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  1. editing their club kits or logo is a simple xml file replacement not an entire 3D creator there's a big difference. The league and database editor is a tool used by everyone from si to players. Only players at this moment want a stadium creator its catering for a niche of an already niche franchise where we have far more things to look at and improve on.
  2. but is it worth dedicating the already short dev time in something that will only be use by a few people? The time is already split between match engine updates, general game bugs and already planned road map of fixes and features that have a direct impact on game play that benefits all users.
  3. A stadium editor leads to all sort of trouble with liceseing and all that. ALSO IT'S A MANAGER GAME why you feel the need to change stadium? Its a minor feature where only a minority of users want or will ever use. same for the database editor it's hardly use by majority of the fan base.
  4. You spotted that too. here i am hoping that is how new gen models would look because if that's the case best one in years.
  5. potentially yes but if the player isn't played as much as the pathway suggest then you will still have issues. so setting player as star player to avoid him complaining means nothing if he doesn't get the star player playing time.
  6. Its the colors of all colors i tell you. purple is my fav color so i don't mind.
  7. thats what i thought as well start out wide then cut inside at the last moment into the box.
  8. Now the question that must be asked are inside forwards now finally more akin to strikers playing out wide(343,433) and inverted wingers are those that cut inside from a wider position.
  9. I totally agree. Make the entire process seamless. Certain things at the start of the game the player can choose to load in, routines, tactics, training schedules scout assignments and they are automatically applied to your squad. Set piece routines the game would just assign the spot to those with the highest ability.
  10. Last year for the beta i did RB Liepzig so i believe i'll be managing in France for the beta think of Lille or Bordeaux not too sure. Main save Salford City and i'll do the dafuge challenge and then my customary Chelsea save.
  11. Well maybe your doing something wrong? And its not the game and no matter how good a player is he will hoof it when under pressue. You might believe that a player is unmark but what is the situation does passing the ball x player and where does x player go with the ball?
  12. No mechanics, have you added to the squad. Your playing at a higher level now so your team will be under different pressure and up against better players so they will be making mistakes that they didn't make in league one.
  13. I was very happy when i saw that. I was hey, there's my game. Lol persons were like what? I was like yea FM19.
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