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  1. If you are looking for a challenge domestically, take Cukaricki or Vojvodina.
  2. Just a quick update before work. It's getting interesting, lads... Still in the FA Cup, in the next stage of Checkatrade Trophy and top of the league.
  3. Thanks fellas, much appreciated. Derbyshire was unhappy, was valued around 60k and i guess they just wanted to get rid of him. Garbage player for them, world beater for Enfield Town.
  4. After going on a bit of a hiatus (damned life getting in the way), yesterday i just sat, turned on some random CH game on television and got into FM. It was long into night when i thought to myself that i had a thread to update. So here i am. Latest from Brisbane Road. First of all, transfers. We've spent some money. For the first time since i got here. But mostly, our dealings were loans and players whom we had to beg to sign for us. This reputation thing is nothing new but it does get on my nerves. Our new #1. Chased him last year too but he brushed us off. Our record signing. And first player i paid for. 56k was enough to prize him away from Blackburn. Retraining him to play as left winger. Yeah, both of our goalkeepers are on loan. Not the smartest move, i know... He was transfer listed at Liverpool. They wanted nothing for him. Zero!! Our first choice striker. I thought i messed this one up. Remember him being really good in some previous games, signed him up without scouting him fully. Disappointing attributes aside, he plays really well. First of the two left backs we got on loan. So, so hard to find decent one. Got him to cover Glover. Good enough to start but i want to develop Ryan first and foremost. Option for left wing position. Rather quick but nothing much else is there... First choice LB. For some reason, couldn't find decent playmaker to save my life. Luckily, agent recommended Mauri to me, got him on trial and signed him soon enough. Lack of stamina worries me a bit but overall he seems decent. I was after him whole summer. Didn't want to negotiate with us but he finally broke down, as window was getting toward the end. Backup player as it can get. As i said, really struggled this window to sign any half decent player. Resume of our dealings. Leaving us were those whose contracts expired. But we sold Daniel Hoey, fifth choice CD. He's going to Hull come January and we're getting 100k for him. Well, it's actually 200 but he has 50% sell on fee. One clause i always use while playing in Vanarama leagues. Never though one of those could ever come to fruition... Gotta admit, this surprised even myself. After somewhat shaky start, team pulled together and started playing some decent footy, culminating in undefeated October. And we're now en route for our fourth promotion in a row. Madness!! Knocked out of Carabao Cup, first game and we're out. Shame but team were still finding its footing. Backups are still in contention for advancing in Checkatrade Trophy while we have to play Coventry in first round of FA Cup. So yeah, at the moment, everything is going our way. Going to play some more over the weekend and hopefully finish this season. I'm hooked, that's for sure.
  5. Had this one issue with two of my players. First one i punished twice with 2 weeks salary and had a talk with him about his misconduct and he calmed down. Never did something similar since. But oh boy, the second one, he was pain my ass. Brilliant player, been with me for 6 or 7 seasons. Always was professional, never made a scene. But something changed in the last preseason as he went constantly to clubs, missing training sessions and games. Punished his a** 8 times, no effect. Luckily for me, over the years he built quite the reputation, won 3 Champions League and one Premier League title with him in the squad, with him scoring a CL winner goal in 118. minute. So it wasn't that hard to ship him off, as Bayern went in with 80mill bid. I would loved to keep him but he unsettled the squad, few players came to complain and i had to let him go. With a hard heart, but the team is above everyone.
  6. Godammit, this game will be the end of me... Why can't we have nice and quiet decisive game? Why is there always so much drama?! But you know what?? F*** it!! LEAGUE 1 BABY!!!!!! Wycombe drew at Sutton. We were awful v Moors, but somehow prevailed. Man down while chasing the lead, somehow scored after ricochet during last minute corner kick. Didn't need it since they Wanderers failed to defeat Sutton but still, it gives us an epic conclusion to the season. And... Breathe. Damn.
  7. You two beautiful men... Play Offs secured... So there's that. Two more games to go.
  8. Almost at the end of the road... Hangin' in there...
  9. With only the league to focus on, without distractions of the cups, i expected us to pull a string of good performances. But it seems like fatigue is catching on. Ever since January's end, we're struggling to create... Well, not so much to create, we still have good 2/3/4 CCC's per match but our finishing... That's a new category of bad. Shooting blanks left and right. Thank God for Ranshaw, whose goals got us points v Wimbledon and Sutton. But others must improve if we're to aim for top 3. One month to go. Bunch of games to play.
  10. This seems to be your year. Promotion is all but done and some quality looking youngsters. Pitty is insane, fantastic mentals and physicals for this level. Boreham produced some fantastic newgens in my previous saves yet i never bothered to check their facilities. Wow... Just... Wow!
  11. OK, so, i had planned to do two months period updates. But we hit the ground running. And i wanted to ride up that wave of good results. Then we had a bit of a rough patch so i tried to get out of it. And before i knew it, its January soooo... Here's the quick recap. Third in the League, boys!! Punching way above our weight here. And it's all thanks to two beauties: Ben Panesar-Grainger and Rob Ranshaw. S***, are they phenomenal this year... And i can't help but to mention young O'Connor. Truly a rock in the defense. Some good prospects we have here... And while this is all going our way, can't help but expect a bit of a meltdown coming. Played this game way too long. And i know it's coming. I can feel it in my guts. Just hope we can weather the storm and don't drop off significantly. Haven't expected it to be in contention for promotion our first year in this level but now that we're here... As for the cups... Decent showing. I'm pleased. Carabao one, it took Manchester City to eliminate us after going through two Championship sides. Traditional third round exit in the FA Cup. Welshmen were too strong for us. And at last, the one competition no one cares about... Group stage exit. Meh.
  12. It's a nice challenge, sure. Tough at times but extremely rewarding once you get into upper echelons of English football. Friends and family event only. They will come. All those glory hunters... Just a matter of time
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