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  1. Stuart - Hartlepool Nightmare of a season saw me 2nd bottom for most of the season, Herbie Kane got a injury that saw him out for 6 months, i couldnt pick up any points with my back 4 not doing what was asked and my forward line was even worse. by December things were at a all time low. To top it all off the board where unhappy with me and a meeting was called asking what was going on ( couldn't make it up) and i told them bad luck was the cause when really it was the lack of any real investment over the summer and rejection of any updates to training grounds or youth set ups, with all the Tv money flowing into the club the board were not willing to release any funds for the up coming jan window. With things with the board now at breaking point my agent told me that West ham wanted me as they just sacked there manager, Talks were held and the job was offered to me and i walked out of hartlepool a little angry but was really looking forward to the challange ahead. Stuart - West ham So where i am East london and walking into a very unhappy dressing room, players wanting out wanting to play champions league football and others just there for the wages they have been getting. A clean out was in order but you cant really bulld a new side in jan. I set about getting rid of the players who were causing the most trouble and who were on stupid amounts, this seem to have a good effect not only on the dressing room but also with the way the team started to perform. Before the sale of the trouble makers i had only won 2 of my 1st 6 games and also got knocked out of the facup, After the sale and replacement i won 6 of 11 with 3 draws thrown in too, it was a great turn around in form and showed me that tho the sale of some of my best players was a risk but it also showed i have the players that can step up when needed, after taking west ham over in 17th place we finished 12 a good return after such a bad start. Summer window Season ahead. Board want a top 10 finish but i want a Europa league place, this club needs Europa league football or champions league football fast. Its a club that can really go places, the set up is here all that is needed is me to try and bring it all togetter THE OTHERS Ali - Storming season for Ali did something me and andy couldnt do, not only did he keep his side up he finished in the top 10 great season. Johannes - Moaning about mid table boring seasons yak yak yak and on he goes lol, what he has to remember is that the side he has is very young and over the next couple of years. Still a solid season Gills - same issues i had with his lincoln side as i did with hartlepool. He took stoke and looked like he was going to take 2 teams down in 1 season, then he swapped it about and went on a great run at the end and stayed up, nice job Sean - Back in the big time, like i said Sean had a chance to go up from the championship and he did, He now has the mighty Fulham in the prem, might be a little harder now but im sure he can handle the pressure Great job Scott - finished 7th but missed alot of the season Mike Now in league 2 with blackburn after leaving Mansfield, How he gets on we will have to wait and see, it is a risk tho. Look out for other posts screen shots to follow
  2. Stuart - Hartlepool History made Hartlepool are in the Premier league 5 years after winning a non league playoff final to rejoin the football league and in true Stuart Fashion i don't do thing the easy way . After a solid start to the season using a 433 Dm tactic i brought in a 3 up top system that i used for 8 games mostly away from home, in that time i won 5 drew 2 lost 1 but at the time didn't know the issues 3 up top caused, after a long draw out chat we ban the tactic and so i went back to my tried and tested 433, I was also working on a new 4231 formation that was ready for the final push. with 9 games to go in the season i was 6 points off Gills and preston, with them 2 teams doing so well i knew that i had to win maybe 8 of my 9 games to stand any chance of getting 2nd Things started off well with 2 wins from the final 9 but the a loss to Villa saw me fall 8 points behind and though my dreams of 2nd place was all but over. I needed preston to slip as i didn't think andy would slip up, how wrong i was as both Lincoln and preston were dropping silly points and drawing games they should be winning. after the loss to Villa i switched to my new 4231 and i didnt mess about with nicking goals here and there, Very Fluid and overload from the start and see where the chips land at the end of it all 4-1 win against Newcastle followed by a 4-1 win against Ipswich Followed by a 4-1 away to sunderland had Preston and andy looking over the sholders, the gap was 1 point with 3 games to go. 3 points were all i could hope for now as i thought anything less would see preston and andy get away from me. a 1-1 draw against Wednesday was followed by another 1-1 draw against reading, thinking all was lost preston were still drawing games, they even drew there game in hand that would of seen them go up. So on the final game of the season it was all up for grabs, I was away to leeds and Preston were at home to Barsnley who were also sitting just outside the playoffs so they had something to play for to. I got off to a flyer and was soon 1 up, but in good old Stuart Fashion it soon