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Premiership Glory 2011 Clan


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Joe-no longer sheffield united

due to a minor disagreement with my board i left sheffield united of my own accord, further comment on reasons for this will not be made at this time.

Instead I find myself on the south coast at portsmouth and while the chairman staff fans ground and surrounding areas are far superior in every possible way to sheffield united the playing squad is to put it kindly very experienced-and overpaid and i find myself bottom of the premier league (but still a prem boss suckers!!!) and in a fight to save the club from the drop. Short term the aim is survival which is still a live possibility, long term even with relegation the aim is to rebuild pompey to the great club it should be and to do it in a cost effective manner, I will not do what Harry Redknapp destroyer of clubs did to them and lay the seeds for more financial trouble. Current big earners will be got rid of and replaced with young hungry stars wanting to make a name for themselves and I wish to quash the rumours that i'm just taking this job until i can get a better one as utter tosh i remain committed to portsmouth for the long term.........................(please forward any enquires for my management service to my pa)

Joe Portsmouth

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Fred - Millwall

Ah my first "bad" session for this season was done last wednesday, when we both had some poor results, my first bad patch and a transfer window I'd rather forget, bringing one 18 year old youth that won't be close to a starting position until some years of evolution.

Our last fixtures


A weird session last one, two wins in the start of the session, then we saw something that would sway our clubs good form, a 2-2 draw against a Norwich we always struggle with, this time we took the lead but a lax defense let them score before we equalized in the end. Then we had regulation fighting Barnsley away in a game i'd rather forget, a terrible performance from my team in this one where the at the time injured J.Henry was most missed on the RW. Then the 3d round of Fa Cup came, a hard away fixture against Stoke who were all over me, luck, good defending and good keeper kept me in the game and we hit them on counters 3 times to end the game 3-0 in our favor, a most fortunate win.

Then it was time, a critical game against Bolton away, a Bolton that was hunting me from behind and would pass me if they win...to my great happiness we scored 1-0 through Fred Sears and the likes of Elmander and Croatian ***** couldn't be find. Halftime blew and we were leading 1-0 and our defence had been looking rock solid in the first half but a stroke of genius from the AI Bolton manager came as he decided to sub his Croatian disaster for striker and in came the one...we all think of when we think of Bolton, yes Kevin Davies... 3 minutes into second half a cross in from their winger and a majestic curling header from Davies to make the score 1-1...and to make matters worse Elmander decided to blast from 30 yards, a shot impossible to save only minutes later. We never managed to score again and Fred Norling blasted off cursing ELMANDER CAN'T FRICKIN SHOOT FROM DISTANCE, ****IN FLUKE.

To make matters worse we scored 3, yes 3 own goals in the game against QPR, after taking the lead with 1-0, this game ended 4-2 in favor to QPR and I'm not going to waste my breath cursing about how the gods have forsaken Millwall, no, from now on we take guidance from the pits of HELL. The game against West Ham in the fourth fa cup round didn't have much fortunate either as we saw West Ham blast two goals from far distance, a shame since Christensen hade given us the lead only 40 seconds into the game.

Our next fixtures


With a fit Henry back and some talking with the lads we're looking to end our current form in tonights session, first we have a game against Cardiff, a team we've had problems with before, never winning against them, we should have earlier in the season when we drew 2-2 unfortunately Chopra came on in the dying minutes and scored an equalizer. After that we got a game against another flying side Southampton who'll be looking to wide the gap down to the 7th position. Then we have Stoke, a strong team but also a team we've beaten twice this season, can we really beat such a good Championship side thrice? Oh excuse me we had Derby before that, a playoff seeking side that is not to be underestimated.

I'm looking to secure playoffs, so we are going to take unnecesarry risks to win games, first and foremost we need to just get points and end the current loss streak. There is still hope for Automatic Promotion as Bolton only sits 5 points away but Bolton has arguably one of the two best squads in the championship only rivalled by Jims Burnley. Hopefully Bolton insane form will take a halt and please someone injure or buy Davies/Elmander.

Well not gonna bore you with idle chatter about the league. So here we got two screenshots of our history in transfers, Season 1 and the current Season 2.



Also our economy is something to rejoice over as we've doubled the balance since I first took over and the loan now only being 2m (it was 5 before). The plan was to have it paid off by by late 2013 but as things are looking now we can pay of the loan quite a bit earlier.

That was all for this time.

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Phil McCracken - Southampton

Season 2 2011/12

Mid Season Summary


League - Midtable finish(Changed 1st Janary) - currently 5th

FA Cup - 4th Round - 4th Round loss to Nottingham Forest 2-0

League Cup - 3rd Round - 2nd Round loss on pens to Newcastle

After performing well in the 1st half of the season my board approached me on the 1st January and asked if i would like some more money to spend, due to the fact that we were doing far better than expected. Obviously I took the money and started looking for better players to push on for a chance of the playoffs, and back-to-back promotions.



Eric aLichj - Aston Villa - Free

Ivan Bolado - RAcing - 650k

Silvano Garribaldi - Genoa - Free

Dani - Rayo - Free

Keith Fahey - Birmingham - Free

Sakari Mattila - Udinese - Free

Tom De Mul - Free

William Ekong - Free


Jay Bothroyd - West Ham - 1.4mil

Michael Owen - West Ham - 1.4mil

Tomasz Zahorski - Alaves - 250k

Currently sitting 5th in the league and currently on course to stay up!!! We have a real shot at the playoffs now but with 17 games to go anything can happen and there are a few teams that are chasing that top 6 and a chance to join the elite league.

Till the end of season

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Kim - Huddersfield

I am delighted to announce that I am back in charge of the Terriers! A two month long hell of a suspension has finally come to an end, with the board Terriers board crumbling under the massive pressure from you the fans, and from my killer solicitorteam! They shoved me out, but YOU, the fans, you PULLED med back in!!!

In regards to the farse of a process and the allegations flying left and right, it's now up to the prosecutor to decide whether or not to press charges against Mr.McDermott. It's been proven beyond a doubt that it was actually him seen by witnesses, and it was also him that planted the false rumours about my own person. I am truly disgusted and blown away that someone I thought was a good colleague could act in this matter. I can also inform that both myself, and Huddersfield Town FC, have filed a lawsuit against Mr.McDermott, as he has severely brought both me and the clubs name down in the dirt.

On to the good part!!

After Mr.McDermott's terrible attempt at being me for some time this season, we can all see that he is not capable of managing a big club like Huddersfield. I am happy to announce that Mr.McDermott is on his way out of our beloved club, and that I AM BACK!

Last night we came on, took charge and the players responded immidieatly. They were on poor morale, worse form, and in a rather disappointing 19th position in the league. I quickly assembled my team and announced to the joy of the squad that I was back, and straight away you could see the spark in their eyes. We flew out of the gates, smashing our first opponent of the night without any problems at all, scoring 3 and conceding 0. This was the first clean sheet the team had in the last 12 games, and it was a delight to see they team respond to my presense.

Second game of the night was against highflying Millwall. Fred's done a very good job with a mediocre club once again, and this was gonna be a tough game. The game was an absolute cracker of a game, with both Freddy Sears and Jordan Rhodes missing tremendous chances at both ends of the pitch. We dominated the play for about 60 odd minutes, but when you create chances and fail to score, it's only going to be a question of time before you get punished by quality players like Sears. Fred went 1-0 up, and it was just as the ref was going to blow the whistle we scored a well deserved equaliser. Classy game Fred, and I always enjoy the banter and screaming on skype when we play :)

Rest of the evening was a blast really. We played a total of 7 games on the evening, drawing 2; away to Fred and then another of the top 8 teams, and we won the other 5! I am truly delighted to be back, and we are now sitting in 16th place, only 9(!!) points behind Mike in playoff place. Have no doubt that we are not looking at that, but we aim to use this season as a building block for next season. I honestly believe we can get a top 6 next season if we can stick to the plan, but it's a long way ahead and it's alot of work to be done!

That's it for now, but rest assure I will be back with more later


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Sheffield Wednesday

After the disappointment of last year, followed by our difficult and slow start it feels good to write this having enjoyed a successful season whereby I have achieved my first three aims and most importantly write this as a Championship Manager.

Looking back at the season as a whole it’s clear that I had by far and away the best side in the division and better than any of the three sides relegated from the Championship. This means that I can put my poor start down to blending problems. We struggled for form and most of it came in the attacking third. The same group of players looked unstoppable in the second half of the season and the transformation was merely down to the 23 new players learning my ways and tactics and getting to know each other. The season was a triumph for perseverance and showed once again that strong nerves in the face of adversity combined with confidence in your own abilities, judgment and knowing the quality of your team will always be enough to pull you out of the mire. Other managers should take heed. I have been to the brink before, with wolves in my first season, when we were punching above our weight but not to the extent that I had told my board and after seeing no real return for them putting their money where my mouth was, they were not best pleased. Then I did not panic I held my nerve and I steered wolves to safety and never looked back. History repeated itself as I held my nerve despite being at the wrong end of the table, despite calls for my head from the vocal minority, criticism and misplaced conjecture in the press, but my will never wavered and it rubbed off on my players.

