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  1. 40 here. Been playing regularly since CM97/98. I did try earlier versions though. Was also playing a lot of Football Manager 2 on the Atari 520ST.
  2. Too many times to count. Relegated and sacked many, many times. Hasn't happened yet in FM20 though. But no success either.
  3. That sounds weird. Can understand it's annoying. Not sure what it is then. If i find out i'll get back to you if no-one else has before me.
  4. Couldn't that also be the equivalent to "Practice makes perfect"? In order to get better results you have to do the same thing over and over again?! I try to avoid the car analogy but in this case i would argue that it's more like "There's a possible but likely issue with the antenna on the car. Some frequencies might be a bit wonky. It might take us a while before we find the right antenna as this one is specially made for this type of car. It's annoying but it still works and we'll get it to you as soon as we have it". or "We discovered there might be an issue with the reception on some channels on this TV. It works but some channels might be a bit iffy due to a faulty internal component which may interfere with the signal. We will order the right component and then come to install it. Unfortunately we can't give you an ETA because we have to make sure we've identified the right component first. But you'll hear from us as soon as we know more. That's kind of my take it on it. Don't know why i have this fixation on channels
  5. I like this analogy, having worked a few years in a couple of 5-star hotels, and also 4-star and 3-star hotels. My experience, funnily enough, is that it's the guests in 5-star hotels that complains the most about silly stuff (the loud minority). They would've been knocking down everything and everyone having to spend those days at different room, let alone a 1-star hotel; or even a 4-star hotel (not everyone, of course). Question here could be; should the hotel owners redesign the entire, or the majority of the hotel and everything that goes with it, because a loud minority won't accept that there are a few cracks in the tiles on the way to the pool? They have come this far with a successful recipe after having started out with just a rubbish caravan. What about the others who also come year after year and love it because it is what it is? They see the cracked tiles, they know they're there but they walk around them instead. A few cracked tiles won't ruin their holiday. Or should the hotel just fix the cracks, at least for starters; which they already know are cracked? Only issue is that there are some pipes underneath that can break and contaminate the pool. If they were to break they would possibly have to close the hotel down for a while and no-one would be staying at the hotel. They have to find the schematics to check, double-check and triple-check to see how it's built. See what is connected where and to what. Where the hazards are. What's safe to do and how is it safe to do it? Have to make sure the pipes are safe and secure before the tiles can be changed. It seemed like it was an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new regarding the tiles. But it wasn't built that way. So, it'll take time fixing those tiles. And they can't take them away and have an open floor. That's dangerous. Someone could get hurt. Hotel management then let the guests know about the issue. Fixing it will take longer than they expected and they mark it. They'd rather do that than close this otherwise wonderful 5-star hotel down for a possibly long period of time, and move people to the old 1-star hotel down the road they used to run before. Very bad for business. It would be a disaster which would affect the hotel owners/management in a much worse way long-term than spending time fixing those tiles. Inadvertently, also the guests. And while they fix those tiles they'll be fixing other stuff at the hotel as well. Because rest assured there are definitely many more small "cracks" in other places. They can't just ignore those either. One says the waterfalls in the pool hardly has any water running. Another one says there's too much water. Which complaint do they go after? Well, they have to compare it with what their own ideas and plans are first. What do i do if i see those cracks? I'll report it just to make sure and find my way around them. If i can find a temporary solution to the problem at hand i will do just that. This wasn't meant towards you or anyone, really. And i agree with those who think this is a ridiculous analogy. I just liked the analogy and took me back to all those ridiculous complaints i used to read and hear about, from the questionnaires and the guests themselves. Some things never change, no matter what business you're in I really don't blame you, mods, if you delete this post. Underlying point is; the issues are cracks. That's it. Bigger in some places than others. They're looking to fix them. But there's a massive beast of code underneath the surface. One thing can lead to another. They just have to figure it all out, fix it, test it, fix some more, test some more etc. Then they also have to fix other reported issues.
  6. The tiny little arrow to the right of 'Edit Search' should be what you're looking for.
  7. Probably a bit of nitpicking but; They stick to a footballing strategy. In order to acheive that they create tactics. Those tactics will change, probably not by too much, from game to game, while still sticking to their overall strategy. A good tactic for one game might not be as good for the next game. With the quality of players they have at their disposal they won't have to change much. But it changes, ever so slightly. Starting to lose might just be a mentality/morale problem. If it persists then they might have to revise their tactics in order to go acheive the overall strategy.
