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  1. Hello, I am wondering, whether I can leverage an external GPU to run Football Manager 21 ? It turns out that even though I have set the checkmark to run FM 21 using preferably the eGPU (on Steam), the graphics remain poor on my MacMini. I do not have another game I could compare it against :/ Thanks, Michael.
  2. Hello, I do not know, but maybe much more experienced players are able to advise. I find myself struggling in the first 15-20 minutes of a game. Against stronger opponents, I am down sometimes 0-3 after 20 minutes. It happened now twice in my Dynamo Kiev save, playing against Shakhtar Donetsk. I have tried a different tactical approach after the first pretty ugly loss, but still failed to deliver in a second game. And it got ugly as well. I am now using the option in the first minute of the game to ask my team to concentrate. It worked in the UCL against a good competition. Is there a hint, how to increase the concentration and maybe more generally the performance in the first 15-20 minutes ? I am digging myself often a hole, which I am unable to overcome. A more general question is how to overcome Shakhtar, but I will need to find an answer for this one on my own. Thanks, Michael.
  3. Thank you. I will monitor the situation. Because my xG and scored goals, is just driving me crazy. I did not play for 10-12 years, but due to Covid I came back to FM20 and ultimately also FM21.
  4. Hello, I am unsure, whether I am doing it the right way, but I have listened to Miles Jacobsen on a podcast the other day to start a journey here in the forum. I guess, my question is, whether others can confirm that very seldom the number of own scored goals exceeds two in a game ? I am not saying that I should score at least three goals, simple because I deserve it, but I find it really odd that I simple cannot score goals. I am 14 games in with my team in Greece. Scored 15 goals (4 in the opening game). Now, I nearly always have a higher xG value than scored goals. And it frustrates me, that if I score than it is only one per game. Do others have the same ? If not, then it is probably on me. Thanks.
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