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  1. Nope. They don't do anything. They never did do anything for me. Neither during the Beta nor the full release.
  2. Yeah, i think you're right. I had only seen your results when i did the test. I couldn't remember the numbers either, so i might have been fooled by the actual feeling of a personal idle minute. Had the same feeling about why the heck it was taking so long I'm happy with it. Will be fun to see where we end up, after more people have done the benchmarks.
  3. Type: Desktop Model: Custom CPU Model: i7 - 9700K CPU Base Frequency: 3.6GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.6 GHz RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: 2600Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti - 6GB Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: HDD Benchmark A: 02 min 11 Sec Benchmark B: 08 min 19 Sec Benchmark C: 11 min 01 Sec Benchmark D: 25 min 38 sec Interesting results. Although i'm left with a feeling that it could do better. Especially on Benchmark A. What surprised me a little was that my GPU was going hard(-er) on intensive days. N
  4. And my thoughts on it. Wholeheartedly agree with these views about the ME UI.
  5. I have just been appointed to Guilsfield in the JD Cymru South. No staff apart from me, U19 Manager and a U19 coach. I wanted to take a look at the scouted players to see if there were any scouted players at all. I ticked the Transfer box and Loan box and set it to Slightly Interested. Apparently players like ter Stegen, Piqué, de Vrij, Griezmann etc have a slight interest in coming to my club. That is obviously very, very wrong. Might very well because i don't have an assistant and/or a scout, but it still makes no sense. I shouldn't be able to click those boxes at all, if th
  6. Sadly, no. But i will keep my eyes open for when it happens again.
  7. Sorry. I did a "standard roykela" and stupidly moved on. I have no save that can help you out. It's all overwritten. I will return to this if it happens again AND i have a save to provide.
  8. With the given thoughts and logic behind the team talks screen the dugout and access to stats are not following the same thoughts and logic. It's almost the same issue with the dugout in comprehensive highlights. The advice given pops up between highlights and disappears too quickly. The additional bottom left hand advice can come up so very much later that it can be, at times, redundant advice. And it doesn't always pop up. FM20 - I take a look at my bench = One click and it's all there. All the subs are there. FM21 - I take a look at my bench = I see the teamsheet of my first XI. On
  9. After finishing a match i go to the tunnel interview. The very first question given to me is a pre-match question. This is a post-match interview. Nor does the given replies to choose from seem to correlate with the question from the journalist. - EDIT- I continued the interview and there was one more question and it was definitely a pre-match question. A pre-match interview during a post-match interview, as registered by the game in my history:
  10. On the tactical meeting screen; what are those 2 cog wheels? They're positioned in the upper corner of "Make x changes to the team" advice and the "Opposition Instructions" advice. They don't do a thing when i click them.
  11. And also, from the individual match analysis of the opponent, text is overlapping:
  12. Looking at the analysis of the opponent gives me some interesting views. The icons of the players in a few of those are wrongly positioned. Screen 1: Goals from long-range shots shows a shot from 0 meters out Screen 2: Opposition long-range shots shows one shot from outside the pitch Screen 3: Goals from shots in penalty area shows one shot not coming even close to the goal: Screen 4: Lost possession shows 3 times their player has lost possession being outside the pitch.
  13. Setting any inbox filters is useless. It resets after every continue.
  14. 3D Comprehensive with Sideline camera. Enjoying it the most, that way.
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