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  1. I don't know. Are managers like Pep's or Klopp's ambitions and what they would like to do representative of all male managers? All i know is that i would like to do that in FM.
  2. Why standalone? The game is called Football Manager. Manager for a football team. Does not matter which gender it is. Football is football.
  3. My sister watches football and played football. My mother watches football and was my "director of football" (that's what the equivalent would've been) when i was coaching a girl's team for 3 years, where my sister was also playing. The director was also female. My grandmother watches football. I used to play Championship Manager with my girlfriend at the time; who also was a prominent left-back. One of my relatives was up to the national youth side. When there were football matches, tv or at the local stadium, everyone watched. 50/50 gender-wise. Football, wherever i have gone, have a
  4. You have your methods of testing. You have tested multiple tactics with the same result. I, with this tactic, don't see that AI bias. Use the same methods as you already have. Only this time you write everything down, step by step, what you are doing. Take screenshots. Save matches. What is your theory? What do you observe? What happens when you do x, y, z etc. What are your conclusions and why. Do what you have been doing. Just document everything here. Step by step and point by point. Compare it with other tactics you have tested, with screenshots and all that etc.
  5. A tactic, screenshot and pkms are waiting for you in the tactics forums Test away.
  6. @Whufc10000 @XaW @Svenc Here you are. This is my base tactic. Tweaking it throughout matches when things aren't going as planned. Attached is a screenshot of my first and only season in the Norwegian Top Division (so far). I also won the Norwegian Cup. Hard earned victory over Stabæk in ET. Also attached are all my defeats for that season, as pkm. Bodø_Glimt v Fredrikstad.pkm Bodø_Glimt v OFI.pkm Lillestrøm v Bodø_Glimt.pkm Molde v Bodø_Glimt.pkm Start v Bodø_Glimt.pkm Positive 4-3-3 DM Wide - Base.fmf
  7. I can always agree and disagree with someone at the same time. I can argue both ways If someone has an argumentative point in a discussion i will explore that point with a counter-point. Does not necessarily represent my personal view on said point though.
  8. Your proof is that SI says there isn't? That's not how it works. That is just a claim. A claim that you have not provided any material, not even basic material, to show us anything. It's your claim. You will have to provide the data for your claims. Provide the methods used, the results, possible tweaks and conclusions. Preferably as detailed as possible and explained step by step. It's that easy.
  9. Oh, absolutely. I can certainly say i agree with that. There are many things with each year's game that baffles me are still in. It's a very good thing people are vocal with stuff they find wrong, or not right, with the game. Good for us and good for SI. I truly get that "not worth it" feeling. Been there, done that a few times
  10. To rub it in even more, you ask a question like "Why does my throw in taker deliberately throw the ball to the opposition, who then runs from his own half, through up to six or seven of my players like a knife through butter and finishes with aplomb every time?" Regardless of his ability/pace/technique, i should add. You then get the age old reply...."Its your tactics" or "Go to the tactics help area and we'll have a look at it for you" only to be told, guess what? Its your tactics. You can't have a CM on this mentality with a DLP on thus mentality whilst employing a positive mentality at th
  11. Not mixed up at all. When reading the replies, actually try to understand them. If you don't understand them tell me what it is you don't understand and i will clarify.
  12. From those responses and that's what you concluded. No. That is not what i did What was the first line in that response? That is what my response to the throw-in issues is. And this year? It has needed improvement for a while. Don't cherry-pick things out of context. That leads to the wrong assumptions and conclusions.
  13. @Whufc10000 Practically nobody questions anything anymore I find it's the opposite. But they start with their own conclusions first and work backwards in order to find their own truth, instead of the factual truth. For a start absolutely nobody other than the SI employees who's job it is to code the game know how the game is coded, or could even understand it, yet we are constantly expected to accept and believe that what we witness in the game is not only a true reflection of real life football, but by watching the matches you can actually determine potential issues within your tac
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