became 1-1 then 2-1 and then 3-1 before HT, i even put on skype its Playoffs for me. At half time i changed it again 2 up top AMC 2 inside forwards one MC and full backs bombing on, What happen next will go down in hartlepool history. My Rightback found himself somehow in the box for a cross to make it 3-2 moments later on loan striker Giffin hammered the ball home from 25 yards to make it 3-3 and then it happen a corner came in that was headed clear by the leeds Defender and Herbie Kane struck the sweetest volly i think he will ever strike that gave the keeper no chance senting the fans wild and my laptop up in the air ( kid you not i jumped when he scored lol ). i paused the game 541 was the system and orders were anywhere will do. leeds had 1 chance at the end but it was not to be, FUll TIME LEEDS 3 HARTLEPOOL 4, FULL TIME PRESTON 1 BARNSLEY 1 HARTLEPOOL ARE IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE. SUMMER WINDOW 25.5m i was given, add to that i have a new board after a take over who have now starting on building a new ground for me. I have been put into a temp home for 2 seasons that holds 12.500. the new ground will only hold 15,000 but its better than what i have been working with. With off the field plans now under way i needed to get a whole new side, maybe kane and a couple of others can play at this level but other than that it was a fire sale. Below is my business SEASON AHEAD, Simple ready 17th or better. Have to stay in the league to get the fund to build this club up into something special. THE OTHERS Johannes - solid season now 3 up front is ban from clan he is working on a new system, will be interesting to see how he goes, Andy - won the league and rightly so, has build slow at lincoln and now goes into the prem with a better set up than me for sure. i expect him to be mid table or better next season as the players he has already are good enough and what his added have that touch of class you need at this level. Ali - Joins Me andy and johannes in the prem with a great playoff final victory, after heart break last season Ali found it hard going early on, then it got his act togetter and make a late charge and was able to take that form into the playoffs and all the way to the final where he won against leeds. Ali is said to be very happy with his window as he has signed every player he wanted, time will tell what he does next season but i think 17th or better like be will suit him fine. Sean - The Contract on Sean head has been put away as he took my beloved Fulham back into the championship, he done it in style by winning the league, Sean has added some very good players this window and i think he can go up next season. great job COYW! Mike - The Shock package of the season, Mike somehow has taken Mansfield up into the championship, He was in the playoffs all season but what really is impressive that he had to do it the hard way by besting Middlebrough in the playoff Final, a team that should never even be in the league with the talent they have, but mike hung in there and won 1-0 in the final. Mike might find it abit harder than sean next season but still a great job by getting Mansfield up. Scott - Oohhh Dear, left plymouth with the hump after it all fell apart, waited till end of the season to take a new club and used the lowest human rule by jumping into league 1 and has taken over at blackpool. Time will tell what he does but he has some good players there so who knows. Big well done to all the members this season on going up with there clubs, Even scott went up and didnt have to do anything lol. Till next time
  3. END OF SEASON TABLES Johannes - chesterfield Andy - Lincoln Stuart - Hartlepool Ali - Cambridge Sean - Fulham Mike - Mansfield Season Reports to follow from members on a truly Crazy season
  4. END OF WEEK STANDINGS Johannes - Chesterfield Stuart - Hartlepool, In dream land right now. Gills Lincoln Ali Cambridge Sean - Fulham Mike - Mansfield Scott - Plymouth
  5. Stuart - Hartlepool Unbelievable jeff. They were the words being screamed on the last day of the season. after a solid start to the season we were in and around the top 2 all season long, a little dip in form before the jan window saw me slip to 8th but with it being so close it didnt really bother me, with by back 4 doing really the only thing letting me down was my forward line, Mardine had been doing his best but was getting tried after player every game and injurys were starting to creep in. Looking at bank balance it was not looking good, tho i could spend money if i did i would throw myself deep into debt, it was either stick with what i got of go for it, i only needed 1 Striker and after thinking long and hard about it all window on the final day i made my move, it was to change EVERYTHING. Moving wages into money and letting players go i was able to 325k togetter and sign Stefan Payne and boy did i make the right choice. 