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  1. Make the centre centreback a stopper. If he’s got good aggression and anticipation stats he may be able to close them down
  2. Back in Serie B with Venezia. After going from FMTouch to a laptop I played with Hamburg for a season, which I enjoyed but in the back of my mind I was always thinking about little Venezia playing against AC Milan and Juve...... Just started so should have a first transfer window update soon.
  3. @Rashidi when I play a 4-2-3-1 and use a AMC (AP-s) he rarely gets involved, but playing him deeper in the same role in a 4-3-3 sees him having a big influence on the game. If I gave him the “comes deeper to get the ball” trait would this have the same effect if I put him back in the AMC role of a 4-2-3-1?
  4. When I play a 4231 I also to struggle to get anything from the AMC, however the same player in a MC position still playing as an advanced playmaker does WAY better. Therefore, I wonder if “drops back to receive ball” (or whatever the trait is” would have the same effect in a 2DM version.
  5. Hi all. Haven’t been posting for a while as my iPad has been playing up. The good news is I’ve ordered a new laptop which will be delivered tomorrow. Undecided between restarting with Venezia or starting afresh with Hamburg or Stuttgart.
  6. There is none. Unless you’ve found anything?
  7. VENEZIA FC - 2022/23 - End of Season Review I fully intended on doing the usual mid-season update but this was the weird season due to the world cup so it all went to pot and i was so busy with work that i didn't have time to pull anything together. So the aim at the start of the season was to build up on our 11th place finish and quality for the Euro Cup. I also promised a lot of player movement in the transfer market and that certainly happened: OUT ST - Sabatcheu to Norwich - £2.1m LB - Felicioli to Bologna - £5m RW - Aramu to Empoli - £3m CM - Lusamba to Zaragoza - £2.6m As well as a lot of free transfers to free up wage budget. IN MC - Boulanger from Barecona B - £850k (a youngster to work on) RW - Simon from River Plate - £2m (a young back up to Tutino, lots of pace a scope for improvement) MC - Otavio from Bordeaux £1.4m (optional fee as part of the loan deal last year) MC - Carrascal from River Plate - £3.6m (attacking midfielder with plenty of potential) LB - Amavi from Marsielle - £7.5m (impressive wing back, good on the ball and good defender) The season started REALLY well, so well in fact that when we broke in November for the World Cup we were TOP OF SERIE A by 4 points! The team clicked really well, Rollheiser was scoring, Unuvar looked good, the midfield with Alena as the main creator and Otavia as the "destroyer", looked in control of most games and were creating plenty of chances. Obviously that didn't last! The team became unsettled when bids started coming in for the stars, Goalkeeper Farinez, striker Rollheiser,central defenders Cistana & Gravillon and midfield creator Alena also received some bids which were all rejected. Eventually I relented and sold Rollheiser to Jiangsu for £20m, Farinez went to Wolfsburg for £9m and my rightback, Gorosabel, went to Athletico Madrid for £9.75m. Flavien Tate also went to Brest for £750k - bless him!!! I accepted a £20m bid for Cistana but he failed to agree terms so ended up staying. To replace them I bought in: Right back, Bouah from Milan for £8.25m, midfielder Monchu from Barcelona B for £425k (expiring contract), winger Martin Terrier from Lyon for £4.5m (to give Unuvar some competition) and young striker Damiani from Cagliari for £3.9, which is already looking like an absolute bargain!! Back to the league: Not going to lie, it took ages to recover. The morale of some players were still effected and it took a while to get things back on track. We'd lost our star striker and captain. We plummeted down the league and found ourselves as low at 10th!!! Luckily a couple more tactic tweaks worked well and we climbed back up to 6th and QUALIFIED FOR EUROPE!!! As you can see from the league table we're still quite a way off the pack but again, a good platform to build upon. Will look to strengthen and hope there's a couple of bargains going! By the way, at the start of the season, Milan winger Suso was a free agent so I shattered my wage budget to sign him, but he ended up signing with Lyon for HALF the weekly wages I offered! The fiend!! haha.
  8. Ok god that’s terrible. In real life Forest had Sean O’Driscoll in charge who was doing really well and he was fired as soon as Fawaz took over. Put us back years.
