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  1. When I use a 4-2-3-1 I find it works MUCH better with two DMs. A segundo volante with a DM is a great combo and links the defence and attack well.
  2. As I said…. If you’re using 4-2-3-1 with the right players for full on pressing it’s overpowered. If you’re using it normally it can be hard to get working well. Hence, you see a lot of people dominating with the 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress which is probably downloaded from one of these sites.
  3. Obviously it’s tough to beat a team like Bayern. Here’s how I beat Barca and Real with Almeria. Either match up like for like with their formation or choose one which counter acts theirs in your case I’d probably go 4-3-3 as you then have players in the right positions to make a tackle and might even win the midfield battle (depending on your personnel). If you play narrower this will help win that midfield batter which is their strength. Then I dropped the tempo to slow (one below standard) I felt with Barca and Real both high pressing my players would already be a bit frantic so I wanted them to not be rushed and keep calm. I also started off with ‘cautious’ and then when I went behind (as I did in both games) I then switched to balanced Other than that there’s not much you can do other than pray you get a bit of luck.
  4. My initial thoughts is that the Mez will get into the same space as the IF(S) and just bring more defenders to that zone, and the B2B could be getting too far forward as getting in the way of the IF(A). Maybe swap the IF(S) to a IW(S) and the B2B to a CM(S)?
  5. 4-2-3-1 IS overpowered if using it gegenpress style with the right kind of players. However, an formation even more overpowered is the 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1).... the game's too easy using that,.
  6. Asymmetric formations are an abuse of the AI. Use a proper tactic But you definitely don't want a HB in there.
  7. UD Almeria - Season 2: August & September August We start off with one of the worst games we could have. Real Madrid. Towards the end of last season we beat them with an injury time goal from Maolida. Hopefully they won't be too eager to get revenge. As we generally do versus the top teams we try to match up with their tactic, so we started in our 4-3-3 and we started quite well, with the first few chances all falling to us. As usually happens for the big boys, they get the rub of the green with referee decisions and were awarded a penalty after a perfectly good tackle by Centelles. Hazard converted and after 15 minutes we were 1-0 down. It wasn't all doom and gloom though as Brescianini, starting in the Segundo Volante role in his debut, slotted a lovely ball through to Lazo who smashed it into the top corner from 18 yards, just 10 minutes later. That moment, when I punched the air, and got a roll of the eyes from the mrs, would be the peak of my happiness as Madrid went on to hammer us. Viniscius Jr put them back in front IMMEDIATELY. Ramon scored a header from a free kick on 47 and Benzema finished the rout in the 88th minute. Full time 1-4. The loss was made worse by the fact new striker, Jonas Wind, was injured in the game and would miss 3 weeks. Up next, we had another tough game as we welcomed Valencia, who smashed us 4-0 at the end of last season, AND had just drawn with Barcelona. Due to our less-intense pre-season, in the hopes of not getting as many injuries, some of our players were still a little jaded so I rotated a few and we went back to our 4-2-3-1. Valencia were well on top for the first 30 minutes, with new signing, Fred from Man Utd, pulling the strings. However, Omar Sadiq found himself on the end of a lovely pass from new right back Costanza on his first start and slipped it past the helpless keeper to give us a 1-0 lead. Our hopes of keeping the lead for the HT break were shattered when the talented Koba Lein scored a beauty from 20 yards with literally the last kick of the half. As Valencia has 63% possession we switched to our 4-3-3 to get hold of the ball more and it worked with Sadiq and Lazo having some good chances. We had chance to put the game away when we won a penalty in the 83rd minute which Robertone missed. Although in fairness it was a great save, right in the bottom corner. However, I made the decision there and then that Robertone would never take a penalty again. Full time 1-1. Despite going 1-0 down very early on we managed a 3-2 win against Real Sporting with all the new signings staking coming up big. Firstly, Aguerd headed home a Robertone corner and then Brescianini danced by two defenders before slotting into the far corner. Costanza got to the byline and whipped a low cross towards the penalty spot which was met by Kiteishvili. Full time 3-2. It was the next game, against Viera's Getafe, that I started to get excited. When we sold Bennasser - who was playing for Getafe - I was a little gutted as he was starting to play the Segundo Volante role quite well. Turns out I hadn't seen ANYTHING! Brescianini put on a MASTERCLASS and showed his predecessor how to REALLY play the role as he scored a hattrick to give us a 3-0 win. Full of excitement and optimism we then played out a laboured 0-0 against Osasuna. September Just as we started the season against Real Madrid, we started September with welcoming Barcelona to the coast. Now, I've noticed previously that the best way to play against Barcelona is to jam the middle of the park, slow your tempo down, and pray. So that's what we did. Using a 4-4-2 Diamond, we took the game to Barcelona and although we didn't get a win we didn't get a 0-0 draw and the end of game stats were good. It wasn't an exciting game but I'm more than happy. Out shot them and out xG'd them. As the next game was against 2nd placed Villareal who, according to the journalists in the pre-game press conference, are playing some beautiful football, I decided to stick with the diamond. I'm glad I did: Jonas Wind was back from injury and played well as a DLF and we were let off when Ronning saved a penalty after just 6 minutes. From that moment we destroyed them! An "accidental" new formation which looked great!!! Surely then, in the next game against Elche it would continue....... No. Just like last month when we were on a high and then played awfully against Osasuna, we again were unable to score and got another 0-0 draw. Still, its a clean sheet! Summary We can't complain. After losing the first game we are not unbeaten in 7 and the new guys are looking good and settling in well. Wind hasn't scored yet but he's not properly fit, and Constanza looks good at right back despite being injured twice. The bright spark has obviously been Brescianini and if he carries on like this, that £9m loan option is looking like an easy decision. I've just got to find £9m.......
