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  1. Are you playing the default version? I would up the width one notch to try and open up space between the defenders, maybe up the mentality to positive? Make your wing backs more aggressive to stretch the lines? Difficult without the tactic info such as formation/roles
  2. Interesting, so in trying to combat opposition tactics, we should be able to generally guess/know these by using the preset team instructions etc?
  3. Does the AI use the preset default tractics in game? So for instance, in terms of some role and the team instructions?
  4. If you go with focus play on the left and the right, will it look to create overloads on both flanks depending on the situation/where the ball is or just confuse the play in general?
  5. Firstly @Tyburn thank you so much for this - for ages I have been looking at ways to incorporate this into the game! However....... I am a complete novice at skinning, skins or anything like this. I have d/l the matchday mods and put them into Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\ I have d/l the attachment from this thread but absolutely unsure where to put it if I want to use the default skin! Is it within the matchday mods file (panel etc) or somewhere else? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Anyone know how I can change it so when I click on a player's name, it goes to the Attributes screen automatically rather than the overview?
  7. Looking for some help - I don't mind the official FM skin but really want to see stadium pics on the club info screen and match day screen. I have tried other skins such as Flut and TCS but they only work with reduced zoom which my old tired eyes struggle with. Has anyone been able to add stadium pics to the default skin and if so, has this been shared. Alternatively, is this a fairly 'easy' thing to do (considering I have never skinned before) and is there an idiot's guide out there? I have searched for these answers but couldn't find anything for 2021 or recent, so apologies if t
  8. Ahhh you may be right, was at work so couldn’t check
  9. Isn’t what your describing a pressing forward (a)? They will hold the ball up to help with possession but will the. Make movements like a AF?
  10. his release clause has disappeared after Jan 2021 - is this normal?
  11. Is anyone else finding it takes a huge time to load the front screen? It just hangs on the loading screen where the players are celebrating a goal? Once past there, the games runs fine.....
  12. Best combinations for the lone striker and amc position in a 4-2-3-1?
  13. This. I have tried fm20 multiple times but just can’t get past the issue of central play. I loaded up fm18 with a similar tactic I used on fm20 and it is night and day. More movement from the lone striker, 10 yard passes from edge of the box for a goal opportunity etc. The long shot issue is annoying but I can take that! i just hope that fm21 manages the ultra defensive tactics from AI and lack of central play and movement.
  14. For the first time ever, I wont be buying on release day - not until I can see that the central attacking play has been improved within the ME.
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