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  1. Does the ingame world rankings use the same ELO method as the actual Fifa world rankings, one of the older method, or just some random in game method? I only ask because after having some good results at the Pacific Games with Tonga I have seen no change in position despite the fact these games should have an importance factor of 35, also after multiple good friendly results i do not se much of a rise despite their importance factor of 10 meaning multiple should contribute. I'm not expecting massive jumps, but i shouldnt still be down in 200th
  2. nope its end of season which is 24th june in england. you have to wait for all leagues in the country to finish. you are refering to team of year
  3. it comes into your mailbox on the 24th June if playing in England, otherwise find it where you looked
  4. i do, they ask you to do something, you willingly chose to disobey them, if i was your boss i would sack you
  5. they asked you to sign German players so why wouldn't you just sign german players? In real life they would have signed them for you and blocked your transfers, but this is the games best equivalent. If in real life your boss told you to do something and you did the opposite, they would fire you, whether or not you thought it was fair. Simple solution, next time the board tell you to do something and you sign a contract telling you to do it, just do it. Will make your life much easier in the long run
  6. Forum is dead now just kill it. When the welcome thread to the forum talks about the 2010 hall of fame and a social group that cant be found then its time to die. Fallen a lomng way from the highs of 2008 and the likes of canvey and Paul Hartmen
  7. just an unproffesional player (hence it can only happen to regens), best bet is to sell him
  8. I'll be honest i don't think i've seen this in all my seasons in the game
  9. this certainly isn't the case, a rough estimate has the referee right in about 80% of cases in my game, which i imagine isn't far off real life As above, about 80% which i reckjon is realistic. You wouldn't expect 50/50 unless the referee was blind guessing
  10. no, it is his right to attend internationals, if you don't want a player to go, don't sign an African international
  11. No you didn't See the second post in this thread for how qualification works in game You will have qualified via coefficient table
  12. As its over 4 years, i assume you can qualify from multiple years, but its strange it isn't laid out in the game. Would be interesting to hear where they chose the rules from (or even what the rules are)
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