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  1. @Fflow You will able to satisfy most players in the way you describe; editing their individual training or changing up the team sessions and schedules.

    However, just like in the real world, you cannot please all the players all the time. Some players don't want to work hard in training, some only want to work on certain things, some may only feel satisfied with extremely intense training. And sometimes you'll have two players that want the complete opposite to one another.

    You're the Manager, make the call that suits you best. If the players cannot take it, maybe they need moving on...

  2. 2 hours ago, tonypulis said:

    Sorry... Yes i have a semi professional club but when i change the ones day training for example the default setting is endurance and outfield i change it ouickness and resistance and press confim then becomes unavailable on calendar and i cannot change it back if i want it..is this normal or something i am doing is wrong.

    Could you post in our bugs area please?

  3. On 19/03/2020 at 14:41, zlatanera said:

    Perhaps QQ&A was the wrong section, so I'm just going to repost my question here:

    Another question about traits, one I just thought about having finally managed to get a player to un-learn 'Dwells On Ball'.

    Do the attributes of the coach, in terms of their relevance to the move being trained, affect the success of trait training?

    i.e. If I want to train an attacking to 'Move Into Channels' should I select my coach with the best combo of Attacking and Tactical training, whereas if I wanted a player to learn 'Marks Opponent Tightly' I'd choose a coach with good Defending and Technical training? 

    If this is the case, does it make a difference if said coach is also assigned to those training sessions in the Training module?


    On 19/03/2020 at 15:25, Experienced Defender said:

    I guess @Seb Wassell or someone else from the SI Staff with expertise in the training section should know the answer to your question.

    They do not make a difference to the player's ability to learn the trait but they do make a difference to the accuracy of the advice offered by the coach regarding learning a trait.

  4. On 10/03/2020 at 12:46, Marbah said:

    Hi there, late to the party but I have a tiny question.

    Is there any guide or explanation of what the phrases in the 1st youth intake message mean? 'looks promising', 'has the ability to go far', 'showing great potential', ' etc. what should I look for in my intakes and what should I avoid?

    That would be telling. There is no "X adjective = Y ability".

  5. 7 hours ago, h3nrique_SEP said:

    Does the match preparation training affects only the next match? And i have to set it before each game?

    Cause in the match preparation area in the general training screen, it shows that the match preparation that i trained for the last match, still active.

    I thought @Seb Wassell can reply me

    english is not my first language

    Only the next match, yes. I believe the section you are referring to shows what has been trained that week. @Andrew James will be able to clarify if needed.

  6. 4 hours ago, Jack Joyce said:

    The attributes highlighted as being key/preferred were reviewed and rewritten when we did the tactics revamp. As part of the design we got in a small group and reviewed everything together. We decided on each based on real-life analysis of players that play those roles, but also how the attributes system works in the ME. After that the final consideration that had to be made is that we differentiated the roles enough from eachother so that the role scoring isn't getting the same scores for multiple roles too often.

    Then came the testing and iteration, which basically amounted to putting in our changes and viewing random players, making sure that the suggested role made sense. Considering the amount of players in the DB this was a very difficult balancing process! But I think we got a good balance overall.

    If you have any further questions feel free to DM me and i'll answer if I can.

    Much coffee was drunk :D

  7. On 20/02/2020 at 15:14, Experienced Defender said:

    On this score, will non-match preparation sessions stack up? For example, you set all 3 sessions on a given that to the Attacking>Attacking Patient? Will they count as if it was just one session in terms of attribute boosting, or the effect will be triple? 


    Those ones do stack :thup:

    On 21/02/2020 at 00:07, zindrinho said:

    I have never really figured out how the Welcome player to club works as mentoring, is there any difference what I say to the player I ask to welcome a new signing?

    FOr example, is there any way to make sure a new player does or doesn't pick up a PPM?

    I remember how tutoring used to have 2 options, 1 for tutee to get personality change with no PPM, and another one to give him PPM's, is the 4 different options to welcome a player somewhat similar?

    I don't believe any of them should result in Player Trait transference, it's an off-field thing.

  8. On 07/02/2020 at 07:43, tarzanofmars said:

    Liverpool fan here, rumor has it that Milner may rejoin Leeds after we win the PL (yes I'm saying we will win it now, held off until last week haha), can't blame him. Just as long as we get him back as a 1st team or academy coach when he retires ;) 

    So there's a good transfer for you.

    Would love to see Leeds and Forest come up, hope you two don't have to face each other in playoffs.

    Hasn't he just signed a new contract?

  9. On 13/02/2020 at 17:31, Sharkn20 said:

    Will two Match Preparation (attacking movement and tactics i.e.) training stack up for the next match? Or just the last one before the game will count?


    On 14/02/2020 at 05:02, HUNT3R said:

    Both will count.


    But only one of each type will count. So 2 x Attacking Movement would not equal double the attacking movement benefit.

  10. 18 hours ago, outofroutine said:

    Thanks @Seb Wassell! And do you know if they do degrade? For example, I am at 11th season in my game (FM19 - all playable English leagues) and I notice that many teams have upgraded their facilities, so many of PL/CL clubs has SOA/Superb Y/T facilities, but then if it continues like that it won't be a realistic/fun experience (overly increased player quality in total) - as in real life, not all of the clubs make such progress - but some make no progress, or some even degrade (eg. poor financial management).

