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  1. We fell apart hard in the league for some reason while still doing great in the FA Cup. Got lucky too, avoiding L2 or L1 sides. As for the next round...
  2. It's been a while fellas... Nice weather outside, so not as much FM has been played. But, new season, ours first in Vanarama National League so let's catch you up. An eventful window, as we went on strengthening side for challenges that awaits us. I'm pleased with what i brought in but... There's always a but. Truth is, we missed on some fantastic prospects. Most of them went to the clubs in same division we're in, for a lot less money than we offered. Few of them chose VNL South/North sides over us. Which really pissed me off but i do understand that's situation we're in. Our rep is still quite low. Still, it's annoying and unrealistic in my eyes but i understand. But it's stupid. And i won't complain anymore. Starting now. One for the future. Planned to use him in rotation but we've got much better player in and have Maslen-Jones to compete with him. He was on loan last year, Braintree got relegated and he jumped ships. Really like the look of him. Defensively sound but kinda useless going forward. Cover rb. Southampton academy graduate and our new starting CD Fantastic looking BWM. Overspent a bit to get him but he's brilliant. Hoey's partner in starting XI. Booty's replacement. Not as young but at the approximately at the same level. And best i could find on such short notice. Cover for right wing. We were really light in central midfield area so... Once again, best we could sign. My #1 pick went to Halifax, #2 to Blyth. This guy was... #5 or 6, i think. Same as above. Needed a backup goalie. And as for results... They're decent enough. Few hiccups here and there, late goals conceded, et cetera... But we're exactly where i wanted us to be at this point of season. Really should've get the job done in that first match v Welling. And in replay. Missed SO many chances. Jesus f***!! But we're through and playing against Wealdstone. Which we should be winning comfortably. But same could've been said for Welling...
  3. Well, that's something... I was in a lengthy negotiations with Ipswich, with offers flying back and forth. Started with 400k + 50%, ended with 100 because my stupid board accepted offer on my behalf. I really thought i could've got more. But then Bolton came, offered same 100k, 40 upfront and million small clauses. Board accepted that too. Never wanted to kill bunch of imaginary people so much. If he had gone there, we would have got peanuts, since some clauses were ridiculous. Day or two after, Millwall offered 105k. I've negotiated that to 100k + 50% of profit hoping that he would chose Ipswich or The Lions over Wanderers. Increased odds and all that. Luckily, he chose well. I'm happy with the deal. He had only one year left, didn't want to sign new contract and we cashed in. He got his move, we've got some nice money and hopefully he develops well while there, those 50% might come in handy in the future. Thank you, Paul. All the best to you, lad.
  4. Enfield Town FC Season Review - 2020./21. Vanarama National League South Expectations: Avoid relegation Reality: Champions We've started off furiously. Played really well, defended really well and sometimes after New Year's Eve, our form just fell apart. There were still few wins here and there but too many goals conceded in the last 10 minutes of the match cost us points and i went into full blown panic mode come last month of the league. Luckily, my players stepped up and got us that well deserved promotion. The Emirates FA Cup Expectations: Reach Fourth Qualifying Round Reality: Knocked out in Third Round by Crystal Palace Fantastic. More of this, please. Buildbase FA Trophy Expectations: Reach First Round Reality: Knocked out in Second Round by Billericay Town This match was just three days after Palace rematch. Excuses, excuses, i know... Squad - Well done to all of you guys. Most of them will be here come next season but we'll have to strengthen a bit. Transfers - Everything was done in the summer Finances - Looking good now. Thanks, Palace. Key players: Brandon Adams - Went on a rampage this season. I really don't know how he did it but lad just kept scoring. Aaron Greene - Topped the assists chart. Great year all round for him. Brad Maslen-Jones - I'm not sure there's a game this year where he was rated lower than 7. Superbly held our midfield together. Plans for next season Expecting easy survival, hoping for mid table, dreaming for a bit more than that.
  5. I'd loved it to see them in Vanarama National since we developed kind of a rivalry. But dumba***s lost to Kingstonian in Playoffs.
  6. Well... I was wrong. Me of little faith. We're going up!! It was a terrible match, eyesore to watch but we accomplished what we wanted. Really turned up when it was important. Few great wins, couple slip ups from our opponents and we're this season's first passengers for VNL. Going into that last game absolutely relaxed...
  7. We're going to bottle it again, aren't we?? Tough month ahead of us. Quite a few tricky opposition teams to play against... It's gonna be playoffs again dammit
  8. Got that PL away match anyway... They played second string, dominated over us for a good chunk of match yet failed to put us to sword. I'm so happy. $$$
  9. Goddammit, this would've been perfect, had we got an away game... It was a good run. Halifax is a League 2 club. Barnet is now in Vanarama National. We've punched way above our weight. Doing fine in the league too. Some mental matches played... It's tight at the top. Really tight.
  10. Brexit news... I think i had this one before. It wasn't that hard, if i remember correctly, most of the players i've sought got work permits easily. Definitely easier than that salary one, we might get some decent youngsters in CH, perhaps even in L1...
  11. Well, for my standards, that was pretty uneventful window. New dmc, that'll play as central defender. New central defender, who'll play as new bwm. A little bit of a competition for Adams. Replacement for Jamie Jellis. Not as good but he'll have to do. Highly rated youngster. Can easily fit into starting XI. A familiar face. Signed on Bosman from Dartford after his loan expired. Finally got that second goalie. Had to get him, since Barcelos got injured just as preseason was over. Can be used for cover in midfield too, so that's nice. Great in preseason, undefeated. Even thought it was mostly warm up games. But we avoided defeat against Championship side, which was shocking tbh. Our good form continued as the league started. Great start, as we went unbeaten and already faced two huge opponents. More of this, please. Too early to tell, but this might be our year.
  12. Enfield Town FC Season Review - 2019./20. Vanarama National League South Expectations: Fight bravely against relegation Reality: Lost in Play Offs final Had a chance for a surprise promotion right off the bat but we slipped at the last step. Shame, really, but hopefully, with few improvements, we'll be up and running again come next season. The Emirates FA Cup Expectations: Reach Third Qualifying Round Reality: Knocked out in Fourth Qualifying Round by Havant & Waterlooville Bad day at the office saw to our early cup exit. I pride myself in being good in cup competitions. This didn't do me any favors. Buildbase FA Trophy Expectations: Reach Third Qualifying Round Reality: Knocked out in Second Round by Eastleigh Eastleigh won it at the end so... Squad - Probably i won't change much, bar replacing loanees and one or two players whose contracts expire in a month. Should get backup goalkeeper as well. Transfers - Everything we've done this year. Finances - Not terrible... For now. Key players: Bilal Sayoud - Top of the assist chart and second in scoring one. MVP for sure. Jamie Jellis - Truly superb midfielder. Sadly, Stevenage won't loan him back to us again. Brandon Adams - Top scorer but went missing when we needed him most. Plans for next season Strengthen the side a bit and challenge for promotion. We've shown we can...
  13. Pretty much, yeah. But one could argue they bottled it more They have resources any club in this league dream of and yet can't escape this level. I'm happy with how we did. It would've be amazing have we got promoted but never expected us to be in this situation.
  14. Missed penalty, disallowed goal... It just wasn't to be. Season review incoming later on.
  15. Ok... Hold up. This is a chance of a lifetime. Bromley in the final is definitively a lot less scary than Billercay. But it's far from easy, since they've beaten us this year. Nerve-racking day ahead... Cmon boys. Let's finish this!!
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