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  1. If a player is on your shortlist then you will get an inbox item when another team puts in a bid for them.
  2. Glenn Wakeford

    International Squad / Player Search

    You'll need to use the filter option to allow players from the national team to show here, it's like that as a default for national managers. It's in the Edit Search function.
  3. Glenn Wakeford

    Problem calling players for International matches

    Has the player reached the age where he is no longer eligible due to his birth date? If not, could you upload the save game please? Thanks.
  4. Glenn Wakeford

    Club turned professional - incorrect email received

    Thanks, that info and save game is very helpful
  5. Glenn Wakeford

    Press conference referencing incorrect result?

    Could you upload a save game before the final match please?
  6. Glenn Wakeford

    Team of the year

    It may or may not be a bug - do you have a save game just before the award is handed out that we could look into please? Thanks.
  7. Glenn Wakeford

    Unknown players

    This is a known issue and is under review.
  8. Are you using any third party add-ons, or database edits? Is this in a post-match conference? If so, we need a save game before the match. Please also let us know what the file name is when you post as well. Thanks.
  9. Glenn Wakeford

    Voting for random awards

    I'm still not seeing any files on the server with "lith" at the start of them, are you sure they're uploading correctly?
  10. Glenn Wakeford

    The game skips tunnel interviews

    What's the save file called?
  11. Glenn Wakeford

    News items about player facing former club

    This is a known issue and is under review, thanks.
  12. That hasn't worked - could you upload it to our cloud server please?
  13. Glenn Wakeford

    Incorrect News Item info

    Could you upload a save game either just before this, or one showing it please?
  14. Glenn Wakeford

    Voting for random awards

    I can't seem to see the file on the server, did it work ok for you? Could you try again if possible? Thanks.
  15. Glenn Wakeford

    stupid trainer advices

    This advice is suggesting staff of potentially higher quality ones to replace the ones you currently have.