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  1. How would the roles differ with different players in the Arsenal squad? For example if Ozil was out/rested, would you look at a player like Mkhitaryan to fulfil that TREQ role or change it to winger or playmaker? This would (I guess) have an impact on your tactic. Likewise if there was a change of player on the left wing to use Iwobi for instance - would this change the roles/duties for you?
  2. Are the preset tactics ‘hardcoded’? As in, even if you change some of the TIs, you will always have certain behaviours or philosophies? For instance, a tika Taka preset if you got rid of all the preset instructions would then still have an element of the style?
  3. Cheers, that’s what I thought. What I’m trying to do is create and the. Use the space more effectively, especially against defensive teams. So, starting a little deeper but using PI to make them an Inside Foreward in the attacking phase. It seems that this FM more so than any others is about ripping up what has worked before and much more about space
  4. On the main tactics screen, is the formation shown what the tactic looks like as a defensive shape as opposed to what it is offensively? So, in theory a 4-1-4-1 (with players in the M R/L strata) could be made into a 4-3-3 when attacking with the right roles and mentality?
  5. Interestingly, a tactic that I used in fm18 now isn’t working anywhere what it did, the main issue is both movement but also final passes. I have players breaking into the final third but players then seem to pass sideways rather than forwards. this is the biggest difference from fm18, not necessary the movement of forwards but decisions in the final pass
  6. No - there is no changes to attributes with the Beta update - this will come with the official patch when it is released
  7. However, this still does not stop the fact that clearly forward movement is an issue and this impacts on the tactic. I understand SI have stated they are aware and I hope it gets tweaked in the next patch
  8. To be honest, the movement of a lone striker in the game is a real concern and will hopefully be improved with the patch. The movement of midfield is generally ok but the striker, despite a number of different roles and duties used. I went back to fm18 and the difference in movement is significant when near the box. FM19 around the box is very static
  9. Have actually just realised that all my training was set to my other ultra defensive tactic by mistake so wondering how much of an effect that would have.
  10. I’ll give it a go tonight, thanks for your help
  11. Thanks - will try some of this out - in terms of Ozil and Ramsey, Ozil was actually performing well but looking back certainly wasn't getting the final ball in. Same with the B2B in terms of late runs, I guess your point of it being crowded makes sense. Will try with a AF - my thinking was that everything I have ever read with lone striker roles is that keep a support duty to link with the team and not become isolated - has this now changed in FM19?
  12. Im looking for some help - I didn't want to hijack Herne's thread but have been using this and Cleon's guides to put my tactic together. However..... I (like many) just cant seem to get the striker to work and to create chances - most of my goals are coming from rebounds, free kicks or crosses. There is no creativity. My thinking has been that the B2B will support the attacks and make some runs into the box as will the IF on both flanks, however this does not happen. I have experimented with a winger(s) on the right side but the crossing issues with the ME were infuriating. What I am seeing is we have good possession, some positive passing, until we get to the box and it becomes static. I have also tried changing tempo, EOL, but with no luck. I could see when on Positive mentality, we were too rushed, and a Balanced mentality has allowed us to be a bit more dominant (thinking of Cleon's guide), however, the strikers are just not making the movement or links with play. So what you see is some lovely short passing around the box and then maybe a long shot at the end. In terms of the strikers, I have tried DLF(s & a), CS (S) and even AF but none seem to get any movement. I'm starting to get really frustrated and want to get it right (and understand!) Any help is greatly appreciated
  13. @herne79 how do you find the striker movement? For the first time, I’m really struggling to get anything out of my strikers. Same formation, with an APs and b2b in midfield. Then on the left a IFa and the right either a IFs or Ws. Team instructions are short passing, slower tempo, balanced or positive. Higher LOE and higher defensive line. The striker is either a DLF s or CFs. Just can seem to create clearer chances and striker just doesn’t impact on the game at all.
  14. Herne - A great thread and so much food for thought. I'm interested in how you set up your lone striker? I have tried different experiments but so far, just cant get the striker firing. In the past have always used DLF (s) or CS (s) with the thinking that the support role will be a better link to the midfield etc. However, generally what I'm seeing is poor ratings and very few chances taken or scored. With some of the pre-set tactics, I see that the lone striker is given an attack duty (tika taka, control possession) which is generally against the overall advice that has been given within the forum in the past. Also in the past when I have used this, the striker has indeed become isolated from the team. Using your thinking, lowering the tempo, with midfield roles such as B2B and Inside Forward could still ensure that the Lone striker is not isolated and may have better impact on the game? Im also playing with an advanced Playmaker next to the B2B - sorry, cant do a screenshot as at work!
  15. Looking for a new laptop Only using it for FM, internet - no other gaming or 'high end stuff' such as editing etc. Budget will be in the range of £400 to £500
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