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  1. Shortcuts disabled

    No problems, Daniel. I don't really use that screen anyway so there's no rush from my side. If you don't have that issue in-house then it's most definitely a local problem. I'll let you know as soon as i have tried the cache/preferences folder thingy
  2. FM 18 - Worth it?

    And here's why you should try the demo and have a feel for yourself. UI has taken a step back, imo, but depending on how you play the game you'll get used to it. Simplicty is pretty much the same. Nothing worse nor better. Glaring bugs? Nah, not really. Are there bugs? Absolutely. Some might be surprised that you last 6 months. I'm in 2029 and haven't been this successful, as i'm now, in a very long time (we're talking FM10 or so here.). There are cases where there are issues with the 3D graphics engine for those with a high-end graphics card. I've had mine but they seem to have disappeared. Although it's not my favourite iteration it is the most fun i've had in a very long time. Try the demo and check for yourself. You'll either like it or not.
  3. Have attended quite a few job interviews now after being very successful with my current club in Iceland; winning the league and cups multiple times. Almost getting to group stages in Europa League. I took over after they had been relegated, got them promoted again and the club is now the most reputable in Iceland, after almost 10 years with the club. I'm topping the Icelandic Hall of Fame and am considered a club legend. But in every interview the clubs are concerned about a couple of things: 1. "You have previously been embroiled in media controversies citing your inability to cultivate a strong dressing room atmosphere..." 2. "You have previously been embroiled in media controversies citing your inability to command the support of your players...." Why are they concerned about those things? Last time i had problems with that was 10 years ago, when i was with my first club. Sure, there have been some media speculation about specific players, but those players are happy. And overall the dressing room atmosphere is always good to excellent. Managerial support is excellent and have been so for about 7 years. Another question i don't really understand is: "I have some reservations regarding the fact that you have never managed in this country. Can you explain why that shouldn't be an issue?". Why do they ask me that? It might be because of obvious reasons. It's going well at my current club and i've never been approached by a club from that country before, and thus haven't been able to be there...yet. All the interviewer(s) have to do is look at my history. Putting all of that together; if they have so many concerns, why do they approach me? I didn't apply for it. "You" came for me!? Have had 16 interviews with a range of clubs. Not one successful. Have currently finished my 17th interview and the same concerns are exactly the same. As they have been with each and every club i have been interviewed for, by their respective Chairmen. They have all told me they were happy with my interview but found a more suitable manager. During this time i've been having a National C Coaching License, but have just aquired National B Coaching License. My headscratcher isn't why i won't get any of those jobs but why those concerns? It's been, as earlier mentioned, 10 years since i've had any problems of significance.
  4. Remotr

    Trying it now and it seems to be working.
  5. But in what way is it a step backwards? That would be the helpful feedback. Saying 'is not working' and 'is a step backward from last year' isn't really saying much. The reason i say what i say is that i have a completely different experience to what you're having. I simply don't see the same thing you do. Great variety in goals and situations (to keep it short). That's where clarification and examples are needed. That way they will understand exactly what you mean. Because based on what you're saying with those loose examples i would simply say that it's your tactics (sorry). As i, in my matches, don't really see the same thing. Real, proper feedback would help you and SI.
  6. I'm in 2028 at the moment with my setup and it's pretty much like the first season, speed-wise; apart from the aforementioned deadline days. You should be fine.
  7. You shouldn't encounter performance issues apart from that it can be a bit slow. I find it acceptably slow with running all countries and leagues, with the same CPU you are. Setting all leagues in Europe to full detail might slow it down considerably though. But i don't know that for a fact. I'm running with minimum detail, so i can't answer that. The "issues" i run into aren't really issues at all. They're slowdowns on days like transfer deadline days; the big ones. That can take some time. The benchmark thread might give you a slight insight and idea though. Apart from that, i'd recommend you to just load it up and give it a try.
  8. A little friendly suggestion; If you click and read the very thing you quoted you'll find out
  9. Just noticed that when i go to Preferences and to the shortcuts, everything there is unclickable. Every button is greyed out as if they've been disabled. Thought at first it had something to do with the custom skin i'm using, but when checking with the official skin as well it is exactly the same. I can't even scroll down the page.
  10. It does happen. Hilarious every time. But i can't say i have seen it in during any of my matches yet. Bad shots? Yeah. but not any like that. I suppose you have been unlucky there.
  11. You should have watched Milan v Arsenal last night. I'd argue that one shot there, by a Milan player, was worse than that https://youtu.be/Luxm9NvpHmo?t=4m53s
  12. @Jack Joyce Done! As additional info; I don't have a dedicated antivirus installed. I'm using Windows Defender but it's not actively scanning my computer. I'm still testing a bit though, by excluding the entire Steam folder and contents, to see if it helps. Can be hard to come to a conclusion as it seems like the jitter happens randomly. During the confettirain, when winning a competition, it's not really jittery. It just "rains" down very slowly, but speeding up dramatically when moving the cursor around. The jitter is there though during seemingly random matches. What i have noticed a few odd times is that during a highlight the match can completely freeze for a few seconds (something that didn't happen before the latest update) and just come to life again. Also that is at seemingly random times. It behaves like something is getting too much information to process, and when the information has been processed the game "is released" and continues to play on. CPU? GPU? Don't know as i don't have that knowledge. The other "regular" jitter appears, to the ignorant casual me, like it is some kind of issue with the refresh rate and/or processing of the graphics output. But, as i mentioned earlier; i have no knowledge in that area so i might be talking out of my arse. It's just my way of translating into words what i see. All of it is fixed by moving the cursor continuosly; apart from that freeze. For that i just have to wait it out.
  13. Directed to this thread with request of DxDiag, by @Jack Joyce DxDiag - roykela.txt
  14. This is what see as well. However, that happens in live matches for me. Not very often but now and then. Seemingly at random points. The most obvious is during post-match celebrations, when having won a competition. The confetti flies around in a "not-so-smooth" manner but everything is smooth and nice as long as i keep moving the mouse cursor. Can't comment on the replays as i don't use replays.