amend this fast as his board have allowed him to splash the cash but with that comes expectation, and he’s not meeting them currently, he sits mid-table.

Fred (Milwall) – An up and down season so far for Fred he started of great, beating me in the process and looking like an outside bet for the play-offs even! But things started to fall apart and he quickly slid down the table. His luck seems to of changed of late as a certain Freddie Sears is in remarkable form scoring 17 goals this season (I think) which has saw Fred climb back up the table. I don’t think he’s looking at the play-offs and he’s not expected too, but with a few wins on the bounce he could well be up there which would be some achievement.

Davie (Middlesbrough) – I don’t think anybody knows how Davie still has a job, (although Steve has a few theories!) he was even considering resigning earlier in the season things were that bad! Sitting rock bottom with the highest wage budget in the league and a media predicted of 6th, to say things looked grim would have been an understatement. But Davie managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and went on an unbeaten run beating me in the process and climbing out of the bottom 3, buying him a bit of extra time. We all still expect Davie to be sacked soon rather than later but somehow he’s still battling on.

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It's cool I am working most nights till 7 or 8pm then home so would not be able to join till 7.30pm or 8.30pm each night and I don't want to slow you guys down.

if you played from 8:30pm until 11:00pm, then you'd still be on more than Jim!

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Geir - Leicester...

New club soon, as the board will sack me!!

im not getting the results i want, my away form is horrible!! a bunch of babies would beat me!!

the rest of the guys in the league is doing well! good for them...haha

I should be spending my time off better, and find a good formation, but im too tired these days!!

thats also the reason my ass. man have finished off a couple of nights....sorry about that!

Looking forward to Monday, to see what **** my ass man have done to my team!

Leicester will sit mid-table with me in the seat. hopefully the board can accept a slow start and bad season.

Have a good weekend


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Will - Cardiff City

after having a rich vain of form we have slumped a bit due to injures fell bacl to 6th in the table baut that being said it made it to the league cup semis

with a pen shot at blackburn and 3-0 smashing of stoke now face man city which will be a hard test away then if we beat them man utd or tottenham

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