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  1. his release clause has disappeared after Jan 2021 - is this normal?
  2. Is anyone else finding it takes a huge time to load the front screen? It just hangs on the loading screen where the players are celebrating a goal? Once past there, the games runs fine.....
  3. Best combinations for the lone striker and amc position in a 4-2-3-1?
  4. This. I have tried fm20 multiple times but just can’t get past the issue of central play. I loaded up fm18 with a similar tactic I used on fm20 and it is night and day. More movement from the lone striker, 10 yard passes from edge of the box for a goal opportunity etc. The long shot issue is annoying but I can take that! i just hope that fm21 manages the ultra defensive tactics from AI and lack of central play and movement.
  5. For the first time ever, I wont be buying on release day - not until I can see that the central attacking play has been improved within the ME.
  6. Does direct passing mean more long balls or can it be used to break down defensive teams and still play good looking football (nice passing etc)
  7. Can shorter passing + pass into space work? If so what type of play could I expect? Would like to see good short passing but with some through balls when able in the last third
  8. So - you used a cautious mentality to play more attacking football? I have never tried this but could be the difference in me throwing this game in the bin or actually enjoying it. When moving to cautious, did you change any of the roles? i.e to make them more attacking or just leave them as they are - trying to understand how you can penetrate defences - I can see why a lower mentality would increase possession......
  9. One of the big things I have learnt is the importance of team mentality - more so than ever before (in terms of other versions). Playing attacking against lower ranked teams has had a real effect on results and the forward play - adding shorter passing and PoD has seen some really good football, inc a 3-0 win against Man City. If Im closing a game out - drop it to balanced or positive. Im now seeing mentality as shifting gears as opposed to using a mentality to define a style - that's the team instructions and roles.
  10. Generally going well. Still trying to figure out the B2B role and whether a Callirero or CMs would be better suited. Also I change between the IWB and FB roles on the right side, depending on each game. Still can get frustrated by the striker role - have kept with the f9 position with TQ behind but open to suggestions as to whether other combinations would be better - I want the Lone striker to be a goal threat but also not be isolated and be able to link play. The AMC role is better than I have seen - the TQ role seems to have a good balance between attack and link play. Overall, I w
  11. In terms of the split block - I have the f9 and wide players on close down more but it wont let me increase the TQ? Have never tried the callirero role in any of the saves - might test it out. I have tried shorter passing on its own and it seemed to again slow the play down so much (I know it effects tempo) that teams were regrouping quickly and shutting off attack lanes.
  12. Hi all I have bene playing FM for a long time but FM19 and FM20 has got me stumped. For a long time, I have struggled to get any tactic going and this in turn, has led to me not getting past pre season before getting frustrated with the game and going back to a FM18 save. The main frustration I have is attacking play - getting the front 4 firing, scoring and getting decent match ratings. The tactic is.... As you can see, I have started with very little tactical instructions. The thinking is, less is more. I want to play entertaining football with good passing and movement - howe
  13. The thing is, whatever tactics you employ, the lack of movement and central play is clearly broken. The low blocks that every defence employs means the ball goes where there is space, namely the wings. This stops the lone striker, amc etc from having any impact apart from linking play. Look at real life football, even in matches like this, the attacking side will find some space or the striker will show movement to open space to get a shot on. the rest of the game and ME is superb but this for me just completely stops any enjoyment. would be interested in seeing what people’s vi
  14. Unfortunately I completely agree with you, I have given up on fm20 due to the ME. i am giving FM19 a go as I never really got into it, how did you find it as an ME? from memory I had some good saves with Fm18, the best I think was fm15 or 16, can’t remember exactly which one but remember buying Depay who was amazing for my spurs team.
  15. Has the AMC issue within the current ME been recognised as an issue officially or more what some ppl are finding based on certain tactics etc?
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