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  1. Wanted to ask for the same thing... Cheers.
  2. And to finally catch you guys up... Applied on both. Took them a while but they came back to me. Of course i attended. And few days later... Honestly, i'm not sure what to do. Saved the game at this point and haven't touched it since last night. Really torn on this. On one hand, Firenze seems like more realistic destination. From 9th placed club in Spain to same placed one in Italy. Less money but also less expectations. On other hand... I really like Inter. They're up for a rebuild, still haven't won anything that matter since the sa
  3. La Hoya Lorca C.F. May 2023 We weren't exactly at out best but we've fulfilled our objective, secured our survival. Nothing else matters. Honestly surprised Bilbao went down. They were too good to fail but Rudi Garcia managed that somehow. And Real bottled it. Fracking hilarious, considering they went into May with pretty hefty supply of points. Oh boy... It wasn't pretty, this season. But it surely did end well. With their survival confirmed, i started thinking about leaving.... Never was the one to stay too long at one
  4. La Hoya Lorca C.F. April 2023 Unbeaten month... Haven't seen that in a while. And we've got one over Zidane's Real Madrid who's cruising toward yet another title.
  5. La Hoya Lorca C.F. March 2023 Mixed month but yet another step in the right direction.
  6. An unsurprising turn of events, i haven't got the job.
  7. Now that's random... I attended, of course but i'll not hold out hope.
  8. La Hoya Lorca C.F. February 2023 We won what we could, were pushed aside by far superior sides but La Hoya shot up the table to the mid table mediocrity i believe we belong to.
  9. La Hoya Lorca C.F. December 2022 & January 2023 Baby steps but we indeed are improving in the league. FM'ed by high-flying Tenerife but as long as we get quickly back on track and continue our rise up the table, i won't rage as much as i would usually do. I'm saying this way too often lately but: Finally!!
  10. La Hoya Lorca C.F. September & October 2022 Going on a long hiatus due to World Cup in Qatar with a rotten taste in our mouths... We don't deserve to be in relegation zone, we aren't that bad but Lady Luck wasn't our friend on multiple occasions during the season... But hey, there's a lot of football to play. So many time to turn things around. Bilbao is having it a lot worse than us...
  11. La Hoya Lorca C.F. July & August 2022 This is gonna be long one... First, outgoings. Dani was nagging me for a transfer for nearly a season and he finally got his wish. Felip was getting on the wrong side of 30's, started losing his legs and honestly, he wasn't exactly top tier quality. Willy was a surprise. Wanted to give him a chance in coming months but when Real Madrid knocks, you answer the door. After few round of negotiating, we were getting dangerously close to his release clause but luckily, Madrid blinked first and off he goes for 4 mill and 50% of n
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