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  1. Yeah, i understand that eventhough i think this could be implementented in a way that everyone can handle. I also see the point of Sheffield being one of the best teams. However Stamina is not necessarily a factor of being the best team and if you watch matches of EU Top-Teams they will most likely have phases where the "kinda rest" Anyway they announced the changes to stamina as one of the big features with a huge impact on how tactics are created and how it plays out on the pitch. But at least from that stream it looked like only a very small change.
  2. Just a few thoughts on tonights stream and thanks for showcasing us FM22 for around 2 1/2 hours. The ME with its new animations and improved decisionmaking looked real nice as well as the data-hub. They've also talked about some nice minor qol changes. However, i expected to see a ME where you actually need to manage your energy over the course of 90 minutes. Including phases of high pressure and maybe some of holding back to rest with or without the ball due to the implementation of a new stamina system. What we were seeing instead was a team playing for at least 4 games in a row full gegenpress for the whole 90 minutes without seemingly getting tired and becoming more inaccurate. So this change might actually be smaller as many of us thought. I also was very irritated, that one of the actual headline features, the deadline day, wasnt even showcased in that stream, so i think there is also not mucht to expect from. WCB looked fine but was barely touched as well as the team meetings where they went over once quickly.
  3. Move into channels, but make sure the are not occupied by other players. And look for someone who can occupy the central area instead
  4. At the Team Report Tab you can find XG stats over a longer period which can help you to understand if its an ongoing trend or just bad luck for a few games. Its always hard to judge from a single (or even two ;-)) match
  5. I would switch DLF and CF. The DLF can then drop into the space that is created by your DLP who is sitting deep. And the CM can make runs into the space that is created my your CF whos stretching the play vertically here and then. Wings Look Fine. Remove all stay wider instructions (I wouldn’t start out with PI for trying a tactic the first time). Also remove lower tempo as it is very easy to defend against a team that is making slow decisions. It’s not only you but also the other team that has more time to reorganize their defense. You need to play with tempo through the lines for breaking down a settled defense.
  6. actually i didnt notice that. thanks for quoting. that makes me even more hoping for it at least to be better
  7. I have to admit i really liked the blogs and the words on the new ME caught me even more. Data Hub i think will have a huge impact to certain decisions like transfers or tactical decisions as data will be heavily affected by the new changes to the ME in terms of accuracy / inaccuracy. I also kinda get into the other things. However, there was almost no word about how the AI behind all the recommendations for staff meetings changed. They will only work for me if the decisions to make actually make sense at least. There was at least some talking about changes to how agents approach their offers to us mangers, that could make deadline worth having a closer look at.
  8. Sorry, maybe I didn’t explain well what I meant. I meant the actual data analysis of their passing throughout the full match. not their passing stats. usually you can check like 10 out of their 50 passes were long balls/ clearances for examples. Not sure though if this is available on FM Touch though.
  9. Ok, then maybe dig a bit deeper. Did you check your CD‘s passing stats in terms of how many of them are actual clearances? Sometimes ME highlights picture a very onesided behavior of players. And it may turn out that ME often picks those highlights where those passes actually happen. And not the other 100 scenes where they play it short and safe. I can only tell from my personal experience, that I never faced such a problem not matter of playing with good or bad players.
  10. Did you try without target man as @Hilly1979 stated above? It’s definitely not about your players stats or any instructions. I could see tactical familiarity play into this, but more likely I would also tend to a poorly executed attempt to find the target man.
  11. Shorter Passing: There are generally two intentions of playing a pass. Either to maintain possession (shorter passing) which often requires your team to play low risk or sideways / backward passes. Or you want to play the space behind your opponent (more direct passes) which often requires your team to play high risk passes at the risk of loosing possession. Work Ball into Box: It asks your players to refrain from sh0ts and Crosses unless they are in a very comfortable position to score. Dribble Less: It does exactly that, asking your players to rather look for a pass instead of running with the ball and trying to beat their defensive counterpart in a 1v1 situation. Play out of defense: It instructs your defensive players (including DM Strata) to play their way out instead of just clearing the ball. They are asked to do it with shorter passes (see above). Waste time: does exactly that, your players are trying to beat the clock by just hanging out at set-pieces and playing without any intent to score a goal. All those actually don’t really clash and can work together. However, as @Johnny Ace said, they are all rather negative instructions which may lead to a boring, non-scoring playstyle if activated all at once. You are playing on a positive mentality. In that case your players are already transitioning quickly from defense to offense so do you really want to further encourage that by activating counter TI? For Regroup just keep in mind that Regrouping from a positive mindset into the defensive shape may take some time as most players will end up high up the pitch when loosing possession. Usually a higher mentality does Suite more aggressive defensive styles. More urgent pressing: Providing pressure to the first attack by attacking him early with one or more players to force him to make quick decisions and play on a higher tempo, which can lead him into a mistake but comes at the risk of being out of position. You usually want to press more urgent high up the pitch as it allows your team to make up for mistakes and close the gaps left behind. Less Urgent Pressing: Does exactly the opposite and ask your players to provide pressure to the first attacker less urgently to keep the position and rather look to cut-off passing lanes. However, this will leave more time to the attacker to make a good decision. You usually want to use that if you are looking to defend with a low block to remain solidity. defensive line: It determines the position to which your defensive players are willing to retreat before they start to provide pressure. generally spoken, a higher line does fit a high pressing style as it compresses the pitch and therefore helps your team to remain compact while moving around and pressuring the opposition. It comes at the risk of leaving more space behind your defensive line.
