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  1. It's highly likely these are unsanctioned friendlies - some nations will occasionally engage in friendly matches that do not count towards official totals. This is normally referenced in the media before the match. This save game is a long time after those matches, do you have anything closer to the matches that we can check instead?
  2. Could you upload a save game from before you submitted the squad please? If you don't have one from before, could you upload one showing it? Thanks. Instructions on how to upload are here -
  3. I don't see a problem here - could you explain what you mean please?
  4. Looks like it could be a bug, or at the very least be clarified better - could you post here with a save game before the news generates please? Thanks.
  5. This is a known issue and is under review, cheers :thup:
  6. Yeah the frequency of press conferences at lower league levels is naturally lower than those of top-level clubs.
  7. Could you upload a save game, ideally just before that news appears? If not, one showing should the news item already should help. Cheers.
  8. Please upload a save game just before any instances of suspect news so we can look into them. Thanks
  9. There's no inbox item that you describe in that save game and you're not in charge of a team. Is that the right file?
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