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    FM19: An Ambitious Andorran

    Unlucky. But you'll get back at your feet. Any interesting options available?
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    Declaring an interest in other clubs

    Is he without club? Maybe compensation Zenit would have to pay for you is just too much for them...
  3. Leeds United Season Review - 2023./24. Sky Bet Championship Expectations: Reach Play-Offs Reality: Promoted as champions First of all, guys, i'm sorry for the lack of updates. Christmas season has begun in my country, so aside from all festivities, my friend had a few days off work so we mostly played our online save. But that doesn't mean that this one suffered. My progress was just slowed down a bit. And what a progress it was. Record breaking season. All kind of records. We were dominant, brutal. But in a good way. Not in the old time kind of way. Fantastic football at times and this club is back where it belong after 20 years of suffering. The Emirates FA Cup Expectations: Reach Fourth Round Reality: Knocked out in Semi Final by Arsenal Stevie, this is how it's done. Stopped one step from greatness. But we can make it in the coming years. This was more than enough. Carabao Cup Expectations: Reach Third Round Reality: Knocked out in Semi Final by Manchester Utd If this was RL, i might end up lynched at Town Square in Leeds. Jesus, United is insanely strong side... Squad - Added Callum Gribbin and Adam Lewis, but this is pretty much same squad i built over the summer. And one i'll try to keep together for our PL return. Transfers - Totally forgot about that Icelandic kid... Finances - Good. And from now on, they can only get better... Key players: Lewis Smith - MVP and top of the assists chart. Surprisingly great season. Adam Armstrong - Top scorer, although he had a bad habbit of getting lost in a lot of games... Milos Ristic - Not bad from a player i've paid 10k for... Plans for next season Sign mostly domestic players (WP rules) and survive. Simple enough.
  4. New season, new Leeds. Squad is revamped and we're definitely gunning for promotion. Season 2023./24., exactly 20 years since Leeds were relegated to the Championship. And never came back. Until now (i hope). Got some fantastic players, mostly on loan. And if with these guys we failed to get promoted, this club is truly cursed. So, let's show you these new boys. Most of the old/overpaid players are out. Meite, Klich, Struijk, all backups with huge salaries. Only one i didn't want to sell was Walton. Newcastle activated his clause and he was a goner. Your typical English striker, lots of pace and nothing else. Pardo's replacement. His contract was expiring but compensation would end up 400k. Since his value was 4k, i offered 10 and were more than happy that they accepted it. He looks great. Almost got him for free. Sadly, he decided to stay with Lyon. He'll be fine option to have, either on the wings or in attack. Ayling legs are giving up rather sooner than later. So i've brought back one academy graduate. Byram was available too, but he just looked awful, devastated with constant injuries. I'm gonna train him as inside forward on the right. He'll be a beast. Rotational option. First choice striker. Experienced in Championship. Homegrown player. Same sad story as with Gouiri. Between Leeds and PSG, he chose Paris. Can't say i blame him though... Starting centre back. Monaco just keep making these gems... One for the future. It's weird that his heading is low, since he's a really tall guy. Our squad at the moment. We're ready. Let's win this b... League. Let's win this league!!
  5. I actually decided not to. After they rejected my first approaches for Hulak and Jelfs, i thought just to leave them alone. They didn't brought in anyone significantly better than they already had (and they've got truckload of players) and i wish for them to remain in Championship. Without those two, they're passengers for League One for sure.
  6. At least, some good news at the end of the season. So, so happy for them... Look who'll be joining us next season. I'm glad they haven't ruined all my good work.
  7. Leeds United Season Review - 2022./23. Sky Bet Championship Expectations: Top half Reality: Playoffs After somewhat shaky start, we pulled ourselves together and made a run that almost brought us back to the Premier League. Can be happy with that, how we started, i thought i might pull a Clough. The Emirates FA Cup Expectations: Reach Fourth Round Reality: Knocked out in Fourth Round by Rochdale Stevie G really embarassed himself there... Carabao Cup Expectations: Reach Third Round Reality: Knocked out in Second Round by Crystal Palace I'll give him this one. Palace is a formidable opponent. Squad - There is so many things i dislike about this team. Big rebuild incoming. Transfers - In all that madness that followed our playoff run, i forgot to mention that i've sold our captain, Jansson. His contract was expiring, his decline is inevitable so i thought to cash in, since our finances are in dire state. Finances - Not terrible but still kinda bad. Key players: Ezgjan Alioski - Hands down, our best player since i took over. And yet, he might not be here next season. His contract is expiring and he's asking for ridiculous salary. If he doesn't lower his demands, i'll show him the door. Kemar Roofe - Another player who massively improved when i got in. On his day, he's unstoppable. Danilo Cataldi - Excelled in that DLP def role. Plans for next season Create a team that will be in contention for promotion. Next season will mark year 20 of Leeds's pilgrimage in the Championship. It would be nice to get them back where they, due to tradition, belong.
  8. Goddammit!! I knew it. Equal game but they were much more lethal... F***
  9. Should've scored a few more... This is gonna come back to bite us in the ass.
  10. As expected, we're going against Preston for that Wembley ticket
  11. Oh boy... Oh boy, oh boy... After that horrendous start, i definitely didn't see this coming. But, somehow, we ended up in playoffs. Jesus!! It all came down to that last game v Hull. We've got lucky. Extremely lucky. All results went our way. Alioski,.. My man
  12. I actually tried getting Ian Jelfs but they're asking for money i don't have. 12mill euros. While Leeds is in the red