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  1. Where does the data actually come from? Do player stats need to be added manually?
  2. Yeah, really looks like you create a lot of low quality chances. You can see that from the raw number of shots and the fact of relatively low possession. Players properbly most likely rush forward and shoot from anywhere. Or counter attacks from deeper areas against relatively defensive team which doesn’t work either. eventhough im quite sure that players like mbappe don’t really have a Problem with that, there Is a hidden stat about how players perform in big matches. You can see that from scout report. Also I noticed that way better teams kinda underestimate the other team from ti
  3. Do you create enough (quality) chances and it’s just the conversion rate which is bad or do you struggle creating high quality goal scoring opportunities in general? Maybe some insights on your avg xG to avg shots would be interesting. Also did you create enough overlapping partnerships to further increase your player movement? Especially in central attack and on the flanks?
  4. I don’t see any issues having good results and competing for Titels with top teams like Barca. as I obviously don’t know your history of playing i could just assume you usually go for the weaker side and build them up to success as you did with Catania. Playing with established top teams like Barca may demand other tactical settings then uprising stars do due to their overall standing. best would properbly be to simply share your tactics Also it would be important to know where actually struggle. Is it scoring goals? Do you concede too much?
  5. I think AM role is completely fine, if set up correctly. You can use him on a support duty with an attacking striker in front of him for a more direct style of play or on an attacking duty with a supporting striker in front of him for a more possession based style of play playing both AM an Striker on an attack duty might just lead into overloading central attack. That’s properbly not what you want especially if that area is packed anyway
  6. There is nothing wrong about having more then one playmaker in your team. Keep two things in mind tho: playmakers usually slow down the play as build up is processed through them. So if you are looking for a quick build up play you are properbly doing better without any or less playmaking roles. the second thing is that playmakers usually won’t go for too many forward runs not even with an attack duty. So if you’re looking for penetration better choose another role.
  7. No, a players performance is determined by his CA and hidden attributes like consistency, important matches and pressure
  8. It depends on to what extend you'd like to implement pass into space. All, PI, TI and Mentality do impact that method of play.
  9. If you want your Wingers to track back early and cover the other teams attacking fullbacks you should consider switching them to support duty. If you generally want your team to transition more quickly into their defensive shape you can think about adding regroup instruction
  10. Those stats come into play if you hand over responsibilities to your coaches and does also come into play at the youth intake. But you only need to look at that for the one person actually carrying out that responsibility. I wouldn’t give up way better stats in exchange for the right playing style / system „attribute“ tho. Properbly look for it when there are two very similar coaches.
  11. Yeah, but possession don’t have necessarily to do with slowing things down. Possession is always a product of your in and out of possession playing styles as well as the other teams playing styles. No team in real life is playing for the sake of possession and just passes the ball needlessly around, unless they really want to waste time or play less intense to save „energy“ The goal for every attacking team is to score as fast as they are technically capable of and the other teams is allowing you to do. You may need to slow things down tho as the other team might sit very deep anyw
  12. doubt that, at least in fm possession is calculated differently from real life. but anyway, more time = more passes
  13. He will carry out defensive responsibilities to a greater extend, while being less effective offensively
  14. To create goal scoring opportunities you need to take risks and create both ball and player movement to overwhelm the other teams defensive line. With shorter passing enabled your players will most likely play with their back to the goal to receive passes into their feet. That doesn’t sound too difficult to defend right? So first instruction to add would be „pass into space“ to not only make the ball being played into the channels but also players making runs into the channels to create opportunities for through balls into the box. Second TI to start with is „Be more expr
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