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  1. For first time in 300 hours of FM2019 I managed to get to the EL Finals. It was an awesome journey. Only to be beaten by Man Utd with 4-0. However, it saddens me that nobody of my players is in the Team of the year. How is that be calculated? With Cork City being in the finals I assume 1 or 2 players had to be in the team of the year. Strange!
  2. Instead of the gamesfolder, try right-click on SI Games interactive folder and take a look in previous versions. Otherwise you gonna need to download recuva recover program or so, and hope for the best.
  3. Go to SI Games interactive folder in My Documents Go to 'Games'-Folder Right-click on it and go to Properities. Go to previous versions-tab Pray to any Deity you follow and hope your computer aka system restore has saved your game(s) there. Put a password on your laptop
  4. Everybody should take a look at Troy Parrot. <3
  5. With some real good luck I managed to go into Grouprounds with Cork City, in second season, so I got 2,9 million euro in the bank. However, drunk stupid me yesterday asked the board to upgrade the youth facilities. Now I am sober. I think it's better to invest this into a few good players. So I can make Cork lil bit better and then have a steady club that does CL or El group regulary. Then millions come in and I can upgrade all stuff easily. Now.. I bet I cannot ask board to undone it. Perhaps something for a patch or FM20
  6. I am curious aswell. Also for leagues that increased in rep and do not have a b-team competition.
  7. I am using 4-3-3 with three strikers at Cork City. I am going a hell of a good job. Are 3 strikers that overpowered? I was using a 4-2-4ish a save game ago. Really didn't liked it cause they always rammaed the ball up front and made which vertical long crosses. But in my new save that 4-3-3 seems OP. Edit: I am now 4-1 at Limerick.
  8. I hope so. I like this new non-transfer window save, tho. I signed Robbie Keane.
  9. I was managing Cork City in one of my try-out saves. I did sense I couldn't sign people in the inland transfer window, until then I could when the foreign transfer windows had begun. Only a few days later, so I missed some players which where free. Frustrating. Also I couldn't buy during the summer window. So I made a new save and unchecked this transfer-feature. It's no usefull for lower leagues.
  10. The only through-balls I see is my defenders ramming the ball to my forwards every time. But the rest are crossings from the flanks.
  11. It's probably a bug. Go to the bugforum you will find a similar topic bout it.
  12. @AshKing15I won't bother. International management is FM worst feature since years. And it really slows down your game flow.
  13. Dear SI, I've encountered the following problem: 1. Every monday the ass-manager changes my training to his own 2. Sometimes he changes my training slightly. I bet the staff-responsiblitly check is bugged, so the ass-manager thinks he may change my trainingscheme. Yours, Ivy.
  14. There is already a similar topic. So I am not the only one notices this. Phew! Link:
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