12 games 7 goals he returned with in the 2nd half of the season and with 1 game to go i was 3 point behind bolton but had a better goal difference, what happen next was nothing short of crazy. We were at home to Rochdale as bolton needed a point or more against there Rivals Blackburn. i went all out attack and was 3-0 up after 60min, all eyes then went onto blackburn game 0-0 for the 1st 70 the last 20 was madness, Blackburn take the lead to send out fans crazy word had got to the players and the pressure was off and a 4 goal was added close to the end. in stoppage time the cheers had stopped at Bolton had scored in the 91st min goal to make it 1-1 with our game over with we all waited on the pitch and moments later all hell broke lose as word had come that Blackburn had scored with the last kick of the game 90+3 meaning Little hartlepool had done the unthinkable with back to back promotions. Never in million years did i think this side was able to finish 2nd top i was always of the mind set that we would find the league abit to hard for us but fair play to the players, they didn't fear anyone and got the job done. Jeff loses plot as blackburn get last seconds winners to send us up MASSIVE JOB ON OUR HANDS With us going up has made things really hard.. This is a league 2 side no better than that be it with the ground or the set up over all. With no money at all ive been left trying to get a team togetter so we don't become the whipping boys of the league. Looking at Sean last season and the goals that he leaked all season i have tried to sure up the back 4 and i have made some good signings with the Danny wilson of Rangers and john ruddy being stand out. My window is going to be a long one and i need more players. SEASON AHEAD Nobody gives us a chance and rightly so but we will try our best and hope for abit of luck along the way. THE OTHERS Johannes - No stopping him now hes in the prem Money and youth talent the rest of us can only dream of. Great season the ice man and mid table is a sure thing next season Ali - So unlucky, got to Playoff final and should of won but a sucker punch at the end cost him. Will go again next season and has added some very good players. Andy - solid season yet again for gills. hes building a solid side now and im think he might go up next season. He has a great eye for a player and his summer business has been very good. One to watch Sean - After a shocking 1st half of the seaosn Sean almost pulled of the greatest of great escapes. After he went down Stevenage Shockingly sacked him, He is now at the home of Football down at Craven Cottage and has Fulham. He best turn things around there or he will be getting a dry slap off me lol. Mike - Think might might be a little unhappy the way his season went, he was fighting it out with me in the playoffs most of the season but fell away towards the end, Should be up there next season but there some good sides in that league this season Scott - So unlucky to miss out on a playoff place, He has signed my old Striker Kane and with a beast of a target man now in his side im sure he will be going up next season. Well thats you upto date Screen shots to follow
  6. END OF WEEK STANDINGS, AND WHAT A WEEK Johannes - Chesterfield Ali - Cambridge Andy - Lincoln Sean - Stevenage Stuart - Mighty Hartlepool ( We got a chance! ) Mike - Mansfield Scott - Plymouth
  7. Stuart - Hartlepool After 46 league games and being top most of the season we did the same thing as we did last season. Lost 5 out of the last 8 games, it cost us the league and almost a top 3 place. I have no idea why this happens but i will stick to the ME of Football manager that truly sucks balls. Im not going to go into it but other members are now saying they can see whats going to happen before things happen in the game, One being when a goal is coming. Anyway i not going to let the Games terrible mechanics get in the way of what was a very good season for hartlepool. Still having much of the same side as last season with the players we added in the summer we was a force all season. Madine proved to be the striker i thought he was with 23 goals in his 39 league games. my winger Frank was another who had the season of his life. i could go on and on with how well the team did this season but they all chipped in when they needed to, it was a team effort and with that in mind im going to go into league 1 with alot of the same players. It also comes down to money we now own our ground and i can get to work on the whole set up of the club over the next 4,5 seasons. But i firmly think that this side is good enough for a midtable finish next season. I say midtable because the club as a whole is not ready for the step up to the championship anytime soon, i must lay the groundwork first if i am going to do anything down the line with this club. Over all the season has been good to me, apart from the final few games but ive had my say on that and wont say anymore on the topic, Next season will be our biggest challange and one i cant wait to get stuck into. Below is how the season played out.. Jeff at full time win against Port Vale Summer window Like i said i wont be ripping the team apart but will try and add in key areas where i know where are weak. I would like a couple of Center mids and a solid Center half, a Falls backs are still something i worry about and with brexit now in full swing on the game my french left back can no longer get a WP ( least the game gives you what you voted for ) so i will need to sell him but have a replacement already lined up. Money is now tight at the club, the 2m loan taken to buy the ground will now bite as the pay backs have now started, i will be looking to get the board to upgrade the training ground either this season or next but i am in no rush with this club, It is small so its going to take time. Season