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  1. There's no need to double post. There's no scheduled dates whatsoever and there wouldn't be any. It's just estimated in two weeks, maybe earlier, maybe later.
  2. Firstly of all - I want to congratulate @XaW(however belatedly) on becoming a moderator. Secondly - Just a small feedback that I think hasn't been touched on by anyone yet - At end of the seasons award, it become a little laggy while scrolling down the players when on the transfers for the season and it process to the next part very slowly. Has anyone experienced this as well or is it just me?
  3. You can change that in the staff responsibilities. You can find that by going to responsibility > Advice and Reports then change the "Provide Youth Development Information" to HoF. This should make it so that intake information come from HoF, not DoF.
  4. I know this is the last thing anyone want to answer but I am curious as I am anxious to start a long term save and I am quite concerned that the regen is apparently "broken" which already has been reported by various people in the bug section. Any idea if it has been fixed yet or if it is save compatible kind of fix?
  5. Indeed. Sad that I lost few hours of work though. I learnt a painful lesson now that I should have had backup save just in case. Oh well.
  6. @Neil BrockJust want to inform you that Malwarebytes has just flagged FM21 pre editor as a ransomware when I tried to restart it. "RTP detection" it claims. Thought you might want to know.
  7. Scratch that - It shows up after few more restarts. Thank you very much @Neil Brock
  8. I am still waiting and I bought the game directly from Steam myself.
  9. Respectfully, it is not there. I restarted Steam couple of times already and it hasn't shown up.
  10. I do not see FM21 pre-game editor anywhere on the tools section, any reason why?
  11. They actually do not have any access to the data such as tactic being used. The PKMs are the only access they do have.
  12. Okay, this is going to get ugly. Post in the bug section of this forum if you genuinely think FM is somewhat easy or some kind of tactic is an exploit. There's absolutely no need for the sarcasm, name calling or the passive aggressive comments here at all whatsoever. We all play Football Manager, the very same game that brought us here, to develop the lovely community. Be nice.
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