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[FM19] French Lingerie - Acre State, Brazil

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New record. Aug 2048.

We still have 16 league games to play and we have already broken the existing disciplinary record. They mustn't have been trying in previous seasons. :lol:


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Record Transfer out. Aug 2048.

Our old record sale is currently £4,600, but I am about to sell a player for a little more than that. :lol:

We don't need the money at the moment, (we have £4,7M in the bank), but I'm adamant that we have very few players with any real potential so just about everyone, (with very few exceptions), is for sale. 


Second Division side Juventude are offering us a significant amount of money for a 26 year old centre-half, so knowing how much I plan on investing into the club in terms of facilities, I re-negotiated the deal a little, stuck some new clauses on and accepted. 


We owe 20% of the profit to his old club America (RN), (blame the DoF not me), but even then it's a decent deal. 

More concerning however is that his agent isn't keen on discussing a deal with Juventude, 

I'm sure there will be more bids along for other players soon even if this does fall through.

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Aug 2048


This is the furthest we have ever got in this competition, and we were competitive, but we ultimately still lost both games and crashed out of the competition. 


We started off the month brilliantly with 3 wins in the league, and the 6-1 away loss to Vitoria was because I rested the whole squad ahead of the 2nd leg of the Cup Quarter-Final, (albeit in vain). 


Goal-scoring GK Terra scored his 1st free-kick in the First Division, bringing him to 15 goals for the season and 47 over the last 3 seasons. 


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Your run in Brazil has been really enjoyable. Surprised you are doing well without much spending Did you recruit players or was it your DoF who did all the signings?

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4 hours ago, kidthekid said:

Your run in Brazil has been really enjoyable. Surprised you are doing well without much spending Did you recruit players or was it your DoF who did all the signings?

The only player I signed was a striker that one of our staff got in on loan during the 1st season.

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The structure of the leagues and cups in Brazil completely loses me lol I have no idea what is going on anymore!


I think I need to do a save in Brazil just to get my head around it, I managed to work out the salary cap and all that stuff in the MLS so I'm sure if i can do that I can work this out too! 


Glad to see you doing well in the 1st Division though, still winning plenty of games and scoring a lot 

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2 hours ago, dap1987 said:

The structure of the leagues and cups in Brazil completely loses me lol I have no idea what is going on anymore!


I think I need to do a save in Brazil just to get my head around it, I managed to work out the salary cap and all that stuff in the MLS so I'm sure if i can do that I can work this out too! 


Glad to see you doing well in the 1st Division though, still winning plenty of games and scoring a lot 

Once you are playing in it, it's fine. The State Championships offer a bit of variation, but it actually works well. The fixture congestion should reach epic proportions once we start playing Continental games. 

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Youth Intake Day. Sep 2048.

Right. So what do we want, (other than good PA)? 

If I sort my players by PA and then go through the positions.....



Terra is 1st choice at 2.5 CA but Nilo Eduardo, (DoF bought him), has 3.5 PA. 



We only have Capitão and a rubbish youth player at the club who are specialist DL's, although a couple of centre-backs can fill in. Capitão has 2.5 CA and PA. 



16 year old (47a) Witinei (Merc) (2047) * is the top of 3 players rated at 5.0 PA, but Romulo and Antonio lead the way with CA at 3.5 each. 



27 yo Cajú leads the way in both CA and PA with 3.5 in each area. We also have 2 reasonable back-ups. 



Joel De Jesús (ECU) (F.Det) * and Ryder lead the way with 5.0 PA, but when it comes to CA, Bruno Pastro leads the way with 3.0.



23 yo Vagno Célio leads the players by PA with 4.0, but he is slightly behind Adilson in the pecking order as far as CA goes.



We have 3 players in this position, (including18 yo Márcio), who share top ranking PA at 4.0, however when it comes to CA, Estevão Cirilo is top of the pile with 3.5.



This is really where we are strong and the reason why we are doing so well. Dallazen is top ranked in both CA and PA, (both 5,0), but he is on loan, (for the 2nd season), so I will look further. JBN (Bal) * is next up in terms of PA, (with 5.0), and Valmir also had 5.0 PA. In terms of CA, both players are again at the top of the list, this time with 3.0 PA, (so lots of room for development). 

So it would seem that what we want most is a left back, a right back or a GK. We definitely don't need a striker at the moment. Possibly a right winger might also be quite handy.


What#s he actually saying though? 


On the 1 hand it's no Generational Talent or Golden Generation, but on the other hand, not only does 1 player stand out as being particularly gifted, but the player highlighted is only ranked #2 by PA, (so that means we've got at least 2 decent PA players by the looks of it. 

