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  1. I would most definitely buy FM21, just hoping that the covid season isnt included though Keep safe you guys <3
  2. Just want to say thank you guys for releasing a free week (which has since been extended now for another week) of FM20. I have managed to get a lot of mates who were hesitant to buy it since they were afraid of being overwhelmed. Since getting this game on free for a while, they have gotten very hooked and hopefully in turn, to keep them to stay in and obey the guideline of Coronavirus out there. Stay safe you guys. <3
  3. Manage to sell Lincoln for £90m, 2 years after I bought him for just £5m. Ajax model status: Completed.
  4. Just want to give further feedback on this from last time I did - ME, as far as I can see and I play on highlight only to be fair, are doing well. Injuries - no complaints here. I have been extremely unlucky in this case but just pure coincidence that my winger that I signed has gotten injured for 8 months, just a month after I signed him. Board (and the vision) - no complaints. I am well aware that vision and etc are difficult to be reflected for the real life but for first year, it is extremely well done. Takeover - this is one of the complain I have as it seems to happen quite frequently and might need to be toned down. I have gotten taken over at Ajax with a new board and just barely 2-3 months later, new rumours of a takeover. AZ, Feyenoord and Waalwijk are going through the similar thing so I feel the frequency in this league should tone down a little at least. Can't speak for other leagues however as i have no experience elsewhere. Keep up the good work
  5. Can you feel it in your little toe though? Seriously though - I am seriously enjoying this update on 2.3.0.
  6. I played as Ajax with the intention to play Ajax as a "moneyball" maker on FM19. That went so well for 10 years and majority of the time I've managed over £20m profit. I will aim to do the same in FM20 with the team high up with the policy that allow me to use it as a moneyball. Any club vision that clash against moneyball wouldnt go well, obviously.
  7. Apart from any database changes (Which usually only happen after the transfer window, barring any emergency changes) any patches and etc will be fine with your current save.
  8. Did this in beta with Tonbridge. Missed out 1st place by just goal difference, believe it or not. Failed to get through in the promotion play off. That really hurt.
  9. Even though I apparently suck bad with tactic after the official release, I have to say I enjoy this, apart from me sucking hard and losing. Well done SI.
  10. Thank you very much SI for getting the hotfix out so quickly. We appreciate the work you do.
  11. Cheers, didnt see that. My apologies. Appreciate the response.
  12. I dont mean to be disrespectful here but any idea when the hotfix or a new patch will come out? I would love to start a new long term save but I am being prevented due to the bugs mentioned here, I am currently carrying on my beta save but it have gotten a bit stale. Any general estimate would be nice.
  13. You probably have got no memory left for the game to actually save the game. Did you check if you have left any space for the game to be saved.
  14. If you feel that it is a bug, then it is definitely worth posting in the bug section. Not too sure which section of bug you should be posting in specifically but it's always worth a go.
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