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  1. Hi. Appreciate any help/advice you can offer me as my computer knowledge is not very good. Once i spent a lot of money on a laptop that was worse than my previous one, hence i wanted some advice. My current laptop is this which is giving up the ghost HP 15-da0000na https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07KFML9YJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have a budget of approx £6-700 and am looking to replace it with an improved version (Paid £550 for that over two years ago, if i could find something a little better for the same price that would be ideal. Generally
  2. wow that truly is a golden generation. The most i've ever had at intake was 2 stars, and that was a one off
  3. Wow i dream of having a regen come through that good, how many stars was he when he first appeared in your youth intake? did you put him straight in the first team?
  4. Arsenal and Tottenham had a few relegation battles 5 seasons in, but always pulled clear in the end, think leicester went down second season
  5. Thankyou for the response, I will need to rethink how i pick national squads.
  6. Basically i really just need a way to search plaayers by their natural position in the player search as i've just started an international game and i don't want to have to click into each player when choosing the squad, previously the player search plus scout reports did this though scouts ability of best position, but on FM21 this now doesn't work
  7. Hi All, Why in this game (FM21) is the best position (be it recommended by a scout or a coach) so often so different from the natural position, whereas historically (Fm21 and previous 99% of the time it was the same). I'm noticing in particular a very large amount of players who's best position is AML, when there natural position is mc ml mr AMC AMR or ST Additionally in the player search is there a way to get it to show the players natural position?
  8. pretty normal condition in football, idea being you decide your team ahead of the game, and move the ones not in the 18 to the under 23s if they need minutes
  9. because any player to work in this country after brexit requires a WP which needs to satisfy the rules stated in your first photo, he did not therefore he cannot have one. FA currently finalising the rules, but all rumours pointing to real life being similar to what you have there, so you'll be seeing this in the championship in upcoming years
  10. looking forward to see how the north west get on in FM21, think the lack of interest last time was due to lack of updates, once you start updating on progress (maybe monthly?) then people will post. Hopefully some more Cumbrians make the North West side this time
  11. shame it didn't make it for FM21, here is hoping for FM22, would be nice to see when someone becomes the club record goal scorer, and how close the nearest person is to taking it
  12. but this is the current most likely scenario being discussed by the FA, the premier league are against it, but it looks like the FA will push it through
  13. Yes they were both injured in January 2020, Heaton is just recovering now and Wesley expected to be out until January this year
  14. Hi, its fine, its cause I was looking at a screen of excellent and peak which don't have a fullness difference, as soon as it drops to good whilst i still cant see a colour difference the fullness difference is perfectly clear.
  15. At Aston Villa shouldn't Heaton and Wesley be starting with injuries?
  16. Ah might be cause mine are currently all 'excellent' or 'peak' which are both full fill (took me a long time to see they were all that, i'll check again after some have dropped
  17. is there anyway to turn the colours into words or numbers on the selection screen (without hovering over it) being colourblind i cannot tell the difference in the chosen colours by looking at it, it seems all my players are the same condition, till i over over each one individually for the words
  18. Will this record ever be brought back, it was always nice to see your record all time goals be beaten. Additionally it was nice way back when you could see who was the closest to taking this title each season under the detailed player records tab, now you only get most in a season
  19. Does the ingame world rankings use the same ELO method as the actual Fifa world rankings, one of the older method, or just some random in game method? I only ask because after having some good results at the Pacific Games with Tonga I have seen no change in position despite the fact these games should have an importance factor of 35, also after multiple good friendly results i do not se much of a rise despite their importance factor of 10 meaning multiple should contribute. I'm not expecting massive jumps, but i shouldnt still be down in 200th
  20. nope its end of season which is 24th june in england. you have to wait for all leagues in the country to finish. you are refering to team of year
  21. it comes into your mailbox on the 24th June if playing in England, otherwise find it where you looked
  22. i do, they ask you to do something, you willingly chose to disobey them, if i was your boss i would sack you
  23. they asked you to sign German players so why wouldn't you just sign german players? In real life they would have signed them for you and blocked your transfers, but this is the games best equivalent. If in real life your boss told you to do something and you did the opposite, they would fire you, whether or not you thought it was fair. Simple solution, next time the board tell you to do something and you sign a contract telling you to do it, just do it. Will make your life much easier in the long run
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