    I am curious to hear more insights on this, I hope you/another staff member can clarify. 

    Yes, Facilities and Stadiums degrade over time as technology evolves and infrastructure ages.

    Edit - You will on occasions receive an inbox item informing you to the effect of "due to technological advances X has been downgraded"

  11. 5 hours ago, MrDarrenPerry1 said:

    I have spent millions to get the best youth facilities, everything is state of the art and exceptional, stocked the youth staff with highest reputation people, got the best attributes HoYD, and yet every single year my academy produces garbage kids. Something seriously wrong. 

    "Garbage" is relative. If you're Real Madrid, it's gonna be hard to produce a player worthy of being considered "good enough". It also comes down to luck, generational talents are called that for a reason, you'd expect one per generation. Nothing is wrong.

  12. 18 hours ago, Wigwam said:


    Stand back while I rip the hinges off these assertions

    Three results of a standard unedited game (the median PA player is highlighted, and PA is the last figure on the right):




    Three results with the following edits:

    France game importance set to 'completely useless' and nation reputation of '1'
    Bordeaux, PSG, Monaco, Lyon, Marseille youth facilities all set to '1'




    Lyon unedited = 128-130, 124, 135-141
    Lyon edited = 123, 131-134, 126-154

    The average median PA of Lyon unedited = 131.6
    The average median PA of Lyon edited = 133.6

    Now let's go back over what Seb claims. He claims that 'game importance' and 'youth facilities' are 2 of 5 factors, and that these 5 factors contribute to PA equally. If this is true, then we would expect to see median PA decrease by at least 20% surely. Seb is obviously wrong here.

    I measured several teams, not just Lyon. I didn't screenshot these, just recorded the data.


    Monaco - 125, 129-143, 134 = 132.7
    PSG - 124-131, 124-135, 97-113 = 120.6
    Marseille - 119-120, 103-105, 107-118 = 112

    Orleans - 100, 105, 105 = 103.3
    Paris FC - 83-96, 96-100, 91-94 = 93.3
    Ajaccio - 78-88, 101, 97 = 91


    Monaco - 125-139, 135-145, 135-141 = 136.6
    PSG - 92-131, 150-151, 111-119 = 125.6
    Marseille - 124, 104, 123 = 117

    Orleans - 86-94, 107-108, 93 = 97.6
    Paris FC - 84, 107-114, 96 = 100.2
    Ajaccio - 92-101, 95-106, 86-89 = 94.8


    Some anticipated counter-points:

    I've done a lot of testing, and what I've found is that the median always stays the same, regardless of whether there are 3 or 16 regens.

    But even if you don't believe that, I've given the results for Orleans, Paris FC and Ajaccio, which each have 12-14 regens.

    The median almost always sticks within a range of -/+ ~10%, and averaging 5 medians makes it even more accurate. If the chance of 1 result being an inaccurate blip is say 10%, then the chance of 2 of the 3 being inaccurate blips is 1%.

    The other thing it could be changing is the deviation from the mean. For instance, 'very important' might result in significantly more 190 PA players, whereas 'completely useless' rarely produces players above 150 PA.

    But this is not what I noticed at all. You can see that in one of my edited results, Lyon got a 189 PA regen. I also saw that Auxerre produced a 194 PA player. So game importance/youth facilities does not appear to alter the distribution of PA at all.

    Game importance does not seem to reduce the number of regens produced by the nation, nor the average PA of all the nation's regens either. First image is unedited database, second image is edited database:





    The attitude here is not appreciated, nor is it helpful.

    You have misinterpreted my comments or I have explained poorly. It is YR, YF, and JC that equally contribute. There is also of course variance factored in, medians/modes may not be the best approach in this case.

    If you believe you have discovered an issue that needs investigating, please post here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/

  13. 8 hours ago, timbo1983 said:

    Hi @Seb Wassell. Thanks for your reply and all your help thus far. I have actually given the game a rest for awhile as I find it unplayable with the current ME bugs, but I digress. I took your advice in my next couple of seasons and signed my youth players to pro contracts immediately. Also signed up any with average potential whenever any other clubs started sniffing around them and have prevented poaching. My question now is, you mentioned this works both ways, but unless I am doing something wrong I have not found this to be the case. I will often search for players in the scouting centre and filter them by "contract type > youth contract" given the advice you provided above. I thought these should be players that I can just offer a contract to as they are not signed to a professional deal? However I am never given the option to offer them a contract and a scout report will always come back with an exorbitant fee for those youth players with high potential. So basically in 2.5 seasons I had 2 players poached in my first season, and have not been able to poach anyone myself. Am I wrong in assuming that looking for players who are only on youth contracts is the way to poach youngsters from AI teams?

    It sounds as if those players have already signed provisional professional contracts, so whilst they are still on a youth contract this is only until they turn X age, meaning you cannot sign them without negotiating a transfer deal. Note that likely won't be for "free" either, depending on nation there will be a compensation fee etc.

  14. 1 hour ago, 50-pence said:

    Thank you guys.

    @Seb WassellWould you say the way WWY is *supposed* to rise is merely by incorporating youth into the first team? Or training youth? Developing youth into full regulars? Working as U19 and U23 intl coach?

    What's the path to it?

    If you don't mind me being coy this once, I'd rather we investigated to discover why (/if) it isn't functioning as intended before detailing how it works.

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