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  1. Hi guys I've led my stockport squad up to english championship. I'ts 2024 in the game, my first year in championship. Now, most of the players that led my team here are in their last year of contract. I have almost half of my wage budget unused, i got about 6 million in the bank, and projected to be at that level at the end of the season too. Now, when i try to resign my players, the board restricts the wages to a laughably low level. I can offer 115k€/a for a key player - either resignee or a new signing. That doesnt come even close to cutting it - i cant sign any decent players. I got the board to increase the wage budget, but these maximums didnt budge. The question is, whats going on? I figured that either a) the chairman is a donkey b) there's something in the finances i dont understand c) the club is in way over their head Or could it possibly be a bug? Seems unlikely. Just looking for any answers as to what i can do to correct it. Or maybe just sucking it up and going back to L1 is the only solution? Thanks for any input.
  2. In all honesty, and in no way trying to be inflammatory, what would you attribute it to other than luck?
  3. Yeah Kriss, thats what i normally do. Was just testing out if you could be a hands-off manager.
  4. Hi guys Anyone have a read on the differences between assistant managers? I tried a save where i'd let the assistant pick the squad on match day, and i act as a, i guess, american football general manager e.g. overseer. Thing is, the assistant doesn't seem to rotate or play anyone who's on a hot streak. Lead to me losing a couple of good prospects since they were mad for having no playing time - rightfully so. And 7-8 of my 21 man squad are severly lacking match fitness most of the time. The question is: does the squad rotation and selection vary between assistants? Should i try a horizontal move and find a similiar assistant manager to replace my current one, or is it just what it is? Thanks in advance.
  5. To add to this conversation - what doest "no match plan" do? Does it use my tactic as is regardless of situation, or does the assistant manager control it?
  6. The great thing about classic is that staff seems to be on rolling contracts. I bet they do have an influence on your team, but you only need to hire them once (unless you rise in stature) so it isn't that much of a hassle. I usually fire everyone and hire new guys when i start a game, and then just let them be unless things change significantly - promotion, retirements, and whatnot. Scouting assignments, on the other hand, cant give you an answer there. You could go with the ones you already have, but using assignments greatly helps in finding the proper players, and therefore adds to the teambuilding aspect you're looking for.
  7. Oh no, i didnt do a good job of explaining myself. I love the new training, it's actually exactly what my feedback is going for: added complexity that doesnt complicate anything - unless you want it to. Exactly what i'd love to see more of in Classic. The "realistic training" comment was meant to underline an earlier point about the way-too-fast position learning (not training in general) - it's too gamey and detracts from the simulation aspect.
  8. Another batch of feedback since playing the final version for a while. Here's how i like to play the game, as a preface for my feedback: Pick a team in the lowest league in England, instant result almost all games, focus on building through staff and players with minimal tactical fussing. I usually like to create a system, and then find players for it. This is kinda backwards, i know, but i like it. The goal is always the CL, but I've never actually done it. I'd venture to guess there's a lot of people who play in a similar fashion, and just get bogged down by the full fat version. Now, most of the feedback from beta thread applies, but i'd like to add one point of contention. I get that classic is supposed to be streamlined and does a great job of it. I greatly enjoy playing a ten-year career in a handful of real life days. My argument though, is that you could add a lot more from the full fat version without slowing down the experience at all. I - and i'd like to think a lot of Classic players too - still love the simulation aspect of FM. So things like a single reserve team, fast position learning, the unlockables - they detract from the wonderful simulation experience by gamifying it too much. On the flipside, stuff like expanded staff, proper u-19 system, expanded statistics, and realistic training wouldn't detract much at all from a streamlining standpoint, but would add to the simulation experience. My main feedback, in short, is that i think classic mode could still be etched a bit closer to the complexity of full fat mode, without impeding the streamlined experience. If complexity can be added without slowing it down - which i think would be pretty achievable - i don't think many would oppose to it.
  9. Hi guys. In the last couple of FM's i've been able to take a team up a couple of leagues in a relatively short amount of time - e.g. a few years per promotion. This year it's a LOT harder, and im loving it. As years past, i start at the lowest level in england and work my way up. In my last save, i played 10 years with a newly promoted team, achieving mid table finishes but rarely making any progress in VC south. Now, i love the challenge, but just couldnt get going. So i thought i'd start a new game with stalyrbridge - the only pro team in the division - so i'd have a little more time to shape my squad. In my first game, the problem was that i was struggling all the time just to maintain my level of play. My thinking was, i'd start with stalyrbridge, just plug a very basic tactic in and go through a couple of seasons of mediocrity while i build a playerbase that i can work with - suited to a tactic i have in mind. Tried twice, with a vanilla 442 and a vanilla 433 DM wide. Got fired by christmas in both tries, after horribly underperforming. Now, im not asking for cheats or exploits - but is there something that i dont get? Is the stalyrbridge situation inherently hard, or is it a part of FM 15 where plug-and-play basic tactics dont cut it anymore. For those of you who dont play LLM - Stalyrbridge is the only pro team in the division, and therefore usually in a much better condition than the opponents. They have a media predicion of 6th place finish, and the board excepts a mid-table finish. I'd really appreciate if you could point me to something i may be overlooking. I just want to get through the first campaign without getting fire. Is the situation too hard? Should i just man up and focus more? Choose a different team? Thanks guys.
