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  1. My final FM21 post - I hope you enjoy this blog and have enjoyed the series
  2. Had the below goal scored in a game but the xG value for the shot looks very low given the situation/player positions. This is the highlight of the goal, so the stat has already updated. PKM is FC Porto v Le Havre.pkm which I've uploaded onto your ownCloud
  3. https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2021/08/22/ac-le-havre-2025-26-season-review/ I've been busy - this is a longer post that my usual so you might want to ensure you have a nice drink to go alongside this read. There's graphics aplenty in this update, so please drop the like button on the post if you enjoyed reading it.
  4. Latest update from me with some focus on graphics, including GIF goals, squad profile, goal distributions (seen below) and also a wave goodbye to Hannibal. https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2021/08/16/ac-le-havre-2024-25-season-review/
  5. Very nice - I like the graphics. Perhaps look to shade them by using transparency if making them in Office, e.g. PowerPoint?
  6. http://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2021/07/22/ac-le-havre-2023-24-season-review/ Latest update after a work related break from blogging. Includes more graphics on amortisation, squad profiles and transfer news.
  7. http://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2021/04/18/ac-le-havre-2022-23-sailing-out-to-a-european-waters/ The latest in my series of blog posts at Le Havre has dropped. It includes graphics like the one attached for those wanting an idea as to what my save is all about.
  8. @Luke Hume I've just uploaded it: Chris Mason - Le Havre I've noticed another probably bug too. Is it know about the divergence between recorded assists/goal scorers and actual goal scorers/assisters and minutes scored in a game when going back to view old games? Passing maps also seem entirely out too.
  9. Latest post is up and it's a review of the 2021-22 season.
  10. According to the attached image, the number of Key Headers Won is greater than the number of Headers Won - how is this possible? If you need the file save, please let me know.
  11. https://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2021/02/16/ac-le-havre-2021-22-mid-season-update/ The latest post provides a mid-season update of our first season in Ligue 1. Includes graphics like this...
  12. Latest blog post from me reviews the 2020-21 season and incoming transfers - hope you like the graphics on xPts differentials and G-xG. Attached is just a teaser to other graphics in there. http://afmoldtimer.home.blog/2021/02/06/ac-le-havre-2020-21-la-joie-de-vivre/
  13. I'd love to know how you can have 254 POMs out of 25 games... Save game - Chris Mason - Le Havre
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