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  1. 18 hours ago, Weston said:

    @Seb Wassell Created a new group. Any thoughts on this? The "Significant" and "Average" players all have higher determination than the "Light" players, so I'm hoping they will help increase determination. They all also have arguably better (?) personalities, which should help with... something?


    I'm told that player traits will only transfer to other players the traits are suitable for, but this seems only based on position, not on role or attributes, correct? So should I be concerned about this? I guess in theory I should divide this into smaller groups based on position, but I don't really have enough players it makes sense to work with to do this.

    Think others have beaten me to this!

  2. 1 minute ago, Weston said:

    But why would a young player in a mentoring group with more determined players lose two points? And why would this new player I just signed lose determination within a few months just because someone else happens to have lower determination, despite joining such a determined squad overall? Why do I never get messages indicating a player has gained determination?

    I've disbanded the mentoring group entirely. Not really sure what to do at this point.

    Mentoring is just a steer on personality development. It sounds like you have an extremely influential but lower (relatively) determined player in your squad that is influencing the others. Mentoring helps to bias the players towards those that you want them to learn from, but it does not guarantee anything, especially if the mentoring group (and players within it) are less influential than this rogue undetermined soul. Players learn from those around them, mentoring is a tool to help nudge them in the direction you deem best, but ultimately they'll be influenced by those they look up to or match well with.

  3. 5 hours ago, Sharkn20 said:

    The professional contract that I can offer them are Non-Contract and they will train twice a week, but it will be the same in youth contracts, as the U18 team also trains twice a week, so does it make difference? To have them in Youth Contracts the longer I can? Or having them in Non-Contract makes them develop better? Or the same? There is no clarity anywhere where I can find an explanation about this. 

    Many thanks again.

    In relation to training, no. If you're a semi-pro team, their training time is limited.

  4. 16 hours ago, Braincomplexa said:

    Thank you for taking your time to answer, especially at the middle night assuming you are the in UK 😁


    No worries, always been a bit of a night owl.

    16 hours ago, Braincomplexa said:

    Thank you for taking your time to answer, especially at the middle night assuming you are the in UK 😁

    One more quick personal question sir, would your prefer training someone in a role they'll play but not natural in or train them in their natural role and do additional training that their natural role don't target whilst playing them in the role I want them to play? So eg I'm training Mason Mount as a F9, never played there before, what would be the best way to go at it?

    I've always trained them in the former way, train in the roles they'll play, but I fear that may take away some potential ability? 

    Edit: Mount has nearly all the attributes for a F9, 14 or higher, irl I always thought he could easily play it too.

    .Roles are just a way of describing a collection of attributes and a job on the pitch. Train Mount in whatever you believer will allow him to perform and development optimally. Personally, I train my players to capitalise on their strengths and/or improve their weaknesses regardless of role (provided it is in a position I want them to play or learn)

  5. 21 hours ago, Weston said:

    Posted here:thup:

    Now another young player not in the mentoring group has now lost 1 entire point of determination for no discernible reason as well. I've never seen this happen before. Now we're the 3rd most determined squad and everything seems fine... in a general sense, what could be causing this?

    That final young player sounds like they took after another player in the squad with lower Determination.

  6. On 16/04/2020 at 17:16, Cadoni said:

    The youth quality it depends by "youth importance" as well as from other parameters (youth requi. range etc).

    I don't think negative money balance has to do something with this.

    You're posting in the thread where I've explained how it works. Please read that and don't speculate. This is how misinformation gets spread.

    If you have an issue with my explanation - perhaps it is not clear or you believe me to be in error - please ask me.

  7. On 16/04/2020 at 17:03, Cadoni said:

    It depends from "youth importance" of your club.

    It is a hidden parameter. I don't know why SI keeps hide these important factor.

    I am assuming you are referring to the Youth Importance hidden attribute. If so, you are speculating and you are incorrect.

    Youth Importance is how important the current board consider youth to be. This is attached to the board and not the club. It is used in a number of places, such as contributing to the Club Vision. It is also used in deciding whether to upgrade youth related facilities, such as Youth Recruitment. It has no direct impact on youth production. If you can convince your board to upgrade these facilities anyway, it won't hold you back.

    It is hidden for realism and gameplay, nothing more.

  8. 33 minutes ago, Weston said:

    At what point should the save be? Not sure on the dates of these occurrences now, so could upload one way before, or now.

    It feels like a bug to me, but it's entirely possible I'm just not understanding something. Are there any factors other than squad hierarchy, personality, and attributes that could be affecting these results? Some hidden attributes, I suppose?

    Ideally, just before you notice any changes (that reproduce when you save and reload that point). Failing that, a save from shortly before or after should still provide some information.

  9. On 16/04/2020 at 11:04, Braincomplexa said:

    Does more restricted role training do more attribute increase in the highlighted ones or is it equal to training a player to a role requiring more attributes? So for example will training my CB to NCB increase their concentration more over training them as a BPD? Because concentration is equally important in both cases.