Ahead 5th bottom ill be happy, Only looking to stay up have a better cup run than this season and get the funds needed for my plans down the line, other than that im not looking to do anything special. The Others Andy - Solid season in the championship for Gills, midtable is a great effort and with funds now starting to come into the club he will be sure to push on over the next couple of seasons. Ali - Outstanding by the Teacher, Came up from league 2 had the worst summer window ever so went with the same side that took him up and they went and won him the league, Truly outstanding Effort Sean - Like me sean is not happy with the mechanics of the game but he will be happy with a 2nd place finish him Ali and Johannes had there own personal battle all season long and nerves were shot to bits by feb so it made the chat on skype quite funny them all playing mind games. Solid season for sean, big test now tho Johannes - Like Ali, the iceman has gone up 2 seasons in a row, He was very unlucky not to win the league, only a Bug that stopped him from going up ( the Bug they fixed about game frezz when u sub players, yeah that one lol ) but he made the playoffs look easy. Johannes has cash and a takeover in the pipe line and is one to watch again next season as he might make history and do a Wimbledon and go through the leagues into the Prem. Mike - Steady season for mike, hes got one eye on next summer i think and moving clubs, Mike is the arry rednapp of clan, likes a bargin but don't stick about long at one club, his efforts at Mansfield tho have been very good, and only the outstanding work but the 3 guys above have taken some of the light from what was a very solid season from mike. Scott - Having Man flu Scott got sacked and took over plymouth, He started really well with them and moving away from the drop zone, Then the snow came and like a child went out and build snowmen and had snowball fights when he should of been helping his plymouth side. He was lucky not to get sacked as the board are not happy with him so a quick start will be needed next season to keep the pressure off him. Well thats another season done. Look out of the others post, Im sure that will have more info than seans does lol. Till next time
  8. END OF WEEK STANDINGS Andy - Lincoln Sean - Stevenage Ali - Cambridge Johannes Chesterfield Mike - Mansfield Stuart - The Mighty Hartlepool Scott - Plymouth
  9. Stuart - HART-BREAK-POOL After 158 seasons playing Football manager with the clan never has the game screwed me over like it did this season. I had been punching above my weight all season long hanging around the top 3 all season long, beating teams that i should never have had the right to beat. We started off slow 1 win 6 but then it all came togetter big time, we went on a run where we won 13 out of the next 15 games. It saw us in the top 3, and the dream of going up was alive and kicking. in the Jan window i made some key signings to boost my numbers and add the class i needed, we was still weak in the fall back area but we was getting by, We also had a great cup run that saw us up against Liverpool, We was at home and we was able to get a 2-2 draw and maybe should of won, but in a way i was happy because the reply would give us much needed cash from the gate, added to that the game was shown on TV tho we lost the reply 6-1 we made 1.2million out of it something that will see the club right for a couple of years. After that things went down hill and this is where i question the games algorithm as from nowhere i lost 5 games in a row, not only did i lose i got hammered 16 goals leaked in 5 games, losing to side who where nowhere close to me who were playing like Madrid. I was in a rage but i left everything how it was to see if it would turn around, same team same tacitcs i changed nothing, and then from nowhere things changed again i went and won 7 of the next 8 only a losing to Ali. But we were still fighting for 3rd spot and ali had slipped up, with 2 games to go i was 4 points clear, a win at home to Gillingham who sat 23rd would see up. This is where i question everything about the ME, i said to the clan that there was noway i was going ip, i said i would lose to gillingham and lose to barnet, the reason i said this was because of the 5 games i lost from nowhere. Anyway 23rd in the league Gillingham turned up and played like Man City and barnet went 3-0 up in the final game after 20min, No shock really as i did say it to everyone. so it was the playoffs for me. After a 3-3 Draw in the 1st leg against Notts county i beat them 3-1 at home, I Faced Swindon in the final, Ali said i should go up and i said nah the fix is in, I knew somehow the ME Would find a way to keep me from going up, and boy was i right. 