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  1. im all set guys, vacation from tomorrow until november 10th. go please btw: is beta a different client?
  2. first imperssion is very good. GK properbly seems a bit too strong / 1v1s are still rarely being converted. good job tho so far.
  3. Where did you read about it? Couldnt find it
  4. remove shorter passing, add counter ti, make PF a Poacher. With shorter passing you will be very unlikely to ever score or create good chances from inside the box against a defensive side. oh an btw, dont worry, your team will still be playing a short passing game just more direct towards the goal
  5. key is to transition quickly enough from defense to offense before the opponents defense is set. Once the defense is set you cant expect much central play as the area is packed and players will move out wide to cross. If you feel your players are not taking the best option you may consider lowering tempo and/or mentality.
  6. Well in a 4231 both CM are usually not used to support your attack or get into the box but rather provide defensive solidity. I would look to improve their defensive play and see if i can get more out of that, properbly use one as more pressing / ball winning one with higher pressing an tackling TI or use them as tight markers. you can test on this.
  7. it can happen once in a while so properbly youll better wait, as FM19 surely is not the game of through balls
  8. you have to keep one thing in mind when it comes to passing despite trying the different passing options. You also have to look for what opportunities your opponent is offering to your players. For example if you play with a mid or bottom tier team, you might primarily or at least have a few teams which might look for a more aggressive approach onto you where they migh leave your players up front less marked which leaves you more options for longer and more direct passes. Which isnt bad at all, because in the end you want to score and nothing is more dangerous then a quick and direct transition from defense to offense which is easily convertible for your striker. Even teams like city, barca or bayern will take these opportunities if they arise.
  9. Can choose one BPD(d) for a CD(d), dont play with both CM as BWM. Change Mentality to Balanced or Positive Passing to Standard Tempo to Low Work Ball into Box optional remove dribble less optional remove counterpres or more urgent pressing
  10. maybe one thing you might concider is that there is also creative freedom where players are allowed to make their own decisions. so properbly remove that freedom and you will have your players stick more closely to your instructions.
  11. Great read, really looking forward how this will play out. Do you use a mod for the squad bayern had these days or are you trying to recreate it with the actual players?
  12. Start with a few changes and see how it works You use 2 creative striker, consider making one more of a goal scorer (P, AF, PF(a)) or if you really want a somewhat creative role choose CF(a) Set tempo to normal Make the RPM a B2B with forward runs PI or a CM(a) to have runner from deep to overlapp your F9
  13. Actually its not a Bug. SI confirmed tho that crosses will receive soem balance changes in further interations of the game as they are blocked too often, lead to too many goals and seem to happen too often in general. This wont happen before FM20 tho. This behaviour occures especially if the opponents defense is settled and the only choice your players have is to play out wide and cross as central movement / passing is also not very balanced this year. So a way for you to be at least successful is to find out how you might be able to score and create more penetration in your attacking play to actually break through.
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