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  1. Reject the first bid, when he wants a chat tell him you see him as a leader (or whatever the option is) and he's usually happy with that I find.
  2. Bought Kante for £79m at start of 1st season. Bossing most games pretty easily tbh
  3. How are people using Pogba in FM18? I'm somewhat struggling to get him to perform to the level that he's capable of. I've tried him as a BBM and as an advanced playmaker but he's not grabbing games by the scruff of the neck. The team is winning just fine but I want to see him shine, you know? Is there a trait I should get him to learn perhaps? Try killer balls or to get forward whenever possible?
  4. Just wanted to say I tried this in the middle of my first season with Man Utd and hot damn, once the team get comfortable with the formation it's almost like a cheat code! A handful of games into the 2nd season and it's still amazing, thoroughly OP
  5. first i've heard about his passing, enjoyed his contributions to the forums. good tribute.
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