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  1. Hey @knap When you'll have time, could you please create an ECHOES and a WARRIOR 21.7 tactics based on a 4-1-2-1-2 ? I tried and it didn't worked out Many thanks!
  2. @knap Ideally, the set up with 2x SS should be based with these players roles (WB + DLP + AF etc) : ME 21.7 - WARRIOR  VOL 2 4231 P105 EC Regarding this tactic, would it work properly using a BBM instead of a MEZ or it may create conflicts? Otherwise, which tactic with 1x SS would you highly recommend? I'm playing with Milan. Cheers!
  3. Hey @knap , I'm a big fan of SS + IF + AF and would have 2 questions: 1. With this 4231 WARRIOR formation, why using a MEZ instead of a BBM? 2. With the ME21.7 - ECHOES 41221 P106 EC you've just shared, you've implemented 2x SS - Could you try doing a similar WARRIOR tactic on this base? Many thanks m8
  4. @knap Can you please briefly explain what you have tweaked from the previous TIME version? And lastly, are the IW positions (Su on the left and At on the right) still worth with TIME 21.6 ? Thanks again for your responsiveness
  5. Hey @knap are you planning to work on a few TIME (442 and/or 451) 21.6 ? I'm a big fan of your FM21.4TIMEKnap41221P103ALLCUPS and FM21.5TIMEKnap451P108ALLCUPS but since the new patch they're sadly no longer that efficient Cheers!
  6. TIME 442 P103 EC FA link still not working...it brings to this page: http://t-fm-19-recommended-tactic-list/?do=findComment&comment=12870546
  7. @knap I'm using your TIME 451 P108 ALL CUPS and the results are great. As a 2nd tactic (to go back up to the score), I'm searching for another TIME tactic with 2 CF (offensive) - Any recommendations? Many thanks! FYI, TIME 442 P103 EC FA link doesn't work
  8. @knap If you don't mind I'd have 2 questions/requests: 1. Since the new FM 21.4, which is the best "Joga-Bonito" 4-4-2 tactic (2x strikers + 2x CM) ? I've been using FM21.4VenomFaithKnap442P101ECFA and FM21VenomFaithKnap424RMDP106EC but the results are not that great. 2. Can you also recommend an offensive tactic to come back to the score? Many thanks
  9. @Augustin1979Thanks for sharing! Until now I was using exactly the same tactics combo. What kind of tweaks you brought to Knaps original tactics?
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