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  1. I'm a 2 year cycle purchaser. FM20 was a revelation on FM18 and playing LLM style & full matches, it takes me three months to play one season anyway so my career saves tend to last 2 years. Surely the ME will be changed for 2022
  2. When U18 Burnley reject Mitchell George takes a risk by dropping into the Welsh Premier League and scores 15 goals in 13 appearances to qualify minnows Cefyn Druids for the Europa League.
  3. Super thread! Thanks @Rashidi for lifting the veil of mystery from bespoke training routines - will start to create routines this weekend, with plenty of Community Work to boost attendances at Chelmsford's Melbourne Stadium
  4. Amazing! Thank you SI for raising FM20, like a phoenix, out of the fire with the Winter Transfers & ME fixes. Looking forward to new horizons with Chelmsford City in National League South. THANK YOU
  5. Still in pre-season - I play LLM style and watch everything 100% - just brought in a couple of loans and and a couple of 18 year olds with huge potential - its what I do with Branthwaite thats my next problem - to develop or sell. Revamped the backroom staff - brought Greg Abbott in as Cheif Scout :-)
  6. Always watch every match in full. No other way to see if your little pixel people are really doing what they are supposed to.
  7. Perfect timing, just perfect Waiting for FM20 1.0 to begin a long-term career game with the beloved Carlisle United and they kindly sack the manager today IRL. They must have been waiting for me #COYB https://www.carlisleunited.co.uk/news/2019/november/club-steven-pressley-leaves-united/
  8. Always a crux question at this time of year. If processing power isn't an issue (if it is then Google Stadia will resolve that - or a new laptop) then I always start my #LLM games going to the FIFA rankings & loading up the top 10 European nations (+ Scotland) and remove all leagues except the top one (but leave all leagues playable for England & Scotland which down to Conference N&S and Scottish League 2 as this is where I pick up my first jobs when starting unemployed). With a Large database this gives approx 40-50,000 players which keeps the transfer market relatively buoyant and I can buy & sell players easily. I never see myself managing in South America or Asia so always stick to top EU teams.
  9. Thanks for the amazing and very early skin @bluestillidie00 Looking forward to some amazing updates but get yourself sorted first and hope you feel better soon.
  10. Depends how you want to play the game. For hardcore #LLM 's like myself, the social media & media interactions are a genuine way of seeing which players are hot topics regarding loans, awards, free transfers etc, when you can't afford a scouting budget.
  11. If you are married or have a girlfriend, take a photo of them now and write 'wife' or 'girlfriend' on the back, even better, their name, it will come in handy after you have forgotten what they look like.
  12. I use this away from home with my Hemel Hempstead outfit. When you have the free-kick maestro Jordan Parkes in your team, it means any corners or free-kicks gained leads to goal scoring opportunities plus it breaks up the play, eats up time away from home and with a P8 W6 D2 L0 away from home record so far, it works :-) I play with a Pressing Forward in away games so any open play goals tend to come from the midfielders arriving late into the box.
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