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  1. @hyb That might be the missing piece! My guess is the bug happens due to changed font, but only when wide 4-letter shortcut is combined with card icon. I will try to adress this in the next update. Thanks
  2. It happens on my skin only? This panel was not edited at all, the colour and fonts are changed globally.
  3. It's something I'm working on, so - if I succeed - yes.
  4. Thanks for the kind words @Sith Lord. I also have mixed feelings about match screen this year. But I'm skinning novice and editing those widgets in some meaningful way (like adding or removing stuff) might be beyond my abilities. I will explore it for sure though.
  5. Whoa, didn't see that at all, thanks for the info. I will investigate it if I'll work on this feature further.
  6. Is any other skin capable of this? I don't think it's even possible. This is not original game feature, thus is not affected by skin cache. When skin is loaded during game startup, it loads background file named "default" - this is how FM skins are designed by default. You can modify skin under the hood so it will load at startup file with different name, but it will always load this one specific file nonetheless. Selector is in fact just basic game widget - it can't actually modify skin files (and it would have to do it every time you change the background for the effect you as
  7. 2.1 is out now! Since with this version certain skin files were removed, make extra sure NOT to replace the skin folder with the old one (which you should NEVER do anyway!). Always delete the old folder and paste new one. Download link same as always: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dairo10ouel7sf9/Dark_Polish_Skin_21.zip/file What's new? 1. Improved Instant Result button design: - button is now located at match day header panel, based on FM 2021 Touch, - this also solves the problem of squad view buttons overlaping each other in certain scenarios, - button colors a
  8. When I post there's a skin update, you need to download skin once again and remove the old one. I really can't be more clear on that. Current version (2.0) has an annotation in skin description that it is v2.0. Older ones doesn't.
  9. I don't understand your confusion. There are only two download links in first post. One is the skin for FM21 and the other is the one for FM20. They are both latest versions. The link for FM21 skin I post with every update is one and the same. Mediafire has an option to replace file on specific download link. So it's impossible for you to download older version of the skin when newer is out.
  10. I included version in skin description since this release.
  11. Dark Polish Skin 2.0 with background selector is out! https://www.mediafire.com/file/dairo10ouel7sf9/Dark_Polish_Skin_21.zip/file What's new in 2.0? 1. Enhanced background selector: - club color theme is not covered by backgrounds anymore. - background selecting works properly now. Originally they could change chaotically, clicking on previews from 5 to 10 enabled background next to it. I managed to fix it. - previews display entire backgrounds instead of some extreme zooms. - previews are smaller now and there is no forced darkening inside selector. This let's you see
  12. It's possible for sure and removing purples from match screen is on my roadmap, but I'm still not fluent in editing this part of the skin yet. I need more time. I noted this by first time, you don't need to post this every week If I'll stumble upon solution for this - it will be done. If not, then not. Simple. Another update is soon, btw. Nice things are coming!
  13. 1920x1080 at 100%, but with 125% OS zoom.
  14. Making such modification as widgets is way beyond my skills. I'm not even fluent in XML All the changes I make are in fact very basic - every actual skinmaker will confirm it They are not dynamic anymore when you switch the role alone, which means you have to leave tactics screen and go back to see the change. They also refresh when you change and change back player's position. Can't be fixed I think since it's added manually. They work properly, we just don't have the reference anymore. That's because player's "role and duty" ranking is now using CA-based "role ability" from
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