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  1. For me it's the opposite We can certainly say that both methods work
  2. I would say absolutely yes. It could be a good indicator together with the atrributes, stats and, possibly more importantly, the scout reports (depending on the quality of the scouts and my own ability to analyse) to identify which system(-s) a particular player would thrive in. Let's say a striker has 6 games, 6 goals and an average rating of 7.40. Attributes doesn't indicate he should be that good. What system is he playing in? It could be a similar system to mine. What level is he playing at. Possibly at a similar level i'm at. Good. Scouts aren't recommending him. Why? I sense
  3. It's what you learn as a kid when playing football. "Play it safe! Kick the ball into oblivion!" Less risky = The safest play. It is not (necessarily) the shortest pass. It's often the "kick it into orbit" play. This is obviously very simplified
  4. I'd love to have that as an option. But not replacing the attributes with stars, like in that skin. I'd want it to be the coach reports and/or the scout reports instead.
  5. It's kind of how i feel as well. I haven't played in some time now because i just can't get into it. It's purely because of the updated parts of the UI/UX. I don't feel i'm part of anything. Especially during matches. The game is called Football Manager. The manager part is not there for me.
  6. I know Here's another one, from a thread you started. I'm not saying that that must be the reason and the only reason though. I paid good attention to those threads when they came because i was wondering the same thing back then. Now i take all those negative arrows as a good sign. That approach, for me, hasn't let me down yet after the realisation One tip is: Don't focus too much on the attributes. There might be something more behind it. Keep an eye on the coaches' player reports. Sometimes there are indications there as to why. Attributes are only an indicatio
  7. If it's still the same; these posts might clear things up a bit, if it's still the same mechanism:
  8. That might very well be. I can't really say specifically much as i don't give too much thought about it myself when i'm playing. Scouts do their job and with time i get everything revealed to me, based on the scouts report. I do my analysis of attributes, reports, personality, stats etc. and come to one of the conclusions of yes, no or maybe. In the end i'm using my PPA to come to a decision. I've had prospects failing miserably and i've revived the career of older players, and everything in between. I haven't really noticed anything out of the ordinary compared to what i've experience
  9. But scouts aren't judging their genetic potential limit of a player. They are scouting players with their own perceived potential limit of a player. They will never, ever know the genetic potential limit. That will vary between different scouts. As it does in-game. Real life: Each player has their own genetic potential. It is unknown. Game: Each player has their own genetic potential (PA). It is unknown, until you look under the hood. Real life scouts: Each scout are judging young players from their own perceived perspective of a players max talent. Qualified guesswork and some ar
  10. Go to your Steam Library. Take a look at that tiny arrow in the top right. If it's activated (blue colour) the library will only show your installed games. If it's not activated (grey colour) it'll show all games on your account. Make sure all games are shown, click the game and then install it. If that doesn't work and you definitely are on the same Steam account as FM is registered to you should contact the store that you purchased FM from and also Steam support. Steam support especially if there's no way to go through the store you purchased it from.
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