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  1. An example just for funsies; In real life i would be that player. Both in football and at work i cannot stand praise. It annoys the hell out of me. I want to know what i can improve on. Not be praised about stuff i already know. For me that is a waste of time. My fm body language would be "didn't seem to be listening". In a simplified conversation it would probably be like how it's portrayed in FM Not saying they shouldn't do something about it in the game, but it does exist in real life.
  2. I start off trying to be as succesful as i can possibly be. I have never won a big league, Champions League or Europa League, although i'm currently having a chance with Roma in Serie A. I start my career as soon as the new FM is released and i continue on until the next FM is released. Then i look back to see what i remember from the career. What i remember from the past is local domination with Cork City, the same with Dungannon. Fun times with Sampaio Corrêa and Víkingur Ó etc. Together with that comes a lot of failure as well, with resignations and sackings. So when FM21 Beta comes, my FM20 career is over. That's when i start exploring the new stuff. When FM21 is officially released i will then start my new career, which will go on until FM22 Beta and so on. My targets/goals: Have fun. For me it's never completed, but it does end.
  3. When i watched the highlight it felt like i was watching Mustafi and/or David Luiz irl
  4. If i understand you correctly, that's what the scouting package is there for. The bigger scouting budget your board will give you, the better package you can get. The better package you're able to get, the more players you will see. I've loaded all players and all leagues in my career save. When i am at a club that can afford the bestt packages, my player search screen grinds to a halt due to the amount of players there. So it's also worth thinking about how many players you load into your save upon start. Right now i have 339k players loaded. With the highest packages i have 336106 players on my player search screen.
  5. Interesting. If i tell my team to push up (when needed) they do so. My teams have capitalised on that several times by forcing the defenders, keeping the ball and playing at around, to make mistakes. The 2 players closing down the GK is pretty annoying though and i've seen that happen quite a few times. Not all the time though. When i use the "Prevent short GK distribution" my players push up and seek out the defenders. They don't go too high though, as that would expose us even more, but as soon as a defender gets the ball my players are on them. I haven't seen the 2 players on the goalie because of that isolated instruction though. That happens now and then regardless. If i use the "Prevent short GK distribution" i don't have to up the LoE nor the Pressing intensity. My players take their positions automatically. And they have always done so, when they have become familiar with the tactic's pressing intensity. What i'm doing, simplified, is that i take what i judge to be the best players for the positions, duties and roles inside a formation and let them play it out. I try to keep that going until they're familiar with my tactics. Along the way i observe the behaviour of the players to see if they're following my instructions or not. If not i give those particular players individual instructions. I keep doing that all the time until i get them to play the way that i want. If i still don't get them to play the way that i want i either/both revise my tactics and/or replace the players that can't seem to do the job the way i want them to. And so far that has worked wonders. The hidden underline is; what part of the tactical game encourages the opposition to do what they do? Can i limit them, or even discourage them from playing that way? In my experience, yes. Yes, i can. At the same time, as mentioned, i don't experience those issues, in general, myself. The high numbers of defensive passes, set pieces, 1v1s etc. That makes me very curious about, why the "huge" differences? A thought came to me when you mentioned that; in our team (just a bunch of friends playing footie once a week) the quality of the players vary very, very much. One guy is practically blind without his glasses, afraid of the ball, afraid of engaging in a duel, no technique, can't run, no understanding on the pitch etc. Footie-wise he's terrible. But for some reason he can complete a long range pass more than most. He's nothing special, to say the least, but if i have a bad angle for a long range pass i never hesitate giving the ball to him. He will most likely hit the target. Reason i'm giving that example is: "Rangers doesn't have great ball playing defenders, and their keeper is nothing special" What do you mean by that? Great and nothing special as in compared to what? They might not be the best but together they might be a good mix of players in order to do that very thing.
  6. Try going to your Transfer Centre and see if you can accept it from there, if there's a standing bid on him.
  7. That's what i was thinking too. And if Rangers (in this case) are good with the ball, having good movement off the ball with great teamwork/cohesion and good decision-making, it would be very hard taking the ball off them. They could just move the ball around infinitely, so to speak, and secure the 3 points.
