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  1. The lack of forward movement by lone strikers - single most frustrating aspect and I just hope it can be improved with the next patch.
  2. Here is an example. TBH although we won the match, Kane was static, never really looked like getting into a goalscoring position and this has been a theme. He has scored 2 goals so far in the season - 1 pen and 1 header from a set piece. I have also seen this with Arsenal as well and a lack of movement up front. In Lone striker formations I have tried False 9, DLF and CF. I get that these roles link midfield and play deeper than a more attacking forward but would still expect a little more movement, especially from players with excellent off the ball ratings. Burnley v Tottenham.pkm
  3. This. It appears that especially lone strikers have little forward movement compared to previous editions such as FM18. I was excited by the intro of players being cleverer in movement but just not seeing this with a lone striker. i understand that, for instance, a DLF will link midfield etc but previously, he also made runs into the box and scored. Just not seeing any of this in general and especially with good players with good movement such as Kane and Lacazette. i will try and post some examples tomorrow but agree that this issue, which was clear in FM19 is still around, although I have seen it far more with lone striker formations
  4. Im using the new public Beta match engine (2016) Some of the pitch markings for the 6 yard and 18 yard box is not showing up during the match. This was the case in the original Beta before updating so Im guessing is something to do with my graphics card? PKM attached Southampton v Arsenal.pkm
  5. It's not necessarily that strikers cant score goals - for me its the lack of movement, Recently, I have been back playing FM18 and the movement of strikers and passing of midfielders to them (seeing gaps etc) is a significant difference. It's not about tactics, for me, it is a lack of attacking movement from a lone striker and the lack of vision from the creative players around them. To be clear, this is with a lone striker system, supported by IW/IF. It's not just about PKM's - it is clear when playing the game. I would also add that the one on one's are clearly needing more work - however, I know that many PKMs have been shared for this issue
  6. Tbh Lacazette has been useless up front both as a DPF or CFs, little movement and goals, despite having lots of possession. Really unsure whether it is him, the tactic or the ME.....
  7. What was the new set up? Attack line on standard but defensive line high? What passing are you using and roles with that? just interested as playing Arsenal as well
  8. Overall loving the Beta, dev centre is a real plus. The game overall is more polished and so many subtle improvements. some Match engine issues.... crossing from full backs can be hesitant and results in too many instances of them stopping and passing short. lone strikers are still not working. They remain static at times with little forward movement especially in situations of defensive teams parking the bus. The last time I saw good general movement was fm18. too many over the top balls resulting in one on ones which are then missed too many cross field balls and low g ball from the back, despite having shorter passing and players in free positions that are close to the passer
  9. Just out of interest how did the DLF perform in terms of ratings and goals? I have done a similar set up in terms of roles and instructions but just couldn't get a striker to fire
  10. What does ‘move into channels’ do for central midfield players? Would this mean they move vertically between the midfield and defence? also, same question for the amc role
  11. The overlap was something I was trying from the liquid tactic so you are right! who do I want to score the goals? I want the lone striker to be a bigger threat in front of goal, I would want most of the goals to come from him, the IF and the Mezzala to chip in with a few. The IWB seemed to work to flood the midfield and got into some good positions, most of the time better ones than the DLF! thanks for the suggestions, will try some of the ideas out
  12. Ok - I give up - I need help...… I have always tried to create my own tactics from day one. I have also had lots of success in past FMs but FM19 so far eludes me. I can get results but not in the way I want to get results. What I want to do is control games with possession but being penetrative in the final third - short through balls or pass into space. I want to see more movement from my front man against tightly packed defences. I can achieve the first part with ease, however, the movement of the striker evades me. I haver used every striker position but he either seems to be isolated or with a support duty, only links play. In the past I have found support duty with a striker means he will link play and then look to get into the box and find space - not so far on FM19 So I come to you all in the hope you can help me understand better what I'm doing wrong! I have read the threads by Cleon et al but so far either Im not getting them or when I attempt to put it into practice, I fail. Therefore, I look to you to help me fall in love with this game again. I have tried an advanced playmaker in the centre as opposed to mezzala but found there was little bite to my attacks - this worked in FM18 but not in the new game. Would honestly appreciate any guidance Don't pay too much attention to who is playing in each role
  13. Wow - no matter what I do or try, I cant get Lacazette to score - have tried him as a DLF on attack and standard with IF(a) and winger (s) on a 4-1-2-2-1 - just cant seem to score at all......
  14. Has anyone tried out this tactic? Just interested as I have really struggled to get Lacazette firing in a similar tactic before
  15. I’m not looking for an argument but if a staff member state that they are looking to sort the issue for the next game then, yeah I think it is a slight bug. More to do with the type of crosses that happen. Of course crosses get blocked in matches but looking at my matches it is not occasionally and yes it isn’t just about my tactics
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