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  1. So the pertinent question for SI is there later data update - will it include ME changes or is this it? If it is, fine but at least many will know whether to start the career game or wait.....
  2. I have largely kept quiet in terms of this years match engine. However, since FM19 we have seen a general decrease in central play and the attacking movement of strikers, especially lone strikers. It would appear this ME is no different. Play an ME on any version FM18 or earlier and see the difference. Couple this with most teams playing ultra defensive and for me it’s a fake breaker. i have no issue with teams playing defensively against me but would expect my striker to make an opportune run, take a touch sideways and take a shot etc. We r, for play to go through the middle instead you f consistently spreading it to the wings. This game had so much potential but for me is just not fun anymore. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s things out of anyone’s control but still, frustrating and annoying.
  3. Would be really helpful for SI to confirm exactly the ME changes or even to confirm that the new ones are only set pieces. It would at least put some of the questions to bed.
  4. A bit disappointing considering it has been acknowledged central play and movement needed improvement
  5. Would be good to know what the major changes to the ME are post match engine update from a week or so ago?
  6. Can’t wait to get home and update, hopefully central attacking and lone striker movement have been improved....
  7. Just interested in how you set your 3 man midfield up? Also what team instructions are used?
  8. Thanks for this - it is a really professional looking and informative guide - has given me plenty to think about. I wondered whether there is an opportunity to expand on lone strikers and how these pair and combine with other positions? For instance how a lone striker combines with the IF/IW or midfield strata behind them?
  9. Superb thread and some ideas that have really given me food for thought. out of interest, how did your striker perform in terms of goals? Was the main scorers the Mezzala and inside forward?
  10. I believe that Neil posted to say that there were no further beta releases planned before the Winter Update.
  11. Apologies, he didn’t say it wouldn’t work, he said he prefers a Mezzala with an IF and a IW with a B2B. it is in his book of roles thread, I’ve just reread it.
  12. I'm trying to develop a 4-1-2-2-1 with two wide attackers and a lone central striker. Im trying to get a short passing game but one that is meaningful with an end product. I have always employed a support role in past iterations (FM18,FM17) such as a DLF or CF (s) as the thinking was always that it was needed to ensure they were not isolated. However, I understand that in FM20, this is not always the case. Can a lone striker be on an attack duty and what are some of the rules/advice to make this work effectively?
  13. very quickly - to me you say play wide, however you have both attacking wide players who will come inside as will the IWB. Having the same roles and duties for the IW will mean that the attack is predictable. Also (and others may debunk this), I understand that the Mezzalla works better with a IF as opposed to an IW (I think Rashidi said this)
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