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  1. I am now 600 hours in. Cork City FC. It's 2041. 270m in the bank. Everything upgraded. Won everything, except any of the Europes. Only made it as far as Second Knock Out Europe League. Have 5 wonderkids in my team. Can't create a reserve or -21 squad, but I do have a -19 squad. Have 4.5 stars coaches, so I need to upgrade them. Scouting can be improved as well. My physios are all female. As long there are still females in the game. I am now just following that carrot aka buying players, train them, sell them, rinse and repeat until I win one of the European cups. Or Ireland Premier League in Top 10. edit: without a reserve squad etc I am really handicapped, so EL or Conference league finale may be the highest, or so. Back in days in 2017 or so I made it as far as 2 CL and 1 EL with Cork City as well. Both lost. I was so sad. Eventually deleted the safe. Regretted it a lot, but it was pure fun.
  2. Sounds good to me. Personally I think the money should go into making current FM better. But I can understand if you do keeping that philosophy you keep postponing Woman's football because FM will never be 'perfect.' Anyway looking forward to Woman's football, but personally I think it will be kind of gimmicky and never be used fully by a huge percentage of the players. Curious what it will do for the new versions of Football Manager. Keep it up!
  3. Would do something like this. Cautious, but attacking. If anyone think this is a bad idea.. hit me
  4. Is it me or can't we sort the scoutingassignments this year? I remember in FM2019 or so I could sort the scouting so I can make easier adjustments.
  5. The penalties were kinda embarrassing, tho. These 3 guys didn't take it serious. Just wanted to give a show to the people out there. Probably they hoped to score and then get fame when England won. Italy did great and took it serious.
  6. Oh my ... I found out how unrealistic FM is.. :O Story short: I had three players debuting in three different national teams. Turns out I can congratulate them, but... I can hug them, give them a pat or a handshake. They are gone from the club.. No way I am going to fly to three people to give them a handshake A tiny oversight by the developers. or.. I can teleport.. hmmmm since FM is a alternate universe it's possible they have invented teleport or anything similar.
  7. Yeah. It's time to sell. His start are also nearly full, so sell and buy some other great players to train, develop and sell again for others. Rise and repeat.
  8. No, man. First half the game was basically locked for both teams. Second half same thing until the 60th minute or so. Then the Dutchies crumbled like nothing. Czechs had some good changes and scored. The end. Nearly felt asleep, haha. If Ligt didn't get a red card it would probably be penalties.
  9. Whenever I see the name: Jack Grealish.. I wished he stayed Irish. He's so good. Took him for a ride in a previous FM in the Irish Team before he went English. Next to Maguire he was awesome.
  10. Well.. the game has to be kinda 'unrealistic'. I don't think it will be fun if you have to play 30 years to make a team like Sheffield a regular CL-finalist, etc. It simulates Football, etc but it's not 100% realistic. Flysims and Racesims are still not realistic but they can simulate realism.
  11. For gameplay purposes I use yearly. It's easier to oversight, tho.
  12. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ I use Mklink /j Why? So I can put all the downloaded graphics stuff, savegames etc, on another drive and keep my C-drive, where mydocuments is, clean.
  13. I am not a master-tactician, but I would do: - Right winger to support. - Right fullback to attack - Rodriguez to either DLP support or so. - Canalez to BWM def - Loren to 'Hanging Forward' with support - AM to AM attack or Shadow forward. I can't comment on the tactical style you want. That's a personal preference. but since you want 1 striker-tactic I would do something like - deep passes, - narrow, - standard or direct passing, - counter and regroup - Low def line and standard upper line - Either balanced or cautious But I am sure some people can give better advice.
  14. Had him in my team. He's amazing. He can dribble really great and battles anyone to craziness and then pass the ball.
  15. Haha. Nearly lost a game versus Sheffield in EL due my Wingback long throwing the ball into the enemies feet. Short and fast throw-ins help a lot. Long throw is buggy when you're near a goalpost or so. Anyway, I am having a blast. 60 million in the bank now. Sold some great players for some bucks. 12m was highest. Still want the competition and team grow better. They are now 29th and 70th of the world. Once the competition reaches 20th and under I hopefully can sell players for more than 20. Even 80. By the way.. too bad I can't get a B-team and a reserve team.... Really want that feature.. Or perhaps my reputation isn't that high enough (Cork City). After 11 years is still 2.5 star... If I remember correctly in FM18 I should already by 4 stars or so. I am a regular group and first round knock-out CL/EL team. Or my game is bugged.. hmmmm At last I've my eyes on some awesome dude. He's 9 months without a club. He doesn't want to come cause Irish Premier League is too low. Nobody else is interested in him. I hope he doesn't retire. I really really want him. If I was 9 months unemployed I would even join fricking FC United or so.
  16. Would keep him for his determination, workrate, pace, off ball and first touch
  17. If you paid like 30-40m for him.. Just do it. Means like 35m profit, or so. Meanwhile perhaps nobody wants him. Then 1 year later renvew his contract without a clausule innit,.
  18. Bought this guy for 7 million. My highest currently was 6 million for a defender and sold him for 9.5 after 4 years. Not too shabby. He's currently worth 5 million, haha. Anyway 16 year and already so good? I hope so. Probably going to train is technique or so and use him as an advanced forward or as a poacher. If he does great I hope to sell him for 30m + 20-40% sell-thingy.
  19. We will see. Like stated a few times by me I hate the fact next version has things patched, but the previous version not. Little bit crazy March is often the latest month it receives a patch. There's some stuff in FM21 that needs to be fixed. Perhaps they should bring out a June Patch or so.
  20. Since this guide is awesome and it's also about youth training. How do I prevent other clubs stealing youth from me? Once a year I got a message a certain club has picked up one of my youthplayers. Just lost a guy that had 5 grey stars.. Found my answer <3 Awww, man. Makes me sad
  21. Probably already posted 100x times, hehe. Probably the play out of defense and roll out dont go well
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