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  1. Think of role training as just developing a set of attributes. The "Roles" are nothing more than labels attached to different sets of attributes to help you select them quicker. OK, they'll be useful for those roles, but they're still just sets of attributes. So if someone is "fully trained" at a certain role there is no harm at all in continuing to train the player with that selected role if you want to develop that set of attributes further. Likewise there is no harm at all if you want to change to a different role - he'll just start to focus his development on a different set of attributes - if those different attributes are the ones you'd like developed more. As an example, I'll switch my Striker's role training to "Poacher" now and again regardless of which role I actually play him as in my tactic, if I think the associated attributes could use a little work. Or switch my BBM to BWM training occasionally if I think his defensive skills could use a boost. And so on.
  2. Any role "can" play with any other role, it just depends on what happens around them (ie., the rest of your team) and the type of players you have at your disposal. What might work for my team may or may not work for yours, so I'm afraid there's only one way to find out...
  3. Need a little context here. Who's your team? How far into the season are you? Those last 3 games were against who? Also the roles can be largely meaningless without some idea of the players you are using. OK you don't seem to enjoy tweaking tactics during matches (which can be hard not to do and kind of how the game is designed) so what would be a fun way to play for you?
  4. Just to add to the above responses - if this is all you want to do, there is nothing wrong with letting your Youth Team Manager take control of their General Training (which will then set up all the schedules), which he can actually be pretty good at. If you do I'd however advise that you retain control of the Individual Training plans. That way you can still control which roles and specific attributes they develop while letting the Youth Manager worry about scheduling. Just keep a weather eye on how things progress.
  5. The AI can't learn how you play. It may adapt how it plays based on your form or reputation in which case you may also need to adapt, but it doesn't learn how you play.
  6. The thing about my thread is it's designed to demonstrate how you can set up a possession system (mainly in response to posts I'd seen about how it's not possible in FM19). But the thread deliberately goes overboard to exaggerate possession. Did I see some nice attacking play as well? Yeh sure, but I wasn't using every single trick in the book at the time. Perhaps I should have made that clearer in the thread. So it's great if you are taking some inspiration from the thread, just don't use everything detailed in it all at the same time - use it as a starting point perhaps then knock things back until you find a happy medium. You may even need to do that on a match by match basis, which is what that extract which ED copied over tries to show .
  7. And @ everyone else: Drop all the "fanboy" digs please. It's not only divisive and provocative but factually incorrect - there's not a single person who just defends the game or "refuses" to see issues. There is no "them" and "us" (fanboy / non-fanboys) just a single Community who all want the same thing (a better game), so perpetuating such myths helps nobody. Honestly I'm sick and tired of that kind of BS. There is no need for such words to be used and the only reason for doing so is to deliberately take pot shots at others. I think it's about time some here started paying attention to the Infractions system, especially the Infractions relating to "Use of fanboy"; "Abusing other members"; and "Persistent Anti-Social Forum Behaviour". Ignore them at your own risk.
  8. Bravery can already increase. Over time, with experience and as training progresses. Everyone can already increase Team Work with time. Some roles are likely to develop it more than others but it can still increase over time regardless. Yes. It can increase over time, it isn't locked. As I said above, even if somebody has reached their maximum CA their attributes can still change - it just means some attributes have to reduce to allow others to increase. If that didn't happen, everyone would be able to increase their attributes exponentially. If you have suggestions of where you think the game could improve, detail them in the Feature Requests Forum.
  9. That's kind of the whole issue - it's a balancing act between possession and penetration. So yeh, increasing attack duties usually will reduce possession - the trade off being increased penetration. However you are also using TIs which you could play around with, such as Shorter Passing and WBIB. I'd also pay close attention to what your AP is up to, to make sure he is sufficiently getting into advanced areas to support the attack.
  10. 1. There are very few visible attributes which are not taken into account for the CA calculation. Determination, Aggression and Bravery I think are the only 3. None of the hidden attributes are included. All other attributes along with footedness and positional familiarity are included. 2. Once CA reaches PA attributes can still change. In this situation some attributes must decline in order for other attributes to increase. So yes, Mental attributes can become better if PA has been reached, but something else must reduce in order for that to happen (assuming those attributes are included in the CA calculation).
  11. Simply don't use any throw in tactic at all (but watch to make sure the AI isn't taking advantage of you!). Personally I haven't used a throw-in routine since FM13 when Chiellini made huge amounts of throw-in assists . Joking apart, I can't remember the last time either I or the AI scored from such throw ins as you highlight here, so not using any routine at all is probably safe.
  12. This link explains what a pkm is and how to then add one (or more than one) directly into your forum post. Check the "What is a pkm" section near the top. Cheers .
