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  1. Anyone playing as Everton actually get the new stadium built? If yes then when?
  2. Ok. That was the next thing I was going to ask about. If the in game editor could move the players (Eduard) as well to my team. I will try to do that.
  3. So I found a save where I could cancel the offer before it was accepted. I tried to resign Szoboszlai on June 9th because it actually says the transfer windows was open. He doesn't want to join now. Do you think if I wait until June 25th he will want to join? Anyway you can zoom into the future and check that for me?
  4. I worked around it by going back to a save from 2 weeks before (in game time). I played that one and was able to progress.
  5. It just gets stuck when trying to go past this date. I've tried to holiday past it with no success. I am using a custom skin and custom graphics. I've tried using the Football Manager Skin and still can't get past it. I've removed custom graphics. I've deleted cache and preferences. I've verified files through steam. Not sure what else to do.
  6. Is there a reason why we haven't really had the public beta this year?
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