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  1. If you are married or have a girlfriend, take a photo of them now and write 'wife' or 'girlfriend' on the back, even better, their name, it will come in handy after you have forgotten what they look like.
  2. I use this away from home with my Hemel Hempstead outfit. When you have the free-kick maestro Jordan Parkes in your team, it means any corners or free-kicks gained leads to goal scoring opportunities plus it breaks up the play, eats up time away from home and with a P8 W6 D2 L0 away from home record so far, it works :-) I play with a Pressing Forward in away games so any open play goals tend to come from the midfielders arriving late into the box.
  3. Ten matches into my first LLM save with Hemel Hempstead, 4th in Conference South and through to the 4th qualifying round of FA Cup. I have Phil Brown at Hull shouting abuse at me because I'm not giving his loanee GK first-team starts (my 1st choice is not good technically but he's a leader in the dynamic of the club and 'seems' to perform better than the loanee), my aging 'stalwart' defender has just agreed to become Assistant Manager freeing up a slot ( and wages) for a hot prospect defender on a free transfer (while my Ass Man maintains the high professionalism of the club), but the hot prospect isn't getting a game because the dynamics of my 1st choice CB pairings work wonders, my midfield playmaker pings passes like Modric one minute and straight out of play the next, I worship every goal because they come so infrequently, I have to work at tactics and money management, but I love this version of Football Manager, its the most realistic I have ever played. Thank you @SI
  4. Absolutely loving the skin @darkhero77 - Will you be adding an opacity selector in later versions or is there a standalone .xml file that can be added to your skin?
  5. I'm the opposite - hyper realism, I switch off regens and add faces from the SortItOutSi faces mega-pack requests thread so long as they look vaguely like what I think they should look like!
  6. I never allocate a No. 13 shirt to my squad but I always change the colour of my tie to match the colours of the club I'm managing.
  7. I've lost track which Skin I'm using @Khalev - @Krysler76's excellent original or your excellent modded version
  8. Just read they are known issues and being fixed - game breaker for me
  9. That'll be Vulraks' 4.3GB behemoth over at FM SCOUT but I think that will be the one you have used, lots of players missing so don't use it, I like all those attributes to have a clear background.
  10. The purple was pretty *shocking* so I've never been so pleased to see @Krysler76's fantastic Neub 1.1 skin
  11. FM Scouts 'Standard Logo Pack' : https://www.fmscout.com/a-standard-logos-megapack-2019.html Sortitout's 'Cut-Out Player Faces Megapack': (https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/1/cut-out-player-faces) FM Scouts FC'12's Kit Packs: https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm19-kits.html FM Scouts DAZS8's Trophies Megapack: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm19-trophies-megapack.html My own Backgrounds for each of the Competitions etc.
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