Damn! I have progressed a day and already released 5 players so they aren't on the list. :( I was a little drunk last night and it seems I was also a little careless. :lol:


So we have a right winger, (that I said would be quite handy), a centre-half, (who wasn't really needed but let's not moan as he's a 2nd player with 5.0 PA, and a decent looking GK, (who has Austrian as a 2nd Nationality).

Something I have just noticed is that all the Youth intake have Injury susceptibility as very low. That's not right. In fact, the rest of the squad also have injury susceptibility as very low. That's definitely not right and I haven't noticed it before. 

I've gone back to the previous page on this thread and I can see from last season's intake that it was working fine then. 


Is this a bug that others are encountering? 

(48a) Valdecir (Bal) (2048) *.


(48b) César (Unamb) *.


(48c) Jalvan (F.Det).


I must admit I really like the look of the centre-half and the GK and if anything, it's the MR who doesn't look amazing at the moment. 

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Selling club. Sep 2048.

We are doing well financially, but I want to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and always have a few quid in the bank for the next level of whatever Facility it is I want to upgrade. 


With that in mind I opted to cash in on a decent player who was making noises about wanting out. 

Our previous club record for a player sale was £39,500 that we received when we sold Valmir to Sport Club do Recife in 2046. 

The board accepted this ridiculous deal at the time and I was very unhappy that they player left for such a small fee but was unable to even protest the transfer.

We did manage to get him back in for £59,000 in 2048, so I'm less bitter about it now. 



So when we received a bid of £475,000 for Antonio, I decided he was going and we were going to get some cash for him. 





You can tell that I haven't been in charge of player purchases. 20% of profit to his old club? #Madness. :lol:

Still, we will be getting 35% of any future fee and as we bought him for £17,500 and sold him for £700,000 (plus 35% and a friendly), I don't really think I can complain.

So what to do with the money I hear you ask.....




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Sept 2048.


We started the month off well, but I weakened the team a little too much against Ceará and paid the price. 

Goal-scoring GK Terra scored his 16th goal of the season, (the record is 17), but he had another penalty stolen from him by Valmir who was on a hat-trick at the time. 


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I have to admit, I'm surprised that Valmir is performing well in the Brazilian top tier. His attributes don't seem that god for this level. Essentially he has decent first touch and quickness, but that's it.

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1 minute ago, kidthekid said:

I have to admit, I'm surprised that Valmir is performing well in the Brazilian top tier. His attributes don't seem that god for this level. Essentially he has decent first touch and quickness, but that's it.

You should see the rest of the side. :lol:

We really aren't very good and don't deserve to be performing at this level. 

Terra really isn't very good, but I am sticking with him until the end of the season and then replacing him with the GK who just came through the Intake. 


Capitão is the only proper left back at the club, but he's really not very good. 


João Marcos (F.Amb) * is decent, if a little weak physically. (The opposite way round to how I like my players). 


Rômulo is ok, but nothing more than that really. Certainly not good enough for the First Division.


Cajú is ok if unspectacular. 


Bruno Pastro plays in the DLP role and while he has some decent technical ability, is weak elsewhere. 


Hélio has been pretty excellent in the BBM(s) role to the right of centre.


Adilson was relegated from the Second Division a couple of years ago, but now he's performing well in the First Division. 


Estevão Cirilo is one of the better players at the club. 


Dallazen has been on loan with us for 2 seasons now and is the best player at the club by some way. 


You've already seen Valmir so I'm going to show you JBN (Bal) * instead. 


Not the best squad I'm sure you would agree. :lol:

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Posted (edited)

Oct 2048.


The win against Flamengo was HUGE. Just looking at the attendance at that game shows the gulf between the 2 teams if not the 2 sides. My previous post shows how poor we actually are. We might have got lucky with a late OG for the winner, but we were also 3-0 up at HT I think. 

We are up to 6th with 6 games remaining and it looks as if we will be playing in the Copa Libertadores rather than the Copa Sudamerica, (but there is still time for that to change). 


Goal-scoring GK Terra scored 2 free-kicks this month, the 2nd goal the only goal that grabbed us all 3 points against Criciúma. They were both direct free-kicks and bring his tally for the season to 18 which is a new record I think. 





Terra has now scored 51 career goals in 206 appearances over just less than 3 years. 


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Most First Division goals in a Season (Team). Nov 2048.

The old record was 84 goals in a season set by Internacional and with 3 games remaining we have just smashed it with 88. 


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Worst Discipline. Nov 2048

3 reds and 11 yellows in 23(3) games is impressive indeed. 



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Nov 2048


Our form has been decent, (bar the Botafogo game), and with 1 game remaining we are now guaranteed a top 8 finish bar some freak scorelines on the last day of the season.


