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  1. Could you upload a save game that shows this problem please?
  2. Do you have a save game from before the news item is sent? We'd need that to step through the code to find out why this is going wrong. Thanks!
  3. Do you have a save game before your final match of the season please?
  4. Do you have a save game before any incorrect players were added to the national pool please?
  5. We're not seeing this behaviour here - do you have a save game before your first league game of the season you could upload please?
  6. Do you have a save file with the content still visible, or just before it appears? The save game you've uploaded no longer has the content in the social feed as it's some time after. Thanks.
  7. We'd need a save before this is generated so keep an eye out if you see it in future, thanks
  8. Please upload a save game just before the senior squad submits their squad for a competition, and let us know of the affected players, thanks.
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