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  1. Serbian league has huge issue as well. Per our league rules, EU nationals aren't foreigners in the league yet in the game they are which makes playing with two top sides in the country basically impossible since most of their squads are foreign players. Our community had to issue a fix through Workshop and it was done in two days yet this issue lingers in the official game all the way back in the early access. It was reported, acknowledged long time ago and still isn't fixed, officially.
  2. Blackburn Rovers According to a job board, I could've got into Premier League's Leicester and Southampton, for some reason. That seemed tad unrealistic to me but struggling Championship side... Yeah, I can see them going after me. Blackburn is a team brimming with history and that's why they appealed to me. One of the founders of The Football League, former English League and Premier League champions and they had one of the best footballers England ever had in Alan Shearer. But those are days long past... Today, Rovers are just a midtable mediocrity in English Second tier, finishing between 8th and 15th place (more of the latter) for the last eight years. I'd like to change that... General :: Facilities :: Finances The club is in decent enough shape. Squad is bit too bloated for my taste, finances seems fine but are bit of a mess when you consider debt we have to repay. Board isn't all that ambitious, at least considering this season's objectives. Fixtures :: League Table That was an awful start to the season. Some really winnable games from which they've got nothing. Looking at the schedule ahead... I'm in for a rocky start to life in Lancashire. Squad It seems... Fine. I guess. Goalkeeper Kaminski is class but he isn't getting any younger. I reckon there's another two, three good years in him but we would be wise to look for alternative. Brittain is our best right back while on the opposite side we don't have much of a choice, Pickering will have to do. Phillips is our finest CD and he's still young, with lots of room for growth. Midfield might lack depth but what we currently have is great, with Travis and Buckley being obvious standouts. Our final third... Ummm... Isn't that great. Far from terrible but I think that contending team might look for some better options than what we have in Maina and Dolan. IRL I have some sympathies toward Wood and McBurnie, I used to like both of them and while they could still do the job for us, they're past their prime. Overall, there's some good bones in this group of players. But there's also couple of overpaid oldies, some who don't fit my mold and some who just aren't cut for this level. We'll be doing some wheeling and dealing soon enough...
  3. Brackley Town - May 2026 Sky Bet League Two Came back to our senses and won the league! Had one helluva game as our last one ever at St. James Park as Brackley will be moving places next season and host their games at newly built Brackley Stadium. Got bit more than half a mill for competing in League Two which finally put us back in the black. This is really bothersome, all that for just thousand more seats... Bolton's going to Vanarama National. Their downfall is just... Sad. Back on the bright side, Wildbore capped his fantastic season by winning a Golden Boot. Three of our players ended up in Team of the Year whilst I've got Manager of the Year award. How's that for going out on a high... Squad I've finally fulfilled my promise to Jordan Cullinane-Liburd and sold him to Hayes & Yeading. He's been after a new challenge, there were no takers for him until United showed up. That makes him our one and only piece of transfer business we've done this year. Squad's in good shape, I'd say. Nice mixture of youngsters and established, more mature players. Every single one of them got their moment in the sun, even our third goalie. And as you've seen on our finances tab, new manager will have more than enough money to put his stamp on this team. It's been one fun ride, Saints... I couldn't have wished for a better starting club. I've improved so much, I grew so much... Thank you for giving me this opportunity. And finally... Wish you all the best, Brackley Town. May your rise continue and we meet once more sometimes down the line. Now, let's take a little break... Go for a vacation or two. And then we'll see where I'll end up next...
  4. Brackley Town - March & April 2026 Sky Bet League Two Perfect in March, fell apart during April for no apparent reason at all. And yet, one victory away from League Two title, having already sealed our promotion to L1, along with Salford. Next season's budget is announced and, considering our debt, it isn't that big. Still solid, though. My successor will have enough to bring couple players in. Youth Intake Another decent one. Three players signed. Rebollo. Grayson. Besant.