0-0 at half time saw me playing well, 2nd half we was much the better side, and in the 85th min we got a pen and my pen taker Arnold Garita who had only missed 1 all season long, and yup you guest it he missed again, with that swindon went up the other end ref gave them a pen they scored game over season over and the Fix was proven and it was hart break all round. I love playing Football manager but when you start calling things that will happen before the games are played and then see it play out you have to question the the ME and the game itself. I might come across bitter but the others will tell you the same story i have, I knew i wouldnt go up and i knew the fix would be in and i knew games i would lose and how i would lose, Even calling that a pen would screw me over as its all on the skype chat we use. Anyway thats my season. below is how it went SUMMER WINDOW I dont need much this summer, Full backs a center half and a winger and a Striker and im good to go, I will be selling off the dead wood at the club and bringing in new staff and alot of players will be leaving on a free so that will free up some much needed wage. The club has a tidy sum of cash now with a great cup run and even the playoff final at wembley gave me 700k in gate. Added to 575k for finishing 4th in the league we have over 2 million in the bank. Business so far Season ahead I have to go up this season or i will be left behind, others are moving up the league and only me and scott are left in in league 2. The Others Andy - Great season for him, winning the league again saw him run riot. His forward line is crazy good, Trouble he will have now is the club wont be able to keep up with him, he will need to upgrade everything and try and stay in the championship. anyway you look at it, its been a wonderful couple of seasons for the Ceptic fan lol. Well done m8 Sean - Hard line for sean this season, was fighting it out in the playoffs but fell away at the end and finished 7th and missed out. Sean will go up next season i have no doubt, He will write the wrong of this season. Johannes - Great season for the ice man, wonderful forward line great cup run saw him win the league, johannes has a great side and a good set up at chestefield and it wouldnt suprise me if he went up next season. Mike - Strong 2nd half to the season saw mike go up in 2nd place, his side was a handful all season and they found form at the right time. Well done Ali - Beat me into 3rd place missed some of the season but his ass man did ok for him, when he was able to play ali was very strong and he is another who will be fighting it out in the top half of the league next season. Well done Scott - so close to the playoffs but just missed out, Scott like me has one of the smaller sides in the league, he aint far off a very good side, and i hope me and him go up next season.. Well thats that on a season of Queations and heart breaks. Look out for the others post.
  10. Stuart - Hartlepool -AKA Monkey hangers After the nightmare of last season on and off the pitch, it was time to pick a new team, With Scotts micky mouse side sporting such a low MP there was little for me to pick from, but Hartlepool had made a return to the football league and as Sean said, DO IT FOR JEFF!! ( stelling for those who don't watch GGS on a Saturday ) The side was really weak and tho i am not one to rip a side apart in one window this summer i went crazy. 17 new signings so far and more on the way will see me with a whole new team for the start of the season. Below is my list of summer business Monkey hangers The Hanging of the Hartlepool Monkey Legend has it that during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, a shipwrecked monkey was hanged by the people of Hartlepool, believing him to be a French spy! To this day, people from Hartlepool are affectionately known as ‘monkey hangers’. A French ship was spotted floundering and sinking off the Hartlepool coast. Suspicious of enemy ships and nervous of possible invasion, the good folk of Hartlepool rushed down to the beach, where amongst the wreckage of the ship they found the only survivor, the ship’s monkey which was apparently dressed in a miniature military-style uniform. Hartlepool is a long way from France and most of the populace had never met, or even seen, a Frenchman. Some satirical cartoons of the time pictured the French as monkey-like creatures with tails and claws, so perhaps the locals could be forgiven for deciding that the monkey, in its uniform, must be a Frenchman, and a French spy at that. There was a trial to ascertain whether the monkey was guilty of spying or not; however, not unsurprisingly, the monkey was unable to answer any of the court’s questions and was found guilty. The townsfolk then dragged him into the town square and hanged him. So is the legend true? Did the good folk of Hartlepool REALLY hang a poor defenceless monkey? There could perhaps be a darker side to the tale – maybe they didn’t actually hang a ‘monkey’ but a small boy or ‘powder-monkey’. Small boys were employed on warships of this time to prime the canons with gunpowder and were known as ‘powder-monkeys’. Over the centuries the legend has been used to taunt the residents of Hartlepool; indeed still today, at football matches between local rivals Darlington and Hartlepool United the chant, “Who hung the monkey” can often be heard. Most Hartlepudlians however love this story. Hartlepool United’s mascot is a monkey called H’Angus the Monkey, and the local Rugby Union team Hartlepool Rovers are known as the Monkeyhangers. The successful mayoral candidate in the 2002 local elections, Stuart Drummond, campaigned dressed in the costume of H’Angus the Monkey, using the election slogan “free bananas for schoolchildren”, a promise he was unfortunately unable to keep. However this appears not to have dented his popularity, as he went on to be re-elected two more times. Whatever the truth, the legend of Hartlepool and the hanged monkey has endured for over 200 years.
