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  1. First interesting addition for me- that positional strength/weakness display with dots showing the number of players affecting each area? Useful, but I guess SI think that deadline day is flashier, so they put that as the headline feature, even though this is a game about tactics, first and foremost.
  2. Definitely. Please, someone from the developers, tell me that set pieces are getting changed.
  3. Different sides have different compositions of players, and thus, one set of set pieces will likely not fit another team.
  4. Since setting up set piece takes so much time right now, getting into saves is really hard for me, since I have a high failure rate with saves, anyway. Speeding up set piece creation by making them player, and not position-dependent would help me get over failures faster.
  5. I'm hoping for a revamped set piece creator. A more realistic game should have a more realistic way of creating set pieces.
  6. I have been unable to get into saves partially because setting up set pieces is so time consuming. Quick-selecting groups of players to always stay back, lurk outside area, go forward or come short would be so much better than having to tinker with set pieces that are position-dependent. I will buy FM 22 if set pieces become easier to create.
  7. I am not sure what the OP meant, but I had suggested a few years back that there should be an option to quick-select certain players to never be sent forward at set pieces. A fast way to at least get the outline of a set piece done.
  8. On a Croatian news portal, there is an article retelling a story in the Daily Mail (I know) that Southgate actually picked the penalty takers based on scores from months' worth of penalty kick training. Saka apparently scored every time. From what I hear of Southgate, it seems this is plausible.
  9. IMO, if Sancho, Rashford and Grealish are on as substitutes, it makes sense IF you tell the team to blitz a tired opponent.
  10. Happy to see that dive from Sterling ultimately punished. A penalty-related question: why do more players not shoot down the middle? Bernardeschi was smart to do that.
  11. I like both teams, and one had to go out. Well, I suppose I'll be practicing Ukraine's anthem.
  12. Just read something that disputes this, but I need to find the original source. Ivan Perišič did not get vaccinated.
  13. K. Phillips must be in the midfield- make it a 5-man midfield, drop Ronaldo.
  14. I honestly expected our CB-s to f- up against him. Lovren didn't. He usually has regular howlers.
  15. I humbly ask Scots to not be mad at us, and at least act as neutrals, if we play further games on Hampden. This was tough, and I did not expect us to win. If you had a better striker than Adams, this game could've gone differently.
  16. I'm stunned. We played a great 80 minutes. Scotland made us work for it, but team effort existed, and then willigness to apply individual quality.
  17. It better not be a draw between us and Scots tonight. I'm not the happiest with the rumored Croatia lineup, though, and I believe Scotland will win.
  18. Sad that Hungary only managed a draw. But, there's a chance in the last game, and they will try to take it.
  19. A functional formation with players that fit it matters more than quality. We have two class playmakers, and for that reason, no proper destroyer can get into the midfield, even though we are pathetic without a destroyer. And Brozović isn't a pure destroyer, which is a must in 4-2-3-1. Our most technically gifted strikers are lazy- one can't even play alone up top. It will be a very good game for you, though.
  20. I rooted for Scotland, wanting their win, even if it would complicate the position of Croatia. Last game better not be a draw, though. Someone has to go through.
  21. This is what happens when you know in advance which groups "cross". There should be a random draw after the groups, to avoid calculations. Still, Scotland played well, and earned one last shot at going through. Against my Croatia.
  22. This Page guy was being dismissed as a crap manager. I knew nothing of him before this EURO, and here he is, helping Wales cause ruckus. I suppose reputation means nothing.
  23. Ironically, his last name points to him being of Albanian ancestry- Arnaut is an old word for Albanians.
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