Goal-scoring GK Terra scored his 19th goal of the season. (I would bloomin LOVE it if we scored his 20th in the last game of the season), as he will start next season as 2nd choice GK. he has scored 52 goals in 3 seasons for us. As I mentioned there is 1 game remaining this season, and he has also missed 3 games this season. I don't think he missed any games in the previous 2 seasons. 


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Posted (edited)

Top goal-scorer. Nov 2048.


This is a bit of a strange award in my opinion. We still have a game to play, so how can they dish out a top goal-scorer award when there are still games to play? 

The next thing is, how do they get to 79 points from 52 goals, but give 2nd placed Jorge Antonio Garcia 78 points from only 43 goals, (especially when he's actually only scored 31 goals). :idiot:


Dallazen. 25x First Div goals. 0x Continental goals. 16x State goals. 2x Brazil Cup goals. 9x Regional Cup goals. Total goals = 52.

JA Garcia. 18x First Div goals. 4x Continental goals. 7x State goals. 1x Brazil Cup goals. 1x Regional Cup goal. Total goals = 31, (but it says he has scored 43 goals). :stop:

C Barduzzi. 14x First Div goals. 9x Continental goals. 9x State goals. 2x Brazil Cup goals. 0x Regional Cup goals. Total goals = 34

Anyone know how this is being calculated? :kriss:

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Dec 2048


I forgot that I was trying to get GK Terra to 20 goals for the season and instead selected a team based purely on PA and leaving out prolific on-loan striker Dallazen

I also forgot to set new GK (48c) Jalvan (F.Det) as either free-kick or penalty taker so there was no action there either. 

We had 4 products of our Youth Academy start and 2 more on the bench. 


We finished the season in 7th and will play in next Seasons Copa Libertadores. :lol: (Which is completely ridiculous when you look at our players). 




Our transfer budget was about £350,000 this season, (after I sold Antonio for £700,000), so this is quite a big increase. It makes me wonder about the prize money that is guaranteed for the early rounds of the Copa Libertadores. (I mist admit that I don't even know if it's knock-out all the way or if they stick a mini-league in there somewhere). 

Either way I have some money to spend, and despite the fact that I want to promote our own Academy products, I have also been busy in the transfer market where as previously I was leaving it to the DoF. 

There are 6 players already signed who will join at the end of the month. All are teenagers and 5 of the 6  had been marked with *** indicating that they were high priority targets. That the 6 players have only cost £386,000 between them suggests that I am stil looking for bargains, and I will freely admit that some of them are a bit of a gamble. There were better players available, but I wasn't willing to spend more than £100,000 on a player at this stage. 


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End of Season Summary. Sec 2048.  

Acre State Championship



Copa Verde.



Brazilian Cup


First Division



New average rating record.


New First Division scoring record


Best XI Season


Best XI Overall




Player of the Season


Goal of the Season. I love it when my GK gets goal of the season, but this wasn't his best goal, (although it might have been his best league goal). 


Signing of the Season



Young Player of the Season. (Dallazen again so see above).



Season Review


Squad Dynamics




Brazilian First Division Player of the Year


Brazilian First Division Best Player


First Division Top Goalscorer. Winning this is great, but also getting 2nd is pretty decent too. 


Brazilian First Division Young Player of the Year.


First Division Team of the Year


First Division award winners


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Posted (edited)

New Stadium. Dec 2048.


Another stadium and I STILL haven't had one named after me. :(


This message says that we were renting the old stadium and it doesn't meet the league minimum requirements, but I'm not sure how we were paying the rent. 

The only thing that I can think it coming under is "Ground Maintenance", but we have paid £6,562,889 this season and £6,362,015 was paid this month, (I'm guessing as a result of both our Training and Youth Facilities being upgraded. 

In fact.... No. We paid £5,115,875 for the new stadium and that's come out of this total. I'm really confused. 


We have to move to another State while it is being built. 


Youth and Training Facilities upgraded




Junior Coaching increased



Youth Recruitment increased



The reason why I haven't had this stadium named after me is because I am only on the favoured personnel list. 

On a related note, goal-scoring GK Terra has scored 52 club goals in the past 3 seasons. How on Earth isn't he even on the favoured personnel list? :lol:


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Transfers In. Dec 2048.

With the extra games from the Continental competition next season, we are going to need a bigger squad and I wanted to give our youngsters a boost and also keep the board sweet by hitting the "sign young players for the first team" philosophy, (and yes these kids will be playing in the 1st Team.


Athos (F.Det) *. He's a 5.0 PA player who is already almost as good as the best player in that position. We only paid £60k for him and obviously because I was in charge of this deal there are no add-ons. I would rather pay more up front for young players than have a big slice of any future fee go down the drain. 



