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  1. I almost forgot - we need more advanced filtering of database changes list. Right now is just order/record and filter by ID/name. Very, very poorly. Let's say I have huge editor data file from which I want to delete all records except 1 specific type of them (People for example). But you can't filter changes list for specific type or exclude one, and what's more you can't tick more than one change in one go - you have to click at every single one of them holding Ctrl (dragging the cursor down won't work and Ctrl+A is pointless since you have to untick a lot of records anyway). Not to mention anything even a little more complicated. To be honest, it looks limited on purpose. Sorry, but this is not feature planning. This is simply cutting of options for creating an illusion of "improving" next year. Don't go that way, please.
  2. It would be appriciated to: - fix choosing local regions in Reserve Leagues, - add the same Local Regions option to competitions (being able to choose more than one local region for single competition is crucial), - stronger priority or even hard setting for regional divisions option, - dynamic relegation zones (setting min. and max. number of possible relegated places), which would be determined accordingly to regional division settings of clubs relegated from upper division. Problem described here, but there should be an easier way to set something like this, don't you think? It's a standard solution IRL after all), - fix ignoring promotion/relegation settings, when lower division in the structure is set inactive/extinct, - add choosing multiple cities that media source covers, - add national teams as covered area of media source - just like clubs, - more standard options in Reserve Leagues - right now it's just poor version of main competitions settings, don't know exactly why. Please at least let us set league schedule for them, not just start and end date. - fix date settings - for example, start date of reserve leagues is ignored (they start about 2 weeks earlier than they should), - add options for next stages of competitions to start number of days after last match of previous stage (as I said, specific dates are ignored/set earlier, even before previous stage is finished).
  3. Relegations works fine in that case, only 4th league is visible and blank "inside" the save. As I said, it's just an annoying detail (because it's not real structure of this division). I was looking for method to hide it without messing up relegations, but apparently there isn't one (or I don't know one).
  4. I tried "inactive" and "extinct" options, also "divions levels" and "competitions", but no luck. I don't know if there's any other way to hide a part of a structure.
  5. Thank you for all of your help. Promotions are working fine now. The fact that fourth league must be visible is a bit annoying, but of course we can't do anything about it. Thanks for help with clarifying that as well. Hope SI will improve it next year. That's weird, I was sure I deleted them... Maybe in another file I guess. Again, thanks for the effort. Tips from this topic and the other ones helped me a lot with the file improvements. KUTGW
  6. Already tried both of that, did it again to be sure - still doesn't work.
  7. Thanks in advance. Secondary divisions are: Polska I, Polska II, Polska III and Polska IV. Lower divisions are: Polska 4. Liga (grupa I), Polska 4. Liga (grupa II), Polska 4. Liga (grupa III) and Polska 4. Liga (grupa IV). Reforma-ESA18-1.033e.fmf
  8. I already tried that and no matter what setup I use, as long as those divisions are not playable, all 12 clubs are promoted from first group lower division. Number of promoted teams for each group is completely ignored as well. Most of the 12 goes to Group 1.
  9. Hi, I used your whole method (which is great btw), step by step, basically 1:1 (only my groups have 18 teams), but for some reason it didn't work fully in my case - clubs are still changing their groups. This problem is occuring, because number of teams promoted from secondary divisions is not equal. No matter what, every group should have 3 promoted from lower division clubs every season, right? But this isn't happening. For example: - first group gets 2 promoted clubs - second group gets 1 promoted club - third group gets 5 promoted clubs - fourth group gets 4 promoted clubs It's completely random every season. Promoted clubs (and relegated from higher division as well) are from correct secondary divisions though. But because of that other clubs are moved from group to the group, ignoring their secondary divisions, so whole groups could be 18-teams equal. What's even more concerning, sometimes one club starts playing in two groups at the same time. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Maybe I overlooked something?
  10. I found this recently, took me a while to find it in the editor. I have couple of questions about this option. I created polish 4th tier, which has four regional groups. I want them to be split like this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ed/III_liga_w_piłce_nożnej_grupy_2016.svg All of those 16 local regions are already in FM database. Since N, S, E, W boundaries in Database -> Competitions -> (competition) -> Details are not too accurate, I abandoned them and decided to use new method. So I went to Advanced rules -> Multiple Competitions (4) -> Child Competition Region Limits and created 16 region boundaries, 4 per group. But it didn't work. Then I created 64 city boundaries, 16 per group, 4 per region. But it didn't work. I also checked in Competition option "Keep Teams in Same Regions?". But it didn't work. I have no idea how those region limits works. Because they don't. Do you have any idea, how to use them, even to a certain degree? This is my current setup:
  11. Thank you, it's clear to me now This is my last question - if I want to have a son in FM Touch by "natural way" (youth intake), is the only requirement to be at least 35 years old? Just like in FM?
  12. Is this true? Both FMT FAQ and FMT Downloads says "this can be unlocked automatically by managing a club for 20 years". So which is it?
  13. Can I somehow force reserve leagues to play equal number of matches before and after winter break?
  14. This has nothing to do with advanced editor, mate. It's just the way this add-on is created. But I don't see FC's in short names... Make sure you downloaded latest FM17 version of the fix.
  15. I believe you are mistaken. I'm looking right now at the save game on custom database (only Ekstraklasa and I liga playable), where certain club has been promoted from III liga (unplayable) to II liga (albo unplayable). I remember similar situation in FM16 between IV and III liga as well.