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  1. Winter Update

    This is a forum for reporting bugs, please do not post threads in here that do not relate to this.
  2. Thanks, we'll look into what's happening here
  3. What date did the player leave you? I ran this through here and Hoedt remains with the squad for the entirety of the tournament. If you have a save game after he has left that may help as currently we have nothing to go on here. Cheers.
  4. Best Player not in dream team

    Could you upload a save game before this award is handed out please?
  5. Room for more staff - contradictory screens

    The advice for Darren Moore there isn't that there aren't enough staff, it's that the person giving you the advice thinks he would improve the quality of your staff. If you look at the entries at the top of your list you'll see the text differs. These reasons are expanded upon even more if you click the reason itself.
  6. Non Goalkeepers winning Keeper of the year

    This is a known issue and is under review, thanks
  7. Are you using any third party data or edited data at all?
  8. Are you talking about the Analysis screens in the match or the post-match news item? Either way, we'd like some screenshots and a save game for the issue please.
  9. Assistant pre-match tactical advices disappeared

    Thanks, we'll look into this
  10. Assistant pre-match tactical advices disappeared

    Please upload files to our FTP as instructed here, rather than to third-party sites. Thanks.
  11. Assistant pre-match tactical advices disappeared

    Could you upload your save game where this is happening please?
  12. Assistant pre-match tactical advices disappeared

    There's a few things that could be going on here: 1. The person is not very good tactically, so can't come up with many suggestions. 2. You are performing well so there is no need to make suggestions. 3. The person agrees with your current tactical setup and so has no additional suggestions to make.
  13. I've tried to reproduce this a couple of times here and had no luck, do you have a save game from before you offered the player the full contract?
  14. Mallorca unbeaten since 1989

    Yeah this is a bug, not sure what's happened here but we'll look into it. Thanks
  15. End of Season Review news story flawed