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  1. I was going to say cheers for the plug @quee but then I saw it was on Pg. 13 - so thanks for going back to that post and linking to my blog.
  2. Thanks @Crazy_Ivan Big fan of The Hunt for the Red October by any chance?
  3. I had players come through at Reggina who were good enough for the Italian side in FM18. It's what made me play it even when FM19 came out. I had about 5-6 youth team players that were in the first team. You can take a look at some of them here (https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/category/football-manager/football-manager-18/) The players to look out for are Bagnoli, Pantane, Barca, Bongiorno and Speri. I also had a goalkeeper Ulliano too but I never analysed goalkeeping metrics as they're 'lacking' in game.
  4. Latest edition to my blog has landed here https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2020/05/16/ac-milan-2021-22-summer-transfer-window-update/
  5. Latest blog piece on my AC Milan save has landed https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2020/05/16/ac-milan-2021-22-summer-transfer-window-update/
  6. The image gives you a good idea of what I've tried to do in this save write-up.
  7. @quee suggested that I put my AC Milan save into here for you guys to read it in case you've not come across it in the FM CU page. You can read about the save (and an old Reggina save) here. I hope you enjoy your reading and the different approach I've taken. https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/
  8. Thanks - hope you enjoy it when you find the time to read the three posts.
  9. I want more from my strikers than purely just goals. Sure it's good that he top-scored, but I want more of a contribution in terms of involvement and assists. I think, being hyper-critical too that he could have scored more.
  10. Latest posts are to be found here. And yes, that is posts plural! http://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2020/04/06/ac-milan-2020-21-season-player-analysis-hub/
  11. Link now updated @Ronaldo Beckham @karanhsingh @n1mez @Hootieleece - thought you might be interested to know there's a new post.
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