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  1. Is France one of the top four ranked leagues so you go straight into the groups? Might be easier to decide what to prioritise once the groups have been drawn, if your top seed are from a weaker league then qualifying should be very possible.
  2. I wish there was an option where rather than protest a transfer you could tell the board how badly structured the deal was. There is so much money there that is dependent on him actually playing for Inter.
  3. 10 from 10 is very impressive, well done. How's your World Ranking looking, any chance of a decent draw for the World Cup?
  4. I haven't heard of it as a bug, but on FM17 I did manage to get the Panama job having previously only managed in the Vanarama North/South (I think I had studied for 2/3 coaching badges and my rep was about 20%, it seemed odd)
  5. Yourselves and Germany were perfectly tied in the Olympics then, do they go through as the higher ranked nation? Seems a bit harsh. Good start to the final World Cup group, your game away to Japan and South Korea could be make or break.
  6. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Just caught up, excellent read. I thought you'd cracked it when you made it to the Europa League groups, sadly that was a while ago now! Seems like losing the lad to Serie A combined with some poor intakes stopped you pushing on. Did he go on to do much in Italy?
  7. Do the Chinese government possibly give money to teams as investment? I always thought you got a news item if your chairman invested anything.
  8. On FM17 I tended to find that DMC's and AMC's were far more common than MC's in Brazil. It's worrying that all the teams you played in August are in the bottom half, hopefully one good result is all that's needed to get you going again.
  9. Certainly not going to be grinding out survival! Pretty sure all neutrals will be rooting for you though.
  10. He did have 12 for Leadership, could that be what makes the difference, I would expect leadership and influence to be linked in some way. Just caught up on the thread, great progress so far Makoto although you have put an annoying desire to have a game in South America into my mind and I doubt Stockport fancy relocating.