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  1. Hi, I’m doing well with monza, first in league in January from at first season. Will need to rebuild the team for the série A. Any suggestion of players?
  2. Deportivo Coruna. Great challenge at 2 b division. Bring back the days of Bebeto to the team.
  3. Hi, Any Palermo manager that can give me some tips regarding how to do a Serie A come back in 3 years? The team have a good first team, think that need an Shadow Strike. Not use to play at this league, any free players that are good for tier 3? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, How is going on at te Premier? What transfer do you recommend for the 2nd season?
  5. Hi, Cherries have been relegated and with a media prediction of 6. I think that I will try my champions save. Usually at Leeds, but now they are at premier so have to find another team. Will need another striker, I like to play with two strikers. But if not possible they have a good team. Any recommendation?
  6. Hi, Looking for a tactic to user in Sheff Utd first season. I saw that the 41212 with wingers is a good one, but I don't have right mid... and have alot of CM.
  7. Hi, One more question. When I add 20 leagues in view and when I press continue the game will show me all leagues being processed similar to when I have a playable league that the games that happen appear with the result etc? Just to know if this will take alot of time. I have 1 start performance with 23 view leagues and 7 playable.
  8. I usually play 3-5 years. No more than that. I will add that nations and will just put Full details in the competions that you recomend. This should give a nice speed?
  9. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. So the in game option to choose the details for the international cups so the game isn't to slow right? Regarding the leagues I will put: - Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Argentina and Brasil with playable. - China, Colombia, Croatian, Denmark, Greece, Holland, Mexican, Norway, Russian, Scottish, Slovenian, Swiss, Turkis, USA and Ukranian with visible, - Large DB, with Europe and South America Continents with top divisions players. - I will put just 1st division of all countries except the one that I will choose to p lay. Note: I will have 1,5 star of game speed. This is the most balanced way?
  10. Hi, I'm very interested in this topic. Since some years ago I try to add some reality, but I have a low spec pc (laptop spec, i5 CPU, 8 GB Ram, Intel Graphic and SSD drive) 1) Before this topic, I usually play with: France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, with playable option, and Portugal (my country) with view only. 2) After I read this topic I'm thinking of doing: France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, with playable option, and Portugal (my country), Brasil and Argentina with view only. Note: - For this two I use always Large DB with Europe and South America Continents with the option "players from top division clubs" - When I select the club that I will play I will add the division above where I stand, for example if I go to Serie B I will add Serie C. I don't like to change clubs during the save. This will leave the DB with 65 000 players, that give me 2 star performance. I think that the max of DB should be 75 k / 80 k. Should I pass Argentina and Brasil do playable and add some more leagues with view (for exemple, holland, norways, slovenia, turkey, greece,...)
  11. Hi, What about Milan and the return to the Europe glory? In another way I will do the Brentford save. Fantastic team last year.
  12. Thanks all. Cooper didn't leave, and I loaned Josko Gvardiol with a future fee of 20M €.
  13. Hi, First season is completed, we were champion with 120 points. We bought Mattias Jokobsen, Max Normann Williamsen and Frederik André Bjorkan in 1st season. Sold Adam Forshaw (5M €), Mason Rubie (1,7M €) and Berardi (250m €) at the last month of contract. For the start of next season I already have secure Ilan Meslier (4M €), Toni Borevkovic (5M €), Jack Harrison (9,25M €), Jean-Kévin Augustin (11,5M €) and Chris Mephan (5M € and more 12 M € in future fees). Cooper should leave by 15 M €. Need to find a first option BPD, will try Ben White. Any other suggestion ?
  14. Hi, I use the FM20.4.1TeaforOneVOL44411p104FACC from here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TE22-1gsGXb4Y3yxpsUST7KusUiFPl_XBkhvxIO0fH0/edit#gid=567996015 Sigames Topic:
  15. Hi, I'm using a 4411 and still miss 5 games to the end and already champs (107 points till now)
  16. Hi, We are in december and have more 10 points from 2nd. Things going very well. I will need two Central Defenders (prefer for Ball Playing Defender). Will have Cooper, Max Normann Williamsen (very promissing at 16 years) and will need to find two more. Berardi is fine for Champions, has BPD, but in premiership... And I will need to give him a new contract (expiring at june 2020). What did you guys made with Berardi? Keep or let him leave?
  17. Hi, he’s not interested in negotiate a new contract. Since day one.
  18. Hi, Do you also have problems to keep Nohan Kenneh? I'm will have to sell it for 1,5M .... because if not he will go on free (for 900k)
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