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  1. Looking at the below screenshot, it appears that FM player search is unable to discern between minutes played for the first-team and for reserve team/youth team football. This leads to incomplete/apparently 'made up' non-random (it appears) data. If we were able to differentiate between senior football and youth/reserve team football in searches, this might help to remove some of these issues (or at least hide them) when seeking to look into player analytics.
  2. There is some data that is available within the match engine statistics that we aren't able to access in the Player Statistics screen in the Squad page, like Clear Cut Chances and Half Chances. This would be very useful information to have to look at how good players were at converting chances. I appreciate that xG is presumably impossibly difficult to implement into the game as it stands, and CCCs and HCs are by no mean substitutes of this, but this information, since it exists in-game would be useful alongside other information like Shots on Target, etc.
  3. @Christopher Lewis Just started a new save file and this still seems to be an issue?
  4. My game seems to have crashed when autosaving. It hasn't progressed beyond the captured shot below for several minutes - I'm not that far through the game so it can't be the size of the save. Let me know if you need more information.
  5. Hi @Andrew James- I'm afraid I don't have a save prior to the negotiation but I did save it when the bug happened so I've uploaded that (Chris Mason - Lyon - Bug) In terms of extra information - I did not include any players as part of the transfer, the AI specifically proposed the p-ex of the two players once with the first negotiation and then added the duplicated with the second negotiation. The negotiations took place during 'live negotiations' after pressing 'Suggest Terms'. Let me know if you need anything else - I'm happy to help.
  6. As you can see from the above screenshot, the same player has been requested to be part of the same deal twice. This cropped up after I tried to negotiate the deal after the initial bid (leaving the px players unchanged).
  7. I've raised this issue with the non-beta version of the game before but it's still showing in the public beta so thought I'd raise it again. The Dist/90 are all showing 0.00km despite the players individual stats screens showing the Dist/90.
  8. I'm having the exact same issue over and over. It's actually quite exasperating.
  9. @Andrew James Sadly I have deleted the save game on my laptop that I put onto your cloud server and the three rolling saves have moved beyond this date. I could try holidaying to the next youth intake day to see if the problem happens again if that might help? I was able to offer the youth candidates contracts after a few days, but not initially after they were generated for at least two days. What I did to get the screen was what I've done every time the newgens are created on youth intake day. I went to the youth intake team from the Inbox new item, clicked on the profiles of the respective players and then clicked offer contract and then the images I've attached are what came up - a contract screen that I couldn't submit an offer on.
  10. Hi @Andrew James No, this doesn't sound familiar to me. This happened as soon as the newgens were created in my save, on the same day as they dropped. I reloaded the save a day or two later on the same day and still had the same issue. I played forwards a couple of days and then I had the option to give the players I wanted to keep contracts. Thanks Chris
  11. As you can see, I'm not able to offer a newgen youth intake player in my U18s a contract when he came into my team. Have uploaded my save file - Newgen contract issue.fm
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