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  1. Stade Rennais FC - 2020/2021 Season January 2021 Have I still got a job? Well, the changes made definitely worked. Previously, we struggled to find any consistency and we failing to take advantage of the chances being created. A couple more tactical changes were made, player roles changed and two new players came into the squad. If we lost any games I think we'd have gotten the sack. Luckily, we smashed it out the park. The switch back to a 4-2-3-1 worked. The changes to the passing range worked as we were ripping teams apart with through balls and Guirassy f
  2. Stade Rennais FC - 2020/2021 Season January 2021 - Problem Solving Turning the tide of mediocracy So, we knew from the last update that we were struggling. We were knocked out of the Champions League in the group stages and found ourselves in 11th place in Ligue 1. The board weren't happy and we were given a month to turn things around or we'd be sacked. What else can you do in this situation? Look at the stats and find out where it's all going wrong. looking at the detailed team stats page I saw a few things which stood out: 1. We'd only mustered 18 goals in 18
  3. Stade Rennais FC - 2020/2021 Season November & December 2020 Well, its been quite the two months to finish off 2020 and I'm feeling the pain of previous manager Julien Stephan. It's hard to get this team into any kind of momentum. Of course, it's hard to get momentum when in a Champions League group like we had and also not having particularly good depth. Trying to get success on two fronts it hard. Let's see how we did. November was certainly a better month than we'd faced in October, with just one CL game (vs Ajax) and an easier set of league fixtures. After a few t
  4. I don’t know anyone who’s been able to get Arezo performing.
  5. Stade Rennais FC - 2020/2021 Season October 2020 The month from hell (as predicted) You know playing the first set of Champions League games is going to be a challenge, especially in a group containing Real Madrid, Inter and Ajax. You not only have the congested fixture list but also a step up in the quality of opposition. The best you can hope for is a favourable league schedule to allow you to rotate players. No chance, thanks fixture list. As well as top CL opposition we also had to play the top Ligue 1 teams: PSG, Monaco, Marseilles and Lyon. Let the hell begi
  6. Stade Rennais FC - 2020/2021 Season August & September 2020 Slow & steady The season started with me still not really knowing which is our strongest formation as well as wanting to find the right time to try out a new one. Nonetheless we've been solid, but definitely not exciting. Kind of like a Chris Hughton team.... but not quite as dull.... We started off well in the first game versus OGC Nice when Martin Terrier, playing as a shadow striker, gave us an early lead. However, things soon turned on their heads and the team from the French Riviera pulled their socks
  7. Stade Rennais FC - 2020/2021 Season Why Rennes? My favourite FM20 save was with Rennes and I grew an affinity with the team (and was fuming when Raphina was sold to Leeds). My aim was to do a save with them at the start of FM21 but in real life they'd qualified for the Champions League and I don't like being teams who are already in a good position, so I turned my attentions to OGC Nice and managed there instead and then took a trip to the lagoon city of Venice and took Venezia FC to Serie A. BUT, it's not been easy for Rennes so I've decided to give them another go. Oh, and I
  8. FOUND IT!! Although it looks different to how I remembered it.
  9. Been looking in there. Where about? I can find the shot accuracy screen but that’s it.... 🤷‍♂️
  10. Hi all. Where do I find the screen that shows you where yours, and the opposition, assists came from?? thanks in advance.
  11. Spurs usually play a defensive style with two deep DMs and explode on the counter. Son needs space to use his pace behind the opposition.
  12. I’m doing one with Dresden. Having lots of fun with them.
  13. Would hope so.... surely lockdown will have enabled them to focus more seeing as they all have computers at home and they weren’t allowed to leave the house!!! Lol
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