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  1. Hi @djole As far as I'm aware nothing has changed that would specifically affect this - in a couple of checks I've done both Ibra and Ramos have also retired at the end of first season. Often there's nothing we can do to stop these edge cases as we don't want too many older players continuing for too long - but given they still have contracts until 2023, it seems like it's worth investigating.
  2. Thanks guys, if you do find any issues with players retiring too early, could you provide save games with specific examples so we can check them out.
  3. Hi @Stuniverse, Yeah this does seems like a bug, now under review
  4. Hi @danielgear, yeah the colour coding on Intake Distribution pitch is just related to the number of players in each position, rather than their ability.
  5. It has always been the case with regards to View Only leagues, but we are working on improvements to the generation in these leagues as they are currently generating less than they should be. Something we've improved for FM21 is the number of youth players that will generate in foreign nations, and there will still be a good spread of nationalities, especially amongst the highest level of players. For example, in my most recent check Brazil was not loaded as a playable nation, but they still won the World Cup in 2042. No. We are still trying to get the remaining issues fixed. The issue seems to be linked to an unusually high number of free agents and retirements that take place in first season of FM21, which leads to larger intakes in first season and then throws something off with the Player Count for each nation from that point forward. These generation calculations happen each season for each nation, and therefore fixes are save game compatible. Obviously this issue is particularly frustrating for users who play the game in a certain way with an emphasis on players in non-playable leagues, so I can only assure you we are trying to get this fixed. It's a very complicated and delicate balancing act, as well as being time consuming to test, I'll let you know if there are any further updates.
  6. Hi guys, have just been directed to this thread and thought I'd provide some more info where I can. Cases like this where users only have 1 active league but use Advanced Options to load in extra players are affected more than "normal" setups, where the majority of total player count will be players in active leagues. To clarify on this: "View Only" leagues are essentially the same as inactive leagues, but with Rules loaded so you can view league tables etc. They don't receive extra players at game start and therefore won't receive extra newgens compared to other inactive leagues either. If you want to guarantee newgens generate on a consistent basis in a specific nation, then you should add playable leagues in that nation. If you are adding extra players into View-Only leagues, then you may as well make them playable, as this shouldn't crush your game speed and will lead to bigger youth intakes in that nation. We are still trying to iron out some issues that arise deeper into saves regarding total player count.
  7. I've just been directed to this post from the bugs forum. The fix included in today's update should improve the generation of newgens in inactive leagues, but unfortunately we haven't got all the issues linked with decreased total player count 10+ years into a save completely nailed yet (but fix will be save game compatible when we do). However, this shouldn't impact the high CA/PA newgens as we think the player count issues are more closely linked to low quality newgens being released and not finding clubs before retiring young. If the issue is too many high PA players then it would be a generation issue, however if it's too many high CA, then it may be progression. I'll do some digging myself and look forward to hearing what you find!
  8. No worries, @frosty_91. Let us know if you see it again and in the meantime we'll try to reproduce it internally!
  9. There is a degree of luck involved in player development, so I'm inclined to say you were just unlucky that he didn't improve in that first season. Thanks for the saves and we will look into it further, but glad to hear he's made some progress
  10. Thanks for raising this @Hexagon, it's now under review with our dev team
  11. Hi @fierybiscuit Could you upload a save that displays this, please, with details of the players effected?
  12. Hi @loukinhoo, we're aware of some issues regarding the UI of this page during pre-season, I believe this should be fixed for full release.
  13. Hi @BamBamBam Could you provide a save game that displays this issue please, with details on which session you are trying to change?
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