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  1. si need more info

    There has been no change to the size or placement of the buttons. If you feel that they are too hard to spot in this years skin due to the colours, please raise an issue in the UI bugs forum. Thanks. Glad the problem wasn't more sinister!
  2. Could you upload a save game from before this news appears please? Thanks.
  3. si need more info

    Did you get the invite news item at 06:00 on Transfer Deadline Day?
  4. si need more info

    Are you using any third party skins, graphics or edited data?
  5. Thanks for the save offer but one won't be required here
  6. OK thanks, we'll look into this.
  7. Is this because you won the individual leg, but not the whole tie on aggregate?
  8. Thanks, this is now under review
  9. This is a known issue and is under review, cheers.
  10. This is a known issue and is under review, thanks.
  11. Press conferences are reduced at lower levels by design, so you will see less of them. Could you post a screenshot of your media handling stats please? This shouldn't be decreasing like this. Thanks.
  12. Do you have a save game just before this advice appears you could upload to our FTP please? Thanks.
  13. Cheers for the information, this is something we'll look into.