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  1. Bolton Wanderers F.C. Ah, Brexit... Could've been better. 17 foreign players limit. With new work permit rules, which looks pretty much as old work permit rules, if I'm not mistaken... Sky Bet Championship Somehow, we're still in the promotion race, despite our less than stellar record during October & November. Unbeaten month coming into New Year, now that's just sweet. Palace deservedly on top, they're just so strong... They'll walk this league. Southampton, on the other hand... Carabao Cup We've had our shot with the Wolves, kept them on the ropes for good chunk of the game but sadly our end product was lacking. Rui Patricio was ridiculous during penalty shootout and he ultimately led Wolverhampton to the next round.
  2. Happened only when they got relegated. Crystal Palace is bigger surprise for myself, their squad is just superb.
  3. Bolton Wanderers F.C. I've got a tiny bit carried away... Planned to do preseason and first two months of our return season in Championship separated, present new arrivals and just ramble about stuff for a while but here we are. Have to do it all at once. So let's get started. Let's start with transfer dealings. Overall, i'm perfectly satisfied with job done, considering our limitations. Had to sell one of our top prospects but that bit of money let us finish our business even if we still ended up going over wage budget. Jordan Boon is out. Had a amazing bidding war for him, with bunch of Championship clubs outbidding each other so we got a measly 1m for him, massive improvement over first bid i accepted, which was around 550k +%. Few kids were sold for whatever we could get for them, some are moved just to get their salaries off wage budget, with couple more experienced (also expensive) players leaving us on free. But we've got some exciting new faces in. He's back where he belong. Another HG player and decent replacement for Daryl Murphy. First of the trio i chased (and signed) back in my previous save for Modena. So it was kinda no-brainer to go for him again. As it was for next two players... Real Madrid's graduate. Decent player for this level. And he always fetch me a good price, whenever i've got him. This lad got Barcelona and Atleti in his resume. Not so bad for 21yrs old. But for now, he'll be a deputy for the next fella. Huge talent back in the day who, sadly, never fulfilled his potential. But he'll easily slot into our starting lineup, Jordan is more than good enough to replace Luke Murphy in that DLP slot. Brilliant player, can cover multiple positions, extremely low wages... What's not to love?! Couldn't find a proper left back and with two of our targets escaping my grasp, this young man was the best i could get. Arguably finest player in our squad. I've literary squealed with joy when we got a confirmation for his arrival. Our new captain's partner in crime in the heart of defense... Matthews's backup. At the time, we were really struggling with wages so this lad was best we could get. He'll do fine. Last but not least important, our starting left back. Former Man Utd graduate, he perhaps is weaker player than Branthwaite but he's 100% ours and will perhaps have some resale value. This is how we look at the moment. Pleased, really pleased with that. And our best eleven. Sky Bet Championship Kinda spoiled this one with that Squad panel but what the heck. We started brilliantly (which was main reason for delayed update) but started to lose some steam as we faced far superior opponents. Huge cup win brought us back on the winning track as we unleashed our fury against Newcastle United for our finest performance to date. Carabao Cup Scraped past Newcastle in a really tied match and sordid affair but our fans were compensated with two superior performances which got us to Fourth Round where we'll face Wolves. Meh, i'm used to being in the red. Sale of Josh Emmanuel will bring some funds into club, 2.5m to be exact but that payment is due in February. We'll be deep into the abyss at that time 39m debt remaining to be paid.
  4. Sure mate, feel free to do so. I watched my fair share of Loki Doki adventures, know all about his hardships
  5. Best XI Always did these kinds of posts during my careers so here's the one for Wanderers. Best XI for 2019/20. Remi Matthews Josh Emmanuel Harry Brockbank Aristote Nsiala Brandon Fleming Luke Murphy Ronan Darcy Ali Crawford Joe Dodoo Curtis Jones Daryl Murphy
  6. Bolton Wanderers F.C. WE ARE GOING UP, BOYS AND GIRLS!! Daryl Murphy. Curtis Jones. You beauties!! Thank you, boys. To the last one, you've been amazing. Particularly happy for old man Daryl, who got his swan song and a playoffs to remember before he returns home to wind up his rich career. Joe Dodoo, i fought to keep him but Kilmanrock offered terms we couldn't match so back to Scotland he goes. Someone finally bit for Delaney and we'll get 200k compensation when he go toward Rotheram. As for the rest of the team, most of them will remain here. Jason Lowe and Luke Murphy are leaving, as i really can't justify their high wages but others will remain. Now, for loanees, we'll see. I'm yet to offer extensions but one thing i know is that i'll do everything in my power to keep Curtis Jones here. Lad has been nothing short of amazing ever since he arrived. And now, the bad news. You know what it is. Got some leeway in wage budget but next to nothing to spend on incomings. We'll have to work with freebies and Bosmans, unless we sell someone... We'll see. Most important thing is, we're up. Hopefully, we will stabilize in Championship and then mount a challenge for the Prem.
