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  1. Simple answer: I don't know! Unfortunately only stepping through the game as it makes the decisions would reveal it. It definitely looks wrong to me, but without being able to recreate it we won't know. Fortunately this does seem to be a very rare case. Thanks for the detailed response, glad you've found something that works so well for you.
  2. The save game is too late for us to look into here, we'd need one just before the award is handed out (so just before the season ends). I'm also not sure how you've been playing this game - it's very unusual and unrealistic to have only conceded 2 league goals all season. What were you doing to get such an anomalous result? This could have an affect on the awards outcomes.
  3. That shouldn't happen - it can and should recommend staff move up into these roles, but not down. If you still have the save game we'll take a look at it. Cheers.
  4. Post in the bugs forums and upload your save game and we'll take a look.
  5. If you examine the text that accompanies these pieces of advice you'll see that they're being recommended because the staff member making the suggestions to you thinks that the ability of the person in the role could be improved.
  6. It's not something we've seen here or had other reports from for FM19 that I'm aware of.
  7. Could you upload your save game showing this please? Thanks.
  8. It's normal that league records and histories are updated on season update day, that's to be expected. If you're seeing other issues, please upload a save game just before the news appears. Thanks.
  9. Could you upload a save game ideally just before this news appears please?
  10. Could you upload your save game before the news is generated so we can look into this please? Thanks.
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