  8. UD Almeria - Season 2: Ready to go It's been a busy off-season. Firstly, let's get into a departure and an arrival: Going As predicted, Bennasser's release clause was activated by Getafe. It's fine - he was steady without pulling up any trees and spent most of last season annoyed at me! This is the reason we bought in Brescianini who will move up into the starting Segundo Volante role. New arrival I'd had Chong on my shortlist for a while. He was released by Man Utd and became a free agent. I was very tempted by in the back of my mind we have Lazo the Legend and Oliviera who spent last season on loan at Penarol and looks decent. Chong came in on trial and looked good in a couple of pre-season games: very direct and takes people on.... what's not to love. His trial ended without signing him and after a chat with the boys on the discord and seeing he'd dropped his wage requirements he was swiftly signed. He'll start as back up to Lazo but I'm sure he'll be a threat off the bench. Expectations Both very achievable based on last season. We've definitely improved the team, and squad. I prefer to play backups in the cup so it could depend on the draw for the early rounds. Tactical changes I've made a couple of tweaks to a couple of roles. Firstly, I've changed the Half Back to a Defensive Midfielder on defend, hoping that it'll be a little more aggressive than the HB, which is quite a passive role. Secondly, I could never decide if I should play Robertone as an Advanced Playmaker or a Shadow Striker; luckily, the Attaching Midfielder role is quite customisable so I've created a hybrid of the two roles. Am interested to see how it does. He's been injured most of pre-season so haven't been able to see how it'll work with him so it's something to watch in the first month. I also swapped from "regroup" to a split block. I've selected neither of the pressing options but have altered the role instructions to make the front 4 press, whist the rest hold position. I'm hoping the height of Fuentes (6'5") and Brescianini (6'2") and the increased aggression of the DM role will let us win any stray balls in the air or on the ground. Pre-Season I had a less strenuous pre-season schedule than I usually do as a result of getting quite a lot of niggling injuries in the pre-season of the last 2 seasons. Fingers crossed it's worked as we've only had injuries to Robertone (3 weeks), Sadiq (8 days) and new right back Costanza (2 weeks). Expected Line-up So there we have it - ready to head into the season.... First game.... Real Madrid...... splendid.
  9. Yes, I’m definitely interested to see how he does. He’ll be handed the starting LW slot, so I’m hoping he can turn into a good creator. As far as Breschianini and his shoot from distance, no I’ll leave it in. Should be a decent thing for a SV to have as they tend to arrive late around the edge of the box.
  10. It’s only Chris!! haha. Cheers mate. Any observations on the new signings that I might have missed?
  11. UD Almeria - End of Season 2: SIGNINGS We've made some signings!! With our whopping £5m transfer budget we've managed to make a few new signings. There's some younger players who are ones for the future who I haven't included here. Jonas Wind - Striker We've bought Wind in from FC Kobenhavn. Eventually the deal could be worth £4.9m if all conditions are met. Big and strong and equally as good with his feet as he is in the air. Also a creative forward so will give us tactical flexibility going forward. Gaetano Oristanio - Attacking Midfielder Yes, he's the accidental signing but what a signing he is from Inter! 19 years old with 5 star potential. £3.8m could be a steal!! Nayef Aguerd - Central Defender Being a fan of Rennes and using them earlier in FM21, I know all about Aguerd. A cultured centre back, who will be effective at corners & set pieces on both ends. The scouts don't rate him as highly as I do but I'm sure they'll be eating their words. Joins in a deal which could rise up to £2.6m. And he’s a left footed centre back. Otar Kiteishvili - Attacking Midfielder Otar is actually a signing who was highlighted in our Tableau sessions in the search for a creator! The scouts love him, and when I went to watch him play for Sturm Graz he scored FOUR goals. His attributes aren't that impressive but he was a free agent who notched up 10 assists in 29 games in the Austrian Bundesliga. One for @MattyLewis11 to keep an eye on! Fernando Costanza - Right Fullback I had it in mind to notch the incumbent right fullback, Balliu, down to a back up since we did our succession planning and he was in the bad lower left quadrant. He's also 30 now so won't be getting any better. He managed to annoy me when demanding a new contract and refused to be anything other than an "important player". Which he isn't. Anyway, I went out and signed what I'm hoping is an absolute bargain: £625k for Costanza from Real Betis. I was looking at alternatives who weren't as good attribute-wise who were going to cost me £2-3 million. Marco Brescianini - Central Midfielder Marco comes across on loan from AC Milan with an option to buy for £9m. We have Aguzo, who can back up Bennasser, however Bennasser has four teams sniffing around and I think his £4.6m release clause may be activated, so I wanted to have someone ready to step in and develop should the need arise. Brescianini's favoured role as DM is the Segundo Volante. Perfect. Would love to hear your thoughts on these signings and how you think they might make an impact, or not. Thanks for reading.
