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  1. I don't know why people are so update happy. If it didn't work on 14.4 you think 14.5 is gonna fix it/ Apple broke something so all their updates are a risk. Plus unless you have to you don't need to upgrade to the latest os releases I do IOS development and i'm still on 14.4
  2. I only crash when i leave the game idle and then come back to it, i can play for hours and not crash. Even when am switching applications. when i am streaming and playing at the same time the game jsut gets laggy but only the ME
  3. Fairly simple suggestion, add the correct league history and records for each leagues in the game. For example the premier league We don't have the correct assist record, goals scored etc etc. it would add a nice touch that these be added in so that we can have proper targets and break proper records. At this moment you can't break a clubs all time leading record or the premier league record as they are not the correct ones. The only accuracies we have are the points tally games won and lost but not goals scored and all of that.
  4. Then you integrate an FM draft model, you can have different factors example saves that use the IGE are not able to participate or have a separate type of match for this. Or you use the draft where points are earned based on your teams performance in your saves or how many match you win/lose.
  5. One of the best suggestions this year. No doubt. @Neil Brock @Jack Joyce I hope its not too late to throw this in.
  6. Man this is stressful, thank the heavens i am not crashing. Otherwise though guys can you try like closing most of your apps and play FM as normal and see if it crashes
  7. Thats why i suggested a friendly model not a league model. A league model would have to take place between parties that consent to set times and schedule etc. Thats how most multiplayer campaigns are done. With the friendly model games don't need a structure and all you need is a lobby
  8. Using the FIFA model is a bit bland i believe the model that OP is talking about is Total War. A next niche game where they have a good online community. OP is talking about making FM online a bit more easier and more interesting and why creators don't do it. I follow a few creators and all games are singleplayer while on the total war scene you have a few that do multiplayer and its a bit fun. The reason why FM doesn't have that much of a online following is because its very strenuous work to get it going. On the creator side though, it should be very easy to set up a multiplayer season of football. I believe that SI could in theory create a FM friendly online mode where you go into a lobby with a team you create and play a friendly match that is ranked/unranked where the system assign players to play each other as your real test is not playing against AI its by playing against a next player which provides the ultimate challenge in any game. The problem that you run in, is how many persons will do this how many persons play online etc where only SI has the numbers for this.
  9. And i can't fathom how most your bring up bugs that has been fixed or the effect has been reduced. In every version of the game you have issues like this. It i not game breaking as you can still play the game and get the result its just not as realistic as we would like it thats what these bugs are. I have reported many many issues and many of them has been fixed some of them have been put off till FM2O as there isn't enough time to fix them all again all versions have this issue but your trying to be an ass. You lot go on and on and on and complain about everything, every year its the same crap and same things sprouted. Its damn annoying and none of it is constructive, you lot like to beat a dead horse sometimes i wish SI would cease communication completely with you lot for all your good for is complaining about the bad but never acknowledge the good, yes this ME can be better some of the complaints aren't even all that serious but its the same for every version of the game, its the same or all yearly releases FIFA still has bugs from FIFA 07 in it and they have a bigger team and bigger budget to work with it.
  10. This. It's the biggest culprit of why strikers aren't really working in this year's version. I have to be using the F9 just to keep my striker central
  11. Open Steam> Football Manager 2019>Right Click Properties>Beta>Opt In Public Beta
  12. First question: Yes. just login into the account that has FM activated on it. Second Question: No. Though i would advise right now to opt into the beta as i your on 14.4 their is a bug thats causing the game to lag and the beta version that hasn't been released yet is the only stable version.
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