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  1. Hi @zois92 Thanks for your post. Unfortunately with such a small sample size I think you've probably just been unlucky. We run injury rate numbers at around 80% compared to real life, but this doesn't mean some freak injury crises like this are impossible I'm afraid!
  2. Correct. And inactive leagues should only struggle when they have extra players loaded at game start using advanced db settings. Not quite the same, but the biggest factor in game processing speed is the player count, and view-only leagues are also already running all the competition's rulegroups. So adding a league as playable in this situation would add extra functionality and stability for clubs there (more Youth Intakes, transfers, staff hiring etc) without adding to the player count or rulegroups - it would probably be a tad slower as a result but worth doing in my opinion
  3. Yes, inactive leagues are any leagues that appear in game that have not been added as playable, which includes view-only leagues. View Only leagues are inactive leagues that simulate all the matches and rulegroups for that competition, but does not add any extra players from those leagues to the starting db. This means that if you use custom db setups to add extra players to a View-Only league, then you may as well just load it as Playable, as it won't slow your game down at all but will add a lot more structure and stability to the nation. Inactive Leagues are indeed designed
  4. The latest update 21.3.0 contains fixes aimed at improving Youth Intake numbers for both active and inactive leagues, as well as maintaining the long term total player count in saves. All changes are save game compatible. We have introduced a stricter "minimum value" for the amount of players per intake. This means that top flight clubs should receive at least 8 players in every intake, with lower division clubs receiving slightly less - in most cases this should always be at least 4+. These minimum values are now met regardless of the total player count in game, so even if the tota
  5. To confirm, this is still under review with our dev team. We are working on ways to increase the minimum amount of players per Youth Intake for AI clubs. All changes will be save compatible when they're ready. Obviously this thread has had a lot of comments, could I ask that any issues that aren't specifically related to the number of players in Youth Intakes are raised in new, separate threads in the relevant subsection. This makes it much easier for us to make sure nothing slips the net and to track progress with fixes etc.
  6. To confirm, this is still under review with our dev team. We are working on ways to increase the minimum amount of players per Youth Intake for AI clubs. All changes will be save compatible when they're ready.
  7. @Nick_CBAh, I understand now. Yep, good spot. Could you upload a save game with this issue present and we can take a look?
  8. Hi @Sbn600 Please could you upload a save game with this issue present https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/
  9. Hi @04ambroj There has been a FIFA rule change which means players are allowed to switch national allegiance even after playing competitive matches for a nation, on the condition that when the matches were played they were u21 and already eligible for the nation they're switching to: https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveprice/2020/09/19/fifa-eligibility-rule-change-offers-world-cup-hopes-for-one-cap-wonders/?sh=1b4300df511e
  10. Thanks for your post. This is an issue we aware of that happens deep into long term saves. We are working on ways to try and increase the number of newgens per Youth Intake for AI clubs. When the fix is ready it will save game compatible and you should see the number of players in your leagues start to rise back up again. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Hi @Flashman\'s School Days Thanks for your post and the detailed description. It looks like you've done a good job with the club finances, I'd imagine the "Insecure" label is due to the recent history of bad finances and the outstanding debt. Once the stadium has been built, which will hopefully lead to a better stream of income, hopefully the financial status will again improve and the owners won't feel as insecure or cautious. If you don't notice any change going forward then please upload a save and we can take a look to see if there's anything under the hood that explain this,
  12. Hi @Mikew1965 Could you upload a save game that displays this issue, please?
  13. Thanks for raising this @ashok_mittal_83, if you have a save game from just before an example of a player changing their preferred training sessions could you upload it for us to have a look at, please?
  14. Hi @Tryllefot Yes, this has been removed as a trait as all the other traits work with an on/off system, which is different for weak foot ability. What happens in game now is that the most professional players are more likely to put in extra work for their weak foot ability in training sessions, but this is something we are hopefully looking to tidy up and make a bit clearer in future versions.
  15. Hi @BenMcCluskey Thanks for raising this. Off the top of my head I can't think why this would be the case. If you have a save game available could you upload it for us to have a look at, please?
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