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  1. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Aim for his head, not his feet! Good luck in Europe, has Europa League qualifying changed at all or is it just Big Cup that has changed?
  2. Any chance of Lampard getting a job managing in China? Looking forwards to this.
  3. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    I like the look of Jernberg, I've never tried having a playmaker who can't pass the ball. At least things are going well on the pitch, how many go up / make playoffs?
  4. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    Your chairman is bananas. Are you thinking you'll switch to Instant Result once it's possible?
  5. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    Sepp seems like a cracking lad, hope you make him captain!
  6. I'm trying to decide whether triumph or disappointment is the more fitting way for your save to end. Maybe a missed/scored Hart penalty to lose/win a shootout?
  7. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    Was he loaned to a higher level team?
  8. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    Why you've gone for Benjy rather than some sort of play on Agadoo is beyond me Really enjoyed your save in Iceland so will be following this with interest.
  9. Is the new game going to include the feature where you click "View Draw" for the League Cup and then nothing happens for 2 hours?
  10. I'm really looking forwards to you buying Gauld to replace Conti in a couple of years
  11. I can't believe you've gone unbeaten and not won the league! Still an incredible season despite that. Pelaez picked a bad time for a red in the semi, must have been a nervy finish.
  12. So at what point did the old manager retire? After the tournament?
  13. No wonder Chelsea aren't doing great if Pedro is still getting a game! Excellent work, here's hoping Club Brugge have made it through for an easy semi final opponent.
  14. What rating did Cardiff's left winger get? Surely he must have had quite a game.
  15. I had a keeper break 3 fingers in a month once, wasn't sure whether to fire him or my medical staff for it!