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  1. Could you upload a save game before that press conference appears/generates please? If it's a post-match one then a pre-match save would be ideal. Thanks.
  2. Glenn Wakeford

    Press Conference - outdated question

    Thanks, this is now under review
  3. Glenn Wakeford

    VAR in post-match write up

    I can't see any of the references you mention in the save game you've uploaded. Do you know which match it occurred in?
  4. Thanks, this is now under review
  5. Glenn Wakeford

    Best Eleven is totally off

    Thanks, this is now under review
  6. Glenn Wakeford

    Press Conference - outdated question

    Do you have a save game from before the match please?
  7. Glenn Wakeford

    Registration issue

    Do you have a save game before you finalised the signing of the player?
  8. Perfect, thanks very much This is now under review
  9. If you happen to also have a save game before this news appears (e.g. pre-match) then that would be really helpful. Thanks.
  10. Glenn Wakeford

    Asking how I will replace vital back up player

    Which players did this occur for?
  11. This save game isn't at the point you describe above and doesn't show the problems you have reported.
  12. Glenn Wakeford

    Press Conference news item wrong

    The save game is 3 months before your match with Newcastle, or 5 months after your last one, so this save game unfortunately isn't of much use.
  13. Thanks! The more descriptive the better in my opinion! This is now under review.
  14. Glenn Wakeford

    Player names changing

    Translation - I've been playing FM19 Beta for awhile, I've started my own career, everything works fine. Saved everything loaded well. And today I load my score and suddenly my name and that of some players is different. Either the first name or the last name. Could someone help?
  15. Glenn Wakeford

    Incorrect social media posts for loaned player

    Do you have a save game just before this happens, or failing that, one that still shows the content in the social feed? Thanks.