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  1. I found this recently, took me a while to find it in the editor. I have couple of questions about this option. I created polish 4th tier, which has four regional groups. I want them to be split like this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ed/III_liga_w_piłce_nożnej_grupy_2016.svg All of those 16 local regions are already in FM database. Since N, S, E, W boundaries in Database -> Competitions -> (competition) -> Details are not too accurate, I abandoned them and decided to use new method. So I went to Advanced rules -> Multiple Competitions (4) -> Child Competition Region Limits and created 16 region boundaries, 4 per group. But it didn't work. Then I created 64 city boundaries, 16 per group, 4 per region. But it didn't work. I also checked in Competition option "Keep Teams in Same Regions?". But it didn't work. I have no idea how those region limits works. Because they don't. Do you have any idea, how to use them, even to a certain degree? This is my current setup:
  2. Thank you, it's clear to me now This is my last question - if I want to have a son in FM Touch by "natural way" (youth intake), is the only requirement to be at least 35 years old? Just like in FM?
  3. Is this true? Both FMT FAQ and FMT Downloads says "this can be unlocked automatically by managing a club for 20 years". So which is it?
  4. Can I somehow force reserve leagues to play equal number of matches before and after winter break?
  5. This has nothing to do with advanced editor, mate. It's just the way this add-on is created. But I don't see FC's in short names... Make sure you downloaded latest FM17 version of the fix.
  6. I believe you are mistaken. I'm looking right now at the save game on custom database (only Ekstraklasa and I liga playable), where certain club has been promoted from III liga (unplayable) to II liga (albo unplayable). I remember similar situation in FM16 between IV and III liga as well.
  7. Hello again, Simple question. In my file, I have 3 playable divisions (Ekstraklasa, I Liga and II liga) and 2 unplayable without a league structure (III liga - 60 teams, and IV liga - 107 teams). How can I set promotion/relegation between III liga and IV liga? Because right know neither any of 107 clubs from IV liga gets promoted nor any of 60 clubs from III liga gets relegated. Any thoughts?
  8. No holiday break in this setup either...
  9. Hey, I was able to change (delete) non-EU players rule here:
  10. Hello everyone, Could anybody help me with his - how can I successfully edit/create holiday breaks in advanced rules? I tried using "mid-season break" option, but apparently after that clubs play some friendlies during the time I set there. But there are no holidays at all.
  11. Forget about my last two posts. Even though our simulations were succesfull, apparently crash still occurs when other players play with the new file. We're going back to post #1, only now even more things doesn't make sense. Any ideas? Please save our sanity.
  12. Not exactly - test rules worked and gave us the same positive result (no errors, no invalid rules) when used in Polish and English. Everything went smoothly in both cases. The difference is when you save the file in certain editor language - when in PL, described error occurs, but when in ENG, it doesn't.
  13. Aaaaaand we found it. The answer is... [drumroll] ...Pre-Game Editor's language! That's right - when you switch editor's language from polish to english, and then save the file - crash is not occuring in it. Even though it's basically the same file! Looks like editor in polish version is broken at some point? Please investigate it
  14. Just to be clear - the error affects files created in FM17 pre-editor as well as the ones created in FM16 version - so that's not where the cause is. I saw explanations like this for similar cases somewhere on the forum, but that's not the issue this time. You can't activate polish lower leagues in FM17 without described crash in general.
  15. game-save: Ceyvol_polish_leagues_crash_1.fm Ceyvol_polish_leagues_crash_2.fm Ceyvol_polish_leagues_crash_3.fm game-editor: FM17 PLU 1.0.fmf