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  1. Don't mind this - rather have a tournament with a logical number of teams (16, 32) than the current nonsense half-way house we have of 24.
  2. Doing a bit better now, have hauled myself off 2nd bottom to about mid-table. 53 points with 4 to play still.
  3. Why are we being subjected to this? (Talking about Grealish singing, but could equally be this match.)
  4. No, I find that whole business too confusing and time consuming. As said above, in order to do well here you have to game the fantasy system instead of just picking players and letting them play, which is a bit rubbish for me.
  5. 14 with 3 to play. Got 24 on my bench alone and one of them hasn't played yet. This has gone very badly.
  6. Yeah tournament Fantasy is new to me, normally just stick to the league. I'll just play it in the normal style and get humped
  7. They've made this wayyyy too complicated, you have to game the Fantasy system to stand a chance rather than just picking players who do well.
  8. This should be the one you need: https://community.sigames.com/forum/804-transfers-contracts-scouting-recruitment-meetings-and-staff-responsibilities/
  9. Looks like it could be a bug, or at the very least be clarified better - could you post here with a save game before the news generates please? Thanks.
  10. Please post in the technical/crashes section of the bug forum, thanks.
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