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  1. Is there a reason why we haven't really had the public beta this year?
  2. I can never get my match preparation bar completely filled. I downloaded Rashidi ps general and early training schedules. I play roughly 7-8 pre season matches. I've tried just learning 1 tactic. Any tips on this or does it really matter?
  3. I'm not a fan of having possession for the sake of it either. I'd like to keep the formation I am using. I'm partial to 2 up front and 3 in midfield. I guess the other formation I could try is a 4132 or a 4312.
  4. What would you do with just controlling possession and not necessarily tiki taka?
  5. Does the footedness of the strikers matter to you? How do you like to set them up if one has a strong right foot and the other a strong left foot? If you put the left of the right and the right on the left does that create opportunities for more through balls through the middle?
  6. Thank you for the tips and examples. I'll give these a try.
  7. I adjust the 2 strikers so they aren't always both on attack. I guess I thought they would still be staggered with that configuration since that's how it's pictured on the screen. I used the 3 BPD's at the back because I thought that we be the vertical part in the tiki taka. Guess I am wrong in thinking that. I have no problem adjusting to having only one. I use standard DL and higher LOE because of the balls over the top. The higher LOE is to get pressure higher up the pitch. I chose low crosses for the cutbacks. When I've had it on mixed crosses it doesn't seem like Haala
  8. I'm looking to play vertical tiki taka. I really want to control possession, stay tight at the back and score goals. You know, everything. lol. I'm doing pretty good in the league. Finished 4th last season. A couple of things I struggle with. I'm not getting the front 3 to play great together. I've tried different combinations of roles but I just can't seem to settle on anything that's consistent. Also, I struggle against the big teams. I usually do change up the tactic (not pictured). I'll play more cautious, on the counter and maybe drop the AM to central midfield. Any thoughts o
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