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  1. On 27/11/2019 at 17:55, The Solman said:

    I am really interested to know how I should approach training with my Arsenal side. I am looking to play a 4-2-3-1 with counter pressing and a high tempo. Am I meant to approach training with that in mind or are you trying to work every single element or picking and choosing thsoe suitable to your style of play?

    In a very broad sense, I would say you want to train for your tactic. Which means a good balance between preparing the team for the next match and crafting their attributes towards those that are most useful for your playing style.

    For something that involves high tempo, counter pressing I would suggest looking at the 'Gegenpress' default schedule. It is specifically designed for that style of play. You can then tweak from there as you see fit.

  2. On 30/11/2019 at 09:22, FlorianAlbert9 said:

    I have seen that board can add style of playing (i had no request and the in second year they add to play attacking football and others) that is great. But a part adding, they can also change them?

    About transfer policy. Some question as above. And also i have seen the buy to sell for profit (i playing in italian), but there was also the possibility they add something about young players (like the ones set at starting in others clubs) ?

    Yep, these are dynamic.

  3. 6 hours ago, herne79 said:

    Good question, don't know.

    @Seb Wassell  A quick ping Seb - do you know if player Traits affect the role familiarity suitability indicator?

    (some) Suitable/unsuitable Player Traits are taken into account yes, although are only a small component of the whole, most attributes will outweigh them.

    Role familiarity > Role suitability for clarity

  4. 8 hours ago, Senak said:


    Atherton I've only had for a year but he's dropped 3 points in determination, in fairness both my team leaders were lower than him at about 8 and 13 determination but it feels a bit extreme.

    Harkin has been here 2 years and dropped 2 points, the first year I'm not sure of the Team Leaders but in the second there was the 8 and 13 (same as above) but he still fell, so I'm guessing he liked the one that had 8.

    Craig is a player who has slightly gone up, same Team Leaders as Harkin but it's strange that he's so slow compare to the steep drop of the others. I don't have too many players that increase as I usually focus on getting high determination players.

    This season I've sold my 8 determination team leader and I'll post anything I notice from that (just started the season). I appreciate the answer back, I'm not positive it is a bug just trying to rule it out as it does seem more focused in reducing the attribute than increasing.




    Cheers. It certainly appears to be those leaders influencing these young players. Moving on that Team Leader with poor Determination sounds like a good step towards getting the average moving upwards.

    Let me know how you find it over the medium to long term :thup:


  5. Delighted to read that you're all enjoying Club Vision and it's great to see how varied an approach it is encouraging you to take in even the few posts here.

    For the couple of potential bugs mentioned, could I kindly ask that, if you still have the relevant saves, could you get them posted in the bugs area please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/745-club-vision-and-performance/ - we'll get them under review, if they are not already.

    6 hours ago, mhaffy said:

    I have noticed issue with "signing high reputation players" that needs addressing asap... At present you do not know until you try to sign a player whether or not his world reputation is enough to meet club culture criteria.

    We are aware of this and are investigating :thup:

  6. 11 hours ago, Soviet said:

    So my club was taken over by new owner and the board signed two new players. I had nothing to do with it and couldn't cancel it in any way. "Whatever!" - I said, even though I'm doing a youth challenge. Now the board is dissapointed with me, because of the "finances involved with signing" these two players.

    So the board sold my young prospect because that's something the board do. I managed to at least get a loan back until the end of season. The player is back after one day and after his first game a journalist asks me during the press conference if I would be interested in signing him permanently.

    It's the small things that kill the immersion.

    Could you report these two as bugs please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/

  7. Were they without a club for a sustained period of time?

    If a player is without a club for a sustained period of time they are liable to retire. We do this for both realism - the player is making no wage and clearly has limited future prospects inside football - and for gameplay reasons - we need to remove excess players from the DB to ensure the total number of players is kept relatively constant and does not become bloated, slowing your game down when newgens are introduced.

  8. 9 hours ago, PAPA Edien said:

    i proved that this squad dynamic personality change mechanic doesn't work long term in fm 20 through a test i did ... and this doesn't only happen with determination but also professionalism and ambition that are the most important 3 personality attributes that make a player progress faster ... and have given a great solution in the last comment of my post ... yet SI does not want to anwser so im collecting likes on the post to make the problem more noticed ... maybe @Seb Wassell will then take the time to review the facts ... here is the post i mentioned:


    Please do not hijack other threads to promote an agenda. This is the bugs area, where we require specific examples of issues. Whilst discussion and speculation is all good elsewhere it often only serves to cloud the issue here.