  8. What i originally posted was in regard to a player's success in one season. The exception. That it is possible with a balanced and logical system with the right players. "...but the better team utilising a solid suited system would be better in general". Yeah. The highlighted is the key point i was making. If the better team isn't utilising a solid suited system but the on-paper inferior team is, the chances that the inferior team will win are big. Another real life example; from when i was a goalie. Now, this was an indoor cup so it's not comparable to "real footie" but the underlying point is. We were a 6th division team. The other teams were 2nd-4th division teams. We trained 2 times a week. Favourites had ambitions of getting promoted to 1st division (2nd tier). That team also had players that played for the U21 National Team. We had one system. Which was a bare-boned system. You play there, you play there....this is how we're going to score goals and this is how we'll defend. We got to the semis. Wiping the floor with the opposition every game. The quality of our players should have done the opposite. We should've been the rags. But we played well together in our simple system. In the semis we met said favourites. We were looking at a slaughter so bad it should be illegal. Didn't happen. They changed their system. Changed their tactics and approach, and put players in different positions. They were taking the win for granted. We scored an early goal and decided to defend the lead. The other team only realised the danger of getting knocked out when we weren't awarded a clear penalty in the last 5 minutes of the match. The realisation of possibly being 2-0 down at the end of the match changed things. They switched back to their usual system. Boom-boom. 2 goals against us in the dying minutes and we were knocked out.
  9. if players quality prevails Leicester would never have won the Premier League. Calais would never reach the French Cup final. Sweden wouldn't acheive 3rd in the World Cup. Norway would never beat Brazil (they have never lost to Brazil, nor Argentina) etc. I thought that my initial post was obviously simplified. If i would talk about all ifs, buts, unless' etc. i would have to create my own forum Your second and third paragraph is exactly what i was talking about. It's not "this is how we play because it suits us better" - WHAM! Winning everything. That is quite obvious. Regarding my personal coaching. When i left the team started losing again. Same players but different system. I took over another team, a year or two later. They were better than my first team but quite mediocre. Ended up 2nd in the league and won a cup (same one) again. The previous year's top scorer for the club ended up being a solid central defender for me. That was almost the first thing i did already after the first training session. Telling him he would be my no. 1 central defender Players were utilized horribly wrong in the past. I fit the players to my system and they played much, much better. Individually the players, apart from that central defender, were quite meh. But put in the right system they were great as a team.
  10. It can make a difference in individual performance, of course. But overall even the best players can be rendered next to useless in a system that can't utilize them correctly. If you then have an opposition that manage to take advantage of it the player is next to useless. Not the best example but imagine Özil at Arsenal in real life. I'm not his biggest fan but i can't deny that he possesses some amazing qualities. Emery didn't know how to utilize it, Wenger "forgot" to use him properly. Özil was affected by that and became very lazy. With Özil on the pitch it was like playing with 10 men. Another factor is the opposition. They make sure he's isolated and taken care of. All of a sudden you have a player who is pretty much useless. Even though he's playing mostly against players that are inferior. When Arteta came in he re-vitalized Özil. Partly because of his man management, partly because of the system he's being used in. Özil appears like a completely different player in a system that utilizes his strengths more and better.
  11. After watching them for a few years before i took charge. They were known for losing 8-0, 10-0 etc. They were on the rise when i took over (which came out of the blue), managing a couple of wins. When i took over we managed a mid-table position in my first year. That was already overacheiving. Season after we pummelled almost every team, bar one, with 8-0 results and all that jazz. All i did was telling them how to play in order to acheive what they wanted. They followed my ideas and instructions and the rest is history. If you had seen the players you would've instantly known what i was talking about. A goalie who was afraid of the ball. A defender that needed the entire defensive half to turn with the ball when running (not very agile one, to put it that way) and so on. There were 2, maybe 3 players i mainly had to rely on. They were 2, fairly talented, midfielders. But the entire point was. Even the worst team can perform miracles if you find the balance that makes everything click. Sometimes by thorough planning. Other times by accident, or a combination. Keeping it simple is underrated and overlooked too often.
  12. You can try to improve your team for the long term. If you have overacheived it should be harder getting your team to perform the same way next season. It's pretty much what i did with my real life team when i was a coach. They were far away from being the best players. I kept it simple. Had them play a system that suited the players. They won the league, a cup and got a 2nd place in the regional finals. On paper they had no business having that kind of success. But they did.
  13. Don't know about the AI, so i can't comment on that. The point of all those instructions is to use them when you need to emphasize certain instructions. Let's say i set up a team and i want them to do some high, intense pressing. There's a lot to consider here but i'll keep it simple just for this example. I set up everything i need to and start playing the matches. I notice that everything works out fine apart from a couple of things. My players start engaging pressing a bit too late and not as quickly as i had imagined. I'll then give the instructions to engage higher up together with more urgency. Now i'm happy with with the pressing but i realise my instructions encourages my players to really dive into tackles. I give them another instruction to stay on their feet. And so on. In theory you can have the team play exactly the way you want them to by not giving your team any instructions, if the players within your tactics are already performing the way you want to.
  14. You had the overall best balance with your system, with the right players. Doesn't matter how good the players are when they're faced with a superior system. Often it is keeping it simple, logical and balanced that is the key. You don't have to have world beaters to beat the world. You don't have to do anything special all the time to acheive something special.
  15. I'm going to bed, so sure. But that wasn't what the discussion was about.
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