Evandro (Driven) *. I really like the look of this player and am astonished that we have been able to sign him for only £100,000. Again, it's all cash up front with no add-ons, so I I'm guessing that his potential won't be as good as I hope. 



Muriel (Unamb). My scout said he was a 5.0 PA player, but he is only showing as 4.5 PA by the Ass Man. He was the best of the young strikers I could find under £100,000. It remains to be seen how he will develop. He certainly seems a LONG way off the level of Dallazen. Speaking of Dallazen, while I might consider getting him back on on loan next season, (if I do it will be ridiculous), what I really want to do is sign him permanently, (which is even more ridiculous). This save has already taught me that nothing is impossible in FM. :cool: (Apart from me getting a Stadium named after me of course!) :rolleyes:



Renato (F.Amb) *.



Roberto (Det) *. I was really looking for a left back, but couldn't find a good one for the price, so the idea is that this bloke might try to fill-in on the left, possibly inverted. 



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Posted (edited)

Awards. Jan 2049.

World U21 Footballer of the Year.


Past winners. None other than (39b) Xabier (Res) * won this award. Not once or even twice, but on 3 different occasions.


South American Footballer of the Year


South American Team of the Year


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Posted (edited)

Sponsorship. Jan 2049.


São Paulo got £37.5M

The average was £11.25M

We got £180k :(

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Reputation. Jan 2049.

We're still behind quite a few Second Division clubs despite our performances. 


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Strategy for current season. Jan 2049

It's all well and good having players with PA, but we need to convert that PA into CA. the up-side of playing in Brazil is that we have about a million games a season to blood our kids and give them the experience needed to develop and reach their potential.

Most of you reading will know that I use a skin with an IR button, and I also sometimes let my Ass Man select match squads and then just tinker with the individual decisions I don't like. When using an IR button, you can't use the normal strategy of putting kids on the bench and then bringing them on when the game is won, (because you aren't managing the matches and the Ass Man can't be trusted to bring the kids on). No, instead you have to start the kids, (the Ass Man can only take 3 of them off), and hope that they are good enough, (or develop quickly enough), that short-term performances aren't impacted too seriously. 

With that in mind I have used the "Save Team selection" option and selected a match squad based on PA. 


I will be trying use this match squad as much as possible, or at least most of it. We should be fine in the State Championships, but I might have to strengthen when the First Division starts. 

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Set Piece takers. Jan 2049.

We have played the 1st game of the State Championship and almost as soon as the game started I realised that I had not set the new GK's as either penalty takers or free-kick takers. 

Not that it matters, but (48c) Jalvan (F.Det) doesn't look good at penalties, but is better at Free-Kicks than Terra



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Posted (edited)

Jan 2049


Pre-season came and went with us just playing clubs we had sold players to. 

We remained unbeaten in the Acre State Championship, (not a done deal now that we are playing so many kids), but we did draw a game which means that a big winning run in this competition is now over. 


We scored 6 goals on no less than 3 occasions, and then ran riot against our affiliate club Humaita (AC), hitting double-figures, but I will expand on that in a separate post. 


We actually had 2 different GK's score goals this month. 

***Aboubacar (GUI)  became goal-scoring GK Aboubacar (GUI) (Driven) *  as he scored this goal on his debut. 


Because of my preference for Homegrown players though, the GK I want to play is (48c) Jalvan (F.Det) *, who made his debut in the last league game of last season. He scored on both his 1st and 2nd appearances of this season. 

First of all he did this to earn us a point against Andira and keep our unbeaten run going in the Acre State Championship. 


Then he scored this in the 6-0 demolition of Independência.


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Individual Player roles. Jan 2049.

In the last game of the Jan 2049, I rotated the squad almost completely, (just left the GK in), but I noticed that I had players who weren't particularly suited to playing in the roles set in my tactic. 


The template for my tactic involves twin AF(a)'s and I generally try to mould players to this role and the only time I really change from this is if I get a player come through the Intake who is not only good, but also really suited to being a TM. In this game I just thought to myself that I would let both strikers play in the roles that they preferred because.... well why the hell not. 



I set the individual roles as above and saved it, (to both sides for each player), so whether they play on the left or the right, Trott will now play as a PF(a) and Antonio Augusto will play as a P(a). Now don't think I'm saying this was an automatic win and will work every time. It's even possible that we would have scored more than 10 goals had I played them both as AF(a)'s, but the battle between what works for the tactic and what suits the individual player is an interesting one. 

To sort of back that up, (that it doesn't always work so well), I actually set an individual role to a 3rd player at the same time. I mentioned recently in a post that I had signed a young DR called Roberto (Det) * and my plan was to play him at DL where we are weak. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, my DoF made a pretty good signing at DL so he might not be needed to play on the left as often as initially planned. Despite that I decided to give it a go. 