    It's not that simple. In isolation, yes training 4 attributes means each gets less attention than training 2 attributes. But what if the first player trains twice as hard, or benefits from better coaches, or is training attributes that are easier to train, or training attributes that are more naturally inclined to improve, or training attributes that receive better/more training focus from the team schedule, or is simply playing twice as much football, and so on. It is also worth noting that only two levels are shown in-game, "Key" and "Preferred", when under the hood it is much more granular than this.

  10. On 14/04/2020 at 21:53, Sharkn20 said:

    About player development,

    Playing lower league football at the moment, and I keep get robbed of my best 18, 19 year old players that are starting to shine in the league.

    The main problem is that they are in No-Contract because we are a Semi-Professional team still. So my question is, do players develop better under the "youth contract" or with the "non-contract"?

    I understand at some point I will have to sign them into a non-contract so they don't become free agents. But if the difference of development between youth contract and non-contract is not significant, I rather keep them as long as possible under youth contract, so I can get some cash when they are signed, lol.

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    That would depend on if that gives them more time to train and play.

    Development is based on a huge number of factors, but most important amongst these is training and playing. A part-time contract is going to allow considerably less time to do these things than a full-time contract. Take a look at a semi-pro training schedule, on average you'll lose 1 session per day and 3-4 days per week when compared to a professional schedule.

  11. On 14/04/2020 at 22:45, jordan_ye said:

    My question is how SI "create" new roles to the game? If they look into players IRL as example, how do they comes up with the idea?

    All roles are based on reality. We look to recreate the roles that real players perform in the real world. When we see something new, or something change, we investigate adding or changing this in game.

    In terms of research, each role has specific attributes weighted according to their importance. For example, an Advanced Forward has Pace weighed more heavily than a Target Man does. As researchers, we do not choose the role, but the attributes. We do this by watching the player play (live & remotely) and tracking stats over a long period of time. We then set the attributes to what we believe to be a realistic reflection of that player's abilities and style. The role that the player is "best" in is a reflection of these attributes.

    The specific attributes and weightings that make up each role are under constant review across multiple teams within the studio. This process is heavily based on observing reality and attempting to best recreate that with in-game behaviour.

    Outside of the match engine, roles are basically just a way of grouping and weighting attributes to describe a certain type of player capable of performing a certain type of job.

    Inside the match engine, I'll let @Jack Joyce take over.

  12. On 14/04/2020 at 08:45, Russiandude said:

    1. Does having multiple coaches in one category improve training even if the workload is already light? Assume for a second that the coaches' workload are always light.

    2. Which one helps with jadedness more, recovery or rest? Is fatigue = Jadedness?

    1. At some point, the workload cannot get lighter no matter how many more coaches you add. Aim for "Light" and 5*.

    Note, only the best coach affects the quality, all affect the workload.

    2. Fatigue = Jadedness.

    "Jaded" is what a player becomes when they are extremely fatigued. Players are building up fatigue all the time under the hood whilst playing/training. They become jaded when this starts affecting them.

    As per the in-game UI:

    • Rest - Fatigue = Greatly Reduced
    • Recovery - Fatigue = Reduced

    (Keep in mind there are other affects too: Rest also recovers Condition quicker but Recovery is better for injuries and maintaining sharpness, etc.)

    Fatigue builds up when playing matches (always) and when training (if not well rested). Fatigue reduces with rest and with training (if well rested). In this way, matches always increase fatigue, in-season training increases fatigue and pre-season training reduces or staves off fatigue longer. Exception to watch out for is players that take part in internationals over the summer; just like in reality, they will need more time off before you can throw them back into training as they will not have had time to rest-up fully. Training when already tired will only make the player more tired.

    You will not be able to avoid building up fatigue in your players during the season. You will however be able to manage this and offset the negative impacts for longer through proper training management, starting (and essential) with pre-season.

  13. 10 hours ago, interferemadly said:

    When a player says he's unhappy with individual training, do you stick with your plan or remove? This unhappiness can affect his development?

    Depends on me, depends on the player and depends on the reason. If I reckon I know better, he does what I tell him. If the player is 32 and I'm training his Quickness, which he's telling me is pointless, he's probably right.

  14. 12 hours ago, Experienced Defender said:

    I saw your question already, but I am not sure about the right answer because it's not my area of "expertise". I guess it does affect CA, but don't know how much. @Seb Wassell ?

    Short answer, yes.

    Long answer, only a bit and it's probably worth it. Players that are not naturally adept with both feet cannot train to become two-footed, they can only raise their weaker foot to a reasonable standard. Having a stronger weak foot does "use" CA, but not much, especially if you are not able to raise it to "strong" or "very strong". Being two-footed, especially the further you get up the pitch, is incredibly useful. I would rather have a Striker with "either" footedness and 16 Finishing than a Striker with "Very Strong/Reasonable" and 17 Finishing. Similarly, I'd take that "Very Strong/Reasonable" with 17 Finishing over a "Very Strong/Weak" and 18 Finishing.