  8. That would make sense then. Too extreme might possibly be. Sit back and protect the lead AND play out of defense though, which they're probably very good at, compared to the rest of the league....why wouldn't they do it? What seemingly matters to Rangers are the points. Well, what matters to Calderwood, to be more precise, and not goals. If they're better than most of the other teams (of course i don't know if they are in your game) then scoring a goal on them would be very hard, if they would get the first goal. In my game Stuttgart's manager Colin Kazim-Richards likes to sit back and protect a lead as well. But does not have the "plays out of defence" tendency. Stuttgart won that game 2-1 with their 2nd coming in the 76th. After that their GK received just 4 passes. Plays out of defence certainly seems like it plays a big role but i get the feeling there's more to it than just those tendencies.
  9. Decided to check here as well what the numbers are for the GKs received passes in my game, so i checked my last 5 matches, with Roma, plus the game v Inter, because they are on top of Serie A I also added my tactical setup: I'm in 2nd on 22nd December and i find the comparison interesting, as those numbers with Rangers are nowhere near the numbers i find in my game. A better comparison would probably have been to take Rangers in my game, but i can't see the numbers there due to the detail levels, so i'm using my own team. But i do find myself often reading these posts and wondering if i'm playing the same game. Those numbers people mention and/or show are not remotely close to what i see here. Same with headers, set pieces and 1v1s. Players are given through balls, forward hitting the ball over the GK far out, forward rounding the keeper, clever 1-touch play, 1-2 play, squaring the ball for the guy inside the area etc. Most of my assists come from my wingers but that's exactly what i want from my team and that's how i've set it up. With the right players there, of course. And it's not a dig at anyone. I'm genuinely curious. Why is it so different here from those aforementioned others and vice versa?
  10. It's way too easy to sign staff and way too easy to have staff being poached. I'm playing as Roma in Serie A and i'm now in December 2049. At the end of last season (48/49) my U20 Manager retired and i hired a new one. At the end of November my recently signed U20 manager decided to jump ship for another managerial position. Not a problem in itself but it happens all the time. So, before half the season has gone i will be signing my 3rd U20 Manager...in one season. It's the same pattern with U18 Managers. Upon signing a new U20 Manager i noticed something i hadn't given any thought about before but have seen. I found a guy to be my new U20 Manager. When negotiating the contract he started off with wanting to be a U18 Manager. Good. A better offer to him is an easy deal. And it was. He accepted the contract straight away. Then i noticed his history. I have a hard time believing a person like that would gladly accept the position i offered. Let alone him wanting to be a U18 Manager. He's been managing a bunch of high profile Brazilian teams AND the national side, only 5 years ago. This is not an isolated incident, and i put that in singularis as i believe what i have written are connected. It happens all the time, since the start of the save. It's way too easy to sign staff. Staff are being poached all the time, especially if they have a high reputation. And the poached staff will always accept as it's a managerial position they're being offered and i have signed them as a coach, U18 Manager or U20 Manager. They shouldn't have accepted the position i offered in the first place, in general. If i had ignored my own house rules i could go from the worst coaching team in the league to the best coaching team in the league inside 1 week, regardless of which team i am. And i have done so on a couple of occassions, on quite a few iterations of FM now. It should be much harder. Unfortunately i won't be able to give you a save file, due to the size of the file vs slow internet connection. For information; I have loaded all leagues with around 350k players.
  11. Recently signed staff constantly being poached after having been at my club for less than 6 months - 1 year. I have to constantly sign a new U20 Manager and U18 Manager. They sign for me, then they sign for another club as a manager "immediately" after being approached by another club. I wish there were some loyalty there as well, and also that high wages would scare off clubs as it they can do with players on high wages. Feels like getting staff is a free for all.
  12. I play on comprehensive and see it very often. Regardless of team, country, body language etc. Players can stand there for a while, all alone with the next player 15-20 yards away not doing anything and then the defender just boots the ball into orbit as a clearance. That's just one extreme example. But defenders tend to needlessly play for the corner way too often, regardless whether they're under pressure or not. The worst one i can remember was an overhit cross where there weren't any players to receive the ball even, apart from the defenders. It was a failed counter-attack. Bad judgement. Defender picked the ball up with no opposition player around and plenty of time. Defender controlled the ball and took the ball forward a couple of yards (we're outside the penalty area and about 15 yards up the pitch, towards the sideline), with a bunch of teammates open for a pass. All of a sudden the defender does a 180 and just boots the ball out for a corner. It was not a backpass. It was away from the goalie and towards the corner flag up to the upper stands. This behaviour is not right, at all. That, as mentioned, was the worst example i can remember. But that general behaviour is in virtually every game, for both sides and it's been annoying me for quite some time. It happens (in my game) with all teams. Human controlled and AI controlled, regardless of the level they're playing at.
