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  1. Ah crap. That's unfortunate I knew it but i was hoping nonetheless.
  2. Love the UI optimisation. So much more responsive. Still not a fan of the scouting cards but i do like the addition to add/remove from shortlist and add as transfer target. For the database changes; do you really have to start a new save for them to work or does it work removing those leagues for a season and then adding them in again at a later point? Or is it actually save game-bound?
  3. That is by design. That's how they made it this year.
  4. Lost the dressing room?

    Had the same thing happening out of the blue here. Playing in Iceland and in my 3rd season. Been spending the majority of the current season in top 2 and in the semi-final of the Icelandic cup for the 2nd consecutive time. I'm in the 2nd tier and a couple of days after knocking out a top division team out of the quarter finals the dressing room atmosphere just plummeted. It was very, very green and all of a sudden it was almost equally red. The team demanded a team meeting to address the situation. Now, i do have an unhappy player which is a team leader who's been unhappy since the team got relegated....that's when i took over. Almost 3 years ago. Didn't manage to offload him as no club wanted him. He's still a regular first team player and is still performing well. Apparently it was that guy who wanted to address the situation and the rest of the team followed. But why, when and how? He's never complained about anything, apart from him being permanently unhappy. Haven't made any promises that i have broken. The only promises active are to a couple of players saying we should get promoted this season. And we are on course at the moment. He's playing well. The results are there (overperforming even). He hasn't complained about anything to me nor the media. Why the massive drop in dressing room atmosphere? No indication and no explanation.
  5. Previous Team Talks

    Tactics -> Analysis -> Team Talk Feedback. There you can choose Pre-Match, Half Time and Full Time. There's also 90 minutes for cup games.
  6. The basic idea i agree with. I did hear the podcast. And for me having read and heard most stuff over the years i also agree with most being said. From a personal point of view though. It's also confusing. For every guide i've read i've become progressively worse at the game. My understanding of some things in the game has ironically enough increased about different areas. I want to agree with basic footballing principles but i can't do that 100%. That's where the confusion began for me. I find very little correlation between IRL footie and FM footie. Especially when i try to replicate my own coaching style into the game. It does not work as it is impossible to create that kind of football in FM. I don't know if it is your actual personal opinion but i agree with the statement of, how about getting rid of shapes altogether. It's just an unnecessary layer of detail that one should be able to replicate through instructions (they're also named the complete opposite of everything i've learned in the footballing world ) All that, together with possible outdated stuff, as FM footie tends to be very different from IRL footie, can make the learning-curve much steeper. It just creates confusion. And for a newbie that can very much be off-putting. I'd almost argue that having very little knowledge of real football can be more of a benefit when playing FM. Almost! Ah, ok. Then it's just me having missed your post. Either way, it's great seeing more of your posts though. Always insightful
  7. Hi, Cleon. Great seeing you being active again. The reason i'm quoting what you say here is because this, kind of, represents stuff that confuses me in the game itself. A 2 year old thread is outdated, yet people are still recommended to read the Tactic building & Training Guides. Stuff there that are outdated way more than 2 years ago are being recommended. How are people supposed to know what is outdated or not? If important stuff have changed that much from just 2 years ago, how much have changed since 4 years ago? What is relevant and what is not? How much can people trust the content when it might be outdated? It's like watching a Youtube guide (nothing in particular here) about tactics advising players to keep it simple and don't use too many Ti's; while showing their own tactics with a plethora of Ti's (hyperbole). One example of user advice and in-game advice that is confusing, is about playmakers. "My playmakers never shoot!" "That's because they're playmakers. They're creating play. They're not finishers." While the in-game description of a DLP, as an example, says that a DLP in a support role will look for long shot opportunities as well as supplying through balls. And to add to that, the active PI for the DLP support is Shoot Less Often. That, in my interpretation of it, is a contradiction. In that case there should neither be Shoot Less Often nor Shoot More often set as a default instruction for that role. It is just confusing. What's being said directly to users, explanations in-game and guides recommended, don't match. A thread over 2 years old is outdated and shouldn't be quoted, while people are recommended to read guides that are over 4 years old. And you might say, understandably so, people have to take everything into context. I agree, but how will they know that and in which context? Yours, the game, their own context....? They're already lost and/or confused. There has to be more clarity about aspects. Both with advice given on the forums and in-game explanation.
  8. For desktop. No idea about laptop.
  9. Steam game library -> Right-click Football Manager 2018 -> Preferences -> Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.
  10. Had a match in snowy conditions now. Just to push it a bit i upped the Match 3D settings under Preferences to everything on maximum (high and very high). Steam overlay still disabled. No lag and no stutter at all. There was, however, a possibly significant change between earlier lag/stuttering and now, and that was a Windows Update that i had to install. Everything is smooth. No lag at all. Even the UI in general feels more responsive and smooth. Disabling the Steam overlay did make a difference for me. Together with pushing more power towards the GPU and lowering the 3D settings in-game. Now everything is at maximum, Steam overlay disabled, settings in Nvidia Control Panel still the same and it's (so far) smooth as a baby's butt. The only thing still lagging is the calendar UI, but that is for another place and time. Nor does it bother me really.
  11. FFS!! Don't blow my cover.
  12. I'll keep the Steam overlay off, as i haven't experienced any lag or stuttering after disabling that. When the new Icelandic season starts (as long as i don't get sacked) there should be a few matches in snowy conditions. If that stutters i will set the render quality to high to see if that works. If not then i'll take it down another notch and so on.
  13. Could be something else then. I have a worse computer than you with all leagues loaded and 324k players. I'm around season 5, or thereabouts, and i haven't noticed any significant slowdown compared to when i started the save.
  14. I'm no expert but could it be your laptop's graphic card's capabilities that is sort of a bottleneck? Either way, if i were you i would open a thread in the bugs forum. Also, have a read here.
  15. Don't know what to say really