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  1. So that's proper S.W.O.R.D. introduced then... And Wanda searching through Multiverse. Unless i misunderstood that... Have to agree with Pompeyboyz. It's a 7. Fine side addition to MCU but we, here on board and fans across the world made it more interesting with our theorizing than it turned out to be. Wasn't disappointed or anything but i expected a bit more. Vision v Vision was nice. It was clever trick by Wanda's Vision but doesn't that ultimately means White Vision went on to fulfill his prime objective and kill himself?
  2. If Melissa McCarthy stumble and fall on her arse/fart, i'm burning down the theater...
  3. Just heard rumors theories that White Vision is actually Ultron. Googled it and this article makes it seems like a real possibility. I'd love it!! Really liked Ultron and his comebacks throughout Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes (best series based on Marvel property!! FIGHT ME!!) (with catchiest theme song ever) and with my known fancy of James Spader... I'm in.
  4. Finally got somewhat back to normal after receiving AZ jab on Monday morning. I was alright during entire day, bar some pain in my arm and occasional cold shivers but when i started preparing for sleep... I got Acktered. Temperature gone to hell, i was freezing one moment only to started feeling on fire the next. That lasted entire night, barely got some shuteye. Woke up yesterday, temperature was back to normal but my body felt so beaten up. As if i was training non stop for two weeks straight. Every muscle and joint, like someone was stabbing me. Luckily i had some redecorating wor
  5. Just got back from getting my AstraZeneca jab. Will report back if i get sudden urge to sip tea and extradite minorities.
  6. So he went missing once more after Endgame? Or Jimmy didn't get the memo...
  7. Completed: 35 1. Cobra Kai: Season 3 (8/10) 2. Alice in Borderland: Season 1 (8/10) 3. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 1 (7/10) 4. Great Pretender: Season 1 (7/10) 5. 30 Coins: Season 1 (5/10) 6- 8. Bleach: Seasons 1-3 (8/10) 9-10. Bleach: Seasons 4-5 (7/10) 11. Great Pretender: Season 2 (8/10) 12-22. Bleach: Seasons 6-16 (7/10) 23. The Uncanny Counter: Season 1 (7/10) 24. The Expanse: Season 5 (8/10, really close to 9) 25-26. Attack on Titan: Seasons 1&2 (9/10) 27. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 1 (7/10)
  8. Fantastic 4 movies are guilty pleasure of mine... Loved first two. I liked pretty much everyone in cast. Yes, they ****ed up a lot of things but still... Fan4stic was such a snooze fest. So, so boring... On paper, they had decent actors for the roles. Though i can't stand Miles Teller. Nothing against the guy but he has such punchable face. First two had some entertainment value, Fan4stic was just awful.
  9. We had a Discord watching party for Superman & Lois last night. One mate streamed it for us and we watched together in call conference. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either. Kids don't looks like nor talk like kids. Jonathan and Jordan don't feel like brothers. And wrinkled hair one is annoying as hell. One saving grace is Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent. I liked seeing dorky Clark. Since it's CW, he'll get mopey down the line, i guarantee it but in this one episode (and one other in Supergirl, forgot which one it was, his first appearance in there perhaps) but
  10. If you overachieve, they won't care. Heck, they'll even change their philosophy to fit yours, as long as you're high flying...
  11. Just watched it on Youtube and now i want more than anything James Spader and RDJ in the same room and just listen to them going on about... Pretty much anything.
  12. James Spader is one of my favorite actors ever so... YES!! PLEASE, YES!!!
  13. WB's are such a mess... Why?! Cavill could've been perfect Superman, had he had good material to work with... And anything JJ Abrams sound bad to me. Haven't heard of this writer but considering he's working closely with Michael B. Jordan on multiple projects, those rumors about him getting the cape just might turn out to be true.
  14. Soooooo are (currently hidden) mutants still an option in MCU since it was said that Wanda (and presumably Pietro) both had powers, even as kids? Gotta rewatch it but hasn't Agatha said that Wanda was born with powers and that they were amplified after her interaction with Infinity Stone?
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