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  1. I had this issue too. Weirdly, if you search by potential ability "is" and then type in -95, -9 etc then the results come up fine.
  2. Not sure about the bigger name players but definitely in the lower leagues, I've noticed a couple of players at Luton who have had attributes/positions changed since the beta for example.
  3. Are planning/building delays an actual thing in the game or have I just got a bug? My board agreed to expand my stadium (only by about 1,000 seats if memory serves), and in the board requests section it says it should have been completed by the 22/7/17. However it's now the 28/10/2017 and still no expansion. On the board promises screen the blue bar is full as if the promise had been completed, but on the left hand side it still says "Planning" (rather than "Completed"). I've had no news item about the status of the expansion since I first requested it in May 2017. Is this a bug or have my board just employed some chancers for the building work? I'll post it in the right section if it is a bug but wanted to make sure first. A bit worried it's a potential game ender as it won't let me request a new stadium while the expansion is still in progress, which I would eventually need in a long term save. Thanks in advance for any advise!
  4. [Luton Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes, he's still on £1,000 p/w. He's also only contracted until summer 2017 - should be 2018: http://www.lutontown.co.uk/news/article/danny-hylton-signs-for-the-hatters-3130895.aspx Another contract issue I noticed is McGeehan; he's only got until summer 2017 in-game, but extended to 2018 back in February: http://www.lutontown.co.uk/news/article/luton-town-extend-cameron-mcgeehan-contract-2964949.aspx Also I think James Justin needs adjusting, currently he has "Right only" as his preferred foot, but in real life we've been hearing from various sources (and seeing for ourselves, Villa game especially) that he is nearly equally comfortable on both feet. http://www.luton-dunstable.co.uk/luton-town-james-justin-has-8216-big-future-ahead-of-him-8217-says-stephen-o-8217-donnell/story-29555588-detail/story.html http://www.lutontoday.co.uk/sport/football/luton-town/jones-hails-superb-youngster-justin-on-full-debut-1-7521896 Having now played half a season, I really feel the youngsters need another look at. In real life, Justin, Famewo, and Musonda especially, and Bakinson, Banton and King to a slightly lesser extent, are fully fledged members of the first team squad, ready to step in when called on. In game, they are so far away from that standard which leaves the squad incredibly short of depth in some positions, which in real life it isn't. It makes it pretty hard to get an enjoyable save going, we don't have the funds to sign too many new players so you are left with a squad barely capable of fulfilling their match obligations, and a game experience missing one of the most appealing aspects of our club currently (i.e. the exciting youth products). In fact even in the u23s they get battered most weeks in my game. I'm not saying they should all be potential world-beaters, but they shouldn't be a million miles off the standard of the current first team either (Justin especially who is arguably our first choice full back IRL at this point, but in-game probably has 50% of the current ability of Stephen O'Donnell).
  5. [Luton Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Bit disappointed with some of the youngsters, none of whom look like being anywhere near good enough for the first team which is clearly not the case in real life. Also Akin Famewo is listed as a central midfielder who is extremely right footed - in reality he is a left footed centre back. I also think McGeehan could do with a rework. Not to make him better necessarily, but he's clearly a different type of player now to what he was when he first came, but he's barely changed in-game. Could anyone seriously see him as a natural DM now? He should be a natural AM if anything, certainly accomplished, he plays there as often as not. His tackling should be a bit lower, at the moment it's one of his better attributes whereas he rarely wins the ball back in real life. His work rate may be a bit high too, he's certainly not an all-action midfield type these days. I think his anticipation should be by far his highest attribute, he scores so many tap ins and scruffy goals just by being in the right place at the right time. Also he should have the PPM "Gets into opposition area" (assuming that still exists in FM17), it's his trademark. Also a bit diappointed that Marriott seemingly hasn't changed a great deal despite a great season last year. His pace especially seems very low (no way on Earth is he slower than CMS or McQuoid as he is in-game, he's almost certainly the quickest player in our squad with the possible exception of Pelly in real life).
  6. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    What's the betting the FA now feel they need to be seen to be "taking action" and choose to **** over the lower leagues with B Teams...
  7. His PA did take a decent hit in 16.3 to be fair, although he can still become very good even so.
  8. FM16: Minimum Fee Release Players.

    Yeah just came here to mention Hernandez, he looks a true bargain: Questions over his consistency and fairly susceptible to injuries, but at that price he's well worth a punt for a season. Pretty much guaranteed to sell on for a profit too. Just negotiating a contract with him at Leicester, he agreed to £35k per week plus reasonable bonuses. I have a feeling you could get him to agree to a bit lower if you pushed him hard enough.
  9. I don't think you have to be a Spurs fan to be surprised at his PA remaining unchanged from 16.2. I'm certainly not a Spurs fan and it immediately stood out to me as weird, what more does a player have to do to suggest his potential is higher than previously assessed? I'll definitely be giving his PA a bump with the editor.
  10. Which one?

    Never managed Morata personally, but he looks excellent on my current save one season in: Looks like a much more complete forward than the other options. For Lewis Cook? You can definitely get him cheaper than that (I got him for £6.5m mostly spread out over 24 months and 10% of profit on next fee), so maybe leave it a week or two and try to renegotiate. Ultimately though money isn't much of an object for Arsenal and Cook seems to be one of if not the best young English midfielder on the game, so you'll probably end up buying him at some point anyway.
  11. FM16: Breel Embolo: The Swiss Wonderkid

    I'm trying him out as a Shadow Striker at the moment in a kind of lop-sided 4-3-3 (False nine or defensive forward up top, an inside forward on the right wing and Embolo to the left of centre with an attacking wing back aggressively pushing in to the space outside of him). Pre-season results have been good (season 2) but I haven't kicked a competitive ball yet so too early to say. If I was guessing, I would suggest that he isn't really the right type of AMC to play in between attacking inside forwards and an advanced forward; you'd want more of a playmaker in there somewhere to make the most of the runs those players make.
  12. Anyone come across this guy yet? Looks pretty fantastic for an 18 year old. Starts the game at Partizan, he's just been signed on my save for £725,000 in summer 2016. Scouts raving about his potential.
  13. Looks like he has a lot of random stats, he looks completely different on my save (off the ball = 14, natural fitness = 13 to name two large differences).
  14. £36 million in summer 2016 (Arsenal are AI managed so I suspect he could be picked up a bit cheaper by a human player with some negotiating).