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  1. Just keep losing and losing, Cant do anything just hope I stay up!
  2. Another make or break tonight with my Chesterfield team, last night was a disastier losing and drawing games, with 3 games left i have to win all three and hope Belly wins and will loses. Otherwise it will look like play offs for me and I may cry.
  3. Jonny The Mighty Dagenham and Redbridge After being sacked from the ***** at Notts County i got offered the Dagenham job, I would like to add I wasnt there at the time Not getting on with the board, fans or players and to be honest I hate the club. However looking at my loop hole around of getting out of here. If i go above AFC Wimbledon I can resign and take over them. Just one problem, winning games with this team. Thats all for now.
  4. You have inspried to start a jounryeman carreer, but how do you keep doing all these posts, what do you use to upload images, anything quick?
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Dont like this man, never will. He decided to sack me after a poor start to the season. To the clan members delight. Notts County I have decided to take over the County in league 2. I feel they have a great squad who are underacheiving in league 2 huge stadium for that level and no debts. Just paying the rent to the ground which I can hopefully fix. My first game i won away 4:0, and only being 5 points from the play-offs and 15 from automatic I am confident that I can turn it around. Belly I feel that he has found his level mid-table in league 2 with York as I can't see them getting promoted in the near future Davie I feel this is his season to hit the dizzy heights of the premier league. Steve I think a midtable finish for his team this season, then I think he will build on it next season Fred Fred who I think so far has been the best manager in the clan, becase he has had a very small budget and got to the play-off final last year and I would hope to see Millwall in the Premier league soon Geir He has had a great start with Scunthorpe and he will be in the championship next season Jimmy Best manager in the clan might as well be called God. That is all. Joe Kelly Managing Po***y and will be sacked in the near future Kim Same as Steve another midtable finish and will build on it next season. Mike Will be promoted into the Premier league this season with the mighty Southampton Nathan Done very well with Forest but since I am Notts county i hope to play him one day in the league (which could be a while) Oliver I think he will get the play offs in league 1 this season Stuart he has the best team in league 2 with Charlton and should,will get promoted WIll This has been a big shock to me with his great start, with such a small team and would love to see him get promoted
  6. First season for me I always find very difficult, I had to release a lot of players that were simply not good enough, but this ruined my finances Although it looks bad, but with a promotion or a decent cup run it will disapeer so i'm not at all worried about that. I had a poor season as you can tell by the table With the squad I had I thought I would have done better but my defence let me down, which hopefully I can improve on. But hopefully I can push on next season for promotion Or at least play offs and reach the 1st round of FA cup Up The Terras! Links didnt seem to show up Just a quick update Mid table in league Team peforming to expectations And finally got where I wanted to in FA cup which helped in the finance's as the game was on tv.
  7. Feel three to read my thread as basically it is the Dafuge challenge but just thought I would make my own thread.
  8. Did you find it difficult with weymouth? because i am
  9. Just can't keep to win a game in conference south, has anyone got any tips? I.e players, formation and tactics
  10. Just keep losing my games like 3:0 at the start of the season in blue square south
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