  15. On 17/04/2020 at 21:09, Jorge666 said:

    Tell me, I always set up my coaches before anything, if I'm a well known club I settle for nothing less than 4* coaches all on light workload, all individual schemes are whatever is their natural (fully green) positional training, individual focus on whatever is lacking in technical or physical relevant to the position or weakness the player has and generally double intensity unless they're playing a lot of games, I started with 1860 munchen recently, managed between 3.5-4* for all coaches, individual as above method yet I'm getting players stats declining alarmingly, even when they're playing well on the pitch and I only have one match a week, could leaving it on double intensity for just a moment too long cause it to decide you get orange downward arrows on about 8 different attributes and sometimes even reducing by a full point on several attributes, it's beyond ridiculous, I've read other posts saying "CA" is rebalancing etc or "attributes have increased so some must fall to compensate for other ones increasing" but this is happening to young players in good for with good coaches in good condition, there is currently about 6 on my squad this is happening to, none of which have had any stats go up for them to have to rebalance, my team has good training facilities for the standard of league and I leave team training to the assistant manager, which is relevant to my tactics and generally 2 sessions a day... What is going on? It's feeling pointless to even play this latest version when you can't develop players without random destruction of their stats for seemingly no reason... Rant over, am I missing something or what? 

    Over how long a period is this?

  16. On 17/04/2020 at 18:15, Weston said:

    Right, and that makes sense. But in 3 seasons now one determination point was lost and not one trait was picked up until I created this mentoring group in season 4.

    Can you please help me understand why in this mentoring group I have three mentors with 18, 16, and 16 determination, and the three mentees have determinations of 16 dropping to 14, 14 dropping to 13, and 13? Why are they decreasing? Surely it's not the 13 determination mentee dragging the other two down that much while the others watch on?



    Struggling to see that screenshot I'm afraid. Ideally, would need a bit more to go on too. If you believe you've got something amiss, post up in our bugs area and upload the save  :thup:


  17. 20 hours ago, Weston said:

    It happened again!

    • Ranieri is not in the mentoring group and picked up a trait he's not particularly suited to.
    • Mertens has now lost TWO WHOLE DETERMINATION POINTS despite being in a mentoring group with three mentors with higher determination.
    • Kurtic, the 33 year old captain with 18 determination, is one of the mentors, but he has picked up another trait.

    What is going on? Should I just dissolve the whole thing?

    Why on Earth are my young players LOSING determination since I put them in a group with more determined elders? Our team, even after my players have been losing determination, is 3rd most determined in the league! Why are players not in the group picking up traits? Why are the players in the group that are picking up traits the ones. who should be passing them on?

    @Seb Wassell @Rashidi @Experienced Defender Anyone?


    Personality and trait transference happens in a squad that play, train and spend time together.

    Mentoring is a tool which allows you to influence this, biasing certain players towards others. However, it is not a guarantee. Provided players are spending time together, they can be influenced by anyone, especially the more prominent personalities in your squad.

  18. On 16/04/2020 at 05:38, Weston said:

    @Seb Wassell Sorry to bother you, but if you're the man to ask, would you mind helping me out with my issue above as well?


    On 13/04/2020 at 17:10, Weston said:

    Surprised to see this - just discovered my own personality is listed as "unambitious." Any idea how this is determined or how to change it? Is it possible that I am negatively impacting my own players with this personality of mine?


    You won't be negatively impacting your own players development directly, if that is what you are asking, but it may influence your interactions etc. (Personality is an aggregation of certain attributes).

  19. On 14/04/2020 at 22:44, zlatanera said:

     I’m playing FM19. 
    Reserve and Youth squads have their own dynamics and, in the Training drop-down, their own Mentoring setup. 
    However whenever I play around with all players have Light influence on the group, no matter their position in the hierarchy. 
    One the one hand that makes sense to me, they’re all of a similar age having accomplished similar things (nothing). In the other hand, why leave the feature in? Will mentoring still potentially work despite of nobody having significant influence? Is it something that wasn’t fully fledged (and maybe isn’t in future FM)? 

    @Seb Wassell Apologies if this has come up before but I’m quite an intent follower of this thread and I don’t think it has, thought I’d use the tag to go straight to source for some answers :) 

    'Light' can still have an influence, it's just lighter. In practice, this means you're less likely to know who is going to influence who. Whereas in a group with a 'Signifciant' influencer, you can be more confident.

    There is a 'None', which does what it says on the tin and is possibly what you're thinking 'Light' does.

  20. 12 hours ago, mikcheck said:

    @Experienced Defender is it possible to have someone from SI answering this please? Sorry but I don't know their usernames.

    Thank you.


    9 hours ago, Experienced Defender said:

    @Seb Wassell is the one that first comes to my mind when it comes to the training section. 

    AM will base training off of your tactics, the time of season, their own preferences and the current circumstances. They will choose from the template schedules for this.

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