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  1. I assume they mean it in a "I'm not bothered" kind of way rather than in a "I'm actively unhappy about this" kind of way.
  2. Reggiana


    The Welsh carriers are on the pitch as well aren't they? So it's not even like they're ready to go but being held up by England.
  3. Oh that's annoying because I've been to Munich but didn't go to Augustiner, will just have to go again when I can
  4. Well yes, that would sort of be the point. I don't really have a problem with restricting the rights of people who have refused the vaccine, it's more people who aren't able to have it I'd be worried about.
  5. So if someone goes to another country to try and help overthrow their government they somehow then should become that country's problem? If she had been invited to any country to fight for them that would be different I guess but she entered a country illegally to fight for a terrorist organisation (that might not be the correct term for ISIS).
  6. Actions do have consequences and in this case our actions as a country are that we have raised a pretty terrible person. So why are we allowed to just strip her of her citizenship and make her the problem of some other country that has had nothing to do with raising her? I have no problem with locking her up for the rest of her life but it should be the UK doing the locking up.
  7. Only really Germany (which was still well below our rate). Italy and France both peaked in November and have stayed below that level since. Spain seems to have stayed comfortably lower through the second wave although they're a bit difficult to judge because their reporting timings are a lot more erratic.
  8. It wasn't really the Christmas mixing though, it was going back into a tier system that didn't work at the start of December that was the problem. With putting some places in clearly the wrong tier for other reasons.
  9. Why would he want to go to the Jets?
  10. That graph does make it fairly clear how badly managed things were in December.
  11. You're right there, it could easily have taken a lot longer. I still don't like the word miracle being used though
  12. I know you mean it in a nice way but vaccines are the very opposite of miracles.
  13. One shot vaccines seem to me to be the way to go if we are genuinely going to try and help a lot of poorer countries with worse infrastruture vaccinate their populations. It must be a lot easier logistically.
  14. Since schools are being seen as so important I really don't see why teachers haven't been prioritised for vaccines, even if just to ensure schools can stay open because they will definitely have enough staff.
  15. I was slightly off, my memory is obviously getting worse, might be all the homebrew
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