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  1. Excited for FM20 to come out. I like the headline features. If implemented correctly it could change the way i play the game significantly. My biggest hope, though, is that they have fixed the everlasting issues with custom views. They have been wonky for way too many years now.
  2. Have to agree with autohoratio. That change to the pitch graphic looked unnecessarily pointless and bad. I'm still keeping in mind that it's work in progress though.
  3. Afced7 mentions, as you point out, a very important point which i stupidly overlooked. I was too focused on the points i was making. The stars are indeed relative to other players in your squad. So if you have a good squad it will be harder to find highly rated (stars-wise) players. That does not necessarily mean they are bad players though. They can still be very good players. In my team i notice that my Assistant can have a different opinion and rating of players than my scouts do. I won't know that, however, until i sign the players. But often enough have the Assistant rated players that have come to the club higher than my scouts have. That also depends on the quality of the Assistant Manager though. I go as simple as possibly with my scouts. I aim to acquire the scouts with the highest JudAbi and JudPot as possible. I don't go searching forever though. I look up the ones without contract and offer them a contract. There have been a few times though where i have had to deviate from that approach but that happens very rarely. When i look for scouts i do take a look at their ratings but i literally just sort them after JudAbi and pick them from there. When all comes down to it i seem to ignore rating/reputation completely, I might have a look at their nationality though to see if i can cover some uncovered places in the world. When i started qualifying for European competition the money also started rolling in. My players became more attractive to bigger clubs and i could capitalise on that as well. With more money in the bank the board started expanding the area i could send my scouts to. It was just in Holland (or possibly Central Europe) when i took over. I was fighting to keep a positive money balance, relying on the league prize money to stay afloat. Now i have about £45M in the bank and can scout all over the world. I do get some periods where my scouts can't seem to find a single decent player. Just a bunch of drunken Jimmies on the corner of Burger King who's hoping the birds won't steal their dinner. Another thing that could be an issue (not sure though, so don't quote me on it ) is if you acheive rapid success. Although Feyenoord shouldn't have that issue. If you achieve major success "too quickly" your reputation seem to lag behind for a while. Which would/could mean your board doesn't recognise it and thus will not improve the scouting for you. It seems that it's not only money-driven but also reputation-driven. But that's just me theorising out loud. And most likely about something that doesn't have anything to do with your situation specifically. Regarding number of leagues and players; The stuff that will have the biggest impact on your computer of those are the amount of players loaded. I've played FM19 on two different computers. One 6-year old computer (i think) and my upgraded one now. I noticed a big difference between the two but i've never had any issues (bar one time during Beta. Can't remember which FM that was). It doesn't take long at all between matches. Longer than less leagues and players loaded, of course, but it runs smoothly. Another thing that has an impact is the level of details for competitions. I normally run default or minimum. The more detail you put on leagues and countries, the slower it'll process. If i were you, and if you can, i would experiment with more leagues, less leagues, more players, less players until i found the right balance. I'm way, WAY above my recommended limits but it does not seem to be an issue. Just a very big save file If you want to test it do not put the leagues as view only. That doesn't do anything (someone please correct me if i'm wrong about it). Add them as playable. That will make the leagues active. Bloody hell. My sincere apologies for this turning into a novel. I would recommend giving it a shot, keep what Afced7 said in mind as well. When all comes down to it, it's down to you identifying the player's attributes. The stars can be a good guideline but don't take it as be-all and end-all. They are relative. And also the scout's view. The scout can also be wrong. Right. I will try to keep it much, much shorter next time, should you have more questions. This is getting ridiculously long
  4. The game does generate new players. I'm in 2055 now and have no problems finding new good players. You can improve the club you're managing. I'm managing MVV Maastricht where i took over in 2039. They were in the Dutch 2nd tier but i'm now challenging for the title every year in the top division. All facilities were rubbish but i have now some of the best facilites the game can offer. New stadium and a bunch of money. How did i get there? With patience and selling (good) players at a high price, that i acquired for free. I'm not even looking myself for players. I leave all that to my scouts. I just pick up what i need from their findings. Then it started snowballing when i started to qualify for continental cups. It can be more difficult finding players if you have a lot of leagues and a small database f.ex. You get better results with better scouts as well. For context; every FM i start at the bottom. Sunday League reputation, unemployed and no licences. I have done this for quite some time. One reason that helps me with players is that i load all the players in the game. Which could make it hard to sell players. But i also load all the leagues and i find that setup to be quite balanced. I don't know how you set up your game but one advice is to keep in mind how many leagues you load vs how many players you load. Many leagues and "few" players will give you a much harder time finding players. Few leagues and "many" players will make it easier to find players but harder to sell.
  5. I've had a few chipped goals and i've noticed one bicycle kick goal. The latter was the goal of the season for me. Don't know which season though. Also had an amazing bicycle kick assist. So, they do happen. But i can't say i've seen them very often. Then again, they don't really happen very often.
