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  1. Hi, In first season in the Championship, I think that I’m doing a fine job. In the begin of February and I’m in 8th, playing a nice counter attacking football. Jason Cummings is a fantastica player, but had a 3 months injury and it’s almost fine. If I can suggest is that you defend more than attack, so you can lose less games.
  2. I'm having difficulties scoring goals, any sugestion? I have add my tactic 2 posts ago.
  3. Hi, I have made this shape and settings. Any opinion?
  4. Hi there, Started a save with the blades, and we dominated the season since the beginning. Jason Cummings was our main goaler, and the best player of the season. He and Billy Sharp made a good partnership that gave us many goals, and in the next season, I’m being forced to break this partnership. As we are going to the championship, I’m expecting a more competitive league, with larger teams than us, and I’m thinking of using a 4-5-1, instead of the 4-4-2 that I have implemented last season. For the second season, my main goal is to have a good middlefield force to defend well and to secure the games. This was what I buy so far: The tactics is under construction, but I’m thinking of something like this: Any suggestion? The transfer from last season and the new one: So far, I made some free transfer, and I’m still trying to sell some players (Brasham and Freeman). My budget is 0, and I’m having trouble to keep the salaries bellow our limit. Regards, PPinto
  5. Ok. I had understand different. That this topic was about one tactic specifically. I will set one formation, that fit my squad, and share it. Thanks
  6. Ok... if I have 5 star players in the 3rd division... it will be easy. I want to try it, because I don't have the right players for a 4 way defense. I'm a little afraid of this tactic because the wingers are attacking, and you don't have anyone protecting the flanks...
  7. Hey there, Loved the main topic and I will definitily try it. But one question, this tactic work when you are the underdog or in a lower league (for example League One or Championship)? Thanks
  8. Hi Can you share the roles and team instructions? Thanks.
  9. Hey, In last FM, I have managed to get Leeds in Premier in the first season. How is the team in this one? Easy to get in Premier or dificult? Thanks
  10. Hey, Anyone have a list of good players that you can bring for League One? Thanks
  11. Hey there, I'm starting a savae with Sheff United, and I'm having some difficulties knowing what players to contract (don't play FM for 1 year). For now, I buyed Jason Cummings, Alex Finney (free and a hot prospect), a 3rd goalkeeper with 21 years and a young player from Liverpool in a free loan (right defender to be a backup from the main right FB). Also have sell the clause involving Kyle Walker. Tried to get Marco Motta, but he preferred another club… I’m trying to sell Reece Brown, and still don’t know who to sell in the front (strikers). In the preseason, I have player three games (two wons and one lost against Newcastle (2-4 nice game)). I’m currently using a 4-4-2 tactics. GK D: Simon Moore FB A: Freeman CD D: Ethan Ebanks-Landell CB D: Jack O'Connell FB A: Danny Lafferty WM S: Coutts CM S: Fleck DLP D: Louis Reed W A: Duffy DLF S: Billy Sharp AF A: Jason Cummings Any suggestion regarding transfers? Or other topic. Regards, PPint
  12. Hi there, I have implemented a succefull possession game in the Championship with Leeds, using a fluid mentality. I have don’t like structured way to play, because I prefer generic roles above specific roles and that the players do what they want to do. This implies that the players must have good mental skills (at least in my mind). I would implement the Roam of Position when my players are better them now. Any suggestion/change to improve the tactic? Thanks
  13. Cleon, the only motive is that they don't fit in the role, so why should I put them there? The don't know how to defend... So I will convert a WM as a IF? And, one more thing, almost all don't know how to play as a RM or LM, just as a attacking.
  14. Hi there, I'm struggling with Leeds in the first Season at Premier League. I was able to get the promotion using a possession based football, but now this isn't working very well. So I want to create a new option to have against the stronger teams and the away matches. The first problem that I have is that all my Wingers are Inside Forwards, so they don’t fit the Wide Middlefield role. Is it possible to use the counter with a 4-1-2-2-1 with Inside forwards, or this is against the objective of the Counter attack because I will have more players in the front? I was thinking of something like this: GK (d) W (s) CD (d) CD (d) FB (s) DM (d) CM (s) CM (a) IF (s) IF (s) Striker? Don’t know As TI I don’t have any one in mind, so I will stick with a clear idea and them I will add things… Suggestions? Thanks all, and happy Christmas.
  15. Hi, Sander is doing just ok. Isn't a first choice yet, but I'm expecting that in the end of the season he will be. Can you share the counter tactic and TI for ideas? I'm just used to have a possession ball. In the begin of the season I have 2 draw and 2 loss, but we are playing well, but conciding in the defend...