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  1. Cheers, we're aware that some of the reports for uneventful matches such as these have some issues and are reviewing them. Thanks.
  2. The person you've changed to offer advice to is probably not as good as the previous person for the advice, or they have nothing to say/suggest regarding changes to the current setup.
  3. The history page shows appearances in all positions, the awards screen there only shows the number of times they played in that specific position.
  4. Who are the players being picked ahead of him? Are they performing considerably worse?
  5. Do you have a save game from before the question is asked please?
  6. Do you have a save game from before the player decides they will retire?
  7. This is because it is too late to withdraw people from the national squad - they have already met up and are in the middle of their duty - for example in the Benteke example, you are on the 10th, but he is already with the squad and played a match for Belgium the day before. You can only make these commands before the players meet up for national duty,
  8. This is something we're aware of and looking into, cheers.
  9. Yeah that's the one.
  10. It looks like this could be down to the database you have loaded and the players available to the game. There is an African competition that requires nations to only use players that play in that country, so there's probably a lack of 'real' players loaded in your game that meet that requirement.
  11. Thanks
  12. Could you upload a save game either before the match, (preferable), or one showing this please?
  13. Could you upload a save game showing this please?
  14. Cheers