  9. VENEZIA FC - 2020/21 - End of Season Review Dreams of the top 10 So, the aim for this season was to make the top 10 and we started out well..... but do ever have a situation where your tactics are working fine and then with no reasons whatsoever it just implodes?? You have? Oh good.... me too!! After a promising pre-season we started the league campaign with two losses - not ideal, but they were very close losses in which we played well and I consider us to be unlucky. Even the 3-0 loss to Sampdoria in week 2 was a case of us dominating but they had a penalty and two goals from direct free kicks. We then put 4 past Genoa, 4 past Milan and beat eventual Serie A winners, Inter, 1-0 away. Then with no tactical or personnel changes we imploded and only won another 2 games from 14 games up until Christmas! After Christmas, I switched to a more defensive, counter attacking 4-2-3-1 which saw mild improvements in that I won a whopping SIX games from the next 16 games. @quee will be delighted to know I swapped back to a 4-3-3 and like a switch was flipped I won 4 out of 5, scoring 13 goals in the process and conceding 6. We ended up missing out on the top 10 in the final match. Roma scored a late equalised meaning Fiorentina's win over Genoa was enough to put them ahead on points and knock me down to 11th. Player Reviews Antonio Fiordilino had the highest OVR rating with 7.21 and he excelled in the DLP(D) role in the 4-3-3, followed by the Brazilian midfielder, Otavio, who i signed on loan from Bordeaux, with 7.11. I added a optional fee for him of £1.3m which i think i'll be taking them up on! Benjamin Rollheiser swapped him time between the lone striker role and out on the right wing and lead the team in scoring with 11 goals. Unuvar has improved a lot this season and scored 9 goals and new signing Alena scored 8. Alena, Fiordilino and, winger, Tutino (also a new signing) all lead the team with 6 assists for the season. What's next? I'm hoping the board give me a decent transfer budget this coming season. We are making a profit each month and have a sizeable amount in the bank. I'm going to review each player and see if they really have what it takes to make this team into one which can quality for the Euro Cup so I expect to see quite a lot of movement. Many of the players are good enough on the ball for my liking so that's an area to address and the full backs aren't giving as many assists. The board have just announced they are starting work on a new stadium to the cost of £35m. It will hold 17k fans, a huge improvement on the current 7k.... but there goes any cash for new players!! As just mentioned, although we just missed out on the top 10, my aim is European football qualification. Let the fun commence!
  10. OOH you don’t save those!! Fiordilino!!!
  11. VENEZIA FC - 2021/22 - Season Preview So, we finished 13th but way off the Euro Cup places. We need to make the necessary changes to the starting 11 to give us that push for a top 10 finish which is my aim for this season. Let's see what business we were able to conduct to make it happen: Transfers: Outgoing there wasn't much to get excited about: Young Scottish winger Harvey St Clair joined Swansea for £900k, which is a bit cheaper than his value but I needed the money to capture my marquee signing. Incoming: We were handed a £6m "war chest" so strengthen the team. Here's who we bought in: GK: Guido Guerrieri - Lazio - £0 (expired contract) - Guerrieri came in to be my backup goalkeeper, meaning I could loan out Brazao & Lezzerini to continue there development. RB - Andoni Gorosabel - Real San Sebastian - £0 (expired contract) - 25 year old right back who will come in and take the starting spot ahead of fellow-Spaniard Rafa Navarro. CB - Javier Montero - Athletico Madrid - £375k - 17 for heading, 14 for tackling and 15 pace? For £375k?? Yes please!!! Will rotate with Andrew Gravillon and Andrea Cistana. LB - Javi Hernandez - Real Madrid - £140k - The third Spanish signing of the summer comes to Venice. A good attacking fullback who will compete for the starters spot. DM - Sebastian Cristoforo - Fiorentina - £0 (expired contract) - Good defensively and creative. Might start, might not..... we'll see.... RW - Gennaro Tutino - Napoli - £1.6m - Transfer listed Tutino was available for half his value. To solve the striker issue I decided to move Rollheiser into the lone striker role and Tutino will replace him on the right wing. 24 years old and still room for improvement. The Marquee signing: I had a mild issue at the AMC slot. Youssef Maleh, despite not exactly pulling up any trees last season (1 goal, 0 assists in 27 games) is starting to make noises about wanting to move to a bigger club. Whilst scouring the transfer market I came across Barcelona's Carles Alena and instantly knew I that he could be exactly the player I needed to kick start this teams climb up the Serie A and into the lofty echelons of the top ten!! A skilled dribbler, with fantastic flair and technique, I had to have him. So i sold St Clair quickly so i had enough and make the bid. Bigger teams that the lowly Venezia FC were in for him and had bids accepted so I knew I needed to over pay for him to make him even consider joining us. £3.8m later and on £42k per week I'm REALLY hoping he can be the saviour of this team. Pre-season: My aims were to see how Alena would settle into the new team and what kind of impact he would make. Naci Unuvar needed to start putting the ball in the goal and Rollheiser needed to prove his 5'8" frame was enough to handle the lone striker spot. Would his pace, off the all movement and agility help? Well.....in pre-season my starters only play half a game until the very final game of the pre-season where they play 70mins. Rollheiser scored 3 goals in 5 games with an OVR of 7.74 so thats a promising sign. Unuvar bagged 7 goals in 5 games which hopefully is a sign that he's made the next step up and Alena bagged 2 goals and 5 assists in 5 games with an OVR of 8.06 so I think thats a sign he can make a positive impact. Of those pre-season games, one was a 5-0 drubbing of a near full strength Fiorentina team in which Alena managed two assists and a goal in 6 minutes!!! I'm really excited about this season, more so on the back of our first competitive game: a 5-0 cup win over Lecce. Alena scored two goals, with Unuvar and Rollheiser also grabbing goals. The new-look attacking foursome are looking good. Will they be able to carry that on in the big league?
  12. Haha I think think it is. My results weren’t quite as good after the switch but the football is much better to watch
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