We never really beat our drum last season as we spent most of it playing catch-up and despite winning the division and securing promotion with a few games to go, it always seemed like a race against time to recover from our sluggish start. In the end, we lost two in the second half of the season, we finally started scoring but yet kept the tightest defence in the league. As the players settled one by one even the expensive flop, Mayor, showed the fans why I paid £475,000 for him and he started to bang the goals in. Saviao also started to hit the back of the net and declared himself happy and settled, it’s a pity he was already sold for next season by that point and perhaps he could have done a job in the championship too.

The defence did a great job, Weaver impenetrable, duffy, beevers, carlisle all solid. Elshott was magnificent in what will be his final season (still a top League One defender but his declining talent will not be enough for the Championship). Catá was excellent on the left. In midifeld the star man was Bebé (yes him the homeless guy from Man Utd) and how I hope to recapture him on loan next season (surely Sir Alex he needs to prove himself at the next level now and we’ve shown he have the platform to help him?) Barkley came on in leaps and bounds in the middle and was ably looked after by the thunderfooted Lacén and the sturdy McCann. Donald and Kevin rotated well on the right flank. Up front we really struggled. Gudjohnsen looked every bit the classy but fading veteran and linked attack and defence but could not weigh in with goals. Saviao scored but did little else and tended to score the easy ones (i.e. the 3rd in a 3-0), Mayor was a flop for the first 6 months but has rescued his reputation somewhat. Bogdanovic has never been a goalscorer in vast amounts but he did score as many as expected. It was mainly Bebé who weighed in with the goals and mostly the important ones too.

We crashed out of the league cup during our terrible start, we reached the FA Cup third round but lost against our first tough side, however, we enjoyed great success in the Johnsons Paint Trophy, winning the Northern Section before destroying Plymouth at Wembley in a very one sided final. I now have added two trophies to the collection at Hillsborough, the League One League Trophy and the Johnson’s Paints Trophy. Neither are going to feature high on the clubs roll of honour, but, none of my fellow clan members can boast two pieces of silverwear!

Financially the club is still in a mess and I hope that being in the Championship will mean that I will not have to sell players to buy. So far I hold spent £500k but sold well over £2m to do so. The wage budget at £90k a week was already at Championship levels, and it remains to be seen what the board will project after sitting down with the accountants,


League – 1st (expected 1st and promotion)

FA Cup - 3rd round (as expected)

League Cup – 1st round (expected 2nd)

JPT - Winners (no expectations)

Observations on the other clowns:

Nathan – excelled even his own wildest dreams, the man to beat

Jim - clans best manager finally beat his nerves.

Joe – got two clubs relegated from the Premier League after chasing his dream.

Stuart – dispair at Leeds almost matched by joy Charlton. Must go up next season.

Geir – finally sacked, has a good club in Scunthorpe and must now prove himself all over again.

Will – he did not enjoy league 2 and stayed up by the skin of his teeth. He’s down there for a while.

Fred – again his thin squad told as he ran out of steam. Still finished superbly in the play-offs.

Davie – no doubt about it, his best season ever on clan, Davie punched above his weight! When could we ever say that about him before?

Kim – mostly MIA – and his team suffered as a result.

Mike – sneaked into the play-offs like the slippery snake he is. He didn’t have the teeth to pull off the impossible. Expect him to challenge properly next season.

Jonnie – was mostly MIA and as a result he struggled. He came back to lead his team away from relegation, but failed.

Belly – great season as Belly eascaped the drop in a solid lower midtable position. It’ll take him 5 years to turn things around, but it is doable.

Oliver – great to see him back, he appears to have Brighton under control already.

Étienne Fougére - Sheffield Wednesday

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When I went for my interview at Sheffiled Wednesday, I was a nobody, well nobody Wednesday would know, but I remember some advice from a wise norwegian sage. So I nicked his idea and turned it into a 10 point 15 year plan. I explained to the board how i would establish Wednesday as the best club in the world within this period and that I was in this for the long haul. They were inpressed enough to give me the job.

Here is the 10 point - 15 year plan:

1. Stabilise the club’s finances (completed)

2. Rebuild the squad (completed)

3. Achieve promotion to the second tier within 2 years (completed)

4. Establish the club in the second tier within 4 years.

5. Achieve promotion to the top flight, within 6 years.

6. Establish and maintain top flight status within 8 years.

7. Achieve European qualification within 10 years.

8. Win a major cup within 12 years.

9. Win the Premier League within 15 years.

10. Win the Champions League within 15 years.

Étienne Fougére - Sheffield Wednesday

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Phil McCracken - Southampton

Well we were so close yet so far....

Somehow we managed to nick 6th place (and £2.2million) despite being in one of the worst run of form I have ever experienced on any FM gam. We would win 1 then draw 2 lose 2 then win 1 again, luckily for me all the other teams around us were having the same problems and couldnt put a decent run together. Unfortunately in the Semi of the playoffs we were drawn against Premier League quality Stoke, we lost the 1st leg 1-0 due to a dodgy penalty, but we didn't turn up for the 2nd leg and lost 3-2 to go out 4-2 on aggregate. Gutted as we had a decent chance of completing back to back promotions which would have been an amazing feat.

But im not too unhappy as I truly believe that if we had of been promoted it would have been a step to far for the squad. In my opinion we now have a strong Championship squad that should be around the top half again next year and with a few Key signings (I am pretty sure I know where we struggled last year) and hopefully some cash to spend and maybe, just maybe we could make it within 3 years, but that dream is a long way off. First priority is to avoid relegation.....

Finally the last lot of players that I dont want/didnt sign will be out of contract end of season which will release 50k a week up. So that should make for some nice spending, especially after last years s**t budget of just 20k.

Good season but we cannot rest now, there is still a lot more hard work to be done to start challenging for trophies.


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Oliver- Brighton

Well my long awaited return to the clan has begun and i have taken over from the club i was expected to take over at the start of the game Brighton. Well the new stadium has been completed which means we can get attendances up to 22.5k the only problem is that the club has been getting 5/10k per week. So i have my main objective.....Fill the damn Stadium...

When i arrived at the club we were sitting in 7th 8 points off the play offs with 6 games to go. Ii was just trying to adjust to my new players and make a decision who will stay and who is dead wood... I could never have expected that on the last day of the season we actually could have finished 5th. However, this was not to be and we ended up missing out on the play offs on goal difference I cannot be too dissapointed as i had only been in charge for 6 games.

So to business the club is bleeding money like crazy so I wont be spending in the window ill be searching high and low for free transfers.

Were ok in goal with the reliable Ankregren between the posts, We need a new cover left back and i managed to pick up a lad from Southampton on a free who is perfect. We have managed to add to Greer at Centre back with two more central defenders an Ireland International and Martin Taylor his experience at the top level of English football will be invaluable. Right back we have a very tallented Spanish lad but we needed cover so i bought in one player from Plymouth my only spending of the summer for 110k but he will be good for the club as he is only 18 and a Utility player we also bought in a young Right back from Chelsea on a free.

The Midfield was the area where it needed a total overhall first things first we needed a holding Midfielder so i managed to bring in a Icelandic International on a free transfer, We also managed to bring in the ex Arsenal and Valencia central midfielder Edu which i feel is a real coup for the club even though he is 34 he has the tallent to excell in League One add to that the Irish International i managed to bring in on a free the centre of the park looks solid.

On the wing i managed to bring in Andreas Laudrup (Yes thats right one of Michaels sons) and Gokhan Tore from Villa on loan and im very happy with my two main strikers we also have the potential to be bringing in Nile Ranger from Newcastle on Loan and two top quality players from Forest.

My board expect Promotion and my media expectation is 1st so i better not let them down. Looking forward to my first full season in charge and hope things will come good for Brighton as i feel its a Club that could managed to get to the highest level i just need to be careful with the clubs finances and shrewd in the transfer market.

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999 in the UK mate ;) Ive reported to the Mods aswell, because im 100% sure that the Olib1983 account has been hacked!!!!

Didn't you know that oli has spent the last six weeks in a rehab for spendaholics? He'll fall off the wagon soon enough!

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Belly - York

Thankfully after a change of tactic we managed to get some results and pull ourselves clear of relegation into 17th. I have since managed to fix my old FM10 tactic so it can defend on FM11 so this is my new tactics for the upcoming season. I have brought in some quality free transfers and expect to bring in a few more.

