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  1. Well for one people couldn't separate freekicks and corners from crosses. So they thought the game was having too many crosses. So SI attempted to fix that and by doing that we lost alot of attacking movement, it was then later we realize that after the change to 19.1 central attacking play no longer existed and we've been trying to correct it ever since. In fairness what we needed was a tweak to throughballs and crossing but it went deeper than any one thought.
  2. It was the first one that came to mind, since we have gone to a digital distribution model games are being shipped more and more with bugs and glitches. Those are a different type of games. SI is trying to simulate a real footballing world which is far from static it's very very dynamic and programming is a finite thing. SI can only program so many options and play styles. AI development has gotten a lot better since Fear and COD 1 and 2 the problem is that we the users are asking for more complex AI's with multiple behavior trees to add more depth and complexity. On the MVP as much as the big publishers are heading in that direction, SI hasnt done that. Yes the ME has faults as all ME does but SI do genuinely try to correct and fix issues they do deliver each year. We have taken great leaps and bounds interms of transitions playing out of the back, pressing but we have killed Attacking movement and goal variation. We the community and SI has both agreed that these are issues and they have made a commitment to try and fix this in FM20. Yes you have the right to be upset but we saw how good this ME can be in the beta and we hope that by October of this year we get an ME that is truly powerful. On your 4th point, this game is alot more realistic. The problem you see is that when you try to play a certain style of play the ME breaks when you play a different style of play it doesn't break and you get great goals, great one on one being scored and great movement
  3. Your contradicting yourself there. All and i will say it ALL Major yearly releases have everything you just state. You all think it's so easy to do everything you have stated above in 5-6 months? While working on other things as well. The game goes through a bunch of bug fixes bunch of updates and irritations that we never see or even know about. My team plays exactly how i want them to. I also know its a game so i don't think my team is gonna play real-life football but i get a nice balance of things that am looking for. Will never happen. Every game has exploits, every! Just look at Anthem right now. Alot harder than most of you think, and again seeing as the AI in game industry is pretty basic, this has along way to go before we get realistic AI. It's not easy and its by far the hardest thing to get right in programming. This is very subjective. As what you might believe is easier to use might be a hinderance to others can they fine-tune and make things better yes they can. You're listing fairy tail and unrealistic expectations. All for a yearly release covering multiple facets. Maybe because i work in software development while i can understand the struggles SI face but everything most of you have listed out is nothing short of a unrealistic with time and manpower available.
  4. Well the topic said it all. List your greatest ever FM comebacks!~
  5. I do very much understand your point and it will be very interesting to see how they develop, it seems its the lampard vs Gerrad argument all over again.
  6. Yes i do wish they are better, i use a FM creator 3d pack which is awesome! I think if FM was to use some really nice 3D faces we will need to up the system reqs
  7. We who not from England can name at least 5 English players that have been touted as once in a generation talent. Sancho was not expected to be this big hell when City sold him no one in the media bat an eye. CHO is being touted as one of the best players to ever come through the chelsea academy which is saying something. My point is you have seen enough of foden with his limited appearances to absolutely guarantee that he will be a world class player? Yet mount is expected to be either crap or okay. We see the same with the Brazilians everyone is a wonderkid two years later you realize that oh they are nothing.
  8. A think most people expect way too much. None of the bugs reported are what you will call high priority or game breaking. More like just annoying. There has never been correct me if am wrong, a regen face fix in any update. Thats only done in the next version of the game. SI it seems correct me again if am wrong, made a focus on getting the ME and trying to fix some of the problems it had or fine tune the ME as to reduce the problems. FM has never had game breaking bugs just annoyances that is undoubtedly a low priority. I've stated it before and i will state it again, SI spoil us. All major game titles have bugs in it for years that have still not been fixed,you all want a bug free game it aint gonna happen no such thing exists.
  9. I can agree with these statements and we will see where he will end up at the end of the season.
  10. Foden clamor to play is all based on youth football and no real experience in mens football. He has made the bench and featured in cup games and the odd few minutes in the league., Its all hype! Sancho who was not regarded as a great prospect by anyone in the media is now being hyped to here and back, CHO is also being regarded as a great prospect and the same once in a generation talent. We've seen it before and we will see it again, your calculating the potential based off what? A player who is in a good city team thats being hyped up by the english media because he's a playmaker? He a great youth world cup but so did Sancho and Hudson-Odoi. We know the english are desperate for a playmaker so anyone coming through the ranks is gonna be hype and then you have the media love-in for all things city.
  11. High PA? He doesn't have a set PA in FM 19.1 Maybe in 19.3 this has been changed, his PA in 19.1 was fluctuating as it was not set while his counterpart Foden who has even less playing time and fewer stats over two seasons has a set PA of 175 I just checked Mount is still at -8 while Foden is at 175. Foden has not played a single full season and while Mount has played both in Netherland and now playing in the Championship yes his stats has dropped off due to injury and drop in form but how is Foden on a 175
  12. Just gonna let you know coding AI ain't a walk in the park. We are still in our infancy in AI game technology. If you check the game industry on a whole AIs are pretty basic a human player will always have the upper advantage. On the teams are a bit too negative this is true and despite previous patches they still seem to revert to a negative system if your team is deemed a powerhouse.
  13. Hey guys so first time doing a write up about my careers in FM. So here goes: Back Story: Aswijan is a new nation created by FM creator WhatTheForkGaming it contains 3 leagues Aswijan Liga Regale Aswijan Liga Principale Aswijan Liga Dukh Three cup competitions: Aswijan Copa Populare Aswijan Copa Azore Aswijan Copa Dukh Its a custom database which is pretty nice if anyone would like to try it out: Aswijan 2.0.fmfCL & Europe v2.0.fmf and heres a youtube video to explain more about the lore and backstory of Aswijan : So on to the save I have taken over 3rd Divison side El Miher we have never been in the first division and have won nothing of note so far so we are preparing for a long climb up to the top league in pursuit of Trophies! Club Badge: Kits: Stadium: Facilities: Best Players: We have a short pre-season due to having to play the first round of the Cup with only 3 matches : The System: So will be testing it out over the course of preseason to see how best we can develop and see how far up the league we can get. Hope you guys stick with me and let me know what i can do to make this a bit better and not a boring read. See you after preseason is finish
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