Now while Roberto (Det) * is a "righty" playing on the left, the demand for an IWB to "wrong-footed" is not the same as it is in for example the IW or IF positions. If you look at the Descriptions below for both IF and IW you will see that it specifically mentions "and works best when the player's strongest foot is opposite to the flank he is playing on". 



If you look at the description for the IWB however, you will notice that this passage of text is conspicuous by it's absence. Actually it's pretty straightforward really. The IWB won't always come inside. The description states that he will attempt to drift inside when "he has a player ahead of him and where there are fewer than 2 defensive midfielders". Especially playing with wingers in the MC line rather than the AMC line, the WB's often get right past the wingers, so this option to cut in isn't as "triggerable" as it might be were I to be playing with an AML rather than a ML. 


In any case, it remains to be seen whether this worked on this occasion or not as the Ass Man dragged the IWB off at HT.

The whole thing is certainly worth thinking about though as it has been in the forefront of my mind after a little discussion with someone about my tactic. I think I will be doing more of this rather than less in the future. 

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HoYD. Feb 2049.

Chapecoense give us £33,500 and we get a better HoYD. Seems like a good deal to me. :cool:

Out with the old.



And in with the new. 



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Posted (edited)

Copa Libertadores. Feb 2049.

This is the 1st time I have ever managed in South American continental football, so it's a big deal to me. I know we have no chance of winning it, but I do want to go as far as we can and the board expect us to qualify for the Group stages, (which I think is after the 3rd qualifying round. 

You can only have 25 players registered for the competition and I made the mistake of playing a whole team of them in the previous Acre State Championship game, (so they were tired), and many others had played in either the U23's or U20's so they were also tired. As a result we sent out a very poor team to play the 1st leg against Atlético Lanús in Argentina, and lots of the players were nowhere near match sharp. I learned from that though and moved some players between squads to stop it happening again and was rewarded by a pretty impressive 2nd half in the 2nd leg at home. 


This is a significant amount of money at this stage of the save. We now have £7.7M in the bank, (and are building our own stadium which will generate more income), so we are heading in the right direction, but I want to make sure that we are always ahead of the curve as far as finances go and don't want the Chairman to ever accept a bid for any of our youngsters. I want to be in control and leaving lots of money in the bank is the best way to do this. 


We play C Cerro Porteño of Paraguay in the 3rd Qualifying Round. 


I wish we wouldn't keep losing the 1st leg because I really want to do well in this competition, but we keep delivering in the 2nd leg so all's well that ends well i suppose. 


We are into the Group Stage now. 


Palmeiras finished 6th last season, 2nd the year before and were First Division Champions in 2046. 

They were Runners Up, (aet), in the Copa Libertadores in 2047 and lost on penalties in the Semi-Final in 2046. They have pedigree in this competition, but last season crashed out at the Quarter Final stage. 

Barcelona are thankfully the Ecuadorian version rather than the Spanish one and I don't know anything about Velez of Argentina.

Our squad is simply not up to this level at the moment but we are still in it.

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Feb 2049.

Acre State Championship. We have already drawn a State Champ match this season so there is no pressure to keep winning, but there obviously is a pressure not to lose. 



Copa Libertadores. We lost both 1st legs away but came good in the 2nd legs at home and have progressed to the Group Stages. 


Goal-scoring GK #3 (48c) Jalvan (F.Det) * has been absolutely on fire this month. He has scored 4 goals this month, (1 free-kick and 3 penalties), bringing him to 6 goals in 11 games this season. 



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How did this happen? :eek: Mar 2049.


There was a paltry clause of £250k in his contract? 

He was one of the highest rated PA players at the club and he was a product of the Academy. :mad:

I'm going to have to let him go and then probably spend proper big bucks getting him back. 

Why would he want to leave though? He's already played twice today and is only 16 and Atlético Paranaense are in the Second Division.

Oh, there are 2 French clubs in for him and that's who he wants to join. That's different though. The release clause of £250k is only for domestic clubs. 

I think I need to go and check my other youngsters don't have similar clauses. (I know they have them, I just want them to be bigger). 

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Posted (edited)

Mar 2049.

Copa Libertadores.


We were the better team against Barcelona and unlucky not to win.

The top 2 go through and the 3rd placed team qualifies for the knockout stages of the Copa Sudamerica. Either way we should still be playing in the latter stages of something. 


Acre State Championship.


You would think that we would be romping the league with the form we are in, but surprise package Andirá remain unbeaten and we are only 2 points ahead. We have drawn both games against them so fair play to them really. They will be gutted to be trailing while unbeaten. 