  11. Stuart - Sacked by Notts county Its a season i will want to forget about but there is little chance of it. Like always there is Drama when it comes to football manager season. We had a really good summer window, with some good loans and a couple of frees, Carlton Cole was going great for me. signed on a free and on a 1 year deal he was quite the find, 10 goals before we got to jan i was really happy with him, I also signed Stephens Humphrys on loan from fulham. Being a Fulham fan i know all about this young lad and what a handful he could be in league 2, He was going great with 5 goals in 8 games then got a bad injury that had him out till christmas. It was a season changer for me as before that i was sitting 3rd in the league. After that things got harder, with me losing players to injurys week in week out, at once stage i had 8 1st team players out, tho i still went to cambridge and won 1-0 in there own back yard with a team of kids and old men. When we finish for the week i was sitting in 8th place and 2 points off the playoffs, i was looking good. Manager injury After leading County to 8th i took myself and my Mrs out on sunday to watch the derby games, after a good day i headed to bed early so i would be fresh for mondays session. Half way though the night my sciatic nerve pinched and i ended up in hosptial till Wednesday. After telling the clan members what went on i somehow sat in front of the screen and play the session. It was to be my downful, Being on very powerful pain killers and the dreaded morphine i wasn't able focus on the games at all, i went from 8th to 18th in less than 3 hours and was sacked, i handed over host dutys till Sean and he saw the season out for me, i went to bed wednesday and i woke up friday. Road to Recovery As i write this i am happy to say that i am off the morphine but will be laid for sometime. This is great news for the rest of the lads cos they know ill be about most of the time. I will be back in charge of the game Sunday where we will be having a extra session and i will let you all know what my new team will be. So thats my season, i hope for a mid table no drama finish next season. Till next time
  12. Stuart - Notts County So back we go to the start. Notts county i picked and pleased to be here. Seen as the oldest team in England it has a great history and shouldn't really be in the lower leagues of English Football so i hope i am able to turn things around. The Team is ok little weak in some areas but over all i pleased with it. The ground is very good for league 2 and County have a good following of fans. Season ahead. Mid table top half i will be looking for dont see me doing anything to special this season its all about getting to know the players and the club Nothing really more to add. Full end of season report will follow. so look out for that. Till next time
  13. Because of a conflict of interest the Scotland league is now closed. We will restart Monday back to our old stamping ground England. We will start off in league 2 and work our way up. Spots are still open for new people to join so contact me, Look out for posts by our members and the teams they have taken. Fingers crossed this time we should have a smooth enjoyable Clan like we always have.
  14. England Non league North and South for fm18 The PGC is one of the longest running clans around, we are about to enter our 7th year and we are looking for new members to join the PGC Family. Members who apply be must commited to the clan hours and days that we play ( Monday Tuesday Wednesday 7pm-11pm ) so jonny come lately's don't bother. If you like a challange and want to show off your skills then come join us as your just the sort of gamer we are looking for, And we can all do with the 6 easy points you will hand us all each season lol. To become a member all you need to do is get in touch with me, Stuart FFCSTU@hotmail.com. FFCSTU1428 STEAM OR SKYPE Your net speed must be of good quality so anything under 4meg we wont take as it will slow the online game down for other members so check your speed before you apply. All members must have Skype as we use this to communicate. Players must be 18 or over I look forward to hearing from you soon http://the-pgc.webs.com/
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