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  1. I can't tell you how much money I've wasted well spent after school in video room?/play room?/not sure what the right name it is for it, but every day (didn't have a PC at home back then), I was there, getting my Leeds United to two Champions League titles in five years. Nostalgia is... Just... Too much... Good luck with this.
  2. Jedinstvo Ub - September 2021 Linglong Tire Super liga Unbeaten month pushes us one step up the Super liga ladder. We've even beaten rampaging Vojvodina, inflicting upon them their first defeat of the season. Still, there's a petty side of me that would've replace that for a W at Krusevac... Kup Srbije But Kup victory against Napredak will have to satisfy my desire for Krusevac's blood (this sound so, so wrong)... Rad and their Ultras Diet Nazi's are next...
  3. Jedinstvo Ub - August 2021 Linglong Tire Super liga Bit of a mixed month but considering we've faced two out of four strongest teams in Serbia (and held one up for a draw) is a success in my book. Kup Srbije This is third or fourth time we're advancing after penalties. Character!! We should be getting past them...
  4. Jedinstvo Ub - July 2021 Transfers (So far) Gajic left for Napredak. After season he's had, Nikola thought he's bigger than us, refusing to sign pro contract (we were semi pro club before getting promoted) and to spread a bit more salt into the wound, he chose Napredak, club i don't have a polite way of saying how much i dislike. But let's focus on the incoming players. Some lovely fellas among them. Winger from Macva but considering his attributes, not exactly great physicals and PPM, he may be better suited for a role in central midfield. Our new starting right fullback, taking over from Radojicic. From Partizan we've got talented player and (for now) starter down the left. After getting Freddy Rincon to our staff, this lovely little fella popped up in my feed. He's good enough to start and decent replacement for Ajdar, who went back to Cukaricki. Our new #1. He's not that much better than Curguz but he's much younger, with lots of place for growth. My top targets for central defenders all chose other clubs so Nikola is brought in. He should do great, he has everything i love in CD's. Squad Still searching for a striker that would be an upgrade on Mehmedovic (there are few names i'm looking to bring in but they're currently waiting for other options) and another left back, though options available are so dire it mightn't even be worth getting anyone. Linglong Tire Super liga Fantastic opening of the new season by smashing Mladost, unlucky loss at our stadium but swift recovery during our Belgrade excursion. Hopefully, we can keep it up...
  5. A.E. Prat // Season Review 2020/21 Prva liga Srbije (2nd place) Fixtures: I :: II Fantastic year, both for us and Kolubara. It was tight race just up till the end. They prevailed but we can also be proud of ourselves. Any other season, we would be crowned champions as early as April. Kup Srbije (Knocked out in Quarter Final by Partizan) We did alright for our first showing. For a side expected to barely go past Qualifying Rounds, we went fairly far. (Is it just me or this sound weird-ish. Legit but weird. Anyway, too tired to change it but oddly not enough to stop writing unnecessary nonsense and go on with season review) Squad This team is in a lot better shape now than it was 12 months ago. Core is there, we just have to replace loanees and oldies whose contracts are expiring and we're set for debut in Super liga. I'll try not to change things too much. Try to restrain myself. It's gonna be hard though, there's a lot of tasty players on the wire... Transfers You've seen this one. Not much to report aside from the fact that Gavrilovic and Rajovic will be leaving. Two golden oldies, with expiring contracts, both of them already found their new employers. Finances Not great but it will get better. Thankfully, our board injected 110k to keep us out of red, which is the main reason for us finishing in black. Player Of The Season But of a controversial one but Rajovic is my pick ahead of obvious choice in Gajic. Marko had an ungrateful task, starting for us despite his age and gone legs. But he was phenomenal, ending up as our best creator, either via crosses from open play or set pieces. Also, he's leaving and I'm a sucker for perfect goodbyes. Next Season Restrain myself on the market. Remain comfortably in Super liga. One of those will be easy. Career Summary
  6. Jedinstvo Ub - May 2021 Prva liga Srbije We've beaten Kolubara, had everything in our hands only to drop the ball (both metaphorically and literally, thanks to our goalie) so trophy ultimately ended at Lazarevac. Can't really say it is undeserved, the Miners had 12 victories and just 2 defeats in second part of the season. Still, it stings a bit...
  7. Jedinstvo Ub - April 2021 Prva liga Srbije As final game of the month wrapped up, we're delighted to get these messages. It was only a matter of time, considering how much Kolubara and we stood out in promotion race but still, it is nice to have it on paper. We're going to Super liga!!
  8. Jedinstvo Ub - April 2021 The Split Prva liga Srbije We just had to duck it up and let Kolubara start second part of the season with an advantage. Still, we're in great position. Promotion is our primary objection. Title would be just a cherry on top. Let see how it goes...
  9. Jedinstvo Ub - Class of '21 We haven't made any upgrades so this doesn't surprise me. I do plan to improve our youngest, few years down the line. I would love to have player grown at the club in starting XI. But from this generation, just one player signed.
  10. Jedinstvo Ub - March 2021 Prva liga Srbije Flawless month, just two goals conceded and we're still trailing behind Kolubara. Gajic has been phenomenal. Kup Srbije Expected outcome. We're far from their level. Still, quarter final of the Cup. Not bad for our first try...
  11. Congrats to our resident Italians. Future is bright for you, as i absolutely adore some of the upcoming talent you guys have. Still have some personal grudges about Mancini, haven't really rated him as a manager but even i have to admit he did his best during this EURO. Enjoy the success. Looking forward to watching you in Qatar.
  12. Jedinstvo Ub - February 2021 Transfers Three players in, three out. Well, four, if we count Ratkovic in there. Direct replacement for Hadzic, who went home to Bosnia. One upon a time, Mehmedovic was brightest prospect of Serbian football. Came here to replace Ratkovic. Zehrudin will be second in the pecking order, just behind Gajic. Red star graduate. Brought him in because we had just two CD's of our own (plus two that are here on loan). Gavrilovic is losing his legs slowly so i had to do something... Prva liga Srbije One game played and brilliant team performance against doomed Sindjelic side. More of this, please.
  13. Georginho predicted US election winner (ask for The Map), EURO winner. Give me some Lotto numbers, oh wise one...
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