It was good to hit double-figures for a 2nd time this season, but it's frustrating that we have conceded 5 goals in this competition. I really think winning all games and conceding 0 goals is a realistic target for the future. 


Copa Verde.


Now this is what I'm talking about. Lots of goals in the for column and absolutely nothing in the against column. 

All in all we played 10 games this month, winning 9 and drawing 1, scoring 47 goal and conceding 2 in the process. :lol:

Goal-scoring GK #3 (48c) Jalvan (F.Det) * scored 3 goals this season, (all of them penalties), but he also missed 3 penalties, 2 of them in the same game. He has now scored 9 goals this season which is not too shabby at all for a homegrown 16 year old in his 1st season of senior football. 

Goal-scoring GK Terra was allowed to leave the club, (for a small fee), and he is unlikely to add to his 52 career goals playing elsewhere. 



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Have you considered sending your keeper up for corners against some of the weaker teams in the State Championships?

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3 minutes ago, Reggiana said:

Have you considered sending your keeper up for corners against some of the weaker teams in the State Championships?

I did that in the past, (a previous version of FM), and it was a disaster. It just didn't work. When Terra scored a couple from open play, (after he smashed the ball into the wall and it rebounded to him for him to take aim again and slam home), I did wonder about it. I think I have an idea that might work based on my corner routine, but I think it's too risky at the moment. If I start a save like this in FM20 though it's certainly something that might be possible. 

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Facility Improvements. Apr 2049.




We've smashed the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment from almost non-existent to almost maxed out in 3.5 seasons. 

The Youth Facilities and Training Facilities are lagging behind in comparison, however these are far more expensive and money has been an issue at the start of the save, (although not now and I don't think will be in the future at all). 


There is a New Stadium Build in progress. 

Training Facilities are being improved. 

Youth Facilities are being improved. 

We have £12M+ in the bank. 


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Coaching Badges. Apr 2049.

When I started at Bayonne we didn't have any money to spare for ages and then I sort of forgot about it as we started doing well. :lol:


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Apr 2049.

Copa Libertadores


The Palmeiras games were always going to be tough and to get a draw is probably a good result.

On the plus side, with both the Palmeiras games out of the way, we have easier games to play where as both Velez and Barcelona have to play them and are unlikely to come away with anything.


Acre State Championship.


We finished top of the group and unbeaten and then progressed past Plácido de Castro to book our place in the Final against our old adversaries Rio Branco (AC).


Copa Verde.


Our unbeaten run in this competition is over after our local rivals Rio Branco (AC) finally got the better of us in the 1st leg. We still have the 2nd leg to play at home so I would expect to be able to over-turn the deficit, but the problem isn't so much these games as the games around them which we prioritise. Rio Branco (AC) were able to defeat us not because they were better than us, but because we had players who had played either just before this game, or were being rested to play just after and so the match squad for this game was weakened and in hindsight probably weakened too much. Those of you who have read my threads will know that I am an advocate of "throwing" tough games in order to focus meagre resources on more winnable games and this was what i should have done here. I should have "thrown" the 2nd leg against Palmeiras and then I could have played a weak team against Plácido de Castro and then a fully rested team in the Rio Branco (AC) game. As long as we win the tie over 2 legs then this error won't have been a disaster, but if we don't.....

Fixture congestion. 

We may have played 10 games in March and 8 games in April, but that doesn't tell the full story. In order to play these fixtures we are using players from all 3 squads. For example 6 U20 players have made more than 10 Senior appearances already this season and we are not even at the start of the proper league season yet. In March the U20 side also played 6 fixtures of their own, and in April they played 8 more. All in all we played 35 different fixtures across the 2 months.  That more than a game every 2 days. We are just not set up for that at all. 

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May 2049.

Copa Libertadores


I thought we were going to bottle the qualification for the Knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores, but we were able to beat Ecuadorian Barca and sneaked 2nd place in the end. I would have been happy with the Copa Sudamerica, so this is just a bonus. 


First Division


It's going to be a long hard season in the league I think and anything better than relegation is going to be a result. 


Acre State Championship

We may have survived to win the trophy, but our unbeaten run will have to start again next season. :(

The important thing is that we won though right?



Copa Verde

We were able to overcome the 1st leg deficit and emerged as Champions again. 


Brazil Cup

This is the furthest we have ever got, and probably as far as we are going this year as we face Corinthians in the Quarter-Finals. 


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Frustration. Jun 2049.


I didn't want to sell JBN (Bal) *. A Saudi club met his International asking price and that was that. We got £400k (rising to £500k), for him and he is already valued at £1.9M.

I didn't want to sell João Marcos (F.Amb) *. A Saudi club met his International asking price and that was that. We got £250,000 for him and he is already values at £2M.