  5. Brackley Town - January & February 2026 Sky Bet League Two This was first time of the year where we had our entire starting eleven healthy, playing together. And it shows, they were unstoppable. Wildbore became top scorer in Brackley history, he's very close to breaking Levi Amantchi's record for most goals scored in a season and he was best young player of League 2 in January. Just how good we were at the turn of the year? Two of our players contended for best player award. Ahead of a guy from Salford who scored 4 and had two assists. Nevers won it. Emirates FA Cup Sadly, we aren't there yet... It was a close game once again and they edged us on experience. News and Stuff We actually haven't signed anybody. Had couple of offers for our players from few L1 and Championships sides (West Brom was particularly annoying on deadline day) but, to my surprise, no one was interested in leaving so I just rejected those approaches without a care in the world. Mansfield came to me for a coaching gig but I wasn't keen on moving there. Bolton sacked their manager and I would honestly entertain their offer (because I have soft spot for them) but one never came. Speaking of leaving... If we get promoted, which seems like a real possibility, I think that's it for me at Brackley. We achieved so much and then some. If I stay here, I'd have to do another rebuild and... I'm not sure I can. This group has been together for two, three years now. I don't want to rip them apart. I'd love to leave on a high.
  6. I might've missed it but have you thought or asked the board about turning professional? Since you're loaded and all that money is just sitting there...
  7. Brackley Town - November & December 2025 Sky Bet League Two Some struggles in November only to turn it around and have a nearly perfect send off to year 2025. I don't know how we pulled that off, injuries and tough schedule kicked our ass but the boys kept on going and picking up point after point. Luis Silva was simply mesmerizing, Nevers picked up long term-ish injury and he once again responded masterfully, earning once more a YPotM award. Papa John's Trophy Sneaked past Plymouth thanks to Newport, who did us big favor. We were facing Exeter next and... You wouldn't believe it but, statistically, we were the better team. But we were way too wasteful and they were... Well, the opposite of that. It's a shame but we'll have our chance for a rematch soon enough. Emirates FA Cup Finally we've had some luck at the draws for the FA Cup. Dispatched Carlisle with relative ease and haven't had that much of a hardship at home versus league rivals. I hoped for a big PL away day in 3rd Round but instead we've got, once again, an away day at Exeter. And we're itching to set the record straight.
  8. Brackley Town - October 2025 Sky Bet League Two Pretty decent haul, I'd say, considering all the injuries plaguing us. You can add Thorpe and Cosmos to our long term injury list as they'll be MIA for at least month and a half. It's a bummer but it's also a chance for someone else to pop off. One such is Luis Silva, who used Cosmos' and Nevers' injuries, played his heart out and got himself a Young Player of the Month award. Papa John's Trophy Thoroughly professional job done v Newport. Sadly, Wolves haven't exactly done us a favor and we'll have to beat them to get past Plymouth and go to the next stage.
  9. Thanks. I'd be rather happy with that. Still going strong but injuries are starting to pile up...
  10. Brackley Town - September 2025 Sky Bet League Two Here at Brackley, we had sort of a clean sweep going on. Flawless performances in the league, four wins out of four. Wildbore got himself both Player of the Month award (ahead of his teammate) and Young Player of the Month while I've got it for the Manager of the Month though it is more accurate to say that I shared an award with Crewe's manager, who had same brilliant record as us. It wasn't without the cost... Two horrific injuries to two of our players. Nurudeen was first to go as he suffered shin splits during our first match of the month. Second one was unlucky, as our newcomer, who just started to work his way into our starting lineup, sustained a lower back stress fracture and will be out for two months. Two players, whom will we be without for two whole months. I thought about going back to the market but we'll have to go way over our wage budget to sign anyone decent so I guess this means more playtime for Faye and Cullinane-Liburd. Papa John's Trophy Hopefully we'll get a decent result in our next game vs Newport. Otherwise, we're done...
  11. Brackley Town - August 2025 Sky Bet League Two Our League Two debut went rather smooth, considering we haven't had any new squad additions aside from ones I've already shown you. It was a conscious decision to go with our youth and if it blows up in our faces, I only have myself to blame. Seems to work alright so far... Carabao Cup Did well against our league rivals but, as expected, struggled away at higher tier side. We still scored, had our chances to tie the game but... It's football. Squad Everyone but our third keeper played in at least one game. Usual suspects are playing well though we still wait for Thorpe to kicks in. Really happy for Cosmos and Murombedzi, they showed that they can still have some impact for us, despite maybe being out of their depth (attributes wise). Jaylan has great start to the season. I was surprised to see him on this list, as our players haven't got on bookies radar even once before this so I guess I'm happy he's proving them right. Bell displaced Silva as our youngest player ever. I've finally convinced the board to let me study some more. Other than that, it's been rather boring summer for us... Nothing much happened. Oh, right, one thing happened. My hometown club sacked their manager. I've considered applying and, considering my reputation within the game and competition I would face, I would be certain #1 pick for the role. If only I haven't signed new contract with Brackley two weeks prior. Yes, I could've done it, could've easily resigned but it didn't sit right with me. I guess it wasn't the right time...
