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  1. That striker is tasty!! Not sure about Nkunku but hey, you best know your team. If Garcia does well in Serie A, you should sell him, as he doesn't develop much further. Valverde... Such a brilliant player. Love him.
  2. ****ing hell!! ****!! Two days after transfer window closed, couple of hours after first Coppa game against Napoli, this happened. It was all over in two continue's. I have Continue Game Timeout turned on so didn't have any time to react to their offer as they used his release clause. Immeasurable loss and a huge blow to our chances in Serie A race. Can't sign anyone now and any kid that could've replaced him has been loaned out. ****. Damn you, game. Damn you...
  3. December 2026. & January 2027. Coppa Italia Finally, Coppa games. Had to wait so long for them to roll around. Two games, two W's and Napoli that awaits in the next round. Serie A Nearly a perfect period, if it weren't for that damned Juventus. We choked that game, pressure got to players. But it was one game, rest of it was pretty damn impressive. Top of the league!!! Three players out, only one in as our strike force got a lot stronger. Barrow wanted to leave, his contract was running out. Sackey was transfer listed, unhappy with his playing time in France so i used Musa to lower his price a bit. Another addition to our growing arsenal. Dumas, Bogers, this lad... Brutal.
  4. I have planned a FM2020 Scandinavia save. Never managed there before. This could be a good introduction, to see how their league systems work. Good luck Jimbo. Not that you need it...
  5. October & November 2026. Serie A Now these results are as Italian as it can get. Two perfect months and we're top of the table. Awaiting for a random meltdown in true FM fashion. It's coming. I know it. You know it. My neighbor's cat know it.
  6. August & September 2026. Had a lot side projects to do for work and FM had to go on pause. But we're back now. Transfer window. Let's go. This is where our first bits of money came. Didn't expected it but it helped with sorting our finances. Well, that and work we've done in the market. Can't believe how many players we had on big wages that were nowhere near our first team. Ounas was a nightmare to get rid of. Pierie, great player but was on huge wages so luckily Genoa used his loan clause and bought him. Moreno was one big loss but considering his age and wages... Had a 8mill offer from Girona but he didn't want to go home. Traore was our biggest sale this summer. He's going to be a bench warmer for Juve but hey, he didn't want to go to Germany. Our biggest success was keeping Bogers at Bergamo. Many, many clubs went for him, one even paid his release clause but luckily he rejected Mönchengladbach. And with that, we got one of the best striking duos in Italy. Meet Lucas Dumas. Fantastic acquisition. PSG bought him at young age. Went on loan each season, run his contract down and we ended up getting him on Bosman. So, so ****ing happy with this. Our new #1. I pursued an Italian goalkeeper but good ones are already at big clubs and not interested in move. Wanted Ratcliffe at Castellon but we had great keepers, homegrown so there were no reason to go for him at that time. He was great last season so using his clause was no brainer. Unhappy at Juve, with his contract running out. A ****ing steal this was. He's brilliant. Reis was once upon a time a promising talent. Four years ago he chose Milan instead of Castellon and... He stalled. Hasn't developed as much as he could. He'll be a decent rotation option for us though. Our most expensive signing this summer. Young but already decent player. With him and Angeloni, our full back positions are secured for the next 10 years. Another one from "almost at Castellon" camp. He was at Juve U23 side. I jokingly offered 2 mill, expecting to be flat out rejected. But they were open to negotiations. Upped a price a little bit, added some percentages into mix and we got ourselves a wonderkid for a bargain price. Robbed Juve for third time this window. I'm loving how this team looks. Great attack, really good defense. We should compete for Euro places. At the least. Sorted out. For now. Serie A A mixed start but i kinda expected it. Lot of new players in starting lineup. It'll sort itself out in a month or two. Dumas started brilliantly though. Bogers needs to pick up the pace.
  7. Around the (known) world Rafael Benitez, undisputed champion of English football, fourth season in a row. PSG finally... Took them a while but they're back on top. Surprise package in AZ... Lions are still kings in Portugal This is getting dull Diego did it!! Fourth time in a row for Castellon. Sadly, he lost CL final to PSG.
  8. I was done with all remaining games yesterday but got so pissed after that last one i just shut the game down and went to binge watch Gomorra. So here's what happened. We had everything in our hands. Beaten Cagliari, our direct opponent for EL places. Every result went our way in the last round, we could've finished 6th. If we only had strength, willpower and balls to beat damn Frosinone, who had nothing to play for. Such an anemic performance. We improved so much. It's just a damn shame we couldn't get that last spot for Europa League. Well, there's always next year... Lots of work ahead of us. Attack is complete, no changes will be made. Midfield, need some depth. Defense... Good lord. Goalkeepers? Tragic. Once again, and for the last time, shame. Sarri embarrassed. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. BEST XI Marco Carnesecchi Tarak Favre Gianluca Mancini John Naranjo Nicola Angeloni Alberto Moreno Simone Santoro Filippo Melegoni Luis Muñoz Damian Bogers Amad Traore
  9. April 2026. Serie A Brilliant beginning of April as we rampaged through Sicily and smacked Genoa in Bergamo. Had a 1-3 lead in Torino and there our lack of good goalkeeper really showed since we conceded from two shots from outside of box. Oh yeah, we lost. First time since i took charge. To Bologna, of all clubs...
  10. Thanks a lot. Enjoying Italy so far and Atalanta is such lovely club. I'm silently following your thread, though don't have much love for Wales (Cefn Druids from Wales and Cabinteely from Ireland are two failures in my virtual managerial career which last since CM03 days). Excited to see where you end up next. Haven't changed starting formation that much. When Mancini returned, switched that central CD spot to BDP. Also i've put both strikers on AF attack. Played few games with DLF & CF combo and it was defensively sound but our attack suffered. Most of the times during counters, wing backs quickly went into the opponent's final third with no one to cross to since my strikers took their sweet time getting forward. 2x AF seems like it solved that and we're much more dangerous now when we retrieve the ball and wing backs push forward.
  11. March 2026. Serie A Still undefeated... But we could've picked up few more points. Missed a penalty for the win against Torino and so many sitters against Parma. I'm pleased how we're looking on the pitch though. Just need a bit more edge...
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