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  1. I'm going to ****ing murder this guy!! Is he hard coded to stay at Old Trafford or some ****??
  2. It happens from time to time. How it happens, on what it depends, i have no idea. Tried it twice out of curiosity, didn't work either way I truly hope not
  3. Now that we're done with our three games in six days, transfer window has opened. So... First things first.
  4. Manchester United Well... Hopefully, i chose well. And that i'm worthy of a fee paid to Middlesbrough... City is in better situation overall, financially stronger and won a fair share of trophies in the last few years. The Reds hasn't won the league since 2013, FA Cup since 2016, Carabao Cup since 2017. Basically, they're doing pretty much as their RL counterparts. Though, Conte did get them to CL final last year where Atletico got the better of them. With Liverpool dominating (and bit of a childhood crush on my side), this was no-brainer for me. Squad This team ain't half bad... Few players i dislike and they'll be dealt with soon. Couple older players for whom replacements will have to be sorted. But i like them. Dave is still a class though the age's catching up with him. One of the oldies needing replacing. Had my eye on the Mexican for a while but United got to him first. Love Bailly but his decision-making is really bugging me. Italian will be starting, most likely paired with Bailly. Dalot and Tierney are great choices to have but are left without replacements. Ake can cover on the left but Dalot have to do all by himself. Pogba is still class player. Hopefully there's couple more seasons in those legs. Gravenberch was key player in my online save, leading Birmingham to multiple titles so i'm happy to see the lad again. Richarlison is not the type of players i prefer to have on the wings but he's capable, we'll see what he has to offer. Bloody Lingardinho is still here... Belgian wonderkid is tasty. Noticed the lad when Fiorentina signed him. Had him on my shortlist at Boro but we haven't really had the money to pull off his move. Rashford is out for two weeks but when he return, he'll lead our line. There's definitely room for improvements here. Board are expecting to lead them to Europa League, which should be doable. I'll get my first taste of European football. At bloody Camp Nou. No pressure... How did it come to this...?
  5. Nah... Honestly, i'm not exactly one-club kind of manager, usually getting bored after approximately 3, 4 seasons in one club. It's gonna take a special team to keep me there longer, one of my favorites or an interesting fallen giant... So i'm back from the dentist, which took forever so FM will be up and running in a few minutes.
  6. Middlesbrough F.C. November & December 2024. Premier League Brilliant period is behind us; nearly perfect two months saw us shoot up the table and get into fight for Europe. Win over oil-rich City - Priceless. Carabao Cup Our second string is better than the Spurs', We've got that on paper now. City in the semi final. And in case you're wondering why we still haven't played the Wolves game... Well, we've got a civil war on our hands. Sometimes during the middle of December, City has sacked Don Carlo Ancelotti and first thing in the media was that i'm a favorite to take over. I applied for sheer curiosity and few days later... Around the same time, day or two later, United sacked Antonio Conte. Of course i've sent my CV their way. They responded within days. City was faster, came back with an offer, which i delayed, just to see whether or not United would consider me. Which they did. And now i have a decision to make. Red or Blue?
  7. Middlesbrough F.C. September & October 2024. Shaky in the league but comfortably cruising in the Carling Carabao Cup. Premier League We deserved far more; no one outplayed us, except for Arsenal. Brighton and Tottenham games, i wanted to pull my hair out due to stupendous amount of squandered chances and missed sitters. Carabao Cup We're in the quarter final, where we'll meet Marcelino's Tottenham...
  8. Middlesbrough F.C. August 2024. Went through preseason rather quickly; most of the business has already been done, we had our targets for out new butcher boy in DMC slot so... Transfers Markovic, Costa and Mortellaro was supposed to be our only deals this summer (with the exception of Saville's replacement) but Everton suddenly came for Luperto, activating his release clause and off he went. I was sad to see him go, he was our pillar of defense in The Invincibles season but ultimately, Everton offered him more than we could. Bastoni will replace him in starting lineup and i've got another kid from PSG's reserves to act as cover. I planned to get him on Bosman but he wanted to wait for another options so i paid PSG a symbolic sum of money and arranged his arrival for summer. He'll take Wisdom's place in our rotation. This is a free transfer of the decade. Threw everything i had on him, paid his agent like 10 mill and luckily, no one else was after him and we've got a world class AMC for next to nothing. After season long loan, he's ours full time. Farinez's deputy. He's easily our joint best defender but... I'll prefer my own players before him. He'll get his chance in cups. He'll have to learn his trade for Herrera but i can see him taking over down the line. Squad We kept (almost) all of our best players. I'm excited to see what they can do at the top level. Finances As good as ever. And things will only improve... Premier League Couldn't have wished for a better opening month. Dominated the hell outta Leicester and Stoke, had our fair share of luck v Wolves and were ultimately punished for our recklessness v United. Rashford and Gravenbench were unplayable. Carabao Cup Easy enough overcame our first obstacle. Newcastle is next. Draw hasn't been kind this year...
  9. Middlesbrough F.C. Season 2023./24. I expected us to do well, since we are easily a Prem team playing in the Championship. But... Sky Bet Championship But this is something special... Walked the league. Bloody ridiculous how easy it's been. And unexpectedly, i've finally got that achievement unlocked... The Emirates FA Cup A bit disappointed to go out, especially since the backups had the Villans on the ropes. Sadly, they were clinical and we missed pretty much everything. Carabao Cup See above. Squad I think we're ready for the Premier League... Honestly, if we keep all of them, we should be clear of relegation, mid-table position at least. Wisdom is off to Belgium, he wanted new challenge and we've got a replacement lined up so we won't be missing him. I'm looking for replacement for Saville, as his legs are deteriorating and that's about it. No more changes. Unless we sell someone. Transfers Only one arrival in January. Prospect at RB, young Ivorian, so when Southampton came knocking about Wood, i was more than happy to let him go. Finances I'm yet to extend contracts of key players so it's likely WB will take a huge hit. Don't really care though, that sweet PL money is incoming... Best XI Wuilker Fariñez; Juanma, Duje Caleta-Car, Sebastiano Luperto, Adam Lewis; Angel Gomes, Harley Johnson, Yangel Herrera, Moussa Diaby; Bryan Leyva, Semir Miljanovic
  10. Very pleased with what we got, PL reputation helped a lot. We should be back, we're head and shoulders above other teams. Knew it was going to be tricky and being so close to escaping, it hurts... But we're cruising through Championship and most likely going straight back up.
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