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  1. Apart from any database changes (Which usually only happen after the transfer window, barring any emergency changes) any patches and etc will be fine with your current save.
  2. Did this in beta with Tonbridge. Missed out 1st place by just goal difference, believe it or not. Failed to get through in the promotion play off. That really hurt.
  3. Even though I apparently suck bad with tactic after the official release, I have to say I enjoy this, apart from me sucking hard and losing. Well done SI.
  4. Thank you very much SI for getting the hotfix out so quickly. We appreciate the work you do.
  5. Cheers, didnt see that. My apologies. Appreciate the response.
  6. I dont mean to be disrespectful here but any idea when the hotfix or a new patch will come out? I would love to start a new long term save but I am being prevented due to the bugs mentioned here, I am currently carrying on my beta save but it have gotten a bit stale. Any general estimate would be nice.
  7. You probably have got no memory left for the game to actually save the game. Did you check if you have left any space for the game to be saved.
  8. If you feel that it is a bug, then it is definitely worth posting in the bug section. Not too sure which section of bug you should be posting in specifically but it's always worth a go.
  9. No. The issue here isnt with the names but with the third party venders profiting from people downloading the logos/kits and etc. Anything that came out as "vanilla" from FM game itself wouldnt change, only things you download such as logo, kits, facepack etc.
  10. There will be some database changes (Potentially rules change or added to it in regard of Euro II) so I would recommend to wait till then if you feel it would affect you in long term.
  11. The point of the club vision is for them to give you things to follow through, you cant just decide what to do with the club anymore, you got a guideline to follow. It make a long term save even more fun and it make managing clubs even more challenging and you got to adapt to their vision instead. I like the idea.
  12. Seeing as it is now focused fully for 64bit, I would expect a bit of the impact. But as long as your computer match the spec for FM20, you should be fine.
  13. Football Manager official editor is not out, that's why. If you are using third party editor, this forum wouldnt be able to help you.
  14. SI has often said in the bug thread that FM limitation mean it is next to impossible to implement this. Perhaps in the future the limitation get less and less, it is possible to implement this.
  15. Can anyone confirm whether if this is being looked into or if more info is needed please?
  16. They are in FM20. SI has confirmed that. I can even search it in the FM20 right now, Competition in FM20 will begin 2021, not immediately. I look forward to see how it work.
  17. If 2Game isnt in the list of participating digital retailer then unfortunately, beta wouldnt be included. However if it is, then you would need to contact 2Game and ask where the beta key would be.
  18. Since you manage Arsenal, I can provide the reason why your transfer budget is deemed "low" In real life, Arsenal has signed Pepe and signed that defender from the French team, that take up a lot of the transfer budget so there's not much left. Hope that help.
  19. Maybe, but if that's the case, why did the transfer go through immediately instead of waiting until 2020?
  20. Hiya. I am managing Ajax and Manchester City came in with a offer of £5m with 40% of the next sale which I feel is very generous so I accepted the offer, nothing out of the ordinary. Few days later, they agreed term and I get the notification that Naci Unuvar would not be able to complete the transfer until 13th June 2020. That's fine, I still get the money regardless. But then next news item, he has completed his transfer to Manchester City and is currently there. Pictures below - I am not sure if it is working like it is intended to do so but this feel like a bug to me. Let me know if you need any further info.
  21. Just want to have a positive feedback - FM20 is running awesome and very smoothly. I am loving it and the match engine definitely feel improved, especially with the attacking. Really really enjoyable. Good work SI
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