  13. Sorry my bad . I'm going to put the following screenshots and description into a Spoiler as it contains info on Current Ability ("CA") and Potential Ability ("PA") which others may not want to see. It's also possible you may not be saving and loading the edited database correctly. When you have finished your changes, you need to save the file. Click on "File" top left, then "Save Editor Data As". Give it a name and save it. Finally, when you go into the game and create a new save clicking on "Career" and you come to the first screen where you can pick a club to manage, in the top right there is a drop down box titled "Database". It'll probably say 19.3.0 Update. (See below). Click the drop down box and - if you saved your edited database correctly - you will see it listed in that drop down box. Select it then start your game as normal. Note that you can only select your edited database with a brand new save - you can't use it in an existing save.
  14. When you begin a game and select the leagues you want to load, there is a check box that lets you choose to use false names or not. And if anyone can translate that to Italian if needed, please do so .
  15. You could holiday through to whatever future date you want and then take over your chosen club. Load up the leagues you want. Create a dummy throw away manager. Start jobless and go on holiday to your chosen date. Retire that manager and create a brand new one, picking whichever team you want to manage.
  16. You're probably falling foul of CA (RCA) and/or PA. If you increase attributes you also increase CA. But there is also something called RCA (Recommended CA) and the two need to match. If you don't make the adjustment the game will, and probably not in your favour (as you are seeing). If it isn't that it might be due to PA. If the resulting CA from your attribute changes exceed the player's PA, the game will adjust down the attributes until CA and PA equalise. So you may need to adjust PA as well.
  17. @crusadertsar Good job and credit where it's due. You've made some good threads recently and thanks for sharing them .
  18. What drops deeper, an F9 or a DLF(s)? My answer is try the roles out and see which one fits in best with the rest of your tactical system. So if (for example) an F9 drops deeper but your system overall is pants, don't use an F9. It's kind of an odd question as typically different types of player will fulfil the different roles, or do you have a player who can perform both roles well? I'm actually more interested in how you plan to use two of the brightest young talents in the game - Vinicius and Rodrygo - in the set up .
  19. ok I'm just hiding the offending post now plus other posts which make reference to it. Bitch and moan all you like but insulting people by questioning their honesty and integrity (which people then upvote) for no reason other than cynicism is out of order and crosses the line.
  20. Yes. Welcome to the forum . There are plenty of threads which show people using any number of different roles. Anything by Cleon or Rashidi are usually a good start. I have a current thread going at the moment (Developing my 4123DM tiki taka) which uses a Treq out on the wing. There are also guides linked in the "Please Read" thread pinned to the top of the forum. Note however these guides and threads tend to focus on the complete picture of putting together a decent system, rather than just "this is how to use a Raumdeuter" for example.
  21. The Tactics forum isn't there to help AI managers and my comment doesn't concern AI vs AI. My invitation is aimed at those who perhaps don't realise there are things they can do to help reduce or even negate issues they see in their own systems, instead of simply blaming the ME. It might turn out the ME is indeed to blame in some instances, but without trying they'll never know.
  22. Are there issues with the ME? Sure. I'd like to make an observation however (and an invitation). The few people who tend to just let off steam (nothing wrong with that so long as it doesn't become abusive) without giving actual feedback also seem to be the ones who never visit the Tactics and Training forum looking for help. I'm not saying "it's your tactics" (in before that gets thrown around ) but unless you try, how will you know? Even if a tactical tweak doesn't completely fix something, it may at least help reduce the impact and thus your stress levels. There are also loads of very useful guides over there. So - the invitation - you got "ME" issues? Head over to the T&T forum, read some guides and/or start a new thread there posting your tactical set up and the type of issues you are having. You never know, someone may be able to give you some ideas . https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
  23. My first thought is why not have a 4231 formation with Isco in the AMC position? Alternatively if you stick with the 4123DM above, consider a little Barca inspiration (sorry!) with the Xavi/Iniesta partnership. Something along the lines of DLP(support)/AP(attack) for Kroos/Isco. You also mention: which suggests the Roaming Playmaker role to me. You may also want to drop Lower Tempo as Shorter Passing reduces Tempo as well as passing length. Both together may contribute to the sterile possession you mention.
  24. So there is a greater chance of getting better quality newgens in England than Romania? Shock. I'm sorry Trump but with your other closed thread and the language you used in it I'm no longer willing to pander to your "results" which are nothing more than subjective hyperbole which you're trying to dress up as fact and thus potentially mislead other readers of the forum. There is no discussion here, just subjective opinion and incorrect conclusions because you simply don't know all of the variables involved, thus you make many (incorrect) assumptions. Perhaps if you hadn't accused SI of being racist, discriminatory and regressive (or apologised for doing so) I'd be more willing to leave this thread open. You've been asked multiple times to upload your data so SI can take a look. If you are going to do that, please start a new thread in the Training and Medical Centre forum and upload your data. And if you do, keep it constructive without any further abuse of SI and it's staff.
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