I REALLY didn't want to sell (47a) Witinei (Merc) (2047) *. He went to Second Division side Atlético Paranaense when they met his domestic club release fee of just £250,000

I REALLY didn't want to sell (48c) Jalvan (F.Det) *. He went to Second Division side Atlético Paranaense when they met his domestic club release fee of just £450,000.

If I'm honest, this situation is of my making and is of a result of my stupidity/inexperience in managing in this part of the World. Where I am used to managing, you are best served by keeping wages low for young players and signing them to the longest possible contract and then adding on the biggest +year contract that the player will accept. There are a few problems with this though. Initially the problem is that the domestic release fee clause seems to be calculated by the player wage, so the lower the wage, then the lower the domestic minimum fee release fee. The second problem is that while in normal circumstances, (elsewhere in the World), there is a benefit to tying a player down to as long a contract as possible, in Brazil it's counter-productive because of the minimum few release clauses. If I was to get a good 16 year old to sign a 3 year contract with a +3 year clause, and then set a min fee for domestic clubs of £1,000,000 and a minimum fee for foreign clubs of £5,000,000, then this might seem pretty reasonable. £1M is decent compensation if he goes to a domestic club and £5M is excellent compensation if he goes to a foreign club. At least it is while the player is 16 years old. Imagine now that the 16 year old stays for 3 years and then has his +3 clause triggered. Now he's 19 years old and has developed significantly since he was 16, but the minimum fee release clauses are still the same. £5M might still be a decent amount to a foreign club, but £1M to a domestic rival is certainly no longer such a good deal. Now imagine that the 19 year old stays 2 more years and is now 21. He has 1 year left on his contract but now might be a phenomenal player. Even the £5M from a foreign club might no longer be deemed reasonable compensation for such a player. The £1M from a domestic rival would be deemed an insult. It's taken me a while for the penny to drop and I have lost 2 very good homegrown players as a result. My plan is to re-sign them, (at whatever cost). They are both at the same Second Division club so that should be achievable, especially if they don't get promoted at the 1st attempt. 

To make matters worse, I sold goal-scoring GK #1 Terra, and then arranged for goal-scoring GK #2 Aboubacar (GUI) * to go out on loan for the rest of the season. At the same time I was actively declining all the bids that my DoF was making for new GK's, who had obviously twigged exactly what was going on. I now find myself with 3 teams to manage, and just 3 teenage GK's and a 22 year old who I had already decided wasn't good enough. 

We have made a number of signings who I think will be of benefit in the long run, but we have to get to that point first to benefit. 


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Confusion. Jun 2049.



Eh? Oh no you didn't. :herman: (Well at least I didn't think they did). I wanted the Facilities to be expanded, but what are we taking a loan out for! (ps. I've just realised that we have to wait until Jan 2051 to play in the new stadium and it's not this coming season at all. :(

We took out a £5M loan for the new stadium, (which does seem distinctly cheap now in hindsight), but maybe that's just because of standard of living or exchange rates or something in Brazil. Anyway, let's look at our finances and see how much we owe. 

Our finances are doing really well. I mean REALLY well. The money is literally pouring in and we can't even spend it. 


We've borrowed £5M over 10 years and they are charging us approx £2M in interest. I would rather pay it all off now and save the £2M.


Transfer Debt? I'm not really sure what this is. 


This season we have spent £2.6M and received £1.4M in the transfer market, (so a net transfer position -£1.2M).
Last season we spent £220k and received £750k in the transfer market, (so a net transfer position of +£0.53M)
2 seasons ago we spent £60k and received £5k in the transfer market, (so a net transfer position of -£0.055M).

So it's not talking about that. What is it talking about then? 

Oh hang on. I know what it is. It's money that we owe to previous deals that we haven't paid yet. Like installments or the like. I wonder if I can see that anywhere. 

So if I click on Transfers - Clauses - Out I get to this screen. 


These are players that have come in, so it's money that still needs, (or might need), to go out. 

I can ignore Aboubacar (GUI) * because that's just a sell on clause and I can ignore anything else that is just a sell on clause. 

I need to look at JBN (Bal) * and João Marcos (F.Amb) * though because they have instalments outstanding. 



We;; that's fine, but that adds up to only £3.8k and we are looking for £45.2K. 

I wonder if I look at the players who have 2 clauses outstanding and add them up too. 


Now we are getting somewhere. £3.8k + £17.5k = £21.3k.




£21.3k + £53k + £95k = £169.3k

But that's just what is going out. That would suggest I have approx £130k due to come on for transfers out that have already gone through. 

I've counted them up and it looks to be only about £103k still owed to us, (leaving a short-fall of £69k rather than £45k, but maybe I just can't add or subtract. I think this is exactly what this relates to. 

