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  1. Cheers, we'll look into this.
  2. under review

    Cheers, we'll look into this.
  3. Cheers, we'll look into this.
  4. under review

    Cheers, we'll look into this.
  5. Cheers, we'll look into this.
  6. info provided

    To fix this go: Preferences -> Interface -> Processing -> Continue Game Timeout -> Set to 'Disabled'
  7. Could you post a screenshot of the question you're talking about please?
  8. But the question is why did you prefer Allen?
  9. Allen over Ramsey? What have you been watching?
  10. Thanks for the update, glad you found the cause.
  11. Info Provided

    We are unable to offer support in this issue as the Japanese national team is not playable due to licensing issues. We cannot offer support to third party addons or workarounds, apologies.
  12. Really want a gif of that Ronaldo strop
  13. Need More Info

    Could you upload a save game before this question is asked incorrectly please?
  14. Info Provided

    You need to hire coaches to your national team, as there is currently no-one to provide this information for you. These ratings are provided by your staff, not the game.