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  1. I've learned to use: No - no- half - normal - normal Then manually put everyone under 24 at double. When they reach 24 I put them on automatic. Also I give everyone a second training-thingy unless they are 30 and older. Works great in FM21.
  2. Thank you very much. I took a huge break of the game cause I was not really satisfied, but I am back and enjoying your updated skin. I will donate soon! May Dwayna look upon you!
  3. Yeah. I got two at my Cork City save in FM21. Both named after me as well, haha. Fun times.
  4. My favorite is FM08 as well. I started with FM05, tho. I wish there was a full updated FM08 database for FM24, so I could play that. Would love that a lot. Maybe even crazier to get newgens/regens like in real life, with a mix up of newgens. To keep the game fresh. it's strange not to get Odegaard, for example. Cause we know he will be there a couple of years after 2008. I don't follow football that much after 2009ish anymore, but FM still makes me play every year, haha.
  5. I am interested to editing the scoutingcard/report back to how it was in FM21/22/23. When stats were still being displayed. Can anyone direct me in the right folder/panel. I found a bunch of scouting panels + widget, but I lack the skill to see which is the correct one, so I can edit it for FM24. Would appreciate it. The rest I will try to trial and error by myself.
  6. They removed the stats, positions, medical-list, etc. It only shows stars, the stuffs like ''Enjoys big matches', and some other stuff. I think for scouting it's easier to see the stats, etc rather than just guessing on stars and have to click every player one by one to view them. Can be really annoying to go through 100 or 50 players. Specially if you're a big club. I think FM23 still had this layout. It was only changed until FM24.
  7. Thanks for the patches. Going to download them straight away. Do you think ripping the scoutingcardmenu.xml from FM21 resource program, and then place it in your skin folder would work?
  8. Some of the stadiums still have huge rows of disabled people on first floor, etc. Its a bit strange, and I don't think so many wheelchairs are realistic too.
  9. I believe FM24 Beta is one of the best beta's SI had. FM20 had so many bugs and gave up after 24 hours.
  10. Their salaries are also crazy. Virgil was bought for 86m. Gets a 96m salary every year. Then Frenkie de Jong, who is a topballer, gets barely a 14m at Barcelona. I don't know if I like this Saudi stuff. It's gameplaywise a bit weird. I made so easy money with AZ Alkmaar. I am swimming in 200m at the moment.
  11. @CeyvolThanks. I really like the skin. It's dark, it's useful, and its doesn't burn my eyes or the colors are all over the place. Wish I knew how to edit the scouting card, tho. Maybe an awesome suggestion for a mod, just like the other mods in your skin. Looking forward to the FM24 skin.
  12. Great looking forward to it! Edit: I am using FM23 version with FM24. Works flawlessy. I tried modding the scouting card with someone else .xml file, but it wouldn't work. I really want to see the attributes like in FM21, haha. Ofcourse there are some bugs like: But I am impressed the skin works. Surely need some tweaks + updates for FM24 Edit: Deleting the match continue panel fixed the pause button.
  13. Thank you for publicizing the base skins! ps. Its says Baseskin 22 in your post on the top
  14. Yeha. I only use the Base Skin. I used in FM21. Changed some stuff I wanted, like playerfaces in the dugout & meetings, no blur, only green for the buttons, etc and then just dark mode. Worked like a charm and was happy with it. I will wait a bit and see what other skinners do, and see if they release such a scoutingcentre attribute-thing too and ask if I can use it for my own personal skin. I am way much used to seeing attributes and then 'powerscout' my way though all the players. Maybe a bit gamey, but the current information I see is annoying and a little cumbersome to see if someone's really that good. Thanks for the reply!
  15. I think you can use the base FM23 skin for FM24. Only change one thing, correct? Also is it possible to change the skin, so it would show the stats on the scouting-screen just like in FM21. I just wanna see the stats like that. Its easier to go through like 40-100 players.
