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  1. Could you upload a save game from just before the press conference generates please? Thanks.
  2. Two issues here: 1. Since asking for these examples to be posted with a save game in the bugs forum, no-one has posted anything. As we have said before, we can't fix bugs if we don't have a working example of one. 2. The team is split on a modular basis. Things like avatars and match cut-scenes are done by the relevant modular team. Not doing those things would not mean that media gets more time, it would mean they work on something else in their area of the game, so in the case of match cut scenes, they'd work on other match presentation stuff. There also seems to be a confusion between media and interaction in this thread. I've seen a number of interaction complaints lobbed in here to slate the media aspect of the game when they are quite separate - and any issues you have with the interaction system should also be logged in the bugs forum.
  3. When I load that save it only recommends people for jobs that there are spaces for, for example the U18 coach - there is one slot remaining to hire them. Same for the data analysts, physios etc.
  4. Could you upload a save game just before you get this advice please?
  5. Could you upload a save game that shows this please?
  6. under review

    Regarding 2. - could you upload a save game before this question is asked please (e.g. before the match)? Cheers.
  7. You have taken what I have written and jumped to a massive leap that's totally incorrect there. I will try and state it in clearer terms. The game is massive. Like, ridiculously huge. There is a phenomenal amount of code behind the scenes. The database is filled with hundreds of thousands of entries. Every user plays the game in a different way and experiences totally different things. Sometimes the staggering amount of variables in FM will cause something to go wrong in a unique way that doesn't happen all of the time. If we don't manage to catch those anomalies in testing, and people don't report the bugs when they see them to us - we can't do a thing about it. The code as we know is fine, but we need the example to step-through the code as it happens to see what has gone wrong and what we can do to fix it. My post was to try and encourage people to log things that seem wrong to them in the bugs forum, where we can address them. There were several issues in that thread being discussed by users who have never raised those issues to us, then using those issues as a stick to beat the game's mechanics with. This is frustrating for us. Please do not misappropriate our communications into yet another stick to beat us with; it is quite, quite tiresome.
  8. Could you upload a save game from just before this advice appears please?
  9. Thanks. If you think a question is wrong or not considering something, please log it in the bugs forums - we'll always take a look at examples. There's a lot of code in FM, so things can go slightly wrong in very unique ways sometimes - if you have examples that reproduce from save games, we will always endeavour to sort these issues. What's frustrating for us is when people discuss many bugs, like in this thread, that have never been raised to us as issues!
  10. These are bugs, but they have not been logged in the bugs forums, and they haven't been seen in-house. It would really help this area of the game if people logged these contextually incorrect questions. We can't improve on this aspect of the game unless bugs are raised, so please log them as bugs when you see them.
  11. Thanks, we'll look into this one.
  12. It's just a manager playing some mind games with you!
  13. Cheers, we're aware that some of the reports for uneventful matches such as these have some issues and are reviewing them. Thanks.
  14. The person you've changed to offer advice to is probably not as good as the previous person for the advice, or they have nothing to say/suggest regarding changes to the current setup.