  10. Just adding my 2c to this feedback thread with not much actual feedback in it. And i'm not trying to beat a dead horse or downplay anyones issues, just an honest opinion. I'm loving the injuries. I stated this at the classic subforum as well, i think it's great. It makes for a great chess game to try and keep your squad fit, and when injuries happen you have to make moves to work around them. More youngsters get chances by proxy, and so on. Last couple of years, i almost always had my starters play approx. 80-90% of my league games. This year, trying to keep my whole rotation match fit but not burned out, i have a lot of positions where the starters and backups both play a lot. I have a key AMR who played 24/42, while his backup played 16/42, and a couple of reserves got turns as well. I get that this probably SHOULD've been what i did in last years' games, but now with emphasis on fitness and injuries, i'm forced to play smarter. I wouldn't be mad if the injuries were raised to realistic levels, as this is exactly the kind of management i enjoy doing. The point of this is, i really hope SI take in to account the silent players who enjoy the game - such as myself most of the time - and not just the dissident loud voices here.
  11. Hello there guys, just thought i'd drop by with some of my impressions with the beta. I've been playing classic mode exclusively for the last couple of years, and i find it rather enjoyable to actually get to a point where building a team is actually rewarded in a timely manner. Seems like the forum for Classic mode is quite quiet compared to the full fledged forum, and that actual feedback on Classic pre-release has been at a very low level. Not a regular poster myself, but i though i'd do it and would encourage other people that enjoy this mode to post their feedback as well. With quite a small community around Classic in this forum, i think players have a great chance to get their voices heard. I only ever start in the lowest level in England, and last year the highest i got was league one. I love building (or trying to build) a small team up. That being said, here's a couple of pros and cons so far - 4 seasons with my first save, 2 with a new save on 15.0.3. Pros: - I'm loving the amount of injuries. It forces me to play a deep squad, and keep everyone fit. It's also a very enjoyable tactical chess game to try and work around injuries. I really hope this doesn't get changed. - Scouting is great now. One of the more fun things to do playing the lower leagues is trying to find good players for your squad. - Training is great in theory. New positions coming in quickly is a fun bonus, although maybe not too realistic. - Match engine looks and feels great to me, though i don't watch that many matches. - Liking the new interface for the most part, the left hand navigation cuts down on all the clicking, which is always good. - Overall i'm enjoying classic mode a lot this year. Cons: - I don't get the tactics screen. Not saying it's bad or good, i just don't get how it's supposed to be used. I got my custom view in the squad screen, and always pick my team from there. - I would greatly enjoy more of a "fog of war" in scouting. Even with the small inaccuracies, it's still way too accurate to my liking. - Leaving training to assistant manager is hit and miss - team training seems to be OK, but individual training is a hodgepodge where half my squad is training for a new position i have absolutely no need for. I could do individual training myself, but it lacks some usability. I would love a button that just sets everyone to training their own role or position, without the need of clicking through all of them one by one. Also, i find it peculiar that everyone HAS to be learning a position all the time. I don't get the logic there. - Unlockables not working yet, didn't see anything said about it but i'm guessing its the beta phase. Only one i ever use is "become unsackable", since owners rarely embrace my long term plans where you get killed for a while before eventually getting killed marginally less in a couple of years. - Every conference north/south team is in financial ruins. Has been like this for years, and it really doesn't bother me. But you seemingly cant build a profitable conference team. - Good players not even willing to discuss new contracts. I guess it's realistic in a sense, but if i find a great player, develop him to a star, i would like to just get a shot at signing him instead of the silent treatment. Sure, he could ask for wages way beyond my reach, and i'd have to walk away, but at least open the conversation with your... creator? - I'd love for the staff part of Classic mode to be beefed up. As much as i enjoy finding and building players, i'd love to have a full fledged staff to build too. I'd very much enjoy the full game's staff model to be in the game. Just have an option for assistant manager to handle them for those of us who don't want the trouble. - Tangible feedback. Not saying spell everything out, but i'd love for there to be - for example - a press article pointing me to the direction why my high flying squad suddenly cant score or defend. I know it's an argument for gamification of a simulation, but it could be vague and not overpresent. If, for example, there's an internal conflict i'm missing, maybe at times the press would write about it. It would bring it to my attention, and actually teach me about the game. Now i get it, some of these things apply to the full game too, some to Classic only, but since i just play classic i thought i'd post it here. And dont take there being more cons than pros as a put down - i've greatly enjoyed the game.
  12. Do the assman ratings in different coaching attributes affect anything?
  13. One thing that confuses me about FMC, given that it's supposed to be streamlined, is that i cant use staff to resign players. Should really be in, given that it's possible in fullfat.
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