  12. Actually I do t care about setpieces. Never used them, but indeed they need an overhaul. what I’m looking for is a massive improvement in graphics. Animations is a good start, but only a small Step at least in terms of graphics. im looking for an AI and general economic overhaul. I understand that FM should be an experience where everything is possible. But still it is way too easy to accumulate money and attract players that are way beyond the Clubs reputation or ambitions. Match AI Is also important, other managers tend to be way too passive and therefore it’s too easy to overachieve results in relation to your expected strength and average player skills. yes, FM Is a sandbox game where everyone can create and imagine their own football world. But it’s against my nature to „play bad“ just to have a challange. Im not talking about exploits, but the game should at least some challange even to experienced players. In terms of UX I would love to see some more guidance especially for newer players. FM is very complex, especially tactically and there is almost no (or only bad) guidance for players. an actually processing through the week and not one that makes your whole squad to rage out because it doesn’t stop for important Mails like someone wants to talk about their playing time or some other issues. There are simply too much clicks needed without having any impact to process through the next match. don’t get me wrong, FM is great and one of my most favourite games. I just wanted to state, as some said it was just a teaser about „some“ features, that’s it’s not. Those are the headline features.
  13. After two videos of headline features it turns out more and more that this one was not just a teaser about "some features" it was a teaser about the actual headline features... Hopefully there is something really big into their slveves that has not been "teased" yet. anyway im still looking forward to the new ME as its the heart of the game for me.
  14. I was very hyped after Video one with alle the changes to the match engine and animations. This one though didnt catch me at all. However, i hope i can change my mind after the release and really enjoy deadline day and actual (helpful) advice from my staff members.
  15. How are you looking to threaten the goal? your players are discouraged from taking longshots or crossing the ball into the box (Work Ball into Box) most likely noone is stretching the play vertically by making runs as everyone is either coming deep or looking to offer a supportive passing option (no attack duties in ST / AM strata) your team is discouraged from stretching the play horizontally by playing fairly narrow (attacking width) your players are discouraged from making risky passes by only playing it short and safe (shorter passing) you encouraged your defensive line including the DM to play even shorter and therefore even safer (play out of defence) You can add aspects here and there but you also need to create some threat towards the goals. Right now, your team is just trying to maintain possession without creating much. I would properbly offset shorter passing at first to encourage your more creative players to play threatening passes as you already have 5 players trying to build up slowly with play out of defence enabled and generally asking your team to work the ball into the box. If you have high-flair players, you can add be more expressive to force more unexpected moves and therefore make your attacking patterns more unpredictable. Im also not quite sure with your WB-Roles. They tend to dribble down the line and cross. If you want your wide defenders more involved into the passing game, use fullback roles - maybe even with an attack duty, if you are looking for aggressive forward runs. PPM's like moves forward whenever possible comes in handy there. A F9 excels at creating space behind the others team defensive line, think about who is looking to exploit that space. Maybe the right IF with an attack duty.
  16. If you want to win the ball high up the pitch it can be helpful to press all areas of the pitch. However it obviously comes at the risk of being less compact centrally.
  17. @mss100 did you try move into channels PI instead of roam from position? Your striker however should be more static then and not occupy the half spaces like a poacher, F9 or TM (i think)
  18. Yes you are right, I didn’t factor in that mentality has a huge impact on players movement.
  19. Yellow backgroud = Important (long shots, tackling, technique, antizipation, composure, teamwork, vision, work rate, acceleration, stamina) Green Background = most important (first touch, passing, decisions, off the ball) A CM even with an attack duty is not that type of player that will most likely enter the box. He will more likely be available for cutback passes to attempt long shots then from around the box. If you are looking for players who consistantly enter the box you need to move up to the AM(L/R) strata.
  20. this looks so great, i literally want to pay more.. i dont think the regular price is fair, its a bargain. Im especially excited about the changes to the match engine and the new animations.
  21. Thats down to your teams general movement that comes with team mentality. That trait is basicly „hold position“ instruction. There is no special interaction with a trait and team mentality that does not affect every player anyway.
  22. Width = horizontal spreading / stretching of your players focus play = focusing passes (and the build up) into that area. It’s not necessary, but can make sense to align the width with your focus play.
  23. No sorry, I just noticed that those links change depending on results. Nvm, my bad again 😂 He should be good enough. Must be familiarity issue then. And yeah, it’s strange how it works.
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