  7. Bolton Wanderers F.C. Bad day at the office against then 20th placed Gillingham meant that our dreams of direct promotion are over. It was a long shot anyway but boy can dream... Playoffs it is. We're going to Bloomfield Road to face the Seasiders.
  8. Bolton Wanderers F.C. With our focus solely on the league, Bolton's well rested side pushed another few steps up the ladder with everything to play for in the remaining months. But first, transfers. January window didn't exactly pan out the way i expected. Three players out, two loanees in. Wage budget in slightly better state but overall finances are not so good. Ryan Delaney, Jason Lowe and Luke Murphy were at the exit doors, together with their humongous salaries but, alas, there were no takers. Nabil Touaizi and Curtis Jones will hopefully be worthy additions to our squad. Latter already proved to be such acquisition, as he scored on his debut and seems to work really well in the system. Lots of green in here... Few hiccups here and there, for whose i'm to blame as i kept experimenting with defensive setup but can't really complain how it's gone. Really productive two months are behind us. League table to close out this report. With nine more games to play... There's a chance to catch up to Bristol Rovers. But honestly, we are way higher than i thought we would be when i started this save.
  9. Honestly, i looked at them and wanted to managed them ever since their troubles started but having already had one long term save i enjoyed... It just wasn't the right time. Just before this Coronavirus situation got out of hands, i was doing research about them for my job. Which lead to me looking them out in Football Manager. Nice team, not as bad as their MP in the game, some fantastic looking prospects. Not long after, i became bored, dominating in Germany with Karlsruher and with Wanderers in the back on my mind, here we are 40something millions of debt is scary but manageable. Having to pay 575k every month, that's around 6, 7 mill a year, without any other expenses. Not great, not terrible. But it could get ugly if we don't get promoted. Fast.
  10. Bolton Wanderers F.C. First day of 2020 so i thought i could do an update. Bit of a mixed bag for us, to be honest... Sky Bet League One Had a nice, little unbeaten run going on, with Accrington spoiling the party, setting us on a three-game losing streak away from home in the league. Still, can't really complain as we're still standing strong, few points off playoffs places, a remarkable achievement, considering where we've started... FA Cup One and done. I was furious about this loss, as we're strapped for cash and cup run would've helped a bit. But no, we were FM'ed and knocked out by a club from division below. Shambles... leasing.com Trophy Had a great start, qualified after two group games but were sadly undone by League One rivals. Every single thing that could've gone wrong for us did it so and our journey ended much, much earlier than i anticipated.
  11. Bolton Wanderers F.C. First thing i've done was tying our top prospects on long contracts. Harry Brockbank, Yoan Zouma, Jordan Boon, Ronan Darcy and Eddie Brown are all staying with us til foreseeable future and will be given lots of playing time this season. Preseason was all about building up fitness and lifting morale of the miserable squad. And it worked really, really well. Sky Bet League One Terrific run in the league and pretty much flawless August helped us clear our 12-points deficit and as of this round, we've climbed out or relegation zone for the first time since campaign started. Carabao Cup Weren't as much as lucky in the Carabao Cup, sadly. Had Hull on the ropes but young fella named Keane Lewis-Potter closed off his hat-trick with a 92nd minute screamer so it all came to penalties. A lottery we weren't lucky enough to win... leasing.com Trophy Rotated a lot in this one but the boys haven't let me down. Usually wouldn't even bother with this competition but we need money. Badly. This is gonna get ugly...
  12. Bolton Wanderers F.C. Title of the thread is kinda self explanatory when you see the club in question. Liked them back in the days, closely followed their downfall and recently, did some analysis on them for my job and suddenly felt an urge to start a FM save with them. So here we are. Great mood in the locker room, exactly what we need for upcoming campaign. We're so good, we gave our opponents a 12 points head start. Right now, we're golden. But not for long since we're burdened with debt... As for the players themselves... Some really exciting prospects, mixed with few oldies in their peak. Decent goalie for this level and our undisputed #1. Arguably our best defender but unavailable for 3 months due to hamstring injury. Experienced CH player. Our jewel. Bolton's midfield is packed but this lad is one to keep and build a team around. Veteran striker is not exactly my kind of player but he is our best option upfront so i'll look to utilize him fully. Summer transfer window is disabled so there would be no changes to our squad. Also, is it just me or this looks a little bit too ambitious, considering the state they're in? No? Alright. Here we go.
  13. Could you possibly refer me to the page he started on? I'd love to check out what he's done...
  14. Just started out with Bolton, my first save in England on FM2020. And oh boy, are they are a mess...
  15. Started with 433 with wingers and had a success with it during first few years. There were few changes, roles and mentality switched but played with it for most of the time. Until we managed to get Vlahovic and Guebbels in the same window. Had to use them both so we switched to 442. As we got better, faster players in, few changes were made and i've been playing with the setup from below for last four seasons. Mentality was switched occasionally, defensive line sometimes but that's about it.
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