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  1. roykela

    Shortcuts unavailable

    This one is solved, thanks to the troubleshooting in this thread.
  2. roykela

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Apparently not
  3. I'll get back to you if i get a lightbulb moment, if you haven't solved it yet
  4. Annoying. Unfortunately i can't think of anything else at the moment
  5. Might be another "dumb question" but have you chosen your formation? Have to choose that before being able to have the dropdown available as well.
  6. Does it work if you recruit an Assistant Manager?
  7. Which could indicate that upon entering the world of tactics in FM, it isn't really suitably explained from the get-go. And that would be/is an unnecessary problem/issue to have.
  8. Something i find very tedious is to when i'm setting up a tactic, i have to go into each player to make sure the player's mentalities aren't too far off eachother, in order to get them where i want mentality-wise. I would like to see that bar already on the main tactic screen. Possibly on the formation panel and also as an option to bring forth when customising the tactic-screen. Something like the following perhaps:
  9. A tiny little question. When i'm on the Preferences screen it's nice and smooth, as it should be. But when i'm clicking the Cancel button it takes quite a few seconds for the game to go back to the previous in-game screen again. Not like when i click Ok. It's like it's reloading the chosen skin all over again, in spite of "Reload skin..." being unticked and "Use caching..." is ticked. This is regardless of which skin i'm using. A rough count now takes me to 10 seconds after the Cancel button is clicked until i get back in-game. Anyone with any idea as of why?
  10. Glad you solved it. Happy to help
  11. If you're using a custom skin then that might be the problem, if the skin hasn't been updated after the latest big update. The teamtalk screen changed a tiny bit.
  12. Windows 10 Home 64-bit. Just ran a check now and it appears to be fully updated with all the latest, as far as i can tell. Graphics card driver is 391.35.
  13. I tried a bit of this and a bit of that. What helped me on my desktop was getting rid of the Steam Overlay. Then, after a hotfix it seemed even smoother. So i decided to set everything back to the way i wanted it to be. All maxed out and with the Steam overlay. Everything was fine. Essentially i didn't really do anything. Now, it could have been an Nvidia update and/or a Windows update as well. Possibly together with the hotfix(-es). When it all comes down to it, i don't have a clue how it was fixed. I certainly can't claim any credit for it. I wish i had an answer to it but i don't. All i know is that it's all good now. I really hope the people still with issues will get there as well. It is very frustrating experiencing it. Especially when you have high-end products.
  14. Could an active defragmentation, while the game is running cause problems? A registry cleaner? When i changed the OS drive from HDD to SSD i had to download all my games again. The games were installed on a different drive but i forgot to create a backup of my registry. As a result, the games weren't.....well....registered and i had to download all my games all anew, even though they were there from before. That's why i'm tossing in a registry cleaner (like CCleaner etc.) there.
  15. roykela

    Shortcuts disabled

    I do have a Steam Controller connected. But it's just the USB plugged in. Controller itself isn't on (it's hardly ever used). I also have a cabled Xbox 360 (i think) controller connected via USB. I did notice the same thing during Beta. At some point, after one of the updates (no idea which one) it was all good again. Then it has become like that again, for some reason. As you don't see any issues there, then it's most definitely a local problem here. Another thing i forgot to try was to remove custom graphics and other fixes, to see if that has somehow messed it up. I'll check that out as soon as i can and get back to you.