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  1. What rating did Cardiff's left winger get? Surely he must have had quite a game.
  2. I had a keeper break 3 fingers in a month once, wasn't sure whether to fire him or my medical staff for it!
  3. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    I predict a riot. Will the CWC win mean a new team in the near future?
  4. Well done for making me think of Kevin Keegan. Unlucky but a great effort!
  5. I do think this is an area of the game that is wide of the mark. In real life you get players playing for another nation that aren't quite good enough to play for their own nation but I do think it's pretty rare for players to hold out for a bigger nation. Massimo Bonini chose not to play for Italy even though San Marino weren't actually a recognised international team for the majority of his career. I'm not saying that no one from San Marino should ever hold out for Italy, but at times there can be 5 or 6 players in a youth intake who are Sanmarinese but holding out for Italy which I just don't think is realistic.
  6. Since I have started doing the same for all my youth intakes it's easy to remember. Do you find your nicknames get reset when players retire or turn to staff? Not a massive problem but does make it a bit harder to look back on very old intakes.
  7. The first bracket is the year they came through with a letter for where they were ranked in terms of Potential Ability in that year's intake. Second bracket is their personality, which I believe Jimbo updates whenever it changes. So Adam was the 4th best player by potential ability in the 2026 youth intake and he has a resolute personality.
  8. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    dan - I'll be carrying on, the only question would be whether I would leave the club if I got offered another job. We had tumbled down the World Rankings a bit, got close to the top 100 at one point and had dropped back to about 140, but we were the bottom seed in our group, so I didn't think it was a bad campaign. Not having to worry about the NT does mean I've been able to release a lot of lower quality youngsters who I was only keeping to make the National team easier. I guess concentrate on getting to Serie A and I might get the NT job back at some point
  9. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Didn't even finish bottom of our qualifying group after a victory against Azerbaijan in our final match: Although I will accept we suffered the odd tonking.
  10. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Jimbo - I think when you're not able to sign players it must be pretty difficult to make quick progress though (or any progress for that matter). I remember trying it with King's Lynn a game or two ago and getting nowhere in particular in about 5 seasons. I forgot to mention, Azerbaijan have had their revenge for those qualifying defeats by giving us an absolute tonking in the Nations League 6-1, we've also dropped back down to about 150 in the world.
  11. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Yes, as a man who lost two Serie C playoff finals in a row I know it can sap motivation a bit! I've made it to the Christmas break in my first season in Serie B comfortably in the top half (W10 D4 L8), the big news has been Christian Maldini struggling to hang on to his place in the team due to the performances of his young back up at right back. Might have to retrain one of them to play left back since all my players on that side are playing like clowns. Kouadio is comfortably top of average ratings for the entire league and has made it into the Ivory Coast squad for the first time.
  12. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    My formation is a flat 4-5-1, and is pretty similar to what I had used on the FM15. It's solid, but does rely on you getting the right man up front because he can get isolated, which also means you need a fair bit of pace in the attack duties to get up to him. I play exactly the same formation with the National Team except my set pieces are different so my keeper doesn't go up for corners. 7-0 is actually my worst defeat with the national team, pretty sure both England and Switzerland scored double figures against me on the last game, so that's an improvement. (Jambo98 deserves a lot of the credit because his thread on the formation is what got me using it) I do think my policy of buying mainly youth players does take the side a while to get good enough, although obviously it's much easier than doing what Jimbokav is. Looking at my squad now, I still only have 6 players who are old enough to tutor others and two of them are barely playing Serie in B. Braccini is the oldest player at the club at 27. We've started solidly in Serie B, won 4, drawn 1, lost 4, only one match decided by more than 1 goal.
  13. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Last one, I promise! You might have guessed I have been spurred into action by something to celebrate, you would be right: The term "Smashed it" comes to mind! (So does the term, "it's about time, too") A 1-2-3 in the POTY for the league, that man Kouadio has been a real star, with Neitzert also winning Young Player: And for the squad as a whole you will see 4 goals for Nino Falchi in nets taking him to 6 for the club (all pens), my backup has 1 goal to his name but that was from a corner. A lot of players performing well, Grotti doing the business in terms of goalscoring, club captain Cristian Maldini missed the start of the season with a broken ankle put came roaring back with some strong performances. And Alberto Bugli is the first Sanmarinese youth product who I have had really cement a place in the team. Another okay youth intake, but two of the best three are unfortunately Italian: But we have a new HOYD for Serie B, former Real Madrid star Raul, so hopefully he can do the business next year! With the national team we beat Azerbaijan at home as well but did still finish bottom of the qualifying group. However 7 points from the qualifying campaign has left us hovering just outside the top 100 in the World. And with that, you're all up to date, I'll try to post slightly smaller updates a little more often now! Last note, in the new season we have season a first hat trick for the national team in the Nations League: Fair play to him since he's not even in the starting XI normally, although he might be more often after that. He did also score in that first qualifying win against Azerbaijan too, I wonder if he might be a big match player.
  14. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Sorry for the double post but I just want to get everything up to date for where I am. More playoff disappointment. However this season we actually has decent 5/6 point leads in the league a couple of times and really shouldn't have been in the playoffs. Lost to Modena 5-2 on aggregate in the playoff final, so not close! Kouadio stepped up from runner up to winner of Player of the Season: And he is certainly looking good: I don't seem to have a screenshot of the whole squad from this season, it was pretty similar to the season before though both in make up and in performance. The youth intake was decent again, but a few bad personalities creeping in which surprised me with my HOYD being a Model Pro, I suppose some of it must be random though, not everyone coming through is going to be Professional: And finally, the summer after the end of the season saw a first qualifying win for San Marino:
  15. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Thought I best actually get some of this posted. This is my third season 2019-20, but I have actually completed 5 seasons now. So you can see from the table that we made strides forwards, we were actually neck and neck with Ternana at halfway but they maintained it and we didn't. The playoff final could really have gone either way, unfortunately it went the wrong way. You can see a trio of San Marino players topping the average ratings, I think at this point it seemed to me that I had assembled a good squad but just not got my tactics right, but looking back I suspect my centre backs weren't quite up to it. Unsurprisingly with those average ratings we did well on the awards front, including myself: Of those players we did lose Pregnolato at the end of the season as he was only on loan, everyone else stayed though. The full squad: Plenty of good performers really, not too many problems, I always look to mainly just sign youngsters so it was a case of moving a couple on and bringing players on who were ready from my youth team, and this is the point at which I decided to sell my keeper and try a couple of youngsters who would have the honour of penalties, free kicks and going up for corners (Not throw ins after trialling that in a complete disaster of a pre-season game!) The youth intake wasn't terrible, I would guess about average: After going so close, we were certainly aiming to go on for promotion the next season.