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  1. Could you upload a save game from before the match please?
  2. Do you have a save game you could upload from just before the award was given out? Or before you sold him? Thanks
  3. Could you upload your save game please? We'll take a look.
  4. One showing it would be a save game where the news item is still in the inbox (if a save game progresses in the future it won't keep all the news history for memory reasons). Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the save game, I've taken a look at this. This is generating because the other staff member had managed more league matches than you had (his 15 to your 13). This is a knock-on from changes made to ensure managers are not given credit for the actions of their staff (e.g. if you're holiday through matches). In circumstances like this though I think we should be handling the events better, so we'll take a look and see if there are any improvements we can make here. Thanks.
  6. Could you upload a save game just before this news appears please, or failing that, one showing it? Thanks.
  7. This happens when you holiday through your matches as your assistant is in charge of them, not you.
  8. Did you holiday through any matches? What was your predicted finish? What's the name of your save game?
  9. Do you have a save game before that question is incorrectly asked please?
  10. This question looks at your defensive record before being asked - in this case you're probably conceding few goals. Is that incorrect?
  11. Could you upload a save game showing this news please?
  12. Do you have a save game from before the end of that season?
  13. Could you upload a save game from before your final match please?
  14. I think you've uploaded the wrong save game - in this one Vieira has never been manager of Leicester.
  15. This is by design as this is also the first and best opportunity to talk about the domestic cup draws.
  16. It's highly likely these are unsanctioned friendlies - some nations will occasionally engage in friendly matches that do not count towards official totals. This is normally referenced in the media before the match. This save game is a long time after those matches, do you have anything closer to the matches that we can check instead?
  17. Could you upload a save game from just before the award is handed out please?
  18. Could you upload a save game from before you submitted the squad please? If you don't have one from before, could you upload one showing it? Thanks. Instructions on how to upload are here -
  19. I don't see a problem here - could you explain what you mean please?
  20. Looks like it could be a bug, or at the very least be clarified better - could you post here with a save game before the news generates please? Thanks.
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