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  1. Agreed on this. We can just mod the stadiums. Make some changes here and there so you're not playing in the same stadiums most of the time.
  2. I took bits and pieces from both of you because I thought those would fit into my style. I agreed with you that I should have more penetration from deep so I used your idea for that.
  3. You said the above so I made a couple of adjustments according to that. Then I also took some advice from denen123.
  4. So I made some adjustments based on your guys advise. See below. It worked out just ok. I didn't dominate possession but I think I had 8 shots on target and Wolves had 0. We were a little unlucky to not score really. Match ended 0-0. As far as PI's. AF and DLF(s) have close down more. AM(s) has take more risks and get further forware CM(a) has take more risks WB(a) has take fewer risks and sit narrow WB(s) has take fewer risks, cross less often and stay wider.
  5. I guess with the LOE I was trying to give myself another avenue of attack with countering and a ball over the top to the AF. Also, I change that sometimes. I think the match I used that in was against a team in the 16th or 17th place so I was trying to draw them out. So examples would be great. I've tried changing the AP(s) to a CM(A) but it didn't seem like it helped much in the final third with my team. I've also has the WB on the left a WB(a) but then he launches crosses all day. I know I have 2 men upfront but I don't really want to see cross after cross. Is that counter intuitive?
  6. I'm trying to play a possession based attack. Things are just not working out like I would like. We are losing to teams that I don't think we should lose to. I'm just not seeing players combine well particularly in the final third. The CWB on the left side is also switched to a WB(s). Any thoughts on how I can be more effective in the final third? Thanks in advance.
  7. I saw that but I guess I thought we would get more of a write up on the RPM like the other roles.
  8. I guess this thread has never really gotten off the ground. I'm trying to play a 3-4-1-2 system in my second season. Struggled at the beginning but I think we are putting things together around the Jan transfer window. Currently in 8th. Really pushing for a European spot. Probably in the Europa League.
  9. I am an optimistic person by nature. I know for sure they are working on improving the ME. It's a complicated ME and they have to keep the knock on affects in check. Hopefully that improvement will be something we all like.
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