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  1. there is still a display bug tho regarding tactical familarity of your teams creative freedom. You can see it change when your team is becoming more structured / fluid due to duties.
  2. How do you want your team to play or do you just want to win? your tactic, especially your setup of roles and duties is quite direct, looking for quick transitions, which properbly can’t work against teams that sit deep anyway.
  3. Change the right FB to a WB on attack to balance out the DLP and create an overlap with the IF add overlap left TI to create an overlap on the left side without unbalancing the duties Make the SK Support or Attack to have an additional option for you buildup play Add Pass into Space TI to balance shorter passing Remove Counterpress as your default pressing setting is already very high. also with both FB looking for an overlap you need to bring them back into defensive position more quickly to remain solidity If thats not enough, you can either remove shorter passing
  4. Right here is the point of your misunderstanding. your understanding of defensive football translates into FM as follows, lets break it down: not having the ball is a Part of more defensive mentalities direct passes tho and quick transitions aka counter attacks is a part of more ATTACKING mentalities. So you can create that style of play by picking a defensive mentality and increase in possession and transitional risks. Focusing more on soaking up pressure. OR you can create that style of Play by picking an attacking mentality with lowered risks out of posse
  5. Understand it as some kind of scaling. Like 1-20 or 1-100 while under an attacking mentality a FBa will take risks 100/100 while a FBa on a defensive mentality might only take risks on that scale up to lets say 75/100 or maybe even only 50/100. you can see that when going to the PI‘s menu of a player where you can see their individual mentality (top right). If you change your teams mentality it will also change. But honestly you don’t need to go into that much Detail, its just for understanding purpose. Better think of how you want your team to play. then pick a formation that complemen
  6. It’s simple defensive mentality = cautious at defending, cautions at attacking attacking mentality = aggressive at defending, aggressive at attacking those are the default settings for mentalities. The higher/lower to a greater extend.
  7. As your tactic works well I wouldnt change too much tbh. In terms of your midfielder you have to keep in mind, that your attacking play needs to be rather patient, as your CM needs enough time to move up the pitch and enter the box to bring himself into a goal scoring position. As you are set up with 2 attack duty players up front who are looking for the runs and a positive mentality which comes with a slightly higher tempo you simply might not give him enough time. lowering the tempo tho might come with other problems as it opens up additional time to settle defensively for the other te
  8. yes the game in its current state favours aggressive set ups as many teams play quite low risk. So if you want to win, going with a more aggressive setup seems most promising. Once AI behavior changes to more aggressive playstyles it will balance out. also I think you still misunderstand what exactly mentalities do or what playing defensive / offensive actually mean. picking a defensive mentality is neither made for scoring goals nor for being defensively solid. It’s made for not taking any risks at all e.g. don’t tackle, don’t press, don’t Mark, don’t cross, don’t shoot, don’t
  9. well i think you kinda have to look at it in a more fluid way. You also have to keep in mind, that the other teams behavior does also impact your players behavior a lot. You can see in that article, that leverkusen basicly does mirror the attacking players. But in FM many Teams are super defensive, so there is no real reason for 3 players to completely stay back and leave a lot of space unexploited.
  10. well, the idea was that on the right flank the team can be quite more direct an transition quickly due to the attacking winger.
  11. @OJ403 Attacking Play Build up Play didnt spent too much time on the TI's so you might tinker around with that. No PI's, you could try the AMC move inti channels while AML Sit Narrow
  12. You must also a have a look at your other players. The AI will always pick open spaces as their best option to move into (which obviously is clever). so make sure there is no other player occupying that space you want that player into also make sure there is a player to occupy the space left behind bei your AMLR
  13. well, you always have to respect, that other teams might also be capable of playing good football as your tactic generally is working fine. However what exactly makes you struggle against high pressing teams?
  14. well, first of all, what does playing defensive mean for you? With a Very Defensive Mentality your team will be way more cautious both defensive and attacking wise. In other words, they will soak up preassure as much as posible and keep the ball as long as possible. It also makes your players to less run forward in attackin phase (obviously Roles / duties have a huge impact here as well)
  15. When players get pressure from pressing, theyll react quickly anway and look for a pass or some other action. No matter what tempo you chose. Tempo is about how fast your players make their decisions anyway, always with the target to create a goal scoring opportunity as quickly as possible. Thats why you often see players shoot or cross needlessly often. Most likely your tempo is too high so there is no time for other players to get into position for a clever pass
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