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  1. No worries, apologies for taking so long to respond. We'll keep an eye out for it here too, good spot!
  2. Hi @nick1408 Yeah this does look like a bug - could you upload a save from just before this news item generates please? Details on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Cheers, Andrew
  3. Hi, This issue is still under review. Any fix now would likely only be included in future versions of the game. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Hi @Moroda Yes, in this case it seems likely that the Youth Audit at the end of season isn't taking place - which is another bug we are aware of. If you have a save game from just before final game of season, where board have promised to upgrade Youth Level, could you upload it for us to have a look at, please? Instructions on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Youth Level is calculated by the other factors at the club (Youth Recruitment, Youth Facilities), so if these factors are at a high level, the inability to actually update your Youth Level shouldn't really make a difference to your save. Cheers, Andrew
  5. Hi @herne79 @mikcheck This level of drop off is definitely an example we'd like to have a look at in more detail. Off the top of my head I can't think of anything that would've caused this. If you still have a save available from before the decline started, could you upload to our cloud service, please? Instructions on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi @Henrip Thanks for getting back to us and uploading the save - this is now under review with out dev team Cheers, Andrew
  7. This sounds like an example we'd like to look at. Have you got save games from just before the drops to his Dtermination attribute. It's possible there's a valid explanation to this, but if you send in the saves we can at least have a look and let you know! Instructions on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Hi @Moroda There is a bug we are aware of where Youth Level is correctly upgraded, but the description doesn't update to reflect this. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Hi, This seems to only be affecting B teams, and is something we are still looking into. Cheers, Andrew
  10. If you have a save from just before a change to a mental attribute that you think is inappropriate, we will absolutely look into it. Player progression is a very complex balancing act and any specific examples that don't look right can always help us to improve the way it works
  11. Yes - these mental attributes can change independently from the level of the rest of the squad, and there is no cap based on teammates' level. As I mentioned before, there is still a degree of random chance in the mental progression of players - but leaving it completely down to this would be far less realistic and remove the user's ability to have any affect on progression, which I'm sure would lead to a lot more frustration and anger. Imagine a wonderkid with strong mental stats in a professional squad becoming less and less determined just because the "fm gods" have decided so, with nothing the user could do to stop it Just to emphasise - it is absolutely possible to replicate Ronaldo's 20/20/20 without directly using him as a mentor. I'm actually slightly reassured that it feels impossible, as that would imply it's a realistically difficult feat to achieve Cheers, Andrew
  12. Hi guys, and thanks @herne79 for the @ There have definitely been some good points raised in this thread, so I'll try and clear a few things up and explain why things work as they do. Yes - we do regular soak checks and are able to analyse all the data for average attribute ratings throughout the database and how they increase or decrease as the game progresses. These tests display and acceptably constant average for Det/Pro/Amb attributes. At this point it is worth mentioning that this thread is very focused on the absolute extreme end of the scale of a system designed to maintain realism across the board. As has been mentioned a few times above, players like Ronaldo are very much the exception in real life, as they should be in game. I think it's very presumptive to say "nobody could change that", just because nobody did. Ronaldo joined a Man Utd squad in 2003 that contained Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane and Paul Scholes, as well as being managed by one of the most successful (and Determined) managers of all time in Sir Alex Ferguson. I don't think it's a massive stretch to say that joining such a professional squad in his formative years played a massive role in him becoming the player he is today. If Ronaldo's career path was remodelled in FM it would be possible for him to reach 20/20/20, yes. This would also be dependent upon his CA developing quickly enough for him to become a team leader himself, as it did in real life. Essentially, to recreate a "new Ronaldo" in FM, you would need a *perfect* series of events relating to, player potential, player mentality, squad mentality and of course, luck. It is my opinion that the way this is modelled in game is realistic - but that doesn't mean it is completely bug-free. So if you do have specific examples of player's mental stats decreasing (or increasing) in an unrealistic manner, please upload a save from just before the change takes place, and we'll investigate. Instructions on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hi @ale1969 Thanks for reporting this - have you got a save game from just before the drop in professionalism takes place? If you could upload it for us to have a look at, that would be great. Details on how to upload saves can be found via the link below. Cheers, Andrew
  14. Hi @ThePostman111 Yes, if you could upload a save that would be great thanks. There are a couple of issues we're aware of in this area at the moment: 1) Facilities upgrading correctly but description not changing to reflect this 2) No youth audit taking place at end of season, so although improvements are correctly made, official status doesn't get increased. If you have a save from just before the last game of the season, or just before a request is made that doesn't get fulfilled, that would be great. Instructions on how to upload saves can be found via the link in my last comment. Cheers, Andrew
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