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  1. Over the last 20 years, Lille has pretty consistently been one of the top 6 clubs in France. Realistically, how often will they be able to approach games with a low block + counterattacking as their primary tactical style? Ignoring that, what facets of your tactic did you begin to doubt? What changes did you attempt to make? What were those changes meant to accomplish? What things are no longer working? What is your tactical objective? Does your tactical ambition match your circumstances?
  2. Came here to say this. There's two schools of thought on this: 1. "hold position" naturally dovetails with a passing approach, or 2. "counter" is a useful 'contradiction' that encourages changes in play/tempo when your players decide it's appropriate. ...which means this is perhaps the best of both worlds. A minor change you could make would be to switch the DLP-s to an AP-s when the situation suggests that two holding midfielders is unnecessary. [I've played an AP-s next to a holding midfielder as the double pivot of a 4-2-3-1 against weaker teams and the team was sti
  3. I think it's more accurate to say that you will naturally have more possession against weaker sides, so you should have a plan for what to do with it.
  4. I didn't say that the player you use to attack central space has to be De Jong or that it has to be played from LCM. I agree with @CARRERA that the RPM is the most dynamic of the playmaker roles, but it's not a role that will attack the box (which is currently only occupied by your poacher). So I would pair the RPM with another more attacking role. Which side you choose to play them on depends on how you want the whole team to build play. An example: AF-a IW-s W-s RPM-s MEZ-s DM-d FB-a/WB-s CB-d BPD-d FB-s SK
  5. I would consider: putting the CM-d on the side of the FB-a changing the DLP-s to a more dynamic role (the midfield is receiving help from the AM-s and the RFB-s) keeping an eye on loss of possession due to dribbling whether a Higher defensive line is an option instead of retaining compactness by lowering line of engagement Otherwise this seems coherent + consistent.
  6. The Poacher is a rather "passive" role: he's waiting around for through balls from the playmakers or crosses from the wingers. He's risk-averse on the ball, neither passing nor running aggressively, only looking to get the ball and shoot. With no other players near him to occupy defenders, he would need extraordinarily high Off the Ball + Anticipation to get good scoring opportunities. I believe an Advanced Forward would be a more dynamic option up top if you are still looking for that player to be the focal point. The center-forward is the only role you have attacking central space. Th
  7. The UI for CBs is misleading. Although it no longer displays "Hold Position" on the player instructions screen, stopper/cover players have a hidden instruction to hold position in a more advanced/deeper position than the CB-d -- but they're still holding position. You don't see your CBs roaming around and exchanging positions, right? This isn't to say you might not still want a cover-stopper combination, but it shouldn't be for the reason you stated.
  8. OP is frustrated at the RCM and IWB occupying the same spaces during build up / before the IWB overlaps. I have had the exact same frustration with an R-IWB behind a Roaming Playmaker in the RCM spot standing right on top of each other. I thought a roaming role would encourage some separation, but unfortunately not.
  9. "Focus play instructions now encourage players to drift into the half spaces to support the direction of focus. It also tells your team to play more passes into the focus area." [h/t @Zemahh for bringing this change to my attention] And sorry @rossenorifor the misleading advice!
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