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  1. Dont normally post but just had a match which i felt quite perfectly demonstrated many of the more pressing issues with the ME. PKM attached. I was watching on extended highlights. -3 goals from outside the box -wingbacks crossing to wingbacks who shoot from an unlikely angle (1 resulting in a goal) -striker entirely isolated unless they come back to the midfield, and inevitably shoot from range. -striker misses the easiest chance of the match (centre of the 6 yard box tap in) -no ground through balls despite having players more than capable of playing them (Dani Almo & Davy Propper) despite it being the obvious option on multiple occasions -so, so, so many shots. largely due to shooting from unlikely angles and range. Just want to point out i won this game comfortably, so its not a case of being a sore loser, and I actually feel the ME is solid, but it would be nice if some/all the issues could be looked at and at least improved if not fixed. Keep up the good work SI, I know it probably feels a bit thankless on these forums sometimes but the game is already so much better than in the beta (IMO). Newcastle v Brighton.pkm
  2. Loving the new features but the match engine feels really bad this year. Hope most of it is resolved for full release or soon after as really not sure whether I can enjoy it otherwise. Main issue is with direct passes. It seems like every pass is either a switch from full back to full back or a ball lumped over the top. I seem to be just kicked over by every half decent midfielder I come accross, for the striker to run into uncontested, only to miss the one on one 8/10 times. Of course when you face top strikers they probably score 1/3 of them. Without almost playing the match engine rather than "football" I don't really see a way to prevent it. I don't really fancy playing deep 442 with counter TBF. I realise the missed one on ones is probably an acknowledgement that the situation occurs too often so hopefully it's an issue they are sorting.
  3. Thats a little disappointing, but at least its being looked at. thanks for the update Luke guess ill wait to start my full save for this year until after this is resolved as im determined to get from Vanarama South to Prem with my own club this year!
  4. I have found the same problem too. Was pretty annoyed as i spent a good hour jazzing up my kits and making a nice badge for my team haha. If anyone can answer this it would be a good one to know to save me raising as a bug.
  5. Hi, thanks for re-posting that in here. yeah i think this is pretty much exactly what im seeing. i will still forge ahead with the changes that RT has suggested to see how they work. determined to make this 3 at the back work haha. i will try and upload the pkm's tomorrow after work.
  6. This one happened in my last game. the cross came in from the guy on the right by-line, floated pretty gently towards windass at the back post. the guy standing gormlessly on the 6 yrd line is my right cb, who hasnt moved since the cross came in, the guy goal side is my centre CB who at least is trying to get over. as you can see my wide players are in relatively ok positions, and it probably wouldnt have been an issue if the CB's held a good shape. this is a pretty much match by match occurrence at the moment :S
  7. assist locations are almost 3/4 from the wings, with goals scored via crosses. i know this is the issue and they do get in too many crosses, however its more the horrific positioning of the back post CB that is what is actually causing the majority of the goals. any average ball is turning into a goal so long as its further than pen spot. the furthest CB is more or less sitting on the middle CB, and the covering wide midfielder is level with the 18 yard line. i will try and get a screen in my next game if im quick enough so you can see what i mean.
  8. My goalscoring isnt concerning me at all. i have scored 3 goals less than the top scoring team in this division. its just my defence that has me concerned, as they have conceded as much as the team in 14th. everyone else above 14th has conceded less. i know 3rd is fine for plymouth, and its one above what was predicted at the start of the season, but the goals conceded are clearly a problem. generally my goals are from quite a slow build up, playing accross from side to side, followed by a through ball from either my CM/auto or my DLF. i do also get my fair share from the wings. initially i wanted to play direct via the TM, which is why i was using one in the first place, however the players seem to just hoof to the TM wherever they are, regardless of other open passes.
