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  1. SazoJohnno

    Possible bug

    Apologies, seems this issue already has been raised at You can close this if needed.
  2. Hello, I have Luis Suarez in my Liverpool squad. After selling Philipe Coutinho, Suarez is understandably not happy. But I have just received a notification that he was happy to move on about it. The notification right after that is from Virgil van Dijk being unhappy about me selling Luis Suarez and throwing a tantrum about it but Luis Suarez is STILL at my club. The ingame time is 2nd of October 2018. Please note that I only edited out my name from the pictures for obvious reason. Please let me know if you need anything else.
  3. I have had no idea that he passed away. I never got to talk to him but I respected him and he was one of very passionate FM'er around here the whole time I was here. This news is very sad. RIP Kriss.
  4. One of the issues I think I may have with the new game. Chief Data Analyst and sport scientist have no information on what mental or coaching attributes would be useful for either position? Is this intentional or a oversight by FM?
  5. You aren't missing out on anything, there might be a slight change (such as Veira to NYC as manager for example) but other than that, as fas as I know, there is nothing thats changed so you dont have to restart if you dont want to.
  6. SazoJohnno

    Kits and badges

    Nope, there's no official one. Theres no kits and badges for some leagues due to licensing. So you will have to look at unofficial ones.
  7. SazoJohnno

    Help!!!! :(

    You dont need to, you can activate the code, it will appear on steam library and then from there, you can download it and then install it.
  8. I use this as a good read when I wake up and before I sleep however this is the first time I have read the news giving a review about a game and this game is FM16. So naturally I gave it a read and was surprised to see a review that set out to criticise FM16, especially after hearing a lot of positive feedback from people like myself. Thought I would link the review here for the mods/official from SI to have. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3316345/Football-Manager-2016-Review-FM-remains-miles-ahead-football-game-latest-loved-series-offers-little-new.html
  9. Just came here to say that I love the end of the season injury report. It's honestly refreshing and fantastic to have that information about how long a certain player has been injured for. Daniel Sturridge, in my save, was out for 55% of the season. Fantastic addition. Loving it.
  10. So far, i havent come over any obvious bugs or am blind to subtle ones but I am thoroughly enjoying the game and the addition to the game is very valuable and very useful. Well done SI.
  11. SazoJohnno

    Safe mode

    It's very unlikely that you will be able to run any games in safe mode. It would obviously require the graphic card to be able to work, even for 2D game engine to be able to run. So unfortunately, I dont think you will be able to play until your graphic card is fixed.
  12. SazoJohnno

    FM16 not showing up?

    Can you link me to it please? I am sorry that it has been brought up before.
  13. Hiya, this might be a stupid question but I would like to have this answered to ease my worries. I preordered FM16 few hours after it showed up on Steam store however to this day, FM16 doesnt show up on my game library in steam, is this intentional or should I contact anyone? If this is not intentional, any idea what could cause it? I have got a email confirmation that I bought it from Steam.