    A member of the team responsible for this area will review your post when they are able. The clearer, more objectively an issue is presented the easier it is to review and identify potential bugs.

  9. On 25/11/2019 at 20:45, Senak said:

    Only 1 of the 8 determination is a team leader along with a 13 and another 8 determination in highly influention with 4 others above 10. I'm thinking it's a bit strong myself but I'm going to try mentor some of them and see if it starts picking up

    Do you have any specific examples?

    Players specifically take after other players, not a squad average, so if that Team Leader and Highly Influential player are the ones that other players are looking to it is possible they are responsible for numerous personality shifts.

  10. 1 minute ago, plcarlos said:

    I think the Injury rehab is a heading - And the options are what's underneath.

    Maybe something for the UI Team - But the fact this is a heading could be made clearer by changing the colour - Grey\Faded denotes to many that it's an option we'd be able to click on at some time, which it's not.

    This is indeed a heading, with the entries beneath this being the options for selection.

    Could you post that as a bug for me please?

  11. 1 hour ago, ermant said:

    I would investigate the attribute drop if it would increase back or not but the player had another hamstring strain injury in training just after he returned to full training. He seems to be in some kind of a loop. Hamstring strain (3 weeks), pulled hamstring (11 days), hamstring strain (3 weeks) in 3 months time.

    I'm pretty sure 5 points drop was after the pulled hamstring injury and in head physio's report he says "there is no indication this will cause any problems in the future" but it caused a huge drop.

    Now when he returns back again, i will set the training intensity manually and try to break the loop. We will see if his acceleration will increase back to normal but I am not optimistic about it. It seems like a permanent drop.

    Ok, cheers.

    Make use of the "Injury Rehab" individual training options :thup:

  12. 11 hours ago, timbo1983 said:

    Thanks for the reply @herne79. That article refers specifically to players getting poached before the youth intake, but based on the comments that came after my post it looks like any club can come and poach your best prospects during the next window if you don't sign them to professional contracts. Definitely something I wish I knew beforehand as it is a little frustrating to get two players over 3 stars PA, only to have them poached by other clubs in the off-season. In one case a prospect was poached by City, I offered a contract once I got the news item but he understandably chose City > Everton. The second case was even more frustrating as the kid signed for Sheffield United! As it was the last day of the window I got the news item they had offered him a contract, and the news item he had signed for them both at once so didn't even have a chance to try and keep him. Ah well, lesson learnt. Will sign up any promising youngsters immediately after youth intake going forward.

    As in reality, players that graduate from your youth setup into the U18s (or equivalent) are signed on a Youth Contract. This means that, with a small amount of compensation, they are free to be signed by any other club. It is prudent to get your better prospects signed up to a professional contract as soon as possible. This works both ways of course, you can also take advantage of the AI not recognising a player's potential and failing to offer him a professional deal.

  13. 1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

    I've had a few massive drops, but it's usually bravery after a leg break etc.

    Can confirm large drops in Bravery after a significant injury are to be expected. Often, the player's Bravery will (part) return over time.

    We'd be interested in investigating large drops in Acceleration for non-significant hamstring injuries though, if people have examples.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Johnny Ace said:

    Ah, very interesting Seb, something I never knew, I've had a few reports where the squad personalities have rubbed off on a player when they weren't in a mentoring group, I had Thiago pick up a PPM from it, I think. Is that something that's possible? I thought it was a bug but if not that's cool as hell 

    That is indeed possible. The player trait (PPM) will have been picked up from someone in his training unit.

  15. 1 hour ago, KlaaZ said:

    This was surprising, luckily not the best prospect. From what I can see, this is before they enter the game, right? 


    Junior Player Poaching - https://community.sigames.com/topic/495450-training-youth-intake-a-brief-guide-updated-for-fm20/?do=findComment&comment=12103553

    In FM20 it is possible for Juniors to be poached from another club's youth system. This will most commonly occur from smaller reputation club > larger reputation club.
    When this occurs a inbox item is received, offering a few details (similar to that of the Youth Intake Preview) on the player that has been poached. Poached players will appear in the next appropriate youth intake.

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