I am therefore quietlly confident and hopeful for the new season.


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Alright..how should I say this... in the start of the last session we were third some points behind Bolton, we started well and brought in necessary points getting closer to Bolton but disaster struck, Sears/Christensen and Morison got all injured..(they are my first 3 strikers) and this ofc made us unable to score however Bolton kept on their bad shape and with two games to go I won and found myself second with 2 points above Bolton and 1 point above a charging Stoke side. Promotion was so close I could almost taste it, only a home game against Reading, surely it can't be that hard? But with the injuries and lack of form on the front we just couldn't score, we had chance after chance and unfortunately they hit us on the counter and at the same time Bolton was winning, to make matters worse Middlesbrough and Stoke both got points which saw us drop from 2d to 5th in the last very game, which cost us many many many points in the prideful Hall of Fame and at the same time saw us losing the promotion position in such a sad way. In the playoffs we had to face off Davies Middlesbrough side, the first game unfortunately got stuck and we had to leave the game, which meant that it was all up to our ass managers, a game where my ass man cruised my Millwall side to a comfortable 3-0 win. With such a result on my back I was sure that I had already made sure of playing in the playoff final, and my confidence in that seemed even more true when we scored 1-0 on a counter in the second game, but than something that scared me to new heights happened, Gary'O Conner was in insane shape and got 2 penalties and scored 2 goals on his own and at half time the score was 5-1 to Middlesbrough but we hit back scoring two more goals in the second making the final numbers 5-3 and a total of 6-5 for my Millwall side, 11 goals..in two games crazy.

In the Playoff Final Stoke awaited after defeating Mikes Southampton...I knew it was a bad omen to be up against a team that we had already faced 3 times this season and beaten twice and drew once, surely we can't go through 4 games against a former prem side unbeaten? Things started well in the game against Stoke seeing our team playing with confidence and with pace...Schofield eventually got around the wing and crossed it into the box where Benachour showed up to score 1-0....but...wait OFFSIDE....Disallowed.. After this situation the Stoke players realised that this couldn't continue and surely but slowly they were taking over the game crossing it into the box all the time and making long shot attempts none of them were very dangerous though and so the game continued for the whole half and even for the second half until....Stoke got a freekick in the 91th minute and one of their defenders could head it in. A big big dissapointment for me..to lose Promotion in this way is just too much really, ah the gods truly hate us at Millwall.

However things to consider are.

Our board wanted us to survive.

Media expectation was 20th (only Jonny had worse media expectation of the human managers in championship).

My wage budget held LG1 class.

So truly it was a feat and a great adventure, shame it had such an ending to it.

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Phil McCracken - Southampton

Season 3 2012-13

Board Expectations

League - Expect Promotion!!! (Media Preiction 5th!!!!!)

FA Cup - 4th Round

League Cup - 3rd Round



Zavon Hines - West Ham - 775k

Joe Mattock - Sheff Utd - 2.1mil

Adam Dudas - Gyor - Free

Matteo Rubin - Torino - Free

Julien Francois -Havre AC - Free

Christian Bassila - Guingamp - Free

Simon Poulsen - AZ - Free

Mikkel Bischoff - Monaco - Free

Dare Nibombe - Arsenal Kyiv - Free

Akos Buzasky - QPR - Free

Anthony Vanden Borre - Free

David Prutton - Free

Michael McIndoe - Free

Steven Smith - Free

Stuart Taylor - Free

Soren Larsen - Free

Jermaine Pennant - Free

Martin Cranie - Free

Giacomo Beretta - Man City - Loan

Conor WIckham - Man City -Loan

Total In 2.9mil


Jennison Myrie-Williams - Wigan - 150k

Nathan Baker - Brighton - Free

Keith Fahey - Wolves - 625k

Toni Kallio - Released

Gavin McCann - Released

Lee Barnard - Released

Pol Bueso - Levante -210k

Michael Jansen - Deportivo - 325k

Febian Brandy - Doncaster -50k

Julian Jenner - Leeds - 275k

Ryan Dickson - Preston - 40k

Dani - Numancia - Free

Tom De Mul - Fulham - 1.5mil

Sakari Mattila - Numancia - 575k

Total Out 3.8mil

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Nathan - Nottingham Forest

Season 2 Round-up - English Premier League (2011/2012)

What a season for the mighty reds! First appearance back in the big time since the 1998/1999 season and we were back with a bang! A semi-final in the league cup, quarter-finals in the FA cup and a 6th placed finish in Premiership ensured that Nottingham Forest would once again be playing European football as we strive to bring back the glory days of Sir Brian Clough.

It was a remarkable season with away wins at Anfield, Eastlands and Stamford Bridge and a prestigious double over Premiership winners Arsenal. Other highlights are reaching the semi-final of the league cup, but sadly beat by Blackburn over two legs with my ass man playing both legs. We got off to a great start back in August getting ourselves in to the top 8 and we remained there all season long. With 6 games to go we were 9 points off 6th place and European football but with the top teams playing each other and a couple of points picked up here and there, topped off with a 3-1 away win at Stamford Bridge on the last day of the season meant we achieved something that nobody expected, that being bringing European football to the City Ground. With most people tipping us to go straight back down, the media said we would almost certainly finish in the bottom 3, so to achieve a top 6 finish really highlights the extend of our success this season.

Targets pre-season

Premiership - Avoid relegation (19th) – Actual - 6th

FA Cup - 5th Round – Actual - Quarter finals

League Cup - 4th Round – Actual - Semi-finals

We achieved this success by playing free flowing fluid attractive football with a 4-3-1-2 formation (3 CMS) and an attacking mentality. I can’t praise my squad enough but special praise must go to keeper Lee Camp once again! Who has kept us in games a countless number of times. Also captain Cahill, Yatabare, Kadlec and Tafer were instrumental in the Red’s rise up the table. I could stand here name the whole team but them 5 in particular stand out for exceptional performances throughout the season. Kadlec also won the premier league accolade ‘signing of the season’ with Yatabare coming second, and myself won both the premier league manager of the season and got the approval of my fellow clan members to claim the clan’s manager of the season. Which I stand here before you a very proud man after somehow pipping ahead of Jimmy ‘The best manager FM has seen’

Best eleven


Gunter – Cahill – Goncalves – Turan

Cairney – Sow – Cohen


Kadlec – Tafer

The fans player of the season was Yatabare who finished with an average rating of around 7.4 scoring 9 goals and 12 assists from AMC. And is now attracting a lot of interest from major clubs around Europe along with many other players! But with a thin squad already we’re looking to build on it not demolish it. With a great base of young talented players we have a platform to build something special here.

My board also agreed to expand the stadium by a further 2,000 seats after I kept my finances in a healthy state all season long, with a wage budget of only 185k (small than some championship clubs!) and I managed to recuperate around 6m in player sales along with the fact that we were making a nice tidy profit each month should mean that I receive a heft transfer budget next season. After all it will be needed if we are expected to challenge in all 4 competitions now that European football is on the agenda.

While I remain very optimistic for the upcoming season it is my job not to let players and fans alike get carried away too much, I’m going to have to curve expectations and also ensure that we don’t grow too fast too quickly as that could be the worst possible scenario being a small club with huge expectations place on our shoulders. Putting fans jubilation anticipation aside i do strongly believe that the squad I have to work with can achieve great things and this is just the start of a dynasty. Under my management and guidance I make a promise to all supporters that Nottingham Forest will once again be kings of England & Europe; sooner rather than later…Watch this space.

The other muppets

Joe - Portsmouth (Formerly Sheff Utd)

Joe did an outstanding job reaching the premier league with Sheffield Untied but from day one in the premier league, the Irish man was then later linked with his boyhood club Newcastle Utd and he followed his heart rather than his head and applied for the post thus meaning he was relieved of his duty at Sheffield Utd and he was unsuccessful in getting the Newcastle job so he was left without hope and job! But he managed to worm his way into the Portsmouth job that were sitting 20th…worse than Sheffield Utd. He finished bottom and now faces the job of reducing the excessive wage budget at Portsmouth which will be no mean feat. Although the upcoming season does look promising for Joe with and unbelievable strike force of Evans, Earnshaw, Nugent and Co, he could be back in the big time before long.

Jimmy – Burnley (Messiah)

Jimmy went about his second season in the Championship fairly quietly after the embarrassment of bottling it last season. His already huge and quality squad got bigger as his managerial reputation attracted global stars worldwide. He was top of the championship pretty much from the start and remained there all season along. And to ensure he finished the job he went on holiday for the last 8 games (already 24 points clear of 3rd) so there was no chance of him bottling it. Although the modest man himself claimed he was on holiday and spending a well-earned break after getting promoted with a bunch of ‘part-timers’ in his own words, claiming it was one of the toughest jobs in his decorated managerial career.

