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  1. Never mind a Saturday night. London is a proper 24-hour city, if you want a beer at any hour on a random Tuesday night you can find it if you look hard enough.
  2. Anyone else encountered a glitched Carabao Cup in the second season? I won my first round match but the second round draw never occurred. On the calendar it just keeps getting pushed back to the next day but never happens. I got to the date the second round games should have been and still nothing. Now my calendar is showing that the draw for the second round and third round should occur on successive days but neither ever does. Went back to a save a couple of days after the first round game which is the earliest save I have and the problem keeps occurring so seemingly no way around it for me. Anyone had the same thing or is it just me?
  3. I think the option to create one comes when you start boosting your youth facilities/category to a certain level.
  4. The one where the commentary goes "... almost got lucky with that" or "... certainly didn't mean that!"? Definitely seems to be a common issue, seen loads of mentions of it on here. For me personally I see them almost literally two or three times every single match even just watching "key" highlights (sometimes they get tipped over the bar as well as the near post ones). It's by far my biggest issue with the match engine currently, drives me nuts when you get a long build-up in the highlight, wondering where it is going... oh it's another mishit cross.
  5. Anyone else noticed any weird goings on with their team of the season at the end of season awards night? The guy who played right wing for me (and finished with joint highest goals, top assists and highest average rating in the league as well as easily winning the fan's player of the season) was put in to the team at left full back. At right wing was a guy who made 10 appearances (only 1 start) with a crap average rating and was sold in January. My back-up right back was in the team at left wing. My main striker (who had joint highest goals and second highest average rating in the league and came second in the fan's player of the season award) didn't even make the team, losing out to my back-up striker (who also did have good stats but nowhere near as good and didn't even register in the vote for fan's player of the year). Not a big deal by any means but a little odd to say the least. EDIT - also, not so weird as the above but it's annoying that after promotion, in your end of season team meeting the absolute best target you can set is a mid-table finish. My team had smashed the league, progressed well in the cups (and already had a high reputation relative to the league we were in). They were unhappy due to my low target, but even then the highest I could suggest was to finish in the play-offs next season. My players still were unhappy with that, so went from almost universally perfect morale at the start of the meeting to almost all middling morale in one fell swoop. I imagine not many teams would encounter that problem but it seems silly to me that you can't just suggest whatever goal for the following season you want rather than being limited to 3 or 4 possible ones.
  6. Haven't seen it on 18 yet but once or twice on 17 I got a message in my inbox saying something along the lines of due to something happening in his personal life a young player's attitude had changed with a determination increase. Only happened to regens that I saw. Also I noticed in 18 the other day that a player's bravery stat dropped. It was just after an he got injured that I noticed it, not sure if it was related (not a bad injury, just out for 2 or 3 weeks I think). Nice addition if so, it would make sense for a player who had got a concussion in a challenge or something to be a little bit more wary of sticking his head in where it hurts for a while afterwards.
  7. During the beta, when you went to load a tactic you had the option of sorting files by most recently created. Since the full game landed I seem to only have the option to sort files by title or user, which is much less useful. I'm pretty sure the same thing happened between FM17 beta/full game as well. Not a big deal by any means but just seems a bit of an odd choice to cut out from beta to full game, not sure if it's deliberate? Cheers.
  8. I had this issue too. Weirdly, if you search by potential ability "is" and then type in -95, -9 etc then the results come up fine.
  9. Not sure about the bigger name players but definitely in the lower leagues, I've noticed a couple of players at Luton who have had attributes/positions changed since the beta for example.
  10. Are planning/building delays an actual thing in the game or have I just got a bug? My board agreed to expand my stadium (only by about 1,000 seats if memory serves), and in the board requests section it says it should have been completed by the 22/7/17. However it's now the 28/10/2017 and still no expansion. On the board promises screen the blue bar is full as if the promise had been completed, but on the left hand side it still says "Planning" (rather than "Completed"). I've had no news item about the status of the expansion since I first requested it in May 2017. Is this a bug or have my board just employed some chancers for the building work? I'll post it in the right section if it is a bug but wanted to make sure first. A bit worried it's a potential game ender as it won't let me request a new stadium while the expansion is still in progress, which I would eventually need in a long term save. Thanks in advance for any advise!
  11. What's the betting the FA now feel they need to be seen to be "taking action" and choose to **** over the lower leagues with B Teams...
  12. His PA did take a decent hit in 16.3 to be fair, although he can still become very good even so.
  13. Yeah just came here to mention Hernandez, he looks a true bargain: Questions over his consistency and fairly susceptible to injuries, but at that price he's well worth a punt for a season. Pretty much guaranteed to sell on for a profit too. Just negotiating a contract with him at Leicester, he agreed to £35k per week plus reasonable bonuses. I have a feeling you could get him to agree to a bit lower if you pushed him hard enough.
  14. I don't think you have to be a Spurs fan to be surprised at his PA remaining unchanged from 16.2. I'm certainly not a Spurs fan and it immediately stood out to me as weird, what more does a player have to do to suggest his potential is higher than previously assessed? I'll definitely be giving his PA a bump with the editor.
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