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  1. Chris Whilder's Shefield United did it alot when they got promoted into the prem, so check their promotion season and first season in the premier league. Conte and Tuchel also useses it. If you want to want an example watch Tuchel 343 and how he has Azpi and Rudiger roaming into space where the fullback or midfielder would be.
  2. Early test looks like 21 million
  3. Also has Model Citzen personality and -10 Potential. This might just be the best Wonderkid in FM History.
  4. So after trying again. I've bowed out. To those of you who compete this challenge you're all truly legends. This challenge had me questioning if i knew anything about FM till i had to create a new save and went unbeaten. For some reason how i want to see football played is not compatible with non-league teams and i don't have the patience with players with single digit stats. And i really wanted to see if i could go to the premier league too/. I'll probable attempt this at a later date after i get bored with my other saves bu at this moment. This is hard. Very Hard.
  5. I decided to start over this challenge. Hopefully this time i can handle how stupid my players are.
  6. The war between the players and FIFA is gonna happen soon enough. FIFA only has powers if people listen to them. The players can simple refuse to listen to FIFA. Not like FIFA can take them to court. It's similar to how UEFA and FIFA is gonna go at it when FIFA launches their super league. If the top clubs decide to no longer listen to FIFA/UEFA/FA then there isn't anything that can be done because at the end of the day its those clubs/players who brings in the money.
  7. Yeah but let's be honest here though, No matter how big the FAs try to talk and act, these national teams aren't gonna leave the best players in the country at home.
  8. But we always knew that one of them were gonna be true and the Work Permit system was the most likely to happen.
  9. I'm not sure wether in game it takes youth caps into it. But SI wasn't far off, the only thing we don't know is how many points and guess what no one is gonna know that bar the clubs and the UK Home Office. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-points-based-immigration-system-further-details-statement/uk-points-based-immigration-system-further-details-statement That will tell you how points are given. Football will have a extra section to consider but thats that.
  10. You can't really read can you? How do you think the point based system is judged by? Literally Whats in my Brexit save right now
  11. If the FA plays like a bitch its just gonna force the bigger clubs to create a super league and they have nothing they can do or say about it.
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