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  1. 31 minutes ago, hazzabish said:

    Well no matter what mentoring group my young players are in they always pick up positive and negative traits, despite me making sure I have great role models such as Milenkovic Savic and Ruben Dias. I know the old system might have been slighlty unrealistic but it was great that you could negate youngsters coming up with atrocious fundamentals with the right tutoring. That seems less doable now.

    Personality adjustments can happen with or without mentoring. If you put 25 players in a squad together they will begin to learn from one another, positively or negatively. Mentoring is simply a tool to help you focus this. It allows you to bias Player A towards Player B, rather than leaving them to learn (or not) off whoever they please. It will not necessarily overcome every undesirable trait but it will allow you to better control the personality (and player traits) of your squad.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Vali184 said:

    A year ago, a mod said that's how the game works.

    Right now, a member of SI is telling you that it isn't :)

    The Match Engine processes matches in two ways, full detail or not full detail. Full detail is the only type your team's matches can be processed in. This runs the match, one half at a time, second-by-second, calculating every decision along the way through countless variables, including each player's full attributes. Every time something changes, no matter how big or small, such as making a tactical tweak or substitution, the remainder of the half is re-run with these changes included. This process is then repeated for the second half, starting with any half-time changes.

    The match happens live, but it happens live in seconds. The graphical engine and your chosen level of highlights allow you to watch this match at a speed from which you can ascertain what is happening and then stop it to make changes at any point you desire, forcing the remainder of the match to be run again with your changes included, either up until the end of the half or until further alterations are made.

  3. On 22/11/2019 at 06:25, timbo1983 said:

    Hi Guys, this is slightly off topic but in FM19 I built my Everton team up to be great and was really invested in youth development. I had read somewhere that when requesting an affiliate club, if you selected the option that said something like "to allow us to recruit foreign youngsters" then you had a chance of getting regens from that country in your youth intake. I had about 8 affiliate clubs all from different countries and used only that option when requesting the affiliate in the first place, however over 11 or 12 seasons I got exclusively English regens. So @Seb Wassell I was just wondering if you could confirm this for me at all?

    If I request an affiliate club and I tell the board I want the affiliate club to "allow us to recruit foreign youngsters", should this increase my chances of getting regens from that country? I just found it strange that over 11-12 seasons on FM19 I never once got a player that wasn't English. Getting players in my youth intake from other countries offers some variety, as from memory regens from different countries come sort of hard-coded with different "styles", eg a Brazilian regen more likely to have higher flair than a Scottish regen.... :)


    On 22/11/2019 at 10:26, KlaaZ said:

    It will increase the chance of getting a youngster in your youth batch that started his career at your affiliate club, yes.

    As @KlaaZ says, having an affiliate with this type of link gives you a chance of having a newgen from there come through :thup:

  4. 3 hours ago, Dorin said:

    From what I know, your club's junior coaching impacts the CA rating (current ability) of the youth players when they come in on youth intake day. The better junior coaching the higher CA they are likely to have from the start.
    Youth facilities impacts the PA ratings (potential ability) more, so you are more likely to get players with better potential. Training facilities have an impact on the rate of player development and this is where the quality of your coaches also has an impact.

    This is incorrect. From earlier in this thread: 


    21 hours ago, KlaaZ said:

    Just a question as this has been a topic with a lot of knowledge so far. Youth players use the regular training facilities and the youth facilities are (among other factors) responsible for the quality of your intake. What do your youth coaches  impact? Do they train the younger players and so also have an impact on how well your U18 progress?

    Youth Coaches coach the U18 team or equivalent.

  5. On 22/11/2019 at 19:50, DP said:

    I think this is just down to how FM actually processes matches. In fact a lot of the frustrations are. 

    You have to remember the match is pre calculated before you get to the engine. All of the maths is done and, more often than not, it will favour the better team. It’s not the big players that will ‘win’ the match, it’s the accumulation of all the stats up against the other sides stats. 

    The graphical ME will then try to give you pictures in terms of how this has happened. I’m not sure completely how it does this part but the calculations have already been done - you can change things my making subs where it will recalculate again but all you are seeing is some kind of representation of the output of the maths in the background.  

    This is why I’m sceptical if certain stats are actually as effective as we think they are under the hood. Penalty taking, for example, looks like a very dubious stat and one not always clearly represented in the graphics engine imo. 

    This is categorically untrue.

  6. 1 hour ago, FulhamFc14 said:

    Any recommendations or advice for a pre season training schedule? My first FM in a few editions and training seems to have changed quite a bit! 

    There are some specific pre-season training schedules built in:


    If it is your first go at training I would recommend picking from the default schedules first, getting a feel for them and then start looking to create your own for your specific needs.

    Best advice in pre-season is work the players hard. You'll get a few more injuries in the short term but in the long term the players' fitness will benefit massively.

  7. 2 hours ago, yolixeya said:

    On FM2019 that is exactly what I did, I moved FBs to attacking unit when I wanted them to train more crossing. This is better but I still have issues with this. This way it seams that all players in my defensive unit will work on crossing, dribbling, finishing etc. even my CBs when in reality they would be covering for overlapping FBs in such session and work on positioning, decisions, marking etc. I don't need my CBs to work on dribbling and finishing ever...

    I know SI added attacking and defensive units because that is how trainings are done in real life and they are trying to simulate that but I assume that those units are much more fluid IRL and not set in stone like we have on FM, one universal setting for all sessions. Maybe they should consider adding a option of setting the defensive/attacking units for each session individually. We could have one default setting but we could edit that for certain sessions where we think is appropriate.