While I am here though, it has reminded me of something that I think a lot of FM players ignore, (to their detriment), so I might as well add it to this post. n

We are now looking at the Transfers - Clauses - In screen


There are 11 players on the list, but what I want you to look at is the 2 at the top who have a "£" sign to the right hand side. 



Now there is only 1 clause outstanding for Antonio, but there are 3 different clauses outstanding for JBN (Bal) * but the only one we are interested in is the "Sell on clause" that has "Sell clause", to the right hand side. 

You could just press the button and you would get the money offered, but let's just look at each one in isolation to see if it's actually worth cashing in on or if we might be better hanging on to the clause itself. 


Antonio is valued at £2.5M and we have a clause that gives us £912,000 in exchange for giving up our clause that says we get 35% of any future transfer deal. Now if Antonio is sold for his value now, (£2.5M), then we will get 35% of that which will be £875,000. So straight away the deal that the board have done seems to be a good one in that we get more for giving up the clause than the clause is actually worth at this time. It's not as simple as that though. We have to see what sort of age the player is, is he going to continue to improve or is he coming to the end of his career and is anyone interested in him now. Also, how long have we got until his contract expires because if he is released on a free then we get nothing and we need to cash in on the clause before that happens. In this case he has about 18 months remaining on his contract and the club don't want to sell him. (So there is no rush to cash in the clause no). On the other hand, the player is 27 years old so at his peak, and his valuation probably isn't going to go up so we might as well cash in. Hang on though. If we cash in the clause and Al Taawoun pay us £912,000, do we owe any of that money to his previous club? So let's go back and check the Transfers - Clauses - Out screen and..... no. We are going to keep all the £912,000. The next thing is, how much of that £912,000 is going to go into our transfer kitty. I think it was previously at 65% and I've recently got it increased to 80, so we would see £729,500 added to our transfer budget. In this instance I actually think that's a good deal and I will be cashing the clause in. 

This following message suggests that the whole £912,000 will be added to the transfer budget, but I don't think that's the case and I really must report it if it's wrong. 


Let's check to see if it's wrong through. We currently have a Transfer Budget of £790,734 before I cash in on the clause. 


After I cash in on the clause...... £1,520,553. So our transfer budget has risen by £729,819.

80% of £912,000 = £729,600, so the maths are correct in game, but the wording of the message is wrong telling you what will be added to your transfer budget. 

(Now off I go to report this in the bug section). 


Now where was I? Oh yeah, I had just sold the clause on Antonio and I was about to look at the next player. 


JBN (Bal) *. 25% of his re-sale value is owed to us and the board have done a deal to sell this clause for £453,000. This player is younger and I really didn't want to sell him. I think, (but don't know), that he will improve. He's valued at £1.9M right now and 25% of that is £475,000, so where as the board got a good deal based on the player valuation for Antonio, this deal is slightly short. The player again has about 18 months on his contract, but as mentioned he is much younger. He's also classed as a Key Player, (Antonio was classed as First Team), so any potential buyer would have to pay over the odds of his valuation to secure his services. This isn't looking like nearly so good a deal. I don't remember signing this player so I'm guessing he was signed by the DoF, which probably means that we owe someone else a % of whatever we get for him now. 


No actually. We still owe them 1 more instalment, but we don't owe them a % of any future sale value or profit made.


So while we were happy to flog the Antonio deal for some extra cash into the transfer kitty, I don't think this deal is anywhere near such a good deal. Don't get me wrong, if we were desperate for cash to buy a player then we could still choose to do it, (just remembering that we would only get 80% of the £453,000 rather than the full amount, no matter what the message says. 


If you had earmarked that £453,000 for a new player, you might not be very happy at all when you only had £362,400 added to your transfer kitty.

Although I'm not going to sell this clause, I don't want to forget about it either. There is nothing worse than seeing a message telling you that you had missed out the sell-on clause on a player after he has just been released on a free transfer. Especially when you know the board had a buy out clause negotiated. 

Now here is something I don't know. I am about to set a "note reminder" to make sure I sell this deal, but what I don't know is if the clubs re-negotiate the deal as it comes closer to the end of the players contract, (or as the player value significantly increases or decreases), so lets do that now. The player has 18 months on his contract so let's come back and see what the situation is after it gets down to under 12 months. I've also added a weekly reminder because it's easy to miss stuff like this when you use "continue game timeout". 


The other thing to say is that where as we only get 80% of the £453,000 if we sell the clause right now, if we had sold the clause a month ago we would have only got 65%. If we don't sell it for another 12 months then I would suggest that we might get 95% of even 100% of the fee made available to us. 

So anyway, that went off on a bit of a tangent. :lol:

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