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  1. Glenn Wakeford

    Best players of the World Cup

    Sommer had a great tournament as well, some superb saves.
  2. Could you upload a save game from before players disappear please, and let us know which ones are disappearing for you? Thanks,
  3. Glenn Wakeford

    You know how them Russians like a good bit of doping?

    They're obviously just throwing the game to avoid suspicion.
  4. Glenn Wakeford

    France VS Peru (4pm KO)

    Mbappe is just a flash David Nugent.
  5. Glenn Wakeford

    Post-match analysis gone missing

    Thanks, we'll look into this
  6. Not really any better or worse than previous teams. This current incarnation is lacking some top quality goalscorers that they used to have, otherwise it's much the same. Qualified for the last 4 tournaments in a row now.
  7. Glenn Wakeford

    Post-match analysis gone missing

    Could you upload a save game showing this please?
  8. Glenn Wakeford

    Replace injured players in national squad

    You can holiday for a day to get past this but if you could upload the save game that would help us. Thanks!
  9. Glenn Wakeford

    Media question re: Champions Cup

    Thanks, we'll look into this
  10. Glenn Wakeford


    So Futurama then, which was superb right up until the end. But yeah, **** on this before anyone's even laid eye on it.
  11. Glenn Wakeford


    Based on what?
  12. Glenn Wakeford


    Hopefully this will be more Futurama than The Simpsons. The writing and voice team are great and David X Cohen is on the team so it should, in theory, be good.
  13. At this stage it's unlikely we'll be releasing further updates to the game.
  14. Glenn Wakeford

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    There is no bitterness or salt in those who vanity search their name and then contest some inoffensive chat, not at all