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  1. Sunday League rep and unemployed. That's how i will start off. Whatever happens, in that one and only save i'll play, will happen. It'll probably end up as a journeyman career, as it normally takes me a few resignations and sackings before i settle with a club.
  2. Weird wage situation

    Hmm. It won't let me multiquote. This confuses me a bit. How i read that, during negotiations, and have always done is that they are very interested in signing for the club if they're given that particular role. Not he's just interested in the role. If that was the case, why would the player negotiate in the first place? Then again, i might have misinterpreted your meaning as well, if that is indeed what you tried to say. Excluding location attractiveness and stuff like that; if i were a player i would think the other way around when it comes to choosing clubs (of course it depends on the player's personality as well). If i had 2 clubs interested in signing me and those clubs were a division apart i would think like this: The club in the highest division wouldn't need to offer a higher pay to get me there. I would have the chance of playing at a higher level. Knowing that there is another club interested in me, in the division below, i would have higher demands towards the lower divsion club in order to get me to play for them. Especially if i had a contract-offer on the table from the club in the highest division of the two. But, as mentioned, there multiple different personalities to take into account as well. Some are money-grabbers, some are ambitious, some don't care etc. Then you also have reputation, location etc. I do feel that reputation might have a bit too much of an impact at certain times though. Not a fact. Just a perception i have. When it comes to the mentions of the scouting report; aren't players reminded to take those with a grain of salt? As in, they might not be entirely accurate? I'd rely more on the "Very Interested" in the contract negotiations than a "might (could) be interested" from the scouts.
  3. I can't remember seeing my GK being sent off in FM17; but i can't say it didn't happen either. I just can't remember either way. I chose the first option though as i believe i would remember it if it had happened, due to it happening so seldom. I have seen plenty of my GKs being injured. I can only remember one being injured during a match, though. -EDIT- Well, speaking of the devil. This just happened with the AI GK in the match i'm currently playing:
  4. Don't take this as an absolute fact because it isn't, because i'm not sure. I think you probably have to wait for them to get promoted (unless using an editor). The better the reputation the team has, the better the chance they will get promoted.
  5. It's also weekend so the staff that monitors the bugs forums might be off work. If that's the case the relevant staff concerned will most likely get back to you on Monday, at the earliest. If they reply this weekend, that's great. But do keep that in mind, that it's weekend. Regarding the crash. Have you tried other logos and/or logopacks to check if it's not just something up with a specific logo (logos)? If you haven't tried that, try it. Just make sure you clean the cache, uncheck cache and reload the skin after you've added the logos and then uncheck reload skin and check cache again (or back to whatever settings you had before you changed it). If you have added multiple logos from different sources, it might be a conflict as well. If you're using a custom made skin then something might be conflicting there as well. Give it a whirl, if you haven't done so, and see if that helps you pinpointing the problem, while you're waiting
  6. I did notice your thread, after i updated this thread with my recent incident. Impeccable timing, i'd say
  7. I'm back! Had another incident just now where a player scores an own goal is wrongly credited: A .pkm has been uploaded: Gajdos own goal credit.pkm This time as well it was after giving the "unlucky" teamtalk. Pretty much the same as the first incident in the OP. I'm on playing on version 17.3.2f970983 (m.e v1704). There will, eventually, be a save game uploaded as well. Unsure when that save begins but it should be just before entering that very match. Save file: This time then (v02). Should have finished uploading about 3 hours from when this is posted.
  8. It might be the same explanation but with a different wording, but the tooltips in-game says the following: Positioning: This attribute reflects the ability of a player to read a situation and manoeuvre themselves into the best possible location to deal with unfolding events Off the ball: This attribute reflects the player's ability to move when not in possession of the ball, making themselves available to receive a pass in a dangerous position. Off the ball is pretty much what it says in the manual. Positioning, however, can be translated to something slightly different from what the manual says. A player, when the team is in possession, also have to read a situation to deal with unfolding events. Personally i interprate the positioning attribute to what the manual says. But with the explanation given in the tooltip in-game i could translate to Positioning being more similar to Anticipation than what Off The Ball is and also being very similar to Off The Ball.
  9. I wonder if there is a way to optimise the stream page? It's very, very slow for me and it's been like this for quite some time. I wouldn't be able to say how long it's been like this but we're talking months. It takes several seconds (the most i've counted is 15secs but it's usually around 7-8secs) before it shows the page, after clicking "Main stream". It's the only page that is that slow for me. The rest is fine. Checking it just now it took 9 seconds for it to load. Moving from that page and then back again gives me the same issue. Several seconds before it shows up. Now, the time for that page to load can decrease if i've been on the "Main stream" page very recently. But that is only if i'm very quick with going back to that page. I don't have any issues like that anywhere else; neither on other webpages nor within these forums. It's just the "Main stream" page. This is my setup:
  10. I have never experimented with the "no" thing. I find that the game stops on matchdays anyway. Before the matches are played and after the matches have been played.
  11. You need to set other competitions up manually under: Preferences --> Interface --> Screen Flow Mine might be a bit overkill though but this is my setup for viewing other comptetitions on match days. No idea about live draws though, if that is even possible or not if you're not in the competitions yourself.
  12. Ah ok. Get it. Reading the response without the first line made it easier to understand it
  13. But isn't the ball considered in play if the goalkeeper saves it? Another player has then touched ball.
  14. That could very well be a thing. I have started a new season with the same team now and the Chief Scout didn't want to renew his contract. So he left and i got a new one: Finding a proper scout, who's interested in coming to my crappy team, is hard. This one was the best i could find. I let the Chief Scout set the scouting assignments and he has put himself to scout the next opposition; as my previous Chief Scout did. The first (and only at the moment) next opposition report he produces again tells me to pay "particular attention" to a defender. After my first post i made sure to check it thoroughly, for the rest of the season and it was always, without fail, a defender i should pay attention to. Regardless of what team the opposition was and the quality/performance of the players. It seems like those scout reports, on next opposition, are very focused on distance covered and interceptions. This new Chief Scout has got Tactical Knowledge of 6. A regular scout of mine, however has got 9 in Tacical Knowledge; and the game (Chief Scout) has set him on a different assignment. But he's also worse at judging player ability and potential. Based on what i see here is that the game seem to use JPA and possibly JPP to set the assignment of scouting next opposition. Assignments: Scout with highest Tacical Knowledge is assigned to scout Iceland: As you say; it can very well be due to the low Tacical Knowledge but i can't shake off that feeling that there's something more/else. Over 2 years of reports on the next opposition and every report singles out a defender? What i mean about that rethorical question is; regardless of how good or bad the tacical knowledge is, surely they would (should?) recognize more creative players as well? Like the AMC with 13 assists in 8 games and 7.36 in average rating (Numbers taken out of my rectum), or the Winger with 9 goals in 6 games (Whoops! More numbers found inside there)?
  15. After observing the scout report of my next opponents, for about 1 1/2 season now, i've noticed that the reports want me to pay attention to the same type of players. These players, i should pay particular attention to, are always defenders. Which is fine (These are my 3 latest reports about the upcoming opponent but it's all the same). Never a midfielder or a striker. I'm wondering if that is happening to anyone else? Is it my scout or just an unfortunate combination of random stuff in my game? Why only defenders? My scout: