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  1. Hi, I don't think so. I never had an ambition to develop this in any way (not that I have skills tbh), just fixed what felt broken or ugly to me. Also I moved to other projects by now and consider this one closed unless some big issue shows up. Never planned adding city images as this was created on (and mostly for) low-res.
  2. You should mention it applies to participants of these leagues from previous season. That's why even if he plays his first season in II Liga, he doesn't have guaranteed place yet.
  3. Sorry, without any kind of reference this is out of my league. I even tried to make most general changes like fonts and colour pallete to default FMT skin, but even at this stage it breaks completely. It would take me forever to figure everything out by myself, since I'm not very skillful with coding.
  4. Wow, good karma came back quickly Thank you!
  5. Default dark skin for FM 2020 how I believe it should be. If you want to keep originality of the game with some simple visual improvements, Dark Polish is what you are looking for. Friendly with every resolution, obviously. Download link (current version - 1.0): https://www.mediafire.com/file/6lorqk67nipu536/Dark_Polish_Skin_1.0.zip/file What's new: - more consistent shades of gray - ProximaNova font from older FMs - Instant Result button - ribbon navigation in Preferences - player photos on tactic screen - less contrast boxes - static sidebar colors - dynamic continue button colors - enlarged some custom graphics for better exposition - some pointless logos removed - slightly modified player attributes section - club profile overhaul (original by Pikawa) - stadium picture option in club profiles - default stadium picture with dynamic color - removed bold and uppercase from headings - fixed some panels not appearing in low-res maximised window - fixed "negative" flags during database configuration. Preview: This is my first skinning attempt, made by trial and error method. I looked up some solutions in other custom skins as reference, from which I learned a lot - make sure to check them out! All credit goes to them and Sports Interactive. How to install: 1. Extract Dark Polish Skin folder into: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins 2. Go into game preferences, select Dark Polish Skin. Hope you enjoy.
  6. That's what I was looking for, thanks
  7. Hey, great thing Can you tell me which xml files in 'comp editor' you edited besides changing the background?
  8. You just changed bg and text colors. Crest is connected with home kit settings.
  9. Hi, what exactly did you do to solve this? I have the same error but I'm not using hidden stage option anywhere.
  10. How did you manage to have editor background like that?
  11. @Lucas Sorry for dig-up, but this is still not solved. I'm from Poland, same as friends above, and my DLC shop is empty as well, both in FM/FMT18 and FM/FMT17 (and I could've sworn it wasn't like that at FM17's release day). PC version, no cross-save enabled. I also receive reports of this issue from fellow countrymen from time to time. Maybe it has something to do with Steam's geolocalisation? It's hard to believe this is a coincidence.
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