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  1. Is it the same if you change to the default skin? It could be an issue with the skin you're using.
  2. Try clearing the cache and reload skin. Check if there's a newer version of the skin you're using as well.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately that's the only thing i have I hope you manage to sort it out I'll give it a shout if i figure something out, if nobody else has in the meantime.
  4. Have you tried the following settings i mentioned to you?
  5. These are my Screen Flow settings. They work. Don't know why, for me, the game stops though even though i've set it to 'no'. But it works.
  6. It's a Football Manager simulation. It tries to simulate real life the best way it can. It's not doomed. That's why it's so popular.
  7. This has been grinding my gears for a while. Happens during tactics changes. If you move to another screen, from the 3D pitch, before the changes have applied and the current highlight finishes, the chances of those settings are changed to default settings when you go back to the pitch screen. Very, very annoying.
  8. Then it's definitely a local error of some sort. I'll see if i can get to the bottom of it and report back to you. Save game not there? Well, that was a waste of 3 hours of uploading then Thanks for checking, Glenn
  9. - Likes to bring controlled ball over the line for a corner kick (GK ppm).
  10. This was a bug before the latest update. The assistant had nothing to address but if you had the assistant give the team talk he would certainly not follow his own advice, and give a proper team talk anyway. This, as mentioned, was fixed in the winter update.
  11. Please be noted that there is now a save game uploaded, in case you want to investigate my specific save. It's not from when this screenshot was taken but after. I do not know if there are any registered overhead kicks or not in the new season i have just started. But it gives you something to work with if it is something specific with my save. The save file is named Here We Go.fm. Cheers for looking into it
  12. I don't have a save game before that particular match. But it happens every single match, since the update. A save file is being uploaded and should be done uploading in a couple of hours, from the time i write this. The name of the file is Here We Go.fm. Just continue on and play a match. You should see it at half-time. If you don't see it, please get back to me
  13. I had this. What worked for me was to change the highlights to commentary only, to get past the kick-off. Everything went fine from there.
  14. Copying from my post made in the feebdack thread: i have noticed that the half-time media review considers the first half to be the full game.It's always about winning with a bigger margin, lucky to escape with the victory, [My team] will have the happiest set of supporters etc.It's only half-time. Still another half to be played.
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