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  1. I know Xhaka had a good game against France but what else did he do? I don't remember him being impressive in any of their group games. I thought Barella had a pretty good tournament, think Hojbjerg is a decent shout though.
  2. Well he doesn't have any chance of matching him for footballing ability, so that's as close as he'll get
  3. I do find the term in the petition "dragging England players like they were slaves" a bit problematic.
  4. You're taking a goal off Schick there, he finished joint-top with Ronaldo on 5. You could potentially stick Walker at right back, he did play there some matches and had a good tournament.
  5. That's why I prefer shootouts like last night where a few players miss, always think it must be worse if you're the only person to miss.
  6. I think they do a lot more of it when they're not such a good side though, for example in 70 and 82 they were a very good watch, played in a couple of the best games of all time.
  7. I thought Italy were comfortably the better side last night, England could have won because it got to a shootout but it wouldn't have been merited. I thought Portugal were the better side in 2004 but I always thought Pauleta was useless.
  8. Greece had one shot on target and scored with it in the final, fair enough that the narrative they weren't any good needs countering but you don't have to go to the other extreme of dressing them up as more than they were.
  9. In honour of a well known tradition, can the thread be renamed: Security Concerns and Unticketed Morons
  10. The thing with this is that obviously England scored a goal (although a better right back deals with that no problems) but that was the only shot they had in the entire first half. The wing backs were finding space but for the most part with not many forward players on the pitch there wasn't a right lot of end product, I thought the only really threatening looking moments were when Sterling got running with the ball. We definitely weren't going to pass Italy off the park in any formation though
  11. I'm not sure but that seems like a pretty good record. He's an exceptional shot stopper, he has the odd time on higher balls where he looks like he misjudges things but that's his only real flaw. I thought Italy were impressively composed for a team that had gone behind after 2 minutes, comfortably the better team after that.
  12. The better team won, it wasn't a particularly good final from a footballing point of view but it gradually got better as it went along. I wouldn't like to take a penalty against Donnarumma, he is massive.
  13. I would be for it if they used it as an opportunity to massively cut down the qualifying matches.
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