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  1. Reject the first bid, when he wants a chat tell him you see him as a leader (or whatever the option is) and he's usually happy with that I find.
  2. Bought Kante for £79m at start of 1st season. Bossing most games pretty easily tbh
  3. So I've got a silly question, how do I instruct the player I have the DM position to play as a segundo volante? The option isn't there, just the usual Ball winning MF, DLP etc
  4. If you're playing him on the right side of the attack you might get a bit more out of him if you instruct him to play as a winger. Cutting inside on his weaker left foot isn't really playing to his strengths.
  5. Two 5-4's though? Greatest world cup ever
  6. Went down all guns blazing, I'll take it
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