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  1. Neil, I've set an Football Manager as an exception and disabled it but I still receive the error message, any ideas?
  2. Thanks Neil - please find the crash dump attached FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.05 10.33.30).dmp
  3. I'm not using any custom graphics, logos or skins. Sorry - what is a crash dump and how do I attach this? Thanks, Nathan
  4. Hi, Hoping someone can help me. Each time I load up the game I get around 10 minutes - 60 minutes playing time before I receive the below error message and the game instantly closes. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, Nathan
  5. Yes, happens with me also. Do you get the option to place a new advert in the future? I haven't played long enough yet... Seems quite annoying anyway, you should be able to have a job open if it hasn't been filled.
  6. Seems to be issue if you have already placed an advert for a role but do not sign any of the applicants, then you are unable to advertise for the role again? Or maybe you're unable to place and advert for the same job for a certain period of time? Anybody know if this is true?
  7. I don't have a Chief Scout to sack, the position is empty but I can't advertise for it.
  8. Hi, I'm having issues placing a job advert for a chief scout. I don't have one at my club at present but when I attempted to place an advert for one, the option of chief scout is greyed out. Does anyone know why this might be? Cheers
  9. Jimmy won a trophy? The standard has clearly dropped then...
  10. Might well be on for Mondays session, still start at 7?
  11. Nathan – Manchester City A slightly disappointing season this time round despite a Champions league win & and the elusive League cup win I still felt pretty down beat. After winning four consecutive Premier league titles and three consecutive FA cup trophies you are expected and expect to win them every time round but fair play to Kim and his Newcastle United side they’ve been pushing for the past few seasons now and it’s finally paid off for him. ...Was going to post a lot more but Forest have a big game later so i'm off to the pub, I will finish this at a later date
  12. Nathan - Manchester City We started the week unbeaten all season but 3 defeats in the Premiership this week shows that we are still not the finished article yet, and there is still room for improvement. Even so we are still in the final of the F.A Cup, the semi-final of the Champions League & we still require 2 wins from 4 games to tie up the league. Anything less than winning those three competitions will be a bitter disappointment, but I believe we have enough quality and strength in depth the finish the season on a high. Especially with the January window signing of Liberti from Arsenal for a record fee, he has provided us with a bit quality in the centre of midfield and with him being cup tied he will allow me to rest other important players for some of the meaningless premier league fixtures and save them for the finals towards the end of season. I expect to bring in two or three new faces in the summer but on the other hand more will be leaving as i aim to reduce the wage bill and cut down some dead wood. The goalkeeper spot and the back four are very solid, we have the meanest defence in the league and in Europe, the only arrival in the summer will hopefully be an exciting young prospect at left back providing cover just in case the worst should happen. In the midfield i expect to bring in a new right winger after the 20m summer signing Ljaic hasn't proved to be anything special, with his average rating just over 7, his assists in single figures and only contributing a handful of goals, I’m in the market for a new wide man. We remain very strong in the centre of the park with lots of options attackingly and defensively and with youth players also progressing well in this position it's very unlike that I'll need to sign anybody here. Up front we continue to be strong with world player of the year Silva and the clubs record goal scorer Babacar I don't think much changes are needed here, we have sufficient backup if required also. I won't be strengthening here unless any world class talent becomes available.
  13. Nathan - Manchester City After last season’s treble it would be some task to emulate that feat however hopes are high within the City camp and with the Community Shield, European Super cup & World Club Championship filling out this seasons trophy cabinet it looks as if we will surpass last season and potentially write our names in the history books of becoming one the greatest sides of all time. We currently sit in 1st place with an outstanding record P19 W17 D2 L0, our only setbacks were away to rivals Manchester Utd and the man with a lot of media controversy surrounding him at present, Kim. However credit where credit is due, the Norwegian is the only team to beat me this season, on penalties...and it was the league cup but he can quite happily have that accolade as it's the only kind of success i see him achieving all season long. In other competitions we are strolling in the Champions League winning 6 out of 6 group games and this competition along with the Premier league remain the priority. The January window is now open and with Mike being sacked, he’s left a bit of talent unguarded at Arsenal and I have my eye on 1 or 2. I'll be hoping to wrap up at least 1 deal later on today. That’s all for now.
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