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  1. Great news. Now i just have to "get instantly sick" so i can go home from work. Even better is that you remembered to post this thread unlocked this year, as opposed to last year @Neil Brock #justicefordenchy
  2. It's most likely because you were overspending.
  3. Where do you get that there's no point? Of course there's a point. Report it and upload examples like the rest of us and there's a greater chance it'll be fixed. More examples, greater chance of pinpointing exactly what needs to be fixed. It is not 'one of those things that happen', like you say. It is a bug and they know it's a bug.
  4. Have you tried changing the settings, like Minimum Interval and/or Stop Game? These are my settings and it works here:
  5. I press the auto button every time. I don't care what number the players have.
  6. I haven't had any issues with Senior or Youth staff, but for the Reserves. In a 5 year period (can't remember which club) the amount of staff that came up when searching for the position as Assistant Manager for the Reserves was 0. That's quite amazing when having all leagues and +300k players loaded.
  7. This has started happening here as well, out of the blue. Game just closed on me again. It's twice now in a few hours. Both times have been during a match, but not the same match. Graphics just freezes and after a few seconds the game closes and goes back to desktop. No error message or any crash dump. Just *poof* Adding my dxdiag just in case. DxDiag.txt
  8. roykela

    Shortcuts unavailable

    This one is solved, thanks to the troubleshooting in this thread.
  9. roykela

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Apparently not
  10. I'll get back to you if i get a lightbulb moment, if you haven't solved it yet
  11. Annoying. Unfortunately i can't think of anything else at the moment
  12. Might be another "dumb question" but have you chosen your formation? Have to choose that before being able to have the dropdown available as well.
  13. Does it work if you recruit an Assistant Manager?