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  1. If you have data analysts in your staff could you upload your save game? You should get the post-match news item if you have one. With regards to Mechelen's finances, that sounds like a data issue that should be raised in the relevant Belgium thread in the data forums. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info, that's been really helpful
  3. By examples I meant do you have any names of players specifically this is affecting?
  4. Thanks - I'm not sure why this is happening either. It's not something I've run into before, and appears you're the only one! We'll look into this
  5. Thanks for the file - which players are you seeing this with?
  6. Yeah that's what I meant by looking into it further. No problem.
  7. Do you have a save game with any examples you could show us please?
  8. Thanks - we'll look into this further
  9. I've taken a look at the save game and I had no problems calling up players for this squad at all. If you have recent code on the news item it should state that "The squad cannot have any player aged over 19. (Born before 1/1/2000)" - can you confirm you are seeing this rule as it is, or do you have a different year showing?
  10. Are you playing with the latest update of the game? If so, could you upload a save game before the registration please? Thanks.
  11. Do you have a save game showing this and one before you took charge?
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