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  1. This has nothing to do with advanced editor, mate. It's just the way this add-on is created. But I don't see FC's in short names... Make sure you downloaded latest FM17 version of the fix.
  2. I believe you are mistaken. I'm looking right now at the save game on custom database (only Ekstraklasa and I liga playable), where certain club has been promoted from III liga (unplayable) to II liga (albo unplayable). I remember similar situation in FM16 between IV and III liga as well.
  3. Hello again, Simple question. In my file, I have 3 playable divisions (Ekstraklasa, I Liga and II liga) and 2 unplayable without a league structure (III liga - 60 teams, and IV liga - 107 teams). How can I set promotion/relegation between III liga and IV liga? Because right know neither any of 107 clubs from IV liga gets promoted nor any of 60 clubs from III liga gets relegated. Any thoughts?
  4. No holiday break in this setup either...
  5. Hey, I was able to change (delete) non-EU players rule here:
  6. Hello everyone, Could anybody help me with his - how can I successfully edit/create holiday breaks in advanced rules? I tried using "mid-season break" option, but apparently after that clubs play some friendlies during the time I set there. But there are no holidays at all.
  7. Forget about my last two posts. Even though our simulations were succesfull, apparently crash still occurs when other players play with the new file. We're going back to post #1, only now even more things doesn't make sense. Any ideas? Please save our sanity.
  8. Not exactly - test rules worked and gave us the same positive result (no errors, no invalid rules) when used in Polish and English. Everything went smoothly in both cases. The difference is when you save the file in certain editor language - when in PL, described error occurs, but when in ENG, it doesn't.
  9. Aaaaaand we found it. The answer is... [drumroll] ...Pre-Game Editor's language! That's right - when you switch editor's language from polish to english, and then save the file - crash is not occuring in it. Even though it's basically the same file! Looks like editor in polish version is broken at some point? Please investigate it
  10. Just to be clear - the error affects files created in FM17 pre-editor as well as the ones created in FM16 version - so that's not where the cause is. I saw explanations like this for similar cases somewhere on the forum, but that's not the issue this time. You can't activate polish lower leagues in FM17 without described crash in general.
  11. game-save: Ceyvol_polish_leagues_crash_1.fm Ceyvol_polish_leagues_crash_2.fm Ceyvol_polish_leagues_crash_3.fm game-editor: FM17 PLU 1.0.fmf
  12. As we know, we have 2 playable polish leagues in FM17: LOTTO Ekstraklasa and Polish First Division. However, Polish Second Division is also in the database for many years. Until now, there was no problem with activating it by pre-game editor in any FM version. But... ...this year, when you activate (by adding nation rules) polish lower leagues - which is Polish Second Division, the moment club from this division reaches promotion to highest division - LOTTO Ekstraklasa - game crashes at June 19th-20th whichever year, when season is updated. It doesn't matter, if club from second division (or lower one!) needs 2 or 5 years to reach promotion to Ekstraklasa - the moment they gets there, game crashes ("Football Manager 2017 has stopped working"). It happens at 17.1.2 version as well. Test Rules option informs that all the rules are correct and there are no other errors. We're creating polish lower leagues add-on every year since FM 2010, so we really know, what we are doing. This year it is simply impossible to create a playable one, because of this particular crash. Nothing like that happened before. Only when Polish Second Division is not activated (clear database) and club from polish lower leagues reaches Ekstraklasa, error is not ocurring. We really need your help and support here, since this add-on plays essential role for our polish FM community. You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eit8yqt9gue4cf0/FM17+PLU+1.0.zip And here you can download some save games with the crash: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0H_JU6hPMvic0FlS09ZUE5NUFE/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwVNxzSTJbSaWFpMekx2TndiblE/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxw7OVjZVsZoWW4wcEt1TEFKT3c/view
  13. Of course I can. But most of the people are editor-resistant. It's not about me - every add-on user could just load it in CaC mode and then create by his own a squad for his favourite regional club. Because it's a lot faster, easier and less confusing than by Editor, which some people don't even know where to find. Legal issues are always good point, even though I can hardly imagine any way of abuse by CaC. That mode has great potential to give a huge boost for fan-made leagues, but little detail prevents it. Please, think about this matter.
  14. It's not really a bug, but definitely an issue worth being solved. Keeping club's current name is forbidden in Create a Club. What is the point of this option, to be honest? For example, I have a polish lower leagues add-on, where at lowest tiers clubs don't have real players. It's would be great if I could use CaC to simply add them to my local club, which I know and like, and then play. But there's a problem - club's name can't be kept. Stadium? Yes. City? Yes. Original players? Yes. Name? Nope. Why? Who even thought about something like that? Other example - I would like to manage my school team, but as Chelsea. I can't. Why? It's pointless. CaC should be fun. You are not included in Leaderboards anyway. I believe it's something that can be fixed in a single patch, not in FM18. Waiting a year for something so trivial would be a nightmare. Cheers
  15. "Reserve team management would be incredibly dull. So we won't be adding that, or youth team management." "No transfers? No media? Limited training? Limited tactics as set by first team? Not fun as little to do." Miles on Twitter, September 12th 2016