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  1. Watched a few in-match moments and there were two things that caught my attention immediately. 1. Animations were improved. 2. "Ice-skating" was worse than FM21. Now, i haven't sat down and given it a proper look, so it might be the wrong impression, but the ice-skating seemed to be prevalent. I don't see that much in FM21, although i am, by no means, saying it is not frequent. No change to the match screen UI is very disappointing. I still find it terrible as you have to be all over the place. I hope we're able to change players around by clicking and dragging on the match screen directly instead of having to go the tactics screen. That would be some improvement. Data Hub sounds nice but i'm unsure of how often i'll actually be using it. In general i'm not really that hyped for this release yet, but that could change, of course. Looking forward to the Beta though.
  2. It will be my usual. Start from the bottom. Apply for everything and take whatever attracts me the most and work my way up from there. Checking things out during Beta and start for real when the full game is released.
  3. "MEMBER REWARDS" "Get rewarded with these exclusive FMFC member benefits" What benefits? To be able to join a competition, where my chances to win are minimum? I'd say the member benefits is another way of saying "we will benefit from it, in popularity and boosting company profile, by getting as many members as possible". I certainly haven't had any benefits from being a member. There wouldn't have been the slightest difference whether i had been a member or not
  4. Not quite sure but the game is usually up and running every time i'm home. Had 2738,3 hours with FM20. The vast majority of it is playtime, as it includes idle time as well (sleeping, working, forgetting to close the game etc).
  5. I invest +/- 1 year to one single save. Well, technically 2 saves. Testing the Beta and familiarising myself with new features for then to start a real career save when the full game is released. I play that save until the next Beta is out. It's a neutral feeling for me. It has run its course and i move on to a new career. -Edit- Normally i manage to get to between 2050-2070 so there are a lot of seasons. This year it won't be so much as i haven't played as much as i usually play, due to other commitments.
  6. I don't know. Are managers like Pep's or Klopp's ambitions and what they would like to do representative of all male managers? All i know is that i would like to do that in FM.
  7. Why standalone? The game is called Football Manager. Manager for a football team. Does not matter which gender it is. Football is football.
  8. My sister watches football and played football. My mother watches football and was my "director of football" (that's what the equivalent would've been) when i was coaching a girl's team for 3 years, where my sister was also playing. The director was also female. My grandmother watches football. I used to play Championship Manager with my girlfriend at the time; who also was a prominent left-back. One of my relatives was up to the national youth side. When there were football matches, tv or at the local stadium, everyone watched. 50/50 gender-wise. Football, wherever i have gone, have always had interest from men and women. Men don't need to fill in. Men need to stop killing women's interest in football.
  9. You have your methods of testing. You have tested multiple tactics with the same result. I, with this tactic, don't see that AI bias. Use the same methods as you already have. Only this time you write everything down, step by step, what you are doing. Take screenshots. Save matches. What is your theory? What do you observe? What happens when you do x, y, z etc. What are your conclusions and why. Do what you have been doing. Just document everything here. Step by step and point by point. Compare it with other tactics you have tested, with screenshots and all that etc.
  10. A tactic, screenshot and pkms are waiting for you in the tactics forums Test away.
  11. @Whufc10000 @XaW @Svenc Here you are. This is my base tactic. Tweaking it throughout matches when things aren't going as planned. Attached is a screenshot of my first and only season in the Norwegian Top Division (so far). I also won the Norwegian Cup. Hard earned victory over Stabæk in ET. Also attached are all my defeats for that season, as pkm. Bodø_Glimt v Fredrikstad.pkm Bodø_Glimt v OFI.pkm Lillestrøm v Bodø_Glimt.pkm Molde v Bodø_Glimt.pkm Start v Bodø_Glimt.pkm Positive 4-3-3 DM Wide - Base.fmf
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