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  1. ok, however all you are mentioning so far is "top players". You haven't defined what these top players are: where do they sit in your hierarchy, how influential (or not) they are in your squad dynamics, what are their personalities and determination? Nor have you mentioned the profiles of the other players you put into the mentoring groups with them. Further, what ratio of influential vs non-influential players did you use in mentoring groups? What was everyone's personalities and determination like in those groups? How old was everyone? Did you put all of your squad into mentoring groups or just a few? Have you read the Mentoring guides in the Tactics and Training forum? Perhaps you have done all of this already, however we don't know because all we have to go on so far is "I'm not doing anything, determination is dropping, must be broken", when there is plenty that you can be doing to help prevent such drops . Of course if you have done all of this and you believe it is broken, then the best thing you can do is open a new thread in the bugs forum and upload a copy of your game save for SI to take a look at.
  2. Try creating some mentoring groups then. Put a highly influential player or two with good determination in with 2/3/4 less influential players who you may want to have more determination, or at least not less determination.
  3. You don't need to have that option selected to play a possession game, but if that's the style of play you want then select it.
  4. There's nothing extra you can do, you can't "train" the player or team to encourage the behaviour. I honestly don't recall the last time I saw this Trait in action and makes me question whether the animation is even in the 3D engine.
  5. We don't know what's going on so we shouldn't start jumping to conclusions. All we can do is wish him well, hope that whatever direction he's now going in is the best for him and if this is indeed the end of his contributions here to thank him for everything he's done for us. And if you want to read his work, all you need do is look up his threads on this forum.
  6. Unfortunately due to licensing issues this cannot be discussed on these forums, so the thread will be closed.
  7. Welcome to the forum . That sounds extremely excessive for an agent fee to me. It may be worth opening a new thread specifically about that in the Transfers, Contract and Scouting bugs forum and let SI review it. If you have a save game from before the issue occurs that would be ideal for SI to take a look at - details of how to upload your save game can be found here. Essentially this is your Board setting expenditure limits. Offering more than this - especially when combined with all the add ons you mention - may put you at risk of failing FFP rules. You may be able to adjust your wages / transfer budget slider to help boost how much you can offer in wages but that may affect how much you can spend on the transfer fee - and still put you over how much your Board want you to spend on wages anyway. Ignoring wage limits can be very risky for the financial health of your club. Given how much Mbappe is going to cost you, it might be worth considering alternatives.
  8. If you can then great. However if you have a choice between a coach with awesome coaching attributes and a not ideal personality or a coach with a fantastic personality but naff coaching attributes, I'd take the coach with the awesome coaching attributes all day long. Player personalities can always be developed over time, but a coach who sucks at coaching won't be doing your players any favours.
  9. I'd really leave SI's coding ability out of the equation. It implies they are incompetent and that strays towards abuse of SI staff which is not tolerated on these forums. If you want to have a moan about the ME or provide feedback about it (preferably constructive) please use the relevant threads in the General Discussion forum. Or raise / contribute to a Bug report. If you want to discuss tactical options on a variety of subjects or ask for help then you're welcome to. I'm trying to help you here - help you to understand there is a line between having a moan and being rude, and crossing that line is not a good idea. So please help yourself by being more considerate in your posts.
  10. They can do yes, but the effect is nowhere near as large as the Head of Youth Development's personality.
  11. You may get more ideas if you make a thread in the General Discussion forum, rather than this thread which is for Tactics and Training questions (thread title), as most people who frequent this place are only interested in tactics discussion and will ignore these sort of posts .
  12. lol that's not spamming. Most people in this forum are only interested in tactics so you'll likely get more varied responses in the General Forum (and I know nothing about playing online anyway so can't help). Cheers.
  13. This thread is for questions relating to Tactics or Training. You're best off opening a new thread in the General Discussion forum to ask this .
  14. Just keep your players match fit, schedule a couple of easy friendlies.
  15. I think what is possibly happening here is that Vinicius has reached his maximum potential. To explain, I'm afraid I'm going to have to touch on CA/PA again, but I'll try to simplify it. Current Ability ("CA") is a number between 1-200 which the game calculates primarily from a player's attributes to keep track of how a player is developing. Potential Ability ("PA") is again a number between 1-200 which the game uses to ensure players don't simply keep developing forever. It's essentially a cap on the maximum CA that a player can have. So Messi may have a PA up near 200 whereas a 4th division player may have a PA around 100 - that way we don't get 4th division players as good as Messi. Specifically with Vinicius I'd suggest that overall he cannot develop any further - his CA has reached it's maximum allowed by his PA. So you'd imagine that his attributes would no longer be capable of change right? Wrong. Rather confusingly, his attributes are still capable of change but - because his CA is at it's maximum - in order for an attribute to increase, a different attribute must decrease to compensate. So, when you look at the screenshot here, some attributes are showing growth (the green arrows) but others are showing a decline (the orange arrows) to compensate for the growing attributes. So, how to fix? I'm sure you don't really want his First Touch and Off the Ball declining while his Marking and Tackling go up right? 1) Review what General Training sessions your assistant has planned. Make sure it seems sensible based on what you want from your team. Change it if it looks weird. Get a new assistant if he's rubbish. 2) Make sure all players are in the correct training groups. I assume you want Vinicius in with the forwards for example. That way he'll focus on attacking related training (and so relevant attribute development) during whatever General Training sessions your assistant plans. 3) Review your player's Individual Training that you have assigned. Make sure the roles you have selected look to develop only the relevant attributes you want developed. Change their role focus if it's not. Remember - with "role" training you aren't actually developing the role, you are developing the attributes. So with Vinicius make sure his role selection is focussed on only the attributes you want developed - so if (for example) the attributes associated with "Inside Forward" are better for him than, say "Winger" - change his training to Inside Forward even if you play him as a Winger in your tactic.