Davie – Still… Middlesborough…Somehow…Not for much longer

The fiery Scotsman put the misery of last season behind him with a 4th placed finish, ending up 2 points off automatic promotion, surprising everyone in the clan. He sorely missed out in the play-offs after losing a cracker to Fred in the semi’s that finished 5-6 on aggregate or something. But with Davies high placed finish the new season comes with more hope and expectation than ever after his board want the Championship title. Can Davie deliver and prove that actually is a good manager? Time will tell.

Fred – Millwall

A remarkable season for Fred, he performed above expectations all season long and found himself in the automatic promotion places nearly all season. His strike force were once again exceptional and it looked certain that he would be joining Jimmy in the promised land after being around 9 points clear past the half way stage. But injuries & suspensions caused Fred to blow up and falter at the final hurdle to miss out on an automatic spot and found himself in the lottery of the play-offs. As mention he beat Davie’s ‘Boro but got churned over in the final by a resilient Stoke City 1-0. Can Fred finally get to the promised land this season? He’s certainly going to be up against it.

Mike – Southampton

Another manager who done a sterling job, guiding his just promoted Southampton side in to the play-offs is no mean feat. He didn’t start too well but his performances and results picked up smoothly. He was dumped out of the play-offs by eventual winners Stoke which is no embarrassment, although the pressure is now on Mike as a good first season in the Championship brings more expectations from fans and the boardroom, and I’m sure they’ll want promotion this time around.

Kim – Huddersfield

Kim was absent for most of this season but his ass man as done as expected around mid-table finish, the real test for Kim will be this season is he able to build a good enough squad to mount a play-off push? Or will it be another season to build a strong Championship squad to push for promotion the season after?

Jonnie – Peterborough

Like Kim, Jonnie has be away most of the season and while it always looked tough for him to avoid relegation, he was sitting quite a few points above the drop zone towards the end of the season, but a few results went against him with teams around him winning and he quickly dropped in to the relegation zone and will be playing League one Football next season. Can he bounce straight back up?

Steve – Sheff Weds

Steve had a wobbly start to the season drawing the first few games and he instantly felt under pressure, but as the season gradually progressed so did his results shooting up the table in to the automatic promotion zone along with cup success…in the JPT, nevertheless a trophy is a trophy. Im not too sure what Steve’s expectations are for the upcoming season but I’m confident he’ll survive the drop but I feel I’ll be a step short of reaching the play-offs.

Oliver – Brighton

Oli has just joined recently and has got a team with high expectations and not a lot of time to get them ready; this could prove a tough task for Oli. He has already started to wheel and deal getting in a few loans and transfer deals in. But I still feel he could be up against it this season.

Geir - Scunthorpe

I get the impression that Geir isn’t totally enjoying his time at Scunthorpe however the professional that is Geir I’m sure will get on with things. I believe Geir could secure a play-off place this season with a few shrewd signings and if he’s able to make most sessions!

Stuart – Charlton

Stu was highly unlucky last season missing out on the play-offs in the last game of the season, after turning them from relegation candidates to promotion hopefuls in half a season. I fully expect Stu to win League 2 next season and as do his board. Can he handle the pressure?

Belly – York

Belly Belly Belly, not the best of starts to his career at least things can only get better, but there yet may be light at the end of the tunnel he looked certain to be sacked 3 times in two seasons but he managed to put a run together to climb his way out of trouble. With a few smart signings surely he could push for the play-offs.

Will – Morcombe

No hope for the lad

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Geir - Scunthorpe... jeez...Scunthorpe....

So here i am... Scunthorpe....

Got rid a few players, signed alot..mostly free and transferlisted - cheap.

Media expect the same as my board - mid table, myself hope for Play-offs same time as the other 2 humans in my league go direct promotion.

If i suddenly get happy with this little club, i hope the top teams do well, sign talents and let me loan them...

Geir - with a job. signing off.

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Will - Morecome

Ok so after what has to be the worst season iv ever had im all the years iv played fm this season I had to improve and do well.

But as always there was problems at the start of the season for me and morecome but in the least unlikey way wen i took a holiday in aberdeen my ass man took it on himself to release 7 of my key players also 5 of 8 coaches and he walked to by the time i arrived back at the club it was in tatters due to incompitance on my behalf i was left with a team of fringe players and u18s so i had to get plyers in fast as the new season was a bout to start and to make hings worse the 1st game i had would be belly great that was all i needed.

Then i sign my new ass man and with a great relationship that we built over a few weeks and talking about how we would run the club and the style of play we would bring in to the team we went about sigining play 1 of which never got a game till 15 mathes in to the season as my top 2 gks wer out for a month and its turned out hes my best gk now heres the big news at the club we were predicted to finsih in 20th but a miracle has happened at the club we wer expeting to be at least 2nd or 3rd from bottom but we arnt we are fighting for THE TITLE thats rite the title sitting in 3rd on 28 pts with stu on THE SAME yip the same 28pts at one point stu was 5 pts clear at the top but hes thrown it all away and the drastic and major changes and reform at morecome has been the best thing to happen.

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Will - Morecome

Ok so after what has to be the worst season iv ever had im all the years iv played fm this season I had to improve and do well.

But as always there was problems at the start of the season for me and morecome but in the least unlikey way wen i took a holiday in aberdeen my ass man took it on himself to release 7 of my key players also 5 of 8 coaches and he walked to by the time i arrived back at the club it was in tatters due to incompitance on my behalf i was left with a team of fringe players and u18s so i had to get plyers in fast as the new season was a bout to start and to make hings worse the 1st game i had would be belly great that was all i needed.

Then i sign my new ass man and with a great relationship that we built over a few weeks and talking about how we would run the club and the style of play we would bring in to the team we went about sigining play 1 of which never got a game till 15 mathes in to the season as my top 2 gks wer out for a month and its turned out hes my best gk now heres the big news at the club we were predicted to finsih in 20th but a miracle has happened at the club we wer expeting to be at least 2nd or 3rd from bottom but we arnt we are fighting for THE TITLE thats rite the title sitting in 3rd on 28 pts with stu on THE SAME yip the same 28pts at one point stu was 5 pts clear at the top but hes thrown it all away and the drastic and major changes and reform at morecome has been the best thing to happen.

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Dont like this man, never will. He decided to sack me after a poor start to the season. To the clan members delight.

Notts County

I have decided to take over the County in league 2. I feel they have a great squad who are underacheiving in league 2 huge stadium for that level and no debts. Just paying the rent to the ground which I can hopefully fix.

My first game i won away 4:0, and only being 5 points from the play-offs and 15 from automatic I am confident that I can turn it around.

Belly I feel that he has found his level mid-table in league 2 with York as I can't see them getting promoted in the near future

Davie I feel this is his season to hit the dizzy heights of the premier league.

Steve I think a midtable finish for his team this season, then I think he will build on it next season

Fred Fred who I think so far has been the best manager in the clan, becase he has had a very small budget and got to the play-off final last year and I would hope to see Millwall in the Premier league soon

Geir He has had a great start with Scunthorpe and he will be in the championship next season

Jimmy Best manager in the clan might as well be called God. That is all.

Joe Kelly Managing Po***y and will be sacked in the near future

Kim Same as Steve another midtable finish and will build on it next season.

Mike Will be promoted into the Premier league this season with the mighty Southampton

Nathan Done very well with Forest but since I am Notts county i hope to play him one day in the league (which could be a while)

Oliver I think he will get the play offs in league 1 this season

Stuart he has the best team in league 2 with Charlton and should,will get promoted

WIll This has been a big shock to me with his great start, with such a small team and would love to see him get promoted

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Dont like this man, never will. He decided to sack me after a poor start to the season. To the clan members delight. [/Quote]

Old Barry Fry must have found wisdom at last, the only failure on his part was putting up with Jonnie's managerial negligence for so long. Jonnie has found his level in league 2, I think, but Notts County are too big a club for him.

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Tonight is the fourth of five sessions in consecutive days. We’ve found the window so going and everyone was eager to get to the start of the season as soon as possible, so on Wednesday we arranged an extra session on Sunday night to take us to the first game. Then the weather hit and with 80% of the clan housebound, and little on the box, it made sense to arrange an impromptu session and with only four hours notice, we managed to get 11 of the 14 together for our first ever (and probably last!) Saturday session. We ploughed through the close season, at a snails pace, joe’s fury built as drummed his fingers counting the days off and fuming at it going so slow wihilst he had nothing to do but wait. Other’s mumbled in agreement, whilst a few were silent other than to mumble apologies and put up defences for why they had to bring in their fifth left back of the summer. After persevering for so long, Joe was adamant that we would play a game, even if we had to wait all night long, and we finally made it come 2am.