  16. If SI games manages to extend the 1 year save-thingy to 2 or 3 years then I think they have a valuable new income thingy for long term managers. 1 year is fine, but 2 or 3 will make the long term managers coming back each time. Instead of 4 or 6 years in between. I think the future for FM looks great. Specially they told us they want to improve the game from FM25 and onward. It's a good step in the right direction. The game has been stale for so long. Ofcourse feature-wise they will reach a threshold. You can't keep adding and adding and adding. I think chatgtp-like conversations will be great too for the game. It has to make gameplay better, not more boring, tho. Endless talking will stagnate the progress from month to month, season to season too much. We're living such times of technology there's plenty of opportunity's and path to take for FM. If Miles and SI Games want FM to stay relevant FM25 and the future is the way to go.
  17. People could easily bankrupt SI games or any other dev using Unity. Create a bot/script that unistalls/installs the game. Every time it's 20 cent. Imagine lots of people doing this. Yes, bankrupt, lol. Hope for the devs around the world unity will indeed change their policy.
  18. I wished a long long time for saves into a new version, but now I want able to convert FM20,21,22 saves to FM24, but I guess due some changes between FM 20,21, 22 >> 23 that isn't possible. Still great. I will likely wait until FM25, cause I am so happy with my FM21 save I've since 2020 and I am in 2085 ingame time.
  19. Uhmm I hope I can bump this one again. I once had my second stadium being finished. Played a bit more. Then I backupped everything and took a break. However, I forgot to backup the folder in the appdata-folder. Since then I use the wooden dressingroom instead of the highest/richest looking dressingroom. Do you perhaps know the file, so I can edit it? Yours, Marius
  20. Taking your saved game to the next version would be incredibly amazing. From what I've observed, FM22 didn't introduce many new features, with Wide-Centre being the most recent addition. FM23 introduced Squad Dept Planner, but not much else. I believe versions from 2020 to 2023 should be compatible for conversion to FM24 or FM25. For the sake of ensuring long-term player satisfaction, it might be wise to extend the gap between releases from 1 year to 2 years. Honestly, I'm thrilled that we can finally convert long-term saves to a new version now, but I do feel that the current yearly release cycle is a bit too short. I am also curious how FM25 is going to handle regen faces. Preferably Newgan-like would be awesome. These fake "real life-like' pictures are immersive.
  21. I've four things: 1. Teams outside UK also can choose to pick a youth/reserve/-23 team 2. Able to ask to form a youth/reserve competition if certain requirements are met 3. Able to turn down attending to certain 'useless' cups once the team or competition has grown lots, like regular EL/CL contender 4. Able to import current save to a next or the second FM-game after. (I am too attached to my Cork City Save. 2075. Won 6 CL out of 9 Finales. Won some more Int. Cups too) Didn't buy FM22 & FM23. Likely not buying FM24 as well, so SI is losing money from people like me. Honorable mentions: 5. Inbuilt face generator like Newgan. It really helps with the immersion. 6. Downgrade a bit of some of the systems. Balance the gaming/realism-thingy. 7. Introduce chatgpish-AI stuff, but don't make it too difficult. 8. Maybe overhaul the media-stuff with AI or maybe get rid of it. After a couple of hours you instantly know what to click. You see the text, your musclememory kicks in. Voila done.
  22. Solid argument. I really like the game when newgans began to emerge. Scouting the talents, mold them into great players. Zealands Newgan pack + program helps a lot too. I really can get attached to these fake people.
  23. Hii skinners, I don't know where to ask this without 'necroing' an 2/3 year old topic. I am using FM21, and this week I discovered I could add faces to the match panel widget. I downloaded a generic xml file and it was working lovely. Then I thought lets download a better xml-file from a skin. Works awesome too. Even better. However, I noticed both doesn't display an injury. Cards, goals, etc all fine, but no injuries. When I delete the xml file and it uses the vanilla xml file it works as it should be. I also took a look in the xml files, but can't see anything wrong. Maybe my knowledge is just not good enough. Can anyone push me in the right direction? I am using the base dark skin from michaeltmurrayuk Thank you so much. Hope to learn a bit more. Regards, Marius ps. Found a widget xml that have injury working. Awesome. Need to delve myself in the code match players bar widget.xml match players bar widget.xml
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