    We need to strike a balance between realism and gameplay. The functionality of units is a part of that. However, if you've got suggestions on how we can improve, head over here and let us know - https://community.sigames.com/forum/680-football-manager-feature-requests/ :thup:

  8. 7 hours ago, yonko said:

    Overall, I wish training sessions had a lot more impact on the success of tactics and the execution of tactical elements, other than filling out tactical Familiarity bar(s).

    Basically, sessions like Defend From the Front and Transition Press should effect the code in the ME when your team executes high pressing strategy. Or Playing Out Of Defense and Ball Distribution should effect your possession game in the ME.

    There are specific sessions that focus on influencing the next match, under "Match Preparation".

    The ones that you mention are about developing attributes over time in order to implement a long term tactical philosophy. They also impact tactical familiarity, which pretty much does exactly what you are asking it to, meaning your players are more able to play the way that you want.

  9. 25 minutes ago, thomas_e said:

    I am training some players to get used to new positions. But for some reason the "additional focus" is sometimes cancelled after a few weeks. I then have to pick it again, and the cycle goes on. Really strange. And my assistant manager has nothing to do with individual training. 

    Could you post here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/743-training-medical-and-development-centre/

  10. 4 hours ago, Miravlix said:

    All the training does even if the player is 15 years old and until they peak is give you an extra point or two.

    I've no idea what the % is, but it seems like it's something like 99% is hidden progression and 1% training.

    This is wide of the mark.

    Very broadly, progression describes if the player develops, training describes how the player develops.

    4 hours ago, Miravlix said:

    Training basically is mostly pointless, though you can sometimes (not always) use it to train a new position and it seems to help/hinder role familiarity, if you have a guy playing BBM/S, but have him training as CM/D it seems a lot harder for the player to get familiar with the actual role on the pitch.  In FM20 it seems like trying to teach a striker to be an AML/AMR/AMC means he keeps having trouble being a striker. The game forces you to train the role they use on pitch or they will struggle to learn the on pitch role to perfection.

    You've misunderstood how this works.

    Training a player for a new position will improve their positional familiarity in that position (graphically represented by the coloured dot on the profile pitch).

    Role suitability (the fully/partially filled coloured dots in list form on the profile) is not something that is learned, it is a graphical representation of how suitable the player's attributes are for that role relative to their positional ability here.

  11. 12 minutes ago, amberhelix said:

    I guess you can argue it either way, it's just opinion. Everything above could be viewed as moving them to the 1st team and we're back at the start of the discussion!

    I would indeed argue that what have you described (appreciated) is that player being moved into the first team squad, which is one of the options within what we are trying to recreate.

    Is there a difference or different process that you envisage here?

  12. Just now, craiigman said:

    Not sure if this is a bug or not - but on my MacBook when I press continue and the inbox opens up I used to be able to just press the up arrow and it would go through the inbox. I now have to click on something first to be able to do this. Is this by design? Is there an option to turn this feature on?

    @Seb Wassell

    Could you post here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/

  13. 4 minutes ago, ViG1980 said:

    The average rating system is not very useful in this version at all. Not trying to be lazy and only rely on it either but....if a player is not involved in a goal, their average rating is usually in the 6 range unless the scoreline is really high. I just beat Chelsea away and Liverpool at home and most of my team got 6 ratings. We had more possession and quality shots than Chelsea and Liverpool we just defended well, they did not create many CCCs

    Edit: Page didn't reload and someone already posted about this...ah well - I am also having this issue!

    Would be worth raising some of your most blatant examples, including PKMs of the matches in question, here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/739-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/

  14. 1 minute ago, CaptainPlanet said:

    Might just be a random coincidence, but two seasons in a row now the Premiership scheduling has me playing the home and away versions of the same match right after each other on boxing day then 2 days later. vs Leicester last season and vs Southampton this season.

    Does this also hold true for other clubs and/or other save games?

    Could certainly just be a quirk of the scheduling, something realistic that I am not aware of or simply a bug. Worth posting here if you believe it to be the latter please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/713-league-specific-issues/

  15. 2 hours ago, Svenc said:

    Does anybody know what the issue with the penalties was? If it wasn't mainly the ref Research / Attributes, Long-term this should still be given a higher priority imo. It seems Pretty clear that the gap here seems to be reasonably large Longer-term, unless mistaken. There are refs in the db who seem/ed to average at least 0.8 pens per game, whilst others barely much at all.

    Whilst this may make for more exciting Gameplay (worth checking your next ref's Performance page, probably); in Football this is more consistent between refs (same as the average amohnt of bookings are/used to be within a leage/Country). Which is likely no surprise, as, despite the perception of Things being otherwise, they are all given strict Guidelines they are encouraged to follow, after all.

    The attribute issue was not responsible for penalties.

  16. 4 hours ago, Iwabik said:

    My player is unhappy because he thinks I didn't keep the promise to be "best of the rest" in the PL (which is 7th place IIRC). Only we have 6 more games to play, one point less than 7th placed team and 3 games in hand! Is this a bug? Should I report it?

    Without seeing your save I cannot say for certain, so it would be worth posting in the bugs forum please, but "best of the rest" is not a specific position in the league, it is wherever the gap forms between the "top" clubs and the "rest". This of course is dynamic based on in-game events.

  17. 21 minutes ago, KGregory4444 said:

    So ideally you're looking for a captain/professional role model and then 2/3 young wonderkids? Any idea of what bests works for numbers and how many?

    That was just an example of which player you might want to learn from which. It's down to what characteristics you want to pass on. Mentoring groups have a minimum size of 3. I wouldn't recommend overloading them, but exact numbers is up to your preference/experience.

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