  16. What exactly are you doing? You take control of both General and Individual Training or leave some/all to your assistant? You give Vinicius as an example, what precisely did you do with his training during the season? How much match time did he have? Did he have any injuries? Three things can typically happen to cause this: 1) A player is at or near to his full potential but he keeps developing. When this happens, some of his attributes can increase but if they do other attributes must decrease in order to not exceed his potential ability. 2) It can (bizarrely) mean he's actually developing very well. Current Ability cannot grow by more than a certain amount during any given period and is checked at the end of that period. However attribute growth takes place immediately - every day - and drives current ability. So if attribute growth (and thus CA) has a major spurt it can actually exceed the maximum allowed CA growth for that given period. When this happens the game will drive back down attributes until the maximum CA level for that period is reached. It does that by taking very small attribute values (0.1 or 0.2) away from most/all attributes rather than larger values from just a few. This can explain why periodically we notice lots of orange down arrows such as in your screenshot above. It may also have a noticeable effect - attributes are actually measured to the 10th degree but are rounded up or down to the nearest whole integer. So where a player is at, say, 15.6 (we see 16) and he loses 0.2 to reduce down to 15.4 (we see 15), because of the rounding effect all we actually see is a reduction from 16 to 15, which appears larger than it actually is. 3) Player development can quite easily show peaks and troughs over time. So a striker for example may see his Finishing attribute move each month as 14,14,15,14,13,13,14,15,15,16. The rounding effect mentioned above can also play a part here. Look at the long term trend rather than the short term numbers. So, rather than focussing on the down arrows, how are the long term development graphs of your players? Over a long period I'd expect to see: a general upward trend for attribute development where players still have the potential or ability to develop; overall roughly static lines where players have reached their potential or won't develop further (although some attributes may show an increase whilst others show a decline as described above); and an overall downward decline in ageing players or players with serious injury concerns. Edit - it's also worth mentioning the difference between orange and red downward arrows. Red arrows point straight down (vertical) and signify a large and immediate attribute reduction (-1 or more) such as when a player is injured and he loses 1 or 2 points in Bravery. Orange arrows (as seen in your screenshot above) point diagonally down and show small attribute reductions (0.1 or 0.2 for example) such as you may expect to see in relation to my second point above.
  17. It kind of does. Your players can end up standing a little closer together in all directions including width - kick the ball shorter and your teammate needs to be closer to you in order to receive it. So Shorter Passing may not adjust the width TI per se but it can have a similar effect in as much as it can make your team a little more compact.
  18. I don't know what other players you have, however it may be risky relying on just one player to fulfil this promise. Perhaps you have other young players you may be able to start giving senior squad game time to? And changing your tactical system just to keep a promise, especially if that system is working well, seems like overkill. One other thought (and I hope this doesn't sound patronising, it's not meant to), before you make a promise know how you are going to keep it, otherwise you can give yourself more problems than you solve .
  19. Yes that is the intention of the role and how it would perhaps be based on real life examples - hence the role description. However there is no reason why we can't use roles creatively and outside of their original intent.
  20. Younger players are usually up to and including the age of 23, so likely to exclude Penaranda.
  21. In a nutshell: Tempo is how quickly the ball is moved rather than where it gets moved to.
  22. Literally how far apart your players stand from each other across the pitch ie., from side to side. How far your players will typically look to pass the ball to each other. This can have a knock on effect to the Team Width you choose: if your players look to pass the ball shorter, they may stand a little closer to each other - kick a ball shorter and your team mate needs to stand a bit closer to you in order to receive the pass. So this TI can have the effect of bringing your players a little closer to each other, thus affecting your Team Width (and also your team depth from front to back). Further, note that this TI also affects Tempo (see below). Shorter passing reduces Tempo, more direct increases it. I guess you are talking about the Tempo TI here. Tempo is essentially how quickly the ball is moved, so a high Tempo would encourage players to move the ball around quickly while a low Tempo would ask players to dwell on the ball a little before passing it. There's no reason why you can't set this, just be aware of the knock on effects I describe above regarding passing length. Shorter passing can reduce both team width and tempo, so you would need to increase those TIs accordingly to compensate. I would however be a little wary of using shorter passing and trying to play wide as it's a bit of a misnomer - you're asking your players to kick the ball shorter but stand further apart which is a little odd. That's not to say it can't work, just something to keep an eye on. For a quick, short passing game, first touch, composure and off the ball will be important: first touch because players need to be able to control the ball well; composure so that they don't just rush their passing and make mistakes when being told to pass the ball quickly; and off the ball movement so they can find pockets of space in order to be available for a pass.
  23. Touchline Team Talks don't affect tactical settings. They are for player morale and body language. "Encourage", to follow up your example, is designed to help boost player morale if they seem to be lacking it. So having just scored a goal they're unlikely to be lacking morale, hence their reaction. "Really boss? We've just scored, give us some credit ffs". Here's a guide which explains things more.
  24. Personally I learnt from Cleon (and recommend copying) to watch the first 10 mins or so of each match in full detail before switching to a highlights mode, especially when first developing your tactical system. Once happy, then watch matches from the beginning in whichever highlights mode you like. The first 10 mins can tell you an awful lot about how the match will play out, whereas if you watch it in highlights from the start you'll miss most, if not all, of that detail. (And no it doesn't take a real life 10 mins to watch if you crank the speed up a little). If all you do is watch highlights, that's all you're going to see - highlights of what the game considers to be interesting, which is usually nothing more than shots.
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