  9. Thanks. this is the current system im using, which is working a bit better than before but still not so good. prior to this my DM was set a as an anchorman, and prior to that a DM/d. i know tinkering isnt always good, but each time i have been careful to let it settle before changing again. i havent played too much with my widemen as i really dont have the personel for defensive wingers. its probably something that will be addressed in the summer window. on a side note, i did also try the standard 352 that is a standard formation in the game, and that also seems to have the same issues. in my very first, kind of blue skies formation when i first took over, i was using a TM/s up front with an AF, supported by the 2 wideme as you see above. the left CM was an AP/s and the right a CM/s. the DM was a DM/d, with the defensive unit as above. this worked while i outscored the opposition, which i did, but i did concede a lot too.
  10. Haha, sorry, that will serve me right for not reading properly. i start with a standard generally. against the top of the table i have started a couple of times on counter. i will then generally change based on what needs to happen (ie, attacking if i need a goal, defensive if im protecting a lead.)
  11. Hi, im currently on a flexible (and have been for probably 2/3 of the season so far), but have did use fluid for a time.
  12. Hi All. i have been trying to play with a 3 at the back on my current save (started unemployed, lowest rep and licence) and am now with Plymouth in league 2. i have tried several variations of my 3 at the back, and all seem to have the same issue with the furthest away CB of the 3 being drawn too close to the other 2, leaving the back post empty for an over the top diagonal, or a cross, which is then tapped in, without fail, almost every game. i have linked my formation below. the only tactical instructions i have for my individual players is for my keeper to throw out to my CB's, which is working fine. the only instructions i have on my tactic in general is to play out of defence, play higher tempo, with shorter passing. Im wondering if the issue is with the match engine, or if its just me. i have seen some discussion on the defending being a bit out in this early build of the game, but am completely open to accepting its a problem with my own understanding. thanks in advance for any help. [edit - thought it might be worth mentioning i have experimented with different combinations of CB (CB/s, CB/c, CB/S) in addition to the one in the picture. and have also tried a couple of combinations of CM's and wide midfielders. its led me to using the above quite negative formation IMO.]
  13. i did notice the same thing as well, except rather than rage about it (at least not in public) i tried to look for why. i noticed that even going defensive wont stop you conceding that much because you are just inviting pressure and allowing the other team more chances to have a go at you. the most effective way i have found of managing it is when im happy with the current result (even if im 1-0 up in the 5th minute against a shocking team), i play a pure posession tactic, where the primary aim is just to keep the ball. i still score and concede with the tactic, just nowhere near as much, plus the opposition get tired much quicker than your players. (if anyone was interested its a 451 using advanced playmakers on the wings, deep lying forward, DLP and 2 CM's on automatic (so i can switch it up depending how the match is going). have the tempo set lowest, playing narrow, passing short, retain posession, high line, closing down on everyone and playing out of the defence (also important to make sure your keeper is throwing it to defenders, not hoofing it to the forwards.))
  14. i have been having problems as liverpool too, but not with creating chances, mine has been mainly scoring them. i sold sturridge for 5 mil in first season as he has 23 appearances and 4 goals, then suarez for 44 mil at end of season with 37 appearances 8 goals. both of my main inside forwards outscored and out-assisted them in less games than suarez, and all 4 of my regular defenders outscored sturridge. my clear cut chances are fairly high (5-8 per game most games) but im lucky if i score 2 a game because of strikers missing sitters. im also losing out on CCC's as no matter who my striker is (i know sturridge has shoots from range ppm) they launch them from 20 yards no matter whether they are under pressure or have a clear run at goal with a certain 1-on-1 situation. im not accepting the excuse that its because they are running out of options because i can always see 2 or 3 options to retain posession or even set up a goal. if its "what they game is trying to say" then that isnt good enough, why is the match engine so far away from showing what is actually happening? i see from what others have said they are struggling with liverpool at first too. suarez and sturridge in particular seem extremely underpowered. suarez hardly takes the ball past anyone, gets tackled all the time and misses sitters, sturridge is just plain useless, nearly eveyone has sold him by the end of the first season.
  15. you could always use the editor to make your stadium and fanbase bigger in order to get massive match day income (for example my friend has given wigan a 200000 seater that is set to sell out every single game) also you could add in a huge sponsorship deal. the key to being able to splash the cash is to increase your revenues.
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