  12. UD Almeria - End of Season 2 Review: The Players A short while ago we compared all of our players against the rest of La Liga to see how they were performing against key metrics for their roles. I know that kind of analysis is very much subject to team playing style but it still gives us a good idea of if they're cut out to take us to the next level or not. Before we revisit the list of players we're happy with a who needs replacing let's see how the main players performed at the basics. On the face of it, I'm happy with anyone who has an average rating of over 6.90 over the season. However, that doesn't always tell the full story. In defence, we have Peybernes, Maras and Balliu who all scored over 6.90, however the Tableau analysis shows they performed below average in the key metrics so I wouldn't be comfortable with them being regular starters going into next season, although I may be forced to stick with Maras for another season. Especially when we've just identified the defence needs improving on. Chumi performed well but he's not yet good enough to start for a season, but he's a capable back up and can also provide cover at DM. The midfield was given a boost when Bennasser decided that actually he quite liked it here and withdrew his transfer request. So he'll remain as the Segundo Volante, but a decision still needs to be made at the other DM position which will depend on if I can find a better player at DM or CB for the cheapest amount, as Fuentes will slot into the other. I'm not going to go into the problems we have with the attacking four..... ok. I'll do it quickly: Do we try to get Demir back on loan for the RW position, or do we trust Lazo (who has impressive stats). What do we do at LW? Luquinhas isn't the answer but would be a good back up.... Do we give Escobar a shot as starter? He scored 28 goals in 32 games for the B-Team, but as a striker, however, this preferred role is out wide. Despite me saying Sadiq isn't good enough to start, he's still got a decent scoring record and over a 38 game season as a starter could have around 15 goals which I'd be happy with. LOANEES We also have quite a few players out on loan, who will be returning to the club and some of which could certainly contribute. Here's the more interesting ones: None of them are playing at La Liga level but there's been some good performances. If Oliviera's option isn't picked up he'll be a good option at RW and would negate the need for Demir. Jonathan performed well but he's not quite as good as Centelles so may be sold to raise desperately needed funds, the same goes for Vada who is surplus to requirements to the signing of Oristanio. The performance of Appiah, in the Championship, shouldn't be ignored either. THE B-TEAM Our B-Team had a really good season buy slowly, most of their players were loaned out. There's still a couple of decent options though who, as per the loanees above, could come in a do a job in filling out the squad: Vasilj came in for the Copa Del Rey games and got over 7.00 in each game. AWARDS Let's finish off by seeing who won awards. Fuentes with a clean sweep is good to see. As is Lazo getting the most assists and POM awards. THE PLAN & BUDGET We've just found out our transfer budget is only £5m (I was expecting about £10 to be honest) but I suspect that's due to the Board's announcement they are building a new stadium and also upgrading the training facilities.... so I can't complain. With the budget in mind I think this is what we're looking at:
  13. Hi, Yeah, its a good season which I would've snapped your hands off for if you'd offered me that at the starts. It just feels disappointing as were 1 point off the Euro places with a month to go. Regarding the accidental signing, he's only 76% scouted but should have at least half a star of progression left....hopefully more than that though!
  14. UD Almeria - End of Season 2 Review: Attack I remember when we carried out the attacking analysis at mid-season I was shocked at how deceptively effective we were. Here's how we ended up: Although our goals and number or shots rankings stayed the same and we improved our shots on target %, we declined in out xG and shots on target. It's clear that Sadiq isn't the answer up front as he's too streaky, however he'll be fine off the bench. Pinamonti, will cost too much and his wages are around £65k p/w. I could try to loan him but if I'm loaning I can probably do better. After our mid-season review we decided we could get a bit more direct with our passing and go from short to standard in an attempts to get upfield quicker, but as we can see, it's not really worked out. I might revert back to shorter passing and give certain players the option of being more direct. I'm pleased we're taking more dribbles per game and happy that we're still completing a high percentage of our crosses. Actions for next season: 1 - Passing length back to short with playmakers allowed more direct passing. 2 - Refresh our attacking corners. 3 - Work on direct free kicks.
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