  6. With the enormous amount of stuff in the game, I started to think about what do i actually use within the game and what do i not use? There are so many things to click so i don't actually know how much of the game i'm utilizing. Not a lot, i would think. And, of course, my mind started wandering and wondering about how much actually is needed? Well, i could only go by what i don't need with my playstyle. I went from the sidebar and for then to check the immediate menus and sub-menus, and this is what i found: Home -> My Contract -> Contract offers Home -> Relationships Home -> My History -> Conversation History Home -> My History -> Press Conferences Home -> My History -> Keep History After Retirement Home -> Notebook News -> Social Feed News -> News News -> Leagues In Focus News -> Around The World News -> Transfer Window Squad -> Players -> Numbers Squad -> Players -> All Players Squad -> International -> Players On Int. Duty Squad -> International -> Int Friendly Availabilty Squad -> Players On Loan Dynamics -> Overview Dynamics -> Hierarchy Dynamics -> Social Groups Dynamics -> Happiness Tactics -> Match Plans Team Report -> Stats Team Report -> Facts Staff -> Staff Shortlist Staff -> Job Centre Staff -> Job Security Training -> Calendar Training -> Schedules Training -> Units Training -> Individual Training -> Rest Medical Centre -> Overview Medical Centre -> Risk Assessment Medical Centre -> Current Injuries Medical Centre -> Injury History Medical Centre -> Season Summary Schedule -> Calendar Schedule -> Events Schedule -> Reminders Schedule -> Reserve Fixtures Schedule -> U19 Fixtures Competitions -> Competitions Scouting -> Scouting Centre Scouting -> Player Search Scouting -> Discard List Scouting -> Recent Scouting -> Assignments Scouting -> Priorities Transfers -> Director of Football -> Transfer Targets Transfers -> Director of Football -> Development List Transfers -> Loans Club -> News Club -> History -> Notes Finances -> Income Finances -> Expenditure Finances -> Wages -> Summary Finances -> Wages -> Salary Commitments Finances -> FFP -> Summary Finances -> Projection These are screens i never, ever use. I know there are a whole lot more screens but i simply don't have the patience to go through absolutely everything. At least, not right now. So i just did the easy stuff. And still, there were a staggering amount of stuff i never go to - at all. They could all be wiped from the game, for all i care. That would probably not make many other people too happy though. But what screens do other people not use?
  7. When you load all countries and leagues (no custom leagues) with about 390k players (custom db at start of the game, no downloaded dbs), and being in the year 2054, the save file will be huge. That's the way i play my FM One big save from the release of one iteration to the other. Yeah, i'm aware of it being much more difficult for you without a save. If i do find a moment i can feasibly upload it i most certainly will and i will let you know the name of the save file I tried uploading a save file for a different issue a few months ago, but it failed. That took quite a few hours of waiting, in vain. There is another, potentially related issue as well. And that has to do with the manager attribute adaptability. I'm a Norwegian manager who's been to England, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands and Argentina; enjoying great success in Northern Ireland (Dungannon) and Netherlands (MVV Maastricht). Spent 15 years in Holland, 7 years in Portugal and 12 years in Northern Ireland. Yet the adaptability is 1. Considering the tooltip explanation for adaptability it really shouldn't be 1. But that's most likely a different issue (although potentially related?). I realise you would need a save file for that as well, and i will open a separate thread for that which with the name of the save file there, should i find ( a good) time to upload it.
  8. I did not. My upload speed is very, very slow and with a save file on 1.4GB it would take me all day. It would also throttle my internet for the duration of the upload, which i can't do. My apologies for that.
  9. We get this screen when a loanee has been injured: Why does it appear only for players on loan, at and from your club? I would love to see this screen for all players.
  10. Really hope the focus isn't social media. That would be a major disappointment for me. Waiting for September now.
  11. Noticed a little detail on my team report, regarding weaknesses. I might be interpreting it all wrong. It says that the goalkeepers in the team are generally quite eccentric. The highest attribute any GK has in my entire team (8 including reserves and u19, with MVV in Holland in 2051) is 2. I'd say that my GKs are not eccentric at all, unless the numbers have the reversed effect on eccentricity. I'm unable to upload a save file as it's too large for me to upload, thanks to a very low upload speed with my internet.
  12. Keep in mind, something Nobby mentions as well, that the amount of active leagues has an impact as well. Less leagues, less chances and opportunities. Only last season i was being poached by Saudi Arabia, Italy, Jamaica, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Finland and a couple more. Feyenoord and PSV often ask me to come for an interview, if they're without manager. But that has happened if i've been on my last contractual year. There have been exceptions to that. There might be a reputation issue if you get promoted, playing a small team in lower leagues, "too quickly". Your reputation, as i understand it, kind of drags behind. And the game doesn't seem to take success into consideration until you have gone over a few reputational thresholds. Having said that, success does help.
  13. I've played that way for a long time and with to different computers, so to speak. First: i7-3820 @3.60GHz DDR3 16GB RAM Now: i7-9700K DDR4 16GB RAM. There's a huge noticable difference between those two, but before i knew the difference it was still good. Progression from day to day did not take long at all. Just a minute on busy matchdays. There was a considerable slowdown when transfer window opened and closed. Also on June 30th and December 30th, 31st and January 1st. But overall it was very smooth and quick. A hyper supercomputer isn't needed at all. But, obviously, the better the rig, the quicker the progression will go. I always play one save from Beta to next Beta of the game and i normally end up somewhere between the years 2055-2070. I'm curious about how my upgraded system and how far that can take me, if i manage to play the same way i've always done before.
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