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  1. I think there needs to be an option to challenge Dulce to a drinking competition. Or maybe set one of your coaching staff to man mark him around town. Seems like you've hit a tipping point in terms of PA developing, even if you don't make Europe this season it seems you're very much set on an upwards trend.
  2. What does the centre back from that last intake look like? He's got a good personality so should be able to develop quite quickly. Good season for you overall, always annoying when form tails off but just staying in the division is the big thing.
  3. Are you thinking you can hold off the player sales until after promotion, or might you need to raise a bit in the meantime?
  4. Gets a lot better if you use the correct number of 18 seasons! Your defence is looking very solid, little short of goals though.
  5. Poor Darren, can't ever shake that tag can he, played 563 matches in his club career. I reckon Fernandez will be good, Jimbo will look after him.
  6. Personally I'd sign him, I think he'll be good enough for you to be worth it. Plus you're a fan of rotating anyway, so just make sure he isn't being asked to played twice in a week.
  7. Unlucky missing out in the playoffs, but another good season really. Hopefully next season you won't need to worry about the playoffs.
  8. Still right in the mix despite that defeat. The fact relegation hasn't been a possibility in either season in Ligue 2 is the most important thing in my opinion, because of the financial benefits of being in this league it is just a matter of time before you get promoted.
  9. It seems like reserves have to be at least 2 tiers below senior sides, so it wasn't until you were promoted to your current division that reserves were eligible for promotion to a playable league. I assume at that point they are treated the same as every other club at that level and have a chance based on their rep of being one of the promoted teams. Will be interesting to see if it helps speed up your youth development at all, you'll have a lot more players playing competitive football.
  10. Always good to a see a low prospect turn out so well, did you give Garrido more attention because he was F Pro? Edit - having seen his appearances, it doesn't look like you did. I suppose maybe his professionalism has just helped ensure he developed quickly.
  11. The only odd thing I've had on that front is actually with United. Mourinho won 1 trophy in 6 years but still hadn't been sacked!
  12. I had a lad do this 2 or 3 versions ago, except he always excepted his fine without complaint I think. Over the course of a season he must have missed half a dozen training sessions and a couple of matches
  13. Looking forwards to seeing how you get on, although I am disappointed not to have had any input in the thread title this time! Don't worry, I'm sure the keeper will get himself up and running again soon enough, what has he got for free kicks by the way?
  14. It says in the VAR rules that they should only use slow mo to work out whether it has actually hit his hand, for deciding whether it is deliberate they are only supposed to use real time replays. Sanchez has his arm out fairly rigidly to the side of him, to me that is a clearer handball. But that isn't really the point because the ref gave that one on the pitch, the point of VAR is it is only meant to be used when a decision is clearly wrong with respect to one of the four incidents they check, so saying the VAR thought it was handball is not right as they're meant to be pretty much certain it was handball before they call for a review. Maybe Croatia were just unlucky with the referees in the VAR room as there seems to be as much of a split between ex-refs as there does between fans as to whether it was a penalty.
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