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  1. Start as manager of Morecambe with no coaching badges.
  2. Brexit

    Thats incorrect, it can happen at anytime between 2 and 10 years into the game, at least that is how SI announced it
  3. Good to see Oldham still surviving in league one
  4. well done, would have been nice to see barrow go up with you
  5. nice draw there, will bring some cash in.
  6. Only me hoping for Tier 9 then? Or a return to Port Talbot
  7. 5 at the back, 2 defensive midfielders, a MR and ML as defensive wingers and leave a target man up top. Strategy contain, direct passing. Watch the 0-0s roll in to ensure safety
  8. Going to miss the enjoyment of non league, and the aside to wales and european football. Still at least you can lookforward to taking on the likes of aston villa U23s next year in the checkatrade trophy