Sunday’s session went ahead as planned and matches took place. Thereafter, we played Monday as usual and with a session tonight and Wednesday as always, we will be a long way into the season come Chrimbo.

On a personal note, I have secretly been dreaming of promotion, my assistant believes that we are fully capable squad wise of achieving our goals for this season, with his verdict on my first choice xi being that the team is full of leading players for our division. I translated this as meaning that if I got my tactics right then we should be a leading team. I tweaked last years successful 442 slightly to make it more rigid and defensive as we would be going from playing everyone in League One on the front foot to playing better teams and finding ourselves on the back foot more often.

It was a strange start to the season, at home we were the third best side in the league, winning four and drawing two of our first six games. Away, we were the third worst with a converse record to that of our home record. Late in last night’s session I reverted to my third choice tactic, a 4231, and it failed to deliver away as we lost 1-0. Then we got walloped 4-0 at home by Mike, though I did change the formation three times during the game (4231, 442, 4312) and the fact that the match report showed that we had had our fair share of chances. Lessons have been learnt, our back line was left terribly exposed by Mike, he was able to get players one on one with my keeper almost at will by launching a ball high over the back line, which shows we were playing a much higher line than we should have done and the midfield battle was easily won by his midfield two, our AMC was easily shackled and the wingers anonymous and the striker impotent. Lessons have been learnt, the 4231 is consigned to the dustbin, or to the bank of tactics to be used when I have a world class side, and instead I am going to return to the 442 and tweak it into a much more rigid and direct tactic or to drop a striker deeper and turn it into a 4411. Finally, I am also considering using a 4v51 formation as favoured by Mike and Kim, the latter would have been better used last season when we had Bebé to play as a wide forward and this season’s wingers have struggled to beat the better quality defences. Perhaps a more solid 4141 might suffice away from home and the successful 442 can continue to be used away. There’s considerations there, and I have a good idea of what I will try tonight. However, I am aware that there is a hell of a difference between a 1* keeper as played in my last two games and the 3.5* keeper I have employed for the last three seasons (Nicky Weaver), but it is perhaps my negligence that I have been without backup these last three seasons and as Weaver is now 33 years of age, injury is more likely to strike him than ever before.

Hopefully, I have the answers and I can use the rest of the season to find a much more solid formation for this level and then to build upon things by bringing in more firepower upfront and on the wing. In that regard, I may well sacrifice want away Donald and one of my prize central midfielders to raise the necessary funds.

Étienne Fougére – ponderous Sheff Weds manager

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Joe-no longer at poor old pompey

so i took the impossible job of pompey and it was impossible, i managed to shift some high earners but bring in some young hungry players including super ched evans but alas i suffered a poor start and despite winning 3 of my last 4 games lost my job due to impatience, how could i be expected to do a job by getting rid of players on stupid wages and signing freebies and loanees and trying to put together a winning side quickly.

so after a well deserved holiday somewhere sunny with many beautiful women i decided to take the plunge into league two management by taking over bradford and attempting to bring glory once again to this once proud club. The futures bright the futures the bantems

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Love the Professional Text Fred. Class m8

Belly - York City

Well after a slow start as expected due to the new tactic and influx of 10 + players we started to find our feet and our new strikers started to hit the back of the net. As you can see from the league our defensive record is excellent and the only thing which has let us down is our lack of goals. As previously mentioned there is real signs of improvement in this area with Mclean and Rose starting to find the net.

Unfortunetly both players have picked up injuries and our backup strikers are just not up to the job. However it shouldnt be too long before there back and then i expect to rise steadily in the league hopefully to a top half finish.

till next tuesday.

Merry Crimbo All..

Belly - York City

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Stuart- Ex leeds now charlton manager.

First all all i would like to say im sorry for my lack of posts over the past 2 weeks, its been a busy time at my new club so this is the first real chance i have had to update you all .


When i last posted i told you all how bad things were going, well they got worse and after losing my 9th game of 11 i got home that night and i knew then that my time at leeds was coming to a end and it was time to move on. The next day i went into the office and told mr bates that i was leaving the club and that i thought it was time for some new idea’s and that i wanted a move back to london. Thinking that was the end of the matter mr bates said to me that he was glad that i was leaving as it made it easyer for what he was about to tell me, he went onto say that he was selling the club and that the new owners would want there own person in charge of the club and that it felt it was a great time for me to get out with no bad feelings , so thats what i done. I leave leeds knowing that i had alot of unfinished business as it is a great club with great fans and a outstanding set up. I wish them all the best in the future.


After a 2 week break i was ready to get back into the swing of things and my agent had told me that the charlton were lookin for a new boss, i told him to set up a meeting with there board so i could put my views across to them on how saw the club and the future i could give it. After 2 days i get a call saying that the meeting is set up and i was to be at the ground for 10am. I make my way to charlton and im taken to the office where the board are waiting for me, i sit down and lay out my ideas to them and told them that the first thing that needs doing is to pull away from the drop zone and being 23rd in league 2 is not an option for a club like charlton, the board agreed with that and went onto tell me about the money troubles they had got. I already knew this as belly had been manager of charlton before and had said how bad things were. The interview went on for well over an hour with both sides putting there views across on how they saw the future of charlton and at the end i was happy with what i had said. I was then taken around the ground and shown the set up of the place, i was shocked at how good things there but then remembered that this was a premiership club only 6,7 years ago and all that was really needed was a man that could push the club in the right direction and i knew give the chance i was that man and 24 hours later i got the phone call saying that if i still wanted the job it was mine. OUTSTANDING!!

That season we found ourselfs in 23rd place at the start of feb and the window was shut so i could only get in 2,3 loan signings and one of them was trotta from Man city, he was a player i knew of because i am a fulham fan and knew he could do a great job for me in league 2 and it turned out i was right, by the end of the season he had scored 10 goals in 16 games but what i was wrong about was how far up the table we would go. The idea was to stay clear of the bottom 2 but we ended up fighting it out for a playoff place only to miss out by 1 point and all because we drew i final 2 games, it was a bitter pill to take but maybe now i look back it might of been a blessing as the team was not good enough to play league 1. That summer i went to work on the team and ended up signing 14 new players with the signing of danny drinkwater being a real eye catching one. I let 11 players go to in the summer and sold jose semdo for 650k to help try and lower the debt, that standed at 2.5million when i first took over, 21 games into the season now it stands at just over 1million.

As for this season i dont think i could really have asked for more, after 21 games we find outselfs sitting top of the league on 56 points and we also in the 4th round of the Facup with a trip to wolves to come, we are all looking forward to that game as we feel that there we might just cause a shock it will be hard but it will give it a good go. The jan window is here also and there are a few clubs sniffing around 2,3 of my players with Danny drinkwater being top of most peoples list, Signing him on a free from manchester united was a great bit of business for us and he is rated at just under 1mlliion, so if a bid of 2m or more was to come in then i think i would find myself having to sell my star player so i really that no bids are made as it would be a massive blow to all of us to lose just a great player.

Anyway thats about it you are now upto date with me and my charlton side now onto my fellow pros

Nathan : After finishing 6th last season with forest nathan is at it again and finds himself 5th in the league and with a real chance of a top 4 finish, Nathan is doing great things with his forest side and a league title cant be far away.

Jimmy: The best manager in the clan went up with burnley last season at the 2nd time of asking, after spending 25million in the championship jim is going well in the premiership but the last month of to he has been on the slide and if he cant change it around soon he will find himself in a dog fight.

Mike : Going really well with southamton and has signed some real good players along the way, he find himself 2nd in the league and should be there or there about at the end of the season.

Davie: At long last davie has got his Sh*t togetter and in touch with with the pack and could go up this season. He has found a system at boro that works for him, it was a hard start to fm11 but now he is starting to make it look easy.

Fred: Again up there fighting it out with the big boys with his millwall side, The clan really has to take note of fred as if he had any money to spend at millwall i belive he would run away with the clan year after year, what he has done with this millwall side is simply mind blowing, never got any money and a rep that is not much bigger than many league 1 sides. Great job

Kim: Doing well this season with his huddesfield side altho a lack of goals is costing him quite abit, he is still in touch with a shout at the playoffs but needs to get more goals if he is to have any chance. I have faith he will do that as hostory shows he knows what he is doing.

Steve : Going well in his first season back in the championship, Wednesday are lookin a solid side and have no real worrys about going down now, Steve signed some very good players and next season will be in a a shout of the playoffs.