  12. Brackley Town - March, April & May 2025 Vanarama National League We were confirmed as champions after our away trip to Bath (and apparently were still drunk from festivities since we bottled while celebrating it at home next game). Middle of April. I thought championship race would be more exciting but, as it turns out, it's enough to fully rotate your whole team once after every two games and you're cruising while your opponents struggle with fitness and barely run after half time kicks in. It became really noticeable at this tier, where fitness levels of players isn't exactly the highest. Many of those games we've won because we had fresher legs on the pitch. Fixture congestion was nightmare but we navigated it much better than opposing managers. I've got two new deals, first one after clinching the title, as I've decided that I want to remain here at least one more year and second one, fully identical, after we've turned professional. We've got a decent budget for the coming season but I'm sure it'll be slashed once payments for our new stadium kick in. I thought it was unnecessary but the board went ahead with it anyway. Youth Intake Another great one. Five players signed. Bell. Scott. Faye. Due. Nurudeen. Also, I'm loving the fact we're getting lots of international players in these... Transfers Two players out, three players in. For now. As usual, those newbies are just replacements for our first team regulars who left/ are leaving us. Thierry Nevers's coming in place of Callum Stead. He'll start on the right wing while our dear Cosmos assume more of a backup role. Keenan Forson, with Nevers, another former West Ham players we signed, is a better version of Murombedzi. As with Cosmos, youngster will get to star while veteran moves back a little bit and helps from the shadows. Sam Sherring, coming from Lewes is straight replacement for Tobin, whose loan's ending. He might push Blythe our of starting XI. I don't know yet. We'll see. I really like Younger/Blythe partnership so far... Squad It looks little bloated but it'll sort itself out once contracts expire and loans end. We tied up all of our most important players down, some more easily than others (I'm looking at you, Duhaney). Except for Carline. I really wanted to give him one season in L2 but he was stubborn, not willing to loosens his playing time requirements. Wanted to be a regular starter and I don't think we'll be able to rotate as much at this level and I don't want all that baggage that broken promises brings, especially from someone highly respected in our locker room so... I'm sorry, Georgie boy, you have to leave. Luca Murphy is another one to leave. He never quite kicked off with us, despite being regular one season ago. Ali Koiki also requested to be regular starter so he's gone too. Also, couple of kids got promoted, they'll train with first team and jump in as needed. Silva and Ken had great debut seasons so they'll stay in rotation as backups, we won't sign anyone in their place. I wanted to bring in another fullback or two but ultimately decided against it. Frak it, we're giving those minutes to our own kids. Scott and Nurudeen, you're up, boys. Finances are alright. For now. We have a loan to pay for. Stadium to build. No new facilities improvements are made. No new coaching courses approved. We're going to have a word about that, chairperson...
  13. Brackley Town - January & February 2025 Vanarama National League Currently looking Rochdale in the back but we have one game in hand to play. Waterlogged pitch at St. James Park really messed with our schedule during these last two months. We're doing great, what can I say. Goals are coming from everywhere, I'm happy with our defending... Except in the Bromley game. That one was shambolic, reminded me of our last year's shenanigans. Isuzu FA Trophy One of those matches, man... They had three shots, one on target and they've scored two. We were just so damn wasteful in the final third. News and Stuff We've sold another player, this time to Millwall. Peanuts, sure, but we have 30% of his next transfer. And we've brought in, I'd argue, even better replacement. More experienced, at least. Other than that, it was pretty uneventful transfer window for us. We're doing scouting for the next season but no approaches were made.
  14. Brackley Town - November & December 2024 Vanarama National League Couple of mixed results as fixture congestion and injuries caught up with us. Slipped down the table but we have every intention of getting back up. We were without striker for a good chunk of November, Wildbore got injured and Ken got called up for Austrian u19 NT. Yeah, that happened... Fortunately for us, Sonny Hilton stepped up and gave me bit of a headache. He played really, really well and when they're all healthy, I have tough choice ahead of me. Emirates FA Cup Forced Wigan into a replay. Pushed them all the way through. I know it's an empty phrase at this point but there's really not an ounce of shame in this defeat. We were marvelous. Isuzu FA Trophy Sailed past Kettering. Kidderminster's next... News and Stuff Calder's out. He wanted more playtime and I obliged. Intake preview seems promising. I've got a call for an interview at L2 club, Northampton. While I am conflicted about staying here, unless I really like the club approaching me, I'd rather wait for an offseason to make a move.
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