  13. I watch every single match in comprehensive highlights. I'm in the year 2049 so it has been a lot of games. Right now i'm at 21st February 2049, with Roma in Serie A. Knocked out of the quarter-finals in the cup. Waiting for the 2nd round of Europa League and currently 1st in Serie A. Best season so far (waiting for the inevitable dip ). The figures so far are: Goals Conceded - 27 Goals conceded from Set Pieces - 7 Percentage - 25,93% Goals Scored - 109 Goals scored from Set Pieces - 31 Percentage - 28,44% Those are the last 50 games, all games. If i limit it to only the last 50 domestic league games it provides these results: Goals Conceded - 16 Goals conceded from Set Pieces - 3 Percentage - 18,75% Goals Scored - 61 Goals scored from Set Pieces - 17 Percentage - 27,87% The figures are taken from the analysis screen. I know they can be a bit wonky but the numbers are pretty much in line with what i observe during the matches. And i haven't done anything with set pieces. They're on default. This has been the norm for me for all clubs i have managed, which have been with 10 different clubs, in 8 different countries. When it comes to headed goals i find the following: Goals scored - 109 Headers scored - 27 Percentage - 24,77% Goals conceded - 27 Headed goals conceded - 5 Percentage - 18.52% So in other words; No. In my game i don't see the problems with set pieces at all. Same with 1v1s. Just the other game i had my striker capitalising on a mistake by the defender. Took the ball, ran towards the goalie, rounded the goalie and calmly slotted the ball into an empty net. -EDIT- As an additional note; 40 of those last 50 games in all competitions are in my current season. -EDIT 2- I have to retract my information about set pieces setup. It is not on default. I have most certainly set up the free-kick and corner set pieces up myself. I had completely forgotten as it was quite some time since i set it up and i normally don't touch it.
  14. I don't know who Bastoni, nor Todibo are. I don't know the set piece setups there either. So i wouldn't be able to say one way or another. Nor are they in my game. As they have probably retired, seeing that i'm in December 2047. I didn't say it was or wasn't a problem in general, only that i don't have any problems with set pieces here....in my game.
  15. I find this post very interesting because it's different to what i'm experiencing in my game, in general. - Very clear problem with set pieces. I know this has been mentioned many times before but what problems? I don't have any problems with set pieces here. Some are good some are bad. Some are scored some are missed. - Very clear problem with 1v1s being scored. My players often scores 1v1s. But they also miss fairly often. I don't experience anything outside the norm of real life football there. I was playing an irl match yesterday. Out of 5 1v1s 1 was scored. The rest was saved by the goalie. Now, i know it's only one match but is that unusual? 1v1s are more difficult for the attacker than one might think. - The AI scoring from an absurdly low number of quality chances. That is certainly most likely due to tactics. Pinning the opposition down. Bombarding them with low quality chances. Open in the back, so when they finally get their few chances they're in a much better position to convert. - People with long shots 8 smashing in 30 yarders against world class keepers. Nothing wrong with that. Long shots of 8 doesn't mean they can't. Same with long shots 1. It just means, the lower the number the less likely. World class players won't take everything when playing against worse players. - Every half decent quick dribbler able to play like Messi. Compared to the level they're playing at, yes they would appear to be able to do that. And it should be expected as well. Doesn't mean they're as good as Messi. - Players tackling eachother then the ball just phases back to the tackler. I have not observed that happening once in my games. I watch all my matches in comprehensive highlight and i'm now at the end of the year 2047, having managed from lower league and am now in Serie A in Italy. - Terrible problems with defender positioning That could be something tactical, with instructions and/or the players themselves. I don't have a problem with defender positioning. - Centrebacks taking throw-ins. Does not happen here unless i've instructed them to, and i don't. Hasn't happened at all here. - Two player closing down the goalkeeper for no reason. This one i agree with. Not only the goalkeeper but closing down outfield players as well. It happens too often. - Classic throw-in Most often i have no problems with them but it certainly seems like this needs to be worked on. The throw-in taker makes some baffling decisions sometimes. And by sometimes i mean more often than it should. - Midfielder just dwells on the ball I have seen this a few times but have always taken it as a lack of animations of the player unable to control the ball properly, for one reason or another. I haven't seen it with players running 60-70 yards though. - The absurdly negative AI that then is able to play tiki-taka keep ball in their own half all game without making any mistakes even against a good press. The AI teams sure do make mistakes in those situations in my game. My teams have scored quite a few goals due to the teams making mistakes when trying to play the ball around in the back.
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