Geir: Nobody really talked about Geir as he has gone about his business very quite but you will find he is top of the league in league 1, Great stuff with a scunthorpe side that was on the slide when he took them over, and im sure now he will be going up this season and if that happends what a fine job he would of done.

Oli: Well his Assman is doing a good job for oli as oli aint really been about much, he signed some good players in the summer but since then as been in and out of the game, of he was to play abit more then i sure he would be up there with geir

Will: The suprise of the season no question of that, will and his morecambe side are fighting it up with my charlton side for top spot, he finds himself 1 point behind me but is in a with a great shout of going up this season. For a team that almost went down last season and who was ment to finish no higher than 20th but to be 2nd is a find job.

Jonny: Sacked as peterbrough boss jonny took over a notts county side not really going anywhere, he has since gone on a winning streak with only the mighty charlton beating him. I think jonny might get a playoff place this season as he has one hell of a keeper as i found out.

Joe: Another who was sacked and find himself in league 2 with bradford who are a big club in this league, joe said it finds league 2 easy and his results seem to back that up, can joe do what i almost done this season and take a team close to bottom to a playoff place in half a season, we will have to wait.

Belly: Going well with york this season, his is midtable but for york that is a very good, when it took them over he had to build a new team. Its going to take time for belly and his york side but he is going along nice and if he was to get a top half finish i think he would class that as a very good season.


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Can't make Wednesday 29/12/10 session, so I'm gonna miss the season finale including my FA cup final, Europa cup final and the last game of the season to ensure a Champions league spot. Not like I'm upset or anything...

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confident in your abilities nathan aren't you........... doubt we'll make it that far by then anyway

anyway update from bradford

league 2 is fun, and my might bradford are on the charge, i took over a team that was underachieving in the league and it didn't take long to get the side back on track with a brand new untested tactic which is working out very well with 6 matchs played i've won 5 and lost 1 (my first one where i lost to an utter fluke of a goal which went straight in from the corner) that game was the last straw for 4-4-2 for me and ive switched to an attacking 4-3-3 formation with my wingers creating utter havoc for opposition defenses, from being well off the pace for a playoff spot i'm within a few points of one and with plenty of games left an automatic promotion spot cannot be ruled out as my team are on the charge with 18 goals scored in 5 matchs.

now onto the other fools....er fellow managers

Nathan: how the hell are you doing so well?

Jim: doing well in his stated goal to avoid relegation but is that really enough for the best manager in the clan?

Mike: not getting the boatloads of brazillians he would like but he's doing well but it is heartening my old club sheffield united are ahead of him, go blades!

Davie: Theres something wrong with the idea of Davie near the top of the league..............

Fred: keeping pace well, espicially among the bigger budgets around him, his love affair with freddie sears continues unabated (ps very professional text there fred)

Kim: in the running for a playoff but rumours hes looking to move onto pastures new with bigger budgets

Steve: Settling well into life in the championship, realistically just settle this season and launch promotion attempt next season

Geir: slipping under the radar and in driving position at scunthorpe for promotion, still think he doesn't want to be there

Oli: in and out of game and his side are underachieving

Stu: when he took over charlton they were on the slide out of the league and now hes repairing the damage done by a certain other unnamed human manager (belly) and restoring some credibility to this once meh club. Should get promotion this season

Will: now theres a turnaround, barely surivived last season now nearing the top, at least a playoff for him i think.

Jonny: didn't work out for him at peterborough now doing well at notts county, playoff quite achievable

Belly: an upturn from fighting relegation to mid table obscurity

thats all from me and Merry Christmas everyone

Joe-slumming it at Bradford

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Fred - Milllwall

The smell of blood has come, the reckoning is coming, beware!


After a bad start with a boring 1-0 loss against Leicester and a 1-5 thrashing from Sheffield united we find ourselves 4th 10 points behind the auto prom position, all new players have finally settled and the squad is at last fully healthy and our cup runs are over. After a little adventure in the league cup and a brief FA CUP, this will be mentioned further down in this post.

Alright let's start from the beginning, the PRE Season transfers.


With an aging squad it was time to start making changes, I sold old and inconsistent Shittu, I got rid of third choice left back Barron, Stu stole Harris but that served in my favour anyways as I could do without his wage, big flop Badiane got some games, got injured, got games again, couldn't score for **** and was shipped away for an amazing 1.6m and that's not all we're getting another 1.9m in the next 48months, a deal that makes our financial situation a lot easier. Inconsistent reserve winger Benachour was shipped away to Spain. Andersen left us due to not developing as much as I wanted and also having a rather huge wage considering he was 5th choice cb.

I'm happy to say that for the first transfer window ever it was easier to bring players to Millwall, much thanks to a much more safer financial situation that made my board give me a lot more room in the wage apartment and also a little rep boost in our fantastic display last season, thanks to this we saw the incoming of former Inter striker Okaka, who started poorly in the league but majestic in the cup with 4 goals in 2 games (although against weak opposition), he continued his great form in the cup with more deciding goals as we kicked out 2 prem teams from the league cup (Bolton/Newcastle) much thanks to Okakas performances, he also finally found a goalscoring form in the league hitting 9 goals before getting a nasty 6/7 week injury. We also brought in the ever faithful Sears from West Ham for the third season in a row on loan, he has once again scored a lot, 14 goals total (13 in league) shame is though that he always find himself having a hard time scoring on chances against top teams however his former weak shot/goal ratio has improved and he's gotten more efficient infront of the goal, however it'll be a fight for the starter position as both Okaka and Sears are on the same position.

Some other worthy mentions

Treacy, the player I bought for the left winger position, got injured the day after he arrived on training 3/4 months..which clearly interrupted my plans and was probably a clear reason to my poor start however Treacy returned Late/Early Dec/Jan and has been simply amazing in the league scoring 5 goals on 5 appearances. I can see why the already poor Preston is a disaster this season without this player.

Davies, the reserve centreback in Stoke was brought in to give stability and some class to the centreback position, he's been nothing short of brilliant this season so far averaging a rating of over 7 for the season so far, best performing centreback in the club at this moment. He's also not as old as the former/existing centrebacks in the club and in that gives us a foundation to build on for the future.


Got caps for the Belgian National team and got some skill at taking set pieces, something we desperately needed, has a great ability in taking Penalty kicks and finally we don't miss every single one. Can also score from distance. Is a bit too inconsistent for my taste though.


An alround midfielder, one I know of from real life experiences as he plays for Malmö FF, he is a tall midfielder who also can get into the box and head it home, started well, sadly his later performances haven't been that good and at this moment he finds himself on the bench. Also a choice for our biggest weakness (The Penalty kicks). Bought for the amazing sum of 30k.


I've been looking to get in experienced centrebacks that can renew the scarely old centreback position (Ward 34yrs old and Robinson 31yrs old, Shittu was 31yrs old). Some managers in the clan questioned my buying of this player as he's been both poor for Southampton this season and that he's not worth the amount of money laid on him. First, Southampton is going like a train in the league, second he had a good average last season and he excels at that which i'm looking for as a cb. Lacks a bit of pace, but this is something we're already aquintanced with in the club and the third and biggest reason is that it ain't easy to find "good" cb's for me at an age not too close to retirement.

Alright let's go into other matters, our predictions for this season.

Media Prediction: 11th

Fa Cup: Third Round (Got hammered by Arsenal 4-0 in the third round).

League Cup: Second Round (Got to the quarterfinals, but we sadly last after 3-3 full time and in penalties seeing them scoring every single one and sadly a tired Mutavdzic missing).

We've won our last two games in the league with 4-0 each and they were both away, one of the games was against excellent table leading Sheffield United, we've had boring and unfair losses to both Southampton (Mike) and Middlesbrough (Davie), these games saw us missing chances after chances, especially the Middlesbrough game, sadly Fred Sears, my top scorer over this past seasons just can't perform his best in these games and hopefully Okaka will decide the games in our favor the next time I meet them as i'm set for revenge. (Okaka was injured for both the games if I remember correctly, he did miss the game against Southampton, something that might have big consequences by the end of season).

As I said before 10 points is not an impossibility and with Sheffield getting hammered by me in the last game, surely they will confidence and start losing points and I can't see Davie contuining doing well, because, he's getting outplayed by several of his opponents yet winning luckily thanks to the individual quality in his players but how long can they keep on doing those special things for him and another reason is the squad size, while his squad is filled with quality, it really lacks depth, some injuries on key players and things will get hard, especially with the already displeased board who wants Davie to top the league, I have a feeling that they're quite unhappy not only due to the league position but also due to the financial situation of the club, as Middlesbrough are giving out some crazy wages, I truly believe that Davie will be sacked, sorry mate. Southampton is the only team I think is uncatchable for me, however the many signings and sellings might cause chaos at the field. So there is definitely hope for my side to reach that auto promotion side after all. Some of you might question my enthuiasm as i'm closer to the 7th than the 2d but our current form and the squad having no injuries, and we have no crazy schedule anymore as we're out of the cups.

