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  1. Is there any work in progress due to the fact that polish Ekstraklasa can jam for a season when using in-game mechanics? Edit 04.06: looks like it's finally fixed, thanks a lot
  2. That's what I was looking for, thanks
  3. Hey, great thing Can you tell me which xml files in 'comp editor' you edited besides changing the background?
  4. Profile of Janusz Gol says Arkadiusz Piech is his father, instead of friend
  5. Hi, there's another case of the same issue. Again, no editor data files. This career was created on December 30th though, so on database 19.1.0. The previous two were created recently in March, on database 19.3.0. So... that's the thing. https://uploadfiles.io/5s39k - 3rd July 2020, after unfinished season. If the autor has the save from before the bug, I will post it as well. Edit: https://uploadfiles.io/sqf0t - the same save before the bug, after 19 gameweeks.
  6. I believe link no. 1 contains save from April 5th (after 29 gameweeks). If I'll receive more, I will upload it immidiately.
  7. Hi, During last days three cases of the same game-breaking bug was reported to me. It happens in polish Lotto Ekstraklasa in random seasons (1st, 3rd and 6th in those examples) after main stage (30 gameweeks). Then the league is divided to champions group and relegation group, but in three reported cases the fixtures for these groups were not created. In result, the league was stuck and never finished. Two of those cases took place on saves whithout any editor data files, third one with only non-league file. In-game editor was not used. I looked through the saves but found nothing unusual besides the bug itself. Obviously it's not happening in every game of every player, but these instances are concerning. I think the league might be breaking on clean database under some weird conditions. I can't connect with your FTP server currently, so I paste links with save games I received. https://ufile.io/4d2rb https://ufile.io/3w6wq Cheers
  8. Some issues with the database you might be interested with: People: Patryk Matysek (KS Stadion Śląski) is wrongly named Pawel Sara Dyminczuk (Stal Brzeg) is now Szymaniak Wojciech Konefal is doubled in the database: as Konefal and Konafal (Górnik Polkowice) Dawid Rezaeian (Pogoń II) is wrongly named Razaeian Maciej Tajs (Aylesbury United) is wrongly named Maciej Maciej Maciej Raniowski (Verdal IL) is wrongly named Raniowskirin Mateusz Koziróg and Mateusz Sadło have polish letters in their last names, isn't that bad? Birth dates of Jacek and Piotr Rutkowski (Lech Poznań) are terribly off. I only have correct years though - 1949 and 1984. Cities: Raczna (Rączna) and Wola Rzedzinska (Wola Rzędzińska) should have polish letters in their names. names like Busko Zdrój, Duszniki Zdrój, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Krynica Zdrój & Połczyn Zdrój should be hyphenated. Clubs: AKS Busko Zdrój (Busko-Zdrój) Bochenski KS Celuloza Kostrzyń nad Odrą (it's Kostrzyn!) Czarni Żagan Flota Świnoujscie Flotylla Gdansk Kolejarz Stroże KSZO Ostrowiec Swiętokrzyski Motobi Bystrzyca Kąty Wroclawskie MSP Szamotuly Orzel Psary/Babienica (also long name with "-", a short name with "/") Polar Wroclaw Rodło Kwidzyń (it's Kwidzyn!) Stadion Slaski Chorzow Start Łódz Ślęza Wroclaw Zjednoczeni Belchatów
  9. 1) Polish Super Cup should allow 5 subs from 7, not 3 from 7. 2) Shouldn't Polish Cup final be fixed on May 2nd? 3) Money prizes for Pro Junior System are oudated in Ekstraklasa. This is how it goes this year: 1st - 1,6 mln 2nd - 1,1 mln 3rd - 800 tys. 4th - 500 tys. 4) Shouldn't the rule "Prize Money for Loser" be used rather than "Apperance Money" in Polish Cup rounds? Also money prizes in Polish Cup are not fully updated. Besides 3 mln for winner and 500k for runner-up, all the others are old. This is how it goes now: Losers in 1st round - 10 000 PLN Losers in 2nd round - 30 000 PLN Losers in 3rd round - 60 000 PLN Losers in Quaterfinal - 125 000 PLN Losers in Semi-final - 250 000 PLN Runner-up - 500 000 PLN Champion - 3 000 000 PLN 5) Polish Cup should allow 4th substitution in extra time. 6) Ekstraklasa should have minimum stadium (&seating) capacity set on 4500. 7) Polish leagues reform for season 19/20 is nowhere to be found. Sort it out, SI
  10. You just changed bg and text colors. Crest is connected with home kit settings.
  11. Hi, what exactly did you do to solve this? I have the same error but I'm not using hidden stage option anywhere.
  12. How did you manage to have editor background like that?
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