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  1. @Francis Mooney There you go. Name: For Francis Mooney - Cork City. Wondering what causes it. Edit: 3 days before the new week and I can change it in the training-section. I think if you do not touch the calendar they will holiday and then bug out cause you can't go on another holiday.
  2. Fm2005 - 2008 were a total different era. With FM2008 being the best of it, before FM2009 was introduced with 3D, etc. Its also some form of nostalgia. Kuyt, Vlaar, Robben, Bergkamp, Stam, Kluivert, etc etc etc all were still playing. Not to mention players, like Mika Aaritalo, Freddy Adu, Eddie Johson, etc.
  3. @Francis MooneyI am do not have a savegame of that anymore, but I will report back when I am at the end of the current season. See if it happens again. by the way 2 or 3 seasons ago the season ended with the competition, so we went on holidays. 1 month later I suddenly had to participate in the Champions Cup vs a team from N-Ireland. Then I had whole 1.5 month doing nothing cause it bugged out and we couldn't go on holidays. This was when the team didn't reach CL grouprounds, tho.
  4. In FM2019 or so. I got a Irish player in my youth. Sold him for 80 million. Upgraded everything, took a ambitious HoYD. HoYD's personality is the most important, tho. Ambitious, Model citizen, perfectionist, etc.
  5. Teammeeting. Take two or three players out for others Take 1 or 2 TI's out and put another or back to KISS. Save game and play next day or two, cause it seems to reset the losing-streak and I am winning again.
  6. That the organisation of a league with a summer-calendar ask you and other clubs, when they meet a certain reputation or so, to vote for a transition to the winter-calendar, so the league is synchrone with the Europa League / Champions League.
  7. Guys. Is there a way to tell the game that I want a -23/reserve squad for Cork City? Perhaps bugging it or so. I know Shamrock Rovers has a Senior, -23 and a -19 squad. It makes me wonder why I can't form one with Cork City. or other clubs. It's really important to grow, so I can buy players place them into the -19 and the reserve squad for development + backup, etc etc. Ohh who can help me out.
  8. If bought on Steam they will first automatically refuse your request because you're over the 2 hour-limit, but you can request it again. Just tell them nicely and in a normal matter whats wrong, etc and they will likely refund the game. Don't know how it works with other store, like Epic Games. Website that sell keys are likely just to deny your request, etc. Specially the grey-market ones.
  9. Wont do a new save. Too much time and energy invested. 160+ hours Ohh good. I was already looking to buy some, but they dont wanna come, yet. Lacking reputation Hope not. Dont want rich teams even more OP
  10. I am having 185 wonderkids in a 204 000 database. hmmm. The only 'wonderkids' I know in real life are Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappe. So 185 is a lot. I remember in Fm2019 it was just a handful. Edit: 240 now.
  11. So many slides in the box, wow. I am like: 'Red for you, red for you, red for everyone!'
  12. Dear Si, The holidays are sometimes bugging out. See my screenshot. I am having a two week holiday, but there's still a 2 matches to be played after the holidays. I suspect it will bug out and I will miss out the 1.5 month after those matches. Kind regards, Rinus ps. Now week later I can change it. So weird..... Perhaps a mod can delete the topic?
  13. About the dugout. We can see when a team has scored a goal in the league/championship. However, I thought this was forbidden, since that match the Netherlands played against another, and knew 20 minutes before the ending they advanced to the next round, due another team resulted in a draw or so. So if I remember correctly the scores in the dugout doesn't make sense. Right?
  14. I have loaded England with 2 leagues in my game. I noticed top teams their -18 teams do have a handful of players.. hmmm. I took a look in other nations, like Netherlands and they are fine somehow.
  15. Hmm. Perhaps you're right. I would imagine I would take me a little longer. Perhaps a year or 8 before reaching grouprounds. I've loaded 21 leagues + all continents except 2 boxes checked otherwise I would be in millions of player, haha. If you have suggestions I would appreciate it.
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