Views on other managers

Will Insane, Mad, Delusional the three words that describe Will. His Morecambe side has been flying this season and so once again his goals go nuts. He now thinks that he'll take home the LG2 without a problem as he only sits one point behind Stus Charlton and he also thinks that there's no chance whatsoever of losing his current second position, despite only being 4 points ahead with 20 games or so to go. Delusional? No, not only is Charlton so much better than Morecambe if you compare the squads but they are also managed by a fairly good and consistent manager that definitely won't bottle it. Than again Wills biggest weakness is clearly that he is getting too high of himself.

Stu Has a side that should rip the LG2 apart, haven't really "ripped" the league apart but is still top of the league and is going for a sure promotion, things that talk in Stus favor is that his team has been doing so well with him missing most of the sessions this season.

Joe What happened? I thought it was a misstake from his part to take Portsmouth from the beginning but that it would go so bad was not something I expected. Going down from Premier to start in extremely poor fashion in the Championship, he deserved the boot. Joe needs to govern clubs that offer stability and future promise, something that Portsmouth never did from the beginning. Joe has restarted in the League 2 and is of to a good start with Bradford and my bet is that he's going to make the playoffs and hopefully also into the League 1 as he really is too much of a good manager to be in the LG2 despite his disaster at Portsmouth.

Steve Joined the Championship after promoting from the LG1, before the league started he had the highest goal set, too go up from the Championship, but it didn't take long before he got himself a reality check as he deemed the Championship to be easier than what it really is (a hellhole where everyone can swallow each other).

Kim Also dreaming of promotions and hitting the Championship pretty much the same way as Steve did, his side does play good football and will go so much better when he's find himself the top striker he's looking for. Kim has mostly been whining about his away form, declaring himself as the worst away team, which is quite funny as they've done much better than some other teams in the league.


Going as a train in the league with both having a quality side and the necessary luck to bring promotion (game against me, Cough cough). Should be aware of doing too many changes in the squad for the second half of season.


Sacked for Peterborough after a poor start and now finds himself at Notts Co. Will fight for playoffs how he will do is hard to say at the moment, considering his time in Peterborough.


Rough start, but found pace eventually and is now again in the top half and he will most likely found himself fighting for a Champions League spot this season, if he'll really reach it is a whole other matter though.

Jimmy Started fairly well in the Premier League and is looking quite safe from relegation at the moment.

Belly doing well atm with York and may find himself in a fight for playoff, as it ain't that many points away, surely it would be a good feat from Belly if he does so.

Geir Scuntorphe is top in LG1 and is looking to come back to the Championship after two seasons in the LG1, surely he'll not bottle it now?

Oli Brighton and Oli, no money and Oli, no results? Clearly Brighton is performing below their level and anything but auto promotion will be a failure for this club. He currently sits only 2 points from the second position and 6 from the first position but the point tally is still a dissapointment at this point.

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Geir - Scunthorpe

Top of the league!!!

Who could expect this little club to even have a shot at pormoting to championship ever again??

Then it is pretty close behind me, my goal was to fight for a play-off seat. that has not changed!!

The rest of the guys is not really doing well...

When Brighton and Peterborough got controlled by a non-human manager they are going really well, my guess is that they will both promote.

If i have to take another season in Lg1 i will take it!! Next season means smaller squad but pure Lg1 quality!

Ofcourse i hope to fight against relegation in champ next year.

Not too long before the season ends....

Looking forward to it!

Geir - Scunthorpe

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Sheffield Wednesday manager, Étienne Fougére, went to see the new chairman Ashley Carson, a few days after the successful takeover from the interim board and replacing former England manager and Sheffield Wednesday legend, Howard Wilkinson.

“Bonjour, Monsieur Fougére, ca va?”

“Trés bien merci. Hello Mr. Carson. You speak French well. How are you? Are you settled in to your new role?“

“Yes thank you. It’s been a few days now, I’m starting to get to grips with things and I’m coming to the end of my audit. I’m sorry I have been too busy to see you earlier.”

“I understand, but you can expect I have a lot I wish to discuss with you and I have been really eager to get started.”

“Me too Monsieur Fougére. Come in, come in. Take a seat, please. Would you like a coffee?”

“Thank you Mr. Carson, I do not drink coffee, however, I would like a mineral water, please.”

“No problem. Please call me Ashley. If we are to have a close and effective working relationship then I think we should be on first name terms, do you agree Étienne?”

“Yes Ashley.”

“Sandra, please bring Etienne a mineral water and some ice, I will have a coffee, de caf as usual. So Étienne let’s get started. As you know the club has been in a real mess but I’m glad with the progress that you and Howard made in the last 18 months.”

“Yes Howard did a great job in telling circumstances, but he is more of a football man than a businessman and he could only ever have done the job in the short term. I hope you are a business man Ashley, I hope you have long term ambitions. Look, let’s start at the end, what’s the bottom line, what are you going to give me?”

“Well the media say that they think we should get 22nd position, but we sit in 14th position. Where do you think we will finish Étienne, what are you aiming for.”

“Ashley, I play to win. I am not happy to take part. I am aiming for first.”

“Even now?”

“Even now, until I lift the trophy, or they give it to someone else, or the mathematicians’ tell me we are out of it.”

“So you want me to give you the funds to get there?”

“Yes. That it what I want. You give me what I need and I will give you premiership football and bring the glory days back to Hillsborough”.

“Well how much money do you need?”

“I have a few targets lined up. You give me £30m to spend and £200,000 per week extra on the wage bill and I will give you premiership football.”

“Étienne, that is ridiculous, you know the problems at this club. You know I am not Abrahamovic. I do not have that kind of money to just give you.”

“Ashley, you have money, I know that. Consider this an investment. You will need to invest £100m into the club over the next three years and I will ensure we get Premier League football, that we stay there, that we fill the ground, that we make money and that you see a return on your investment. I will make you money.”

“No, Étienne, I will not invest those sums of money into the club. The economic situation is still uncertain, and your sources greatly over-estimate my liquidity. I will give you £550,000 for new players and £110,000 for the wage bill.”

“£110,000 per week extra and a paltry £550,000 to attract new players?”

“No Étienne, £100,000 per week total.”

“But Ashley, we spend £127,000 per week as things stand, are you telling me that you want me to cut the wage bill and then you will give me £550,000 to spend. This is outrageous. I have worked with my hands tied behind my back here. I knew were I stood with Howard, he was a football man. He had won the league with Leeds in ‘93, things were different back then but he knew we need investment, and he stepped aside to let you take over as he assured me you were the right man for the job and that you would ensure there was money put into this team.”

“Étienne, I am offering you money.”

“No you are telling me to sell players. Have you seen the figures? I made the club £2.2 million last season and delivered the league title. I was not asked to sell players, but I moved people on, brought in good money to this club and still delivered the title.”

“I know Étienne. You did magnificently, and that is why the last board, of which I was a part, allowed you to spend £4 million this season. Two players you bought Étienne. Christensen and Barkley. Tell me Étienne, how many games has Christensen played so far?”

“Those players were bought for sums spread over 4 seasons. £1m will go this season, and by the time the bill is paid, Barkley will be 22 and Christensen 20 years old. If we can keep them on long contracts, we will more than get our monies’ worth out of them, or sell them on at a profit. You mark my words.”

“I trust your judgement Étienne. Look, keep the wage bill as it is, sell whoever you want for as much as you can get it and I will let you spend all of that money, even on one of those 4 year deals.”

“I’m not happy Ashley, I thought we shared a similar ambition. I thought you would give me the money to take us home to the Premier League. I need a new keeper, Nicky Weaver is not getting younger and he’s picking up knocks. I brought in Coll and I have high hopes for him but he’s not good enough to play for any real length of time just yet. 18 is just too young for s keeper. I need proven quality. That costs money. I also need another central defender, a left winger and if you want me to get us further up the table we need a striker, someone to put the ball in the back of the net, and they cost money, big money.”

“I don’t have that right now, Étienne. Be real, let’s consolidate with what we have, sell someone to bring in some money and spend all of it on a striker. Hopefully, the economic situation for both me and the club will improve in the next 12 months and I can invest some money into the playing staff. Do not forget that we are also expanding the stadium, like you asked for, and we are improving the training facilities and improving our youth academy, again like you asked for.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s consolidate this season. I’ll sell Chris McCann in January, he’s good but he’s getting on and Barkley will benefit from having one less player in his way. I will use the money to sign a left winger now, there’s a young lad at arsenal I think I can get. But you will have to give me the money to bring him in, wage wise, and to back me with wages for a few bosmans, I’ll work some magic and bring in a keeper, a central defender and a striker. I expect you to give me some real money in the summer.”

