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  1. Don't have a picture to share myself unfortunately but back in FM13, I have had a guy called Keith Thompson coming through my academy as a AMC. The stats he has at 16 was perfect and was almost good enough to replace my world class AMC by the time he came through the academy. I immediately put him on as a sub every game and put him on when the game is already won or if we needed a winner. 5 years later - he became my first pick in the squad every single game and was a mainstay choice in England squad. He have had 110 apps to his name by the time he was 27 or around there, with around 30 goals ish. Thompson alongside the probably the best buy I have had in a striker to this very day was the reason why Liverpool dominated the league for next 10 years. .... Until my save corrupted and I couldn't bring myself to play a new save in FM13. Was completely heartbroken and never had a guy like that coming through the academy ever since. Keith Thompson, you will be missed.
  2. Anyone spotted the mention of "Sponsor: expected extra" on that Valencia FM20 announcement tweet? I can only imagine at this point what it can mean, do it means we get to interact with the sponsors more? Do our performance affect the sponsorships a lot more this year? One can only wait and see.
  3. is it possible that your bonuses/similar things factor in it? Can you post a picture so we could have a clear idea of what is happening.
  4. It affect nothing about your youth recruitment or youth intake. It will just open up more possibility in the scouting centre for you/your scouts to scout the player. This is true for both package. Bigger package you get, more players you can scout.
  5. Thank you for the winter update, much appreciated and was much needed for change of scenery for me. For past week I kept tellnig myself that it is just me that's seeing things but right now I am quite convinced that the player search has been lagging in the scouting -> player tab. I am not too sure if it is due to my PC although I tested it on my beta save and it hasn't been lagging. I would like to know if this is a bug, known or whatever. For full info, I am only a year into the new save, with all leagues loaded. My beta save is around 7 years into with all leagues loaded.
  6. I asked earlier in the thread but it has been taken over by winter update which is fair enough, but I would like to know if beta process will still continue after recent winter update as I would love to get involved once again.
  7. Hi - Curious if beta will continue after winter update has released? I hadnt partake in beta for a bit now but I am quite interested to partake again.
  8. If you choose the winter update, your changes will be there but it will be overwriting any changes the winter update have. So, I would say that you will need to wait until winter update has arrived and redo any changes all over again. You cant merge winter update and current changes you have as it will have conflicting changes even if you only change the names, it will still have the old data in current change you have. So to answer your last question - when you start a new game, it will give you a option to pick winter update and then it will give you a chance to tick or untick the changes you made on editor, you can untick that and give the winter update a proper go.
  9. I can confirm that any changes you made to the database (that is not included in the latest update), will be overwriting any official update. I found that out the hard way last year, so I would hold off any changes you want to make until the winter update has arrived then you can make any adjustment you desire on that.
  10. Would be between late Feb - early March, in keeping the tradition from the past years of FM. They will release it once it is done so just keep on gaming until it is done.
  11. The contract will need to be a month if it is a player from a club that's frm the same nation as yours. If it is outside of your nation that you are managing in, it will be 6 months. You will need to check the contract's expiry date. Usually you can approach on 31st December/1st January and they will come in end of the season.
  12. Give them the save for them to investigate if you still have that save @bradwhiteuk Would be invaluable for both of us in long run.
  13. Is it me or has the widget at home page suddenly changed and with me unticking "highlight important panels on overview", it still change back after I have my widget the way I want it. Anyone else experiencing it. Not too sure if this is a bug but I have a strong feeling it is.
  14. "Previous FM" - Previous FM didnt have World Cup like FM18, FM17, etc. That's why you didnt notice it. FM15 is likely to have the same thing but unfortunately I can't recall if there was something similar.
  15. You need to exit FM19 first and make sure it is not running to be able to select it.
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