“What you suggest now seems reasonable, Étienne. As for the summer, we will sit down properly and talk then. I appreciate your ambition and I am very please with your management of the team, and the way you have grown the club within the football community.”

“I’m not happy Ashley, free my hands from behind my back and give me the money I need, if not now, then in the summer.”

“We’ll see how things are in the summer. Keep us in midtable, Étienne and we’ll talk again, formally, in June next year.”

“Very well, goodbye Ashley.”

“Au revoir, Étienne.”

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It's getting closer to the end of the season, and there's some questions to be answered in the near future:

Will Nathan conquer Europe with his army of Forestmen?

How on earth is the best manager of all time not winning the Premier League with Burnley??

Is Mike going to moan on Skype ever again, or will his brazilian bananaboat connection finally find the shores of England?

Can Fred get a job as Freddy Sears orgasm imitator?

When will Davie's bubble burst?

Did Liverpool invent Sheffield Wednesday, or was it in fact Steve himself?

How can Geir find his way through the eternal darkness and has he ever seen light?

How can Jonny trick his parents to allow him to stay up for the all night session on thursday?

Is there any possibility that the Shrimpers won't win EVERYTHING within 5 years?

Has Oli found some new oil to grease his wheels?

Which player in League 2 will be Joe's new hacking tool?

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fully healthy squad, schedule not as intense as before, what happens? Nine millions of injuries, red cards in every game coming my way, 2 games where I had two reds in a row, ************************* and all hopes of playoff or promotion out.

Time to look forward towards next season

Not Millwall anymore as I resigned

Looking for a new fun challenge.

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Kim – Huddersfield

It’s dead quiet and I’m totally alone. Well, at least that’s how it feels as I look onto the empty pitch. All that is left is the litter in the stands and a couple of scarecrows that has put their feet down on the far end crossbar.

It’s almost dark and it feels like I have been standing here for hours. Contemplating, going over the season in my head. It’s been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish this year really. From flying high on a 12 game unbeaten run, to the turmoil at midseason when the team looked utterly helpless in front of goal, and then a terrific finish that left us just a few points behind playoff.

Let’s start at the beginning.


After missing most of the last season to that infamous suspension, I sat down with the chairman before the season to have a proper talk with the man and his plans.

-Hi Kim, sit down and have a coffe

-You know me Sir, I don’t drink coffee. But, I will have a pour of that 25 year old scotch I see you hiding back there

-A drink now? At this hour? No way, I thought you were a professional?

-Are you really questioning MY professionality?? It has been me that has held this club together for the past two years. I have brought you Championship football. I have increased the season ticket holders from a lowly 9000 last year, to an estimated 15 000 this year! I have been in at work from 6 in the morning, until 12 at night every day for the past two years, and you dare questioning my professionality?

-Calm down Kim. No need to get aggressive here. We are well aware of your contribution to this club and its rise, but you cannot take sole credit, as the board has done great things for you.

-Great things?! Name one!

- Well, for instance we gave you funds to buy play..

-You what?? You gave forty four pounds the first season, and you gave me a whopping big fat nothing the second season, and now what have you given me? NOTHING! Don’t even try to pretend you and your pals have given me any kind of a budget to work with. To say I have been operating on a shoe string budget is a joke. At least shoe strings are worth something, unlike you and your empty promises! You told me when you hired me that you had ambition for Huddersfield. You told me I had the backing of the board to do whatever I felt needed to be done, and that I would get financial backing up to £ 5.000.000 a year to bring in new players. Where’s the money gone? In your pockets??

-Mr. Smedegard. Calm down immediately! I will not be spoken to in this matter. Either you calm down right now, or I will be forced to show you the door!

His face was dark red by now, and I could swear I saw fumes coming out of his ears. The vein on his forehead looked like they were ready to burst, and with his previous heart condition this was not a good start to the day for him.

My thoughts drifted onto tv programmes about reindeer clashing horns over the territory as we were sitting there staring at each other.

A knock at the door suddenly broke the awkward silence.


The chairman didn’t even take the eyes off me to see who was at the door.

-There’s a man here to see you. He says his name is Mr. Dean and that he has an appointment?

-Not now! Tell him I will be out in 5 minutes to either give him some good news or bad news..

What? Why was my chairman talking to an un-experienced league two manager? I was stunned. Was he seriously thinking about sacking me, or was this another one of his elaborate schemes to get more money in his own pocket?

-If you’re going to sack me, you tell me now. And please, tell me what and how anyone could have done better with what I have been given!

-Mr. Smedegard. This is simple. You either stop moaning about transfers, money, wages, our stadium, the training grounds and everything else but your team, and you will get sacked. I do not care how well you have done, but you do NOT undermine me and the board. Is that clear??

My heart was racing. My knuckles were white, and it took about 5 seconds before I realized I was almost breaking the armrest on the chair.

I wanted to punch his face in really. Badly. If it wasn’t for my anger management course a couple of years back in the US, I probably would have.

-I will tell you what mister chairman. I know the financial state of this club, and you gave me a new three year deal not long ago. If you even try to sack me, my lawyer will have you begging the courts not declare you bankrupt. I will not be silenced by you and the thugs of this board. I have the backing of every Terrier out there, and you will have an uproar on your hands if you push me out. So you decide right here right now. Do you want a war? Or do you want to see this club succeed?

By now the dark red had turned purple, almost blue. If the vein on his forehead looked like it was bursting before, it now looked like it was going to supernova mode.


The chairmans eyes finally let go of me as he shouted at the door.


-Tell Mr.Dean I will not be needing his services, and that our meeting is cancelled.

-Very well Mr.Smedegard. It seems you have the better cards for now. But remember this, if you do not deliver, you will be out the door faster than you can find Canal Street, and that’s not a promise, it’s a guarantee!

I had to grin, even though the chairman was looking like he wanted to kill me.

-Huddersfield won’t fail. I won’t fail. I will bring this club success, and it’s going to be a sweet day when you have to swallow that pride and stupidity and realize what true greatness you almost kicked out of your club.

I got up, walked to the door and as I was stepping out I couldn’t resist taking another stab at him.

-I will be back in June to talk to you about next seasons budget.

Ah, I love the smell of victory in the morning!


How wrong I was. Once again my chairman provided me without a penny to spend in the transfer market, and I once again had to rely on loan players and my ability to sign cheap, sell expensive.

The total lack of goalscorers in the team was evident from the early days of the season, but as the games started coming thick and fast the messiah arrived; Connor Wickham.

A striker who could actually find the goal without a compass! The Manchester City outcast was eager to join us on loan from Januar, and he was an instant hit and nothing short of a revelation for us. I can say without doubt that he is my player of the year, alongside Alex Smithies who proved excellent goalkeeping all season through.

Unfortunately we missed out on the playoff by 4 points, but we have again improved on the previous season, and we sure as hell are going to keep improving in the next as well.

Tonight will be a long night of wheeling and dealing, but with my current chairman and our feud, I doubt I will get any money this year either. This means I will once again have to rely on freebies and loonies, and there has already been talk with Mr.McCracken about loaning a player or two from Southampton.

Roll on season four, and if anyone has a chairman for sale/trade, give me a call as I have a goat to replace!


Huddersfield Town manager

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Nathan - Nottingham Forest

Season 3 (2012/2013)

Another remarkable season from everyone involved at Nottingham Forest, to better the previous season would have been tough with a 6th placed finish last term. To improve on that is nothing short of sensational an achievement that very few expected, many were tipping The Reds to suffer with the fatal disease 'second season syndrome' but it wasn't to be. Nottingham Forest once again defied all expectations with a 4th placed finish bringing home Champions League football for the first time in 30 odd years. This was in no small part down to the manager once again, with him picking up Manager of the year by his fellow clan managers and many more in-game awards, including; overachievers, signing of the season and another manager of the year coup. To round off what was a spectacular season for the red half of Nottingham.

As we now approach Forest’s third season in the top flight expectations become higher and the pressure increases. But questions still remain;

Can Nottingham Forest improve on last season’s 4th placed finish?

Can the man in charge take Forest to ‘the next level’?

When will this great club pick up some silverware?

With two signings to date for Nottingham Forest this season it is clear that the manager is just fitting his final pieces of his jigsaw together. Wonderkid Aaron Ramsey and a classy superstar in the making right back (whose name escapes at this moment in time!) For Forest to attract the next calibre of players they will have to win some silverwear, which will be a very tough proposition for the Trent End boys but also a very brave man who would bet against Welch and his army.

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